"It's such a nice day. Let's go to the park nearby." They are walking, seeming a young couple. Lily in the body of the House elf, Tilly, that gave her life, so lily would was right as Albus had put Harry at Petunias. The wards he used, would have had Vernon beating Harry, as not blood kin, as well as turning Petunia into a battered wife. She has had him going to school, while teaching him about magic. Of course, she had to learn about Elf magic, as her body was an Elf. She had worked a lactation charm, which had side effects on both her and Harry. She looked like the movies Elves, except only four foot nine inches. One hundred pounds, twenty of it, her breasts. Harry had an Elven quality from the movies. A slight point to the ears and eyebrows. But at seven years old, he was already five foot tall, one hundred, well muscled pounds.

She enjoyed taking walks and swimming with him.

She was a little worried about Harry's interactions with normals, magicals, and elves. Which was one more reason for these walks, hoping someone would end up talking with him. The were near the end, when three girls were tormenting another. Caught their attention. They were calling her a teachers pet, bookworm, friendless. Harry reacted to this, for she had told him stories of her growing up, with only Petunia, as a friend. The accidental magic that knocked the girls down, as the bushy haired, large toothed girl scrambled away, running into them. Was impressive. Harry, always the gentleman, helped her up. She was open mouthed looking at my Harry.

I wondered if she knew she was magical. When she looked at me, you could see her brain rush about. The girls started saying she was clumsy, running into the couple. My Harry stepped up and using Elf Magic, sent them on their way. "Hi, I'm Harry, would you care to learn about magic, before your Hogwarts letter?" "Whaat?" "Well you're obviously a Human Witch from Squib or normal parents. I thought you might like to learn magic, before they come to get you to go to one of the magical schools." She looked like a fish out of water.

So I jumped in. "I was born of a Squib and muggle, which is what magicals call normal people. So I know what you have been going threw."


The hot tub was new for those rainy cold days or after the hard work outs that are slowly changing our bodies, especially my Harry's. "We can finish our coffee and chat out there." "OK, I'll turn it on and get my shorts on." He turns the tub on and goes to his room. He gets his shorts on and goes out. He slowly sinks into the water.

'Ahhh, so good. I really love this. This is gonna be a great summer. Lily walks out wearing her pink bikini. It doesn't cover much. Just her fanny lips and her nipples. Harry's eyes pop open.

"Wow. Mum You look really hot in that. Are you sure it's legal?" She blushes. "Thank you, baby. It's my newest one. The lady at the store said everyone is wearing these."

"Thank you, lady at the store. You're all right. He checks her out as she gets in the tub. His John Thomas stirs. 'I shouldn't be thinking about my mum like this, but she is a so hot elf.' He puts his arm around her shoulders. "I need a hug, mum."

She turns and faces him. She puts both arms around his neck and he pulls her to his chest. His John Thomas stirs a little more and her nipples perk up. 'Oh my Harry is so big and strong. Just like his daddy. I shouldn't be getting hard nipples hugging him but I can't help it. He reminds me so much of his father.'

"mm. You feel good. Mum. I really miss all your hugs you gave me after the Dursleys." "Your hugs remind me of your father. He was a terrific huger." "You still miss him, huh mum." "Yeah. I really loved him. He was everything to me. It's OK though. I've pretty much learned to live without him." "I remember how hard it was then, for both of us with the war. You, 'My Harry, and I still have each other though, we'll be OK."

"You gotta move on soon, mum. He is gone. You have to realize that." "I know, baby. It's just hard sometimes." 'Especially since I know I am yours, not sure if because of elf bond, or you looking like your dad combined with my love of you.' He gives her a hug. "Let's go for a swim. I haven't dunked you in a long time." "Not fair. You're way too strong for me."

They dive in and splash each other, laughing and having a good time. He dives under and grabs her, pulling her under and holds her. She struggles out of his grasp and the her top comes untied. It floats away and she doesn't notice. She jumps on his back, trying to dunk him. She sees her top floating away and gasps. Her nipples get extra hard against his back. They both notice.

"Wow. Mum. Nice rack. Thanks for showing me. "She grabs her top from the water by levitation and puts it back on. "You probably pulled it off on purpose, you bad boy. I'm your mother." 'No, you're my hot, sit on the side of the pool Milf Elf.' Their feet dangle in the water. "I have an idea. Let me take you out to dinner and knees up tonight. Kinda like we're on a date. You can play like a cougar out with your younger man."

"Oh my. It's been a long time since I went out. Great idea." "Cool, You get all dressed up real sexy and I'll wear my best suit." They lay out in the sun for a while. They rub sunscreen on each other, both thinking about their date tonight. 'I'm going to look really sexy for my baby tonight. I have just the dress.' Harry is thinking, but the elf hormones have already messed up his mind about Lily, the elf mum. He knows she is not physically his mum, mentally she seems to be, most times, just not all the time. 'This will be really fun taking my hot mum out.' "Harry, I'm going in and take a nap before we go." "Good idea."

Lily wakes up about two hours later. She stretches and yawns. She decides to start getting ready. She runs the tub and pours in some bubble bath. She undresses and looks at herself in the mirror. She lifts her C cup breasts. She sees no sag. 'Nice rack, ya old bag. You still have it.' She gets in the tub and takes a deep breath and relaxes. Her hand drifts down to her fanny. She touches her clit and gasps. She slowly rubs one out. The water gets cold and she hops out. She dries off and wraps the towel around her. She walks out just as Harry comes out of his room. He stops and looks at her. She looks at him and smiles. He looks her up and down and walks into the bathroom.

'Oh my. He looked at me like I was a woman, not his mum. I wonder what's going through his mind. I'll probably find out tonight.' Her nipples get hard as she thinks about her son wanting her. She isn't sure what she's feeling, but it feels fantastic as she knows now she will be his and gets dressed. Lily is sitting at her dresser. She carefully puts on her make up to look more human. Not too much, not too little. She stands and puts on black knee high hose. She gets them on just right and picks up her panties. She stops and thinks. She tosses them aside and puts on a thong. She pulls her dress on and adjust the spaghetti straps. No bra with this one. She looks in the mirror.

'Hmmm. Nice. Plenty of cleavage for a C cup. Just short enough to cover my elven ass. He will love this. He wanted sexy, he gets sexy.' She walks out and Harry's mouth falls open. He stares at her. "Holy Merlin, mum. You look so dishy. You are so beautiful. I'll have trouble keeping my hands off you tonight." She blushes. "You said to dress up really sexy. Is this sexy enough for you."

"You hit the nail right on the head with that outfit. You make a great cougar." "OK, but you have to remember that I'm still your mum." "Ha. I'll try. No guarantees on that." "You look handsome too, baby. Any woman would be proud to be seen with you." "Aw, thanks, mum. I guess we make a great couple," As they are driving, Lily is thinking. 'He can't keep his hands off me? It would be so good to be caressed again. Held in a man's arms and loved. Am I a bad mother, thinking thought like this about my son or a good elf? I could feel his hard naked body next to mine. His soft lips on mine. His hard John Thomas in me. His hot cum in my fanny. I can't resist him if he wants me, especially as I want him to fill me. He is so virile and handsome. It would be so wonderful to feel like a wife again.'

Her nipples get hard and her fanny gets wet thinking about his hard John Thomas as he pulls into the parking lot. "OK, mum. Let's show them what a hot cougar looks like." The hostess seats them and Harry orders a carafe of wine. "Here's to a fun night, mum. Drink up." "Yes. An evening with my handsome son."

They enjoy a nice dinner. The move from the dinning room to the dance area. Before she can sit he pulls her to the dance floor. "A nice fast one, mom. Do you remember any moves or do I have to show you some?" They show each other some moves. He twirls her and everyone sees her legs and bum. She doesn't react, probably forgetting she is wearing a thong. He smiles and twirls her again. "Mum. I'm showing everyone your hot legs and bum, or ass as the Yanks say. See all the guys watching?" She blushes and slows down. They sit at the table. "Shame on you. Showing my bum to everyone. What will they think?"

"That's easy. They will think you have a hot bum and a mouth watering fanny, or pussy as the Yanks say." "You are so bad, treating your mother like this." "OK, I'll be good. Here's a slow one. Let's dance to it. You won't have to twirl." He leads her out and takes her in his arms. She puts both arms around his neck and lays her head on his chest. Little does she know that her dress has pulled up and the bottom of her ass cheeks are showing. "You didn't forget how to slow dance, mum." "I'm just following you. It feels so good. It's been ages since I've done this. Thank you for suggesting it. How do you know what the Yanks call our bum and fanny?"

He pulls her close and kisses her on top the head. "I have a Yank ambassadors daughter at the school and she runs very hot." She snuggles closer and she feels his bulge. Her mind starts going and she forgets her question. 'Oh my. I can feel his John Thomas. It's been so long since I felt one against me. It feels so stonker. No wonder those girls move on him. She imagines two girls shagging him. Her nipples perk up and her fanny twitches. Oh god. Here I go, thinking about sex with him. If he just didn't feel so good against me, I could let it go.'

She feels his John Thomas filling with blood. He slides his hand down her back, just above her bum cheeks. 'mm. His hand feels so good there.' He pulls her tighter against him. "Mum, you feel so good in my arms. I could do this all night." "Hold me, baby. It's been so long since a man held me like this. Just hold me." She pushes against his John Thomas and her fanny juice starts running down her legs. His John Thomas swells and she moans.

'Oh god. I won't be able to resist having his babies he is making me so hot.' They dance two more slow ones and she is soaked. "Let's go home, baby." "Yes, mum. We definitely need to go home." He kisses her on the mouth. Not like a son and mum kiss. It's an 'I want you' kiss. She returns it. They walk in the door and he takes her in his arms. She looks in his eyes and sees his love for her. She throws her arms around his neck and pulls him down. Their lips meet and his tongue finds hers. She gasps and pulls his John Thomas against her. Their breathing increases and she pulls back.

"Baby. We're about to cross a line we can't ever go back across. Are you sure you want this." "I want to run across this line with you. I don't ever want to look back. I love you so much, even if I must marry someone else. I want to be more than your son. I want to be everything to you." "I can't give you a part of me. It's all or nothing. It will be my heart, soul, mind, and magic all wrapped up in love. It's the only way I can do it." "That's the way I want you. All the way." Their lips meet again. His hands move down and lifts her dress and holds her naked bum cheeks. She moans and pushes against him. She feels his hard John Thomas against her.

"Love me, baby. Take me and love me, forever, I want all of you." They hurry to her bedroom. "Sit there on the bed. I want to do this for you." He sits and she stands before him. She kicks her shoes off. She reaches behind and unzips her dress. She pulls the straps off her shoulders and lets it fall to her waist. She holds it there, letting him see her breasts. She moves her shoulders back and forth. He little C breasts sway for him. "Beautiful, mum. You are the most beautiful, sexy elf woman on the planet."

She smiles and lets her dress fall around her feet. She is wearing her knee highs, a thong and a big smile. His mouth is hanging open. She pulls him to his feet, as she slowly starts undressing him. He just looks at her. All the blood ran from is head to his willy. His clothes end up on the floor. She looks at the bulge in his boxers. 'Oh god. His willy is bloody stonkers. I may have trouble taking it all.' "It is time for nookie, baby."

His John Thomas pops out through the fly of his boxers. She gasps and touches it. She takes it in both her small hands and he groans. "Baby, it's so big and it's so beautiful. No wonder those girls wanted you for their tutor in primary. What a beautiful cock." "It's all yours. Mum. It's yours forever." He pulls her to him. Her breasts mash against his chest. She runs her hand in the back of his boxers and holds his bum cheeks. She slowly pulls them down. They fall around his feet. She pushes him back on the bed. Slowly she pulls her thong down. He sees drops of pussy juice on her lips. He wants to taste her dew.

"Harry, sit there, I want to love on you first. I want you to see how much I love you." He smiles and puts his hands behind his head and lays back. "Such a beautiful man you are. I'm going to take you to heaven." She kneels between his knees. She takes his willy in both hands. She licks just under the head. He groans. She circles the head with her tongue. His John Thomas throbs for her. His hips thrust up. She sucks on the head for a few minutes. Slowly she takes more and more in her mouth. She relaxes her throat and takes some in. It's almost too big for her. She jacks it, sucks it and licks it. He is moaning and thrusting in her mouth. She feels it swell in her mouth. She knows his cum is almost there. She moves her hands and mouth faster. She feels it swell and he cries out.

"I'm cumming. Take my cum. Take it." His first squirt goes down her throat. She pulls back and takes squirt after squirt in her mouth. The hot, creamy fluid fills her mouth with heavenly flavour. Some leaks out the corners of her lips. It's just too much for her to swallow. She keeps sucking till she has it all. She looks up at him, opens her mouth and shows him part of his load. She swallows and shows him her empty mouth. She rubs what ran from her mouth on her breasts. She wipes her chin off and licks her fingers off.

"Oh Merlin that tastes good. I'll be wanting more of that." She moves up beside him and he takes her in his arms. Her hard nipples against him. He kisses her and tastes his cum on her lips. He doesn't care. It's from their love. 'He's going to shag me now. His big willy is going in my pussy. He's going to shoot his cum in me.' He rolls her on her back. He kisses her face and neck. His hands find her breasts and her nipples. Her nipples perk up rock hard. He twirls one and then the other. Lightening bolts leave her nipples and hit her pussy. She moans as he brings her passion up. He moves down and sucks one nipple while he twists the other. He kisses his way down to her wet pussy. He caresses it tenderly. Her flower is open and ready for him. She squeals and tightens her sphincter. He sticks his tongue into her and shows her what the girls loved about Parseltongue. She cries out and squeezes his tongue while his finger flicks her clit.

"Oh god. Oh god. Yes." She pulls her legs up and spreads them for him. He sucks her fanny lips causing her to moan and groan. She screams and cums. Juice squirts out from her fanny, getting all over his face. He gets his hand wet with it and rubs it on her legs and bum. He wets it again and rubs it on her breasts and face. He sticks two fingers in her pussy and finger fucks her. She meets him with thrusting hips. She cries out and cums again. "OH god, baby. What you do to me. It's so good. Make me cum more and more."

He has her ready for the big one. He pushes her clit hood up and it pops out. He licks it and she cums again. He curls his fingers up finds and rubs her G spot. Her legs and her pelvis are out of control. She is humping uncontrollably. He rubs her G spot more and sucks her clit hard. She screams and cums. He doesn't let up. He keeps her cumming and cumming. "Cumming. Cumming. Cumming so hard. Oh Merlin, yes. Yes. Yes." She was getting the full Monty. He moves up and touches her fanny with his cock shaft, getting ready to Roger her. She gasps and thrusts up. She is on her heels and elbows, rubbing her fanny lips up and down his shaft. She finds it with her clit and cums again. "Take it, Lily. Put it in your hot fanny. Take my John Thomas. Fill your fanny with it."

She is squeezing his John Thomas so hard he feels his cum rising. "I'm ready to cum. I'm going to pull out." "No. No. Cum in me. I want it. Fill my fanny with it. Make me your woman, breed me." She locks her legs around his bum and pulls him deep in her. Her fanny muscles start milking his John Thomas. He pulls back and gives her several long strokes, hitting her cervix with each one. She screams and cums each time. Then he pushes down and pins her to the bed. She can only squeeze him. He holds her there and grinds her clit with his bone. Her squeezing and his John Thomas rubbing on her cervix brings his to the edge. "Take my cum, mum. Take it. I'm ready to breed you as you want." "Yes. Give it to me. Now take the biscuit. Now. Give me all your love. Cum in me." Their combined magics took their words and her intent and she ovulated.

He hits the edge and his John Thomas flexes in her. They both scream as he fills her grasping fanny with his sperm. He keeps pumping in her and she keeps squeezing his John Thomas, milking his cum into her twat and pushing past her cervix. She holds him in her. Her fanny is still running on it's own, squeezing his John Thomas. Her mind is off in some world of ecstasy. She returns to the earth in the arms of her sweet Harry. Her man. "I love you, mum. You are my woman now, I'll preggo you, till you can't any more! We're together now and forever." "Of course we are. You are my man. My hot man, that I love and am bound to forever. The one with the magic John Thomas. You made me cum so many times I thought I was going to die with you in my twat."

"I'm wondering if you're fertile now. I didn't think about it before. I put enough cum in you to float a battle ship." "I don't care, I want your children, bred till I'm no more! I had to have your cum. I wouldn't be your woman till you filled me. If I have your baby now, I'll be a mommy and a grandma all at the same time. You will be a daddy and have a sister too. We can really make a mess of our family tree." The hold each other. She still has his half hard John Thomas in her. She isn't letting him go. Though this will be interesting to see how elven our children will be with our magics. But I want to see you breed others, as you can only have girls with me. Hermione will be a good Lady Potter, we just won't tell her that you are breeding a brigade of Potters.

"I'm keeping you in my twat. We aren't done yet. We have years of catching up to do. I hope you aren't expecting to get any sleep tonight, because I'm going to bonk you till I can't move." "Your brill mum!" She kisses him on the neck and his John Thomas stirs in her. She has found his hot spot on his body, the part that tells his lower brain to fill. She kisses and sucks on his neck more. She feels his willy filling with blood.

"Oh my. You neck is your hot spot. You John Thomas is getting hard in me." She squeezes it and sucks his neck more. She feels it come to full hard. It touches her cervix again. "I'm going to ride you this time, baby. I'm taking control of that beautiful John Thomas. It's mine and I can do anything I want to it." She rolls over, not losing his willy. She pulls almost all the way up on it and drops. It hits her cervix very hard, just as she likes it, and her clit hits his bone. She cries out and cums. "Shag me, mum, shag me. Fuck me hard. Make yourself preggo." She starts working him over. She strokes slow, then speeds up. She rocks forward and back on it. He reaches up and pinches her nipples. She cries out and cums on him. He pulls her down and sucks her left nipple and twists the right. He switches back and forth. She is humping as fast as she can. Every time she hits his bone and he her cervix, she cums. She pushes him into her cervix and cums. She feels his John Thomas filling her cervix. He groans and holds her on his bone and grinds hard. Her head rolls back and she is off again. Her mind goes blank and her twat takes control. Her primeval screams and groans fill the room. Her fanny is sending jolts of pleasure all over her body. His John Thomas flexes and shoots cum in her cervix, filling it, till it flows out past his willy, from all the pressure. She cums and passes out. She falls on his chest. He catches her from falling off. He stays in her pumping her full of his cum. He feels her breath on his neck and he holds her to his chest. Her fanny is still milking his John Thomas. Slowly they both return to some semblance of normal.

"Oh Merlin, baby. What did you do to me. Did I die. I remember cumming a bunch of times and then it all went blank." "You just fainted. It happens when you have a really big orgasm. No one ever died from that." "Wow, that's something to look forward to. Am I going to faint every time." "I don't know, but we can try, forever."

That is it:

Epilogue: A year Later:

"Another thing we need to think about. You aren't doing any birth control. There is an excellent chance you will get pregnant again. Are we going to have some more babies? Should we wait till I finish school. After all Rose is just one, even if elf wise she looks five." Lily thinks to herself. 'My lovely Harry, just does not realize that Rose will be having his children starting in three years as she will be old enough. As she will definitely be sexy enough, if she takes after me.

"I haven't given it much thought. I suppose it will happen again, if I don't do something about it. I feel like it's more like when, not if. I like the thought of having your babies for as long as I can. We could just let it happen. I may already be pregnant." "I like that. Let's just let it happen. I like the idea of being a daddy again." Even after that fool Fudge had my godfather kissed. Two weeks later they get the offer they want and sell the house in the muggle area that they had hid in. They move into the Potter hideout. It was required after Harry became Lord Potter. "I just finished my period last week. It's time to make a baby in me. Let's put that baby maker where it will do the most good." She grabs his cock and takes it in her mouth. She slowly takes it down her throat. "Mum, we can't make a baby in there." She pulls off.

"Then shag me, baby. Shag me hard and fast. Dump your hot load in my womb. Send those swimmers on their way. Shag me hard." She pushes up and grinds her clit on his bone. He puts one hand under her bum and helps her. She is crying out for his cum. "Come on, baby. Give me that cum. Give it to me." She grabs his bum, sinks her nails in his back and pushes up to him. She squeezes it hard. His willy swells and his cum squirts in her cervix. She holds up against his bone and milks his cock of every drop. She was making sure they had another girl.

She remembers as she thinks of her Luv. 'She is still not sure when her Harry will take the girls into a marriage coven. They are all preggo with his first human children. He is now Lord Black as well as the others. Dummy tried to still my Luvs inheritance. To bad he died in his sleep, after I stopped his heart. My Harry is the Master of Death, after getting the wand of Death, it was easy to follow the magic to the ring. Freeing the soul shard and getting the others made Voldy shorts mortal, once he had a body again. The Dork Lord was even easier, after taking my Harry. Pettigrew died in massive pain. Putting his familiar into the cauldron, then using Malfoy's blood, after using Peters mark. Killing all of Tom's magic siphons was easy with ending the half snake half man squib.'

She is brought back to the present "Yes, Lily, take it. Milk it into your womb. Put it on your egg." "Hot cum in me. Swimmers everywhere. Yes. Oh god, yes. Filling me with swimmers. Oh god." She holds him in her, keeping his cum deep in her. She doesn't want any to leak out. She finally lets him roll off. She grabs him around the neck and they kiss. "My sweet lover. I'm so glad I have you. You make me feel so complete. I have your love, your cum and soon your baby. It's so good to be your woman." He hugs her tight against his chest. "I got you, mum. I got you." Two weeks later walks into the kitchen. He sees a pregnancy test device laying on the table. Lily is making lunch. "Babe, what's this?" "Read the brochure."

He reads to and looks at the device. He looks at Lily. "It says I'm a daddy." He jumps up and grabs her. She squeals. They dance and hop around the kitchen kissing and hugging. "We did it! We did it! We got a baby! I'm gonna be a daddy. Imagine me, a daddy." "I'm so happy for us. Our little family is started." Tears of joy run down her cheeks Harry kisses them away. They both can't stop grinning. A few months later the ultrasound shows three girls.