Greetings to many Beast Wars fans! I've been very busy trying to finish a few things. And since many fans want to see this 3 season project be worked on, I decided to pick up where I started. But there was also some research to look into about events to be played out. Many will get a chance to see it at the end of this chapter. It will involve something that will be a 'decision' about the number of characters, this includes many OCs that appeared through Season 1 and 2.

Until then, Happy Easter and enjoy…

Chapter 01: Optimal Situation

Last Time In Season Two's Finale, Ravage had switch sides to aid Megatron in destroying the Maximals. However it was the Maximals side that prevailed in the end. But Megatron had another Agenda, the location of the vessel known as the Ark, which house the Autobots and Decepticons that would go down in history in starting the Great War. Megatron's goal was the change the future to where it would suit the Predacons. And so he struck a blow, against the Autobot Leader – Optimus Prime! Without the renown Autobot Leader, Time and Space, even Reality of the future that exist would change greatly beyond recognition. And even the descendants of the Autobots, the Maximals, would no longer exist in the new universe born from the lose of Optimus Prime!


The scene began to open on what's currently happening around the center of an unknown event; a Time Storm! It was seen like an unseen vortex swirling around like a hurricane even within the volcano where the Ark was seen. Sparks and lightning, it was as if the worse storm in history was about to destroy everything.

"Gyahahaahaahhhh…." Megatron was heard making an evil laughter as many of the Maximals along with the Lyoko Warriors and New Warriors on sight were all yelping & aching from what was an unnatural effect on their entire being. "GRUUArugh-Hah-Hah, Hah-Hahah…." Megatron continues to let off a maniacal laughter as it not bothered, for what was happening here effects only those that are directly connected to the task he done.

"Uuuagh?" We see Silverbolt was seen on the ground, slowly feeling himself beginning to move again. But was still feeling like his body aches even when not directly feeling the affects of the storm.

"Error…Unable to…Maintain Control?" Trans-Mutate spoke in trying to reach a conclusive on her situation. "Switching to…Artemis…Ugh!?" She yelped as her optics flash as the last voice sounded different.

"Sara…I'm….scared?" Sora was seen on the ground, holding herself from a weird feeling coursing through her.

"I'm…here….don't let go?!" Sara crawled to approach Sora to hold her tightly, trying to ease her little sister as they both were afraid.

"Farewell, Maximals!" Megatron issued off to say his goodbyes to the struggling Maximals that were feeling their existence…fading. "With the destruction of Optimus Prime, the Decepticons & Predacons now take their rightful places…as Rulers of Cybertron." Megatron explained that from the change course of events of history, the side of evil will reign as he closed his right grip. "And as for your human allies, those that aided the Autobots, their faith is also sealed." Megatron exclaim upon having said who else will perish this day.

"Grrr….you think we keel over like that?" William groans from using his broadsword to keep him from falling.

"You're…barking up the wrong tree." Ulrich remarked from aches while using his katanas in both hands push him upwards.

"That's right….we should still exist! We exist before the Great War started….in our alternate universe, so…" Jeremie was holding his staff while trying to use his smarts to understand why they are affected.

"Isn't it obvious? This alternate universe connects with the Prime. Your place in history will change despite separate worlds." Megatron explain that even the rules of Nexus Earth will follow the same principles as the Prime Earth: in short, this world will change the other. "And your early race of humans will either survive as servants to the Predacon cause…Or cease to live." Megatron proclaim in what awaits the remaining human species.

"That's just….being a tyrant!?" Sissi moans a bit to complain about such choices.

"We have….to put…a stop to this." Yumi struggled to say while still aching from pain.

"If I…can just get one shot…ugh-ahhh…" Odd was on all fours, tried to aim a Laser Arrow but he drop it down; feeling too much pain.

"Hahahahah, don't waste your breath. It's all over now! The Decepticons shall win the Great War without anyone to lead!" Megatron laughs off that nothing the humans can do will change the tide of the battle that's yet to come. "I, Megatron, HAVE Triumphed... Ye-es-s-s." Megatron smiled off knowing that at long last, he has obtain victory of where all battles of history of good defeating evil; has been rewritten.

This truly seem to be the end and there may not be any hope left that can turn the tides. Or so it was believed?

"Ugh….NO." Then in a surprising event, Megatron heard a voice to turn to find…Blackarachnia having crawled to stand in the entrance of the Ark. "You forget…ugh…I was a MAXIMAL Protoform!" She aches to protest towards the egomaniac try to pull something like this off which would end her own life. "Teletron 1 - Activate." As Blackarachnia said this, she fired the data beams from her eyes to access a panel from the inside of the Ark. "Beep!" That panel reacted to glow red without warning.

"TRuspvhmm…./GRAAARRruaghhhhAAAahhh!" Then an energy net displayed where Megatron stood, as he got the full shock treatment. "POffhm…./GRAARrughhh-ARRrughhh!…" Then he was slingshot off the net while yelling. "CRASH!/GOOOrrrugh!?" Then Megatron yelps as he impacted against the cave's solid ground. "CLopvhmm…/GRUUOooarugh!" Then a piece of rubble fell on him that he yelped outloud, but also pin Megatron down for the time being.

"Arruuugh!" Blackarachnia fell on the ground exhausted, looking like the temporal storm was slowly effecting her too.

"Urrrgh…Blackarachnia!" Silverbolt exclaimed exhausted as he was seen struggling to push himself to the she-spider. "Hurgh…urgh-uurrghh…!?" The wolf Fuzor crawled closer to Blackarachnia until they were eye level. "Stay By Me! Whatever this storm is, I will protect!" Silverbolt spoke his chivalry that even against these unknown elements, he must protect the one he loves

"Ugh….Bowser-Boy!? You have NO idea what you're dealing with." Blackarachnia groans in annoyance that Silverbolt does not know the high danger level that even this foolish brave fool can't comprehend. "Just Shut Up and Follow Me!" She instructs before trying to get up and get going.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Silverbolt yelled out over the storm in seeing the she-spider try to go somewhere.

"It's not what I'm DOING!" Blackarachnia turn around to state this off about what she's planning. "It's what I'm UNDOING!" She issued off a puzzled claim about undoing what has been done.

"Wait…" That's when the bots turn to see something slowly walk towards them. "I'm…coming too!?" It was revealed to be Trans-Mutate

"Trans-Mutate?" Silverbolt called out in seeing the fembot Maximal.

"Half-right…I'm Artemis, Transmutate has left me to work her body since the Time Storm is affecting all those from the future." Trans-Mutate explained that the Gynoid A.I. Artemis was in control due to her not being as affected by the Time Storm like the other Maximals. "But I'm not sure, how long I can last even as a separate A.I. moving a Transformer body." She was pretty much uncertain about things that still escape one's theory of thought.

"Whatever! Just come along if you can help!" Blackarachnia lectured the fembot to not slow them down.

Soon we see the three quickly rushing into the Ark without a moments delay…


Moments later, within the Ark by the Commander's seat was a swirling cyclone vortex that was on Optimus Prime's head. And the same upwards cyclone of a temporal storm was seen on the Ark's dome monitor in front. Nearby the Autobot Leader's side was Aelita still restrain but seem to be in pain.

"How can this be…." Aelita felt concern while enduring the Time Storm affecting her. "I finally find answers, only to watch them disappear. It's over…" The girl long to understand herself as the Key, but now what Megatron has done, it may no longer matter.

"Aelita!" Then Trans-Mutate's voice was heard which made the pink haired girl gasp: someone Aelita knows is inside the Ark.

At this moment, Silverbolt flew in carrying Blackarachnia while Trans-Mutate drove on her Cycle-Mode. Trans-Mutate transform to Beast Mode to help Aelita up. The bots tiny bodies approach the giant-size console, as Blackarachnia tried to push some buttons. This caused a strange compartment in the ceiling to open to lover a device down. It resembles an advance life-support system charging. Silverbolt was seen flying up towards the device.

"Aelita, it's me Artemis. We're here to help." Trans-Mutate explain the Gynoid was in control of the body.

"How?" Aelita asked as Trans-Mutate works on freeing the pink-haired girl's restrains.

"Well, she holds the answer." Trans-Mutate points to the she-spider in having what may turn the tide.

"Never fear M'ladies, we will surely help undo the damage." Silverbolt proclaim this to assure those his noble gesture to help do all they can to repair what's happening. "Gruough! GrrrouuAAh!" Silverbolt removes the life-support device pad to which he held it, but looked like a giant's hand could hold it easily.

"Auxiliary life-support on." Blackarachnia issued off to say this, as her eyes flash before firing a digital beam of the access codes into the dome sphere conceal to activate the function.

At this moment, a glowing blue energy went down the cable plug of the life-support device. When it reach the main body, followed the cables to make the Autobot symbol that was red glow brightly as Silverbolt held it. On Optimus Prime's left shoulder was the same symbol, as the Fuzor was looking to aim carefully in placing the device there.

"It's…GUuuagh!" Then Silverbolt thrust himself to plug the life-support machine into Optimus Prime's arm. "DONE!" He yelled this out over the storm, announcing he has performed the required task.

Suddenly, the temporal storm was slowly beginning to calm it's self. Around Optimus Prime the spiral cone was fading, and the larger energy sphere was shrinking in on its self. Once done, Silverbolt slowly flew over towards Blackarachnia by the sphere dome conceal. At the same time, Aelita was freed by Trans-Mutate to join the others.

"Augh…The…time storm... It…It appears to have stabilized somewhat?" Silverbolt exclaimed off in staring in surprise, as the wild energy vortex of the Time Storm was slowly fading away from Optimus Prime's head, & the entire ship to appear normal.

"Yes, it's likely that keeping the Autobot Leader safe, the events he has yet to play out will not be alter." Trans-Mutate nods lightly in seeing this should keep the one who plays a major event in history from passing away too quickly.

"Pant, somehow…I am feeling like…the worse is settle." Aelita exhale a bit from feeling the effects of the Time Storm lightly vanish. "But something tells me it's not over?" She states from sensing they are not done yet.

"Not over? What do you mean?" Silverbolt raise an eyebrow as if completely confused.

"Wait, let me check something." Blackarachnia states in having a bad feeling about what Aelita just said.

On the dome sphere monitor, Blackarachnia saw the towering vortex of the Time Storm also vanish. The only thing that remains strange is the vortex clouds that yet to depart. Blackarachnia used the access codes she fired from her eyes at the monitor. This change the outside scenery to show a digital image of Optimus Prime's head, as if showing readouts of the patient's health.

"The Key's right! The Big Mac here is still fading." Blackarachnia looks to Silverbolt to exclaim that they are not out of the woods here.

Then adding onto another scary development, was Blackarachnia, Trans-Mutate & Silverbolt begin to fade out. Aelita felt herself shift back from her original human appearance to even what she appeared while within her pod. This action caught everyone off guard as the particles slowly tried to settle from the effects of one's own existence still remaining.

"Reality is still in flux." Blackarachnia exclaim in worrying that reality of what they are today, is still endanger if the past cannot be corrected.

"Then that means, we could all cease to exist at any given moment?" Trans-Mutate states in realizing what is still going to happen if things are not properly fixed.

At this moment, the hatch doors were heard opening, as Aelita, Trans-Mutate, Blackarachnia & Silverbolt turn to spot who was coming in: the Maximals, Lyoko Warriors, Sumdac Sisters, and New Warriors. Optimus Primal in flight mode with Rhinox riding on the edge of his hoverboard, Rattrap riding on Cheetor, and everyone else flew either carried someone or rode on Over-Vehicles.

"Silverbolt. What?" Optimus Primal was calling out to ask what was happening, as he & everyone flew above near a certain bot's command seat. "Huh?" Optimus stared off to gasp in what he saw before him: the head of Optimus Prime that was burned, circuits expose, melted frame, in short…a complete wreck. "Well…that's just Prime." Optimus Primal drop his shoulders to shake his signing head after witnessing that the situation…has really gone south of how bad the Autobot Leader is looking.

"Well, what's left of him anyways." Rattrap shrug off to lightly say this about what's left of their ancestor. "WHAACK!/DWuuoagh!?" Then Rhinox slugs Rattrap for making a rude joke remark of their situation.

The group brought themselves near Aelita, Trans-Mutate, Silverbolt & Blackarachnia by the command conceal. The situation was dire, and they need to solve it fast.

"He's our ancestor, we gotta get him repaired!" Cheetor shrug off his shoulders to state that they have to help Optimus Prime. "Or we're goners?" Cheetor lowered to sadly state what happens if their ancestor goes, so do they as the descendants.

"Oh man, I don't wanna end up disappearing!?" Jackrabbit clapped her cheeks in fearing for such a fate.

"You and me both!" Aquarius nods in agreement, disappearing from existence is not what she wants.

"Prime….he and Autobots help make Grimlock and fellow Dinobots. Me Grimlock owe Prime a lot for giving Dinobots a future." Grimlock explain a bit of not wanting to see the Autobot Leader that lead the crew that construct the Dinobots to cease.

"Well come on, we got a bunch of Medical Bots here? Surely they can work miracles, right?" Blaze-Wing encourage that someone here could do something.

Rhinox was seen trying to punch in the buttons on the Ark conceal. The readouts & numbers were shown reading & giving out results; but they weren't good. Even with the Maximal Scientist and Medics helping to run the diagnostics, the results remain unchanged.

"Oh boy, all this quiet is making me nervous?" Jin ruffled his hair in feeling so overwhelm that he doesn't know how to handle this.

"Oy-Oy-Oy! Don't say that, you're gonna get me nervous too?" Tytree felt worried about how things would be played out.

"Unfortunately your nervous reaction is called for." Dive-Bomb shook his head in knowing he has nothing to protest such action.

"Hey, what do you mean?" Axel raise an eyebrow in finding that suspicious.

"It is as Dive-Bomb reported. We'll never make it?" Rhinox spoke off the matter of what brought everyone's attention; which sounded bad. "His Spark is already joining the Matrix?" Rhinox was giving off this grim report of what was happening to Optimus Prime; he's about to cease functioning.

"Well, can't you just use the ship's repair stuff or something?" Jack-Tool asked in trying to stay positive despite how things are looking.

"It's not gonna be like how we lost Dinobot, is it?" Mach-Kick asked with worry that this will be like how they lost one of their dear comrades.

"No, Dinobot suffered too much damage and too little energy reserves." Shellter shook her head that the situation between one case and this one are different.

"Right now there's plenty of energy and the damage is focus on one area. It's a slow process to which we would have a chance, but…" Liepard explain the difference on how they can still save this life, however…

"But What Already?" Noctorro asked impatient, what's the hold up.

"But the Spark is in a critical state. With the repair trauma, we'll lose it for sure?" Rhinox turn to Optimus Primal that if they use the repair equipment here when it's dangerous for the Spark, they'll lose the Autobot Leader's life before repairing his body.

"So it's almost like when William needed that operation, the brain needed a way to survive while the body was worked on." Yumi recalls when William was hurt and events lead to his brain inside Maximal X for the flesh body to get repaired.

"Isn't there anyway to stop this and still save this bot?" Sissi asked for a way to help save Optimus Prime.

"If the risk on the body with the Spark inside is the problem. Then we'll have to move it." Optimus issued off to state what their only option is left to try: move the Spark so they can safely do the repair work on the body.

"His spark can't exist outside of a living body." Rhinox sternly objects the idea of moving the Spark of Optimus Prime out of his body is crazy; it needs a living body to function or it won't make it.

"Okay, so we'll use a spare body. Like with William and the Maximal X case, right?" Odd smiled in thinking they still had a shot.

"Except that Maximal X has gain his own Spark after the Quntuam Surge from some leftover portion of William made him become Salvage." Lynxa points out that the once empty husk of a body gain it's own life which lead to the Maximal Salvage they come to know.

"Sorry guys, looks like I can't help out." Salvage shook his head since he knew that he can't hold a Spark since he's not an empty shell no more.

"What about Artemis' body?" Ulrich suggestion using a different machine body to house a Spark.

"We can't. It's back at the Axelon and I don't know if a Gynoid body can handle housing a Transformer Spark." Jeremie shook his head to sadly state that even if they had Artemis' Gynoid body, it might not handle a Spark from a bot like Optimus Prime.

"All good ideas, but there's another option that we yet to try." Optimus Primal spoke of one more idea to try.

"But Optimus, we need an actual Transformer body if we are to perform any miracles." Volpex reminds their leader that to handle a Spark, it has to be a Transformer.

"I know." Optimus nods off in being aware & understanding to gaze downwards to where his hands rested by: his gut.

That's when from Optimus' chest area revealed a little glow to appear as if…his own Spark was seen. Just before he suddenly flies off towards…Optimus Prime. Everyone that was there had slowly realized it, and they couldn't believe it. Optimus Primal plans take the Spark of Optimus Prime by keeping it within the body of a related Transformer….himself.

"What? Are you NUTS?" Rattrap exclaimed off in seeing where & what his leader was gonna do; and it's sounding completely crazy. "Ye-Ye, Ye can't hold 'Two' Sparks in your body." He waved off his arms in stating that Optimus was willing to hold the Spark of another, inside him to keep it alive.

"This Spark holds the Matrix with it. It's too powerful." Rhinox pointed off while Optimus Primal transforms to Robot Mode; stating that their leader wants to keep the Spark that holds the Matrix of Leadership inside his very being could be potentially dangerous.

"Rhinox is right sir, what your suggesting is too much. Even if it was any other Spark, we're not sure what happens to a Transformer housing two Sparks. Even for us that are from the future and those of the past." Longrack explain the scientific

"BAM!" But then a sudden implosion shook the entire are within the Ark that caught those inside a bit off guard. During which, all of the Maximals & friends were seen of their bodies were disappearing in & out of existence before returning to normal.

"LIKE WE HAVE A CHOICE!?" Optimus Primal protest with a serious narrow face; this was the only way to save everything from one life to everything in existence.

"But there has to be some other way?" Jeremie protest that even he thinks it's crazy: attempting to have Optimus hold two Sparks.

"I…I think we should try this." Aelita spoke up that caught everyone off guard for a bit. "I don't know why, but…I think….no, I have a feeling that…this may work." She states in sensing that Optimus' rash plan may not be as hopeless as they think. "But Optimus, please….let us help if it becomes too much." She turn to request that Optimus let them help if it becomes too much for him to bear.

"Alright then, I'll keep that in mind." Optimus nods his head, knowing the girl was worried for him. "Now let's do this!" He encouraged everyone to prepare themselves.

Now without delay, Optimus Primal activated his jets from the bottom of his feet, as he was hovering slowly upwards towards…his ancestor's unconscious body. Optimus Primal was near the chest that reflected himself, as he stares at the wreck face of Optimus Prime before stabilizing himself. And then placed a hand on the Autobot Leader's chest. It caused a response, as the chest-plate looking like a Big Rig truck suddenly opens up, revealing something that was an upper-case 'T' in the middle chest with the Autobot symbol on the middle. It was seen moving upwards before, it was opening up to reveal a Spark Holder which within it beats…the Spark of Optimus Prime.

"Aelita, you sure this is alright?" Jeremie looked to the pink-haired girl if she was okay, seeing what's gonna happen.

"It's a feeling, but right now it's all we have." Aelita shook her head in only going by a strange feeling sense. "Because, I feel that one can truly help save the other." She explain this as some hidden matter on how one can save another.

"Is it because they both share the first name?" Odd raise an eyebrow in lightly commenting how both bots have the first name.

"Let's not joke around." Ulrich rolled his eyes in seeing how bad a joke Odd tried to make.

"Say, is this Matrix thing really so important?" William asked from trying to understand what it is that Optimus Prime has that the other bots knew it would be powerful.

"It's considered a powerful relic by the Transformers, the Matrix Of Leadership. It's pass down to only the chosen Autobots that have the makings to become a Prime." Longrack explain the details surrounding the topic about the Matrix and it's history to all Cybertronians.

"It's the most powerful relic said to have saved the universe more then once. That's why some of us were extra worried." Dive-Bomb expressed his own thoughts on how big a gamble their commander was taking to house such a thing.

"Well, lets hope that our Optimus can handle this." Yumi states in wishing that Optimus Primal can do this.

Then without warning, Optimus Primal takes the Spark Holder within his hands by the edges, as he carefully removes it from the chest of Optimus Prime. Optimus Primal has a serious expression in what he has to carefully do next here. And soon with the ape packs beneath the chest, were opening to show revolving gears as they motion before revealing what was the Spark of Optimus Primal as it was held around four edge corners & brought out to the opening. And soon the two Sparks of past & future came near before…the one for Optimus Prime unleashed a ray beam that connects the two.

"WUUaguh-AAAughh!" Optimus yelps from feeling something was going on with him. "GRRUUAruhghhh…UURROOarugh-OORRaughhh!" Optimus was gritting his teeth as he was trying to hold on tight in continuing this process. "WUOOARRRughhh!" But the process seem to become too much, as it repel Optimus Primal away!

Rattrap & many of the others showed cautious concerns in what happened. Uncertain if the action even worked or not.

"WAAaughhh…../CRUSH!/GRROooaurgh!?" Soon Optimus Primal was tossed to the far left corner side & crash against a metal crates.

"OPTIMUS!?" The Lyoko Warriors cried out as they rushed to the Maximal Commander.

"Hugh…PRIME'S SPARK!?" Grimlock gasped in looking at what happen to the Spark Holder.

Soon the eyes watch as the Spark Holder was spinning down slowly in a twisting motion. Everyone was holding their breaths of what was gonna happen. Soon the Spark Holder impacted the ground, split in two, but luckily, the Spark of Optimus Prime was not there.

"Whaaa….It's not here?" Tytree yelps in terror in finding the thing empty.

"But where did it go?" Jin sked confused of where Prime's Spark went.

"Muuuhhm…..HUuuuaaaughh!?" Optimus was heard moaning at this time: the group knew that the process of holding Prime's Spark…was already taking a toll.

"I think we just got our answer?" Axel points out in knowing that if Optimus was groaning, the transfer must have worked.

"QUICKLY! Get that repair requirement online!" Rhinox turn to instruct Blackarachnia in what to do, as they have not a moment to lose.

"Ouurraugh!?" The painful sounds of aches & pains Optimus Primal made, made everyone know; they gotta get moving and no time to waste either.

"Jeremie, your group and the New Warriors keep an eye on Optimus' condition." Longrack turns to request those watch Optimus' condition.

"Ri-right!?" Jeremie nods a bit from agreement.

Blackarachnia wasted no time on her end, as she let loose the access codes into the Ark's system. That allowed what was behind a compartment to reveal, a large hovering object with the Autobot symbol seen, as it almost resemble the size for a mobile vehicle; but was an actual repair equipment.

"Grrruagh!" As it hover near the Maximals and the others, Rhinox leaps himself up to ride on top of it before it hovers off. "All Medics! Try to work around the body for anymore damages." He turns to instruct those to help with other works.

"Roger!?" Dive-Bomb, Shellter, Liepard, and Volpex replied to quickly get into position to aid Optimus Prime by any outside medical needs.

That's when the repair equipment hover device was motioning near Optimus Prime's body with it's chest still open where the Spark was. Rhinox looked down at the big flip switches, & used his heavy feet to switch something on. That's when it made something come out of a lower compartment, as it was a sliding pattern cone that opened around the wreck head of Optimus Prime. When it was balanced, it began to close for that made everything become darken of where the head was looking out at if it wasn't unconscious…


The scene changes to the outside part of the Ark, where we find Megatron was pin against a heavy rock on top of him. After much time had passed, he was regaining consciousness.

"Grruruogh….Uurrrogh?" Megatron groans a bit to move himself upwards from regaining his senses and push the heavy rock off a bit. "Attention! Waspinator!" Then he held up his left wrist to speak into his com-link. "Inferno!" He was also contacting other units to hear his call.

"Mruuuagh?" Waspinator was outside of the mountain while it was shown his body picked up his head from the ground.

"We must finalize our victory!" Megatron's voice gave these instructions on what they must plan to do. "Confirm to my position!" Megatron lectured off in not wanting any delay, he wants his troops to come to where he is. "Assemble your unit!"

Waspinator soon placed his head on his body, having finally reassemble himself after being blasted and scatter all over. At that time, Q-Bee and Absol approach in not having found anymore of Waspinator's scatter pieces as the wasp bot had already finish assembling himself.

"What's happening?" Q-Bee asked in seeing something must have happen.

"Nuurrgh…Megatron have important job!" Waspinator reports about something about to occur.

"Should we, what about that storm that hit?" Absol question in knowing they suffered a bit from that unusual blue storm earlier.

"Urhm…Wazzpinator not know? But Megatron wants us for victory." Waspinator shrug off in not having the answer except for their leader.

"Understood." Q-Bee nods her head in willingly following along.

"Alright…" Absol lightly nods her head while having some second thoughts but trust the wasp.


The scene changes to the dry canyon area, where something was flying in the skies. We find Drago Wing leading Lazorbeak, Manterror, Buzz Saw, Jetstorm, Fractyl, Archadis, Rain Jango. Next to them we find Scorponok leading Terrorsaur, Buzzclaw, Sky Shadow, Injector, and Blitzwing. We even spotted the Giant Predacons with Growler leading Transquito, Hardshell and Volga. They were all heading towards the Ark after having received a message from Megatron a few minutes ago.

"Urrgh…that blasted bunch of Meta-Humans really got us!" Drago Wing rubbed his aching head, still recovering from that Fire-Tornado thing.

"We managed to assemble our fliers, Megatron requires assistance." Scorponok issued in knowing their leader needs them, as the fastest fliers around for travel.

"Big deal, so we're scatter to the winds. As if that weird weather wasn't bad enough." Terrorsaur rolled his eyes in not being bothered about how they were scatter after Ravage cause them to fall apart only to be brought together later.

"I don't know, that blue storm felt as if I was about to disappear?" Buzz Saw felt a bit worrisome after what came was not a normal storm.

"True, the nature of what happen brings up a good question?" Fractyl scratch his chin from thinking what they experience was not natural.

"Nrraurghh! Who cares! It's over! Let's just get moving! We're approaching the ambush site that was under Inferno's watch." Raid Jango snarls off in only caring for one thing at this moment.

"Muurragh-Urraughh!?" We hear Inferno as he was moaning and groaning.

"Pow….Powfruvhm…." From the rear jet-propulsion blew smoke, as if having suffered damaged.

"Hey, did you here that?" Jetstorm asked from hearing a strange sound below.

"It sounded like Inferno?" Manterror states in recognizing the voice.

"Can't be, that crazy bot was dead center inside an Energon Explosion!" Hardshell protest that its an insane thing to believe that someone survive dead center of such a blast.

"Wanna bet!" Sky Shadow points below of the destroyed site.

"UUrraguh-AArrughoooough!?" We see Inferno wobble and stagger a bit, as if really not all there.

Turns out Inferno walked out of the cave where the Raw Energon stash was used to bait the Maximals. Of course, Inferno set it off to blow up the whole place, with him not getting out due to Energon Build-Up. And right now his entire body was looking like it need a new paint-job and even some damaged frames need buffing, or some parts were bent. It's amazing the fire ant bot was still functioning after surviving that ordeal.

"Well I'll be, that Fire-ant survived?" Injector exclaim surprise that Inferno endured such a thing.

"Pain, is not something that crazy bot understands…at all." Volga shook his head in knowing Inferno says pain is his friend, so it's hard for him to understand when to give in.

"Inferno! Megatron has given us orders! We are to Divide Up! Half of us will go to where he is! Are you in or out?" Blitzwing spoke with his psycho side to invite the bot to partake with them.

"Oooough…Aaaughhh!?" Inferno yelped from his jet engines blowing out smog, but still held his weapon to stand. "Coming…My Queen!" Inferno salutes while he activated his thruster jet to lift himself off the ground: blindly going to wherever Megatron is no matter how brutally beaten or damage his body is.

"Guess that answers the question?" Buzzclaw shrug off the shoulders, seeing Inferno ready to get going.

"Enough, let us perform our own task." Growler firmly had the group focus on their task ahead.

The scene goes dark as the Predacon fliers go off in different directions…


The scene returns to what is currently happening within the Ark. A virtual display of Optimus Prime's head was seen on the dome sphere console that showed images of the wreck head to be restored to what it was from what the Repair Equipment was doing. Everyone seem to be on their toes, Blackarachnia was having the access codes to help the process. While Rhinox was using the actual equipment he rode on to keep tabs on the repair work.

"Vital signs are stable." Liepard state in how things are looking.

"With enough time, we should be finish." Shellter state on how things are progressing on the Autobot.

"Time is something we may not have to be wasting." Volpex shook her head in knowing that the real issue: was if they have time on their side.

"Ugh…Uuuuagh…" But in the corner of the Ark, Rhinox, Dive-Bomb and the other Maximals could hear the groans of Optimus Primal. "Uuuoorugh-RUUoooaarrughh!?" By the sounds of it, he is still tolerating what it must feel like to contain TWO Sparks in one body.

"HURRY!" Rhinox yelled out that they need to hurry up & finish; their leader isn't sounding to good right now.

"Blackarachnia, we're trying to learn enough of this ship's medical equipment. You must finish the main repairs." Dive-Bomb insist that the she-spider quicken her paste without any delay.

"Ugh…Give me a break! This technology is 4 million years old. Give or take! It takes time!" Blackarachnia groans as she reports that this old spaceship is still functional at this time.

"Time you don't have, she-spider?!" Rattrap remotely stated that they are running out of time for Optimus while preparing his blaster to encourage Blackarachnia not to delay.

"You'll have to SHOT through me, Rodent!" Silverbolt steps in front of Rattrap to glare down, warning the bot to not shot the one he loves.

"DON'T TEMPT ME?" Rattrap got up at Silverbolt's face, feeling this close to shooting the bot that went crazy over a female Predacon.

"KNOCK IT OFF!" Rhinox yelled off that caused to end the debated discussion that Rattrap and Silverbolt had due to tension. "We got Bigger Problems." Rhinox issued off that there was a bigger problem to deal with then just fixing the great Autobot Leader.

"GROOORAARRrughhh!?" Optimus Primal made loud wailing sounds as many saw the bot's shadowy figure. The bot was trying to contain what is occurring to him as many watch a distance. There was some weird metal screeching sounds, something was going on.

"Big Bot….what's happening to you?" Cheetor asked off in not understanding what was happening to their leader.

"Jeremie, what's Optimus' condition?" Larkshot asked in sounding concern, knowing Optimus is not sounding so good.

"We're keeping him in check, we're trying not to approach for fear of anything that might happen." Jeremie called out while he and the other human children and young adults are doing.

"Hugh…" Aelita gasped in standing a bit back from Optimus.

"What's wrong Aelita?" Jeremie asked in seeing Aelita had a cautious look.

"Something…is happening?" Aelita spoke from looking a bit worried but concern. "Even being this close, it feels like untold abnormal energy is converging, adapting, and evolving within Optimus." The girl expressed what she felt, her ability to sense this was astonishing.

"How abnormal we talking about?" Ulrich asked with worry until he was cut off by something else occurring….

"Trusvhmmm…/Hugh-Ugh…." Optimus Primal yelped, as a split cut appeared on his right shoulder to lightly grip it, but…. "TRsisiivhmmm…/Ugh-Ugh, AAAAughhh!" Optimus yelps off in agony, as something began to happen…a metal wing was coming out of the bright glowing cut on the shoulder.

"Um, guys….is that suppose to happen?" Jin asked from feeling a bit surprised by what was coming out of Optimus' body.

"I don't remember anything like this ever happening before." Axel states in knowing that is not normal, it's not even apart of Optimus' usual metal body structure.

"URRrough…UUUArrughh!?" Optimus Primal was letting off agonizing cries, as few could witness what's going on. The shadow figure of the Maximal Commander's body seem to be…expanding at a growing rate?

"Oy-oy-oy, OY!? Is it me, or is he GROWING!?" Tytree yelps with widen eyes as he and the others stare at what's happening.

"This definitely doesn't seem normal? Unless he's having a weird Transformers' Growth Spurt?" William states on how this is not like a normal thing Transformers go through.

"I don't think this is a time to joke?" Sara reminds the guy that Optimus is dealing with a very unknown problem now.

"Sis, look…" Sora points in what else is happening.

"BReakfrushvmm…." Then as Optimus Primal held out his left hand, a shocking thing happened; it shattered to pieces to reveal a GIANT exoskeleton hand form. "Grruagh-HRugh-HRUUuaughh!" Optimus Primal lets off even more agonizing cries, as if feeling himself was being…torn apart.

"AAAhhh…A GIANT…HAND!?" Sissi screamed in terror, that was definitely unnatural.

"Uuurgh….okay, I think I'm gonna be SICK!?" Odd held his stomach in feeling like this twisted action was making him feel sick.

"Optimus! Please, you have to hang in there…don't give up! Just bear it a little longer." Aelita tried to encourage Optimus, worried if the Maximal Leader will be alright but can tell he's barely enduring as it is.

"I'M…TRYING…." Optimus groans to say while trying to endure more of this.

"Oh man, if they don't finish the repairs soon, Optimus might not even be himself!?" Jeremie was worried on how much more Optimus can handle what's happening to himself while containing Prime's Spark.

"URRaugh…URRrughmm….?" Optimus Primal continues to let off agonizing cries, the shadowy figure of himself continues to grow: The bot's body was changing during the intensive process that seem unbearable to watch. Everything begins to blank out, as no one could tell what was about to occur next…



The scene changes to what was the events from when the Maximals stopped Ravage and caused his Transwarp Cruiser to crash along with blowing it up. Right by that crash site, we see little mechanical lightbulbs with spider legs moving around, some were using tiny mechanical claws on their backs or sides to drag some wreck body parts. Much of the body parts belong to Tarantulas, as they were functioning for the creepy Predacon Scientist.

One to two of them ended up knocking into the severed wreck head of Ravage, causing it to fall off a cliff. "Splash!" Ravage's head soon lands in the water, where it seem to vanish.

The spider bots were scrapping together more missing parts to reassemble Tarantulas without being disturbed. Some bots eve had little carts on their backs to help with carrying the pieces. But while they were working, a signal came in on the Pred frequency.

"Attention all Predacons!" Megatron's voice was heard on the com-link for all Predacons around the battlefield to hear this message. "Pull Yourselves Together!" The guy's voice snapped forth in ordering his troops to get themselves together; both mentally & physically. "Our situation has altered?" Megatron's voice had a hush tone from mentioning this factor of what has occurred from the plan he begun was derailed.

"Hiss…." At this time, the cobra from Quickstrike was seen moving & hissing freely on it's own, searching around. "Hiss!" Then it responded off in ceasing it's slithering to stop; the area where the cobra head & arm part were disconnected from Quickstrike's body when he got flatten by a heavy tank rolling over him: namely by Rampage.

And back around the area of where the Transwarp Cruiser crash and blew up to where it's structure was all that remain. The smoldering cliff spots seen along with…a gray outlook on Rampage when a super powerful missile blew up and smack him into a large boulder. But then the guy's stuck situation was undone as he came off to fall on the ground; the indestructible foe remains still….

"Ooohhh…." We see Sky-Byte climbing up from the waterfall edge before resting a bit. "Sky-Byte to Sea and Ground Predacons!? Do you read me?" He taps on his com-link to reach the scatter units spread all over.

"Hey, easy there? My servos are still ringing here?" Terragator remarked from lying on his backside in the mud pit.

"Many of us are still in disarray, grouping is still difficult." Leatherhide inform the logic issue as he was busy gathering a few ground troops.

"Uurrgh…" Thunderblast pops out from the bottom of the waterfall. "You know, hiding in the water in a waterfall might not have been great during a storm? I still felt like I was hurting?" The fembot complained about what was happening to her

"Oh man, that was like a total Unexpected Round! And we got KO'd!" Bisk pops near Thunderblast in stating this gamer-like matter on how he saw the situation go down.

"That freak storm was bizarre, and unnatural, it nearly ruined my face!" Archadis protest from looking at a pool just to make certain he was still handsome.

"Forget about all that stuff and focus, you heard Megatron! The plan's been change. We need to assemble our scatter Ground and Sea forces and reclaim our base." Sky-Byte lectures the others on focusing on the bigger issue at hand.

"About time! I was getting tired of sleeping on dirt." Rime Walrus remarked as he slowly was leaving the mud pit after hanging with Terragator.

"Then….are we leaving the Maximal Base alone?" Manta Ray asked from seeing if they leave, they won't take possession of the Axelon.

"Megatron has given certain instructions, our flier troops will aid him but the Giant Predacons will remain here." Sky-Byte instructs on what was happening and who will go or stay behind.

"Aren't you the least bit concern about what that weird blue storm was?" Venomess raise an eyebrow in thinking something about this was not sitting well with them.

"Yeah! I felt like my insides were gonna end up on my outsides! It was really wild and crazy!" Hyena Quinn points out what she felt during that weird storm that pass by, though she was talking crazy but it wasn't completely nonsense.

"Sky-Byte, do you think that storm was by a natural occurrence, or did our leader have something to do about it?" Scylla raise an eyebrow in thinking Megatron might have trigger the weird storm.

"Best watch what you say Scylla, if Lord Megatron heard that you be on thin ice. Now lets get going!" Sky-Byte instructs everyone

"Fine, fine….no need to shout?" Snapper stated that they get the order.

"I'm going…I'm going…" Spittor complained as he and the others slowly were swimming away.

"Hmmm…?" Sky-Byte looks up at the skies, seeing the weird vortex not having vanished. "From what us commanders know, we are in an past of an alternate version of our prime universe, Nexus Earth. Lord Megatron wish to wipe out the next new breed of humans before they could cause trouble by aiding the Autobots?" The bot recalled certain things while trying to put the pieces together. "But what was it that almost made us vanish? I don't wish to doubt our lord, like my troops are doing, but even so…my curiosity is getting the better of me?" Sky-Byte felt like he was in a crossroad, uncertain of what path they are heading for.

Everything slowly goes dark around this time, as the Predacons are beginning to reassemble themselves…


The scene changes inside the Ark, where Rhinox is seen making some final setting works with the Repair Equipment.

"Circuit Regeneration To…" Rhinox was pushing with all of his might on the large red switch button downwards. "MAXIMUM!" He yelled off in having finally gotten the thing down.

The data screen showed Rhinox the rise measurements of the regeneration device. So far they were in the green in working to repair the data image of Optimus Prime's head.

"Ehh, ye gotta love these old machines? Heh-heh…" Rattrap smiled off to comment this as he, Cheetor and the other Maximals looked at the device fixing the head of Optimus Prime. "Crude…but ah, the parts are cheap?" He shrug off to lightly state how despite how old things are, it's cheap at least compared to what they have of today's age.

"If an yer gonna be jokin' the least ye can do is help out?" Volpex remarked to the rodent bot making jokes then helping out.

"Let's first focus on maintaining that all systems are working." Dive-Bomb instructs those to continue doing their own job.

Course while that was going on, Cheetor moved around to inspect Optimus Primal's condition.

"Guys…" Cheetor spoke up in suddenly getting some attention from what he saw . "Check out Big Bot?" A mixed voice from being stunt and surprised in what lies waiting ahead of them.

"What's wrong? Is he alright?" Gimlet asked in thinking there was a problem.

"I haven't heard Jeremie or the others say anything for a while?" Diver shake his head in not hearing if the situation got worse from Optimus' loud screams.

After what went on, some that took an interest to gather in seeing the situation from Optimus Primal undergoing through such tolerance. From all the moaning & groaning, & wail hollering ceased, and Optimus Primal's body seem to be smoking a bit, & it's because of a major new change in his entire frame body work.

"Big Bot?" Cheetor spoke off as he, Rattrap, Silverbolt, and a few other bots join the Lyoko Warriors and New Warriors in witnessing what's happen to Optimus. "H-How do you feel?" Cheetor slightly asked off in not knowing how Optimus was feeling at this time.

"Ugh…Urrruagh?" At this moment, Optimus Primal made some light moans from having come to his senses at last before he was seen slowly rising up. "Hrruagh…." As he was standing upwards, everyone was seen showing wide-eye surprises as they watch their leader rise up, but their eye levels were looking up to the ceiling.

"By the Matrex!?" Iron Duke gasped out loud in what they are staring directly at.

"Stompvhmm…" With a heavy metal stomp of a boot, everyone was staring at what was…a new Optimus Primal II. Standing before all was what some could describe, as a tall robot approximately 35 feet in height. The bot had a gold chest body and gold large mechanical hands. There were blue boot feet with feather toes, on the middle of the chest and arms were blue wheels that connect the red arms with a wing attached to it is placed out on his shoulder's edge. They were position on top of the shoulders to expose the gray elbow gear, gray leg bands on the red legs it seems. The chest even shows a glass case to be the lower waist underneath the chest, like something small could fit in there. The robotic head was something that resemble Optimus Primal's original style. Except it looks like the helmet had gold lines and pointed two line marks above while a blue shade was on top and had a mark vent horn in the middle. The face looked partially gray while having a blue mouth set under the chin and across the nose, and had green eyes that stared at the situation.

"In A Word…" Optimus Primal spoke off with a mix vocal cord being heard, having like a techno accent when speaking while everyone watches in utter wide eyes. "PRIME…!" He issued forth in sounding super serious & cross his arms, as if announcing that he was more then okay, Optimus Primal feels better then before.

"Woah! Optimus got MEGA Big!?" Jackrabbit exclaim in staring at how big their leader got.

"It's…incredible?" Ivor was utterly speechless in what he's looking at.

"This…there's no words to describe it? Except…unreal?" Jeremie felt completely baffled that this sort of transaction would occur.

"Woah boy! This here big fella sure as shootin' be feeling good from a big time upgrade." Jin grinned with joy, seeing Optimus might be tougher then ever before.

The Maximals and their friends were all too amazed in seeing that not only was Optimus Primal alright, he was bigger and larger then the average size bot. In fact, even among the Giant Maximals, Optimus was no small fry to fit right in. However, even as everyone was distracted, something interrupts this moment…

"But not for long!" Megatron's voice was heard across the distance, as everyone turns to see he, Shadow Panther, Drago Wing, Scorponok, and Inferno were in the room. "Noooo!" He protest forth in stating that what was good for those here, will not be for long. "This has been but…a temporary delay?" He was twiddling his left fingers in exclaiming that the plans he set, was only delay by the actions those presented here. "OPEN FIRE!" Megatron yelled out that they are to open fire on the targets without mercy.

"POW-POW!" Soon Megatron and his troops fired their charged blast & missile off in preparing to damage the good guys.

"Watch out!" Grizzly-1 yelled out in seeing incoming projectiles about to deal some damage.

"Stand aside!" Optimus spoke forth to the others before they could act.

Then Optimus Primal did something to respond in front of everyone, he shot off the two shoulder edges, & then transformed himself to his Beast Mode. To which as seen, he was a giant-size robotic ape of the same heights in Robot Mode. Seen with a gold chest body, gold large mechanical hands, and blue boot feet with feather toes. On the middle of his chest & arms were blue wheels that connect his red arms with a wing attached to it. He had gray armbands, and gray leg bands on his red legs it seems! On his back appear to be a red two gun set blaster with the middle thing to be a target locking devise. The head appears to look ape-like, blue face, red-pink eyes that came out after a red set of eyes for when he was scanning. His helmet looked like a golden base while his top had gray coloring to show a gold mark line crown it seems.

"STAB!/BAM!" Optimus Primal grabbed what he shot up, & then slam them apart to create a blast-proof wall to keep everyone safe as the shots imploded.

Watching this was Blackarachnia who looked away with a sly smile, seeing the Maximals keep Megatron busy. Then the she-spider transform to Beast Mode before crawling up the conceals to head for an air duct to slip away unseen.

"Wow!? When could Optimus do that?" Wingblade smiled in seeing what Optimus could dish out now.

"Seems it's a new trick he picked up." Snarl comments that when Optimus got a new body, came with some new feature works.

"I wonder what else he can do?" Razorbeast question about Optimus' new abilities.

During the moment the smoke was clearing, Optimus Primal transformed himself while making loud mechanical noises of a super heavy machinery at work; back into Robot Mode. Suddenly, Optimus brought out gun sets from his chest, and his flash targeting system was aiming in front of a bullseye spot: precisely on the front chest of Megatron.

"Gaughuuagh!" Megatron gasped from what he notice was a glowing target on his chest, this did not seem good from such heavy fire-power his old enemy was packing.

"NOT HERE!" Megatron looked up puzzled in what Optimus just said right now. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND!" Then Optimus started to stomp across the ground in making heavy steps to stand and then stared down to Megatron to listen to him. "TAKE IT OUTSIDE!" Optimus issues this demeanor out with his right elbow lightly shoving the villain.

"Grrrr…" Megatron was growling from being threaten by the big Maximal that was his mortal foe.

"Rhinox! You and the Medics keep those repairs going." Optimus turn to Rhinox to make sure, the repairs on the Autobot Leader continues without any distraction: their top priority is making certain Optimus Prime continues functioning.

"Me-Me-Megatron…What is that?" Scorponok yelps in staring at some new Transmetal Giant Bot.

"He looks familiar? Especially that facial design like I seen it before?" Drago Wing narrow his eyes in sensing he saw that style of facial expression from another bot: but where?

"It's Optimus Primal….he's change?" Shadow Panther raise an eyebrow in shock, that was the same facial design Optimus Primal had before getting a Transmetal body.

"Ah, now it makes sense. I see we have a new...Optimal Optimus, to deal with?" Megatron smiled off to rub his chin while lightly making discussion on gazing up at a new Optimus Primal II; bigger then the original, the size of an actual Transformer. "And carrying Prime's Spark as well?" He pointed down to the glass case spot that vaguely looks like a cockpit, was reveal to be housing what was actual the Spark of Optimus Prime which Optimus Primalwas carrying.

"I Said….OUTSIDE!" Optimus then leans down with his right elbow out against the Predacon Leader who held up his arms: yelling more loudly for Megatron to move this discussion elsewhere.

"You wouldn't DARE fire in here!?" Megatron spoke out in a snappy tone of calling Optimus' bluff about that threat. "It might upset history!?" He lowered his eyes in stating a fact, any damage inside the Ark, might cause another chain reaction like before with the Time Storm: which would cause changes to space, time and reality.

"We have 4 million years or more to clean you off the walls, Megatron!?" Optimus shoved his face closer in a serious demeanor before adding this to top things off. "I MIGHT risk it!" He issued off with a glare that if they have to clean up the mess, then so be it.

"I will Protect You, ROYALTY." Inferno stood forth in proudly about to lay his life down to protect Megatron from the new Optimus Primal.

"No Inferno, not this time!" Megatron snapped off to shake his head 'no' on the subject that he will not be needing such aid. "This is not the end of it, Optimal Optimus! No-o-o-o…" Megatron stated this to shake his head about this not being over, not by a long shot. "The universe coward once, at the name of Megatron, and it shall do so AGAIN!" He glares in making this decree while yelling out the last stuff of what will happen as it was from the past generations ago.

"Freedom is the 'RIGHT' of ALL Sentient beings, Megatron!" Optimus proclaimed the rights for all beings, every creature deserved freedom: not incineration or destruction by those looking to conquer them.

"Then they 'BETTER stay outta my WAY!" Megatron snapped back at Optimus with his own remark to that statement of wanting anyone that gets in his way to move or else.

"Ohh For BOOTIN' Up COIL!" Rattrap finally had enough of this debate issue, as he walked up besides his leader to complain that this was taking too long. "Well you just SHOT Him!?" He raised his arms up to ask they shot first and get it over with, this wasn't getting anyone nowhere.

"I'm trying…" Optimus looked down at his friend while his targeting light still flashed on, as he replied to that statement! "NOT….To resort to that!" Optimus turn to Rattrap in shrugging off the shoulders that he's trying to get this settle, without resorting to collateral damage within the Ark of their ancestors.

"Duuaghhh, then 'I' WILL!" Rattrap moans at having heard this before pulling out his blaster to aim and about to fire at Megatron instead.

"Bangrufruvhmm…./Nooohhh!" But then Optimus yells while whacking Rattrap away with his giant yellow hand, as the rodent's shot was fired upwards & miss the target while the rat skid on the ground

"Waspinator...Cover Fire. Do it!" Megatron quickly speaks into his left wrist to use the com-link to contact another Predacon outside: taking advantage of the distraction.

Outside of the Ark, Waspinator was seen viewing the outside of the situation. With Waspinator was Q-Bee and Absol, followed by the other Predacon Fliers: Lazorbeak, Manterror, Buzz Saw, Jetstorm, Fractyl, Archadis, Raid Jango, Terrorsaur, Buzzclaw, Sky Shadow, Injector, and Blitzwing. They were ready to engage in Megatron's cover-fire plan.

"It appears that was the signal?" Calm Blitzwing stated on what they received. "THEN LETS ASSAULT ALREADY!" Rage Blitzwing shouts from being impatient here. "Hehehehe, I call the ship's rear side!" Crazy Blitzwing laughs off like a lunatic.

"Arrrrugh! Just fire before we get yelled at!" Terrorsaur squawks in wanting to hurry this along.

"POW-POW…/BOOM-BOOM!" The Preds soon fires off their separate attacks that exploded above the cave pillars, that caused them to drop & impact on the Ark. The sudden quake caused everyone to yelp a bit, but then when Optimus Primal lost his balance, he almost covered half of his team & allies.

"Fallback! Now's our chance!" Shadow Panther instructs to the Scorponok, Drago Wing and Inferno on them needing to leave.

"This place remains a target, Optimus!" Megatron issued this off after having transform to Beast Mode about the value of the Ark. "I…Will Be BACK!" He issued this with a stern tone of coming back to finish what he started as he and his troops leave the area.

"Ugh….good thing Optimus didn't land on us." Odd groans from moving off the floor from the shaking, glad he wasn't caught under a falling Optimal Optimus.

"I hate to feel the weight he's gain." Axel replied off to lightly joke on the same idea.

"Probably over tons!" Jin replied lightly on agreeing to the same idea.

"But why are they leaving? What are they going to do now if they wanted the Ark?" Sissi question the enemy's change objective.

"Hugh! Not the Ark!? Our base? It's unguarded?" Optimus held out an arm in stating this to his crew & friends about their base: they left the Axelon unprotected. "Don't let him escape!" He gave the order that they can't let Megatron leave here to attack their base.

"Oh man, maybe we should have not all left the place unguarded. The Shields and Sentinel are offline after that last attack." Bonecrusher exclaim with worry, after surviving the combine attacks from the Preds and Ravage's ship, the Axelon lost it's shields and their defense system is offline so it won't be active at this time.

"If the enemy takes our base, we will lose much to hold out in the coming battles." B'Boom states in realizing they need a stronghold to survive in the long coming war, if the Axelon is taken it could be bad for them.

"You heard Optimus, move!...MOVE!" Rhinox lectured off from above the repair equipment: encouraging the rest to go. "I can handle this!" Rhinox pointed off that he can handle the repair duty for Optimus Prime while the others deal with the other matter.

"I, Shellter, Liepard and Volpex will stay, we need to make sure the Ark's repair equipment can still function." Dive-Bomb inform the others on where they will be doing.

"I'll stay to provide any aid on using this tech." Longrack inform the rest of where he will remain.

"Then lets go before it's too late!" Tytree insist that they quickly move while there's still time.

Everyone was getting themselves up from the situation of having felt the Ark shake from a cave in plot. And now they gotta stop Megatron from taking out a base of operation to turn the tides of the war.

"Hugh, Blackarachnia?" Silverbolt huffs a bit after getting up to notice; someone was missing.

"Already 'Gone', Bone-Head!" Rattrap lectured off to Silverbolt of who has also left them after that distraction. "What say we do the same?" He shrug off lightly in stating they get going as well.

"But…why would she leave?" Aelita ponders the she-spider taking off without a word after helping them.

"Let's ask questions after we get through the situation now." Yumi insist to the pink haired girl they ask later.

During the motion, Optimus Primal suddenly jumps upwards without warning. His body begin to shift around, going through a mechanical shift transformation at this time. When he was done, a loud sound was heard that everyone preparing to leave turn around to stare at what was Optimus' next NEW Mode: and boy were there some excited smiles from the group.


Outside the Ark, Megatron was seen with Waspinator and the others who transform to Beast Mode, while Inferno and Raid Jango flew with their jet thrusters. They were leaving the Ark after giving the Maximals the slip with a head start.

"Congratulations: Maximals." Megatron remarks with a narrow eye and dry tone. "You and your allied friends shall have the honor of becoming the 'First' Cybertronian and Human…Fossils." He issued off coldly with a wiggle of his fingers that everyone shall be buried and before long, whoever discovers them by future generations will spot their fossil remains.

But as Megatron was hovering ahead, he never noticed that something was behind the Predacons planning to escape. We see Silverbolt on the right, Cheetor on the middle, & Rattrap on the left, they were all riding on top of a…Plane-like Vehicle: which was actually Optimal Optimus. The guns are located on the back, the legs and feet are position like rocket engines. The glass case waist part was the prime head, kinda like for a plane in where a pilot sits in. The only difference of this plane-type model is that the arms were stretched out in front while the wings were spread, allowing easier movement of arms and hands around now. We even spot Megatron looked back to suddenly go wide-eye in seeing…an unexpected sight: Optimus Primal has a bigger appearance, with a new additional transformation, and he's brought some backup. And from behind Optimus, we spot the other Maximal fliers: Ivor, Wingblade, Larkshot, Iron Duke, Zephyr-1, Salvage, Blaze-Wing, Wing Saber, Beetleborg, Air Hammer, Noctorro, Streamline, Lockjaw, and Skystorm. Along with the Lyoko Warriors and New Warriors on their own flying devices.

"Bam-Bam, Bam-Bam!" As Megatron & his forces made it out of the cave entrance, many transform to Robot Mode to fire their weapons at the entry spot. That much rubble was gonna cause another cave-in to bury the targets and seal the way out.

"Deeeh-Deeeekh?" Rattrap yelped from the falling rubble that was hitting around them. "Ah, Oh MAAAAN!" He exclaimed off to sound like he's gonna moan here. "I hate to say it...but we're TRAPPED…like RAAAATS!" Rattrap issued off from being caught in a bad situation, inside a mountain volcano that's about to bury them alive.

Optimus Primal transform to Robot Mode, then has them all stand together on the ground. Then the Maximal Commander uses his new wing edges to spread over himself and the rest of the Maximals and friends. The Maximal Commander was protecting those from being buried alive.

"Stay close Maximals! That goes for the rest of you too!" Optimus issued this off towards his Maximals and friends he's protecting against falling debris.

"Thanks for the save, but what about the Predacons?" Sara question about those that have already left them.

"They've block the entrance." Sora points out that they have to dig their way out like before.

"Leave it to me. It's Time to Transform And Roll Out!" Optimus issued off to say this in what it's now the time to do here.

That's when Optimus leaps up to make a grand transformation into what became like a…Tank-like Vehicle. The arms & hands are put together in the front, his chest glass case waist out front above the two merge wheels behind his closed hands. On top of the back was the gun set, legs facing down position were in the back, as they had two wheels out on the side. Optimus begins to roll out like a truly heavy arsenal tank about to go into battle.


The Predacons outside of the rumbling mountain that they had blasted to bury their enemies, some transform back to Beast Mode or Vehicle Mode to fly off.

"Ha-Ha, Heheheheaahhh…." Inferno was seen laughing it off evilly as he headed off first: followed by Waspinator, and Megatron in the rear.

"Hmmm, Lord Megatron…isn't that…?" Drago Wing spoke while carrying Shadow Panther in noticing someone below.

"Grrough-Huaaagh!" Megatron gasped off in what he saw just now below him to his right side. "YOUUUU!?" He pointed his right metal T-Rex finger at something while sounding, very upset.

At this moment, Megatron transform into his Robot Mode, as he lands on the ground. There he found Blackarachnia in Robot Mode, as she tried to get out, but her foot was stuck under heavy rubble. Clearly outside debris that fell when the Predacons tried to bury the Maximals.

"Uuugh…Aaaugh!?" Try as Blackarachnia groans to free herself, she paid attention towards Megatron, her Ex-Leader. "What did you expect, you Metal-Megalomaniac?" Blackarachnia protest forth with a glare remark at the growling Megatron who was looking very displeased. "What, that I would die for your INSANE ambition?" Blackarachnia protest that there was no way that she was gonna allow Megatron to destroy Optimus Prime to change history of events involving the Autobots: because she cease to exist without the her Maximal Protoform having been made.

"POWFruvhmmm…." Just then, a loud sound was heard as all sides turn to notice that something bash it's way through the mountain of rubble. "TOPfurhvmmm…" It was Optimus Primal in his Tank Mode, as he skids around to re-adjust himself. Noticing that trouble was coming, Megatron turn his focus on those before him.

"Then or now, Blackarachnia. There will be no more BETRAYALS!" As Megatron was charging up his tail-grappler weapon in sternly stating; he will never again deal with those that betray him.

Blackarachnia looked worried in seeing Megatron was seriously about to shot her with a charged attack at close range.

"POWfrushvmmm…/GYYAAAARrughhhh!" Megatron fired his attack; which was followed by Blackarachnia's screams heard out loud.

The Maximals & the others soon came out with the bots transforming to Robot Mode. But they slowly heard the moaning cries of someone that was shot.

"Uuuuagh…Uuoooogh-Wwwoough?" The moans were those that belong to Blackarachnia as Silverbolt recognized them.

"Blackarachnia…?" Silverbolt turn in having heard the she-spider's screams, something was wrong.

"Over there!" Wingblade points in seeing the action away from them.

With the deed done, Megatron soon converted to Beast Mode with his hover function to take off. Leaving behind Blackarachnia who lay out cold on the ground after being damaged by her Ex-Commander for betraying Megatron the last time.

"Drat! We just miss them!" Larkshot cursed in just missing to catch the enemy.

"Worse! They're heading for our base!?" Cheetor exclaimed in seeing where the Predacons are heading in such a general direction.

"Which means no time to lose." Optimus issued forth in getting serious, they need to quickly pursue the Predacons before they reach their base. "Cheetor! Larkshot! Wing Saber! Streamline! Beetleborg! Lyoko Warriors and New Warriors! You're with me." Optimus turn to point off in issuing that he'll need those that can keep up with him. "The rest of you stand guard, we can't risk any surprise attacks for Megatron to reclaim the Ark." He gave the orders on those that would remain to keep this place safe.

Then without warning, Optimus quickly jumps up into the air. That's when he quickly shape-shifts his mechanical body to transform into his Jet Plane Mode. Just before blasting off at max ignition speed after the targets in the air.

"Jumpin' Gyros! Optimus sure learns a new body fast." Cheetor exclaimed off in amazement, Optimus seems to have gotten a handle on a new body change already.

"Yeah, well, whadda'ya expect?" Rattrap shrug off to lightly state in what they expect from their leader. "Tehh-heh…He changes 'em often enough." The rodent made a funny pun joke at this moment about how many bodies Optimus Primal changes from the first, then the Transmetal, and now this new Transmetal appearance. Pretty much a drum beat was heard in the background following up on such a joke.

"Hahahaha, wow, that does sound very true. Considering when we meant him, you told us he came back in a blank Protoform." Streamline held her gut from laughing at how funny the rat bot's joke made sense after thinking about it.

"Enough joking around! We still got work to do!" Skystorm informs those that they have to focus outside the issue of how many bodies one has gone through.

"Oh, right? Now get moving! All of yah!" Rattrap turn to Cheetor and the others that needed to quickly follow after Optimus Primal; posthaste.

"He's right! We can't waste any time. We have to hurry." Aelita nods in knowing they have to get going to watch over Optimus.

"You sure Aelita?" Ulrich look at the girl if she was serious here.

"Yes! Optimus can take care of himself, but he's carrying the Spark of the Autobot's Leader." Aelita inform those of what Optimus holds that's of grave importance. "We have to help keep it safe."

That was when Cheetor, Larkshot, Wing Saber, Streamline, Beetleborg transform to begin flying off while the Over-Vehicles got summon to give the Meta-Human kids and teens a ride. The others that got left behind watch those follow after Optimus' lead.


Back inside the Ark, we find Rhinox struggling to push up another red flip switch with all of his might before it was done.

"Armored Construction - Commencing…" The repair system announced this as the screen displayed the repairs on Optimus Prime's head.

"Just a few more cycles should do it." Rhinox issued off to say this while punching in a few more buttons to get this system to work. "Now if Optimus can bring that Spark back in one piece?" He issued off in sounding concern about their commander bringing back the Spark of Optimus Prime, & intact to be return to the owner's body.

"Everything seems to be running smoothly." Shellter smiled with relief on how nothing was out of the ordinary.

"Nothing wrong with the ship's functions." Liepard wiped sweet off her forehead after checking that everything is running smoothly.

"Well then, seems we might just make it." Volpex exclaim on seeing there be a bright side to their effort, since their survival depends on it.

"That depends, Opimus just left, we can't finish without him and the Spark." Dive-Bomb inform the young medics about what they are missing.

"Yo ah, Big Green! Everyone! Eh-heh?" Just then, Rattrap's voice was heard over the com-link system with a light chuckle.


"Ehhh, I don't mean to interrupt?" Rattrap issued off as he's seen outside in reaching to Rhinox. "But I think the Bird-Dog's got a….situation here?" The rodent lightly shrug off to say in what was going on as he spoke.

And that was when we focus on what was going on. Silverbolt was helping Blackarachnia up from her damage that Megatron gave her. It almost resemble a noble knight kneeling to gently hold up a fallen maiden who was hurt.

"Oh Blackarachnia…oh dark poison of my heart. Abide with me yet a while?" Silverbolt spoke off with noble words in asking for Blackarachnia to not leave him.

"Ugh, you got a way with words, Rover? Ahhh…" Blackarachnia looked to Silverbolt in being a bit surprised by such words while aching. "You almost make me wish…I was a better girl." She issued in feeling she could be someone better then what the she-spider is now.

"But you are. For the last moment, you made a stand against evil." Silverbolt spoke with such refine words of being truthful & honest of how one stood against an evil action then be apart of it.

"Duuuagh…I was saving my own shell…" Blackarachnia groans in remarking about why she did that: if Megatron change history, she would never exist either.

"And with it, the universe!" Silverbolt held out his left hand in issuing that the she-spider saved more then herself, she saved many lives. "And me, my companions." He issued this forth in knowing that without such a deed, none of them would be around. "Understand this, like never before…my life…my heart…are now yours." He issued off that he's giving something special to the she-spider that helped done so much for them: his devoted love.

"Ugh….really mean it, don't you?" Blackarachnia asked in feeling so surprised, aching still but felt touch by such words.

"With All My Spark." Silverbolt nodded his head in being sincere in his words.

"Uuuagh!/Trriss…/Uuuuaaah?" Blackarachnia yelped as she felt her circuits failing from the damage she took much to Silverbolt's notice.

"Blackarachnia, please….join me!" Silverbolt held Blackarachnia, requesting this favor in plead of his natural feelings. "In this last dark moments. Say that you will be a Maximal?" Silverbolt requested this forth that he wants Blackarachnia to join their side then be apart of the Predacons anymore.

"For you Rover, I join your side?/Trisss…/Aaaugh?" Blackarachnia issued forth to say this in her tired and weaken state to say these words while barely hanging on. "But as…a Predacon." She issued in what she wants to remain as she is. "Goodbye." Blackarachnia spoke her last words before suddenly, she shuts her eyes as her systems shut down.

"Guuuagh…Blackarachnia?" Silverbolt shuttered in what has transpired here, he holds the she-spider close to him while on the verge of tears. "NOOOOOUURRRaughhh-AAAAAoooowwwww…." Then we see Silverbolt making a long wailing cry up to the heavens as he howls. "OOOOOWWwwww-AAAaRRRrroouuwww…." Finally, Rhinox, Dive-Bomb, Blaze-Wing, Noctorro, Lockjaw and Rattrap arrived at the site in witnessing this scene of a teary soap-opera moment.

"Yeeeeessssh!?" Rattrap shrug off in having to see such a farfetched issue. "Where's my Cyber-Violin?" He even made a pretend joke comment in looking like he play a violin over this touchy scene.

"Heh, probably busted from everything else that went down." Noctorro shrug off the shoulders to lightly joke about such a thing. "Too bad the others had to scout this volcano, they probably be surprise by the drama here." He stated how Silverbolt and Blackarachnia were making such a scene.

"Very touching, Silverbolt." Rhinox rested his hands on his waist in staring at the bot that was making a scene. "But she's 'just' in Stasis-Lock." He shook the head in reminding the Fuzor, that Blackarachnia was not dead, just out of action for the time being until she gets fixed.

"Awww, I for one thought it was rather romantic." Blaze-Wing felt like teasing those having such a romantic moment.

"Hmmm, but maybe we should help out?" Lockjaw nods a bit while suggesting they help out.

"Yeah…so if ye can eh….stop Crushing her to your Manly Torso plate for a while…?" Rattrap replied off to say this in acting out with a goofy tone to make the expression of a male holding a beloved close to one's chest. "What say we START the repairs?" He rest his hands on his waist in stating they get started on helping fix the fembot after Silverbolt lets go of her.

"Oh?" Silverbolt yelped in suddenly realizing what was going on & realizing his own situation as well. "Cough…yes! Um, very well." He clears his throat in looking to the rodent in speaking diligently about the matter of helping one who is not gone for good.

"Then let Rhinox and myself check her systems. Even if she's a Predacon, that doesn't mean we don't share the same designs." Dive-Bomb insist on working to help fix the damages Blackarachnia has suffered.

Rhinox leans down to inspect Blackarachnia's damages with Dive-Bomb beginning the analysis. But the big green bot's focus was shifted to the outskirts of where their crew & allies went off towards.

"Hurry back with that Spark, Optimus." Rhinox whispered this off in prying that their commander brings the Spark of Optimus Prime back soon. "Or none of this will have mattered at all?" He looks down with a grim expression of knowing if they can't return Prime's Spark in it's rightful place, even fixing those hurt won't matter if history is changed and they cease to exist.


The scene shows that Optimus and his group were flying across the swirling skies; as if an omen was display to state that the future of a change in history was still endanger. But ahead, we spot Megatron and his fliers, as they were flying in the direction of the Maximal Base. However, they were not aware that some Maximal company was behind them. Waspinator took a little turn of his head to peak at what was behind them, and then casually turn back as if continuing to move on till…

"Murrrrph!?" Waspinator yelped in being wide-eye in realizing…someone was actually behind them. "Oh no?" He lightly yelps in feeling that this may not be good; the Maximals have caught up.

Then as Optimus flew overhead while Cheetor transform to Robot Mode. "POwfruvhmm…" Then fired a join arm shot directly at the target.

"BAmfruvhmm…/DRrruuugh-Brrraaaurrgh!?" Waspinator was shot suddenly that he was spinning out of control downwards.

Inferno turn to notice & gasp lightly, that their enemies had caught up to them. "Guuuagh-Uuuagh!?" Inferno yelped as Cheetor dive-bombs into him, taking him down. "CRASHPOwfruvhmmm…" And Cheetor really brought down his opponent to smack dab into the ground where they both were.

"What's happening?" Lazorbeak looked back in seeing Maximals showing up.

"MAXIMALS!?" Terrorsaur cried out while looking a bit worried here.

"Let's go somewhere else!" Wing Saber exclaim as he transform to Robot Mode to fly faster.

"Wha…?" Fractyl was about to say but was cut off before he did.

"POW!/ARRRughh!?" Wing Saber soon charges to plow himself against Terrorsaur, Lazorbeak and Fractyl as they screamed. "BASH!" That's when the four ended up bashing right into rocky wall side.

"Sorry fellas, but you'll be dealing with me!" Larkshot issued in spreading his wings out before performing a Swallow Dive move.

"BASH!/WAAaaugh!?" That's when Larkshot used his wings to plow down with Buzz Saw, Jetstorm and Buzzclaw. "CRASH!" They were crashed between an open wall crater, it was a tight squeeze but they won't get out anytime soon.

"Don't leave me hanging!" Streamline grinned as she too transform before using her speed to catch the enemy off guard.

"KICK!/NRRUUARRrugh!?" That's when Streamline delivered a kick to Raid Jango to bring him down to the ground. "CRASH!" And crash the Pred right into a crack crater to keep him pin.

"HAVE AT YE!" Beetleborg yelled off a battle cry as he was dive-bombing from above.

"GYAAAAAahhhh!?" The screams of Manterror, Archadis, Scorponok and Injector when Beetleborg used his huge body to drop on them. "SMASH!" And slam them hard into the flat ground while transforming into Vehicle Mode, acting like a heavy tank that's hard for them to squeeze out from under.

"ONE!/TWO!/THREE!" The Lyoko Warriors and New Warriors did a countdown before launching their own separate attacks.

"KABOOM!/UUurruagh!?" The combined attacks from the Lyoko Warriors and New Warriors dealt a heavy blow against Drago Wing, Sky Shadow and Blitzwing as they plummet down from the air.

Megatron noticed that his forces were thin out, as he transforms to Robot Mode while he hovers in mid-air. Optimus Primal rapidly transforms himself to Robot Mode, but stares down at his mortal enemy who aims his weapon at…Prime's Spark he still held.

"GRUuuaurgh!?/STAB!" Megatron yelps when his weapon was snatched by a faster Optimus and swung his right hand with the tail-grappler into Megatron's hover blade function. "GRUUAARRrughhhh-AAaahhh!" Megatron was heard screaming as he was suddenly plunging downwards without anyway of keeping him in the air.

"It's Over NOW! Megatron!" Optimus hovers by his feet while he yelled out to gaze downwards and rest his hands to his waist; declaring that the enemy's plan was a bust.

"IS IT!" Megatron yelled back up in rhetorically stating if things were truly over. "Rampage! As I instructed to you and the others." He speaks into his left wrist as he plunges to give these orders out to his other solider while falling. "NOW!" Megatron yells this off as he was seen but a spec heading to the ground; but his words sounded serious to the point that the next act, was just beginning.



Meanwhile, the scene changes to what we're now seeing…Tank treadmills were rotating as they were moving to get going, but they were not going anywhere while only slowly moving. The next seen was actually a long lash of a rope that rose up & became tighten.

"Greeee-Ruuuarrughh! UUuuooghhh!" Now we see that Rampage was in his Tank Mode, as he was struggling to pull something.

"KAPowfruvhmm…." Something was happening, as we see that the Maximal Base was being pulled out of the lodging of the mountain canyon walls as it broke free.

"PUT YOUR BACK IN IT!" Hardshell yelled out to those that are not doing enough work.

"Nrraaaugh….Why we get this of all assignments?" Transquito groans in feeling this was a real struggle to put them through.

"Just do it!" Growler snaps to have the others continue to do their part.

"GRrough-HRruueeehhh!" Rampage continued to make loud struggling cries as he was trying to pull the ropes on his side; and with aid from many of the lightbulb spider mechanical things aiding too. Some of the tiny things were pulling forward, others tried pulling backwards. We even see Transquito, Hardshell, Growler and Volga pulling the base from the air. But as the camera zoomed out, we could see…that the Maximal Base being pulled to become detach of it's mountain resting place.

The scene shifts showing something quickly flying at a fast speed, as it was Optimus Primal. The Spark of Optimus Prime was still inside Optimus Primal while in Jet Plane Mode to fly, as he keeps it safe. Tagging along were the Lyoko Warriors and New Warriors, the rest of the Maximals were keeping the extra Predacons off their backs for the time being. Soon flying downwards, the scene shows that the Giant Predacons were trying to pull the Maximal Base off it's canyon resting spot over the waterfalls. Much of the weight of certain boulder spots began to break off from the movement of the base, as large rubble fell into the bottom of the river below.

"The base! They're trying to steal it!?" Sara gasped in seeing what was being done to the Axelon.

"Can they even do that?" Sora ponders if it's possible to move an entire ship of this size with the current muscle strength of the enemies here.

"No….it's located above a waterfall. If they pull it out that carelessly without considering the terrain, it could fall into the sea below!?" Jeremie protest in having done the math that where they are located could endanger the Axelon in more ways then one.

"Then let's not wait around to find out what their intentions are!" Optimus issued forth in not about to wait and find out before charging ahead of everyone.

"POW-POW-POW-POW-POW-POWvhmm…." Optimus Primal was using his current guns on his back to fire off charge shots without warning. "BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAMfruvhmm…." They were exploding around the area of what Rampage's crew were trying to do; some hit the lightbulb spiders or missed them.

"WUUAgh-AAAugh!?" Rampage yelped to stop in looking up at who was suddenly attacking them.

"The MAXIMALS!?" Transquito yelled out in seeing who's come to stop them.

"Wait, there's only one bot and some humans?" Hardshell raise an eyebrow in only seeing one Transformer out of the rest.

"They're Meta-Humans! Rampage! Stay here and finish the job!" Growler issued before giving the orders to those that will fight.

Soon the fliers left Rampage after undoing the ropes tied around them. Many transform to Robot Mode to begin an aerial battle against those trying to stop them.

"I shall enjoy this battle!" Volga exclaimed as he was wielding his Flame Spear. "The First to STRIKE, WINS! HRUUAGH!/FUUWWWhhh…" That's when the bot throws his spear at full strength towards Sissi' Magic Carpet with the Sumdac Sisters.

"WATCH OUT!" Aelita shouted in seeing who was not about to withstand that attack.

Aelita quickly pushed those in the line of fire away, but the spear went through one of her wings. Causing the pink haired girl to lose her ability to maintain flight, slowly descend down to the ground. Aelita crashed down, but fortunately with one good energy wing, kept her from suffering too much.

"Aelita!?" Jeremie called out in seeing the girl was hurt. "You….ELEMENTAL: ICE STORM!" Jeremie channel blue energy into his staff while announcing this attack.

That's when Jeremie unleashed his full powers into firing a chilling blizzard at Volga. The brutal Pred withstood it, but his body was slowly being covered by ice until enough cover him that he plunge to the ground. The enemy hit the ground hard, but remain in one piece. Jeremie was panting because that move took a lot out of him, but his guard was down that Hardshell was about to attack the boy's blindside.

"HUUAARRrughh….Hugh!?" Hardshell yelps because his body was glowing white, and he was not moving. "WHAT'S GOING ON?" He roared in looking at who was doing this to him: the culprit was Yumi focusing her hands to her hand to use her Telekinetic ability.

"Uuuugh….GUYS HURRY! I CAN'T HOLD HIM FOR LONG?" Yumi groans in struggling to maintain her hold on Hardshell.

"SWORD BEAM!/CROSSBOW!" Ulrich, William, and Odd unleahsed their respective attacks at the frozen target.

"KABLAM!/HURRAAAAARRRH!" Hardshell yelps out as the attacks blew him right out of the air.

"POW…BAM!/AAAahhh!?" But then something fired an explosive that knocked the Lyoko Warriors off to lose themselves falling.

"I got'cha guys!" Sissi used her Magic Carpet as Sara and Sora grab the gang before they could get hurt from falling from such a height.

"You will not stop our objective!" Growler protest as he aims his blaster in preparing to finish the children.

"Hey ugly!" That's when Growler turned away from striking the children to be facing against the Optimus, Axel, Tytree and Jin. "Why not pick on someone your own size?" As Axel taunts, Sissi, Sara and Sora quickly aid in helping to carry the injured away for a brief moment.

"Who, you?" Growler remarked in not about to be frighten by mere Meta-Humans smaller then him.

"The name's Axel…Got It Memorized?" Axel points to his noggin in wanting the enemy to at least remember who he is.

"It won't matter for long…" Growler protest in not caring to remember the foes before him. "You and whoever this Maximal is, will not stop our mission." He points in wanting to finish Axel, Tytree, Jin and the mystery plane bot.

"Hey Optimus, leave him to us, you go stop the work done at the base." Tytree asked the big bot to go ahead of them.

"Alright, be careful." Optimus replied before igniting his engines to head for the Axelon.

"Wait, Optimus….as in the Maximal Commander? That was him!? HOW!?" Growler looked back in surprise, he let Optimus slip by and he was not the same as before.

"We'll answer that after we give yah a wee taste of our combine effort!" Jin grins in deciding to perform a combo move the trio worked out.

"PLANT-FIRE TORNADO!/POWFruvhmm…" That's when the New Warriors performed their signature moves to combine into a tornado with flammable plants swirling inside.

"NOT AGAIN!?" Growler roared as he brace against this attack coming in. "BAMvhmm…/GAaaarrrughhh!?" The attack hit Growler hard to throw him across and crash on the ground.

The battle seem to be going alright, most of the Giant Predacons had been dealt with. But we focus on seeing Aelita slowly waking up to move herself on her feet.

"The base….I have…to help…" Aelita struggled to keep her balance while closing her eyes to focus her ability from being close to the Axelon.

Soon we see Optimus Primal did a tactic motion when flying towards the last obstacle left., He turn to his side, and flies down in a vertical airplane path. His left wing was used as a cutter to snap off the ropes that was pulling the Axelon.

"WRUUOOAARRguhhh!" Rampage roared off in fury, as he transform to Robot Mode to face. "WHO ARE YOU!?" Rampage worked hard only to see his efforts wasted, who was getting in the way of destroying the Maximal Base.

Now entering the area where Rampage stood while the lightbulb spider bots fled, was Optimus Primal. "KURPOwfruvhmm…" Optimus was seen transforming into Robot Mode, & landed on the ground with a heavy 'thud' sound. The Maximal Commander was seen standing tall & battle ready to be face to face against any 'big' opponent of the Predacons.

"Wuuaaaawwww…Uuuuaaagh?" Rampage looked from bottom to top in sounding in 'awe', because he sees it's Optimus Primal: but can tell that the Maximal Commander has had a 'BIG' change to be even taller then he is. "BWAARRRughh!" But Rampage then brought out his triple barrel missile launcher, not caring how big Optimus got, just means a bigger target to him.

"PUNCHfruvhmm…" But a determine Optimus put his new big body to use, as he swung his right fist to punch Rampage in a faster motion before being shot at.

"GRUUARrughhhh…/KLUpvhmmm…" Rampage yelped in smacking into the ground to cause a large dirt spread from skidding backwards from that strong punch. "GWUuuuarrrughh?/POWFruvhmmm…" Rampage groans from the aching pain before he came to a stop against a structure wall; but not before he shot off a big missile.

At this moment, Optimus Primal stares in shock in seeing what was coming at him; a destructive missile shot. Staring down at his chest, there in the glass case was the pulsing Spark of Optimus Prime; if that attack hits, the history events will be under siege of another Time Storm that will alter everything once again.

"AAaahhh…." Then an angelic voice was heard behind Optimus to see that Aelita was making a digital pathway to keep the base from falling…

"AELITA!?" Optimus alarm the pink haired girl without warning.

"Hugh?" Aelita cease her ability, which left only parts of the Axelon secured as the digital make-up became solid.

Time slowed down, because now if Optimus moves out of the line of the missile, it will hit Aelita. And this missile had enough force to possibly do it if the girl had no time to defend. Optimus thought of knocking the missile away, but which path considering the Axelon was to the left of him. But to the right side, were the Lyoko Warriors that were being treated. They couldn't escape an incoming missile either. Between saving Prime's Spark or losing the lives of the human children, Optimus Primal had to go with neither and chosen an outside option. Before the missile reach the Maximal Commander, Optimus used his best decision to raise up his left guard wrist to protect Prime's Spark.

"TOpfruvhmmm…/GRUUuaaurrghh!" During the action, the attack was bounced off it's line pattern, but the impact was enough to knock Optimus off balance; as everything was happening in slow motion. "BASHvhmm…" He skid across the ground on his back while his size decease back to what he was earlier, before Optimus suddenly was out cold at the time.

"OPTIMUUUUUUS!" Aelita cried out before rushing to his aid, ceasing her Creation attempt to save the Maximal Base.

However at this moment, the attack that Optimus Primal deflected away from him and from heading straight for Aelita, instead went straight towards the rocky support structure underneath the Maximal Base. "BOOMFruvhmmm…" The impact caused a big explosion that was a big flashy one, as afterwards, the structure was gone, and the debris fell from what kept something up. "KAMPOwwfruvhmmmm…." The entire rear-side suddenly lost it's only support, the ship's front side bashed hard on the edge of the waterfall that caused a large size quake in the area. The entire canyon was cracking from a large weight that was breaking the ground, as it was beginning to crack to almost fall into the river below. During the same event, the Maximal Base was seen & heard screeching as if it was stretching out from it's welted hold; as it was splitting down the middle. "Boom-KABOOMvhmm…/TRziziizvhmm…" Sparks & explosive actions occurred before the frontal portion of the base was breaking off to lean off the edge of what was corridors & other electronics. Suddenly, it could not handle the weight, and the frontal portion broke off to deceased down to the river…

"CLOPssvhmmmm…/NOOOOUUUAAaaaahhhh!" The sounds of what crash into the bottom river, Optimus Primal suddenly regain himself to yell this out in despite of what was occurring before his eyes.

Suddenly, the rest of Axelon began to suddenly tip off from it's weight unable to stay and was about to plunge too. At this moment, Cheetor, Larkshot, Wing Saber, Streamline, and Beetleborg flying within the air, until…

"Gyaahh-hhuugh?" Cheetor stops and lets off a gasp in shock, as he saw what was happening to; their home.

"OUR SHIP!?" Larkshot cried out in what's happen to the Axelon.

"OUR HOME!" Streamline cried out in horror of what's happen.

Soon the entire Axelon of what remains began to move in motion without any balance. It soon came off the last hold of where it stood. "KUR-SPLASSSShhfruvhmm…." All that remain fell down to where the last part of the frontal Maximal Base went, but it went into the water then on a rocky surface. The sounds of gears grinding & metal bending, much of what was the Maximal Base was in the water; and a large amount of bubbles of air escaped from it, as it sank into the bottom depths of the sea.

"Uurrgh…Mission accomplish…Return to BASE!" Growler groans while giving the order to all the other Preds nearby.

"BREAK!/ARRrughh!" Volga soon broke free of the ice prison that encase him. "Until next time!" He issued in looking to his foes with not wanting to cease his urge to do battle.

"You not seen the last of us!" Hardshell proclaim that they will meet again.

"Now, you lost it ALL! See yah!" Transquito remarked in taunting those after completing their task.

"BWAARRrughh…." Rampage was seen standing upwards in having made a loud shout out in waving his arms in making a cheer. "Hahah…Hah-Hah-Hah, Hahhahhahahaaah…" With his last wicked laughter heard, Rampage then leaps off the edge and dives down to the water; seemingly vanishing from sight.

After Rampage hit the water and the other Preds flew off, Optimus, his Maximals along with both the Lyoko Warriors and New Warriors gathered around the cliff of the waterfall. The horrors that remain of only very much few bits of the Maximal Base remain out above then having sank into the watery seas…

"The Axelon…!? What have they done to our home?" Streamline looked down very sad that their base fell.

"Those fiends…in the end, the enemy didn't care about having the base. They intended to remove it to weaken us!" Beetleborg clutch his weapon in feeling enrage of this dirty and fowl play.

"They succeeded, without a base, we would be expose targets." Wing Saber shook his head in knowing they need a place to defend, or else they'll be picked off one by one in the open.

"Talk about your Crispy Ice-Cold Slag?" Cheetor shook his head off in feeling that what was the feeling right now, was a cold blow to them: the Axelon crew had just suffered a major lose. "What do we do now, Big Bot?" He turn to Optimus Primal in wondering what they do now; with their home gone.

"Hugh….for now?...Regroup." Optimus Primal makes a deep sign from also feeling how disturbing this was for them to have lost so much, all they can do is regroup with everyone. "And return a 'Precious Cargo' to it's rightful vessel." He waved to the Spark of Optimus Prime, knowing that they must return that which belongs to a bot of great importance.

"Prime's Spark!" Larkshot looked in seeing they managed to keep one thing from harms way.

"Well, at least we're still alive then disappearing, that's something that counts?" Streamline smiled slightly, knowing if the Spark got destroyed then they wouldn't be standing here complaining.

"Optimus, I'm sorry…if I was not in the way? I…I thought I could save your ship…" Aelita looked down in sorrow, she tried to help but became expose to danger even if she was not intentionally meant to be the target.

"It's fine Aelita…" Optimus rest his giant hand on the girl's backside gently to ease her worries. "I don't know if I could have dodge it fast enough. But I do know this…I made a choice, I protected the Spark, my friends, and you, from being lost." He states on having made a choice that he wouldn't take back if it meant saving the lives before him.

"He's right Aelita…" Jeremie approach Aelita to help her out. "We may have lost the base, but we didn't lose those that are important." He agreed on Optimus' logic on how to view things on those still alive.

"Everyone….thank you. And thank you as well, Optimus." Aelita wiped a little tear before she held Optimus' large thumb to hug it, thanking the bot for what he's sacrificed.

"Hmm…" Optimus nods his head in full agreement. "Alright, lets head back to the Ark." He instructs those that they are to head out to rejoin the rest.

Without much else left to do, Optimus, and the Maximals transformed into their Beast/Flight Modes. They all flew off in the direction of where the rest of the Maximals are, which is by the Ark. But as everyone was seen taking off, no one saw that something was hidden above the location and was spying on them; it was…a reassembled Tarantulas.

"Teheheeheh…Kehahahahahh…." Tarantulas began to let off an evil cackle in seeing that things were about to get…very interesting with the change of the war. Everything began to fad out around here, as many things remain unclear of what will happen from now on.


The scene changes to where something was seen coming out of a device that seem sealed around something. That was in fact, the repair equipment, as it was opening up to reveal; a repaired head of Optimus Prime. At the same time, Optimus Primal opens his glass case from the middle area of his chest in Robot Mode, to let the Spark of Optimus Prime come forth. Then he held the two halves of the Spark Holder with his big fingers which were the middle, index and thumb since they were very big, as he place Prime's Spark in the holder. It let off a bright glow that emitted in the area, as Optimus Primal slowly lifts off by his boots. All of the Maximals watch this is silence. Even the slowly recovered Blackarachnia watch this display while on Silverbolt's lap, as the two look to the other in amazement of what they are seeing.

"Woah…" Jackrabbit was making a loud sound in being awe-inspired.

"Shhh, Jackrabbit…" Jack-Tool hushed the little Maximal, because this was a very important matter.

Soon Optimus Primal lets go of the Spark Holder, as it slowly hovers off to return into the chest compartment of where it originally came from; Optimus Prime. "Beep-beep, beep-beep, beep…" The beeping noise cease being heard of a life-alerting notice, and then a surge of energy course around the location. Aelita soon flies up to Optimus Primal, as both watch the union of Spark and Transformer.

"It's done…" Optimus signed with relief that the worse has pass.

"Hugh…Optimus…look!?" Aelita gasped before sensing something else occurring.

Suddenly without warning, an unknown event happened that left many in a surprise motion; the eyes flash a bit before glowing with the head leaning upwards. It's as if Optimus Prime was slowly awakening at this time. The tension was rising, this awe-inspiring moment that was making so many curious for thought, was Optimus Prime about to awaken now and for him to meet the Transformers from the future? Even meeting the Key which was Aelita now. Optimus Primal stared at Optimus Prime in wondering: will Autobot Leader be awake now? Even Aelita was near in sensing how much she knows the Autobot, will this be the moment. But then within Optimus Prime's optics, that glowing light began to swirl off before vanishing while sounding like…something that was gonna be active went off without warning. And so, Optimus Prime's head leans upwards from where it started from, as if nothing had happen to him from the beginning.

"Hugh…He's back in normal Stasis." Rhinox makes a heavy sign of relief in seeing what has happen here with the leader of the Autobots & ancestor to the Maximals. "And reality has been restored." Rhinox explained forth that with Optimus Prime the way he is, the course of reality is as it should be: unchanged & undisturbed.

"All systems are running as they should, the repair equipment will function as it's suppose to when the time comes." Dive-Bomb

"Yeah…." Rattrap replied off in agreement to the matter. "And now all's we gotta do is 'KEEP' it that way for the next couple of MILLION Years!? Teh…" Rattrap waved off the arms in making a rhetorical statement in keeping the peace of their sleeping ancestors undisturbed until the time they do awaken, history will be on course. "Sheesh…no problem?" Rattrap huffs off in making a sarcastic joke of how they got a really top mission assignment, which in truth…is no easy request.

"Will it really be that long?" Terra-Lock asked in thinking that's a long time to be doing this.

"Seeing that Nexus Earth is connected to the Prime, even if this was an alternate universe, if one thing slips up…" Bantor explain the basic view on how one thing is connected to another, so if something occurs where they are…

"Then it affects reality too. And we just got through in saving ONE of the Autobots who if they vanish, effect everything BIG Time." Polar Claw states on how they almost had felt history change if they lost even one of the older Transformers.

"And the Ark is filled with those that play important roles." Fox-Paw looked at the other Transformers in deep Stasis Lock.

"Even the Decepticons?" Torca asked if they were alright letting the Decepticons be despite the trouble they cause in the Great War.

"That seems right. Even if they are the enemy from back then, if we mess with them now then we're no better then Megatron." Dragonzor shook his head in knowing they can't just do as they wish, they be no better then the enemy messing with time and reality.

"Yep! And it's gonna be tough doing this job 24/7…." Rattrap shrug off his shoulders on the heavy burden they gotta carry. "Huuugh, course it's not the easiest job to do." He signed to shake his head, knowing that keeping history from altering is no picnic.

"Rattrap….is correct." Optimus Primal hovers down to land before making this surprising agreement on the rodent's point of view.

"Really!? Cheddar-Breath is right?" Jackrabbit raise an eyebrow in thinking that's a crazy thing to hear.

"HEEEY!" Rattrap protest in what the small Maximal Cadet had gone and said about him.

"The first thing we have to do, Maximals." Optimus addressed this off to all of his crew to listen up.

"Geh-huuumm…." Someone clears their throat to catch Optimus Primal's attention; it was Blackarachnia that earn the attention because she was an acceptation to everyone else.

"And Predacon." Optimus corrects his addressing of those present that was not just limited to his own crew.

"Don't forget about us!" Odd spoke up in not wanting to be left out of this.

"Odd!?" The rest of the Lyoko Warriors group felt like that was a bit rude.

"Don't worry, I didn't forget our human friends. Everyone is involved in what we must do." Optimus spoke in knowing he wouldn't forget the human allies.

"What's that?" William ponders what Optimus was going to talk about here.

"Can you tell us?" Yumi asked in wanting to hear this too.

"With our base gone, our new place to operate has been settle now." Optimus inform those here about what they must do after losing the Axelon.

"You mean, setup shop….around the Ark?" Ulrich raise an eyebrow to look around, thinking they move into this area.

"Precisely, that is our next course of action. Is fortify this place!" Optimus grip his right fist, as he issued this off in sounding very serious of his decision about what to about securing and protecting the Ark. "Megatron will be back." Optimus stated that with the enemy vowing to return to get to the Ark, they must do all they can to prevent the enemy from having their way. "So start rounding up all the salvage you can find!" Optimus made this very firm & clear order of what they need to do; gather up salvage parts from what was left of their old base.

"You mean from the Axelon?" Jeremie asked in recalling that's the only place Optimus could get some salvage parts from.

"We did see some portion of it stuck on some rocks and didn't sink. Some of it can still be used." Aelita thinks carefully on what they saw to believe what Optimus suggest can work.

"What about the rest?" Sissi asked in knowing that's only the half portion of the Maximal ship.

"It may have sunk and got drifted…the Time Storm was still affecting everything. It may even take some of our Aqua Maximal pals time to find it's precise location." Streamline explain the difficulty of what happen and how things may need time.

"Then we'll get what we can." Optimus informs everyone here to pay attention. "So that this place can feel like home…For everyone…Be it Human…Maximal…even Ex-Predacons, we'll make it work." The Maximal Commander was very clear on what he wants from everyone present: with enough said, the scene slowly fads out…


The scene shows Optimus Primal's hand slowly pressing down on a big red button, as a mechanical response was heard from activating something. A long extended cable was seen flashing it's emerald lights through a connection system, as it went upwards towards a spot in the volcano mountain were what was the frontal portion of the Maximal Base; was made standing & lights flash on around the spot by an open tunnel path. Next came deep blue lights on a connector cable that went across a different direction, as we zoom to focus on the base. From what was done, much of the command center was there. But with a change in where there was a walk path for the other Maximals while there was a large hole to a second level platform that reach the center command console that had an active generator; which made a monitor out for someone as big as Optimus Primal to work on from where he stood. The other Maximals helped to activate the rest of the console monitors on the sides, while some station around the table.

"A few adjustments, and we'll be all set." Aquarius smiled after she just about finished her work.

"Indeed…we can only hope…" Trans-Mutate replied while sounding a bit sad about new arrangements.

"In due time, maybe." Jeremie stated to say as he and the others approach. "And we did find something else?" Then the Lyoko Warriors revealed a familiar gynoid body that had some seaweed.

"That's…my old body?" Trans-Mutate spoke with Artemis' voice, sounding pleased to see a familiar sight.

"Now it will feel like home." Jeremie smiled in knowing that they recovered a few things to help make this place feel more like home to those living here.

"Everything all good?" Optimus asked how things are working out.

"Yes Optimus, we're nearly finished." Aelita nods in approving that everything was going well. "All things considered, how do you feel about a change of scenery?" The girl asked what the Maximal Commander thought.

"All I can say about this place, is just this…" Optimus spoke in having only one thing to say now. "We're moving in." Optimus Primal declared forth with a small eager smile escape from his expression.

The Maximals are now setting up a new base of operations; within the volcano where the Ark is. All to keep it's contents safe from their enemies and the future as well. The Beast Wars are about to enter another stage, not just who will survive, but now with the Ark being the reward to those that win the war have made the stacks rise even higher. As the scene fades out, what the future may unfold can lead to any number of events to come that will make a new history on Nexus Earth.

NOTES: Many differences in this chapter compared to the episode. The first being more characters.

And secondly and major focus, what outside choices could Optimal Optimus do in such split-second timing with an incoming missile while carrying Optimus Prime's Spark. So I added in that instead of ducking or dodging, he had to defend not just the Spark but someone behind him and those on another side. Thus cornering while making the toughest decision to give up the base to save the lives.

1st ANNOUNCEMENT: Now for the big focus for all fans to pay close attention. Just like how everyone enjoyed Season Two, there will be many I'm certain have ideas for some OC Maximals & Predacons. And I will say that for the many that I couldn't have appear before the end of Season Two, I will make sure they appear in the early beginning. Other Transmetals and Fuzors. Then once that's done, it'll be time to move onto the next stage that becomes introduce from 'Feral Screams' which everyone is looking forward to. Yes, the Transmetal IIs! I've come to understand the ways it occurs, both newly active bots and already active Transformers. So while there are some Transformers that are expected to become Transmetal IIs, that same also applies for the OCs. Namely, fans that have their OCs in this story can decide which ones are gonna get a shot to become Transmetal IIs.

Noted Fact: Transmetals are marked by a mode-based inversion of biological and mechanical elements, but Transmetal IIs have those elements blended in equal parts between both modes, results being an asymmetrical, patchwork jumble that is frequently rather monstrous. A more advanced degree than Transmetals, Transmetal IIs exhibit a degree of 'supernatural' power, such as rapid healing or telekinesis. (The glows of using supernatural powers can occur in the Sparks and/or eyes) The only downside is lacking a Vehicle Mode.

2nd ANNOUNCEMENT: There's also the manner of 'Sides' during the Beast Wars. Just as we seen Dinobot and now Blackarachnia change sides to join the Maximals, there are some Predacons that will become Maximals. (Some even learning about their own lives would be erased to feel a bit considered about following Megatron?) Now there are seemingly two ways that it can happen: being label an Ex-Pred or go through Reprograming. Now apparently Fuzors are still Maximals but their errors have them choose to be wicked, bad, or just go along for the ride of being a Predacon. By the end of the war (as some known) there will be those that quit being a Predacon, but there maybe others that do this beforehand. For others that truly want to become a Maximal, can either go through a Reprogramming or go offline permanently and be reactivated as a Transmetal II (like Blackarachnia's case).

3rd ANNOUNCEMENT: Now this one's extra important, because it's about the 'Aftermath' or 'Fate' to focus on. Many characters that near the end of the Beast Wars, reach a path of what happens to them: Destroyed in the War. (Some might be revived, depending of the Transmetal Driver in the area, etc.) Survivors that end up Remaining on the planet or go back to Cybertron. This is where decisions can be made of what the OCs that fans request to appear, now they can decide what happens.

Note Inspiration: Picture it as something similar to Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals Game. The PS1 version had two Endings for both Maximal and Predacon sides. The N64 had individual stories for each character plus their own Endings. The indidvidual endings can be like Waspinator who remain on Earth, only more focused on other characters.

Extra Announcement: I recently been asked about Magmatron being involved? And apparently while I never had plans for the guy, it seems I may have a way to get him involved in the third season. Also, I have a plan which will involve Tigatron and Airazor gaining their Transmetal bodies, but…in a special event after the Tigerhawk intro (there will be much scenes with him before Season 3's finale). As for Inferno and Quickstrike, they might be revived? While Depth-Charge perished with Rampage, there maybe a possiblity he can come back (such information will remain unknown for the time being) And lastly, an idea to bring in Primal Prime to the picture.

Oh, and for XANA, he'll have his own role and event that's in-between Season 3's finale with a special original chapter addition.

-Transformer OC Create Work


Function: (Maximal Or Predacon)

Switch Sides: (Ex-Pred Or Reborn Maximal)

Transmutation: (Transmetal II)

(HOW TO BECOME A TRANSMETAL II: The way to become a Transmetal II apparently involves the Transmetal Driver (AKA Datasphere by the Vok) which gives off the same type of energy/radiation as the Quantum Surge, perhaps in a stronger dose. There are acts that can occur that brings about Transmetal II creations. First: If the Driver is near a Stasis Pod and before the Protoform becomes active, seems to give the bot be it Maximal or reprogram as a Predacon the Transmetal II body. Second: If a bot gets a full dose of the Driver's energy, can turn them into a Transmetal II. However, if the process is interrupted may cause an accident which may lead to damaging the bot's outside structure or have some internal damages depending on the level. In some cases if it works, some trace of Transmetal II may cause mutation reactions until it becomes permanent. Other side affects might result in becoming 'feral' which reacts to the Spark until treatment is performed. Third: If near a decease Transformer body or even using a Blank Protoform with cells from another decease bot, may result in creating a Transmetal II version of that bot be it Maximal or Predacon. The only difference is that if it's a blank Protoform, even a revived bot can be reprogrammed into a Predacon. While an actual body can be revived completely as a Transmetal, even overcoming a Predacon Reprogramming to be reactivated as a Maximal.)

Beast Mode: (Appearance)

Robot Mode: (Appearance)

Arsenal: (Weapons Of Use?)

Bio: (Info About The OC)

FATE: (What becomes of the OC when the war is over? Terminated/Deactivated: Explain what happen that either a Maximal or Predacon lost their life. Stranded/Remain On Nexus Earth: Explain if some bots never return to Cybertron due to circumstances. Like Predacons could start trouble or that 'someone' (AKA, a bot that was believed destroyed, is not and is as treacherous as a spider) may take Megatron's place to lead them, forcing some Maximals to stay behind to fight. Maximals wishing to live life on a new world. Or some Predacons wish to stay on the planet then return to Cybertron as criminals while some Maximals will remain to watch over them and help them get use to peace. Trip To Cybertron: Some Maximals wish to see their home world. Some Predacons are either captured or are cooperating to head home.)

*Noted Fact: The reason I setup the Fate thing is because there are so many characters and OCs, it's hard keeping track. So fans that have wish their OCs to appear, I thought this could help settle some accounts. After all, we are reaching a lot of Transformers. Especially if the case ever arrives of me making a Beast Machines Fanfic in the future.

Well now that we covered up enough about this, took a lot of time to figure much of it out in planning, etc. And we can now focus on the next thing. In the next chapter, while gathering more materials to help fortify a new base and guard the Ark, the Maximals require their human friends to get more from Antigo. But panic has not left the hearts of the people of what was occurring from the Time Storm. And many of the Maximals scatter in search of other Stasis Pods to hopefully increase their numbers to protect the Ark. But the Predacons are not far in also recruiting new troops. But as things stand, Aelita still feels herself in a complicated state being so close to the Ark and those inside that can tell her more about herself. What sort of things can happen? What new faces will enter the war? Better stay tune to find out…Because the Beast Wars is about to enter it's third act of where those that change events I nthe past, can change the future…