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It's been a few hours since that man with the long black hair came by and left to go deal with Gato, I imagine he's been killed by now. Don't get me wrong, I would love to believe that the stranger could kill gato. But Gato is…Gato. He has so many people under his employment that there's no way that only one man could have dealt with all of them.

But some good news did happen! Dad returned to the house with the ninja's he hired from Konoha, though the tall silver haired one, who I believe is named Kakashi, was being carried by this adorable little blond named Naruko, and her black haired teammate who I believe is Sasuke? The pink one, never got her name, is fussing over the silver haired one as I'm making dinner for everyone, making sure he's comfortable in his room. Naruko and Sasuke were sitting on the couch in the other room, relaxing after their long trek to get here.


I jumped, startled, who's at the door? I'm not expecting anyone and I doubt that anyone else here is….unless? Oh god, it has to be Gato or one of his men. My fear must have been noticed by the two ninja's because they instantly became on guard. I was ushered behind Sasuke while Naruko made some sort of hand gesture an- did she just make a copy of herself? The original came to stand by us while the copy went to the door.


Before the clone could even do anything the door swung open, the copy didn't even get to do anything as the door slammed into her face, and disappeared into smoke? What came next was an intense and powerful stench of blood filling the air as a tall figure came into the house. I didn't recognize him at first, with all the blood and bits and pieces of something covering him from head to toe, but it was him. The stranger. He was a mess, but he still had that resting smug smirk on his face. But if he's here then that means…

That means…


I have no idea what happened, but the second I opened the door to Tsunami's home I was greeted with a most peculiar site. Tsunami was standing behind who I could only assume was team 7 based on Sasuke being right in front of me, but…

Naruto's a girl? Observe

Name: Naruko Uzumaki

Class: Konoha Genin

Title: Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi

Level: 16

HP: 1,560

CP: 10,500

STR: 38

END: 78

DEX: 34

INT: 25

WIS: 20

LCK: ?

Thoughts about you: You're a little intimidating to her

Description: Naruko Uzumaki is the daughter of Minato and Kushina. On the night of her birth the nine tails was unleashed on the leaf and was forced to be sealed into her, at the cost of her parents life. She has lived her entire life enduring the scorn of the villagers, her main goal is to become the Hokage so that the villagers will respect her.

Name: Sasuke Uchiha

Class: Konoha Genin

Title: Junior Avenger

Level: 19

HP: 960

CP: 1,720

STR: 43

END: 48

DEX: 33

INT: 43

WIS: 39

LCK: 29

Thoughts about you: Your appearance is giving him flashbacks

Description: Sasuke Uchiha is the son of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha, at a very young age he was subjected to seeing his entire clan murdered by his big brother Itatchi Uchiha. His life goal is to kill Itatchi Uchiha and restore his clan.

Okay, a couple of things. This isn't the same universe as the anime and manga. Best case scenario it's just a couple of gender swaps. Second, how the fuck does Sasuke have so much chakra with his INT level being what it is? I get it for Naruko, she's a fucking jinchuriki AND an Uzumaki, but Sasuke?

Sasuke belongs to the Uchiha clan. That, combined with some other perks, causes his stats to behave differently than yours. This actually applies to a lot of people in this verse. Not everyone is subjected to the same conditions as you.

Okay I guess that makes sense, but back to the matter at han- oh tsunami just fainted. That's not good, but not my problem!


Nothing happens at first, but Sasuke and Naruko do end up trying to wake up tsunami. Then, I heard the sounds of someone coming down the stairs, I turn my head and see Inari staring at me in disbelief, that disbelief then quickly turns to shock as he notices Gato's head still firmly clutched In my hand.

I forgot I was holding it.

A bottle crashes on the ground and I snap my neck to the kitchen entrance where Tazuna showed up out of fucking nowhere. He looks back forth between me and Gato's head rapidly before he decides to follow his daughter's example and faint dead on the spot. That can't be good.

Against my better judgement I decided not to use Gato's head as a makeshift meat puppet and taunt Inari for ever doubting my ability to explode the shit out of any and everything. Criminal I know, but I figured that wouldn't bode over well with the two genin guarding over Tsunami and Tazuna's unconscious bodies.

Speaking of the two genin, lets get a better look at them, hm?

Sasuke looks similar to his first appearance from Naruto Shippuden. Same duck butt hairstyle, and facial features but that's where the similarities ended. His outfit consisted of a high collared dark purple zip up shirt with a black tee shirt underneath it, and what I can only assume is mesh underneath that. Combined with his dark gray pants, and high knee ninja sandals he looked like a playboy ninja almost. Naruko, on the other hand was another story. Her outfit was the same as Shippuden Naruto, with some minor differences. Same Black and orange color scheme, but instead of orange pants, she wore orange shorts with black thigh stockings, her right thigh being wrapped in bandaging. Her hair was super long too, her hair went down to her chin, swept mostly to the left side of her face, framing around her sapphire blue eyes. She also had two pigtails on the back of her head that went down to her hips. Paired with a nice C cup breasts she looked like a solid 10/10. Both looked to be about 16-17.

And they're both so tiny compared to me, I'm like a ½ a foot taller than the Sasuke, and a whole foot taller than Naruko. It's honestly pretty adorable.

I casually tossed Gato's head to Inari, a little gift from me to him. He better appreciate it. His expression tells me otherwise, ungrateful little shit. Here I am, giving him the head of the very oppressor that he oh so despises, and he can't even muster up a little thank you for all of my hard work?

Like I said, ungrateful.

But that's besides the point. I'm covered head-to-toe in gore, my clothes -if they can be saved- need to be washed, and I need a shower. As much as I personally don't care about basking in my conquest, I'm pretty sure it's socially unacceptable to be walking around with the blood of my enemies for all to see.

I could tell everyone here wasn't in the right place to help me, so I walked past Inari and up the stairs to find the bathroom on my own. Well, I tried to do that. Just as I took another step forwards I found Sasuke in front of me with a kunai poised to strike, a cursory glance behind him showed Naruko and two of her clones standing protectively around Tazuna and Tsunami. I couldn't help but snicker when I refocused on Sasuke. Despite his attempt to look intimidating, his arms and legs were shaking slightly, it really put his whole attitude off.

"You're not going anywhere until you explain yourself, who are you and why are you here?"

I just shoved him to the side and walked up the stairs. As I ascended I heard the fading laughter from Naruko at the expense of her teammate. She's fun, I already like her.

It took me 2 minutes to find the bathroom but I finally found it, I stripped down and walked in the shower. I just closed my eyes and tilted my head up and let the water cascade down over me, it was…nice. Having a relaxing moment to myself, no traveling, no fighting. Just, doing something for me?

System, bring up my status while I start washing my hair.

Name: Tatsuo Kyodo

Class: Monk [10/100]

Title: Bandit Breaker

Level: 10 [19,850/51,200]

HP: 720

CP: 640

CC: +60%

STR: 56

END: 36

DEX: 20

INT: 32

WIS: 17

LCK: 30

Ryo: 2,700,200

Stat Points: 30

Okay, Allocate 18 points into INT, 8 into WIS, and the remaining 4 into DEX.

Name: Tatsuo Kyodo

Class: Monk [10/100]

Title: Bandit Breaker

Level: 10 [19,850/51,200]

HP: 800

CP: 1000

CC: +60%

STR: 56

END: 40

DEX: 24

INT: 50

WIS: 25

LCK: 30

Ryo: 2,700,200

Stat Points: 0

You have obtained 50 INT! Time to choose a perk:

Big brained: You have the biggest of brains! Gain a permanent +20 INT

In tune: You're now more in tune with your chakra network than before! Jutsu's cost 10% less Chakra

Gimme In tune

In tune Selected!

With that out of the way, and with my hair fully washed, I step out of the running water and look at my clothes. System, can you just clean my clothes for me?

Request accepted

Clothes cleaned!


Now if I remember correctly I do have 4 Gacha tokens I could spend, hmm..

Let's give that baby a whirl shall we?

Gacha Token removed!




Congratulations! You have received Item: Purple Haze

Purple Haze: Some really good weed

Effect: Induces high status effect, negates mind debuffs

Roll again?

Can I even get high with gamers mind? Whatever, roll again.

Gacha Token removed!




Congratulations! You have received Gender bend Crystal!

Gender bend crystal: A crystal that will change the gender of whoever the holder thinks about, 1 use item.

Roll again?


Gacha Token removed!




Congratulations! You have received Skill: Bulk Up!

Bulk up [MAX]: By focusing on their muscles, users of bulk up can expand and harden their muscles, increasing their STR and END exponentially depending on the number of times they use it. Can only be used 6 times.

Effect: x2,x3,x4,x5,x6,x7 depending on number of uses, Cost = 200CP per use, 5 minute cool down between each use.

Roll again?

Might as well.

Gacha token removed!




Congratulations! You have received 1 time use skill: Reverse animal summoning!

Reverse animal summoning [1 use]: The user performs the hand seals for the summoning jutsu and gets reverse summoned to a summoning animal realm. WARNING! The animal realm in question is RANDOM, do with that as you will.


As the blood covered stranger made their way up the stairs I continued to laugh at Sasuke-teme's expense, it was honestly really funny to see the stranger just casually disregard Sasuke's attempt to interrogate him. I know I shouldn't be laughing at my teammate, and I probably shouldn't have allowed that man further into the house, but that kid -Inari- seemed to know him given that he came down when called. As for Sasuke, well, he's a dick so he deserves to be laughed at once in a while.

I shake my head and walk over to the teme, despite all the stuff he gives me I should still make sure he's okay. I take a small sigh of relief as I hear the sound of the shower turn on, I can't be sure that it's him but I know it can't be Kakashi-sensei because he's passed out, and we would have heard the shower on earlier if it was Sakura-chan.

"Oi teme, you okay down there?"

I reach my hand out to help him up, only for the ass to slap my hand away with his and stand up on his own. Hmph, so much for common decency.


What else should I have expected from the king of edge himself, next time we spar I'll be sure to kick his ass.

"Well screw you too teme, so much for trying to help you out."

The sounds of Tsunami groaning caught my attention, I rushed over to her.

"Easy there Tsunami-san, you just fainted. Let me help you up, yeah that's it, nice and slow."

Tsunami, with my help, stood up and maintained her balance. Her confused eyes soon opened wide, before softening with tears beginning to form.

"Hey hey hey! What's wrong Tsunami-san?! Was it that guy who came in? I'll kick his ass if he's making you upset, don't you worry about a thing! Naruko Uzumaki will take of it, believe it!"

Tsunami giggled, before wiping her tears away with her sleeve, futile as it was.

"N-no Naruko-chan, I'm not upset at all. I-I'm so happy, the man who came inside the house was Tatsuo, he came here earlier asking about Gato."

I frowned, so that guys name was Tatsuo? What did he want with Gato? I voiced my question.

"He was going after Gato for something, I didn't know his personal reasons but I did know that an additional reasoning was because Inari, my son, didn't believe in his capabilities to kill him. I was sure he wouldn't return, Gato has taken so much from us to have me believe otherwise. But he did! He came back to us, alive! And that means that Gato…that gato is.."

Tsunami started to cry again, but I recognized that her tears were from joy. I…I didn't realize just how bad this Gato guy was. I mean, Tazuna did explain it, but it's one thing to hear how bad he was and to see it in person. If Tsunami was crying tears of happiness at the news that Gato was dead, then I can't imagine what he put them through. Well, I guess I kinda do. Stupid fox.

I look towards Sasuke, he looks so uncomfortable. Heh. Past him, I saw Inari holding-holy shit! That's an actual human head! Oh god I'm going to be sick, how is he not freaked out by that! It's a head!

My internal panicking aside, Inari just placed the head down and ran at his mom and hugged her, both crying their happiness out together. A sudden feeling of longing came from me as I stared at the family moment between mother and son. Sasuke had the same look for a blink of a second before stotic neutralism took place and he started to make his to the stairs. Not wanting to intrude on their moment, I scrambled after him. Beside all of that, it was getting late and I was tired. Hopefully Sakura-chan doesn't make a fuss sharing a room.

Just as Sasuke and I reached the top of the stairs, a roar of mad laughter rolled out of the bathroom before the door swung inwards. Steam poured out as Tatsuo walked out an-oh, oh my.

It wasn't very apparent before, but Tatsuo was tall with a capital T. Bound in only his baggy white pants from before – how did they get cleaned?- his muscled physique was open for a free viewing. Now, like, I've never had the hots for any guy. Why would I? Sakura-chan is perfect, but-

He turned to look at us, his eyes glancing at Sasuke-teme briefly before squaring in on me. Oh god what do I say?! What do I do?! Should I talk or-

"That's a pretty sweet orange outfit you got on there little lady."

Did he..? Did he just, complement my outfit choice? The same outfit that I love despite everyone else telling me it sucks?

"Orange is a pretty sweet color, it's no purple but it's definitely second place on the best color scale."

Just went from a 9 to a 10.


+10 Affection with Naruko for complementing her (10/100)

"I know right! It's only befitting for the future Hokage to have an outfit as awesome as she is, believe it!"

She actually said the thing, that's hilarious!

"Future Hokage, eh?"

Naurko deflates for a fraction of a second before hyping herself back up again.

"You betcha! I'm going to be the Hokage and the strongest ninja in the hidden leaf!"

You know, it's one thing seeing Naruto's determination and dream on Tv, it's another thing to witness, and be in that moment where Naruko proclaims her dream with such passion and confidence that I just can't help but believe in her ability to do it.

Have I really just been Talk no Justu'd?

"Hell yeah! With confidence and passion like that then there's no doubt about it. You're gunna be the strongest Hokage ever!"

+5 Affection with Naruko for not trashing on her dreams (15/100)

It helps that future knowledge lets me know that she actually does fulfill her life long dream.

My response actually seems to take Naruko aback for a second, almost as if she can't believe it that someone actually believes in her.

"Do you really think so, Tatsuo-san?"

"Of course! With enough training and determination, anything is possible. I believe that you can do it Naruko. In fact, I know you can do it."

+5 Affection with Naruko for your belief in her (20/100)

Her eyes shined with happiness as she smiled at me. Smirking, she turned to look at Sasuke only to find that he wasn't even there. He must have left while we were talking, not that I cared. I yawned, cracked my neck and put on my shirt. Looking back towards Naruko I find her staring at me.

"So…what was that laughter from earlier about?"

I paused, should I tell her about it? Fuck it, why not.

"I figured out how to get a summoning contract."

Naruko gasped, before she squealed and jumped up and down in excitement.

"Oh my god that's so awesome! You have to show me! Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplea-"

I interrupted her plead as I laughed long and hard, god this is just too funny.

"Heh, sure yeah I'll show you. It's late though, how about I show you tomorrow? I'll do It for the both of us, yeah?"

+5 Affection with Naruko for promising to show her an awesome new Jutsu (25/100)


"Love that enthusiasm! Put er' there!" I held out my closed hand for a fist bump, one which she eagerly returned as she darted to her room. Honestly, Naruko is so easy to get along with. At first I was just doing it because she's main protag but like, I actually do like the energy she puts out. I'm vibing with her vibe and all that jazz.

But right now, I'm tired and want some sleep. I don't want to disturb anyone so I'll sleep downstairs on the couch.

(line break)

You have slept for 8 hours!

Your HP and CP have recovered fully

As I wake up I stretch to my full height and do some light stretches to get all the kinks and aches out of my body. While I do love sleep on a good couch, Tsunami's couch isn't one of them, it just wasn't meant to be slept on. Yawning, I turn my head as I hear the rapid sound of someone running down the stairs. I rub the sleep out of my eyes as I see Naruko stop in front of me, vibrating in excitement. That excitement carries onto me and I become energized.

"Ya ready to learn something cool Naruko?"


"Oh, now where is my cute little genin running off to, and with a stranger no less? Naruko, I didn't know you had it in you."

I whip my head back to my right, and sitting at the table behind the couch was Kakashi Hatake himself. How the hell is he moving right now? In the show he was bed ridden for like a couple of days right? Observe

Name: Kakashi Hatake

Class: Elite Jonin

Title: Kakashi of the Sharingan

Level: ?

HP: ?

CP: ?

STR: ?

END: ?

DEX: ?

INT: ?

WIS: ?

LCK: ?

Thoughts about you: Highly suspicious, cautious, amused

Description: Kakashi Hatake is the last remaining member of his team 7, and son of the late Sakumo Hatake. He has been assigned as jonin sensei of the current team 7 consisting of Sasuke Uchiha, Naruko Uzumaki, and Sakura Haruno.

"Kakashi Sensei! This guy's name is Tatsuo, he took out Gato!"

Kakashi raised an eyebrow in my direction, I just shrugged with indifference.

"I see…but what exactly are you two doing?"

"Oh, um, Tatsuo was going to show me this really cool jutsu he figured out yesterday and said he would show me. Is it okay if I go and watch sensei?"

Kakashi just stares at me, evaluating me, before giving us his signature eye smile.

"Sure you can Naruko, as long as I can come along as well."

"Yeah you can come Hatake, I don't mind."

Together, Naruko, Kakashi and I walk outside towards the trees where Kakashi normally teaches team 7 the tree walking technique. I stand a good bit away while Kakashi stays a good 10 feet or so away from me. Naruko, on the other hand, is pretty much next to me.

"Alright Naruko, the technique I learned yesterday was the Summoning Jutsu."

Naruko gasps and claps her hands in rapid excitement. By contrast, Kakashi looks rather serious, he's no longer standing casually. He's primed and ready, on guard even.

"Do you even have a summoning contract, Tatsuo-san?"

I grinned

"Nope! I'm going to perform the justu and it's going to take me to a random summoning realm!"

Kakashi looks very alarmed at my casual disregard for my safety. Naruko also looks worried, but to a lesser extent.

"Tatsuo, I highly recommend thinking this throu-"


I bit my thumb hard enough to draw blood and performed the necessary hand seals

Boar – dog – hare – horse – ram

And slammed my hands on the ground


My vision was clouded with white smoke, and then I was just surrounded by blackness.

Reverse animal summoning skill used!

Random Animal Generator




6 animals rolled!







Rolling 6 sided die




Rolled 6!

Sending you to the Jaguar summoning Realm!

The darkness quickly flooded with color as my body was pulled forwards at ridiculous speed, reminiscent of the way my body was lurched forwards when I first arrived in the Naruverse. Colors and light flashed by me so fast that I whited out.

When I came to I was surrounded by trees, seemingly reaching the skies and beyond, with a light, enchanting mist that surrounded the area and floor around me. I seemed to be in some sort of forest. A small opening was in front of me, beckoning me forwards deeper into the unknown. With no other direction but forward, I took my first cautious step forward and into the forest.

What seemed like hours was only minutes as I walked through the forest and came across my first Jaguar. It was a tiny little thing, the size of a kitten really. It had a light orange back with a white fur underbelly, black spots all over. With wide, beautiful amber orange eyes. It stared at me as I stared back, before It broke into a run towards me and circled me curiously. Sniffing and nipping at my pants legs. I laughed, and scooped it up under the arms with both hands and held it up simba style towards me. The jaguar cub gazed at me as I smiled at it.

"Well aren't you the cutest little thing, do you have a name?"


Huh, sounded like Blake from RWBY, go figure.

I let her hang from my shoulder and kept walking, humming as I strolled. Jagakushii evidently must have been tired because she ended up falling asleep, letting out small purrs against my neck and I continued to walk. It wasn't before long that I ended up in a large clearing full of fallen trees and a very, VERY large waterfall that formed a lake underneath it. Huge tree branches splayed above it. And on the largest of those branches laid one of the largest creatures I have ever seen. A Jaguar, easily 28 meters tall and 70 meters long, with ebony black fur was sprawled along the branch, front paw hanging off the side while it rested. As soon as I stepped closer it's eye snapped open, revealing a sharp golden yellow iris as it's head rose to look at me, and with a deep baritone voice it spoke to me.

"This is a first, a human on sacred Jaguar ground. Tell me, why have you come here? And how did you get here."

I stood up straighter, attempting to make myself more presentable. That attempt was circumvented with Jagakushii still on my shoulder, but I digress.

"I have come here seeking permission to sign a summoning contract. I got here by performing the summoning jutsu without a signed contract. If I heard you correctly, then with your permission as the leader of the Jaguar's I would be the first Jaguar summoner."

The large black Jaguar stood up and gracefully made it's way down and circled around me, prodding and poking me with it's large nose which ended up making me shuffle quite a bit. It stopped in front of me and lowered it's head to gaze at me eye to eye.

"What is your name, human?"

"Tatsuo Kyodo, leader-sama"

The jaguar dipped his head, "what you say is true, the Jaguar's have never had a summoner before. No one has ever found this place before, and none have found the summoning scroll we kept in the human realm. That no longer matters. I, Jagarida, leader of the Jaguar's, deem you worthy to be the first and only current summoner of the Jaguar contract."

I breathed out a sigh of relief, and raise an eyebrow as Jagarida lets out a roar to our left, and a new Jaguar appears from the foliage. This Jaguar appears entirely white in appearance barring it's icy blue iris's. In it's mouth is a scroll, which I can only assume to be the summon scroll. As the Jaguar laid the scroll along the ground, I bite my thumb and sign my name in the first column.

Congratulations! You have signed the Jaguar Summoning Contract!

Skill gained! Summoning Jutsu-Jaguar[1/10]

Summoning Jutsu-Jaguar[1/10]: Allows the user to summon Jaguar's from Jaga Forest, Chakra cost is dependent on the tier of summon. Unlock tiers as level progresses.

A new title has been obtained due to signing summoning contract!

The Jaguar Summoner

The Jaguar Summoner: You are the summoner of Jaguar's. Jaguar's you summon deal 50% more damage and you gain 25% more EXP relating to the summoning skill.

Auto Equipping new title…

Name: Tatsuo Kyodo

Class: Monk [10/100]

Title: The Jaguar Summoner

Level: 10 [19,850/51,200]

HP: 800

CP: 1000

CC: +60%

STR: 56

END: 40

DEX: 24

INT: 50

WIS: 25

LCK: 30

Ryo: 2,700,200

Stat Points: 0

"Now, leave this place Tatsuo Kyodo, and spread the name of the Jaguar clan!"

I nodded, placing down Jagakushii on the ground and repeated the summoning justu to leave. My vision filled with white smoke again, and when I could see again I was back where I was before, only several hours later. I could see the sun at it's peak in the sky, which means I was in the summoned realm for a little over 4 hours or so, if time was a 1-1 ratio anyways…

I gazed up at the trees, this was where Kakashi taught team 7 tree climbing right? I wonder if that's changed. Sasuke and Naruko were both 16, which means one of two things. Either that the age requirement is different in this universe, or that these guys have been ninja wayyyy longer than before, and I don't believe that the second reason is likely. But that means children spent at least 2-3 years older In the academy than otherwise, I wonder what filled the gaps?

Speaking of Konoha, what do I even do at this point? I've killed Gato, which was the only reason I even came here. I don't actually have any sort of plan. I could go back to Konoha with team 7, but I don't know what the village would do to me once I got there. I'd like to believe that Naruko's connection with the third hokage would circumvent what I would presume to be the normal procedure of just mind walking into me and rooting around to get information, but I can't rely on that belief alone. I would need solid evidence that I would end up being okay.

On the other hand I could literally go anywhere, but that comes with the downside of not knowing where the fuck I'm going, and not having anyone I know around me. But it's also the safest option for me, and the least predictable. There's a 50-50 chance that going off on my own would result in either a worse outcome than going to Konoha or something wonderful fucking happens.

We'll leave that up to future Tatsuo, for now I got something to try out.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on my chakra, willing it to move towards my feet. Once I had the amount I was happy with I walked towards the tree and up it. A quarter of the way up the tree I received the following notification.

Through special action you have gained the Skill: Tree Climbing Exercise [1/20]

Tree Climbing Exercise [1/20]: The second Chakra control exercise from the hidden leaf village. 1% better CC. Completion of this skill allows access to Water Walking. Cost = 5 CP/Sec

I can totally grind this out in a couple of hours, if Naruto and Sasuke could do it in the original show in less than like 2 days without system support then I could definitely accomplish mastery of it in roughly 3-6 hours.

Time to grind.

Name: Tatsuo Kyodo

Class: Monk [10/100]

Title: The Jaguar Summoner

Level: 10 [19,850/51,200]

HP: 800

CP: 1000

CC: +60%

STR: 56

END: 40

DEX: 24

INT: 50

WIS: 25

LCK: 30

Ryo: 2,700,200

Stat Points: 0

AN. So 3 things, 1: for that summoning jutsu thing I actually used a website called random animal generator and got those 6 animals, then I rolled my 6 sided die and got a 6. I wanted it to be as random as I could make it. 2: I'm torn between having Tatsuo go with team 7 back to Konoha and him just splitting up with team 7 after they leave wave. I have some ideas for both, so if you guys could just comment or DM me what you would prefer I would appreciate it. 3:Torn between shipping, I was going to have Tatsuo go coocoo for coco puffs and only want that wagyu grade pussy and go after Kaguya as his bride but I'm having a fun time with Naruko so..idk. Maybe I'll just flip a coin, I've done that for pretty much every yes or no decision in my life so why stop now!