Author's Note: Ahh, the humble police-station supply closet. Just sitting there, minding its own business, being a smutfic cliché. If those walls could talk...

"Briefing in ten minutes," Lucado announces, walking into the BBD office. She casts a disapproving look around the room. "Where is everyone?"

Wynonna, leaning back in a chair with her feet propped up on the nearest table, gestures vaguely toward the shower room. "Waves and Jeremy are just washing off the goo from that latest demon."

"And Holliday?" Lucado asks, frowning.

"Doc?" Wynonna glances around as if he might appear out of thin air. "I think he went out for a smoke or something."

"Well, go get him. I need all hands on deck for this briefing." Without waiting for a response, Lucado swishes into her office and shuts the door.

"What am I, everyone's keeper?" Wynonna grumbles. But she drops her boots to the floor and gets up.

As she makes her way down the back hallway, the rear door opens and Doc slips in, closing the door quickly against a gust of cold air from outside. He looks up and sees Wynonna approaching. A hint of a smile begins to play around the corners of his mouth.

"Goin' somewhere?" he asks with a twinkle in his eye. He casts his gaze to the left, where an unassuming door sits quietly in the wall, bearing the single word Supplies.

Wynonna glances at the door also, then back to Doc, and smirks. "Nope."

They both reach for the doorknob to the supply closet at the same time. In unison their hands twist the knob and push the door open. They slip through the door in a single coordinated movement.

Barely has the door clicked shut again before Wynonna's back is pressed against it, her hands digging into Doc's hair as their mouths meet, hot and eager. She hooks her ankle around the back of his leg, tugging his hips flush with hers, letting out a soft moan when Doc lifts a hand to squeeze her breast through her shirt.

Their tongues tangle, lips fused together, the tiny space filled with the sounds of their heavy breathing.

"Ten minutes," Wynonna manages to whisper against Doc's lips between searing kisses. "Lucado wants - briefing - fuck," she trails off into a whimper as his thumb rubs over her nipple.

"Then we better be quick," he mutters back, and before Wynonna can blink, his hand is in her pants.

How did he do that? Her leather pants are as tight as ever, yet somehow his long clever fingers are already sliding through her, stroking, making her whole body flush hot with anticipation. She moans again, and his tongue is on her neck, the bristles of his mustache abrading her skin, and she hears the grin in his voice when he murmurs, "And quiet, you must be quiet, darlin'."

She bites down on her lower lip, just as he slips a finger inside her. "Shit," she hisses, rolling her hips against his hand. "I'm not good at quiet."

"So I have noticed," Doc replies. He shifts so that he can bring his other hand up and press it over her mouth, muffling her noises as his fingers work their magic between her legs. His teeth are nipping at her neck, two fingers inside her now, and the heel of his hand pressing in just the right spot, and her entire body is on fire. Each roll of her hips against him winds her higher and higher. She clamps her mouth shut and tries to focus on not crying out when she shatters around his hand.

Panting, she peels her eyes back open - when did she close them? - and looks into Doc's face. He's grinning, very pleased with himself.

"Always a fine sight to behold," he says with a wink. He kisses her lightly, and eases his hand out of her pants.

"Did I - was I loud?" she asks, her pulse still pounding, watching him pull out a handkerchief and wipe off his hand.

"Oh, not nearly as much so as you usually are," he answers, smirking. "I am sure no one outside this room heard a thing."

"Good." She pushes herself away from the door, grabs Doc by the front of his shirt, and flips him around so that he's the one with his back against the door. "And we still have a couple minutes," she says to his startled face, just before she drops down onto her knees.

Doc groans, letting his head fall back against the door, even before she brings her hands up to work the button of his pants. "Wynonna," he says, his voice strangled.

"Gotta be quiet," she teases as she opens his pants and releases his cock. It's already halfway erect and throbbing urgently in her hand as she looks up at him.

His eyes are closed, his whole body tense with anticipation, and she grins, enjoying the feeling of power as she strokes her hand lightly up and down his shaft.

But now is not the time to go slowly and tease him, drag it out the way she likes to; so she gives a little shrug and leans forward, taking him in her mouth, hearing him groan again at the sensation. She braces herself with one hand on his thigh, the other hand wrapped around the base of his shaft as she slides him down her throat.

She sets a fast pace, bobbing her head up and down, tongue swirling on the up-strokes, and in her peripheral vision she can see Doc's hands clenched into fists by his sides, pressed back against the door. His breathing is harsh in her ears and she can tell he's trying just as hard to keep from moaning aloud as she was a moment ago.

It only takes a minute or two before he's desperate, gasping her name with urgency in his tone, and she looks up to find his eyes open now, a little glazed, staring down at her. She gives him a nod, slides her lips all the way down his length again, and feels him letting go, a low groan rumbling his throat as he pumps himself out into her mouth.

Wynonna swallows, and swallows again, and sits back on her heels with a self-satisfied grin quirking the corner of her mouth. Doc is slumped back against the door, looking dazed.

"Time's up," she announces. She tucks him away, fastens his pants, and rises to her feet to close up her own pants as well.

Doc pushes off the door and slips an arm around her waist, pulling her in for another kiss. He's the only guy Wynonna has ever known who doesn't mind kissing her right after she has swallowed him, and she'll never admit how much she likes that.

"I am developing quite the fondness for this supply closet," he says against her lips, and kisses her again, hard and deep.

"Me too," she says, reluctantly pulling away from him. "I'd give it five stars on Yelp." She chuckles at his confused frown, reaches past him to open the door.

When they walk back into the BBD office, Waverly and Jeremy are already there along with Lucado, all in their customary places around the room.

"I found him," Wynonna announces, gesturing vaguely in Doc's direction as he follows her in.

"About time," Lucado snips. "Let's get this briefing started."

"Wynonna!" Waverly hisses as her sister takes a seat beside her. "Is that a hickey?"

"What? No!" Wynonna whispers back, doing her best to look both offended and innocent at the same time. She lifts a hand to her neck, where the sensitized skin is still stinging slightly from Doc's ministrations. "It's from that fight with that demon," she says, and shoots a narrow-eyed death glare toward Doc, who has heard the entire exchange and is leaning against the wall looking disgustingly smug.

"Shut up," Wynonna adds in Waverly's direction, and folds her arms across her chest, glaring.

"Yes," Lucado snaps, "all of you shut up and pay attention. This briefing is mission-critical, unlike Wynonna's hickey."

"Whatever," Wynonna grumbles, "you're all just jealous." She leans back in her chair, puts her feet up on the desk again, and raises her eyebrows at Lucado. "So? What are we killing next?"