"Chuuya~" A whine from a boy dressed in black annoyed Chuuya out of his wits.

"What?! We're currently on a fucking mission!"

The Mafiosi looked at the partners with confusion. Their expressions are so laughably good.

"So… This is the double black?" The horde of Mafiosi said at the back of their minds.

"Damn it Dazai! The enemy's here."

"Eh?~ But I still wanna mess with Chuuya~"

"The actual fuck?"

The port mafia goons got no other choice but to protect those port mafia top brass from the enemy's flying bullets.

Did they really bring Port Mafia to its highest glory? These two brats?

After a minute of bickering, they finally dropped their childish demeanor.

"Let's go, Chuuya."

Then something unimaginable happened. Well, unimaginable but expected. They're are the DOUBLE BLACK in the first place.

They spelled doom, literally.

Darkness engulfs the whole place, including the enemy's lifeline. Black… That's the only visible hue in sight.

In the center of that immense and dense object, there lies Chuuya, writhing in agony, eliminating the enemies out of his view.

Blood gushed from his mouth, his eyes, and even his nose. His ability might be destructive but it takes a toll on his body.

Corruption. The tainted sorrow's true form.

He's made as a weapon, to keep Arahabaki, the god of destruction, contained and under control.

He might be one of those ten calamities that might destroy the world. Who knows? Only time can tell.

When viewed from the onlookers' perspective, he seems so terrifying. Something out of this world, inhumane, a possible threat, and a harbinger of danger and death.

But a pair of sinister eyes saw it from a different angle.

He's just an insecure child.

He just wants someone to treat him as a human, and not as a disposable tool.

He's just a man who's afraid to lead, still frustrated with his former organization's demise.

Dazai saw it all.

Chuuya is Chuuya.

Not a vessel for Arahabaki.

Not the king of the Sheep.

Not one of the Port Mafia's candidates for being an executive.

Not as a tool that brings destruction wherever it goes.

He's just Chuuya. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And for him, that's the only thing that matters.

Chuuya already built his own identity, someone that he should be proud of.

He's such a fashion icon.

He's becoming a good and promising leader.

His special inclination towards wine.

That identity is someone that he wants to treasure, someone whom he wants to hold close.

And the identity that he longs to live on in someone's heart.

He wants to be remembered.

Not as a vessel.

Not as a weapon.

But as Chuuya, and the characteristics that he built based on himself.

And Dazai accepted it all.

All. As in everything.

Chuuya's inhumanity included.

During their Port Mafia breaks, he grabbed Chuuya's right hand, intertwining his with it. He plays with a small scar engraved in Chuuya's right wrist to always remind him that he's human. Much more human than what Chuuya thinks he is.

Chuuya is Dazai's most treasured human. Probably the most beautiful human that he ever saw.

And the human that he wants to live with for the rest of his life.

What's that emotion swirling inside his chest? Ah… Yes, that must be love that everyone's talking about.

That clichéd word repeatedly used by a lot of people.

He never thought that he might get caught by that cursed four-lettered word but now here he is, enslaved by that same word with one syllable.

And seeing Chuuya like that, in the middle of that dark void hurts him. A lot.

Oh… So he's capable of feeling those things? He never knew, not until that very moment.

He wanted to hold him, touch him, and claim him.

Through him, he's able to feel those human emotions.

When he's with Chuuya, his humanity was brought into emergence. It's always there, his humanity, but he's just too good at hiding it that even himself couldn't find it.

And Chuuya found it for him.

Dazai could no longer watch his partner suffer inside that darkness, the darkness that he hates the most.

In just a simple touch of a bandaged hand, a rampaging beast can be tamed.

But wait, it's not a hand.

Dazai leaned closer to Chuuya and he claimed his lips.

At that moment, the void starts to dissipate. Chuuya's corruption marks ceased existing. His eyes turned back into blue, and the first thing he saw is Dazai, kissing him beneath the moonlight, kissing him in between the debris and ruins caused by his corruption.

Without even realizing it, Chuuya responded to that kiss.

And Dazai's lips, it's too warm, like of a human.

Dazai's known as the Demon Prodigy of the Port Mafia, someone to be feared and respected.

He's cold-hearted, they say…

But how can they explain the warmth that Chuuya felt from him?

Dazai's no demon, but a human.

And to Chuuya, that's all that matters.

Minutes drift into space and Chuuya's strength ran out, probably because of corruption. Their lips parted and Chuuya's body was about to kiss the surface but a hand stopped it from collapsing.

Dazai, then allows Chuuya to rest on his lap like they always do. He ran his fingers on Chuuya's reddish long hair, attempting to calm Chuuya's heart from the fear that corruption caused him.

"Dazai…" He heard Chuuya whispered his name. He's still sleeping though. Probably, he met Dazai on the land of dreams, annoying him like always.

Dazai let out a smile, a genuine smile that rarely comes out from his lips. "I'm here, Chuuya."

They're the Double Black, the most terrifying rivalry in history.

One is a demon, and the other one is the destruction…

… But they are each other's favorite human.