Prologue: Trouble in Teyvat

The Stormterror threat is over. Peace has finally returned - is what the citizens of Mondstadt think. Jean worried over the new arrival - of a new "problem".

4 hours earlier -

Lumine was out of breath. "Come on, we can't lose her! Just need to keep going a little more!" Paimon urged.

Saying that you don't have to run full speed ON FOOT to catch up with that speedy Xiangling, you do not know how exhausting it is, thought Lumine.

They ran for ten more minutes before they caught Xiangling, who was running around searching for more ingredients.

"Oh! Hi there, Traveller! You look exhausted! Let me treat you to a meal. I just invented it! You'll be the first one to try it! Isn't that exciting?" Xiangling cheerfully said.

"I'll eat it!" Paimon said with enthusiasm in her voice.

Lumine ignored Paimon and said, "No thanks, I'm good. But I came here for a different reason. You know how you wanted Slime Condensate? Well, I looked in my Adventurer Handbook, and it located a slime for me, but the icon is... unique. I've never seen it before. But it is definitely a slime. I figured you could come along with me to go check it out, with all your knowledge on slimes and stuff. There's nothing to lose, right?"

Xiangling pondered for a moment, then seemed to make up her mind. "All right, I'm in!"

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