A/N: I figured I'd give this story one last update and make it a two-shot. This chapter is short and not so sweet.

Harry decided to have another round of fun with Romilda. He offered her another chocolate bar and soon she was following him to the room of requirement. She seemed even more eager than last time. Harry had to push her off her a few times to stop her from jumping his bones right there in the hallway. They got to the room and ran inside. Harry lay on the bed and took off his clothes. Romilda hopped on the bed and started kissing him. Harry shoved her off. "What's wrong? Don't you want me?"

"I do," said Harry.

"Then let's get started." Romilda leaned in, but Harry put his hand up.

"I want you to do some thing first," said Harry.

"Alright," said Romilda. She took a step back from the bed. "Like what?"

"First I wants you to show me your boobs," said Harry.

"No problem." Harry was impressed by how fast Romilda was able to remove her top. He was even more impressed by the size of her breasts. He knew she had a sizable chest, but he was still blown away by the heft of those dark mounds. Romilda seemed to notice Harry's amazement and she beamed with pride. "So, is there anything else you want me to do?"

"Yes," said Harry. "Spit on them."

"Spit on my boobs?" said Romilda.

"Yes," said Harry. "Spit on your boobs."

"Okay." Romilda did as she was told.

"Now, rub it into your skin," said Harry.

"If you insist." Romilda began rubbing her breasts slowly, making circles with her hands. She started with her right boob and then her left. They rippled as she rubbed them. Harry watched as her nipples hardened. Eventually, Romilda was finished rubbing in the spit. Her breasts now glistened. "That's done. Do you have anything else you want me to do?"

"Yes," said Harry.

"What?" said Romilda.

"I think you already know what that is." Romilda smiled and got down on her knees. She grasped Harry's already hard member and shoved it between her cleavage. She took her hands and squeezed her globes together, rocking his member between them. Soon, the member was completely enveloped. Romilda began lifting her breasts up and down the shaft. Every so often, the tip would appear at the top of her breasts. Whenever this happened, she would lean her head down and French kiss it. Harry's heart beat uncontrollably when she did this. Some precum oozed out of him, which she lapped up. "Oh baby you know what I like."

"You like fucking these titties?" said Romilda.

"I most certainly do," said Harry.

"Do you like this?" Romilda began to move her breasts faster up and down the shaft.

"Oh yes!" said Harry.

"What about this?" Romilda put her mouth around Harry's tip as it peaked out from the top of her breasts and gave it a mighty suck.

"Oh god yes!" At that moment Harry came. He blasted Romilda's mouth with his seed. She looked up and smiled, some of his seed dribbling out of the corner of her mouth.

"That was fun," said Romilda.

"Yes," said Harry. "Let's do it some other time."

"Whenever you want," said Romilda.

"Well, I'll have to get some more chocolate first," said Harry.