Let's go to the beach next time we get a day off.

They'd made a promise to go to the beach.

It was about time they made good on that.

So, once the date came, Roxas and Lea gathered all their beach gear and got themselves ready. Of course they invited Xion, there was no question in that. She was part of that promise just as much as they were. At Lea's suggestion, Namine was invited as well, though Roxas and Xion were thrilled to have her along. (It's about time she gets to go to a beach herself," Lea had mumbled.) Lea was the only one of the four with any kind of swimsuit, so the day before, the four of them'd had a big shopping trip. Now they each had everything: swimsuits, towels, and beach activities and accessories.

Now, it was time.

After they picked their spot on the beach, Lea carefully laid out a towel in the sand before lying down on the towel himself.

"Are you really just going to nap at the beach all day?" Roxas asked.

"What else did you expect? Of course I am," Lea answered. "There's nothing better to do at the beach."

So, Lea did just that. Roxas took a walk out into the waves. Namine began building an elaborate sandcastle using buckets and various molds. And Xion took out a frisbee to play with her dog. ("We have to go to a beach that'll let us bring dogs!" Xion had insisted.)

However, Lea's nap wasn't to last, because the other three weren't about to let him sleep the entire beach day away.

A splash of water woke him up quickly.

"What was that for?" Lea complained, immediately trying to wipe away any trace of water on him. "Can't a guy nap in peace around here?"

"We need you if we're going to have even teams for bocce ball," Xion told him.

Lea stretched his arms out. "Can't you guys do singles and take turns?"

"Yeah, Roxas and I played three whole games already," Xion explained, rolling her eyes. "Namine doesn't want to play unless we do teams, and if we're doing teams, we need you."

The bocce equipment hadn't even been out, last Lea remembered. How long had he been asleep? It'd been nice while it lasted. "Alright, alright, I'm up," he said as he stood up. "What are the teams, anyway?"

"You're on my team." Suddenly Roxas was there, handing Lea two of the balls for their team. "Namine and Xion are the other team."

"Oh? Then by all means, ladies first," Lea replied.

Xion offered Namine the smaller white ball to toss to start off the game, but Namine shook her head. Xion then tossed the ball herself, letting it land a good three feet away from them.

"What about your dog?" Lea asked Xion.

"He's behind us, he'll be good and stay there," Xion answered. She grabbed the first ball to throw for her team. "I won't let him get hurt." She threw the ball. It landed what looked to be pretty close to the white ball.

"We can beat that, easily," Roxas told Lea.

"The last game wouldn't agree with you," Xion argued.

"And the game before that would!" Roxas countered.

"Now, now, let's not fight like this." Lea put a hand on each of their shoulders. "But, Roxas is right, we've got this one in the bag."

Roxas grinned. Xion stuck her tongue out at him. With a laugh, Roxas picked up a ball and tossed it. It landed about as far away as Xion's.

Namine's turn was up. She picked up her ball, swung her arm way back, and took a big step as she threw. It landed about a foot away from the white ball, farther away than any of the others.

"Sorry," she apolgized to Xion, offering her a sheepish grin.

"No, you're doing great!" Xion told her. "Roxas and I already got a lot of practice in already. You'll be a pro in no time."

"Yeah, not everyone can be naturals like us over here!" Lea added, gesturing to himself and Roxas.

Roxas elbowed Lea in the side. "You haven't even taken a turn yet. Don't screw it up."

"Who do you think you're talking to here?" Lea put a hand up to his chest in mock offense. "I used to play this game a lot in Radiant Garden, I'll have you know."

"Just take your turn," Roxas snorted, while Namine giggled at the two of them.

Lea picked up his ball, stared directly at the white ball, and threw. It landed a few inches away, closer than any of the others.

"Whoa," Xion whispered.

"That's…a pretty good throw," Roxas admitted.

"That was great!" Namine grinned.

Lea laughed. "What did I tell you guys? I'm a natural!"

When the points added up in the end, it was close, but Lea and Roxas took the victory.

"We almost had it," Namine assured Xion, who was puffing her cheeks out at the other two's celebration. "You're really good."

"I think it's time for a rematch," Lea decided. "I was taking it easy on everyone before, but this time's gonna be the real deal!"

"Yeah!" Roxas went up for a high five. "You guys don't stand a chance against Axel!"

"Not so fast." Lea left Roxas hanging. "I'm switching teams. Can't resist going with the top talent available." He walked over to Namine and held a hand out. "What do you say, Namine? Let's teach these two a lesson."

Namine took his hand and shook it. "It would be my pleasure," she answered with a smile.