Arthur was silent as he watched the people through the window. With a sigh, he leaned against the frame. A sad smile on his lips.

How peaceful they look, able to interact with each other without worry. His fist balled slightly. He could feel a pang shooting through his heart and he knows that he is only torturing himself.

He would never be part of the normal people and it doesn't matter that he wants to have friends, someone that would just accept him for him. But that wouldn't happen soon.

Arthur forced himself to take a deep breath when there was a knock on the door. "Yes?" He could hear the tiredness in his voice.

George easily pushed the door open, bowing in front of Arthur. "Sire, the king wants to see you immediately."

"Thank you, you are dismissed." Arthur looked at the ceiling for a brief moment. The cracks were nothing new but at the same time, it still amused him.

With a sigh, he started the short journey to the council room. He immediately noted that the guards were agitated, they look restless and immediately Arthur had an idea of what was going on.

When he got close to the council room door the guards pushed the door open for him. Uther didn't bother to glance to see who had walked in.

He just continued to pace the length of the room.

"There was an attack in a village, just outside of Camelot. I want you to gather the knights and go and help them." Uther glanced briefly at his son. A frown on his face.

"Do you have any idea who it was?" Arthur kept his voice neutral, even though he was curious about why Uther would want to help them.

"From what the reports said, it seemed something like summoning magic." There was something mad in Uther's voice.

The realisation hit Arthur, that it was just Uther's way to continue his fight against magic and he couldn't help but hate it. Most of the time are they friendly, but Uther's continuing attack against them, made them hate them.

Arthur turned around walking back, before he could reach the door he turned back to Uther, his eyes were trained on the stone floor and for a moment the thought raced through his head that it might be better to just leave this, but something in him screamed to fight against this.

"Just remember that you are no king without people to serve you." Arthur gave Uther another glare before he closed the door behind him.

It took nothing more than a few minutes to gather the knights and a few guards and soon they were in the stables getting ready to go.

The sun shone into Arthur's eyes when he looked up to the castle. Hatred coloured his heart black. He would do anything and then some to get Uther off the throne, but he knows, in the end, he is a weakling who always wanted his father's approval.

And he knows he would never get it.

With a sigh, he pressed himself up onto his mare. She gave a soft snicker beneath him, tossing her head slightly.

"Let's ride." His voice echoed around the courtyard and soon they were on their way to the village.

It was less than three hours later when they were in the village. Everyone was hard at work and the people looked at ease. Even with a bunch of knights there.

An old man shuffled forward. Bowing slightly. "Is there anything we can help you with?" His voice croaked slightly and he had to stop a few times as he couched between the words.

Arthur easily pushed himself off his horse. "There was a report of someone using magic here, we were sent to investigate." Arthur's voice was laced with authority even though he didn't feel it.

The old man's eyes darted around slightly before settling firmly on Arthur again. "O, o we know nothing about that Sire. We would never use magic." He tried to keep his voice firm as he looked at Arthur.

"Then you wouldn't mind if we search your houses?" Arthur got the scenes that the man was laying, that he was trying to protect someone in the village.

For a moment he was completely quiet. "Go right ahead, Sire." He gave Arthur one last bow before moving aside.

Arthur turned to face the knights. "When you search the houses make sure that you put everything back in its place." His words were slightly sterner than normal but the last thing he was in the mood was to deal with pissed-off villagers because the knights made a mess.

It was the second last house that Arthur was searching when a young girl came to him with a book. Her green eyes were on the floor and she trembled in fear.

Arthur crouched down in front of her. "Hey what's wrong?" He kept his voice low.

The girl was silent as she handed him the book. "I-m sow'y for using it. Ma w-was dy-dying a-and I don't have anyone else." Her voice broke again.

Arthur took the book out of her hand, he knows that if Uther was there that he would need to kill her. He could hear the guards.

"Nothing is going to happen to you. Just be more careful in the future alright?" Arthur kept his voice low.

There is no way on this green earth that he would kill a child that did magic to save her mother.

The girl gave Arthur one looked before she ran from the house. With a tired sigh, Arthur pressed the book into his satchel.

Just as he came out of the house, one of the knights came to him. "We search everywhere Sire, there is no indication of anything magical here."

Arthur could see the girl from the corner of his eye. She was slightly hiding behind her mother. A soft smile formed. How happy she looks that her daughter is alright.

"Then let's leave. If we ride fast enough we can be back in Camelot before dusk." With those words, Arthur and the knights got onto their horses.

Arthur gave the old man a nod his hand patting the book that was safely put away. The gratitude in his eyes felt like a lance through the heart.

Arthur was silent as he made his way back to his room. The scolding was still firm in his head. He felt like grumbling slightly under his breath but he knows that there is nothing that he could do or say that would change anything.

Uther wanted someone dead for magic and he didn't deliver.

With a sigh, Arthur fell onto the bed. He looked up at the canopy over his bed. Tiredness weighed heavily on him.

With heavy movements, he dragged his scathel closer. He forced himself to sit upright as he pulled the book out.

The words were heavy on the eye: Quam ut daemonium et accersi.

Arthur gave half a smile, why on earth would anyone want to summon a demon?

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