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Rose's POV

I have realised a couple of things about my charge-Christian Ozera. He snores like a damn horse. He also loves old music and tv shows about 90s bands. He has a VERY vibrant sex life, that I pretend to ignore and he apparently can cook. I laughed to myself thinking about Pyro in a chef's hat, baking cookies or something. I also learned that he is very loving towards Lissa and they are going to make great parents someday. They were talking about it today, getting married, having kids, and college. Lissa had told me she wanted to go to college to become an early childhood education teacher. I couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy that she got to decide her future around her Race. My Race decided my future the day I was born. I wonder what I would have gone to college for? Would I have been able to settle down and have children? I mean I love what I do more than anything, but I guess freedom calls me. I met someone once, who understood that. He understood me more than anyone and hes In danger. I know it, I can't explain it but I can feel it. I knew I needed to find Adrian.

He could dreamwalk Dimitri and try and see where he is. It was the middle of Vampire Night but I couldn't sleep. I was sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor of Christians Dorm. He was out like light, snoring like a beast. When I told him I was sleeping on the floor, he actually opposed and offered to take the sleeping bag. I was actually blown away by Christians kindness since I met him. I can see why Lissa had fallen for him in the first place. I know what that is like, to find your soulmate. I would have never tried to keep them apart if I knew how dark it gets without a soulmate. I walked down the hallway of the Dorm Building and snuck past security. I walked outside and felt the chill of the air. The snow fluttered around me in a perfect flurry. I sat down on the cold sidewalk feeling myself connect to the earth. I grounded myself and closed my eyes.

You have been kissed by shadows. You've crossed into death, into the other side, and returned. Do you think that doesn't leave a mark on the soul?

Victor Dashkov's speech about shadow kissed people crossed into my head. I am special because I have crossed over into the other side. I was meant to die but I am here. I will always have a connection to the spirit world. The Spirit realm is a place where all souls go once they cross paths with death. I went there and came back, leaving me bound to Lissa. The bond is the main side effect, but what are the others? I closed my eyes and searched for him. I let my soul call out to him. I did not know what told me I could do this but I feel it. I feel the spirits around me, calling me to them.


Is all I could get out before I felt my face hit the pavement.

I looked around me, confused. I thought I had passed out but I feel fine. I looked around me seeing the dorms that I had left. I was awake but when I backed up I saw the glint of my purple Pjs on the ground. I looked at my limp body laying there on the pavement. Was I dead? No, I could feel my connection to my body. If I wasn't dead,What the fuck was happening? My body was going to freeze out here. I needed to get back to my body. I focused on the connection and pulled closer trying to reunite us and everything went black.

Dimitris POV


I jerked awake in bed breathing heavy. I heard my name, my real name. I am a Guardian and I am not where I am supposed to be. I don't know what brought me here, but the story about Foster care is not mine. I was in a dream that wasn't a dream. It was a controlled dream by a man who could Manipulate the Element of the spirit world. He was in the middle of telling me who I am but it was interrupted by something. A voice trying to reach me, I felt a connection to her voice. I felt more of a connection to that voice than any kiss or touch with Nat. I got out of bed slowly and moved around the Apartment. I searched in every cabinet and drawer trying to find any reminiscence of who I am. I felt stupid for believing that shw would hide anything in plain sight. This woman took my memories and kidnapped me. I could not stay here but I cant leave before I find out the rest of who I am. I am supposed to be protecting Nat and I will know what to do when the threat presents itself. I always thought she meant from an intruder because of the vagueness. I thought she was just paranoid about being alone in the city. It's bigger than that, it's my duty to this life. I know that now. I only know that I have a family in Russia, a huge one. Olena, Karolina, Sonya, paul, Viktoria, and babushka. I got teary eyed as I started to feel the love coming through. I still couldn't picture them and I was angry. The boy said we are a race of Vampires and certain ones have the power of compulsion and I am a victim of that. Moroi who are special vampires who have some pretty weak compulsion and wield the power of the elements. They dont kill for blood, and if they do they become an evil dead vampire who is soulless and murderous. I am a Guardian and we protect the Moroi from evil vampires, Strigoi, because we owe it to them to keep our race alive. Adrian didn't get a chance to tell me anymore. He said we can't undo someone else's compulsion, especially if we don't know how they made the memories disappear. He thinks rather than them being erased, they were hidden. He said my tolerance is probably why my memories were hidden instead of taken.

I needed to get to Nats office, I am almost certain something has to be there. I snuck down the stairs and made it to the studio. I unlocked the door and made a right into her Office. It was open, which made me uneasy, I don't know if there is anything in here. I sat down and looked through files, cabinets, the closet, computer, and even the locker. I found nothing. I looked at the filing cabinet in the corner and tried the first drawer-locked. I needed to find the keys to this cabinet. I Walked back up into our apartment and looked under the mat. I saw a set of keys that definitely were to the door. I had a matching set on my keys. I was getting discouraged when I saw the plant by the door. I looked under it and around it and nothing. I then decided on the next course of action. I took it and walked outside and smashed it on the ground. I saw a tiny set of keys that weren't to a house or car. I knew I had found the set of keys. I walked back into her office and found Nat standing there.

"Austin, whatcha doing down here?" She asked with a crazed look. I looked into her eyes and saw nothing but danger. She was pissed. I looked at her hand and she had a knife.

"Nat I-

"You couldn't just leave it alone, could you? You always have to make things difficult. You never cared about me. You only cared about her. I did this for us and you couldnt just fucking appriciate that? You have to go and mess it all up for me. I'm sorry Dimi but I have to do this." She ran at me and aimed the knife at my stomach. I dodged her and threw her against the wall with my inhuman strength. That must be the Dhampir qualities that Adrian had talked about. She hit the ground and was out like a light. I was breathing heavy now I ran over to the cabinet and unlocked it, hand shaking. The first thing that I saw was a Silver weapon of some sort. It was pointed and sharp. I picked it up and suddenly felt dizzy. It was all coming back all the pain, heartbreak, loss, gain, and love from my whole life. My memories were all coming back too quickly and I felt a drip. I looked down and I was bleeding. I started to panic because I had no idea where I was. I needed to contact St Vladimirs or Aberta, my boss. Rose where is she-

The dizziness increased and I felt my head hit the floor.