Merlin was silent as he stared out the window. A small smile as he looked at the cavy texture. The scent of fire and sulfur filled his nose. Screams could faintly reach him, but soon enough it would be back to background noise.

It was good to be home. Red eyes darted to the bed. Merlin was silent as he walked over to the bed. His hand trailed slightly against the furniture.

Arthur was small in the gigantic bed, the black colour bought his pale skin to stand out even more.

Merlin was silent as he just looked at Arthur. He gently ran his fingers through Arthur's hair. The texture was already changing. It used to be soft as silk when he was on Earth. Now it was drying.

With a sigh, he sat down next to Arthur, looking at nothing. His hand held onto Arthur's. For a split second, Merlin wondered how Arthur would cope down here. But then he could think back on earth, how Arthur would stand up against Uther.

How he would try to fight for everyone. Now he would need to learn that it isn't necessary anymore. Here the souls that are here, well most deserve punishment the good doesn't get in here. But even for the bad, well, the demons get creative in their torture.

A groan pulled Merlin from his thoughts. He turned to face Arthur properly. His hand tightened slightly over Arthur's. He hoped it would give him some comfort.

"Arthur?" Merlin kept his voice low. When Arthur finally opened his eyes, Merlin felt a sense of relief flowing through him.

Arthur pushed himself upright. He tried to keep his eyes open, but everything felt sticky and icky. It felt like his amour has melted against his skin.

A hand that suddenly tilted his head up, help him focus. For a split second Arthur almost screamed when he saw red eyes. But then everything came rushing back.

"Merls. I thought…" Arthur trailed off. His eyes moved around the dark room. He could see a few furniture pieces standing around, but mostly, it looked like everything was made of the cave.

Merlin smiled slightly as he looked at Arthur. The wonder in his blue eyes made his dead heartbeat again.

"What is the last thing you remember?" Merlin's voice was almost like a grumble.

Arthur was silent for a second. "Morgana, she attacked Camelot." Arthur pushed himself upright, but stop almost immediately again when a dizzy spell hit him.

Merlin's hand was warm against his shoulder as he steadied him. "Morgana is fine, she is the new queen of Camelot."

A relieved laugh fell through Arthur's lips before he could stop it. "That's good." It took him a few seconds before the relation hit him. if. h

"She killed me." There was a sadness in Arthur's voice that made Merlin pull Arthur against his chest.

"She did and one day she will pay for that, Arthur." Merlin's voice was calmer even with the grumble.

Arthur felt himself relaxing against Merlin. "What is going to happen now?" Arthur's eyes slowly flutter closed as he cruelled closer to Merlin.

"Well, I hope you will rule with me, once your change is complete?" Merlin was careful to ask it like a question.

He would never force Arthur to do something he wouldn't want to do.

"In what way?" Arthur forced himself to open his eyes as he stared at Merlin. He didn't want to get his hopes up. Merlin is his friend, he rather not act on feelings when they aren't returned.

"As my husband." Merlin gave Arthur a calmly look. "If you don't want to, that is good as well. I still would want you to be one of my rulers. You have a lot of good…" Merlin trailed off when he realised he was rumbling.

"I would love that." Arthur sat up slightly, placing a shy kiss against Merlin's lips.

The smile on Merlin's face. Showed his fangs and for a moment Arthur felt a blush forming on his cheeks.

Arthur closed his eyes again. To think none of this would have happened if he didn't open the book.

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