Hi everyone, how are you? Some time ago I'd posted a two shot entitled "Felicity vs Iris: Calling Each Other Out" in which both women give each other a firm dose of reality for their respective wrongdoings. Well I received the interesting idea to do it again except in this case they'll be giving out a dose of reality together and the person on the receiving end will be Diggle over his own wrongdoings and hypocrisy starting in season 6 and into season 7.

While this isn't an official sequel to the aforementioned fic, they'll be set in the same universe and it can be seen as an unofficial continuation but will still serve as a standalone.

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Earlier that afternoon Felicity and Iris had gone out to have lunch with their good friend Lyla Michaels, the A.R.G.U.S. director and wife of their other close friend John Diggle. As they ate and conversed about the comings and goings of their lives, Lyla shared something with them that left the other two women fuming.

Diggle, who was currently an A.R.G.U.S. agent, had apparently decided to revive the group officially known as Task Force X, though they all referred to them by their informal name, the Suicide Squad. But he did so by overstepping his bounds and went over his wife's head to achieve this. Lyla was clearly a bit upset by this but explained she'd had no choice but to let it go since the damage was already done.

Felicity and Iris however were none too pleased by this and particularly in regards to her husband clearly crossing a very serious line and told her so and that what she needed to do was to tell her wayward husband off and maybe even take disciplinary action against him.

After their lunch was over, Iris and Felicity returned to the latter's place and discussed what they'd heard while Felicity also ended up sharing some of Diggle's past wrongs during the preceding year, causing her friend's eyes to widen in disbelief over his childish attitude regarding Oliver's suit, shaking her head. At that point they realized it was something they couldn't ignore and that they needed to confront the man and give him a stiff talking to, just as they'd once done with each other.

And so they quickly marched over to Diggle and Lyla's residence and firmly knocked on the door and after a moment he opened it.

"Hey ladies, how's it going?" he greeted them and while happy to see his friends, though a little surprised to see that Iris was in town, wondered as to why they were currently visiting him and was especially wondering as to why they were currently giving him hostile looks.

"We need to talk Dig. As in yesterday. Could you kindly let us in?" Felicity stated matter of factly and then asked while Iris tapped her foot impatiently, hands on her hips and a frown on her face.

Curious as to what was going on and feeling as though he was about to get the third degree for some reason, Diggle acquiesced and opening the door wider, letting them in. After the three of them stepped into the living room, both women whirled around to face him.

"Earlier the two of us had a conversation with your wife and heard from her that you superseded her authority by reinstating the Suicide Squad which in turn placed her in an impossible position. And you did it without even consulting her first," Felicity began.

Diggle's eyes widened, not expecting this, and he attempted to defend himself.

"You have to understand Felicity but while we've taken down Diaz, there's a far more dangerous threat out there known as Dante and as far as I'm concerned he also needs to be stopped and perhaps more so than Diaz. I really think the squad can help with that," he tried to explain but both women, while understanding a bit, both gave him disappointed looks.

"I understand that. We both do. And hopefully we'll find a way to catch him as well but I'm sorry Dig. You were really out of order there and had no right to do that. She may be your wife but once you went to work for her you placed yourself under her authority and that's something you should be respecting. But no you instead had to practically go behind her back and place her on the spot.

"Not only that but you were also being a terrible husband since whether or not it was your intent you nonetheless potentially threatened her career with your stunt since she had to take the blame for your actions and if it went wrong she'd be blamed by you guys superiors in D.C. and that's something you really should've considered," Iris continued firmly from where Felicity had led off. "You really crossed a line Dig and you should be ashamed of yourself.

"Furthermore you're also being a major hypocrite in that you acted all high and mighty and angry about Waller creating the Squad and her own actions surrounding it and of course we all know she was very corrupt. And yet here you are doing the same thing and if that's not hypocrisy then I don't know what it is.

"And not just that but also some of your past actions have also been highly hypocritical as well. For example you having no problem with Barry and his team locking up supervillains in the Star Labs pipeline or you approving of your wife and Oliver locking up Slade and others inside of that location on Lian Yu but then you suddenly had a huge problem when Cayden James, who I've heard was an out of control hacktivist who also used cyberterrorism to achieve his goals, was locked up in basically the same way."

Iris shook her head in disappointment following her words while Felicity resumed.

"And not only that but your childish attitude over wanting Oliver's suit was entirely out of order. It's his mission and therefore his suit and if he decided to change his mind then that's his right. You are not entitled to his suit and you shouldn't think you are," she said to him in stern tone and then continued.

"And plus you had the audacity to go to a drug lord of all people to deal with your injury which was a low for you while said injury compromised our team since you were a liability."

"And not only that but didn't you even think that any money you gave Diaz was extra money to finance his operations and may have potentially added to the threat level he posed over the city? What the hell was wrong with you?!" Iris added, also sternly, while giving him a disappointed frown. "With all of those actions of yours we just listed, you were certainly not being a good husband, a good friend, or behaving in the way a hero is supposed to behave."

"Iris and I once gave each other very firm and unpleasant yet necessary doses of reality we needed to hear and it caused us to become better people and now we are taking the same measures with you and hopefully you'll hear and absorb our words and it will cause you to stop acting so self-righteous but instead rethink your attitude and some of the choices you've made in your life and return to being the man that Oliver once recruited and Lyla also fell in love with," Felicity finished for both of them.

Diggle listened to all of what both women had just stated to him and at first he was upset and wanted to give them the business right back and tell them what for. But as they had continued he began taking in their words and meditated on all they were saying and realized they were correct. He wasn't being a good friend, a good husband, or a good hero with his actions that they'd listed. He also looked down in shame as he finally came to the realization that truly overstepped his bounds with reinstating the Squad.

He even felt even more shame over what they'd pointed out in regards to Lyla possibly getting into trouble over his actions.

As he continued to reflect on his actions and some of his life choices, he could now see and recognize where he'd screwed up and behaved poorly and wondered why he'd even let himself turn into that kind of a person. He even began to cry a little bit but managed to control his tears. After a bit of silence in which no one said anything, he finally looked back at the women.

"All of what you both have just stated to me is true and I definitely deserved that dressing down. I have really been behaving terribly and crossing certain lines and I am ashamed of myself," he said to them with genuine remorse and sadness while shaking his head in bitter disappointment towards himself. "I really need to clean up my act and rectify my wrongs and I'm going to go and do exactly that. Thank you both for coming here and for opening my eyes towards my wrongs and giving me the push I needed to clean up my act and for not mincing words."

"Of course Dig, and I'm glad we were both able to help you pull that stick out of your behind and knock some sense into you," Felicity said to him with a warm smile. "That's what friends are for after all and like we told each other after calling each other out for our own wrongs and what you once told both Oliver and myself back in Russia, we make each other better."

"What she said," Iris added, smiling gently towards Dig and gesturing towards their friend. The three of them then got up and the women gave him both a hug, holding him tightly and each told him that they still believed he was a good man and that he could continue to be if he started making the right choices for once to which he nodded in acceptance while promising to do so. Afterwards they left and he went ahead and began doing exactly that.

First he went over and apologized to Lyla for his behavior and disrespecting her authority and insisted on coming clean to their superiors. She in turn accepted and was grateful for it but insisted that he wait until they finished using the Squad to catch Dante first since that plan had already been initiated. He accepted that but was still determined to do the right thing and confess after the Dante situation was resolved.

He also profusely apologized over his attitude towards her regarding Cayden and acknowledged that he was wrong and behaved out of order and she forgave him as well and assured him that he was currently behaving like the man she'd once fell in love with. She did privately wonder though if Felicity and Iris had anything to do with his change in attitude but did not bring it up with him.

He also made sure to humbly apologize to Oliver over the argument regarding the latter's suit and also to their team over him becoming a liability because of his injury and also going to Diaz for help with it, along with wrongfully accusing Oliver of killing everyone on the List when he'd gone after List target John Burne, and they all accepted and thanked him for apologizing as well, Oliver especially who at that moment felt like he'd truly gotten back his beother.

He also focused on working on his behavior and becoming a better person, fully returning to the man he'd once been, and no longer behaved like a self-righteous hypocrite and his relationships with his wife and their friends was better off because of it. And he'd always remain grateful for the two women who'd helped him take steps in making the necessary changes in cleaning up his act.

The End

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