Summary: it was supposed to be a little lie so how did it become a global sensation?

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A group of teenagers looked at the lively table across from them with envious eyes.

The table that had been mashed together from two tables was filled with the popular and stand out students.

These teens went to parties, throw parties, we're talented, they got on tv, we're famous already or we're hella rich.

Everybody wanted to be them, or get close to them.

But not everybody can be them.

That's not how the world worked, unfortunately.

The four teens left the school once it was over and went to hang out in one of their homes.

They were two guys and two girls.

They crashed at her house.

"Man, I am sick and tired of only going to party's just to fill the numbers," said Andrew, he had blond hair, green eyes but was nowhere near as good looking as Adrien Agreste.

He sat on a green bean bag.

And he got. "We all are"

Veronica said. "I'm sick and tired of hearing what those guys are doing. How can we live our lives, if we're constantly reminded, that no matter what we do, they can do it better"

They all groaned.

Elekai said. "And we can't get into a group like that. It would be really embarrassing if we try to chummy up with one of them"

However, Rena said. "You know, guys. We have talents too, even if it's not as big or eyecatching as that group"

She then said. "Andrew, I have never seen you not convince somebody of something"

The guy sat up.

She then said. "Elekai, you make sick sounds just from your environment"

She then said. "Veronica your notes are incredibly detailed. If it wasn't for you, all of us wouldn't be pulling A even though we're in different classes"

They all agreed.

She said. "And I can bring the fun to anything"

And then everybody but her flopped back down.

Elekai said. "It doesn't matter our talents, our life sucks! Whatever we do, they will do better"

Rena said. "Than...why don't we pretend we did something better?"

And all them said. "Huh?" Sitting up.

Rena said. "Our main issues is with party's right? Why don't we pretend that we went to somewhere totally amazing."

"You want us to lie?" Said, Andrew.

She said. "Yeah. We can even wear clothes and be that group that goes to the best thing"

Veronica said. "You do know that sounds incredibly sad right"

Lying to look good in others eyes.

However, she snapped back and said. "Well, excuse me but I'm trying to stop you guys from complaining, about everything we do. You guys suck sometimes." Before she said. "And this won't even be that hard, all we need to do is wear stand out clothes, have some music from the party we want to, even if it's just a sample." She saw their looks and said, "oh and we need to a web page and a name for this legendary party but it has to be something untraceable."


She then said. "How about. R." And then she looked at everybody and said. "A. V. E. Rave. We all went to a RAVE. We can be the Rave teens and Veronica, can keep track of what we all say so we don't contradict each other"

They looked at Rena like she was nuts.

She said. "Come on, guys. It's only for a single day or something, it's not like we have the resources to even throw it. And who knows, our 'experience', may get us some street cred"

They looked at each other.

It was sad, but there was no risk for them.

And if they get caught, they were all graduating in a few months anyway, they just had to go through a few months worth of shame.

Elekai said. "Are we seriously, doing this?"

They all shrugged.

Andrew said. "I can get on that new music right away."

And then they all started building this lie and to be honest, this project had them turning away from the envious group for a few days.

They all went shopping and Rena said. "Rave clothes have to be colourful and fun"

The rest of them weren't bothered.

When they were all set, all four of them were shocked when they saw what they had managed to accomplish together.

They looked like they went to awesome parties.

They listened to the music that Elekai made and all of them were jumping.

"Sweet beats, dude," said Andrew.

It truly was.

Veronica said. "Do you remember what to say?"

"Hyper Rave is the way of the future," they said.

They had no idea what the hell that meant, but that was definitely profound and memorable.

And then all of them in their new clothes went to school early and went to their separate classrooms.

There was nobody there, however, they didn't need to wait long for students to start coming in.

And boy did they as they came in and stared at their new selves.

Their teachers did as well.

When the first lesson ended and they walked out to go to the next classroom.

Andrew yelled from one side of the school. "Hyper Rave is the way of the Future!"

And Rena yelled from the other. "Hyper Rave is the Way of the Future!"

And both of them wooed and acted like they were at an awesome party instead of the God awful school they were in, while the students around them were wondering what the hell was going on.

Well, they heard the phrase again when they finished break and yet nobody explained.

At lunchtime they all went to get lunch.

"Yo, dude. Hyper Rave is the way of the future!" Said Andrew and him and Elekai high five each other, not caring if certain students and the cafeteria cooks could hear and see them.

The four of them sat down.

Andrew said. "Ah, man. That Rave last night..."


Students around them sharpen their ears.

Rana said. "It was so good. I didn't want it to stop"

Veronica said. "And everybody we met was so cool and grown-up. To think we got to party with high schoolers"


Party with High schoolers?


Elekai said. "Yo, the Rave was so lit last night. Thank God, nobody lame was invited, it would have totally killed the vibe"

Andrew said. "Yeah, everybody even remotely cool knows that the real parties are the ones that go on until morning."

And then they finished eating, not caring for the open mouths they had caused, as they disposed of their tray's and went to the back of the school where the track was.

On the steps, they positioned themselves like they were in a Hollywood movie as the cool kids who just chill on steps.

They pulled it off.

They really did look hella cool.

And they talked about how they couldn't wait to graduate and thought they would kick it at one of their houses.

They did last lesson and they went to one house, we're one of their siblings remarked about how cool they looked.

"Maybe, We can wear these type of clothes until graduation?" Said, Andrew.

No complaints here.

They gave all four of them cool nicknames, because why the hell not.

The next day, they went to school and was just cool all the way to lunch, they had brought packed lunches.

They sat at the student lounge when they heard it.

It was Elekai Rave Song.

They turned around and saw the smartest student in school, Max Kente, look like a deer in headlights, as he didn't realise his earphones weren't connected.

The song was getting around fast.

Elekai said. "Is that a Rave, song? Cool man"

The look of surprise was memorable on his face.

Rana said. "Want to sit with us this one time? You're the robot guy, right?"



Andrew, throw Max a can of soda and he caught it.

Max, took his stuff and went to what he preserved was the other side, while the students around him gawked.

Somebody played the song on loud.

Andrew said. "Sorry, but we do copycats"

And then Max sat down as they moved up for him.

Rena said. "Let me introduce you to us. I'm R.S" and then she said. "The dude, with the vice on his head is Surround Sound. He can make the sickest beats from just hearing the soundings"

And then the guy did and began to tape a fire beat on his class textbook and beatbox.

Those hearing him, found themselves vibing with him, including Max.

The dude had talent.

She then said. "The one next to him is King. The guy's ability to win over anybody would make it like nothing you've ever seen before. One day, he'll no doubt be a king, he just needs to talk to a real-life princess"

"It's only a matter of time," he said with a very charming smile.

She said. "And lastly, the one to your left is called Madam Web. Basically our analysis. Legend has it, she has the whole school's textbooks numbered by grade in her bag"

She then said. "Can you please show us Grade 8 Math?"

And then the girl as if by magic, took out six books.

She said. "Regular or advanced?"

"Woah!" Said Max, impressed, he saw the unit name that was being now being taught, written on a book.

She said. "So you can say we are a pretty cool group of teens. We get invited to stuff all the time. But we mostly go to Highschool events"

Andrew said, playing on his switch. "Because anything lower usually blows and we have yet to find a party that is actually lit"

Elekai said. "I know right, no matter how good the music is, everybody just stands around and chats. And when they dance, it's a little jumping or a ballroom type of dance. What the heck man, is it a Party or did I sign up to learn to Ballroom dance? Chloe Bourgeois parties are the worst"

They all agreed on that, even though secretly they wanted to go to her party.

And Max told his class just after school, word for word what they said because he was a bro.

The whole class mouth opened and then they turned to Chloe who's face turned red and said.

"Excuse me!?" Obviously pissed.

She said. "My party's are the best thing ever!"

And everybody hid their smiles behind their hands.

School ended and they went to another one of their houses.

They sat down.

"Man, being us is kind of awesome now," said Andrew.

They lied which was terrible, but they couldn't deny the way everybody looked at them now.

Rena said. "I'm all for being cool but why don't we share the coolness?"

They looked at her.

She said. "I'm sure there are a bunch of teens who can benefit from being Rave worthy"

Veronica said. "You do realise that by increasing our numbers, the likelihood that the fact that the Rave doesn't exist becomes more exposed?"

Yes, she had a point.

Rena said. "Then we'll just say, we're in a really cool secret club and for only 5 bucks a week, we'll teach them how to be cool and send invites to cool set up places and notify them if a Rave was going on in a city"

Elekai said. "So basically, a Rave is happening secretly all over the world and the next Rave that arrives in Paris maybe 5-10 years from now?"

She said. "Exactly." And then she said. "And who doesn't want to be perceived as cool? I'm sure we'll have takers"

And she wasn't wrong.

But all four didn't know at the time just how shockingly powerful the cool teens of Paris will get.

So powerful that the entire world could not ignore them.