Darnassian Translation

An'da = papa

Min'da = mama

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She remembered the warning of the encroaching Horde army being delivered while she and her an'da and min'da were eating dinner.

She remembered her min'da putting on her armor and grabbing her bow and quiver as she ran out the door to help the defense.

She remembered the sounds of battle as she and an'da hid cradling Sha'la in her arms and prayed her min'da came back safe.

She remembered when it went quiet and she felt hope that it was over right before that hope was dashed as it started raining fire.

She remembered looking at her an'da corpse impaled by shrapnel from one of the explosions, as all she could hear were the screaming of the dead, dying, and damned begging and praying for salvation.

She remembered seeing that nice Demon Hunter lady racing forwards her looking panicked and fearful.

She remembered her death as just before the Hunter reached her a large burning branch fell and crushed her and Sha'la.

She remembered thanking Elune that Sha'la was still in her arms as she fell through the air alongside countless other spirits for fear she would've panicked.

She remembered seeing a beautiful yet ancient city like structure as she fell and the colossal figure in the center.

She remembered feeling fear as she and Sha'la fell towards a vortex of darkness with no help in sight.

The last thing she remembered was pain and agony as something passed through her before she went unconscious and knew no more.


[You have slept on uncomfortable ground 25% HP and EP recovered]

'What?' Was the first thought through my head as I woke up.

"Ah you are awake finally I was actually beginning to worry there."

"I apologize for any pain you may be feeling due to my unintended and sudden integration into you"

I whipped my head around looking for the source of the voice but found only bleak jagged stone and "Sha'la!" I explained, suddenly distracted as I reached out and picked up her ghostly transparent form and she purred seeing I was seemingly ok.

"Wait where did that voice come from." I asked, causing Sha'la's head to cock to the side as if asking what I was talking about.

"That would be me and I am speaking to you in your mind, young one by the way what is your name child?"

"Um…my name is Sylora Nightrunner and what do you mean by integration? Oh and what's your name." I responded back to the voice which I had just noticed had a motherly voice.

"Ah where are my manners? My name is Nox and by integration I mean that I have been made a part of you mind, body, and soul as you were not the one I was supposed to bond with. The process was much rougher than it would usually be and thus you have my apologies young Sylora."

"A-a p-part of me!? What do you mean by that?" I exclaimed nervous about what such a thing would mean for me.

"It mean that my life is tied to yours and that I can grant you practically limitless power and abilities"

I could practically feel the smugness and pride in her words. "Um, what kind of abilities and are you really saying I have infinite power now, I don't feel any different?" I asked confused.

"No, you have the potential to have limitless power and I'll show you."

"Please think or say 'status'"

"Ok, Status." I then jolted back in surprise as words and pictures formed in mid air before me.

Name: Sylora Nightrunner

Race: Night Elf

Level: 0

Experience: 0/100

Health: 100/100

Health Regeneration: 20/minute

Energy: 200/200

Energy Regeneration: 40/minute

Strength: 10

Perception: 10

Endurance: 10

Charisma: 10

Intelligence: 10

Agility: 10

Luck: 10

Stat Points: 0

"This is your status Menu it shows your name (no explanation needed), race (no explanation needed), level (how powerful you are), experience (how many points are needed to level up), HP (if this reaches 0 you die and equals End X10), HPR (how fast you regain HP and heal and equals End X2), EP (is used for various skills and takes the place of Stamina, Mana, etc. and equals (EndInt)X10), EPR (how fast you regain EP and equals (EndInt)X2), Str (how physically strong you are), Per (how good your senses are and aware of your surroundings), End (how tough your body is), Cha (how likable you are), Int (how smart you are), Agi (how flexible and fast you are), Luc (how lucky you are), and SP (5 are gained every level up and can be spent to increase stats)."

"Thanks so the higher the numbers are the better for me and the more powerful I can get. Is there a limit to how high they can go?" I asked while sitting there petting Sha'la who seemed to not care so long as she got her pets.

"No, this is why I said you could have limitless power as your stats will never be infinite but can become practically infinite."

"Oh, ok that makes sense, what's next and why aren't I reacting to all this more?"

"Please say Skills and you will see for yourself."

"Fine" I pouted and heard Nox chuckle as I thought 'skills'

Gamer's Mind (Passive/Max Level): Prevents outside mental influences. Prevents extreme levels of emotions allowing you to think all actions through calmly and rationally. Allows you to read, write, speak, & understand all languages

Gamer's Body (Passive/Max Level): Allows you to live your life as a video game character

Gamer's Sight (Active/Max Level): Grants you knowledge about what/who ever you look at (Name, Title, Race, Level, Current HP & EP, Stats). 10 EP/use

Gamer's Labyrinth (Active/Max Level): Enter and Leave the Infinite Labyrinth filled with monsters, secrets, loot, & adventure. You will appear in a chosen Safe Zone you have unlocked if any or the entrance. 100 EP/use

Predator (Passive/Max Level): Ingest what you kill and gain 100% of its stats. Gain any of its skills. Immunity to ingested poisons & diseases.

"Ok, so first Gamer's Mind is why I'm not panicking. Second, what's a Gamer? Third, what is that fourth one since I assume the first three are standard? And fourth, is that all my skill or can I get more?" I asked after looking through the admittedly short list.

"Indeed, a Gamer is the host aka you to a System aka myself, Predator was a random skill my original host possessed but left with me when I suddenly unexpectedly switched to you, and no you can gain practically any skill either through a skill book, repeated actions, and/or ingesting enemies to steal theirs understood?"

I nodded in understanding.

"Good, now we need to talk about what we should do now especially considering where you are."

I looked around more closely only seeing that I was apparently in some cave filled with dust and stone with no sign of life other than myself and Sha'la's...spirit. "Oh by Elune, I'm dead! Where are we?"

"Well technically you were dead but after becoming my host a new body was made for you and you are currently in the Maw the bleakest darkest prison of the most irredeemable souls in your entire universe after Sylvanas Windrunner burned down Teldrassil."

"But if the Maw is for Irredeemable souls why am I here?" I asked as Gamer's Mind took the edge of my panic and I cuddled with Sha'la who was trying to calm me down.

"Because due to unknown specifics the Arbiter who judges souls and sends them off to their deserved afterlife was attacked and rendered comatose causing all souls to end up in the Maw during the events of the last Legion Invasion."

"So does that mean I'm stuck here forever?" I asked as I barely held back from crying.

"No in at least 1 year and at most 2 you should be able to escape here but you need to train and become stronger so you survive that long since all the denizens of here are extremely powerful"

"How am I going to do that if all the enemies here are too strong to fight?" I wondered.

"Simply use Gamer's Labyrinth and you'll be able to train and have plenty of adventures until you can go home"

"But what about Sha'la, won't she still be stuck here?" I asked as I squeezed Sha'la closer to me.

[Skill Acquired]

Familiar Binding (Active/Level 1): bind 1 willing creature per skill level to you allowing you to communicate to them mentally and summon them to you. 50 EP/use

"Thank You! thank You! thank You!" I shouted as I sat Sha'la down and activated the skill.

"I have no idea what you are talking about it's not like I would just give out a skill to you or anything ;)"

"Well I might as well check Sha'la' stats before we go" I muttered.

Name: Sha'la

Race: Spirit (Nightsaber)

Level: 3

Experience: 93/400

Health: 30/30

Health Regeneration: 6/minute

Energy: 50/50

Energy Regeneration: 10/minute

Strength: 4

Perception: 7

Endurance: 3

Charisma: 14

Intelligence: 2

Agility: 7

Luck: 2

Stat Points: 15

[Would you like to allocate points?]

"Um...put 10 into endurance, 1 into strength and luck, and the last 3 into intelligence I think." I decided since a high endurance ment lower chances of dying.

Name: Sha'la

Race: Spirit (Nightsaber)

Level: 3

Experience: 93/400

Health: 130/130

Health Regeneration: 26/minute

Energy: 180/180

Energy Regeneration: 36/minute

Strength: 5

Perception: 7

Endurance: 13

Charisma: 14

Intelligence: 5

Agility: 7

Luck: 3

Stat Points: 0

"Well I guess it's time. Gamer's Labyrinth!" and the world spun, bent, curved, and broke as everything came back into focus.

"Well well a visitor I haven't had a visitor in a long time." I heard a feminine voice say behind me.