A/N: Spurred on by my dear friend, I was given the following prompt:br /
Snack run or the "road trip snacks should look like you gave a kid $100 and told them to go crazy" ?

And because we're in a Parker/Quinn rut, that's exactly where I took this drabble (And it's a real drabble of 100 words! I'm usually shit at those but this one worked!)

Pit Stop

"Your turn."

Quinn is finishing up fueling the truck when Parker dips into the store. He hits the head for good measure, and that's how he missed her returning with her haul. Parker has a manic grin and there's more food spread across the seats than open space.

"You buy half the store?" he asks incredulously. It takes a minute to shift everything onto the dashboard so that Quinn can actually sit down to drive. Parker's already tearing open a packet and handing him his own.

"Buy?" she replies with the strip of wrapper still between her teeth. "You're funny."