Bella nibbled on her lower lip looking at the house.

She wasn't going to cry. For real. Today was the celebration for her children's last day of kindergarten, and Edward wasn't going to be able to attend. He had a lot of work to do and a meeting with some clients he had been hunting for months, he couldn't just throw them out. Bella understood, yes, she wished her heart could get the memo sooner rather than later. To be honest with herself, him missing that event was taking her back to those dark days where she had to be on her own.

With a last sigh she got out of the car, it was six in the morning, and she would get to say goodbye to them before Edward drove them to school. Fortunately, she would soon change her schedule back to the morning shift so she could spend more time with them. Her husband opened the door before she even had time to take out her keys.

"Would you like some breakfast?" Edward's husky morning voice went straight to her core, shuddering her. Bella looked up to meet those jade orbs.

"Did you make something?" she asked, staring at his just-risen hair, which gave him a ridiculously attractive charm.

"I was hoping for you did, you're so good at it."

"So attentive," she teased, hiding her smile as she passed him. He didn't let her go any further, her insult earning him a lingering kiss and a light, but promising, smack on the backside.

Bella had realized that Edward was a closet prankster. Smiling mischievously as he left her dizzy from his kisses, he released her gesturing towards the kitchen, she rolled her eyes but started walking there. He'd changed a lot in the last few months, losing the watchful wariness he'd worn like armor when they'd married, and finally letting himself laugh. And play. And trust...

The twins were waiting for her there. Samuel was wearing a perfect little tailored suit, and Elizabeth looked gorgeous in her frilly blue dress... they were beautiful.

"Mommy!" they both crooned, throwing themselves into her arms.

"Are you ready, my loves?" she asked, filling their cheeks with kisses.

"Yes, will you go in the afternoon?" asked Elizabeth, bouncing with enthusiasm, the brunette smiled while adjusting the tie around her neck.

"Of course I'm going. Why do you have a tie?" she smiled quizzically, looking at Edward.

"She wants to wear the same thing as Sammy."

"I wanted a tie!" he assured, his whole body trembling with joy. "Why can only boys wear them?" Edward shrugged.

"Since I couldn't find a suitable answer, I put a tie on her." Bella laughed and shook her head. What awaited them with Elizabeth would undoubtedly be quite a journey.


After dropping the twins off at their party before their graduation in the afternoon, Edward headed off to work to fine-tune the last details and let his wife rest a bit from her long day of work.

"Did you get Sam to learn how to do the knot in his tie?" asked Emmett, approaching him.

Edward smiled remembering how his sons' little eyes shone like beautiful stars in anticipation of learning; Edward did it a couple of times by himself, but then he opted to bring their ties and teach them in front of the mirror how to follow his movements. A smile tugged at his lips as he remembered how after they got it, they had admired that as if it were a work of art, scampering back and forth excitedly.

"Elizabeth learned too; you know how she is." His brother laughed.

"What awaits you with my princess…" The copper smiled crookedly; he already had an idea. "By the way, Ben already fixed the earrings, so don't worry."

Ben was his new assistant; Emmett had made the point of no more women as assistants quite clear, and not just because Rosalie had demanded it, Edward knew that his brother's trust was also something he would earn over time.

"Thanks, Emm, I hope Bella likes what I have planned."

"She will, Rose already arranged everything too."

"And also," he cleared his throat, "thanks for all your support." Emm shrugged before walking past him and patting him on the shoulder. Like him, his brother wasn't much for conversation, but Edward knew all that the small gesture implied.


Bella was boiling hot. And not because she had a fever, behind her a warm, naked body, it should be clear, was pressed against her. She had to be dreaming because there was no way large hands were cupping her breasts. The young woman gasped as behind her she felt his cock thicken and press against her ass, spreading heat through her pelvis, and Bella gasped as he slid a hand to her hips to remove her panties.

"Edward," she moaned, helping him to undress her, "What are you doing here?"

Bella turned around, welcoming his beloved weight upon her. Edward smiled, slipping between her legs before kissing her with a little more than enthusiasm. Before, when they had sex, he hadn't wanted to get involved, he was too distant. Now he was using that same self-control to another devastating end, kissing, and nibbling on her neck. Moving in slow circles between her legs, his penis sometimes thrusting sometimes sliding between her folds in languid lunges that drove her crazy.

"I love the way you respond to me so much," he murmured against her skin. "The sounds you make. The way you smell." He pushed her breasts closer together to lick the junction between them. "The way you taste, you're perfect," he whispered, making her moan.

Edward brought his thumb to his mouth and ran his tongue over the tip before slipping his hand between their bodies, making her feel that light, soft caress over her clitoris, causing her to sigh in pleasure. His thumb circled around the pulsing nub as he pushed his penis against her opening. The sensation shot through her pelvis, making her dizzy with desire, and his raspy, ragged breathing vibrated all the way to her bones as he finally penetrated her. Bella moaned burying her nails in his back, he was big, thick enough to stretch her almost to the point of discomfort, and she always delighted in it, taking it all the way to the root.

The coppery increased the speed, ramming harder and harder, until she was sliding forward with each lunge almost hitting the headboard. Moaning, she rolled her hips to take him deeper, to do...anything to trigger the climax building in her center, and when he leaned forward and pulled at her hair as he kissed her, the orgasm came in a detonation of ecstasy so intense she could swear it had surely been heard by the neighbors, and she didn't care as she saw lights behind her eyes. Edward gasped, throwing back his head, joining her with a grunt thrusting one last time inside her with such force that if he didn't put his hand up, he would have hit the headboard hard as he pushed them forward. He jerked one last time, his body spasming as the last of his seed spilled inside her, knocking them both out.






Bella of course cried when Sam and Eli greeted her joyfully from the pavilion waving their little diplomas. The anguish of them growing up so fast was quickly replaced by pride and love. Edward slipped an arm around her shoulders and gave her a gentle kiss on the temple, reminding her of how he had left his job to be by her side. After they were exhausted from their lovemaking, she asked him what it was all about, to which he responded only by kissing her and telling her he missed her, which no doubt made it clear to her how he had chosen his family over any client. It was... more than she could ever have hoped for, and when her eyes subtly shifted away from the children, she noticed how Edward was watching them with a special gleam in his eye.

"They're amazing," he whispered in his emotionally charged velvety voice.

The chestnut nodded silently; they were. Edward stroked her face with his fingertips, and her heart fluttered in her chest at his gentle touch. She felt his thumb slide along her jaw, Bella looked up at him, and then he was leaning in for a soft kiss. In front of everyone. Their displays of affection went on and on, and Edward didn't seem to care where they were. After their respective hugs, and Emmett and Rosalie joining them for dinner to celebrate the children, Bella smiled holding Edward's hand as they sat quietly in the play area.

"Thank you for this." He smiled looking at her.

"You really thought I was going to miss this day," he accused, touching her nose tenderly. "I resent your lack of confidence." Bella blushed nibbling her lip, "I know you have every reason to think so, but I'll fix that, just be patient."

"I'm sorry, I guess old habits die hard," she whispered in embarrassment before gently kissing his lips. "Although, I guess I can get used to surprises after all. This one was amazing, I really wanted to share this moment with you and the kids," she murmured, looking away to the front, where she saw Emm helping Elizabeth get on the rides, and Rose taking pictures of Sam showing off the tooth that had fallen out minutes before.

"I told Emm I'm going to have a week off," Edward said, a smile curving those lips that could make Bella beg. "I asked Rosalie to authorize you a week as well."

"Did you do that?" He rolled his eyes.

"Of course. And she said yes, you know she's, my ally." Bella let out a laugh.

"How you and Rose became friends will always be a mystery."

"We've never taken a vacation. In fact, I've never been on vacation with anyone. You know, the sun, the sand, the sea... I figure we can go somewhere exotic; I like Florida. We can take the kids to Disney, and then when they come back exhausted, we could barricade ourselves in our room..."

"You've got it all figured out," she commented, smiling hotly, her husband sighed before looking at her, suddenly his intense green eyes charged with so much emotion that she was breathless.

"Right now all I want to do is enjoy my family, the one thing I never thought I could ever have," he sighed, watching her closely, "besides, I'm happy saying the one thing I never thought I'd say.

"What thing?" she stammered stunned at his words and her hands cupping her cheeks now.

"I love you."

Bella smiled closing her eyes, letting herself be carried away by the wonderful sensation of her chest widening to such a degree that it made her feel like she would burst; she buried her fingers in Edward's soft hair and drew him against her to join their lips.

"I love you too, Edward. Always." He sighed contentedly, pulling her into his lap.

"Well, if that's true, there's one thing you can give me." Bella frowned.


"Be careful with that," he crooned, trying to hold back a smile, as he approached her lips. "Maybe I'd like to enlarge the family."

Bella stood stone-faced, staring at him even without blinking, perhaps even pale as he burst out laughing heartily.

"You're kidding. You've got to be kidding." He kissed her softly before standing up and walking over to where the twins were calling him.

"Relax, honey, I don't have that planned at the moment... But during the vacations?" He winked at her. "Who knows? Anything can happen."




And that ladies and gentlemen, was the end of a beautiful story. Thanks to every one of you who has accompanied me during this journey 3 I'll be back soon with a new (and even more intense) story!