Her Little Secret

By: Escarlata

Toei owns Precure, plot is mine

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Honoka raised her eyebrows and then frowned, a slight signal from the anger boiling inside her stomach and her chest. Those girls called her, three first-years with a showing off aura and an obvious bully's behaviour, asking her something about the Science Club was their excuse to make her follow them and being alone behind one of the secondary buildings.

The young scientist, a full second-year student, couldn't believe there were still those kind of people. By the way, they weren't the first mean students she faced, neither the last ones, but Honoka could handle them without any scandal.

"See?" The trio taller girl showed Honoka a short video in her phone, a video of Nagisa and her kissing and in a hidden alley near the school. "If you don't want us to upload this video on the internet, just be good and become our errand girl, senpai," she said with a cruel smile, her two friends laughed, arms crossed.

Honoka relaxed her eyebrows and took out her phone from her pocket, she didn't say anything for some seconds, then looked at the girls and smiled sweetly, but her smile didn't feel sweet or nice at all.

"If you allow me to say this, the quality video is fantastic, the close-up isn't blurry, you really worked hard on this one, don't you? Is that the new cellphone model, right? Maybe I should get one for me, we never get a nice photo or video of us making out," Honoka said with the same smile, not even back down. Honoka took two quick steps towards the tall girl and faced her, their noses almost touched, their were almost the same height. "Could you share the video with me, please?"

The other girl almost jumped in surprise and backed down. "Cut the crap! I'm being serious, Yukishiro! If you don't...!"

"I'm serious too, my dear kouhai, I'm being serious right now," her smile widened with a real but quiet threatening presence, her voice raised its volume firmly, sounding almost like a soldier. Honoka got close to the tall girl again, the other two girls backed down too and Honoka looked at them, still smiling. "Maybe one of you two could be kind enough and share the video with me."

"W-we don't have it! Just her," said one of the girls. Her weak spirit was pretty obvious, there was no lie in her words.

"Don't think you can scare me!" The boss girl exclaimed, but her attempts to get over Honoka were useless. She could almost feel her breath on her face, the first-year shallowed.

"Oh, don't worry. I don't want to scare you, I really want the video."

"You.. You freaks! I'm also going to send this to the teachers and everybody! I'm going to...!"

Honoka smiled even more, then took the girl by the cheek with her free hand and looked at her eyes. "Do it. Do it now, let them see how much we love each other and show them your jealousy because you don't have someone to love you like she loves me."

"You..." The bully felt her nose touching her senpai's nose, but Honoka' smile and gaze were cold. The poor girl trembled with real fear. For everyone in Verone High School, Yukishiro Honoka was a kind, reserved and smart student, always following Misumi Nagisa. Everyone jokingly said that they were a couple. The bullies didn't choose Misumi because the lacrosse player looked tough and dangerous because her physical strength. She thought it would be easy to mess with the calmest of the duo.

Everybody knew Nagisa was the strong one, but they didn't know Honoka was the dangerous one. Few people knew the real Honoka: her childhood friends, (obviously) Nagisa and the poor souls who tried to pick on her before those three girls.

The tall girl didn't notice when Honoka snatched the phone from her hand and took two steps away.

"Just let me send the video to myself and I'll give you your phone back, okay?" Honoka smiled at them. The phone was still unlocked and she quickly transferred the short video to her own phone. The tall girl tried to get her phone back, but Honoka avoided her with swift steps.

After failing her first try, the first-year chooses the physical violence and tried to slap the older student.

Bad idea.

A very bad idea.

Honoka quickly walked around to take a short but safe distance without dropping the phones, then she used her foot to strike harmlessly in the back of the girl's right knee. The next moment, the tall first-year student was laying face down on the lawn with Honoka sitting on her back and making her a wrestling brace using her lower body.

A random bully was the same to nothing compared to the Darkness trying to destroy the world, twice.

"Make a move and you won't be able to use your arms for two weeks, it's a promise," she said to the girl and used a light pressure with her legs to mark her words, the tall girl cried in pain. Honoka looked at the other two nervous girls. "The same for you, move a finger and she will pay it."

"You can't do this to us, I'll tell the teachers!" The taller girl exclaimed but she still didn't move an inch.

"Please, tell them, tell everyone in the school, I don't fucking care," Honoka replied with a serious tone. Then smiled when she finished transferring the video to her phone. The scientist gently put the other phone on the grass near its owner, she stood up while watching the video with a smile. "I don't fucking care about you or any other ignorant people like you, got it?"

The other two girls helped her friend stand up.

Honoka didn't give them a chance to say anything else, now her smile made them uncomfortable.

"If you excuse me, I have better things to do with my beloved girlfriend, I don't have the time to deal with morons like you," she was the one who started to walk away. "Oh! I almost forgot...!" Honoka made a pause and looked again at the three girls, this time she was frowning. "I don't care if you pick at me again, I can deal with idiots by my own... But if any of you dare to go near to Nagisa, I will crush you. It's a promise. Did you hear me?"

The three girls shallowed, they couldn't say a word, but suddenly Honoka raised her voice to the point to made them jump in fear.

Honoka was able to cause fear when really she wanted to.

"Did you hear me!?" She asked again out loud.


"Good girls. Now if you excuse me."

Honoka bowed politely and walked away, she managed to delete the video and its backup file from the girl's cellphone.

Nagisa was waiting in the main entrance, Honoka smiled at her and took her hand to go to the Tako Cafe.

"Hey, Honoka, what did those girls want?" Nagisa asked with a big smile, she was happy because she had money to spend in takoyaki and chocolate parfaits.

"Oh, they just wanted to know about the activities in Science Club, but I don't know if they will join."

"Luckily your club has enough people, it's pretty popular thanks to you and Yuka senpai," said Nagisa with a bigger smile.

"Thanks," she answered with a small smile. "You guys also have no problem recruiting new players, the team is pretty popular with first-years thanks to you. You are the best, Nagisa."

Nagisa blushed. "Come on, Honoka, it's still early to make me compliments!"

"Oh, Nagisa," Honoka laughed. "It's never too early to compliment you! You're the ace, the fastest player, the strongest forward, you know about strategies and..."

"Stop that!" The lacrosse player blushed even more.

Honoka smiled. "Make me."

That was a challenge.

Nagisa shallowed and frowned in a very cute way, Honoka almost melted in love at the sight of her lovely girlfriend being embarrassed.

"I can't believe this," Nagisa sighed and took her girlfriend down an alley out of sight. She hugged Honoka and smiled. "You really like to make me blush."

"You can make me blush too."

"I know," the sporty girl smiled and kissed Honoka.

Honoka kissed her back.

No one would bother her dear Nagisa, she will protect Nagisa's kind heart and bright smile even in the shadows.

"Do you want to try a photo of us kissing?" Honoka asked and left the word 'again' in the air.

"Our photos are always out of focus," Nagisa complained. "Your lips distracts me. I only can think in the kiss when we kiss. The last time you took a bad photo of my head and a stray cat near the corner!"

Honoka kindly laughed. "We need new cellphones with a better camera. Do you want to go to the mall this weekend? Let's invite Hikari."

Nagisa smiled. "Of course!"

And they kissed again.