This was written in August 2018. I'll include the original author's notes as applicable

been wanting to write more kingdom hearts stuff, these prompts hit the inspiration just right, so i'll be doing at least some of the prompts for AkuBroku Week. Day 1's prompt is Memories.

This here will update every day that I write a prompt. I only got to 3 days of the event, however. I was a bit busy.

This first one is post-KH3; Roxas and Lea meet up in Twilight Town.

The sun hung high in the sky, blue filling Roxas' vision as he looked up. It was early in the afternoon, and the station was relatively deserted.

The popsicle in his hand wasn't sea-salt ice cream, it was more of a grape flavor. He didn't dislike it, it wasn't bad, but the sweetness without the accompanying taste of salt left him longing.

It was quiet. The sound of approaching laughter, a playful bump against his elbow as someone else arrived with ice cream, none of it was there. It was just Roxas, along with a grape popsicle at the station, staring up at the clock tower. The clock tower, empty and lonely, no one waiting for him at the top.

Everything was different now. Even Roxas no longer sported his Organization uniform, and he was beginning now to branch out from the usual checkered street clothes he'd worn before, too. Different wasn't bad. Nothing could stay the same forever, and Roxas had no desire to rejoin the organization, but it felt…weird. Not right.

Someday, maybe, it'd feel right again. Maybe this would feel more right than anything else ever did. Roxas hoped so. The promise of the life that could stretch out in front of him now sounded sweeter than anything he'd tried to cling to before.

He heard the voice before he noticed the approaching footsteps.

"Looks like I wasn't the only one craving ice cream today. Can you belive they're out of sea salt?"

For someone with such a loud personality, Lea could sure be quiet when he wanted to be.

"It's hot," Roxas complained, turning around to face him. "I have to deal with it somehow."

"Well, you know what they say." Lea waved his ice cream through the air before taking a bite. "Great minds think alike."

"Then this idea must be terrible," Roxas snorted. Lea gave the appearance of pretending to be offended a good effort, but he soon gave up as they both started laughing.

In a following moment of silence, Roxas looked over Lea, and his eyebrows rose. "You're still wearing the Organization coat?" he asked. "I didn't think you were the sentimental type."

"Well, when you're in the Organization as long as I was, none of your other clothes really fit anymore once you leave," Lea explained through his ice cream. "It'd be a disaster if I tried to wear anything else."

"And you've had no time to get any other clothes since then," Roxas clarified, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Can't a guy catch a break?" Lea whined, his shoulders slouching forward.

"Maybe. Just this once," Roxas decided. "I think we all need a break right now."

"Like a summer vacation?" Lea joked.

Roxas shivered. "Not like that. I couldn't handle another summer vacation."

"Right." Lea took another bite of his popsicle. "So, what brings you here? I know you got ice cream, but you can eat it anywhere."

At that, Roxas frowned. He stared up at the clock tower, empty yet looming above them. "It's… We always used to eat ice cream here, together," he answered. "We'd do our missions, get ice cream, then get ready to do it all again. That's all we used to do, we didn't have time to do anything else. Now, we don't have missions, and…"

"Now that you've got the time, you don't know what to do with it," Lea finished.

"Yeah." Roxas nodded. It's not like he didn't have some idea; his time spent in the simulated Twilight Town had him invesigating mysteries, performing jobs… But none of that appealed to him. He didn't have the inspiration to do anything, barely had any motivation, either, given the weather. So when he thought of what he was going to do earlier, getting ice cream was the only thing that came to mind. It was just like their last vacation in the organization.

"I'll tell you what," Lea decided. "We promised we were going to go to the beach, and we still haven't done it yet, right? Well, let's finally do it. We'll set a date and we'll go. It's summer, so the timing's perfect. And maybe you'll finally figure out what to do with yourself there."

"Really? Thanks, Axel."

Lea snorted. "Come on, what are best friends for?"