Chapter Two: A New Adventure

Luffy's eyes fluttered open as he awoke. He felt strange... cold. He rolled over and threw his arm around Robin's warm, soft body...

Or rather, he tried to, but his arm just flopped against an empty bed.

"Robin?" He voiced out with a frown, looking around the room. She wasn't there.

These past few days at Sea... He and Robin had been together constantly. Spending almost every waking moment passionately fucking. He'd gained a taste for sex, and he desperately craved more. It was so intense, that even his hunger was held at bay until Robin was completely limp against the bed, sweaty and exhausted. Only then, did his stomach growl with a vengeance, reminding him to actually stop and eat something.

With how insane his stamina was, and how rough he took her, Robin usually had to stop for breaks three or four times a day. He was lucky then, that even while she was limp against the bed, she still had the iron will to form a clone to make him food with. And by the time he was done devouring a King's feast, she would already be waiting for him, freshly cleaned and energized.

Come nighttime, Luffy would pin her to the bed and rut into her like a wild animal, not stopping until she was completely out. Only then would he sink into her warm, soft body and fall asleep nuzzled into her pillowy bosom... and usually, when he woke, she was still there. Sometimes sleeping peacefully, sometimes lightly stroking his hair to wake him...

So when he woke alone in his bed, he was terribly confused, and a little agitated.

He got out of bed, not even bothering to find his shorts, and stepped out of the cabin. He didn't have to look for her, his Haki told him the way. He found her in the library.

When he came up the ladder he stopped and stared, "Robin..." His voice was nearly whining. She had a book in her hands as if occupied with reading.

"Fufufu..." She sends him a small glance out of the corner of her eyes, raking up and down his naked form, "Sorry, Captain. Did you miss me this morning? You were sleeping so peacefully I didn't want to wake you."

Her voice is smooth as silk but Luffy doesn't believe her so easily. He's gotten a feel for Robin's games these past few days and always liked to lead him on for a while before they really got into it. A week ago, he wouldn't have even blinked at her appearance, but now it was obvious what she was doing.

She was lying down on one of the green sofas inside the library. Flat on her stomach, her massive, J-cup breasts were pressed against the cushion, nearly bursting out of that tiny blue dress she was wearing. Her legs lay flat behind her, giving a full view of her creamy, thick thighs tightly pressed together. The dress was sinfully short, and with her laying down like that, it didn't cover the massive curve of her ass at all. The big heavenly globes of her ass were freely hanging out.

Luffy puffed steam from his nose as he saw her there, his fat, throbbing cock was rock hard from the moment he woke and it hadn't gone down an inch. He didn't hesitate at all and immediately pounced on her.

"Ah~!" She cried as she felt him straddle her thighs, and suddenly a long, thick warmth was slapped down on her ass. She moaned and looked over her shoulder, biting at her lip, "You're awfully worked up this morning, Luffy..."

"You left me this morning Robin..." He accused, his hands dug into the soft, plush flesh of her wide ass.

"I'm sorry." Her voice was completely unapologetic, "I simply wanted to get some reading done. We've been so occupied recently that I- Ah!"


Robin let out a sexy yelp as she felt a familiar sting on her thick ass cheek. Luffy's hand spanked her harshly, digging his fingers into the meat of her ass with a minor look of annoyance on his face.

"I know what you're doing Robin. Teasing me." He grabbed two firm handfuls of her plump ass, and spread it wide, looking down at the mouthwatering crevice. She wore no panties, as he'd torn off the last half dozen pair she put on, and so he got a full view of her pink pussy lips and winking rosebud.

He slapped his fat cock down between the thick cheeks of her ass and pushed them back together, sandwiching his member in the warm softness of her ass. He lightly moved his hips, sawing his dick between her cheeks.

"Ah~!" Robin was looking back at him, and he could see her flushed cheeks. Her face was straight, but he could recognize that horny gleam in her eyes, and teasing smirk forming on her lips.

"You're getting better..." She moaned and wiggled her hips, shaking her ass against his erection, "You're right Luffy... I slipped out of bed before you to rile you up. Hoping you'd come find me and push me down..." Despite her breath coming out in horny huffs, her every word was calculated. Anything to push Luffy just a little further down this path she'd lead him on.

He frowned and pulled his hips back, lining the swollen head of his cock up against the tiny entrance of Robin's pussy. It would feel so good to sink into, he knew. Warm and tight, squeezing him relentlessly 'till he dropped another hot load in Robin's womb.

But this time... he held himself back, and growled, "You know you don't have to do that just to get me to fuck you, Robin... If you'd just asked-"

She shook her head, "I could never~ You're the Captain Luffy... It's not my place to ask you for sex. It's your responsibility to tend to the needs of your crew. If one of your women are hot and horny for a good fuck, you need to be able to recognize these things. So you can find them and plunge your cock deep- Ah~!"

His brow twitched at her lecture and he plunged his cock deep into her pussy, just like she'd wanted. He didn't understand why Robin wouldn't be a little more straightforward about these kinds of things, but that's fine. If this is how she wanted to ask him, he'd just make sure her pussy was stuffed as much as she wanted.

"Yes~!" She howled as her tightly clenching walls squeezed greedily on his prick. She laid there, flat on a couch, huge tits flattening on the cushion beneath her, as Luffy mounted her from behind. She kept her body flat, and thighs squeezed tight to make her pussy as tight and constricting as possible around Luffy's massive member.

"Fuuck~! Yes, Captain~! Fuck my naughty little pussy! I need it so bad~!"

Luffy hovered over her, slamming his hips down with heavy, loud smacks as he fucked Robin hard into the couch. He didn't hold back at all and was prone-boning her at a fierce heated pace. He was already worked up by her teasing and posing, but if she was gonna claim to be so horny she needed to tempt him, then he was gonna fuck her till she couldn't move!

He grabbed her by her throat and tilted her head back till he could steal her lips. He kissed her roughly, plundering her mouth and sucking her tongue as he fucked her hard and fast. With her pinned beneath him, he made it clear he wasn't going to stop until he was hilted in her pussy, and hosing down her thirsty womb with his cum.

Robin was pleased, a perpetual smile donning her face as she watched Luffy. Why was she smiling? Why wouldn't she be? The last few days had been absolutely blissful for her. She'd taken on the large, hard, task of dealing with Luffy's built-up lust. A task that she knew lesser women wouldn't be able to handle.

She, however, took to the job with passion. Teaching Luffy everything he needed to know about women. He'd proven to be quite the quick study and adapted to this new mindset swiftly. He was the Captain, and she made sure he knew that.

He was much more confident about taking what he wanted, at least when it came to women. Showing his usual confidence and bluntness translated beautifully when it came to sex. If he wanted her, he simply grabbed her and took her. It hardly mattered where or when. In the bath... In the Aquarium... In his room... In her room...

She shivered at the memories, they really did it everywhere, didn't they? She could only imagine the look on Nami's face as she would describe all the things they've done on Nami's bed. The flustered, blushing expression of the crew's innocent Navigator as she revealed all the juicy details. Robin licked her lips. Yes, she couldn't wait for that.

But first, they had another destination. She glanced up at the Helm, where a full clone of herself was steering the ship, taking care to keep them on course. She didn't have the Navigational skills of Nami, but it didn't matter. They knew the Grand Line well enough to survive, and the Sunny was nigh-unbreakable by the Sea. They had a clear route, so they would be fine.

She didn't quite know where they were going, Luffy simply handed her a Vivre Card and said 'Head there.' But her Captain clearly had an idea of which island they should visit first, so she complied.

The only thing she could really tell was that they were headed to Paradise, and she only knew that because they'd been forced to cross the Red Line. Which, at this point, was a trivial task.

She looked away from her clone and returned her gaze to Luffy. He was so cute. Sitting on the bench attached to the mainmast, cross-legged in a thinking posture. His lips were pursed in serious thought, and a Den Den Mushi was on the bench next to him.

She stepped over to him, "Having trouble, Luffy?"

He looked over to her, and smiled broadly, "Robin! I guess I'm having a little trouble..." He scratched at the back of his head, "I can't remember the Den Den Mushi number I was given a while ago... eh, it'll come to me..." He shrugged off nonchalantly.

He stood up and walked over to her, openly leering at her body. He hadn't told her where they were going, but he had made a comment about what she should wear.

She was wearing that sexy white and pink bikini she wore to Spa Island, one that he hadn't had the proper chance to appreciate. Now he was happy to make up for the lost opportunity.

He circled around her, checking her out from every angle, happily groping and grabbing at her every few moments. Robin didn't mind and welcomed her Captain's touches, even posing to make sure he got a good look.

He stopped in front of her and pulled her into his arms. Her soft squeal was silenced by his lips. His hands grabbed at her ass and he scooped her up in his arms. Her legs instinctively moved to wrap around his waist, and her arms wrapped around his neck.

He pushed her back against the mast of Sunny as they kissed passionately, his hardening prick rubbing against the crotch of her bikini bottoms. She moaned and rubbed back against him, but pulled back out of the kiss, "L-Luffy... Weren't you going to make a call?"

Luffy blinked and stared at her for a minute. "Oh. I remembered."

"W-What?" Robin questioned, her hips still grinding up against his bulge.

"The number," Luffy explained, he let go of her with his right arm, his left still supporting her body with his inhuman strength. With his free hand he stretched his arm out to grab the Den Den Mushi, and he swiftly dialed a number.

The snail rang for only a moment before it was accepted.

"Who are you? And how did you get this number?" A calm, deadly female voice immediately asked.

"Hancock!" Luffy greeted cheerfully.

"L-Luffy?!" Hancock's voice melted into joy as she recognized his voice.

'Boa Hancock, huh? That's who you chose first, Luffy?' Robin thought, still hanging off Luffy's body even as he spoke into the microphone. Part of her was slightly worried about how her first meeting with the Pirate Empress would go, especially when she got wind of what exactly was going on between her and Luffy.

She knew of Hancock's infatuation with Luffy, and she'd already considered this in her plans. If she played her cards right, she would not only get Hancock to accept her plans, but she could potentially gain an ally in the Empress. After all, if the Most Beautiful Woman on the Sea, truly wanted Luffy's happiness, then surely they would have the same goal, right?

All in all, she wasn't worried. Why would she be? She got to Luffy first, and the Empress would just have to live with that. Since Luffy was going to be there, she was certain everything would work out just fine. Things tended to when he was involved.

So with their destination revealed she pushed her thoughts away and focused on Luffy. She would have a little fun before they made it to Amazon Lily.

"Hey. Hancock." Luffy interrupted Hancock's million questions about his well-being, "I'm heading to-" He cut himself off, silencing a groan as he glanced at Robin. She smiled mischievously, kissing and sucking at his neck. He could feel a hand running along the bulge in his shorts.

"Luffy?" Hancock's voice sounded concerned.

"Ah. Sorry. Got distracted," Luffy apologized, "I'm gonna come by for a visit. Are you on Amazon Lily?"

Robin's hand slipped down into his shorts and was openly stroking his dick now. He tried his best to ignore her and focus on the call.

"..." The line was silent.

"Hancock?" Luffy asked, as Robin got a bit bolder, jerking down his shorts and pulling off his vest.

"!" A far-off sounding squeal came through the line, followed by swift footsteps. Hancock cleared her throat, and tried to sound professional, "I understand. I'll have the island prepare for your arrival at once!"

"Oh. Okay." Luffy said distractedly as Robin started rubbing her body against his. Her massive, delectable titties rubbed up against his chest, and he could feel the nipples poking through the white bikini top. His cock was sandwiched between their bodies, rubbing up against her crotch and poking at her toned belly.

After a moment of biting down a groan, Luffy registered what Hancock had said, "-Wait, what? You don't have to prepare anything, Hancock. I just wanted to make sure you were there..."

"That will not do. You're a Hero on Amazon Lily, and you should be treated as such. The people-"

Luffy turned to Robin as Hancock spoke, only half-listening, a flash of irritation on his face. She'd slipped off her own bikini bottoms and was now rubbing her dripping wet snatch up and down his length. Robin made it a point, Luffy discovered over the past few days, to never actually put it in herself whenever they had sex. Instead, she'd tease and goad him until he rammed it in himself.

Which is exactly what he did here. Wanting to get a little payback, he simply lined himself up and pushed right in. She was plenty wet enough and he slid right in easily. Robin moaned hotly in surprise but slapped a hand over her mouth before Hancock noticed.

"-when can we expect you, Luffy?"

Luffy luckily caught the question by Hancock and replied casually still thrusting away into Robin's dripping snatch, "Hn... It should be about two hours I think."

"!" They heard a sharp intake of breath on the other line, "I-I'll prepare at once..!"

Luffy grunted as she thrust into Robin's tightly clenching walls, her slick pussy already dripping arousal onto the deck below. Robin was really turned on right now. He had to take it slow, or the wet slap of their hips meeting would probably be picked up by the receiver.

"I said it's fine didn't I..?" He almost growled as he thrust harder into Robin's snatch. His fat member stretched her out nicely, reaching all the way to the back of her cunt and rubbing against her cervix.

"..." Hancock clearly didn't want to argue with him, but was desperate to please him, "O-Okay, Luffy... but I have to prepare a little bit or it'll be chaos when you arrive..!" She insisted.

"Hmmm..." Luffy hummed just as he thrust all the way to the hilt in Robin's pussy. His cockhead punching through to her womb just as his orgasm washed over him.

Robin spasmed like crazy in his hold, clutching both hands over her mouth as she silenced a scream. A powerful orgasm sent trembles through her entire body as she climaxed. Her pussy twitched and constricted around his cock, milking him of his seed delightfully.

While Robin was losing her mind, eyes rolling back in her head as their combined juices poured out onto the grass beneath them, Luffy simply let out a sigh of relief. Which to Hancock, sounded like him relenting, "Fine." He said, his climax quelling any argument he might've had.

Hancock squealed with happiness, "Then I'll see you soon... honey~! Kyah~"


As the line ended, Luffy swiftly clicked the microphone back onto the Den Den Mushi, his hand re-taking its place back on Robin's ass. He grinned as she dropped the hand muffling her moans, "That was fun."

She smiled back with a shuddering voice, "I'm glad you enjoyed it, Captain... Now we have two hours before we get to Amazon Lily... Let's make the most of it shall we?" She wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to him, throwing her hips down against his as much as she could.

Luffy grinned and followed her movements, their sex filling the deck with lewd clapping sounds.

"And while we're at it..." Robin moaned in his ear, "You can tell me your plan for Hancock..."

"Gacha~" The Den Den Mushi said, as Hancock placed the receiver back on its holder. Her eyes staring at it for a moment in thought.

The call of Luffy was completely unexpected. She was overjoyed, of course, but something troubled her about it. The way Luffy was speaking...

'Was something troubling him?' She wondered. He had been speaking strangely, struggling to get out words... It was odd.

The worry was swiftly pushed to the back of her mind as she stood from her desk. "Luffy is coming~!" A wide, love-struck smile adorned her face.

She turned to the door, and called out loudly, "Sandersonia! Marigold!"

They entered a moment later, as they were always close by, "Are you alright?"

"Do you need us for something, sister?"

Hancock hardly contained her excitement, "Yes! I just received a call from Luffy! His ship is arriving at Amazon Lily in two hours! Make preparations at once!"

"Truly?!" Sandersonia questioned, "The village will be overjoyed!"

"But not nearly as much as our sister!" Marigold added, she bowed, "I will inform the village at once!"

The two left Hancock to make the proper preparations.

Soon enough a loud bell tolled throughout the entire village. The Kuja people all reacting to the sound in the same way. They dropped what they were doing, cheered loudly, and got to work.

Within a mere minute, the entire island was kicked into motion. After all, that bell was constructed for one purpose and one purpose only.

To signal the arrival of Monkey D. Luffy.

Luffy kind of expected something like this, he thought as he hopped off the Sunny. He scratched his head as he looked at Hancock's idea of 'little preparations'.

He hadn't even seen the island in the distance before a pair of Kuja ships sailed up to meet him. They escorted the Sunny to a hole in the island that leads into a canal. As they pulled in, a massive set of steel doors opened for them, and they sailed straight into the heart of the Kuja Village.

They were met with roaring cheers as they sailed inland, with what looked like the entire village standing on the shore, waving and cheering.

As pulled to a stop, a plank was provided for them to step off the ship, and onto a literal red carpet.

"Oh my." Robin commented, "I didn't know you were so well-loved here Luffy," Her smile was innocent, but her eyes were predatory as she scanned the crowd of busty, powerful, and scantily clad Amazons. All of which, seemed to adore Luffy.

They were all very well developed, eyes locked on Luffy as they welcomed his arrival. Each bouncing beauty was a perfect hourglass of heavy, full breasts, and a small thin waist that flared out into wide, child-bearing hips. The Amazon's extraordinary curves barely contained by thin animal-print bikinis. Each movement threatened to send those fat tits spilling out for all the world to see. She was certain all Luffy had to do was stick out an arm, then it'd be buried in soft, plump, feminine flesh.

"I think I'm going to like this island," Robin decided.

"They didn't treat me like this last time I was here..." Luffy said, his voice genuinely confused, "They did chase me around a bit- but that was because they hadn't seen a man before."

Robin quirked an eyebrow, "Really? Never?"

Luffy nodded, "Except the Kuja Pirates. They raid other ships sometimes, so they've fought with men before."

A village of sexy, half-naked, women with no experience dealing with men? Robin licked her lips. Yes, she was really starting to love this island.

As they walked down the red carpet, Luffy was starting to notice how odd the crowd was acting. They weren't just merely cheering his name or calling out to him. They were staring at him, even more so than they did the first time around. They all had wide, dopey grins on their faces and some were even drooling. Hearts fluttered in their eyes and they all reached out, desperately trying to touch him.

"Why's everyone being so strange?"

"Fufufu..." Robin laughed, and sent him a knowing smile, "Maybe they are just appreciating the view..."

"Hm?" He looked at Robin questioningly, but she wasn't looking at him she was looking down at his chest. He glanced down.

"Oh. Whoops." He apparently left his vest back on the Sunny after Robin ripped it off him. His bare muscular chest was on full display, drawing the eye of every female on the island.

"Here." Robin provided a black folded article of clothing.

He blinked at the clothing but silently slipped it on without question. Leave it to Robin to be prepared for this kind of thing.

Though even putting it on didn't do much to stop the cries of the Kuja women. The black Admiral's Coat he wore covered his back and arms, sure, but his muscular chest was still on full display. His X-shaped scar was on display for all the girls to see.

"Fufufu..." Robin smiled wonderfully, and lightly grabbed his arm, running her fingers down the fabric of his coat, "As I thought... it looks dashing on you."


"Mhm." Robin stepped closer, almost pushing into his side as she latched onto his arm.

He sent a sidewards glance as he felt her soft bosom mold into his arm, but kept walking without a word. The girls around him were sending nasty looks toward Robin now, but she didn't seem to mind.

Luffy let Robin hold his arm as she pleased, walking beside him like a trophy. And honestly, he enjoyed the feeling. Having her on his arm in public. Though he did slip out of her hold when they reached the end of the carpet. Waiting for them there, was the three Gorgon sisters, and the Kuja Pirates behind them.

Boa Hancock stood smiling and blushing as he approached. His eyes were immediately drawn to her. She was drop-dead gorgeous. With creamy perfect skin, brilliant blue eyes, and regal features. Her hair was long and perfect, pitch black and shiny. She still wore that same red blouse as when they first met, a strikingly revealing thing that showed deep cleavage for her jaw-droppingly huge breasts. Her sarong, on the other hand, was more modest, but still quite sexy, showing off one of her long slender legs.

She had proportions that no normal woman could hope for, and the beauty of a goddess. She was a woman who could get anything she wanted in the world, simply because she was beautiful. And with her powerful Devil-Fruit, she could easily use that stunning beauty to turn her opponents to stone.

Yet Luffy still wasn't charmed by her fruit. Instead, he was admiring her genuine, natural beauty. Now that Robin had opened his eyes, he could see why Hancock had the title of the Most Beautiful on the Sea.

And since she was so smitten with him already, it only made sense that he came here first.

Meanwhile, Hancock was lost in her own little wonderland. So hyperfocused on Luffy's bare muscular body and charming smile that she didn't even notice the woman hanging off his arm. As he slipped out of Robin's grasp and approached her, her mind raced as she tried desperately to calm herself down. She violently resisted the urge to throw herself at him, and instead gave him a respectful nod, "Welcome back to Amazon Lily, Luffy."

Luffy however, held no such reservations. Instead, he simply stepped up to her... and scooped her up in a big hug. She was a head taller than him, and he didn't leap up this time, so his face was happily buried between her two massive breasts. He took the chance to rub his face between them, noticing just how much bigger she was than Robin.

"Hah?!" Hancock froze in his arms from the unexpected hug. After a solid minute of internal panic, she took the chance for what it was and hugged him back with shaky arms.

He squeezed her one more time and pulled back from the hug. She seemed to handle that well enough. Guess he should go ahead and bring it up now.

"Hey, Hancock..." He looked up at her with dazzling eyes, his strong arms still wrapped lightly around her waist.

"Yes?!" She squeaked, her face completely red.

"Marry me!" He declared.



The entire area was shocked into silence. The Kuja's collective jaws on the floor.

Hancock herself was shaking terribly, her entire body trembling. Then she fainted.

"Woah." Luffy was lucky she was still in his arms. She fell completely limp and he didn't know what to do.

"Uh... Robin." He looked to her for help, "Was that suppose to happen?"

Robin giggled into her hand.

The entire Kuja village erupted into roars of cheering.

Hancock felt like she was floating.

She had a dream. One so extraordinary, so perfect that it couldn't possibly be anything else. It was just another dream, another one of her nightly fantasies.

"Luffy..." She moaned, the dream felt so real. His shining smile sent her heart soaring. His strong, toned muscles had felt so warm wrapped around her body.


Yes, Luffy. In all of his glory, and come to visit her island. He came to visit her! Then, unable to contain his overflowing love, he proposed to her the moment they met.

"Oh god-! Luffy~!"

Yes... the god-like, muscular form of her love. The one that had grown ever more handsome after all that hard training to become the Pirate King...

"Yes! Fuck me Luffy~!"

Yes... Fuck her-

Hancock's eyes shot open, her dream shattering as she finally comprehended the voice she was hearing. She sat up in her bed, eyes quickly searching her room. She didn't have to look far, because the culprit was lying right beside her.

Her breath hitched in her throat.

A busty, raven-haired woman was lying prone on her bed, naked and sweaty from the exertions of sex. The woman's face was warped by pleasure, and she was clutching at the sheets for dear life.

A small part of Hancock's mind linked a name to a face, and identified her as Nico Robin. Luffy's crewmate, and the woman that had arrived on the island alongside him.

It was the person behind Robin that really drew Hancock's eye. There in all his naked glory was Luffy. His hands were sinking into Robin's wide hips as he pounded into her prone form from behind. The sight of Luffy's hips slapping against Robin's meaty, rippling ass would surely draw the eye of any spectator.

But not Hancock. She only had eyes for Luffy himself. Her gaze locked on his bare, muscular torso as his muscles flexed and rippled from all the force he was putting into his thrusts. Occasionally, her eye would catch a glimpse of that thick slab of meat before it plunged right back into Robin's abused snatch.

Hancock was stunned silent, completely frozen as she watched the debauchery unfold before her. She should be horrified by the sight of the two fucking so heatedly right in front of her. She should be outraged that they would do such a thing on her bed, in her room. Most of all, she should be heartbroken that her love, Luffy, was having sex with some other girl.

She wasn't. Instead, she stared into Luffy's eyes, the sheer happiness and satisfaction on his face took her breath away. Any conflicted emotions she had washed away completely... after all, if something made Luffy that happy, how could it be wrong?

So she watched, not moving and hardly breathing as he pounded into Robin with raw passion. His hips smacked her ass so harshly that it was turning red. Hancock could hardly imagine what that felt like. Her heart hammered in her chest, and her breath came in slow shallow bursts. She could feel her entire body growing hot just watching them.

Soon enough, her show came to a close. Luffy let out a loud groan, sheathed himself fully in Robin's cunt, and exploded inside her. Robin's wanton cry of pleasure was hardly silenced by her clenched teeth, her face showing her pleasure.

A moment of silence passed, as their two trembling bodies stayed mashed together, riding out their orgasms. Then, Robin went limp, her cheek against the sheets as she sucked in air.

"I-I'm finished, Luffy..." She moaned out, her voice was hoarse and exhausted.

Luffy pouted, "We've only been going for three hours!"

Robin wore an utterly satisfied grin, and weakly shook her hips against him, "I know, Luffy... But fucked me so hard the entire way here... not to mention last night..."

Robin was satisfied, yes, but nearing her limit. So it was perfect timing that when she glanced up, she met Hancock's eyes.

Hancock felt a shiver run down her spine at the conniving, victorious look in Robin's eyes.

"Don't worry, Luffy... Hancock's awake now..." Those words, so innocently spoken, threw Hancock to the wolf.

"Hm?" Luffy looked up to see Hancock sitting up, watching them with a furious blush on her cheeks. He cracked a grin, "Hancock! You're okay! I was really worried when you passed out all of a sudden!"

A sudden realization washed over her. A million thoughts raced through her mind at once. She had fainted. Luffy was here. Robin was here. Their arrival on the island wasn't a dream. Luffy's... declaration... wasn't a dream!

Hancock opened her mouth to speak but froze once more as Luffy slowly started to pull out of Robin. Inch after inch of long, thick cock was exposed to her eyes.

She openly stared at his cock, her heart racing as her head spun with confused lust. Her perfect, full lips slipped open in a hot gasp of breath, her massive chest rising and falling with every heavy breath.

Then she felt hands on her shoulders, and she was pushed down on her back. Before she even realized it, Luffy was between her legs, holding her knees up as he rubbed his big cock against her smooth thigh.

Her head was spinning, this was all happening too fast. It only felt like a moment ago that he'd arrived on the island. Now they were here, in her bedroom, lying next to a sweaty fucked-silly woman, and Luffy's cock was throbbing impatiently against her thigh. His intentions were clear.

"W-Wait!" Hancock stuttered out, trying to calm her racing heart.

"Hm? Something wrong Hancock?" Luffy asked, not even bothering to remove her clothes. He simply pushed up her red Sarong, the large split down the side giving him free access to her panty-clad mound.

She swallowed thickly and dared her next question, "D-Did you... D-Did you... propose to me?"

He smiled widely, "Yeah! When I rejected you last time... it wasn't because I didn't like you. I just didn't really understand what it meant... Robin helped explain some things to me, though! So let's get married!"

Hancock smiled wider than she ever has before, her heart feeling like it was about to burst in her chest. She couldn't believe it! Luffy proposed to her! She was over the moon with joy, unable to properly express her excitement.

She wanted to grab him and hug him silly, or maybe even get away with a kiss! How bold that would be!

Such a pure thought swirled around in her mind. She still hadn't completely understood the situation. However, she was swiftly brought back down to earth.

Suddenly a wet slap rang out through the room, and she felt an unfamiliar sting of pleasure surge through her body. She looked down, and blushed heavily. Luffy was still between her legs, but now he was rubbing his thick cock over her panties. Her dripping wet panties.

Suddenly she gasped in realization. A kiss? No, he would take much more than that! This was the best chance she's had, and she wasn't going to miss it! If Luffy wanted her as a wife, then she'd give herself to him here and now!

She seized all the determination in her body and reached down. She slipped her hand down to Luffy's cock, and pushed her panties aside. She lined him up with her entrance, "Please~ Go ahead Luffy," She moaned out, feeling that scorching hot cock rub against her naked sex, "That hard c-cock looks so painful. Please use me to relieve yourself..!"

Luffy grinned, and pushed into her soaked cunny, "That was my plan!"

Hancock threw her head back as he took the virginity she had saved for him, a surge of pleasure and overwhelming happiness shaking her to the core. She let out a wanton wail as she came explosively around his prick. A lewd, happy expression on her face as she fell back into the sheets.

Luffy laughed and thrust his hips, not at all slowing his pace just because she came, "Wow Hancock, you're super sensitive, huh?"

She didn't respond, her body twitching uncontrollably as each long stroke of Luffy's cock sent another jolt of pleasure through her spine, and another mini orgasm through her body.

"Hm?" Luffy suddenly felt two warm, sweaty globes of soft skin flatten against his back, "Oh, Robin? You're awake?"

"Mmm..." She hummed in pleasure and wrapped her arms around his chest. Her hands ran down his abs as she stared at Luffy's cock making an absolute mess of the Empress.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world..." She said softly in his ear, finally getting to see Luffy ruin another woman. The first step on what would be a very long journey. She was certain of that.

Luffy continued his thrusting, eyes on Hancock's massive tits as they bounced and jumped on her chest. They were covered, albeit barely, by her crimson dress, but the force of his pumps had them dancing for his delight.

"Look how happy she is, Luffy..." Robin whispered huskily into his ear, "Isn't it beautiful? It's the same happiness you give me every night. I can't wait to see you give other women this kind of happiness. I can already imagine them... Vivi... Nami... and maybe some others too..."

With every sweet, tantalizing word Robin whispered in his ear, he pounded into Hancock's clenching cunt that much more.

Hancock herself seemed to be struggling to get ahold of her bearings, but she wouldn't let herself pass out! She wouldn't miss what was going to be the best night of her life! Her hands clutched the bedsheets as her mind slowly cleared out the fog.

"Oh~ Luffy~!" She moaned sweetly, her eyes fluttering over his form as he pushed her to the heights of pleasure. Her eyes caught Robin there, her chin resting on Luffy's shoulder as her hands ran along his body.

Their eyes met, and Robin gave her a sultry, knowing smile. It clicked in her mind. Robin understood what she was going through because she had been there too. Robin had felt this overwhelming, mind-blowing pleasure... and shared it with her. Robin had Luffy first, but still, let Hancock have him too.

When she first heard of Robin and Nami, she saw them as rivals for his affection... but now, she was beginning to think of Robin as much more than that.

Robin was thinking too. Thinking of entirely different things as she stared down at the gasping, moaning, writhing form of the Amazon Princess. The woman's beauty was something to behold. With perfect porcelain skin, a truly huge pair of soft, smooth breasts that stayed perfectly round and perky. No need for support at all. Below that a thin waist that flared out into a wide set of hips. All of that coming together to create a mouthwatering hourglass figure that would make just about every woman in the world jealous.

Except for Robin. After all, why would she be jealous? She was happy with her figure and, more importantly, Luffy was too. That was all she needed.

However... seeing Hancock sprawled out on her bed, laying there and letting Luffy do all the work... bothered Robin slightly. It was the right idea, Robin thought, for a woman to know her place and let Luffy have his wicked way with her, and Hancock seemed of the same mind, but this was a bit... disappointing.

Boa Hancock, the so-called, 'Most Beautiful Woman on the Sea' was laying there like a dead fish! Sure she was making all the right sounds, and Robin would admit there was little one could do when Luffy got into it... but that wasn't the point. Hancock should be giving Luffy everything she had!

So Robin sent her a teasing look, and started to grind up against Luffy's back, rubbing her soft, squishy breasts against Luffy's firm, toned back, "She's all yours now Luffy... Just like me. Don't be afraid to tell her what you want. You're the Captain... So anything you want, it should be her honor to give you."

Hancock's eyes went wide at Robin's words, and for a moment she panicked. Was Luffy unsatisfied? She had been so lost in her own pleasure that she forgot about Luffy's! What a foolish mistake! Her mind raced as she thought of what she could possibly give him, and then she realized. He'd been staring at her chest!

She reached for her blouse, almost ripping the material as she pulled it open with shaky hands. Her top was spread open, and her hefty, milky tits were exposed to the open air.

Luffy actually stopped his hips in surprise. Robin raised an eyebrow, a soft gasp escaping her lips as she gazed at Hancock's exposed breasts.

They were surprised because atop that mountain of snow-white breast meat, was a pair of large bubblegum pink areola... And...

Luffy tilted his head, "Hm?"

"Fufufu... Oh my..." Robin grinned from beside him, slipping her arms away from him to crawl up the bed.

"W-What?" Hancock asked, suddenly feeling so very confused by their reactions, and a tad bit insecure.

Robin smiled pleasantly at her, and laid down on her side beside Hancock. She reached a hand out, and gently ghosted a finger around Hancock's breast. "You have inverted nipples." Robin explained, "I should've expected the Amazon Queen to have such lewd tits..."

Luffy, ever curious, leaned down to inspect the heavy-weight set of breasts in front of him, his hips slowly sinking back into Hancock's snatch.

She moaned, and squirmed under the inspection of the two people, unsure of how to react to their gazes.

Luffy grabbed at a breast, sinking his hand into the endless expanse of feminine flesh. There was no way his hand could cover it all, and his fingers were practically sucked in.

"That's it Luffy..." Robin softly cheered him on, "Inverted nipples just mean they're quite shy. If you tease them enough, they'll pop out."

Luffy silently noted Robin's advice down, and got an idea. He leaned down and latched his mouth over one nipple, his hand still teasing and massaging the other breast. He licked and sucked at the pale mound, Hancock's voice starting to rise in pitch with every flick of his tongue.

Suddenly he felt a hand on his hair, and he looked up to meet Hancock's eyes. They shone with loving devotion, "Do you like my tits, Luffy? They're the biggest in the whole village! If I'm to be your wife, you can play with them anytime you like!"

Luffy sucked at her breast with vigor, then released it with a pop. He watched as it re-bounded, wobbling back into place, now with a large engorged nipple peaking out. He smiled at her, "Of course! You're my wife! That means your body is mine now! I'll give it lots of love!"

He declared, sitting back on his knees to hold her thighs for support. He made good on his promise, and started to pick up the pace of his hips, pumping into Hancock with a passion.

She screamed out as he plunged into her deepest depths, touching a spot that had her seeing stars. She blindly grabbed for something to hold onto and was taken off guard when she felt something warm and soft. She blinked and looked to her side, where Nico Robin lay, Hancock's hand clutching her arm.

Robin smiled as Luffy pistoned into Hancock's body. She made a show of lifting her leg, letting Hancock's eyes be drawn to her reddened, abused snatch, "It feels so good doesn't it Hancock?" Robin moaned, her hand slowly sinking down her body to slip a finger between her folds, "To feel Luffy inside of you..."

She scooped out a dollop of the warm cum leaking out of her snatch and brought it up to her face. She smiled as Hancock's eyes followed her finger like a puppy watching a treat. Slowly, she reached out, and brought that finger to Hancock's lips.

Hancock moaned, gasping for breath as Robin brought her finger closer, and she couldn't resist. She took it into her mouth, licking and sucking at that finger desperately. The taste made her mind go blank once again.

The sight sent Luffy's arousal even higher, and he gripped her soft, smooth thighs tightly as he redoubled his pace. Soon Hancock was clutching onto Robin desperately as she lost control of herself. She fell into a mewling, moaning mess as his fat cock pistoned into her cunt over and over again.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" Luffy growled and squeezed Hancock's soft, squishy thighs as he pistoned into her tight pussy.

"Yes~!" Hancock howled in bliss, her face warmed in a twisted lewd smile. Her face was warped with pleasure her mouth open and tongue nearly hanging out as she orgasmed explosively. But her eyes were still locked on Luffy's face as he focused on fucking her. Her eyes were filled with pure love as she trembled beneath him.

Luffy felt his orgasm wash over him, and he fell forward to get one last taste of those glorious breasts. His mouth latched onto her left teat, sucking lightly as he pushed his cockhead against her cervix and exploded with his own orgasm, washing her womb with his cum.

Hancock screamed out, her legs wrapping around his waist desperately as the pleasure of her own orgasm overrode her brain. Her hot pussy walls shuddered around his cock, milking him for every last drop of semen greedily. Her snatch squeezed him so tightly, as if begging him to stay, and her legs kept him locked inside of her as he came.

Robin watched them both with a pleased smile on her face, one hand between her thick thighs to rub circles into her sensitive pussy. She'd claimed she was too exhausted to continue... but the perverse sight of watching her loved one fuck another woman into a mewling mess was getting her too worked up.

Robin's eyes were wide with emotion as she watched Luffy work. For three hours straight, he'd made an absolute mess of Hancock, fully claiming her body as her own. Every inch of her body he'd, kissed, licked, groped, or fucked as he pleased, and now...

Robin's heart was fluttering like crazy in her chest, little pink hearts forming in her eyes as she watched the pair.

Poor Hancock was completely gone at this point. Her pale skin flushed and sparkling with sweat. Her humongous, heavy-weight tits were marked with hickeys little bite marks, and even glowing red from being relentlessly teased and smacked. Her impressive tits wobbled and trembled on her chest as she sucked in desperate, heavy breaths.

She was completely limp against the bed, and her legs were still spread wide from the time Luffy spent between them, fucking her poor little virgin pussy to his heart's content. Her perfect, untouched flower, was now red and swollen from many long hours of Luffy's god-like cock pounding away at it. It was still gaping and quivering as if begging him to come back, and leaking out a river of cum.

How many loads had he dumped into her? Robin bit her lip as she questioned. A hand slipping down to lightly tease her own pussy as she imagined it.

And then her eyes wandered to Hancock's face, and she mewled in pleasure. The empress was a complete wreck. She was an unparalleled, natural beauty, so she wore no makeup, but that didn't stop her tears from leaving tracks down her face. Her picture-perfect hair was disheveled and sticky with sweat, loose bangs sticking to her forehead as she lay there nearly catatonic.

Her plump, pink lips, were stretched in an obscene ring, Luffy's massive member stuffed tightly between them from the side. He wore a satisfied grin as he held her perfect hair bunched up in one fist and carelessly swung his hips into her mouth. Fucking not just her face, but her throat like a cheap toy.

"Hnngg," He slipped free of her mouth, her lips leaving strands of spit sticking to his cock as he pointed it at her face.

Robin silently gasped as his cock lurched and exploded with cum. A thick blast splattered against her face. Then he turned and aimed lower, plastering her huge titties with his sticky semen.

The sight was too much for Robin. Luffy sitting on his knees over an utterly ruined Boa Hancock, blasting his filthy load all over her used body... His massive cock still hard and raring for more, even as it marked Hancock as his woman...

Robin clenched her teeth as she tried to silence a squeal, and the silky walls of her pussy clenched down tightly around her fingers. A light spray of juices stained the Empress's bed as Robin came lightly from watching the pair go at it. She couldn't take it. It was too much. Luffy had really outdone her expectations. Seeing him at work, claiming another woman. It got her more worked up than ever.

Her eyes were crazy with lust, and her cheeks were flushed as she crawled up the bed, moving toward Luffy like a predator. If she was in her right mind and could think clearly, she would've surely noticed something else was affecting her. But right now, she didn't notice, didn't care. All she cared about was that hot, delicious, virile seed Luffy had just painted Hancock's body with.

She crawled between the Empress's legs, and slowly slunk up her body, then she lowered her head and stuck out her tongue. Her mouth was already watering, and her small pink tongue was drooling as it hung out of her mouth. She mewled in pleasure as she tasted Luffy's cum, her tongue running along the sticky, sweaty skin of the Pirate Empress. She slurped up the cum from Hancock's body, not minding at all as she licked and sucked at Hancock's skin. As she licked and sucked at Hancock's breasts. If anything, the taste of the woman beneath her just added to her lust.

She only came back to her sense when she felt a massive hot cockhead press insistently between her own thick cheeks. She didn't even get the chance to look behind herself as Luffy mounted her with a laugh, jamming his cock deep into her sensitive pussy. Then a hand grabbed her hair, and pushed her forward. Her own plump breasts squished against Hancock's smooth tummy. And Robin's cheek was pushed into Hancock's sweaty, cum-covered tits.

...But as Luffy hammered her pussy from behind, she didn't mind the obscene, humiliating position. She could only focus on the pleasure he was bringing her.

The day flew by, with Robin and Hancock both receiving the full force of Luffy's overwhelming lust. Together they tested just how high the limit was to Luffy's stamina... and found no limit.

In the end, the marathon of sex was only stopped when both women were limp against the bedsheets, sweaty, sticky, and exhausted. Then Luffy had simply squeezed between them and fallen asleep, arms wrapped around them and clutching a hefty, plump breast in either hand.

He was still passed out now, snoozing away even as both ladies whispered to each other, their heads resting on his shoulders.

Robin began her scheme, appealing to Hancock's obsessive love for Luffy as she started her story. She explained how the rest of the crew had left them for their own dreams, and how the 'Straw Hat Pirates' were all but disbanded now. Robin hardly needed to explain for Hancock to understand how heartbroken that would leave Luffy, and she was ready to latch onto any idea that would fill the void left by his friends.

Robin shared her wicked plan, and Hancock was very receptive.

"Oh yes~" Hancock whispered back, a delighted smile on her face, "Luffy deserves all the love in the world!"

She licked her lips, a sudden spark of lustful inspiration entering her mind, "And I have just the idea!"

As the two women schemed together for Luffy's benefit. Something had clearly changed between them. Yesterday, they could hardly be called acquaintances, now they were far more than that. Far closer than that.

They were Luffy's women.

Luffy's Treasure.

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