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To those of you who had tried to guess the other girls that were gonna be added, they were going to be Ruby and Neo. And though Neo won't be in the pairing any longer, she'll still have a role to play.

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Blonding with Interest

Chapter Three: Beacon's Test

Yang awoke with a wide yawn, never one to care about being "ladylike" with her actions and sometimes just being "one of the guys" according to her old friends. Even Naruto made this joke on occasion when she would be around him and his other friends, and she took the comment proudly.

Sitting up, she saw that some of the other hopeful students were already in the middle of preparing for the initiation. Whether it was by going to the lockers to gather their things, to the cafeteria for some breakfast, or outside for some warmup exercise. Looking to the side, she saw that Ruby was still snoozing away. So, she casually reached over and bopped her sister on her head.

"Hey! Ow!" Ruby exclaimed as she was jolted awake. "What was that for?!" she whined pitifully.

"We're gonna be late for initiation, Rubes," the blonde bombshell answered. "Let's get our stuff."

Dropping her pout for an excited gasp, the young Rose zipped off in a red blur while petals were left in her wake. Yang shook her head in amusement as she got out of her bedroll, absently spotting some golden embers gathering together beside her before they engorged themselves and took the shape of her best friend.

Stretching with a groan and audible pops of his joints, Naruto commented, "Is it time yet, Firecracker?"

"Almost, Foxy. Me and Rubes need to get ready for it."

"Gotcha. I'm gonna go scout around, see if anyone is up to snuff."

"Ever the ninja, eh?" she teased.

"Technically, you're one too," he reminded her with a smile before walking off.

Keeping his head on a swivel, Naruto observed the multitude of potential students. Not many of them stood out, with most looking too nervous and others looking far too confident. He recognized a couple faces, namely the white-themed and black-themed girls from yesterday.

The Schnee girl was meticulously looking over her supply of Dust and loading the revolving chambers of her sword. Thanks to being friends with Tenten, Naruto had more of an understanding of different kinds of weapons. It helped that he and Yang would tell the Weapon Mistress about the different types that Beacon had, so that she could attempt recreating them back in the Leaf Village.

From what he could recall, the weapon was a rapier styled sword with a needle tip that was flexible yet extremely durable. Based on her body type, the Uzumaki nodded his head at her choice in weaponry. She looked to be the type to move as gracefully as she tried to appear, and the rapier would compliment her "grace" on the field.

As for the black-themed girl that he didn't know the name of, her weapon was a dangerous mix that incorporated the sheathe as a secondary weapon, a sturdy ribbon for auxiliary usage, and a gun like all weapons in Remnant were. From what he saw, the main weapon was a katana while the sheathe acted like a cleaver with a sharpened edge. The ribbon looked like it was meant to extend the reach of her katana, but he wasn't entirely sure how that would be effective.

That issue was answered when he spied her katana do a 90-degree bend and fold into itself to shorten the edge length. It now looked like a kusarigama, and the whiskered blonde couldn't help but find the combination to be pretty badass. Like the Schnee, she had a natural grace to her, so Naruto guessed that she wasn't much of a heavy hitter; more like a guerilla fighter that would be more supportive for others.

Moving on, he spotted some crimson in the corner of his eye and turned to see a young redheaded woman dressed in bronze armor. She had an "Amazonian" vibe to her thanks to her exceptional height and well-toned body. It was easy for Naruto to see that she was a warrior, and she would be a major contender of Beacon Academy's freshmen.

Walking past her, he saw a blonde teen struggling to pull a shield from his locker. He had some light armor on, and his body was slightly toned from what Naruto could observe. However, after seeing the young man finally pry his shield free and collapse it into a sheathe for his sword, the Uzumaki noted the tension in his body. His fellow blonde was a bundle of nerves, more so than the other anxious students. That raised some flags in Naruto's eyes, but it wasn't really his concern.

If the kid had the balls to sneak into a Huntsmen Academy and try to join, then more power to him. At least he had guts, something that he and Jiraiya could respect since that was the Toad Sage's philosophy.

The final pair of people that caught Naruto's eye were an orange-haired girl and a young man with black hair that had a magenta streak on the left side. The girl was a motormouth, but so was Naruto; something Tsunade said he got from his mother. Plus, her hair was the perfect shade of his favorite color, so she immediately was put on his Potential Buddy list.

It was a list consisting of people Naruto hoped to befriend once he and Yang found a way for him to visibly interact with Remnant. Yang could take over a Shadow Clone of his, she could freely interact in his world. They didn't have that option in Remnant, so they had to find one for the future.

The little lady had an exceptionally large hammer that folded into a firearm with a wide barrel, a drum magazine, and some obvious weight to it, which let Naruto deduce that it was meant for power and not so much for precision like Ruby's sniper scythe.

The young man had twin pistols with dagger-like blades attached to the bottom of the muzzles of his guns. A simple combination that Naruto could appreciate since he preferred simplicity over intricacy. If he needed more than a couple of days to get the gist of a weapon and use it effectively, than he wasn't for it. Those dagger-pistols were straight to the point in Naruto's opinion.

"I know!" he heard the orangette exclaim. "We'll have some sort of signal! Like a distress signal!" A dramatic gasp escaped her. "A secret signal so we can find each other in the forest! Can you imitate a sloth?"

"A sloth…?" Naruto repeated in amusement.

"Nora?" the girl's friend responded.

"Least I got a name, now."

"Yes, Ren?" the now named Nora asked back.

"Both names! Lucky me!" Naruto cheered with a laugh.

Ren sheathed his weapons into his sleeves and out of sight as he answered, "I don't think sloths make a lot of noise."

"That's what I thought, too…"

Nora visibly thought it over for a moment before her cheer returned full force. "That's why it's perfect! No one will suspect we're working together!"

Naruto couldn't hold back another laugh at her enthusiasm. "Gotta admire that optimism!"

Ren smiled at his friend and shut his locker. "Come on Nora, let's go."

"Not 'together-together'..." she replied with some stifled giggles as she followed him.

Once again amused at Nora's antics, Naruto left and found the girls checking their weapons. As he approached, he caught part of their conversation.

"If you wanna grow up," Yang said, "you're gonna have to meet new people and learn to work together."

Ruby sighed in frustration at that. "You sound like Dad! First of all: What does meeting new people have to do with fighting? And secondly: I don't need people to help me grow up! I drink milk!"

"But what about when we form teams?" the blonde sister challenged calmly, making the younger sister suddenly nervous.

"Um, I don't know! I…I'll just be on your team or something!"

"I doubt you guys will have any say in how the teams are formed," Naruto spoke up as he stood beside Yang. "My guess is that they'll be formed after the initiation when the instructors see how students do during the test; pair students into groups based on how well they'd likely work together."

Yang hummed thoughtfully in agreement before relaying Naruto's theory to Ruby. However, the young Rose was having none of it.

"Sounds to me like my dear big sister doesn't want me on her team!" she accused. "And that her friend is encouraging it!"

The two blondes sweatdropped at that before speaking in stereo, "Paranoid much, Rubes/Little Red?"

Ruby had a dull expression as she deadpanned, "He said that the same time you did, didn't he?"

She could only groan when she saw Yang nodding with a cheeky grin that, unseen by her, Naruto shared.

We find the hopeful initiates standing on the cliffs overviewing an expanse of thick trees that stretched for a few miles. Ruby stood on a place marker to the left of Yang's while Naruto stood behind his fellow blonde while keeping a narrowed gaze on the Headmaster of Beacon, Professor Ozpin.

"For years," the man began, "you have trained to become warriors. Today, your abilities will be evaluated here in the Emerald Forest below these cliffs."

Glynda continued, "Now, I'm sure many of you have heard rumors about the assignment of teams." She ignored the murmurs of the teens and pressed on, "Well, allow us to put an end to your confusion. Each of you will be given teammates."

She gave a long pause before going for the kill.


Ruby looked like a frightened rabbit at that. "What?! Ohhh...!"

Ozpin spoke again, "These teammates will be with you for the rest of your time here at Beacon. So, it is in your best interest to be paired with someone with whom you can work well."

Naruto would've made a joke about the despair in Ruby's face, but he was too busy frowning as the Headmaster met his gaze directly and held it there for a few moments before resuming his "sweeping" glances.

"That being said, the first person you make eye contact with after landing will be your partner for the next four years."

To little Ruby, she felt her hopes and her world cracking like glass and falling apart. "WHAT?!"

Naruto absently heard Nora say to Ren, "See? I told you~!"

Ozpin continued, "After you've partnered up, make your way to the northern end of the forest. You will meet opposition along the way. Do not hesitate to destroy everything in your path…or you will die."

Jaune Arc laughed nervously and then gulped loudly.

Ozpin locked eyes with Naruto once again. "You will be monitored and graded through the duration of your initiation, but our instructors will not intervene." Removing his gaze, he continued, "You will find an abandoned temple at the end of the path containing several relics. Each pair must choose one and return to the top of the cliff. We will regard that item, as well as your standing, and grade you appropriately. Are there any questions?"

Jaune rose his hand. "Yeah, um, sir?"

Ozpin ignored him and smiled. "Good! Now, take your positions."

Everyone but Jaune, who still had a hand raised, took a ready stance. Naruto leaned forward and said, "I'll keep an eye on Little Red in a bit. Ozpin keeps looking me in the eye and I wanted to check something."

Yang wanted to turn to him, but she didn't want to raise any suspicion. So, she whispered back, "Be careful, Naru…"


"Uh, sir?" Jaune asked nervously. "I've got, um… I have a question."

He missed the tile under Weiss rising into a springboard, rocketing into the air and over the forest, as the other platforms begin to activate down the line.

"So, this landing…strategy thing… Uh, w-what is it? You're, like, dropping us off or something?"

Ozpin took a sip of coffee and casually answered, "No, you will be falling, Mister Arc."

Jaune missed more and more students being thrown as he nodded in understanding. "Oh, uh, I see... So, like, did you hand out parachutes for us?"

"No, we did not. You will be using your own landing strategy."

At her turn, Yang winked at her younger sister, put on a pair of aviators, and flew off with a loud whoop of excitement that echoed across the forest. A second later, Ruby was launched after her.

Jaune, unaware that he was next, asked, "So, what exactly is a landing STRATEGY…!"

The last word of his query became a frightful shout as he was launched after his fellow initiates. The rest of them were then launched, leaving Ozpin and Glynda alone with Naruto still standing behind the platform Yang was launched from with his arms crossed.

He then made his way to the cliff's edge that Ozpin and Glynda stood on, standing on the Headmaster's left side while Glynda was on the man's right.

"You can see me, can't you?" he accused, earning a barely noticeable nod from him. "She can't, then."

Ozpin gave the faintest of head shakes.

"I don't know how the hell you can see me when nobody else can, but you can bet your ass we're gonna talk about it. Your energy feels…weird, and I don't like it."

He approached the very edge of the cliffs before looking back over his shoulder, "If Yang or Ruby get dragged into some shit you could've prevented or that you led them too, there won't be any words spoken. My foot will be so buried up your ass that you'll be my new shoe."

With that, Naruto gave a powerful leap and shot into the air high above the forest. Ozpin's gaze kept track of him the entire time. 'What could a spirit do to me?'

Leaping from treetop to treetop, Naruto was an invisible blur to the world. Sure, he was actually invisible to everyone but Yang and Ozpin, but his speed still counts!

"Yeah, just keep telling yourself that, Naruto," he muttered to himself. "Now, Little Red should've gone this way…"

He was following the trajectory she had taken from her launch from the cliffs. He passed by that redheaded Amazonian who was helping that Jaune guy out of a tree he had been pinned to. What was interesting was that it was the redhead's weapon that had pinned Jaune to the tree.

Pressing on, he passed by Ren taking care of a serpentine Grimm with two heads. He was skilled, and light on his feet. Naruto was admittedly impressed with him.

He passed by a few other candidates, but he saw no sign of Yang or Ruby. In fact, he didn't see the Schnee or that black-themed girl either.

"Where could they-? Oh! There's Ruby!" he started before cutting himself off and dropping down behind the red-hooded girl. He then spotted who Ruby's partner was and face palmed. "Shit…"

"It's this way," Weiss declared, walking to Ruby's right as the young scythe-wielder sat on a rock. The heiress then walked to the left and corrected, "I mean this way! Definitely this way!"

Naruto rolled his eyes with Ruby while she commented, "Just admit that you don't know where you're going."

"I know where we're going!" Weiss argued, hiding her embarrassment. "We're going to the relics, obviously! And that would be the forest temple!"

Ruby could only give a frustrated groan at Weiss's comment. Naruto, however, had something to say, "No shit, Sherlock…"

"Oh, stop it! You don't know where we are, either!"

Ruby fired back, "Well, at least I'm not pretending like I know everything."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"It means you're a big, stupid jerk and I hate you!" she shouted, surprising Naruto.

"Whoa, Ruby… Never heard you so pissed off before…"

Weiss sighed to herself before spinning around and walking in another direction. "Just keep moving!"

Ruby scowled and then, in a faux imitation of Weiss' voice, mockingly ordered, "Oh, just keep moving! Hurry up! Wah! Watch where you're going!"

Despite the situation, Naruto chuckled at that. "Sounds pretty spot on, Little Red."

In her normal voice, the young Rose demanded, "Why are you so bossy?"

"I'm not bossy!" the heiress denied. "Don't say things like that!"

"Stop treating me like a kid!"

"Stop acting like a kid!"

"Well, stop acting like you're so perfect!"

Weiss glared at the younger girl at that comment. "I'm. Not. Perfect!" Looking away, she muttered, "Not yet…" Regaining her superior expression she fired back, "But I'm still leagues better than you."

Ruby had a dejected look on her face as she mumbled, "You don't even know me…"

Naruto frowned sadly at that and reached over to pat Ruby's shoulder despite knowing it wouldn't do anything. "It'll be alright, Ruby…"

He was about to reach her when he saw something large, black, and feathery divebombing towards the girls without their notice. Blue eyes widened, and he instinctively dove towards Ruby to knock her down.

What he didn't expect was for him to phase into her body like he did with Yang's on occasion, overshadowing Ruby and turning her silvery eyes cerulean blue. "The hell…?" he muttered in Ruby's voice.

"WAH! WHAT HAPPENED?!" Ruby's voice echoed in his head.

'Little Red…?' he thought back hesitantly before shaking Ruby's head. 'Talk in a sec!'

Thanks to being in Ruby's body, Naruto had access to its capabilities; like her Semblance. So, in a flurry of red petals, he had Ruby's body tackle Weiss's seconds before the trees around them were ripped away by the force of a Nevermore's failed attack.

"H-Hey! What was-?!" Weiss tried to yell before shutting up when the large avian Grimm flew past them.

"Thank me later!" Naruto said in Ruby's voice. "We gotta move! Now!"

Dumbfounded, Weiss could only nod as the duo rushed away from the Nevermore circling around for another attempt.

"What's going on?!" Ruby screamed in his head.

'Ruby! Listen, it's me Naruto! I'm piloting your body by accident, but right now I need to get you and Princess to safety!'

"…Naruto?" she repeated, sounding stunned. "Yang was telling the truth…"

'Yeah, you can apologize to her later! Let me focus!'

Snapping out of her surprise, Ruby called back, "Let me take control again! I know my body better than you, and I know how to use my Semblance!"

Knowing she had a point, Naruto relinquished control and was ejected from Ruby's body. He was immediately keeping stride with her and Weiss when he reformed, smiling at her when he saw the awareness in her silver eyes.

"You're not seeing things, Little Red," he teased, happy that Yang's sister could finally see him.

"Talk later," she fired back before grabbing Weiss by the arm and vanishing in a swirl of petals that shot through the brush like a bullet.

"Hear me, too. Yang's gonna flip her lid!" he cheered as he raced after the two girls.

Yang and her new partner, Blake Belladonna, had just retrieved one of the relics from some ruins. The relics were actually just chess pieces, and the duo decided to take the Knight Piece.

Or, as Yang jokingly called it, the cute little pony.

They were about to head back for the cliffs when they spotted a red blur break through the foliage before two people tumbled to a stop. When it was revealed to be Ruby and Weiss, Yang rushed over to check on her little sister while Blake followed her.

"Ruby! Are you okay?!"

Shaking the cobwebs, Ruby nodded. "Yeah, but we're gonna have company soon. A Nevermore was on our tail."

"It nearly crashed into us back there," Weiss added before awkwardly looking away. "Thanks, by the way…for pushing me out of the way…"

Despite not being in control when her body did that, Ruby smiled at her partner. "No problem…"

Yang was relieved that the two, despite the issues they had yesterday, were seemingly getting along. She then noticed Naruto arriving and smiled at him before feeling Ruby nudge her and motion her to come closer.

When Yang leaned her head down, Ruby whispered, "Sorry for doubting you, sis."

While confused at first, her lilac eyes widened in realization and she turned to face Ruby, who smiled and nodded once. Turning to Naruto, she saw him smirking at her and smiled back.

Blake witnessed everything, having heard Ruby's whisper, and was curious about what they were talking about and why her partner smiled toward some random direction.

The moment was interrupted by Nora arriving atop an angry Ursa which gave a death groan as the orangette blasted it with a grenade to its spine from her weapon. It fell to the ground in a heap while Nora rolled off it.

"Aww… It's broken," she mumbled sadly as Ren rushed out into the clearing, out of breath.

"Nora," he panted out as he braced against the dead Grimm. "Please don't do that again…"

His pleas were ignored when Nora skipped over to the relics and grabbed a golden Rook before happily skipping back to her friend. Blake couldn't help making commentary on the whole scenario.

"Did she just ride over here on an Ursa?"

"I…" Yang tried to answer, but she was cut off.

What cut her off was the screeching of a Death Stalker as it relentlessly pursued Pyrrha and Jaune. They both shouted for help, ducking beneath a swipe of a pincer that was sharp enough to take the heads from their shoulders.

Ruby, never one to turn away from someone in need, declared, "We need to get that thing off their tail!"

Nora grinned and aimed her grenade launcher at the Death Stalker. With careful estimation of the trajectory, she fired a triple salvo of explosive ammunition that arced safely over the fleeing duo and crashed into the Grimm with pink bursts. The Death Stalker hissed in pain, stumbling out of its pursuit as Jaune and Pyrrha made it safely to the others.

"Quickly!" Weiss exclaimed, pocketing a golden Knight piece. "Grab a relic so we can get out of here!"

"She's right," Ren said in agreement. "We don't need to kill these Grimm. We just need to get our relics back to the cliffs."

"Uh, there's a slight problem there," Ruby awkwardly stated before pointing the group's attention to the Nevermore that had arrived. "That thing's in the way."

"Shit, you lot are caught on both sides," Naruto noted with a growl. "Dammit, I hate not being able to help!"

Yang gave him a sympathetic glance while Ruby smiled at his concern. "We need to split into two groups, then," Yang decided. "Four people per Grimm."

"That sounds like the best course of action," Pyrrha agreed as she tossed Jaune the other golden Rook and watched him pocket it.

"Us four," Ruby decided as she gestured to herself, Weiss, Blake, and Yang, "will take on the Death Stalker. Think you four could take on the Nevermore?"

Jaune looked to the others, and they nodded with determined looks. Turning back to Ruby, he replied, "Leave it to us."

"Then let's go!" she exclaimed, leading the charge as a petal-laced blur that was followed by the other three girls. "Good luck, guys!"

Jaune swallowed nervously before he felt Pyrrha place a supportive hand on his shoulder. "We can do this," she assured him, and he nodded gratefully to her for helping him calm his nerves.

"Alright! Nora, I need you to start firing high-arcing shots that could fall down onto the Nevermore. Ren, get its attention with some potshots and get it to dive. With Nora's grenades raining down on it, it should force it into a sort of bottleneck and Pyrrha could take a shot for one of its wings or eyes."

The trio nodded and the team got to work.

Naruto smiled at their plan and the immediate acceptance of working together. Deciding to go after Yang and Ruby, he said, "You got this, guys. Jaune, you may have snuck in, but you're proving you belong."

"We need to slow it down!" Blake called, using her weapon to grapple onto a tree branch and swing away from the Death Stalker's stinger. "It's big, but it's surprisingly quick!"

Yang rushed forward, lilac eyes already turning red as she neared the Grimm. Ruby kept it distracted by shots aimed for its face, getting dangerously close to its eyes. It tried to swipe at Yang, but a glyph that was shaded a dark gray formed beneath it, cutting down its speed to a crawl while Weiss was seen taking a knee with her rapier stabbed into the ground.

"Now, Yang!" the heiress cried out.

Getting right in its face, Yang unleashed a flurry of lightning-fast punches that were accompanied by fired rounds of ammunition from her shot gauntlets. "I! Hope! You're! Hungry!" she growled out with each punch before kicking off the Grimm, taking a long backflipping leap away from it and out of retaliatory range.

Weiss twisted her stabbed sword, changing the glyph from dark gray to an icy blue. From the glyph, frigid stalagmites stabbed into the belly of the Grimm and made it screech in agony. The screeching got louder when Ruby finally got the mark she needed and fired a direct hit into the Death Stalker's eye.

Blake came in next, wrapping her kusarigama around the joint where the stinger met the tail and tugging it with all her strength. "Snap it off!" she yelled through gritted teeth.

Ruby and Yang shared a look before they turned to Weiss, who nodded and produced a pair of glyphs that the sisters jumped onto. The glyphs catapulted them skyward, and Yang used her shot gauntlets to get some extra height while Ruby used her Semblance to dive towards the Death Stalker with her scythe poised to strike.

With peerlessly instinctive timing, the young Rose swerved her body away from the swiping pincers of the Grimm, and with a mighty swing, cleaved the stinger off its tail. Blake fell back from the sudden shift in momentum, but she smirked when Yang came crashing down with a powerful punch that slammed into the sliced off stinger. The point of the stinger was aimed downward, and Yang's punch drove it through the dense bone of the Death Stalker, piercing it through its head and killing it.

The four ladies were panting in exhaustion, but they had proud smiles on their faces at their accomplishment. Turning around, they saw one of the wings of the Nevermore get shattered at a critical joint, making it crash into the ground. Nora then leapt off Jaune's shield, changing her weapon to its hammer form and using recoil from its firing mechanism to give her swing some more power.

A crunching sound was heard, and Naruto knew that the fight was over. With a proud smile, he commented, "They all work well together… My money's on them being two teams of four."

"I love it when I'm right," Naruto stated with a grin as Jaune was announced the leader of the newly formed Team JNPR.

He chuckled when Pyrrha patted him on the back. The new Team Leader wasn't prepared for it and was sent falling forward, earning an embarrassed apology from the redhead while he waved it off with an awkward smile.

"And finally," Ozpin continued.

"That's your cue, girls," Naruto told the sisters as they, Weiss, and Blake stepped onto the stage.

"Having gathered the Golden Knight Pieces, the students Blake Belladonna, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, and Yang Xiao Long will form Team RWBY. This team shall be led by…Ruby Rose!"

"Huh?! Led by-?!" Ruby cried out, only to be cut off by Yang hugging her.

"Oh, I'm so proud of you, Rubes!" she exclaimed.

Blake smiled at the young Rose and nodded, showing her support. Weiss, on the other hand, looked like her world had crashed down around her.

Noticing this, Naruto frowned and muttered, "She's gonna bitch about this… I just know it…"

Shaking his head, he dropped his frown and smiled at the two sisters. His gaze lingered on the absolutely glowing smile of Yang, and his smile softened at how elated she was.

"She did good, Firecracker… But she'll need you and the others at her side. Nobody can lead on their own…"

Looking out the window, Naruto regained his frown as his thoughts strayed to his estranged teammate that had nearly killed him years ago.

"All it takes is one moment to break a team apart… One person to start ripping into the bond holding you all together… I hope that it never happens to you girls… But I also hope you'll be prepared for it if it does come…"

When the auditorium cleared, Naruto was approached by Yang and Ruby, with the latter running up to hug him tightly. Smiling, he hugged her back and enjoyed finally being able to embrace his crush's little sister.

"Nice to officially meet you, Ruby," he greeted softly.

"You too, Naruto," she greeted back, her face resting against his chest. When she heard his heartbeat, she hugged him a bit tighter. 'Not a ghost… That's good.'

Yang smiled at her two favorite people finally meeting. Her old fears of never being able to introduce Naruto to her family were put to rest for the moment. She still didn't know how Naruto managed to get Ruby to see him.'

But she would worry about it another time. For now, she was going to just bask in the moment. An adoring smile was aimed at Naruto as he rubbed the top of Ruby's head, and Yang once again knew that her heart had made the right choice.

'Naruto… I'm so glad that I fell in love with you…'

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If you remember towards the end of Chapter One, Ruby acknowledged that she believed Yang and that she wanted to meet Naruto. That fulfilled the required steps, and Naruto solidified it by overshadowing Ruby.

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