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The red head saw Iruka Sensei walking inside the class, usually most of the students would still keep talking amongst each other not bothering that Iruka was here but today would be decided the teams and everyone were waiting in anticipation to see with who they would end up with.

Everyone fall silent as Iruka walked in the center of the class and cleared his throat to gains everyone's attention.

"We have been together for 7 years and now the time has come for you to become Shinobi of the hidden leaf and make your country proud" Iruka said holding back his tears, his eyes glanced at Naruto who was listening to his speech.

Iruka talked with them about for a few more minutes, Shikamaru had fallen asleep and wasn't really thinking of what Iruka was saying. Everyone except Naruto looked bored and couldn't wait until Iruka is done with his boring speech.

Iruka finished and glanced at everyone in the class, Ino was talking with Sakura for god knows what. Kiba looked bored and was leaning his head against the back of the chair. Shikamaru was sleeping and Choji was eating chips. Sasuke was probably busy daydreaming the day he would kill Itachi and Naruto actually looked focused about what was happening.

"Anyway, I will start announcing the teams" he shouted and that grabbed the attention of everyone, even Shikamaru was actually awake for this part.

Naruto listened and soon Iruka announced the teams up to Team 7.

"Team 7 is Naruto Uzumaki Senju" every girl in the class fell silent right now, almost everyone except Sakura and a few others hold their breath. Naruto was the hottest guy in the class and every girl wanted him in her team. Some licked their lips at the thought at being in the same team with Naruto.

Shikamaru, Choji and Shino focused since they wanted to know if they would be in same team with their friend. Shika highly doubted it since Ino-Shika-Cho was s famous Konoha team and the third hokage would most likely wanted another generation of the same team.

Ino hoped to be in same team with Naruto for two reasons, he was the most attractive guy in the whole academy and she knew for sure he was probably the strongest genin giving her a chance to train with him and become stronger and spend time with him.

"Sakura Haruno" saying that many girls shouted 'NO' including Sakura who couldn't believe that the god was so cruel to put her in the same team with Naruto.

Naruto fought the urge to scream out loud, why was he in the same team with the worthless Banshee. Why she even graduated in the first place? Naruto of course knew that the academy had gone downhill since the civil council had a bit of power to change the Academy. Making the passing exam much easier. Not learning anything hard in the academy.

Naruto couldn't understand why the hardest thing to learn in the academy was simple Clone jutsu, Transformation Jutsu and Substitution Jutsu. Why they learned nothing about Fuinjutsu in the Academy was beyond him, if it kept going like this. After like 50 years and Hidden Leaf Village will be lucky to have a Seal Master of Level V or lower.

"Why does the god hate me so much?" Naruto mentally asked himself.

"Don't worry Naruto, if is necessary we can just kill her and bury her body somewhere, is not like anyone would notice her disappearance" Kurama suddenly said with an evil smirk on his face and chuckling slightly.

Naruto's ears perked when he heard his voice. "Oh Kurama, you're right and probably is the best advice you have ever given to me, but hopefully she won't be that much of a bother to me if I just ignore her annoying flat ass" Naruto replied smiling.

"And Sasuke Uchiha" Iruka Sensei announced the last member followed by the annoying look and disapproval of every girl in the class except Sakura who raised her fists in the air celebrating.

She pointed a finger at Ino. "Take that Ino pig, true love Wins always" she shouted happily and glanced at Sasuke expecting him to be happy to be in the same team with her except he looked bored and annoyed. Ino didn't cared that Sasuke was in her team but she was annoyed that Sakura got Naruto.

Shikamaru looked slightly confused since both Naruto and Sasuke were in the same team, the two strongest Genin in the Academy, while true that Sakura was next to Useless, still.

"At Least Naruto is in my team but why Exactly I needed that useless banshee in my team, at least Ino knows more than her and doesn't go around screaming like the end of the world is coming" Sasuke thought annoyed and glancing at Ino, while Ino who held her head down.

"Your sensei is Kakashi Hatake" Iruka finished and turned his eyes to announce Team 8.

Naruto raised his eyebrows in surprise, holding his hands behind his head. He didn't really expect Kakashi to be his sensei, the red head understood that Sasuke would most likely be trained by Kakashi because of his Sharingan.

While Sakura didn't cared who was her sensei as long as Sasuke was in her team, she hold her hands clenched together in front of her face, her eyes closed and imagining Sasuke asking her in a date or kissing him.

Sasuke on the other hand remember the name from Naruto. "Huh?! Naruto mentioned Kakashi is a prodigy and I read that he's a well known Shinobi around the world, he will be good to teach me" Sasuke thought.

"Team 8 is Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka and Choji Akimichi" Iruka Sensei announced loudly for everyone to hear. Almost everyone expected for Ino to scream but instead she just rolled her eyes and minded her own business.

Shikamaru was happy that his best friend was in his team but grunted that he would have to deal with Ino. "Troublesome".

"Your sensei is Asuma Sarutobi" he finished and his eyes went to announce the other team.

Naruto gave Shika a smile since his 'Troublesome' friend had told him that he wanted Asuma to be his sensei. Shikamaru smiled at Naruto and was happy to hear that.

"Team 9 is already working. Team 10 is Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame and Hinata Hyuga, your sensei is Kurenai Yuuhi" Iruka announced completing it.

Kiba raised his hands in the air happy that a beautiful girl like Hinata was in his team while Akamaru was barking him to not act like a 2 years old.

Shino's face didn't changed but his eyes glanced at Hinata to see her reaction, but saw that she had lowered her head in disappointment.

Hinata had wished to be in same team as Naruto-kun but it seems that wasn't the case, she knew she could still spend time sometimes with him probably in holiday. The Hyuga heiress found some encouragement that Kurenai sensei was her Sensei.

Listening the members of each team, Naruto understood the reason behind the team placement.

So my team is the assault team, but why exactly is Sakura in my team, she knows next to nothing about assault. Team 8 is Supporting team, with Shikamaru acting as a strategist, Choji as the muscle and Ino to gather information and distract the enemy with her clan's ability.

And Team 10 is tracking team, All the members can track, Shino with his bugs, Hinata with her Byakugan and Kiba with Akamaru, Naruto thought and Shikamaru had understood it as well.

Iruka Sensei finished and left the room, now all they had to do was wait until Sensei arrives. Naruto groaned knowing how long it takes for his big brother to arrive.

"I guess we better get comfortable, Kakashi-sensei has a bad habit to always be late for at least two hours" Naruto said letting Sakura and Sasuke know. The Uchiha fought the urge to face palm and decided to read a Jutsu scroll from his clan until Sensei arrives.

Sakura had her eyes on Sasuke and decided to go and try and talk with him.

Naruto opened his bag and decided to read about Fuinjutsu until Kakashi arrives.

The door opened revealing a beautiful Kunoichi, and a guy with a beard walking behind her. Naruto felt the similar chakra of the Jonin, he could tell just from his chakra alone that he was Asuma Sarutobi.

Naruto didn't recognize the woman but blushed slightly at her face. He couldn't help but notice that she was beautiful.

"Team 8 with me" Kurenai announced and her eyes noticed Hinata who was giving glances at who she knew was Naruto. She hoped the poor heiress would find courage to ask Naruto in a date.

"Whhooo, we have a hot Jonin" Kiba shouted happily and looking at the body of the Jonin. Kurenai had a tick mark on her forehead, and Asuma fought the urge to slap the disrespectful boy.

Akamaru barked at his owner to shut up, Hinata, Shino and Kiba stood up and followed Kurenai.

"Team 10 with me" Asuma stated smoking a cigarette.

"Troublesome" Shikamaru whispered before standing up and following him. Ino glanced at Naruto and soon followed Shika and Choji.

Naruto saw them leaving and soon he, Sakura and Sasuke were the only one left in the class. Naruto changed the page and was reading about the combination of different seals. Despite being level 10, he couldn't combine more than two Seals, he hoped there were books in Uzushiogakure for combining three seals.

But that didn't stopped Naruto from experimenting and having seals blow up on his face.

Sakura was busy trying to get closer to her Sasuke-kun, she slowly and quietly changed seats and getting closer to her man of dreams.

Sasuke was reading a scroll about a Fire Jutsu of Rank B.

Fire Style: Raining Fire

Cost: Medium Chunin Chakra Level

The Jutsu sends multiple small fireballs towards the enemy.

As he was focusing, he noticed in the corner of his eyes a useless girl approaching like a stupid puppy dog, Sasuke thought.

"Sasuke do you want to hang out after this?" Sakura asked blushing. Sasuke was literally thinking of what exactly he did in his past life to deserve a banshee like her in the team.

Most have been something horrendous, he thought and kept on reading the scroll and decided to train on it after he is done here.

After One Hour

Kakashi was making his way to the class after paying his respects, usually he would be late for at least one more hour or even two more hours but he knew Naruto didn't really take kindly to his 'being late' habits. So he decided to go early this time.

In the class Naruto was still reading and had a blanket paper in his desk and using a brush to make a Three Combine Seal. He hoped would be able to succeed.

Sasuke was still reading the scroll trying to memorize everything while Sakura was seating on the desk closest to Sasuke, who looked annoyed by her constant attempt to have a conversation with him.

Naruto could feel Kakashi-sensei coming so he sealed the paper and the book away. Sasuke noticed and decided to stop reading, after a few seconds the door of the class opened revealing a white hair shinobi with a mask that covered his face, from his nose to his chin. His right eye not covered while his left was covered by his forehead protector.

Before Kakashi could say anything Naruto pointed a finger at him. "You finally arrived Old Man Kakashi" he shouted loudly, his voice boomed around the class and even the corridor.

Kakashi looked at Naruto annoyed that still was using his disrespectful nickname. Sasuke and Sakura looked confused at how Naruto called their sensei.

"My first thought of all of you, you're boring, and the red head is annoying" he stated pointing a finger at Naruto who was smiling from ear to ear.

"In the Roof, you have 10 minutes" he stated seriously before he Shunshin away.

"See you there" Naruto said waving at them before he disappeared and left leaves behind. Sasuke made a mental note to learn that jutsu as soon as possible before running towards the stairs followed by Sakura.

Kakashi looked up to see Naruto in front of him sitting at the stairs, he eye smiled and pulled away his book.

"Ooh Naruto, is good to see you" he said smiling behind his mask. Naruto smiled back.

"Didn't know you would be my sensei" Naruto stated happy that Kakashi would be his sensei.

"I myself was surprised, I expected Hokage-sama to put you in the team with Shikamaru or someone else" Kakashi said and noticing Sasuke and Sakura arriving.

"Naruto how do you arrive here before us" Sakura exclaimed her hands clenched together and glaring at the Red Head.

The young Uzumaki rolled his head and shaking his head. "I Shunshin banshee" he replied annoying Sakura.

She raised her fist and tried to hit Naruto but stopped when Naruto turned his cold blue eyes at her, she felt a shiver in her whole body and felt cold, her heart started beating on her throat.

Without saying another word, Sasuke sat at the center, Sakura was at his right looking at the brooding Uchiha with hearts in her eyes.

"So I guess you three are going to my squad from now on huh? Well how about we introduce ourselves, maybe shares some likes, dislikes, hobbies."

"Okay well how about you go first then Sensei," Sakura piped in.

"Okay. I am Hatake Kakashi. I have no intentions of telling you my likes and dislikes. As for my dream... " He drifted off before snapping back to his students, "I have few hobbies." Naruto snickered at his sensei's response.

"Your turn Pinkie"

"Well I like," she said as she turned to look at Sasuke, "I dislike, Naruto-baka. My dreams are," she continued to stare at Sasuke, and then giggled when she said, "and my hobby is."

Oh Great all three men thought, mentally face-palming.

"My dream is" she said again looking at Sasuke, she giggled and blushed at her face.

Naruto and Sasuke shooked their heads at her idioticity, while Kakashi was thinking why and how exactly she became a genin, but knowing that her mother is in civil council, he should't really be surprised.

"Well, you next Emo"

Sasuke looked annoyed by his nickname but decided to just get on with it. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha, I like a few things, and I dislike a lot of things like Fangirls and people who whine all the time. My dream-No what I will achieve is to kill a person, restore my clan and make my parents proud of me" he stated and half of his face looked covered by a shadow.

Naruto understood he wanted to kill Itachi, while the red head seemed to notice the worried crease appear on Kakashi's face, then it was his turn.

"You next Naruto"

Since it was his introduction Naruto decided to say his full name.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki Senju Namikaze, I like – ,"

"But your name is Uzumaki Naruto baka! Geez how are we going to survive when you can't even get your name right," Sakura interrupted, chest puffed out proudly to know she'd gotten another one up on the baka Naruto.

"Actually Sakura that was my mother's last name, I learned that my father's surname was Namikaze."

"But I've only ever heard of one Namikaze living in Konoha silly, and that was the Yondaime Hokage..." She drifted off as the two academy graduates stared at Naruto dumbfounded.

"Yep the Yondaime was my dad."

Sakura looked perplexed while Sasuke had just a raised eyebrow.

Before he could get cut off again Naruto quickly continued, "Anyway, my likes are Ramen, learning new techniques, learning Fuinjutsu, having friends. Ashara-chan and Fuu-chan. My dislikes are people who assume they are better than others, those who can't tell the difference between a kunai and a scroll, I dislike traitors and rapist, and my dream is to rebuild my homeland, restore my clan and make my parents proud. My hobbies include, fuuinjutsu, training, reading and cooking. Oh and can you not tell anyone who my dad was, I wanted you guys to know because you're my team, but I don't want heaps of other people to know yet,"

Kakashi wondered what exactly Naruto meant with 'Rebuild my homeland'.

Sasuke looked interested when Naruto mentioned that he wanted to restore his clan.

Kakashi nodded, "Yes that is wise, I hope you heed these words," the jounin said to the other

"Yes, what I was going to say was that tomorrow morning at 8:00 am I want you to meet me at Training ground 21 for your final examination before becoming permanent genin in this squad. And don't eat breakfast beforehand."

"What!" Sakura exclaimed, "I thought we'd already passed and graduated, wasn't that what the academy was for?"

This girl is really annoying me, I hope I can somehow can back her on track before she dooms herself or a friend.

"Yes, but you still need to pass this final test if you want to be shinobi of Konoha." He said before disappearing in a whirl of leaves.

Naruto stood up and turned to his teammates. "I will eat breakfast, it sounded more like an advice than an order" Naruto stated before disappearing.

Sasuke noticed what Naruto said and decided to listen to his advice. But before he could go away.

"Sasuke-kun do you want to hand out?" Sakura asked blushing heavily.



He soon reached his home, walking inside the compound, "I'm Home" Naruto said smiling.

Shizune came first, she gave him a big hug that Naruto returned.

"Is good to have you here Naruto, Tsunade is still in the hospital working" she replied.

"Well, I will go to my room to study" Naruto stated before he left.

The red head reached his room and quickly returned to his seal, trying to get it to work. That night multiple explosions happened in Naruto's room.


Naruto was leaning against a tree writing in a blank paper.

Sakura ran over to Sasuke, not paying the slightest amount of attention to the fact that Naruto was there, but before she could start harassing him Kakashi appeared in a swirl of leaves, his face planted in a book that Naruto by now knew was Icha Icha, Naruto couldn't understand why so many people read the book, every old guy he knew was a pervert.

"Okay guys, today you have to pass a test to see if you truly have what it takes to be genin of Konoha. If you do not past this test it is within my rights to send you back to the academy or remove you from the program all together," at this both Sasuke and Sakura looked shocked and betrayed that Konoha would do such a thing, Naruto however had a stern expression, thinking over what had been said so far, "I have here two bells. I'd like you to do your best to take them from me. Whoever doesn't have a bell in 3 hours will not pass."

"But sensei they are two bells and we are three Genin" Sakura interjected.

"I see you can count Sakura, it means one of us will have to return to the academy" Naruto stated with a cold tone that impressed even Kakashi.

Sakura looked shocked and perplexed while Sasuke looked confused.

"Naruto's right Sakura, one of you will return" Kakashi said confirming what Naruto said as true, and then put a clock at the top of a wooden pole.

"Alright well can we begin Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked and gone was the humorous tone and now was changed to serious.

"You may." He said turning his attention back to Icha Icha.

All three genin disappeared immediately leaving Kakashi alone, his eye looked around to notice Sakura against a bush, close to him. Sasuke had apparently climbed up a tree and was staring at him, and just as he predicted, he couldn't detect Naruto anywhere.

"Well Naruto, I hope you go easy" the white hair shinobi murmured under his breath before deciding to go after Sakura first.

Meanwhile Naruto stood at the top of a tree using his godfather's camouflage jutsu to not be detected.

There's no such thing as two Genin team, that means the test is something else, Naruto thought out loud.

He knew his big brother liked strong teamwork in a group, hell most of the Jonin had their test revolves around Teamwork. He punched his palm.

"I see you want us to work together" he whispered before jumping in the ground and deciding to see if Sakura or Sasuke would agree to work together.

While this was happening, Sakura was busy running around the forest screaming 'Sasuke-kun' at the top of her lungs. She couldn't wait until she finds her Sasuke-kun.

She knew her 'true love' was around here somewhere, together they would defeat Kakashi-sensei, both graduating and leaving Naruto-baka in the dust.

As she was running, Sakura heard a sound behind her only to see Sasuke slowly walking from behind a tree. She beamed and was about to get closer when she saw in horror her Sasuke-kun having several arrows piercing his back. A few had pierced him and came out through his stomach, she could see blood leaking out of his stomach and chest. Blood pouring out his mouth, his teeth were red from blood, his ears and nose leaking blood, his face pale like milk. His eyes bleeding and his right eye had almost pooped out where she could see the small veins around the sclera of the eye.

His left eye had almost went upwards, inside his head.

"S-s-sakura R-ru-n ta-tak-take Nar-naruto" he tried to say before his body caught on flames and started burning, his skin turned black from fire like coal, scorching him. His eyes burned from the fire, his hair burned and Sasuke falled in the ground burning.

Sakura started screaming falling in the ground and throwing her arms and legs around.

Sasuke heard a scream and knew that was Sakura, arriving she saw her kicking and screaming. Kakashi sensei stood close to her shaking his head.

Sasuke quickly attacked Kakashi with several Kunai's and Shuriken's from behind from a nearby tree. Kakashi of course dodged the attack by using Kawarimi no Jutsu after which Sasuke then engaged Kakashi in a Taijutsu battle, where Sasuke showed impressive Taijutsu skill in fighting against Kakashi by pushing him back and having him on the defensive. Although when one looked closely, they could easily tell that Kakashi was only playing with Sasuke and wasn't taking him serious.

Realising this Sasuke jumped away and threw several more Kunai at Kakashi, who skilfully dodged them. Although as he did he fell for a trap that Sasuke had laid out for him where several more Kunai's and Shurikens were fired at him from a nearby tree when Sasuke cut the rope line with one of the Kunai's that he had thrown at Kakashi a moment ago and activated the trap.

As Kakashi dodged the Kunai's and Shuriken's, Sasuke quickly raced over to Kakashi and once again engaged him in a Taijutsu battle, but as Kakashi blocked all of Sasuke's hits. He quickly realised that Sasuke wasn't just attacking he was trying to get close to him so that he could grab one of the bells. Where upon realising this Kakashi saw that Sasuke was about to grab one of the bells on his sides, seeing this Kakashi quickly jumped away in time, where Sasuke was only able to touch the one of the bells.

At the near capture Kakashi sighed slightly with relief, "Well now that was close...This kid is fierce and I have to admit he does have a lot of talent as well", he thought.

After nearly getting the bell Sasuke decided to take things up a notch, where he quickly did a few hand seals and then cried out Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu (Fire Style: Great Fireball Technique), where he expelled from his mouth a massive orb of roaring flame.

When the massive Fire hit Kakashi, Sasuke quickly ran over to him as the flames died so get the bells, unfortunately when Sasuke got to the spot he could not find Kakashi.

"Where did he go, behind me, above?" though Sasuke as he looked all around each direction for any sign of the Jonin Sensei

"Looking for me" said Kakashi as he grabbed Sasuke right leg from underground as he used Doton: Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu (Earth Style: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique) and pulled him underground leaving just Sasuke head above ground. After which Kakashi came out from the ground and kneeled down at Sasuke, who was glaring at him in angry at being humiliated in this way as he could not move.

"Hello There" Kakashi said innocently looking down at Sasuke who glared at him.

"Kakashi sensei"

"You're a bold one" Kakashi replied eye smiling at him. Before anyone could say anything else. Kakashi saw red chains coming from a bush. He recognized them and jumped upwards towards a branch they reached very close to his leg, he landed on the branch only for the tree to have several Paper Bombs.


A huge explosion happened, Kakashi came out from his hiding spot after his clone got destroyed. He saw Naruto had apparently rescued Sasuke, since the hole was empty now. He rubbed his hair and knew it was fun while it lasted but wondered if Sasuke and Sakura would work with Naruto.

Away from him Sasuke saw Sakura still in the ground, probably unconscious, Naruto put his hand on her forehead and she immediately stood up and her eyes widened. She had tears streaming down her cheek.

But when her eyes landed on Sasuke. "SASUKE-KUN" she screamed and throw herself at him, Sasuke tried desperately to get her away from him.

"You're Alive, Thank You're ALIVE" she screamed still crying.

"Enough with this Sakura, it was a simple E-Rank Genjutsu for crying out loud. Now We need to work together to grab the bells from Kakashi sensei" Naruto stated with a strict tone and his eyes ice cold.

Both Sakura and Sasuke fell silent and decided to listen to whatever Naruto wanted to say.


Kakashi stood leaning against a tree, he knew Naruto alone was good enough to fight him and get the bells but Naruto had most likely understood the hidden meaning of the test.

As he was waiting, his eyes turned to see Sasuke coming out from the trees running head straight towards him. Kakashi pulled the book away and decided to see what he wanted to do. Sasuke grabbed a kunai and threw at his feet, only for it to explode.

Kakashi jumped away in time and knew Naruto must be nearby only for Sakura to throw a few Shurikens that landed far from him, for a moment Kakashi thought their planned failed, but he felt heavy, very heavy. He looked up to see a gravity seal around him. Sakura smirked.

"Wind Style: Shuriken Hurricane" Naruto threw a small Shuriken enhanced with Wind chakra that transformed in multi Shuriken.

Kakashi used all his strength to jump away and landed in the ground far away from the dangerous Shurikens.

"Fire Style: Fireball"

"Wind Style: Great breakthrough"

A huge wind made of fire flew towards him with Medium Jonin Speed. Kakashi smiled behind his mask and the clone burned.

The Real Kakashi showed up behind Naruto and Sasuke only for the clock to started ringing.

"Looks like the time is over" Kakashi stated smiling and lead them to the three tree poles in the middle of training yard.

After they arrived. "It seems you lost" Kakashi said smiling only for Naruto to pull out the bells from his hand.

Both Sasuke and Sakura looked shocked at him while Kakashi was thinking that it was too good to be true.

"Ahah how-When did you take them?" Kakashi asked nervously.

"When my Chakra Chains touched your leg" he answered smiling brightly. Kakashi understood it since he used the clone after he jumped away, but not before the chains attacked him.

"Well to who are you going to give your bells?" Kakashi asked with a strong and firm tone.

Naruto looked at them before shrugging his shoulders and throwing the bells at Sakura and Sasuke.

"Are you sure Naruto? This means you have to return to the academy" he stated emotionless.

Naruto just nodded his head without thinking twice.

Sasuke glanced at the bell in his hand before he looked up at Naruto. "We took the bells because of you, you should have mine" Sasuke suddenly stated and throwing his to Naruto who smiled. Sakura looked conflicted what to do.

Before anyone could do anything else. Kakashi gave them a Thumbs Up. "I Happily Announce that You All PASS" he said smiling.

"But Kakashi-sensei you said that we would have to have a bell to pass the test and Sasuke doesn't so why does he pass with us", asked a confused but hopeful Sakura.

"This is to see if you're willing to work together, to see if you can look underneath the underneath. For you see in the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends and comrades are worse than scum, that's probably the most important lesson I can ever teach you as your sensei, which is why I want you to take it to heart".

Kakashi then turned and look at the Memorial Stone, "You see this stone next to us...this stone is the Memorial Stone, it lists all of the Shinobi's of this village that were killed in action and my team-mates are on this stone along with my Sensei the Yondaime Hokage, as they all died in combat. I come to this place everyday and every time I come here this place it makes me think about the mistakes I've made in the past...and I've made a lot. This is why I'm telling you to help and support one another and your other comrades as you will need them when the time comes and to avoid the mistakes that I have made in the past".

Soon Naruto walked to the memorial stone and said a small prayer. Kakashi smiled at him and rubbed his red hair before turning to the two others. "Now From Tomorrow, We Will Start our Missions as Team 7".

A Genin of Konoha Arc Completed

Next is 'Wave Arc'