Chapter 1 -

"Water, Earth, Fire, Air.

Long ago the four nations lived together in harmony, then...everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

Only the Avatar, master of all four elements could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished.

A hundred years past, and my brother and I found the Avatar, an airbender named Aang, and though his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone.

But I believe that Aang can save the world."

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"Suffocating control, destruction, death and misery.

That is exactly what has come from the reign of the Fire Nation.

The world needs the Avatar, unfortunately I'm not him. I'm doing my best to find him, and doing all I can until then.

I've lived my last life fighting against this sort of evil, and I will do so again."

"Oh come on already, Zu-Zu." A young girl said in an exasperated voice, the girl in question was six years old, she had black hair that was done into a neat ponytail and she also had a pair of golden eyes. Her clothes were fit for royalty, which made sense since she was an actual princess.

Her name was Azula, she was the princess of the Fire Nation, the best nation in the world as far as she was concerned, daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and Ursa and younger sister of Prince Zuko. Azula was a talented firebender, she knew that, and everyone around her knew that as well. Her sharp wits and the fact that she was a firebending prodigy quickly made her Ozai's favourite child.

"Don't call me that!" Zuko, her older brother, growled as he followed after her. He had his hair in a ponytail as well, and much like Azula he was blessed with golden eyes. Azula grinned, loving how easily it was to irritate her brother when she wanted to. Her brother, the seven year old Prince Zuko, was technically the true heir to the throne since he was born a year before her. Despite that fact, Azula knew that her father liked her more than he liked Zuko because she was a better firebender than he was. They all knew that she was a better firebender than he was.

Sometimes Zuko was barely capable of making decent sized flames for someone of his age, other times he couldn't make flames at all. Azula on the other hand didn't struggle with firebending at all, in fact she was even able to achieve something that her own father had not been able to. The most notable feature of Azula's bending was her ability to create blue flames, which were much more intense than the red, orange, and yellow flames normally used by firebenders. Although admittedly Azula had only been able to do that once so far, most of her fire was the same colour as regular fire, but the fact that she had been able to do it at all showed just how much better she was then Zuko.

"I don't think that this is a good idea." Zuko said in a quiet voice as he walked besides her. Zuko frowned as he tried to remember exactly how this had happened.

The last thing he remembered was being in his room, playing with his toys when Azula came in like she owned the place and then used that silver tongue of hers to convince him to sneak out with her, which was why he was now with her and walking down a street without any bodyguards, and that was pretty much it. 'Great, how do I keep letting her get me into situations like this?' Zuko mentally wondered. The two of them were walking down streets where the common people of the nation would walk, thankfully so far the two kids have been mostly unnoticed and those few that had seen them haven't appeared to have recognised or realised who they were.

"Don't be such a baby." Azula said with a roll of her eyes. "We're going to be perfectly fine, nothing is going to happen to us." She said, making it sound like she thought he was being very ridiculous by even thinking of it being a possibility.

"How sure are you?" Zuko's frown got even bigger as he looked around.

"Very sure, nothing will happen to us. I pro..." Azula's words were cut off when at that very moment...something happened to them.

A hand reached out, covering Azula's mouth just as another hand reached out and covered Zuko's, the Prince and Princess of the Fire Nation found themselves roughly pulled into a nearby alleyway, the two struggled but were quickly pulled further and further into the alley. Azula had tried to fire bend but a third man had quickly tied both her and Zuko's hands behind their backs before tying their feet together. Azula still tried firebending at them despite this but she wasn't able to do anything good enough to help them and eventually gave it up as futile. The two children tried to scream out but the hands muffling their mouths prevented them from making much noise.

"Oh sweet Agni!" The third man - the one who had tied their hands and legs together - blurted out as he looked at Zuko and Azula. "These are the Fire Lord's kids!" He hissed to his two fellow kidnappers.

"What?!" The one holding Zuko hissed with disbelief. "Are you kidding me?!"

"You can't be serious!" Azula heard the words come out from the man who was holding her. "You have got to be wrong!" He said, sounding hopeful.

"No, that's definitely them!" The third man said, sounding very sure, and sounding horrified because he was so sure. "What the fuck are we going to do now?!"

"We can't sell these two!" The one holding Zuko said, sounding very, very ill. Zuko actually nodded quite quickly at that, though it quickly became a very fast head shake at the next sentence that was spoken.

"We've got to kill them then." The one holding Azula decided in a quiet voice.

"What?!" His two companions looked at him like he had just started doing limp left handed Lemur-bending with his right hand. Azula and Zuko started struggling even more after hearing that, sadly their efforts were in vain as the men simply increased their grips.

"We can't let them go!" He said in a defensive voice. "Do you know what happens if these two blab?! The Fire Lord would grant us a quick death if we're lucky! He'd make us suffer first before ending us! What if he sets the 'Dragon of the West' on us?! We need to get rid of them, we can't have this traced back to us!" The other two kidnappers looked reluctant but eventually nodded.

"You're right," The one holding Zuko said before he looked down at both kids. "sorry kiddies, this is nothing personal." He said in an almost apologetic voice. Zuko went deathly pale while Azula glared at him with such anger that she felt like she came close to burning him with her mind.

"Hey," A voice called. "let them go."

They all turned around to see who it was that the voice belonged to, Azula's eyes widened in disbelief as she saw who was walking towards them. It was a boy who was about her or Zuko's age, he had pale skin that looked like it had been tanned, he had hair that was black as night and eyes that were emerald green. Azula couldn't help but feel disappointed, their saviour was not a fully trained fire bender, it was just another kid who would also be kidnapped and killed, which would then leave them to still be killed.

"Crap, we've got another witness!" The third man hissed.

"Well…go get that one, we've got these two!" The man holding Azula hissed back. The third man nodded before he stepped past them and got into a firebending stance.

"Sorry kid." The man said in an apologetic voice before he threw a fireblast at the new arrival. The fire shot towards the boy, Azula expected to see him be burnt, what she did not expect was for him to jump to the side and rear his arm back to fire a fire blast of his own.

Fire shot from the boy's hand, but it wasn't your average red, orange and yellow fire, no, these flames were green! The third man had been so surprised - not just by the fact that the kid dodged and firebended back but also by the fact that his fire was green - that he didn't dodge in time and ended up crying out in pain when he got hit by a fireblast to this face, he fell to the floor, crying out.

"No, NOW you are sorry." The boy said in a cold voice.

Azula and Zuko joined the two standing kidnappers in staring at the new kid with disbelief, Azula herself couldn't believe it, another firebending prodigy?! And from the looks of it his skills were superior to her own, wait were his eyes glowing?!


Aang, Katara and Sokka were getting quite worried. The three of them had one goal at the moment, and that was to escape. As of the moment they were currently on top of a fire nation ship, their escape - Appa, Aang's flying bison - was standing right behind them, however they couldn't yet escape. The reason why was the older, angry looking, pony tailed boy with a scar on his eye. He was clearly a powerful fire bender, and definitely a determined one if the way he was trying to catch Aang was any indication, and if he wasn't trouble enough then add in the fact that he had several other firebender troops standing behind him.

"Give up," Prince Zuko - the previously mentioned angry boy - growled as he and his men stood ready to jump into combat. "if you surrender I won't harm any of you, I'll even let the two water tribe peasants go free." He said, adding the last part to Aang.

Aang paused, Zuko's words echoed in his head. Yes Zuko had been trying to catch him but he had kept his word before when they agreed that Aang would come with him in exchange for leaving the water tribe alone. And right now Katara and Sokka were in danger, that was a fact. Aang knew he was a powerful airbender but he was still out matched, Sokka was limited to a boomerang and a club since he wasn't able to bend any elements at all and while Katara was a waterbender, she was not a trained one, he himself had never waterbended before but he was sure that at this point he was probably better than her. Aang supposed they could quickly make a run for it and jump on Appa but that was clearly a bad idea since it was very likely that they would simply shoot them straight back down to the ship, and Aang didn't want to risk Appa - his best friend - like that. Aang's best bet had been the Avatar state, however he had already used that less than a minute ago, and he was still tired from doing so.

"Aang! No!" Katara quickly said when she saw that Aang was actually considering accepting Zuko's offer.

"Aang, maybe." Sokka said in a weak voice as he looked at the firebenders opposite him. "I was kidding!" He said in a defensive voice when he saw that Katara was glaring at him with a heat that would make a firebender proud.

"Do you promise not to hurt them?" Aang asked, lowering his staff.

"I won't if you cooperate. You have my word." Zuko nodded, speaking honestly.

"I'll do it." Aang said in a solemn voice, Zuko gestured to two of his men who walked forwards towards Aang, both holding spears in their hands.

"Aang, you can't!" Katara replied as she grabbed his arm and attempted to drag him to Appa, only for Aang to stay rooted in the spot where he was standing, refusing to move.

"I have to, Katara." Aang sad with a sad expression on his face. "Take your brother and go, please." He begged, lowering his head slightly as the two men came closer. Sokka held his club in one hand, his boomerang in the other. His mind was in overdrive as he tried to think of a way to get out of this safely along with Aang and Katara, unfortunately he wasn't able to come up with anything.

"You don't have to!" Katara said, tears dripping down her face.

"Yes, I do." Aang said with a sad smile when the two men were mere feet away, the trio looked to the men that held their spears defensively, ready to fight back if any of the three try and attack.

"No, back off!" Katara shouted to the two fire nation men as she stepped in front of Aang.

"What are you doing?!" Aang and Sokka asked at the same time.

"I'm not giving you up without a fight!" Katara said in a determined voice, the two boys exchanged looks of disbelief, apparently she was willing to ignore the fact that she barely knew how to water bend. Sokka in particular was more than surprised, he knew his sister could be stubborn but this was a whole new level of stubborn when compared to her previous acts, though he supposed this situation was a level up from arguing about who was going to clean the tents.

The fire nation men continued moving forwards but were stopped when an air blast sent them flying backwards and landing mere feet away from Zuko.

"That wasn't me!" Aang quickly said when everyone looked at him.

A second later the air around them shifted and someone dropped into view, the air around this new person shifted so it would slow his landing. He landed in-between the fire nation and the trio while a triangle shaped glider landed a short distance behind Appa.

The trio took a good look at the new arrival, he was dressed in black boots and black trousers along with a green and black hooded jacket that perfectly fit him and appeared to be made of scales. The forearms were green, and they could see patches of green right on the middle of his sides.

The new person's hood was up and his back was facing the trio so they had no idea what he looked like from the front. The fire nation members who were able to take a look at him from the front had actually taken a step back in what looked like fear.

"You?" Zuko breathed out in shock as he looked at the new arrival. "What are you doing here?"

"I am terribly sorry about this, Zuko." The new arrival said in an apologetic voice just as the two previously thrown fire nation members stood up, no sooner than they had they were sent flying into two other fire nation soldiers thanks to the air blasts that shot out of the stranger's hands.

Zuko growled and sent a fire blast at the stranger, the new arrival easily dealt with it by slapping it away with a back hand, as if he was dealing with a fly, something which only served to infuriate Zuko who began sending more attacks.

"Avatar," The new arrival called while he continued to block Zuko's attacks, mostly with airbending but sometimes he would strike it away in a way that only a firebender could. "if you want to make your escape then now's the time. You don't have room for one more, do you?"

"Uh...yeah, we do." Aang blinked before he and his friends all jumped up onto Appa, their eyes shifted back towards the stranger.

"Take off, I'm coming!" The stranger said after dodging a particularly powerful fire blast.

"You heard the man, yip-yip!" Sokka quickly called out, Appa grunted before he slapped his tail down and began taking off

"This was fun but I've got to go, see ya Zuko." The stranger said before he waved his hand and a wave of green fire shot out from his palm, the flames headed towards Zuko and crashed onto the ground in front of him, causing the Prince and the other fire soldiers to take a step back to avoid getting burnt. The stranger quickly took full advantage of that distraction and turned before he rushed towards Appa, using his air bending to increase his speed.

Appa got into the air, the stranger jumped up and two green jets of fire shot out from under his feet, pushing him upwards so he could land on Appa's saddle.

"Nice bison." The stranger commented, his head was turned away from them and looking towards the ship that was looking farther and farther away as Appa flew up into the air.

"'re a firebender?!" Sokka blurted out in shock.

"And an airbender?" Katara added with a look that matched her brother's.

"But...but that's impossible." Aang whispered to himself.

"Fire attack incoming," The stranger said as he hopped off of the saddle and landed on Appa's lower back just as a large fire blast shot towards them. "baldy, give me your staff!" The stranger called, holding a hand out. Despite his shock at an air-bender who could also firebend, Aang reacted quickly and tossed the stranger his staff. The stranger took a deep breath before he waved it, sending an air blast which knocked the fire into a glacier, the damage from the blast caused bits of the glacier to fall down and damage Zuko's ship. "Wow, that was cool." The stranger breathed before he stepped back into the saddle and tossed the staff back to Aang before he sat down.

"Who are you?" Katara asked.

"My name's Harry." The stranger said as he closed his eyes and pulled his hood down, revealing a messy, raven black set of hair, he pulled off the black mask that covered the lower part of his face. Katara's eyes widened as she looked at the handsome boy in front of her, she damn near fainted when he opened his eyelids to reveal a brilliant pair of emerald green eyes.

"I...hold on a sec!" Sokka quickly said as he looked Harry up and down. " can airbend...and...and firebend! But...but you're not the Avatar because Aang is! And...and your fire is green! The...there's only one person you could're're the 'Exception','re the 'Emerald Dragon'!"

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