"Oh! Can you show us around the city?" (Rimuru)

"Hmm, sure! I know just the right place to visit first!" (Xiangling)

"It's the local restaurant, isn't it..." (Lumine)

"Ooh, yeah! Let's go there! Paimon's hungry already!" (Paimon)

"The food must be good... Shuna you up for a whole new world of food? ;)" (Rimuru)

"Yes Rimuru-sama, I am looking forward to the foods of this wor- no, place!" (Shuna)

"You've already given up trying to get used to calling me Rimuru, haven't you..." (Rimuru)

"OI OI, Paimon, wait up!"

Good Hunter - Sara

Paimon flew over to Sara with a huge smile on her face. "Hi, Sara! We want to introduce someone new to you and your delicious food! Speaking of which, can you treat Paimon to some Sticky Honey Roast?"

Everybody facepalmed. "Seriously Paimon, can't you not get all excited and distracted every time it comes to food?" Lumine said with exasperation in her voice, and an apologetic look on her face when she turned to Rimuru and his friends. "Sorry about that, Paimon can't help herself when food is mentioned." She glared at Paimon.

By now, everybody except Paimon and Lumine was trying to keep their laughter silent, while Veldora and Milim were laughing their heads off.

"Haha... Well, welcome to Good Hunter. How may I help you?" [1]

That... was not the most expected greeting from Sara. But it didn't seem to offend Rimuru or his group in any way, so they put it behind them.

"Hmm... I'd like to ask about something."

"Oh? What can I do for you?"

Rimuru took this chance. "Can you tell me about Mondstadt?"

"Of course! Judging by your looks, you guys must be travelers,[2]" Sara started, "Mondstadt truly is a great place for visitors. Its temperate climate and clean water give birth to the best apples in all of Teyvat."

"Our famous Satisfying Salad has Mondstadt apples in it. Do you want to give it a try?"

"Oooh, sure! I wanna see what the food here's like." Rimuru answered for them.


"Yummy!"/"This is very good!"/"I like it."/"I wonder if I can recreate this back at home..."/"It tastes delicious!"

Everybody had different reactions, but all were of liking to the Satisfying Salad.

"Mmm, this is really good! I'm looking forward to the rest Mondstadt has to offer!" Rimuru exclaimed, a dimension's worth of possibilites filling his head.

"Mm yes, you should go and see the rest of the city. You won't want to miss out on Mondstadt!" Sara said while smiling at the group of nine enjoying her food.

""Okay, see ya then!""

And they went off to their next stop, Marjorie's Souvenir Shop!

With Wind Comes Glory - Marjorie [3]

"Hi there! Who are you?" Rimuru and his gang happily skipped over to Marjorie.

"Welcome, I'm Marjorie. Every treasure here is unique, so we don't negotiate on the price, nor do we give refunds." Marjorie greeted them, slightly startled by the sudden shout.

Rimuru then noticed some strange items she has, but what really caught his eyes were the slivers of six varients of what looked like crystals, and a peculiar object that had the rough shape of a sword.

No, it definitely looked like a sword. But it was not made out of any material that could be used as a sword, neither wood nor any metal or ore. It looked like a base/foundation or prototype for a real sword, meaning one can't use it as a weapon till it's forged into a useable sword. It had a plain white-ish color all over, with a bit of a tan shade.

The prototype texture was rather intricate and patterned for just a prototype, but it looked plain and average at the same time. Like this was just the norm, and there are more detailed ones. Odd. The double blade was a basic sharp one, with those pointy parts along the side of the blade, that shape. [4]

"Ooh! I'd like to ask about something," Rimuru said while eyeing the sword prototype, hoping she'll get the hint.

"Oh? I see you're very interested," Marjorie replied. Can't even tell from her tone if she got the hint or not, either she's oblivious to the atmosphere around Rimuru or she's just a really good actor.

"Um, can you tell me about your wares?" By now Rimuru was wondering how much of those gold coins or the blue sigil thingies the sword would cost.

"Sure! Which one caught your eyes? Every item here is unique. Every purchase here is a bargain!" Marjorie said cheerfully. "They were all purchased from the adventurers. Each of them represents the passion and courage of these adventurers—"

Marjorie paused for a moment here, and Rimuru wasn't about to let this chance to go to waste. "That sword prototype-looking thing, it looks rare and unique. How much is it?"

"—So don't bother asking for a discount. You can never discount passion and courage!" Marjorie concluded. "But then again, you must not be from around here because of the atmosphere around you guys and your expressions. You look like you've never seen any of these before."

Jeez, these people! "Well, you can't be more right. We haven't the slightest clue on what is a good price and what is a total cheat, but I trust you to not be taking advantage of that," Rimuru said honestly.

Marjorie smiled. "You got that right. You must've been traveling around a lot, bet you found some chests, no?"

So that's what they're called, Rimuru thought. Indeed he had discovered many, many chests on his travels. Mainly due to his Universal Sense/Perception [5], Rimuru had uncovered and unlocked many plain wooden chests, some more chests with iron outlining, and a few chests with what looked like some copper-colored metal lining. The plain wooden ones were most common and gave least and lowest quality loot, and the intricate big ones with copper lining gave the most, rarest, and highest quality loot. [6]

Rimuru had obtained many assortments of items from those chests. Mainly iridescent blue, white, and pink shiny 4-point star gems (Primogems), white, red, and purple stacks of pages with something scribbled on them (Character EXP books), lots of small golden coins with those infinite-twisty rope pattern on them (Mora). Items which look like they are from one set of five types, matching feathers, cups and goblets, hourglasses and clocks, flowers, and hats and circlets (Artifacts). There are different types of each category, but it seems like there are seperate sets with its own unique piece from each category, 5 pieces in total. Rimuru put all that away because he didn't know what to do with them.

Finally, there was one item(s) that caught his interest. A sky blue, round, chip thingy (Anemo sigil). It looked like melted wax pressed with a circle stamp in the middle. A flat circle area in the middle with an insymmetrial border, made out of the same blue material. Except it looked like it was melted and hardened in the middle of distorting and flowing off the main circle. The edge was uneven, but nevertheless the whole sigil looked not out of place at all, it looked... normal. Good. But what was really interesting was the symbol in the center, it was white. That shown just like a metallic silver, but it was white. It looked like some sort of pointy curved triangle at the bottom, and sprouting from it to the sides and up, was wings...? Feathers? Wind? Rimuru couldn't tell. But every chest he came upon had some of these, and he collected a total of 200 something during his travels. Is that a lot or a little?

But it seems like that was something that you got from chests, and only from chests. Rimuru didn't know what it did, or was for, so he just put it in his Imaginary space like the other chest loot he found.

Rimuru also found a sword in one chests. It was the rank 3 chest, and that was the only weapon he obtained in any of the chests he found. The sword was made of silver, it was a simple average sword. Straight, a good handle/blade ratio, not too rough, sharp, or dull. No intricate patterns or textures, just a regular white cylinder handle, plain silver-colored hilt, thin-ish silver blade. The edges of the blade remained the original silver color, but the flat sides of the blade was a dim foggy ocean blue. (Silver Sword)

Rimuru considered using that sword instead of the regular iron katana he was using, because he doubted the people here would be more confused if he was using the silver sword than his katana.

Maybe he won't do as good in straight swordsplay as katana swordsmanship, so he decided to give it to Chloe to use. That would be better, right?

"Weirdo..." [7]

That jerked Rimuru out of his thoughts. "Wait hold up, who're you calling a weirdo?"

"Take a look around. Let me know if you're interested in any of these." Marjorie said, seemingly oblivious that she just called someone a weirdo out loud. Then she presented them an assortment of items which looked like the ones that couldn't be found anywhere else.

"Ah! Um, can I see this sword prototype thing?" Rimuru said. Still not informed of what currency they use (best guess is the gold coins?), and how much it costs. Since Marjorie only had one, and it looked like she only have ever had one, it was probably very rare, and in turn, expensive.

"You want it? It's 225 Anemo Sigils."

"Um, ahh... are... these the 'Anemo sigils' you're talking about?" Rimuru said, taking out some of the blue sigil things he collected. Surprisingly, nobody commented on how Rimuru just made some Anemo sigils appear out of nowhere (literally), more less openly in front of people. Not that he wasn't grateful he was spared the trouble of explaining (lying) his way out of the corner, of course.

"Why yes, do you want to purchase the Northlander Sword Billet?"

"Yes, thank you!" Rimuru exchanged the sigils for the sword- no, Northlander Sword Billet. He put it away for now, getting the feeling that it would become very useful later on. Then he noticed something.

"Marjorie, I thought the common currency was this golden coin?" Rimuru showed her some of the golden coins. "Why do you sell for this blue sigil?" Yeah, maybe he shouldn't've said 'blue sigil'. Thankfully, Marjorie didn't seem to mind.

"I tell people I use it for decorating, they usually buy it. But actually, it has some Anemo properties that can't be found in anything else." Marjorie explained.

"Wait, what is this Anemo you're talking about? I thought it was just the name of the sigils?"

Marjorie didn't know how to respond to that. "Well, how should I say this... the whole thing's complicated. It'll take me days to explain it all. Actually, you can go to Acting Grand Master Jean, she's not working right now (for once), she can explain it!" She said, remembering Jean visiting before the blue-haired child came and buying a Vayuda Turquoise Sliver [8], telling her that she's not working at the time. "I don't know where she is, but she should be in Monstadt city or somewhere nearby."

""Okay, thanks! I'll see you around!"" At that, Rimuru and his group started looking for Jean, with the help of Lumine, Xiangling, and Paimon.

To be continued in Monstadt City Part II: Acting Grand Master Jean

[1] A lot of NPC dialogue will be referenced from the actual in-game dialogue, at least for the first encounter.

[2] I think traveler and its varieties have 2 L's, but it looks more natural and right with 1 L, at least for me. So sometimes I'll use 1 L and sometimes 2 L's.

[3] I think I've mentioned Marjorie before in this story, and I've spelled it "Majorie". "Marjorie" is the actual spelling, I've checked in-game.

[4] Image link: . /gensin-impact/images/c/c2/Item_Northlander_Sword_ /revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/256?cb=20201117072810

[5] As far as I know, the anime, manga, and WN don't all call it the same thing. It's either Universal Sense or Universal Perception, but I'll be mainly using Universal Sense. But that doesn't mean I won't be calling it Universal Perception, so you may see some more of that.

[6] In case you didn't know, those are Common chests, Exquisite chests, and Precious chests, respectively. I know, Luxorious chests weren't mentioned, Rimuru hadn't found any yet.

[7] One of Marjorie's idle quotes is "Weirdo..." She's probably referring to the strange boy she saw in Wolvendom one day with the wolves (Razor), who she talks about when you ask her about Wolvendom.

[8] the Anemo gems, which are used to ascend Anemo characters (besides Traveler, of course)

(I'm sorry but I'm not really good at writing every single thing that's happening in a scene, so usually the mini-adventures will focus on a few characters at once, so please don't get mad at me in the comments)