The Mission's Speed Bump

Chapter 1

Tank walked into Rangeman and went up to see Ranger. He was just about to knock on the door when he saw his Uncle Jeremy Sherman and Ranger in his office.

"Shit," Tank said. He put his head down in his chest and took a deep breath. He knocked on his boss's door.

"Open," Ranger said.

"Hi, Jeremy, what brings you here" Tank questioned his uncle.
" The multimillion air, Todd Robbins is sniffing around the family airline. So, you and your boss will ensure that the family airline stays safe, and I do not care how you do it, Pierre. Make sure that airline is in no danger." Jeremy yelled at his nephew and left.

"Great, l love visits with him," Tank said, and then added, "so what are we going to do?"

"You are going undercover Tank; you are going to be the owner of Sherman Airline Company. Your partner will be Stephanie. "Boss, are you sure about this?" He asked Ranger in shock.

"Yes, it must be you. I can't do it because Todd Robbins already knows who I am. But he has not met you yet. Speaking of the Babe. "Hey Babe, can you get in here for a couple of minutes?" Ranger asked as he opened the door and saw Stephanie walking past his office.

"What's up?" She asked him as she sat down next to Tank. Here is what is going on, Todd Robbins is snooping around Tank's family airline, and his uncle wants him to stop. So, you and Tank are going undercover together to take Todd Robbins down once and for all." Ranger said with a smile.

"Okay, so when does this mission start?" Stephanie asked him.

"Two nights from now, so let's get you both some new clothes." Ranger told them. "Sorry about this." Tank told her. "I don't get a choice in this, do I?" She asked Ranger

"Sorry, babe, we need a fresh face by Pierre's side, and you are her," Ranger told her.

"Your Uncle wants you to fix this Tank, and that is what we are going to do. Now that everything is out in the open let's get some work done." Ranger said

He opened his office door, and the three of them walked out of Ranger's office. Tank and Stephanie just looked at each other. Ranger, Tank, and Stephanie got into a Rangeman SUV and left for Shawn's find Clothing store.

Ranger parked the SUV, and all three of them entered. "Ranger, how are you, and what can I get for you today?" Shawn asked him

"We need clothes for them" Ranger hitched a thumb to Tank and Stephanie.

"All right, what are we looking at, Ranger, four-star, three-star what," Shawn asked.

"Three stars," Ranger replied to him.

"Got it, well in that case, how is this for the pretty lady." Shawn held out a blue long low-cut dress with spaghetti straps and a long slit down one side.

"Ranger, are you sure about this?" Stephanie asked him with her mouth hanging open.

"Yeah, I am," Ranger told her.

"Okay, I will try this on," Stephanie said as she took the fancy blue dress and went into the ladies dressing room.

"Here, try this on. I think it will look great on you." Shawn handed Tank a three-piece monkey suit with tails. "Right" Tank went into the men's dressing room and tried it on. While he was in the dressing room. Stephanie came out. Ranger's mouth dropped open. "Are you sure about this, Carlos?" Stephanie asked him once more.

"Yeah, babe, I am." Just then, Tank came out and saw Stephanie, and his jaw dropped. "Pierre," Stephanie said in shock. "Boss," Tank Replied.

"You know it has to be you," Ranger told him. Stephanie and Tank just looked at each other.

"Pick your wedding rings?" Ranger told them.

"Okay, well, Pierre, what do you think?" Stephanie asked him.

"How about these nice gold ones." Tank told her.

"I like those, and what about this one too," Stephanie asked, looking at a three-carat diamond.

"Boss," Was all Tank could get out.

"She needs an engagement ring," Ranger told his right-hand man as he had his eyes closed.

"All right, I need to see your finger's please, so I can get the right size rings," Shawn told them. Tank and Stephanie held up their left hands. Shawn measured their fingers and said, "The rings will be ready tomorrow morning."

"I hate to break your bank account, even more, Ranger, but I need shoes to go with this dress." She told him with a smile on his face.

"Do it, Shawn, while I make a phone call" Ranger stepped outside and dialed Thomas.

"Who is he calling?" She asked him

"Thomas," Tank told her.

"Who is Thomas?" She asked Tank

"Rangeman's Accountant," Tank told her.

"I bet he is not going to be happy," Stephanie said out loud.

"That is one way of putting it. I am getting out of this monkey suit now, and little one, better take that dress off," Tank told her.

"Right on it." She spoke

Two nights later

" Tank was in his Rangeman apartment getting his black monkey suit on.

"Come on in" Tank turned and saw Ranger

"Hey, boss," Tank said.

"All right, Tank, and know that you are not used to working with Stephanie in this Fashion, but the good Robbins might get you two a room to test to see how close you two are," Ranger told him

"Does that mean what I think it means?" Tank said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, if it comes to it, you and Stephanie must keep your cover no matter what got it," Ranger told him.

"You need to try to sell your Airline Company to him. Also, keep each other safe.

"Got it, Ranger," Tank told him

"Good, now let's go get Babe." Tank followed his boss to his penthouse.

"Babe" Ranger yelled

"Right here, Just the Stephanie came out in the dress that she bought. Tank walked up to her and gave her the two rings. She put the engagement ring on her left ring finger and then The marriage ring on after that.

"I never thought I would be wearing something like this again. Shit, where are my shoes" Stephanie started to tear Ranger's apartment apart?

"Where did I put them." She started to look everywhere.

"Little one," Pierre said. She looked at Pierre, who was holding her three-inch black heels.

"Three inches, babe," Ranger asked

"Look at the size of him," Stephanie pointed out.

"She has a point, boss." He replied to Ranger. Stephanie came up to him. Put her heels on and kissed him softly on the cheek. Ranger looked at them both, "They do not look half bad together." He thought to himself.

"All right, let's go, the show is on," Ranger told them. Tank put his arm out, and Stephanie put her's in his.

They just looked at each other.

The three of them walked out of Rangeman. Stephanie noticed the Limousine that was waiting for them.

The driver came out and opened the back door for them both. The two of them got in, and the driver shut the door.

They were looking at each other, and Tank put his arm around Stephanie's shoulder.

She looked at him. He put his head down and kissed her hard on the lips. He put his hand on the back of her dress and brought it down to her lower back. She wrapped her arms around his thick neck. She gave him a hard kiss on the neck.

"Excuse me, sir; we are all most there." He heard the driver said.

"Right," Pierre said out loud. She looked at his neck.

"You have a little bit of lipstick on your neck," She told him.
"Leave it; you are supposed to be my beloved wife after all." He told her.

The limo pulled up to a Ritz Carlton hotel.

The driver got out and opened the door for the couple.

Tank got out first and held his hand out. Stephanie took it, and she was helped out of the limo.

The two of them walked into a Ritz Carlton Hotel. "Mr. Sherman, if you will follow me?" a Bellhop said as he walked up to him and his wife.

"Lead the way." Tank told him. They were led into a restaurant and up to a table in the corner.

"He will be with you very soon," The bellhop told both.

She noticed the fountain in the middle of the floor. Suddenly Tank and Stephanie heard music. The two of them turned their heads and saw a five-piece band.

Tank got up and held out his hand.

Stephanie took it, and the two of them went into a clearing and started to slow dance. "Where did you learn how to dance?" She asked him.
"Your mother-in-law." He smiled and gave her a long kiss on the lips. "Wow, he knows his part," She told herself.

He saw the two of them then. "They are here," he whispered in Stephanie's ear. Todd Robbins and his wife Tiffany Robbins came in and sat down at the same table that Tank and his wife left. The song ended, and both Tank and Stephanie stopped dancing and clapped for the band. He put his arm around the edge of her back and guided her to the same table they left.

Mr. Pierre Sherman, it is an honor and privilege to meet you. I am Mr. Todd Robbins. You can call me Todd. This is my wife, Tiffany." Tiffany started to size up Stephanie. "Todd, this is my wife, Stephanie" "Wow, it is a pleasure to meet you, Todd said as he took Stephanie's hand up to his lips and lightly kissed it.

Tank took her hand back gently. He pulled up a chair, and Stephanie sat down. Tank pulled up the chair next to her. "So, I have been doing some research into your airplane company, and it looks quite promising. I want to meet with you again sometime to discuss a business transaction possibly." Tim Robbins and his wife got up. "Just one more thing because it is so late, we got you a room, now don't worry, it is on us," Tiffany told them both. Tiffany then walked out of the restaurant with her husband.

Meanwhile, in the truck. "Boss, what is going on?" Lester asked Ranger.

"Robbins is testing Tank and Stephanie to see just how close they are," Ranger told everyone in the truck, and Tank and Stephanie know it.

Tank helped Stephanie up from the chair, and the two of them walked into the lobby. Tank walked up to the counter with Stephanie. Tank hit the bell and saw Hal in a hotel uniform. "Here you go, compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Robbins," Hal said.

Tank looked at the key card it said on it Room 315

"Thank you," Tank said. Stephanie slapped his arm and looked at him. Tank went into his pocket and gave him a five. The two of them went into the elevator.

Hal looked at the five-dollar bill, "Cheap," Hal said.

Everyone in the truck burst out laughing.

Tank and Stephanie got onto the third floor and found their room.

He slid the keycard in, and the two of them walked into the room. They saw a king-size bed with a fireplace opposite the bed, and a flat-screen TV with a closet, and a bedside table as well. Tank put the do not disturb sign on the knob of the door. He closed and locked the door. He walked up to her; "Pierre" Was all she said. Pierre took her in his arms and gave her a hard kiss on the lips. His hands went down her back and found her zipper to her dress. He looked into her blue eyes. She nodded her head up and down in a yes motion. He unzipped her zipper, and the dress fell to the floor. He took off his jacket and let it fall to the floor. He led her to the bed. She kicked off her three-inch black heels. He kicked off his loafers. She laid down on the bed. He was on top of her in a heartbeat. He fiddled with her bra and got it off. He started to play with one of her nipples of her breasts. She moved her hands down his shirt undoing one button at a time. He let his tux shirt fall off him. He found her underwear and took them off her. He leaned up to look at Little one. He undid his pants and took off his boxers. He moved his free hand down her inner upper thigh, and he found her sweet spot. He started to rub it. When he knew that she was ready, he entered her, gently at first but then got harder and faster. He could tell that she was following his every move. After they were done, Tank fell next to her. They looked at each other and started to laugh. He pulled her to him, and they fell asleep in each other's arms.

While they were sleeping, everything was silent in the truck. Ranger could only look at the video screen and watch his babe with Pierre Sherman. Just then, Ranger's cell phone rang. "Yeah," He said, "I need your team ASAP. A shipment of guns was stolen." Ranger's boss told him and then was gone.

He got on the phone and dialed Tank's number.


"There was a shipment of guns stolen the team needs to get to work," Ranger told Tank.

Tank looked over at Stephanie, "Don't worry, I have it covered. Write her a note, and someone will be there when she wakes up as well." Ranger told him he hung up the phone. Tank found a pad.

"Hey, Little one, I had to go to my other job. I will see you soon."

Tank grabbed his clothes and left.

Stephanie woke up a few hours later shook the cobwebs out of her head. "Oh yeah." She noticed she was in the hotel. She grabbed the sheet and wrapped it around herself. She walked to the table and saw the note.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. She opened it and saw Tina from Rangeman in a maid's uniform.

"Housekeeping," She said with a smile on her face.

"Come on in," Stephanie said. Stephanie went into the bathroom.

Tina swept the room for bugs. She went to the ugly painting above the fireplace and took out the camera in the picture.

Stephanie came back in. "They had another job," Tina told her. "The same thing as usual," Stephanie told her.

" Your husband sent a car for you," Tina told her. "

"Right, I hate his job sometimes." She walked out of the hotel room she heard Tina laughing. Stephanie went down the hall, into the elevator, and outside.

She saw Hal holding the door to an SUV open. Stephanie got in, and he drove her back home.

Chapter 2

Stephanie was in her apartment, waiting for some test results, a home pregnancy test. She thought back to the last year. She also thought about the night that the two of them were undercover. That was the night before Tank left with Ranger for an exceedingly tricky mission.

"Could it happen? We have only been seeing each other for the last year. She thought to herself, I knew we started to see each other before, the undercover work, but we were still careful. It could have happened that night they were in the hotel room. But it could have happened sooner than that too. Ranger had cameras in the hotel room where they were. But because it was an undercover mission, he could not stop what was happening between Tank and herself. That night was very magical for me, and I was too scared to tell Tank. When she woke up the following day, a note said to her that he had another mission to do. Now a month later, she was here in this place.

"Cupcake," She heard. She turned around and saw Morelli there in front of her.

"What are you doing here!" She spat

"Come on, cupcake, I am sorry," Morelli begged.

"you cheated on me, you scum one year ago, and then I don't hear from you until today," Stephanie yelled.

"I know, but I wanted a second chance," Morelli told her.

"No, now get lost." She yelled, and then she noticed that Tank was standing in the corner.

"We are not finished yet, cupcake, and then he stormed out of her apartment. Morelli did not notice Tank in the corner.

"Hey there," Tank said

"I thought I would come to check on you. I heard that you have been out of work due to illness." Tank asked her. She rushed into his arms. "I missed you," She told him.

"I missed you too." He leaned his head in and gave her a long passionate kiss.

"I remember all the nights we were together. And I loved every minute of it, Little One. Well, except for Todd Robbins and his wife. I hate those two," Tank told her as he was still holding her.

The two of them started to laugh. He kissed her and brought her to her bed. He looked at her. He kissed her again while his hand moved under her shirt. He found her bra and undid it. He had her shirt off in no time. She took off his shirt and worked her way to his cargo pants. He kicked off his boots. His cargo pants and boxers fell to the floor. He found her jeans and took them off along with her thongs. They looked at each other. He gently coaxed her to the bed. She laid down on it. He was on top of her in an instant. "Pierre" He kissed her hard. He started to suck on one of her breasts. He moved his hand down her inner thigh. He found her sweet spot. She was moving her hands down his back. He knew she was ready. He entered her gently a few times after that they were finished. The two of them looked at each other they knew they had to tell Ranger.

"I might be pregnant, Tank." Stephanie told him, "Little one" He was still holding her as she told him this. "I did a home pregnancy test; it is in the bathroom, but I don't know if I can look at it." She told him.

"You know we have to know," Tank told her gently.

"I know" She looked into Tank's dark eyes. He got up, took her hand, and led her into the bathroom.

Tank was leaning against the door frame. Tank thought to himself, "If it is positive, I will do the right thing and help little one with this baby."

"Okay, here I go" She took a deep breath and walked into the bathroom. She looked at the results, and it was positive.

"Tank" Stephanie yelled.

"It is positive I can tell from your face." Tank replied to her.

"Okay, pack a bag, I am getting the rat, and you will be staying with me if you want too" Tank said gently.

"Yes, Tank, I do want to be with you," She told him.

Stephanie walked out of his arms and saw the bag that she used for overnights. She packed the bag and grabbed Rex. Tank and Stephanie walked out of her apartment. He helped her into the SUV, and Tank drove them both to Rangeman. On the way to Rangeman, "Stephanie, you know what we have to do to keep the peace in both of our families." Tank said to her.

"Yeah, I do; we need to get married," Stephanie replied to him

"Yeah," Tank said. He pulled up to Haywood and parked in the underground parking garage.

Both Tank and Stephanie looked out of the window and saw Ranger and Hal standing by the door talking. Stephanie got out of the SUV

"I can do this," She said,

"No, I can't" She turned back around and saw Tank there. She walked into his arms.

"I have to do this, don't I," She said as she looked into his brown eyes.

"We have to," Tank told her softly

"Right" Stephanie walked up to both Ranger and Hal.

"Hey, babe, what do we owe this visit?" Ranger asked her. He then noticed her bag and Rex.

"Did your apartment get blown up again?" Ranger asked him.

"no, nothing like that," Stephanie said and added, "Can we talk to you, Ranger?" She asked.

"Yeah, you know you can," Ranger told her. He took her bag and gave Rex to Hal.

"Hey Rex," Hal said, and then Rex bit him.

"Ouch, Stephanie, your rat just bit me," Hal told her.

"He is not a rat," she spat at him.

"Right," Hal said and added, "Is she okay? She seems jumpy?" He asked Tank.

"Tank," Hal questioned.

"Sorry, I will take Rex now." Tank said and walked away. He joined Stephanie and Ranger outside his office.

Chapter 3

The three of them entered Ranger's office.

"Ranger, I am pregnant, and the baby is Tank's," She told him. Tank put Rex on his boss's desk.

"Are you both sure," Ranger said as he pulled his chair out from his desk and sat down in shock.

"Yeah, boss, here is the test to prove it" Tank handed the stick to him. "How far along?" Ranger asked them.

"Month and a half, maybe two, I don't know for sure." Stephanie told him." "We have been dating for a year now," Stephanie told him.

"We wanted to tell you about us dating earlier, but it was never a good time, boss. We were either on a mission, or we had a case, and now with the Robbins mess and everything. We knew that if we did not tell you now, we never have the chance to tell you." Tank told him

Ranger closed his eyes for a few minutes.

"What are you two going to do?" He asked with his eyes still closed. "Well, Tank and I discussed it on our way here, and the first thing is first. We want to get married. That way, we will not get any push from either side of our families." Stephanie told him

"After we are married, she is moving in with me so that I can keep her safe, from Todd Robbins and Morelli." Tank told him

"Morelli? What has he got to do with this?" Ranger said out loud.

"Morelli came to my apartment about forty-five minutes ago. He wanted another chance. I told him, no, but he said that we were not finished yet and that he would get me back."

"I was in a corner he did not see me, Boss. When everyone and I do mean everyone, including Morelli, finds out about this. You know, as well as I do, there will be world war three. Tank told him.

All right, Ranger went into his desk drawer and took out the wedding rings that Tank and Stephanie were wearing that night.

He handed the rings to Tank. "All right, let's go get you two married right now." He told them. Tank and Stephanie walked out of Ranger's office and went to the SUV.

"Damn," Ranger said, slammed his hand down on his desk, "I knew that deep down she was not mine, but to lose her to Tank," Ranger said to himself.

Ranger walked out of his office and locked it.

"Hal, hold all calls for about one hour," Ranger told him.

"Yes, Boss" Ranger walked out of Rangeman; he saw Stephanie in a Black Rangeman SUV and the door open. Tank was standing next to her.

"All right, let's go." Ranger got in the back. Tank shut Stephanie's door. Stephanie put on her seat belt. Tank got in, and he did the same.

The was not a sound except for the sound of breathing to City Hall. They arrived at city hall, and the three of them got out of the SUV. Everyone walked into city hall.

"Can I help you?" The clerk asked.

"Yes, I would like to marry this lovely lady right here." Tank said as he held Stephanie's hand.

"Of course, right this way. I need the both of you to fill out this form." The female clerk said out loud.

Stephanie and Tank looked at the form and filled it out together.

Ranger could tell that they were scared shitless, and he could not blame them. He remembered when he married Rachel for the same reason. "I hope they do not repeat what I went through with Rachel," He said to himself.

About twenty minutes later, Stephanie and Tank heard their names.

Tank held out his hand, and Stephanie took it. Tank Ranger and Stephanie walked into the city hall office.

The two of them walked before a judge that was on duty, "Okay, I am going to make this short. Do you Pierre Sherman take Stephanie Plum to be your wedded wife?" He asked him.

"I do, "Pierre told him.

"Do you Stephanie Plum take Pierre Sherman to be your wedded husband?" He asked her.

"I do," She told him as she looked into his dark eyes.

"Do you have rings?" He asked them.

Ranger gave a ring to Pierre put the wedding ring on Stephanie's left ring finger. Stephanie took Pierre's ring from Ranger and put it on his left ring finger as well.

"Congratulations, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride." The judge said.

Tank took her into his arms and gave her a long deep kiss.

"There, you two are married now, if you don't mind, I have work to do." The Judge said.

Tank, Stephanie, and Ranger walked out of city hall. It was then they saw Morelli. "Cupcake, what are you doing here?" He asked her. "Morelli, I got married." She showed her wedding ring to him. Just then, Morelli slugged Ranger.

"Morelli, why did you slug me? It was him she married." Ranger pointed to Tank

"You married him," Morelli yelled at Stephanie. Tank then moved in between Morelli and Stephanie

"I can't believe it. You let them do this," Morelli yelled at Ranger. Morelli looked at Stephanie and Tank. Morelli stormed off, fuming.

"Let me guess; he did not know that you two were dating," Ranger said as he was looking at them.

"No, he didn't," She told him.

"I suppose that Lula does not know about you two either," Ranger said out loud.

The two of them shook their heads at Ranger. "Perfect," Ranger said; he went into the SUV and slammed the back door.

"Ouch," Stephanie said out loud. Tank put his arm on Stephanie's back and led her to the SUV. He opened the door, and she got in. Tank got into the driver's seat and drove.

They walked back into the building, and Hal came up to them.

Boss, what happened?" Hal asked.

"Morelli slugged me," Ranger told him

"Why," Hal asked.

"I don't want to talk about Hal. Tank, grab her things that she has in my office and take her to your place," Ranger told her.

"Yes, boss," Tank told her.

"Boss, where are you going?" Hal asked him

"To get an icepack from Bobby," Ranger stormed downstairs.

"What the hell happened?" Hal asked.

Tank and Stephanie showed their left hands with their rings on.

"For real," Hal said as his mouth dropped.

"Yeah, we got married at city hall, came out, and Morelli stomped up to us. He asked me what I was doing at City hall. I told him I got married, showed him my ring, and he slugged Ranger instead of my husband," Stephanie told Hal

"We better do what Ranger wants and leave before someone else does something stupid." Tank told her.

Meanwhile down stairs, Ranger came up to Bobby and tapped him on his shoulder.

"What the hell, Ranger" Bobby said as he saw blood dripping from Ranger's lip.

Ranger said down on a table. "Morelli slugged me because he thought I married Stephanie."

"Okay," Bobby asked as he found an instant ice pack and gave it to Ranger.

"I don't see a wedding ring, Ranger," Bobby told him.

"That is because I did not marry Stephanie. Tank did" Ranger got up.

"For real" Bobby asked with his mouth hanging open

"Yeah, for real," Ranger said.

"Keep that ice pack on it for a while, and it should stop bleeding," Bobby told him.

"Thanks" Ranger got off the table and walked back up stairs

Tank opened Ranger's door, and the two of them looked at each other. They two saw all the papers on the floor. Tank grabbed Stephanie's Bag and gave her Rex. He closed Ranger's office door, and the two of them walked out of Rangeman.

Just then, Stephanie's cell phone rang, "Hi, mom."

"Stephanie Michelle Plum, you got married." Helen asked

"Yes, but it" was all Stephanie could get out.

"I am so happy for you and Joseph; I can't wait to see you at dinner on Friday." Helen said and then hung up

"Okay, she is going to be disappointed," Stephanie said. "What is it about Morelli and your mother" Tank asked her. "Well, when I was six teen he took something from me every sense than my mom has put pressure on me to marry him."

"Got it" Tank opened his truck up. He put Stephanie's bag in the back. He helped Stephanie in the car. He handed Rex to her.

She put the cage on her lap.

Ranger watched Tank and Stephanie drive away.

"Hal, I am stepping out for a little bit; if there is a problem, call me not Tank you got that," Ranger ordered him.

"Yes, sir," Hal told him.

Ranger drove to Morelli's house and waited. He thought about that night that Stephanie and Tank had together. Ranger had watched it all on the cameras that were in their hotel room. He knew then that he could not stop what was happening between the two of them. So, he knew that there was a slight chance in hell that this could occur. "What are the chances?" He said to himself and hit the steering wheel with his hand. Suddenly there was a knock-on Ranger's car window. He saw Morelli.

Ranger stepped out of his car. "I know you hate this. I hate this as much as you do but believe me, Morelli, you want to leave this alone." Ranger told him

"Why did you let them do that?" Morelli snapped at him

"I did not have a choice trust me." Ranger said he got into his car and left.

When Ranger got back to Haywood, Hal showed him the photo that he got from Lester.

"Shit" Ranger looked at the picture. He saw Stephanie and Tank arm and arm, but it had a big X on Stephanie's face.

" I am going to Tank's house," Ranger snapped. He then added,

"Call Tank let him know I am on my way." Ranger said, and then he went back out of Rangeman and to Tank's house.

Chapter 4

Tank was driving when his phone rang, "Shit."

"Yes," Tank said over his phone

Ranger is on his way to your house." Hal told him.

"What for" Tank yelled.

"He will tell you when he gets there," Hal said and then hung up.

"What is it now?" Stephanie questioned.

"Ranger is on his way," Tank told her. She saw a look in Tank's eyes, and she knew that he was worried.

"I am scared, Tank," Stephanie told him.

"I am too, little one, but I promise I will take care of you and the baby," Tank said as he drove down a long dead-end road.

Stephanie saw it than a lovely two-story house. Tank hit a button, and a garage door opened. He pulled into the garage and parked. Stephanie took off her seat belt and got out of the SUV. "

That is right, and you grew up here. When we had dinner with your Uncle, he asked how this place was holding up." Stephanie said.

"That was a fun evening," Tank said, and then they both started to laugh.

This home is now our place, little one," He told her. He opened the door that led into the house itself.

"Do you remember, I told you why I could not sell it.?" He asked her

"Yes, because of all the memories you have here." She told him. He walked up to her, put her in his arms, and was about to kiss her. They heard a knock at the side door. They both saw Ranger, and he did not look like he was in a good mood.

Tank opened the door and moved aside. "This came in earlier while I was out, and you two were on the way here." Ranger handed the picture to Tank. He looked at Stephanie, and before he could give the shot back to Ranger, she napped the image from Tank.

"Perfect." She said and then started to fall, but Tank grabbed her in his arms. She had dropped the picture. "I am bringing her upstairs." Tank told him.

Tank walked out of the kitchen and upstairs to his room, where he put her on his bed.

Ranger got on his phone and called Bobby. "Bobby, I need you at Tank's now." Ranger then hung up.

Bobby packed a medical bag and walked out of Rangeman, and drove to Tank's.

When he got there, he saw Ranger holding a picture. He also noticed Stephanie's bag was on the floor and Rex was in his cage, on the counter. "What is going on?" Bobby asked.

Ranger showed Bobby the picture. "Shit, has Stephanie seen this?" He questioned him.

"Yeah, and she fainted. Tank took her to his bedroom. Bobby, there is a big chance that she could be pregnant." Ranger told him

"that would be the reason why they got married. Okay, I will take some blood, and hopefully, Stephanie will be out cold. That will be the easy way." Bobby told him.

"Yeah, let's go." They both made their way upstairs.

Tank was sitting on the edge of his bed, looking at Stephanie. "Okay, Pierre, pull it together. You need to be there for her and the baby right now," Tank told himself; just then, he heard Stephanie, "What happened." She shook her head, trying to remember what had happened tonight.

"Hey, little one," Pierre told her softly.

"Now I remember," Stephanie said as she sat up in the bed.

"Easy," Pierre told her.

"I am okay, Tank," she told him. They both heard the knock.

"It is open," Tank said.

Stephanie saw both Bobby and Ranger. She put her head in Pierre's chest and stuck her arm out.

Bobby walked up to the other side of the bed. He tried to lean over, but he was still a little too far away. Tank signaled for Bobby to come the other way. Tank let go of Stephanie.

"Where do you think you are going." She snapped at him.

"Easy, I am just switching to the other side of the bed." He told her with his hands up. He sat down on the other side of the bed and pulled her head to his chest.

"Wow," Ranger said quietly

"There will be a slight poke," Bobby told her. He stuck the needle in her arm.

"Ouch," she told him.

Bobby took the blood and put some cotton on it so the bleeding could stop. He took the cotton ball off and put a band-aid on the spot.

"All right, I want you to take it easy for a few days," Bobby told her.

"What about the case? We have to find out who wants me dead." She yelled.

"Babe, we will work on that. You just take care of yourself for right now." Ranger said. He flicked his head to Bobby and Tank. "I will be right back," Tank told her. Tank, Bobby, and Ranger walked outside the bedroom and closed the door.

"I will have the blood work done by tomorrow night, boss," Bobby told him. "Until then, I want her to take it easy, Tank."

"Right when have you ever noticed her taking it easy, Boss." Tank told her. "You are her husband. Make sure she does that." Ranger reminded him. Ranger and Bobby left Tank's house

Tank walked back into the bedroom. He walked up to his bed and saw her there. "Right, she is with me now. This change might take a while to get used to." He thought as he was looking at her. He joined her on his bed. He kissed her gently and then said, "Okay, I am going to get your bag and Rex. You stay put" He left the bedroom and got to his truck.

While he was gone, Stephanie got up and decided to look around. She noticed the fireplace opposite the bed. She saw the doors that led to a deck.

She went out onto the deck. "Wow," She said as she looked at the view. She must have been out there for ten minutes. She heard the bedroom door open.

"Like what you see," Tank told her. She turned her head. "Yeah, very much so." She told him. Tank put her bag down on the floor in a corner.

He came up to her and put his arms around her. Stephanie let out a huge yawn.

"Guess I am a little tired." She told him.

Tank looked at his watch. "Wow, it is getting late. Come on, let's get ready for bed.

"You can take a guest room if you want," He told her.

"Tank, after everything we have been through?" She reminded him.

Stephanie walked up to Tank, "We are married now, and I know this might be weird, but we will get through this together, now if you want me in a guest room, that is fine. But I don't think it matters much anymore."

Tank started to laugh then, "No, I suppose not. Here is a bathroom so you can get changed." Tank opened the door to the master bathroom. "Please call me Pierre. After all, you said it yourself, and we are married." He told her.

"Right, Pierre," She walked into the bathroom saw double sinks. A toilet and a walk-in shower. She also noticed the closet. She looked in there and saw huge towels with facecloths.

She turned her head and saw Tank standing there behind her. "just in case," he said to her. "I am okay now," she told him.

"Really" She went to her bag and took out a t-shirt. She walked into the bathroom to change.

Tank let out a breath. "Okay, get it together, Pierre," He told himself. He took off his boots, cargo pants, and t-shirt. He went to the closet and threw his clothes and boots in there.

Just then, the bathroom door opened. Stephanie saw Tank in his boxers.

"Okay, I guess we are going to have to get used to this," she said. "Why are we so nervous? We have been together before, and we have the proof," Tank told her.

"I am not sure, but it should pass in time," She told him. He walked up to her, put his arms around his waist, and kissed him. Just then, Stephanie's cell phone went off. "Hi, mom."

"Stephanie Michelle Plum, I went over to Morelli's to bring the both of you a cake, and Joseph told me that it was not him you were married to." She yelled over the phone

"I tried to tell you, but you would not let me get a word in. You will meet Pierre on Friday night when we come over for dinner. Bye, Mom" Stephanie hung up the phone

Just then, they heard a soft Meow.

"Socks," Tank said.

Tank opened the door to the bedroom, and this tiny black kitten with white paws came up and jumped on the bed.

"Aww," Stephanie said. Socks came right up to her. Stephanie started to pat Socks.

"Rex is downstairs in the kitchen." Tank told her. Tank joined Stephanie on the bed. They were both patting Socks. They both crawled into Tank's bed. Tank put his arms around Stephanie, and they both fell asleep in each other's arms.


The two of them woke up the following day. "Good Morning," Pierre told her softly and then kissed her on top of her head.

"Hey," She told him.

"Okay, get dressed. I will give you a tour of our house." He told her. He got up and went into his closet. He took out some jeans and a cotton t-shirt with his boots. He walked into the bathroom for a few minutes. He turned on the water in one of the sinks and splashed some of it on his face. He took a hand towel and used it. He walked back out a few minutes later dressed and saw Stephanie also dressed.

"Okay, let's get this tour started." He took her hand and led her out of the bedroom. "First, if you do this," Pierre pulled on a string, and some stairs came down. " Up here is my gym. It also has some of my parent's stuff in it too.

He turned to see her looking at the stairs that led into an attic.

He took her hands, and the two of them walked down the hall toward the stairs. "Here we have some rooms; one is my brother Rodney's room, the other is my sister's room. They sold everything that was in their rooms, so now they are just empty. Also, we have another bathroom here." He opened the door. "Yeah, I know it is small," Pierre told her.

"You have a brother and sister?" She asked him.

"Yeah, my brother Rodney is a beat cop, and my younger sister Felicia is an undercover in the 17th precinct. I also have a Criminal Justice Degree." He told her.

They walked down the stairs and hitched a right. Stephanie saw the living room. She turned to him. "This is a sixty-inch tv. As you can tell, it is above the fireplace." Stephanie sat down on the sofa for a few minutes. She noticed that there was also a love seat and a recliner opposite the couch. Pierre held out his hand, and she took it. He then led her down a hall. Here is another bathroom, "It is a little small." She spoke. She looked in the room; there was a toilet, sink next to the toilet, and a small shower.

"Yup," Was all he said. She turned to look at him. "Come here" She walked into Pierre's strong arms. "How are you are holding up?" He asked her softly. "I am doing better." She told him. He lifted her chin and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. "Let the tour continue." He continued to lead her around the house. "Here is my office" He opened the door. "Nice," She told him. She turned to see a vast dining room. "Wow," she said. She walked past him. She saw a chandelier. She noticed the table with three chairs on each side and two chairs at each end. "When Ranger has a business dinner and needs a place, he comes here to have it because of the table. He can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, but he has gotten me out of a few jams, and I have helped him too." Pierre told her. "If you tell him that," He said with a smile on his face

"My lips are sealed." He walked up to her and put his arms around her waist. He let her go, and she walked into the kitchen. She noticed all the stainless-steel appliances and then the island in the middle; she pulled up a stool and sat down on one of them. He opened the fridge and saw some fruit salad.

He took some out and put some in two bowls. He took out a couple of spoons. He put one bowl of fruit salad in front of Stephanie. Stephanie looked at the fruit salad and then at Pierre. She blew her bangs away and started to eat the fruit salad.

Chapter 6

Just then, Tank's cell phone rang. He checked it was not his Rangeman cell phone. He looked over at the counter and saw it was his other cell.

Stephanie knew what cell phone was ringing. "You have to answer it, Pierre," She told him.

He walked up to the phone, "Yeah," He said.

"You and your wife will be joining Mr. Robbins at his mansion tomorrow night at Seven pm, and don't be late." The line went dead.

"We have a dinner date tomorrow, little one." Pierre turned to her.

"We need to let Ranger know," Stephanie told him and then added I do not think I have a gown that will fit me. I tried the one I bought a few nights ago just for kicks, and it was too tight. Thank you very much, baby."

"This baby is going to cost an arm and leg," Pierre said, "Yup, could not agree more." She told him. She held out her hand, and he grabbed it and got his Rangeman phone. Tank stared at the phone.

Meanwhile, at Rangeman, Ranger walked down to see Bobby.

"I have her blood work right here, Boss. Stephanie is about two months pregnant. But it makes no sense because the night at the hotel room was only a month ago." Bobby said curiously.

"They were dating before that, Bobby. They have been seeing each other for about a year before the undercover case." Ranger told him.

"Okay, that makes sense now," Bobby said. Just then, Ranger's phone rang.

"Yeah, Tank, what is going on?" Ranger asked.

"Mr. Robbins called me and said that my wife and I are to have dinner with him tomorrow evening at his mansion. Oh yeah, Stephanie told me that she tried her gown on a couple of nights ago, and it did not fit." Pierre told him.

"Shit, all right. I will be at your place in ten, and Bobby put the rush on her blood work. Congrats, you two are going to be parents. Stephanie is about two months along, at least that is what her blood work says" He said then he was gone.

Pierre looked at her, " Little One, we are going shopping. Two is that Bobby put a rush on the blood work and turns out you are pregnant, two months from what the blood work shows," Pierre told her. "That fits, especially considering how active we were before this case." She told him and walked into his arms.

"What is three?" She asked

"Ranger will be here in ten." Pierre kissed her lightly on her head.

Ten minutes later, Ranger came in with a light green gown, "Here, try this one on." Ranger handed her the dress.

Stephanie went into the small bathroom, "Son of a bitch, how could this not fit me? I have worn this dress a dozen times," She yelled.

"Have fun going shopping" Ranger was about to walk out of the door.

"Ranger, you are not going anywhere; you are the reason why Pierre and myself have to work this stupid case." Stephanie walked out of the bathroom.

"Looks like it fits," Ranger said out loud.

"It does not; I can't get it zipped," Stephanie yelled.

"Turn around, little one, and let me try" Stephanie turned around, and Tank tried to zip the dress, but instead, Tank and Ranger saw the zipper ripped from the seam.

"I am taking this off, and then the three of us are going shopping, and the reason I want you to come, Ranger, is that I want you to see the price of the dress that I buy." Stephanie stormed upstairs and slammed the bedroom door.

Both Ranger and Tank looked at each other, "Ouch" was the only thing Tank said.

"I blame Robbins for this," Ranger told Tank.

A few minutes later, Stephanie came back down in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.

"Not one word," She told them. She grabbed her purse, and the three of them walked out of the house.

All three of them got into a Rangeman SUV, "Stephanie, remember your cover, Tank is the owner of an airplane company, and you are his wife."

"I remember," She told him with her arms crossed.

"So, how much were you thinking of spending on a new gown," Ranger asked nicely, trying not to push any more buttons.

"I don't know, maybe 250 to 300 or higher it depends on what fits me." She said with a wide grin on her face and her eyes sparkling.

"Okay, here we are at Olean's dress shop." Ranger parked. All three of them got out and went into the shop.

"Ranger, how are you?" Patty asked him.

"Fine, Patty, we need a gown for her." Ranger pointed to Stephanie.

"Okay, let's see what we can do?" Patty went over to a rack and pulled out a red dress that sparkled in the light. It had Spaghetti straps, and it was a couple of sizes more prominent than the last dress she wore.

"Here, Stephanie, try this one." Patty handed the red dress to Stephanie.

Stephanie came out a few minutes later, and both Ranger and Tank were speechless.

Stephanie looked in the mirror and could not say anything either. She was dazzling in the red dress.

"I love it," She told Patty, then she added, "I will take it."

"She better not leave your side tomorrow night, Tank, or I will kill you," Ranger whispered in his ear.

"Do you have a purse and some shoes to go with this dress?" She asked Patty with a smile on her face.

"Yes, of course, right this way." Patty led her to her shoe section, after that the purse section.

Stephanie turned and waived the Rangeman Credit Card at Tank and Ranger.

"We might be in trouble." Tank said out loud. Ranger was on the phone in an instant.

"Patty, I can't wear heels right now," She said.

"Not a problem, I have these." Patty handed the little pair of black flats to Stephanie."

"Those are nice. I will take those too," Stephanie told her.

After a few minutes, Patty and Steph walked over to the counter to pay for this.

Patty started with the dress rang in 350, next to the flats for 100 and finally the purse for 200.

"That is going to be 650 dollars," Patty told Stephanie.

Stephanie handed over the Rangeman Credit Card to Patty. Ranger only shook his head yes to Patty.

All three of them were about to walk out of the dress' shop when suddenly, they saw the SUV explode.

Tank rushed up to Stephanie to keep her shielded.

After the explosion, Pierre looked her up and down, "Are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, I am fine." She told him. He pulled her into his arms, and she was shaking.

A few minutes later the police were there. They saw Morelli stepped out of an unmarked car and saw Ranger, Tank, and Stephanie. He then saw a Rangeman SUV pull up.

Morelli walked up to the three of them, "Cupcake" He noticed that Tank was holding her. He saw the wedding ring she was wearing but did not say anything.

"It was not me, and don't call me cupcake anymore. We are finished. So get that through your little brain of yours." She stomped off and got into the new SUV.

"Not one word," Was all Tank said, looking right at Morelli. He left Ranger and Morelli to talk. Morelli saw Tank get into the SUV to comfort Stephanie.

"Morelli, leave this whole thing alone; please don't get involved in this. You would not like the situation, trust me." Ranger told him. Ranger then added, "you already know that they are married, so just leave it alone, please." Ranger got into the front passenger seat. Lester got into the driver's seat and started to drive them back to Tank's house. Once they got to Tank's house, Stephanie went into her house, "We are making someone very angry," Ranger told Tank.

"Is it Robbins or someone else? That is the question?" Tank told his boss.

"I don't know yet, but please take care of her Tank," Ranger told him.

"You know I will" Tank turned and went inside their house for the night.

Tank walked in and saw a few more shopping bags and then saw the note.

"I heard you needed these clothes." Ella.

Tank turned around closed his eyes, "Thank you, Ella," He said to himself.

Chapter 7

The following day Tank woke up to the shower running. He looked at his alarm clock and saw it was eleven am. "Ranger will kill me. I can't believe it is that late" Tank had one of his hands on his face.

Suddenly, his Rangeman cell rang.

"Boss, sorry, I know it is late," Tank said over the phone.

"Don't worry, we all have been under a lot of stress lately. You are allowed to sleep in sometimes," He told his friend.

"I need you and Stephanie here in a couple of hours. We have a lead as to who blew up the SUV yesterday." The line went dead.

Pierre got out of bed in his boxers. He shook his head awake. He heard the bathroom door open and saw Stephanie come out in a black short sleeve top and a cute little jumper with flats on.

He walked up to her he pulled her into his arms. He gave her a light kiss and said, "We have to be at Rangeman soon, so I am going to hop in the shower. He released her, and he went to go wake up. Stephanie thought I could use a shower. A few minutes later, Tank heard the bathroom door open Stephanie opened the shower door and got in with him. Tank just looked at her with the water beating on him. He pulled her toward him. He kissed her hard on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his thick neck. "You are looking for trouble," He whispered in her ear. He took his face cloth and started to wash her. He ran the wet face cloth down her thigh. She was leaning into him. He entered her then. After that, they both got out of the shower. He went out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. He noticed a Rangeman uniform was already on the bed. He got dressed and saw her with a towel around her. He walked up to her, "You have to get dressed. We have to go to Rangemen." He kissed her again and went downstairs. He saw the dress, shoes, and purse that cost Rangeman 650 dollars. He could not help it; he started to laugh.

"What are you laughing about?" She asked the father of her baby. She came into the kitchen and remembered about the dress.

"Only you little one could stick it to Ranger like that," Pierre told her and then kissed her softly on the lips.

"I guess I did stick it good to him this time" She smiled at him.

"Come on, let's get to Rangeman" Tank started to mess with Rex, and it bit him again.

"Ouch, hamsters bite hard" He looked at his finger and saw blood oozing from it.

"Rex bit you, huh," Stephanie said and went through her purse and pulled out a band-aid.

"Here," She patched Pierre's finger up.

Pierre grabbed Steph's clothes for tonight, and they left for Rangeman.

They got to Rangeman, and when they entered, they saw Ranger. "We are going to Conference room two," Ranger told them both. "Okay," Stephanie said and then walked to the conference room wearing the jumper with the blacktop. "Ella," He said out loud.

"Yup," Tank said back, "Remind me to give her a raise." He said Ranger walked up to Stephanie, "How are you feeling."

"Good, I am ready to be by Tank's side," Stephanie said as she went into the conference room.

Ranger looked at Tank with daggers in his eyes, "Okay, let us get this meeting going," Tank said. They entered the conference room. Tank saw Hal sitting next to Stephanie. When Hal saw Tank come in, he moved to a chair across the table. Tank walked up and took a chair next to Stephanie.

Stephanie chuckled to herself.

"Okay, here is the game plan. We all know that Tank and Stephanie are going in as husband and wife. Also, that Tank owns a private Airplane company. They are trying to get an airline contract with Mr. Robbins. We are also trying to find out why Mr. Robbins is interested in Tank's company.

"Since this is at his place, we will be standing by with Surveillance at a very large distant about a couple of blocks away."

Suddenly Stephanie's stomach growled. Tank took out a snicker's candy bar from one of his cargo pant's pockets and handed it to her.

"Thank you," She said. Pierre kissed her on the top of her head. "No problem."

"We will have a small camera inserted in a necklace that Stephanie will wear. It will be from Tank as a present to her, and it will have their engagement date engraved on the back. Tank if you sense trouble, make some excuse. Like Stephanie is not feeling well."

"should not be a problem." Tank told him. Suddenly Stephanie got up and ran to the lady's room.

No one said one word. Tank got up and went to check on Stephanie. While the two of them were gone, "Okay, I am letting everyone know now, while Tank and Stephanie are gone. The two of them were dating for a year before they went undercover, and now Stephanie is pregnant. Tank is the father. So, we all need to be extra careful around them, especially when Tank is with her. We also need to be extremely careful as to what we say around Stephanie. Do you all understand that," Ranger told them and then added, "You all saw the three of us walk out of Rangeman three days ago? Tank and Stephanie got married for real, so they are getting used to each other ." Ranger told the crew.

Everyone's mouth dropped open in shock.

"Hey, little one," Tank said as he tapped on the door.

"I am okay," She told Tank.

"Let's go see Bobby downstairs" Tank took her hand. They took the elevator downstairs.

"Hey Bobby, can you give Stephanie a quick check over?" Tank asked him.

"Sure, have a seat, Stephanie," Bobby told her. He checked her over, "just some morning sickness. Here try these." He gave her some maternity pills, "These will help you feel better, take one once a day." Bobby told her. He handed her some water, and she swallowed one of the pills.

"Tank, take her home for a while so she can rest before dinner," Bobby told him.

"come on, little one" Tank took her hand, and they left for the fourth floor.

Tank used a key card and opened his Rangeman apartment.

Stephanie entered it. She walked around and saw some photos, "Your brother and sister you told me about earlier." She said as she turned to him.
"Yeah, I could be a cop too. I told you before I have a criminal law degree, but I like working for Rangeman with Ranger. It is a lot more fun than sitting behind a desk," He told her.

"My baby sister is a detective with the 17th. My brother is with the 24th."

"So, law enforcement runs in your family," She said. She put a hand on her tiny baby bump.

"We have a long way to go before we can start to worry about this little one and his or her career." Tank said as he came up behind her. He pulled her into his arms. He put his hand on the tiny baby bump that was starting to form in Stephanie.

"I like it, and you found your path. I wish I did. I am still trying too." She told him.

"Come on, little one, let's get some sleep until it is time to work." He led her into the bedroom.

A few hours later, there was a knock on the door. Tank looked out of the peephole and saw it was Ranger.

He walked in, "How is she," He asked Tank

"Sleeping, for now, I was about to wake her." Tank walked into the bedroom.

"Little one," he said softly. He started to rub Stephanie's back.

"That feels nice; please don't stop," She asked.

"Sorry, but it is time to get ready," Tank said as she looked into his dark eyes.

"Are you feeling okay?" He asked her.

"Much better," She told him. She got out of bed and grabbed her gown.

Tank walked out of the bedroom.

"I will let you two get ready. There is a limo ready to take the lovely couple to the mansion of Mr. Robbins. Here is the necklace you gave her."

Ranger walked out of the apartment. Tank went to his walk-in closet and found his black tux. He put on his pants, and he saw his marriage ring on his hand. "It is up to me to make sure that she and the baby are safe," He thought to himself.

While Stephanie was in the bathroom, she looked at her left hand while putting some makeup on. "I never thought that I would end up getting married again, but I did, and I do care for Pierre," She told herself. She got dressed and walked out of the bathroom. She looked at Pierre, saw his trousers on and his shirt unbuttoned.

"You look magnificent." He told her. She started to button up his shirt. "Little one" He took her hands and looked at her. "We have to get ready." He said to her.

"Yeah," She said to him. He finished buttoning up his shirt, grabbed his Tux jacket, and said, "Time to go, my darling wife."

The two of them walked out of Tank's apartment. The two of them were in the elevator, looked at each other. Tank gave her a deep kiss. Just then, the elevator opened. They saw Lester, "Hi Lester," Stephanie said as she took Tank's hand, and they walked out of Rangeman. They saw the limo got in, and left for Mr. Robbins mansion.

Chapter 8

While they were in the limo, "Little one, please be very careful tonight." He told her as he looked into her blue eyes.

"I will, Pierre, I promise," She told him. She patted his muscular chest; when she did that, he could feel the sparks going through his body.

"Sir, we will be there in a few minutes," The limo driver told Tank.

When they arrived, the limo driver opened the door, and Pierre and Stephanie stepped out of the limo.

"Wow" was all she said.

"Yeah," Pierre walked up to the door and rang the bell.

"Mr. and Mrs. Sherman, they are already in the dining room. "Can I take your coats?" The butler asked them.

"Yes, please do," Pierre told them. He took Stephanie's coat as well as his and handed them to the butler.

They walked into an expansive dining room, with an exceptionally long table, with lots of chairs.

Mr. Sherman, it is nice to see you again. You remember my wife, Tiffany." He said as she came up to his side.

"Yes, it is nice to see the both of you again," Pierre told them.

"Tiffany, why don't you take Stephanie and show her the house," Todd told his wife.

"Of course," Tiffany told him.

"Let's let the men talk." She said out loud.

Pierre looked at his wife, "I will be fine," She told him.

Pierre watched his wife walk away from him.

"So, Stephanie, how long have you and your husband been married?" Tiffany asked her.

Stephanie gave her necklace a quick twirl. "Almost two years, and we are expecting our firstborn." She told the blond-headed woman.

"Congratulations," Tiffany replied to her.

"do you have kids?" Stephanie asked her.

"No, we don't have any kids. I am merely a trophy wife. He does not care for me at all, but I can buy whatever I want and whoever I want," She told her.

"Come, why don't we go sit on the patio," Tiffany told Stephanie.

"All right" Stephanie followed Tiffany out onto the patio.

While Stephanie was following Tiffany around, Pierre and Mr. Robbins went into his office.

"Pierre, I did a lot of research into your company, naturally because I am well richer than rich. I need to be careful as to where my money goes." Mr. Robbins told Pierre.

"I can understand that my father started the airline company that I now run. I have to be careful as to what clients I take." Pierre told him.

"Good, I like what I see so far." Mr. Robbins Told Pierre. "But I am not ready to start handing over a contract to your company yet. But you are getting closer to getting one. There is one other company I am considering for the contract, but your company is at the top of the list."

Suddenly there was a knock at the office door. "Yes," Mr. Robbins said, Darling's dinner is ready. Tiffany said as she opened the door.

Tank turned around to see Stephanie standing behind Tiffany.

Both men got up and walked out of the office. Pierre put his arm around Stephanie's waist.

Pierre pulled out Stephanie's chair, and she sat down. Mr. Robbins did the same for Tiffany.

"Wine," Mr. Robbins said.

"Darling Stephanie can't have wine she is expecting," Tiffany said with a grin a mile wide.

"Is this true?" Mr. Robbins asked Pierre.

"Yes, we just found out recently," Pierre told them.

"Well, congratulations." Mr. Robbins said out loud.

"So young Stephanie here is more than just a trophy wife." He said to Pierre.

Stephanie put her hand on Pierre's leg.

Dinner came out for all four of them. "Tiffany, what is this?" Stephanie asked politely. "Raw Snails," Tiffany answered her. "Excuse me." Stephanie walked and found a bathroom. She came out a few minutes later. Everyone ate except Stephanie; she knew she could not have that. After dinner, Mr. Robbins said, "Well, it has been a productive night."

Pierre replied, "Yes, Mr. Robbins, it has, but it is late, and I have a board meeting in the morning," He told him.

"Of Course. Max here will see you out." Tank noticed Mr. Robbins' right-hand man come. He gave the two of them their coats, and they left.

Meanwhile, outside, in the truck, "Boss, is Robbins still alive." Lester told him. Ranger looked at the screen and saw Todd Robbins still breathing.

"Yup, he is," Ranger said and then let out a deep breath

The ride home in the limo was tranquil. When they got back into Rangeman, the first words out of Stephanie's mouth were, "Shit, tiffany, a trophy wife, of course. Darling, she can't they're expecting," Stephanie mocked Tiffany.

Ranger chuckled, and Stephanie gave him one of her looks that said, "don't, or I'll rip you to shreds. I am going to change out of this dress before I puke on it. Who the hell eats raw snails anymore?" Tank saw Stephanie walk away.

"If I had the chance, I would have knocked the good Mr. Robbins lights out. Stephanie is not just a trophy wife." Tank told Ranger, " His words Ranger, not mine," Tank said.

"Yeah, I know; let's call it a night, Tank, go on up, take care of her," Ranger told him and then walked away.

Tank walked into his apartment and saw Stephanie pacing, "So she is not just a trophy wife." She mimicked out loud.

"Good impression," Pierre said to her. "Just to let you know, I was about to knock his lights out because he said that." She walked into his arms.

"Come on, little one, you need to eat something," He led her to the table and pulled out a chair. He looked in the fridge and saw some cooked chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, and carrots. He warmed up the plate and then gave it to her with a fork and knife. She dug into it. In about ten minutes, there was nothing left. "Are you feeling better?" He asked her as he put the plate in the sink.

"Yeah, thanks," She told him.

"let's go back to the house so we can go to bed." Tank told her.

"Sounds good to me" Just then, Stephanie's cell phone rang.

"It's my mom," Stephanie answered the phone.

"Mom, what is wrong?" Stephanie asked her.

"Your grandmother is gone again. I need you to find her, please." Helen begged her.

"I will give her a call," Stephanie said and then hung up.

Stephanie hit a number, and then Grandma Mazur picked up.

"Hi, Steph, how are you?" Grandma Mazur said in a sing-song voice.

"Have you been drinking, Grandma?" Stephanie asked her.

"Maybe, I am at a bar with Lula. We are picking up men." Grandma Mazur told her granddaughter.

Suddenly, Grandma said, "Shit, Steph, I got to go; this bar just got raided." She was gone then.

Tank noticed that Stephanie's face was ash white. "What," he asked her.

"Grandma and Lula were at a bar that just got raided." She told Pierre.

Tank just shook his head, "Wow, time to call Morelli," Was all he could say.

Just then, Steph's phone rang again; this time, it was Morelli, "Hi," she said over the phone.

" Hate to tell you, Your grandma was arrested," Morelli told her

"Okay, for what?" She asked him

"Picking up male strippers," He told her, trying not to laugh.

"All right, I am on my way now." Stephanie hung up and said, "We need to go to the station Tank."

"Right, let's go." The two of them walked back downstairs. Ranger saw them still dressed up."

"Steph's grandma was just arrested; we got to go." Tank said. Ranger just shook his head as he watched the two of them walk out.

When they arrived at the station, Morelli was waiting at his desk. With Grandma Mazur sitting in a chair

Stephanie and Pierre walked up to Morelli's desk. "Hey there, Gram," Stephanie said to her.

"Stephanie, you look great," Grandma Mazur told her.

"Yes, you do," Morelli said; he noticed the marriage rings again but did not say anything.

"Thanks, I am going to talk to him now, and I will be right back. Don't go anywhere." Stephanie said as she, Tank, and Morelli went away from the desk to talk.

"Wow, cupcake, where have you been?" Morelli asked as his eyes were bouncing out of his head.

"Don't ask you don't want to know about Gram?" She told him.

"You owe me again; I got the charges against her dropped. Take her home, please." Morelli begged.

"Right," Stephanie walked up to her grandmother, "Let's get out of here." She spoke. Tank, Stephanie, and Grandma Mazur all went back to Stephanie's parents' house.

They drove up to the house in fifteen minutes.

"Helen, I am home," Her grandmother yelled.

"Where have you been," Helen snapped at her mother. Then added, "Are you drunk?" Helen asked.

"I was at a bar; then I got arrested by Morelli. But Stephanie here picked me up at the station now I am home. She told her daughter.

Helen just shook her head. Stephanie walked into the living room and gave her dad a quick kiss. "Hi Dad"

"Hi sweetie, you look great; when did you get married again? He asked.

Stephanie looked at her left hand then at Pierre. "Now for the fun part," She thought.

Chapter 9

"The beginning of the week," Pierre said as he walked up to Frank.

"Hi, I am Pierre" Pierre stuck his hand out to Frank.

"Your Tank from Rangeman," Frank told him.

"Yeah," Pierre replied.

"Good, I am happy it is you, and I support you and Stephanie in this Marriage. I am glad that you are my son-in-law".

Stephanie let out a deep breath, "Mom."

Her mother said, "I wanted you to marry Morelli" She got up and walked back into the kitchen. She took another sip of her Whiskey

"Don't worry, I will talk to her," Frank told them both.

"Mrs. Plum, I promise I will take excellent care of Stephanie. She won't want or need anything; you have my word." Pierre told her.

"Come on, little one, and we have to go." Tank told her softly.

"Just what happened to my mom tonight," Helen asked.

"Short version, mom, Grandma, and Lula were at a bar. The police raided that bar. Don't worry, Morelli took care of it." Stephanie told her mom.

Stephanie looked at Pierre. "We will be over Friday night for dinner if nothing comes up with work," Stephanie told them. The two of them walked out of the house.

"Well, this has been an interesting night," Pierre told her.

"Yep, come on, let's go home now," Stephanie told her husband.

"Right, home," Tank told her.

"Well, we have one family down, and now only one more to go," Pierre said out loud.
"Pierre, I am sorry about what my mom said; she has it in her head that I will be with Morelli. The two of us do not see eye to eye when it comes to who I will be with." She told her husband.

"It is not your fault. We will have to give your mom time," He told her. He took her hand and gave it a soft kiss.

When the two of them got back to the house, they saw Ranger waiting for them.

"Stephanie got a call from mom, saying that grandma was lost. Steph calls Grandma, and she says she is at a bar with Lula, but the bar got raided by cops. We get a call from Morelli and go pick up Grandma. We go inside with Grandma to her Parents' house, and she says hi to dad, and he noticed the wedding rings. He told me that he was proud of the fact that I was his son-in-law. Helen, on the other hand, wanted Stephanie to marry Morelli." Tank told him.

"Sounds like a fun night," Ranger said and then added,

"The bomb that blew up the SUV was a home-made bomb. Extremely basic, so I have Hal and Lester were looking into it." Ranger got into his Porsche 911 and left.

Tank came into the house, and Socks came running up to him. He picked the cat up and held him for a few minutes.

He went upstairs and found Stephanie in a pair of sweatpants and a short sleep shirt sitting on the bed.

"Well, this was a hell of a night," Pierre said. He sat down on his side of the bed. She wrapped her arms around his thick neck. "Are you okay with everything that has happened tonight?" Stephanie said. "Yes, I think I am. I am glad your father likes me." He told her.

"That is a good thing; he hates Dickie with a passion," She told him. Pierre turned around to face her, and he bent his head and gave her a long passionate kiss.

"Stephanie, I am starting to have some powerful feelings for you," He told her.

"I am too; come on, Pierre, let's go to bed." She told him.

Chapter 10

The next morning Tank woke up with Stephanie by his side again.

She started to move around, "Good morning," He told her with a smile on his face.

"Morning," She told him.

"What do you want to do today?" Pierre asked her.

"Can we pick out a room for the Baby? Start looking for some furniture too." Stephanie asked him.

"Yeah, let's concentrate on this, little one," Pierre said as he rubbed the baby bump that was getting bigger.

Just then, the phone rang.

"Yes," Tank said.

"Sorry Pierre, I know it is early, but I am having a party on Saturday with some friends of mine, and I would like you and your wife to attend the party," Todd told him.

"What time is the party?" Tank asked him.

"9 pm at the Swan Country Club." He told Tank

"We will be there on Saturday." Tank told Todd.

"Good, it is a black-tie affair" Then there was a click.

"Pierre, what is it?" Stephanie asked him.

"A black-tie affair Saturday night at the Swan Country Club with Todd Robbins" Tank took a deep breath and called Ranger.

"Hey, today is your day off," Ranger told him.

"Stephanie and I got invited to a black-tie affair at the Swan Country Club Saturday. Stephanie is going to need another dress." Tank told him.

"I will call the Accountant; you take her shopping," Ranger told her. He added I will be happy when this mission is done."

"Agreed" Tank hung up.

"I heard; it looks like we are going shopping again," Stephanie said with a smile on her face.

"Yup, let's go," Pierre said as he helped her out of bed.

Suddenly Stephanie's phone rang, "Mom."
"you and your husband are coming for dinner tonight." She spoke.

"Yes, mom, we will be there later tonight," Stephanie told her over the phone.

"Good, and I also invited Morelli; he is most interested in meeting your husband." She then hung up.

"Oh, boy, we might have a problem; my mom invited Morelli for dinner tonight too," Stephanie said as she blew out a deep breath.

"This should be an interesting night," Pierre answered her.

Tank got on the phone to Ranger, "My mother-in-law invited Morelli to dinner tonight, and he is extremely interested in me. Tank told him.

"I will let the FBI know what is going on, and then I will invite Morelli and his captain in for a little chat," Ranger told him. Ranger was gone then.

At Rangeman, Agent Talen and Ranger were waiting for Morelli and his captain.

Hal opened the door to Ranger's office, and both men entered it.

"Agent Talen," Morelli's Captain said, and he shook the agent's hand.

Captain Potter and Morelli came in and sat down.

Agent Talen started, "The FBI is working with Rangeman to take down Todd Rollins. I am sure you heard of him."

"Yes, we have; we have been looking at him for a couple of murders. I was going to have Morelli go in undercover at a party at the Swan Country Club on Saturday." Potter told him.

"I have Tank and Stephanie already undercover as a married couple. Tank is the owner of an airplane company, and Stephanie is his wife. Tank started to date Stephanie a year ago. About one and a half months ago, Tank and Stephanie were undercover at a hotel. So naturally, they could not break their cover. Now Tank is going to be a father, and Stephanie is pregnant with his baby. They got married two weeks ago after they dated for a year. Tank's uncle is extremely catholic. You cannot even imagine what the consequences would be if his uncle found out that he created a baby out of wedlock. So, to keep the peace, they got married. They are getting to know each other and are extremely happy. You also know as well as I do that with this cover, we can't take her out of the picture." Ranger told both.

"Agreed, so how about Trenton P.D. joins the party. We can have Morelli come in as Tank's right-hand man. He will go to the party and stay at a distance for now until the right time comes along. We will have them work together on this. Morelli, you help them, and they help us," Potter said, "That is an order. Do you understand this?" He looked Morelli in the eyes.

"Yes, sir."

"Good welcome to the team." Agent Talen said and then left.

They left leaving Ranger, Potter, and Morelli by themselves.

"We will give you what we have by the end of the day," Potter told Ranger. Morelli and Captain Potter walked out of Rangeman.

"Morelli, this will be a good cover for you with the Robbins case, and you know it. Another set of eyes will not hurt. You have worked with Rangeman before, and you will do it again." The captain and Morelli got in the car and left.

Tank's phone started to ring.

"Well, Morelli knows, and the Trenton P.D. is joining the mission. Congratulations, Morelli is now your right-hand man." Ranger told them as they were on loudspeaker. There was a click again.

"Okay, this is turning into something big," Stephanie said out loud. A few hours later, Tank and Stephanie parked outside of her parent's house.

"Let's go," Pierre said. The two of them got out of Tank's SUV and saw Morelli sitting on the swing that was on the porch.

"Go on in, little one, and I will be in a few minutes." Pierre kissed her softly on the lips.

"Did Ranger fill you in?" Tank asked him.

"Yup," Morelli told him

" She broke up with you because of what you did to her. She was crushed, Morelli, and she came to me. We went out a couple of times, and then it started to get serious. I promise I will take care of her and the baby." Pierre said and then added. "Her parents don't know about the baby yet, and we are trying to keep it that way for now at least," Pierre told Morelli and were just about going to go into the house. "Just one question, how catholic is your uncle," Morelli asked. "He did not like the fact that my brother, sister, and I were going to go to public school. So, he decided that he would pay for all three of us to go catholic school all the way through college."

"You are not joking, are you," Morelli asked him.

"No, I have to go to Christmas Mass no, ifs, or buts about it. If I don't go, my head will be rolling down that street," Tank pointed down the street. He then went inside to the Plum's house.

"Ouch," Morelli said as he followed Pierre into the house.

"Hello Helen," Morelli said as he entered the house.

"Hi, Joseph, how are you doing, and how is work?" She asked as she came up and gave him a hug.

"busy," Morelli told her. He noticed that Stephanie was in the kitchen. Morelli noticed Frank coming up to shake Pierre's hand.

"You want a beer, Pierre?" He asked his son-in-law.

"Go ahead. Darling, I will drive." Stephanie told her husband, then started laughing.

"No thanks, I don't drink, and my wife knows it that is why she is laughing." Pierre came up to her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

"Fair enough, Morelli you want one. Frank offered.

"I will take one and only one." Morelli told him.

Frank handed Morelli a beer. All three men went into the living room to watch the game.

"Your father loves that husband of your Stephanie; he seems all right. I can tell he cares for you a lot." Helen told her daughter.

"Where is Grandma?" she asked

"She is upstairs, do you want to go get her, she won't come downstairs after I yelled at her for the incident" Helen told her daughter.

Stephanie shuffled up the stairs hoping that her mother would not notice how she was walking. She made it and knocked on her grandmother's door. "Hey Grandma" Stephanie said.

"Steph, hi it is great to see you. Can you talk to your mom? I am not talking to her. She is all most keeping me under lock and key. She is the one bringing me to the viewings lately and she is completely embarrassing me at them."

"Well, if you did not get arrested, then maybe she would lighten up, but yes I will talk to her at some point. When work is not so busy." Stephanie told her grandmother.

"I love you" Grandma Mazur said.

"I love you too" Stephanie returned.

They were all at dinner when grandma brought up another viewing. "There is another Viewing at the new funeral home tomorrow night." Grandma yelled.

"Steph take your grandma to the viewing tomorrow night" Helen told her.

"Sorry mom, can't I have to work tomorrow night and I can't get out of it." Stephanie told her mother.

"Wow, darling you have been working a lot" Frank said to her.

"Yeah, dad but Pierre is helping me with it, so I am doing well." She told him.

"I can tell, I am proud of you." He said and then said, " pass the gravy."

Helen suddenly spat, "Why can't you just get pregnant and get out of this bounty hunter job."

Morelli almost choked on his meat.

"Are you okay Joseph?" Helen asked.

"Went down the wrong pipe I am fine Helen" Joe smiled at her.

Stephanie and Pierre looked at Joe with daggers in their eyes

"Lay off Helen" Frank told his wife.

Helen looked at her husband with daggers in it.

After dinner, Tank looked at his watch. "Steph, we have a big day at work tomorrow time to go."

"By mom, Grandma please stay away for bars and Dad thanks" Stephanie kissed him lightly on the cheek.

Tank opened the door and the newly wed couple walked out of the house.

"Well, that is done for a week." Pierre said and let out a deep breath.

"Yeah, and this was a calm night at the house. Stephanie told him. They got in the SUV and drove to their house.

Chapter 11

Saturday Morning:
"Let's go little one" Tank said as he knocked on the bathroom door.

He heard the bathroom sink shut off. "Pierre the morning sickness is back." She told him.

"I know, it will be okay." Pierre told her. He held her for a few minutes. "You ready" He asked her.

"Yeah," she told him.

He took her hand as they headed to their SUV. Pierre put Stephanie's new dress and shoes in the SUV along with his monkey suit. Suddenly, they heard ticking. The two of them ran back into the house.

"Boom" They investigated the garage and saw it in flames.

"We are definitely getting on someone's radar" Pierre told Stephanie. He walked up to her and held her. He then called Ranger.

"Ranger someone blew up our garage." Pierre told him. "Are you and Steph okay? Ranger asked them.

"Yeah, we are fine" Pierre said and then there was nothing.

Ranger came into the conference room and said Tank's garage just blew up they are both all right. I am going over there right now. Hal let us get going. Morelli get ready for tonight." Ranger told everyone.

Morelli sat down in the chair trying to catch his breath from everything he had just heard.

"Are you all right Morelli?" Lester asked him.

"Yeah, fine" He told him.

"good" Lester told him.

A few minutes later, "Tank, Babe, are you all right?" Ranger yelled as he came into Tank's house.

"Yeah, we are fine, but our clothes are not." She said out loud.

"I figured that, that is why I brought you these. He handed a couple of garment bags over. Tank took one and Stephanie took the other one. "don't worry babe the receipt from the last shopping spree had your dress size on it so I just got you two sizes larger." He told her.

"Right" She spat. Ranger and Tank heard the bathroom door slam. Tank looked at Ranger and he yelled. "You could not have done that a little softer".

"Sorry, but you do realize that you and Babe won't be able to hide the baby for much longer right." Ranger told him with a smile.

"Yeah, boss I know" Tank told him.

"Tank, you be careful and take care of them." Ranger told him.

Once Tank and Stephanie were dressed for the party, they waited for the limo to come and get them. Tank texted Ranger, Mole inside Rangeman or bug in my house.

Ranger red the text "Let's get someone to Tank's house to look for bugs and from now on be extra careful." Ranger told Hal and Lester.

"Got it boss." Hal told him.

Ranger hung up and looked at the phone. He was a block away from the Swan Country club. He saw Morelli come up and had one of the men of the Country club park the car. He saw the limo come up and saw the driver, open the door for Tank and Stephanie as they got out. He saw them and could not believe his eyes.

"Here we go, round two." Ranger said as he picked up the headphones and watched the video screen. Tank and Stephanie walked into a huge ball room.

"Can we get a membership darling?" Stephanie asked him.
"I'll see" He told her as he looked into her sparkling eyes.

"Pierre, how are you doing?" Todd came up to them both.

"We are doing great." Pierre answered him.

Suddenly Tiffany came up too. "Stephanie come with me I want to introduce you to a couple of people." She said to her.

"go on Little one" Pierre told her and gently kissed her on the lips.

Stephanie left Pierre's side and went with Tiffany.

"Come with me Pierre let's mingle and make some contacts" Todd told him.

While Pierre was walking and talking with Todd the band started to play.

"Excuse me, can I have this dance Mrs. Sherman" Stephanie looked up and saw Morelli.

"sure, he's an old friend" Stephanie told Tiffany and the other women.

"Did you find out anything?" He asked her as he was dancing with her. "You are not giving me a chance too" She whispered to him.

Tiffany walked up to Stephanie's husband and Todd.

"You might want to rescue your wife." Tiffany told him. She pointed to Morelli dancing with Stephanie.

"Damn" Pierre said to himself.

He walked up to Joe and Stephanie, "Excuse me, can I cut in" Pierre asked Morelli.

"Of course." Stephanie and Morelli parted ways. Pierre took Stephanie into his arms and they danced the night away.

Ranger was out in the van and saw Morelli after he danced with Stephanie.

"What the hell just happened?" Ranger yelled.

At the end of the night, Tiffany walked up to Stephanie and Pierre. "Stephanie, I hope you had fun and made some new friends." Tiffany told her with a huge smile on her face.

"I did have fun thank you very much" She told Tiffany.

"I hope so, because soon you won't be able to do anything fun because of the baby." Tiffany said and the left to rejoin the party.

Pierre noticed Stephanie as she was ready to pounce on Tiffany. Pierre put a hand on her waist. "come on little one, let's go home" Pierre told her and lightly kissed her on the top of the head.

They got into the limo and the driver drove them to their house.

Pierre's phone rang, "Your laundry is clean" Then nothing.

"our laundry is clean" Tank told her. He took her into his arms and held her until they were home.

They got home a half of hour later. "Well, that went well" Pierre told her.

"I did not get much at all" Pierre said as he slapped the island top in the kitchen. Stephanie took a seat on a stool, kicked off her shoes, "My feet are killing me all we did all night was dance in the ball room." She complained.

"Morelli was trying to keep you all to himself, and that screwed us." Pierre said. He walked up to her. Gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his thick neck.

"I do remember something that she told me the evening we were at the mansion. She told me that she could have anything she wanted or who ever she wanted."

"I forgot about that until just now." She looked at Pierre.

"Maybe just maybe she is the one pulling the strings and not Todd." Pierre said out loud.

"We need a background on Tiffany" Stephanie added and then she went upstairs.

Pierre got on his phone "Ranger, can you get a background on Tiffany Robbins, I definitely think there is more to her then just being a trophy wife." Pierre told him over the phone.

"Right on it" Ranger was gone then.

Pierre went back upstairs and entered the bedroom to see Stephanie sound asleep.

He took off his monkey suit and joined her in bed. She curled up into him for the night.

The next morning, Pierre got a phone call, "We are meeting at the police station. Get babe up and be there in one hour." He snapped.

Tank took the phone out of the bedroom "Ranger, it will take longer than an hour to get her up she is so tired. She needs to rest at least a couple of more hours." Pierre spat at him.

"All right I will let the Captain know see you in a couple of hours." Ranger hung up after that.

A couple of hours later, Tank, Ranger, and Stephanie walked into the police department.

The three of them were led into a conference room.

"Stephanie Plum, it is a pleasure to meet you." The Captain said as he held out his hand.

"Thank you, Captain Potter and the last name is Sherman." She shook his hand.

"Well, we have enough photos so what do you need from us." Ranger asked.

"We need names" Potter asked them.

"Okay well this is Todd Robbins. His trophy wife Tiffany and this is his number one-man Ross. The rest of them I am not sure of yet. I was in the process of talking with the ladies when we got interrupted by Morelli who wanted to dance with me. So, I was not able to find out any more about them. I never got another shot with them because of that Captain" She just looked at Morelli.

"Is this true Morelli?" Potter asked him.

"Yes, sir" Morelli answered him looking down at his shoes.

"You should have been making contacts with the men. You cost us a night's work because of it." The captain yelled at him.

"From now on Morelli, leave the ladies to Stephanie and you back Tank up got it" The captain snapped at him

"Yes, sir" Morelli once again replied.

"good, now Tank did you learn anything?" Potter asked. Ranger was just watching Potter.

"Yeah, either there is a mole in Rangeman which you know as well as I do how unlikely that is. Or there is a mole here in the department." Potter finished that statement.

"Okay Morelli pull everyone's file here in the department and make them available to Rangeman" Captain Potter snapped.

"Yes, sir" He said.

"Looks like we are still in their court." Ranger snarled.

"Yeah, and that sucks" The Captain spat.

Tank looked at Stephanie. He could tell she was getting tired of this. He was too he wanted to start his real life with her.

"Little one, we need to go. You need to get some rest. You still look Tired. Tank said gently to her.

"Agreed I could use some sleep, but just one more thing. It was about the night; we went to the Robbin's Mansion. Tiffany said to me that that she could buy whatever I want and anybody I want. Her exact words." She told everybody.

"Very nice maybe she is the real brains behind this business and Todd just follows orders." Morelli said out loud.

"Not a bad thought Morelli you almost made up for last night" Ranger told him.

"Babe, go home with Tank and get some rest." Ranger told her.

"Already on it" Tank took Stephanie's hand and they left.

"I am warning you Morelli if you screw up all the progress we have made. You will be in real trouble." Ranger spat to him .

"I agree with Ranger on this, Morelli focus on the job at hand and not on your x girlfriend." The captain told him and left the briefing room.

Morelli took a deep breath and looked at his feet. "Ranger, are you doing okay with Stephanie and your right-hand man, because I am having a hell of a time wrapping my head around this." Morelli asked Ranger.

"This is the hardest thing, that I am going through. I know it is for the best. Seeing Tank with her that is not easy for me either, but I cannot let my personal feelings get in the way of doing my job. Ranger told Morelli and left. He looked at Ranger as he was leaving "Damn he is right I am letting my feelings get in the way of this job. Morelli said to himself.

Chapter 12

Tank got Stephanie home and in bed. He was in the kitchen when Ranger came in. "Hey how is everything?" He asked him.

Tank walked to his SUV and opened the trunk. He took out two gallons of paint.

Ranger saw two extra gallons and took them into the house.

"For the baby's room" Tank told him.

They brought the paint into Rodney's old room.

"I want this mission over with Ranger" Tank told him.

"I know we all do." He told him.

"I want to start my life with Little One, and I am having a hard time doing that right now. If anything happens to her or the baby." He said as he looked at his friend. "What are we going to do about Morelli he set us back about a month's worth of work." Tank told him and then added, "He does not fit in with this crowd. He does not know how to work with them"

"I will help him adjust to this crowd" Ranger said out loud.

"Have fun painting" Ranger said as he walked out of the baby's room and the house.

When Ranger got to Rangeman he saw Morelli.

"I am sorry, I screwed up last night. I am not use to this type of undercover work" Morelli told him.

"I am not surprised, so come in and I will give you a pep course." Ranger told Morelli.

Ranger used his key card and they both went in.

They entered a conference room three times larger than the one at the station.

"Okay first thing, to know is that Tiffany Robbins is a trophy wife, she does not understand the word family. For some reason, she likes Stephanie, which is weird because in Stephanie's background we have her coming from a big family. Her husband Todd Robbins is from old money. Todd inherited his money from daddy. Which makes Tank's cover perfect. Because he did inherit his dad's business which was a modest airline company."

"So Tank is rich" Morelli asked

"No, his money is in a trust fund that his dad set up for him. The condition for him to get access to that trust fund is for him to leave Rangeman and manage the Airline Company. He loves working here, so he does not want to leave. His father died from a heart attack when he was seven years old. His mom died from cancer a couple of years after his father. His uncle Jeremy raised him, his brother and sister. When Tank was old enough his uncle gave him his parent's house. His uncle Jeremy Sherman raised Tank, his brother and Sister in that house. His Uncle has control of the Airline Company and of Tank's trust fund. He has one brother and sister, both cops. They too have trust funds and Jeremy has control of them too. We have permission from Tank's uncle to use the airline company because he has control of it. Not Tank or his siblings unless they quit their jobs and run the airline.

"Long story short, Todd Robbins found out about the airline company and might make an offer for a contract to use the airline for transferring something to foreign countries. Tank and Stephanie are trying to get this contract. They get the contract the FBI nails Todd Robbins and his trophy wife." Ranger told him.

"Okay, I am a little out of my league here." Morelli told him.

"We are going to help you, I talked to your captain earlier today, we updated your cover. You are Tank's right-hand man. Meaning you work for Tank. You will be with Tank backing him up. Leave Stephanie alone she is all most four months pregnant. You will hang with Tank." Ranger told him.

"Okay, I can do that." Morelli told him.

"There is one more thing. Ranger put a video in, this was the hardest thing I that I had to watch, and you need to see it to realize just what is going on between Tank and Babe."

Ranger put the video of the hotel in. Morelli then he saw all of it and he realized what had happened.

Mr. Pierre Sherman it is an honor and privilege to meet you. I am Mr. Todd Robbins. You can call me Todd. This is my wife Tiffany." Tiffany started to size up Stephanie. "Todd this is my wife Stephanie" "Wow, it is a pleasure to meet you Todd said as he took Stephanie's hand up to his lips and lightly kissed it.

Tank took her hand back gently. He pulled up a chair and Stephanie sat down. Tank pulled up the chair next to her. "So, I have been doing some research into your airplane company, and it looks quite promising. I would like to meet with you again some time to possibly discuss a business transaction." Tim Robbins and his wife got up "Just one more thing, because it is so late, we booked you a room, now don't worry it is on us" Tiffany told the both of them Tiffany then walked out of the restaurant with her husband.

Tank helped Stephanie up from the chair and the two of them walked into the lobby. Tank walked up to the counter with Stephanie. Tank hit the bell and saw Hal in a hotel uniform. Here you go compliments of Mr. and Mrs Robbins Hal handed them their room card.

"Tank looked at the card room 315".

Ranger paused the video right there. "They were testing Tank and Stephanie?" Morelli's mouth dropped open.

"That is what I think, but you have to see this. That way you can understand where everything stands right now." Ranger hit the play button and the tape continued.

"Thank you" Tank said. Stephanie slapped his arm and looked at him. Tank went into his pocket and gave him a five. The two of them went into the elevator.

Hal looked at the five-dollar bill, "Cheap" Hal said.

Everyone in the truck burst out laughing.

Tank and Stephanie got onto the third floor and found their room.

He slid the keycard in and the two of them walked into the room. They saw a king size bed with a fireplace opposite the bed, and a flat screen TV with a closet, and a bedside table as well. Tank put the do not disturb sign up on the outside of the hotel room. He closed and locked the door. He walked up to her; "Pierre" Was all she said. Pierre took her in his arms and gave her a hard kiss on the lips. His hands went down her back and found her zipper to her dress. He looked into her blue eyes. She nodded her head up and down in a yes motion. He unzipped her zipper and the dress fell to the floor. He took off his jacket and let it fall to the floor. He led her to the bed. She kicked off her three-inch black heels. He kicked off his loafers. She laid down on the bed. He was on top of her in a heartbeat. He fiddled with her bra and got it off. He started to play with one of the nipples of her breasts, she moved her hands down his shirt undoing one button at a time. He let his tux shirt fall off him. He found her underwear and took them off her. He leaned up to look at Little one. He undid his pants and took off his boxers. He was on her again after that. He moved his hand to her sweet spot on the inside of her upper thigh, he could tell that she was getting into this. A few minutes later he knew she was ready He entered her, gently at first but then got harder and faster. He could tell that she was following his every move. After they were done Tank fell next to her. They looked at each other and started to laugh. He pulled her to him, and they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Ranger stopped the tape, "I think you now understand who we are up against. Mr. Todd Robbins and Tiffany Robbins were testing Tank and Stephanie to see if they were married. They did not have a choice they had to take the final step. A few hours later I got a call and both Tank and I went on a mission for a month. When we got back, I went to the bond's office to check on her. Found out that she as been ill for a few days. I sent Tank to check on her. It was the day, you begged her to take you back. The day you told her this was not finished. Tank was standing in a corner of the room when you told her this. After you left Tank found out that he was going to be a father. They came to me, and they got married that day, with me watching them at City Hall.

"Do you get it now Morelli" Ranger told him.

"I want Robbins and his trophy wife, and you can now understand why. They took Stephanie from both of us that night and gave her to Tank."

"They were dating after She broke up with me. That was two months after I begged her to take me back" Morelli told him.

"I know that too, so part of it was Todd Robbins, and the other part was you Morelli. You to are also part of the reason why we both lost her.

" I realize that now, but I still want Todd Robbins." Morelli told him.

" I am giving you Tank's home address. You are to go there now and get to know your boss inside and out." Ranger told him. "I will call Tank and let him know you are on the way."

Morelli took Tank's address and left to go see his new boss. Ranger got on the phone, "Yeah," Tank told him.

"Morelli is come over to get to know you better, and you are his boss now," Ranger told Tank and then hung up. Ranger took out the tape and put it in his desk draw.

" Perfect," Tank told himself.

About fifteen minutes later, the buzzer rang.

"Who is it?" Tank asked.

"Your right-hand man," Morelli shouted in the intercom.

The gate opened, and Morelli drove in. He parked in front of the house.

Tank opened the door with no shirt on. "Come on in," Tank told him.

"I will show you around." Tank said. He led Morelli into the kitchen.

"Nice." He said out loud.

"Thanks, this house belonged to my parents, after they passed away, my Uncle moved in so my brother, my sister, and I would not have to adjust anymore than we had to. After we were grown up, he moved out and gave it to me. I have been trying to make it my own for the past few years." Tank told him.

"Why not sell it?" Morelli asked.

"Too many good memories in this house. Come on, let me show you the living room" Tank led the way.

Morelli walked up to a fireplace and saw some pictures of a uniform cop and what looked like a good female cop as well. "My baby sister Felica is undercover in the 17th precinct. My older brother Rodney is a beat cop in the 24th precinct. My Uncle was not happy with their career choices. As for my uncle, he gave me an option, and I could do work in Security or work for his airline company. I went into the special forces so I could think about my choice and ended up working under Ranger. In about 20 years, I will be eligible for the family business. After I met Ranger, we decided to start Rangeman. My Uncle was enormously proud that I helped start Rangeman. So Rangeman now works with my family's airplane company, which is through my uncle, not me. Robbins does not know that I do not have control of the company or about Rangeman.

"Ranger told me that your Uncle raised you and your siblings."

"Yeah, remember when you asked me how Catholic my Uncle was, and I told you just how Catholic he was, and I told you that he paid for a Catholic school for myself and my siblings."

"I remember that," Morelli spoke

"Well, try this one; a week of dating Stephanie, I brought her to meet my Uncle. That was a fun visit. After we got our supper from the kitchen, he bowed his head. Stephanie and I followed suit. I think it was the first time in I don't know how long I said a blessing before eating."

When I found out that Stephanie was pregnant with my baby, we sat down in my truck on the way to Rangeman. We knew we had to tell Ranger. We also knew that we had to be married, because of my uncle as well as Helen

Right, this way." Tank opened a door, and Morelli saw a small bathroom.

"A little small," he told him.

Tank pointed a finger way. "Come follow me." The two of them went upstairs and saw Stephanie standing in the doorway to the master bedroom.

"What is he doing here?" She asked in shock.

"He is getting to know me a little better." Tank said to her. "You don't have to say anymore." She told them. They walked into the master bedroom.

"Okay, I wish my room was like this," Morelli said out loud. Stephanie rolled her eyes and went out to the deck. Tank opened a door, "This is the bathroom I use."

"It is huge," Morelli said in shock.
"I am huge; that is why they call me Tank."

"Yup, I see it now," Morelli replied.

He looked at Stephanie, noticed she was sitting in a chair on the deck. She had a hand on her baby bump. The two of them walked out of the bedroom and into another room full of paint jugs.

Chapter 13

Tank and Morelli were just taking the lids off the paint when the phone rang.

"Not mine," Morelli said out loud.

"Yes," Pierre answered it.

"Pierre, I would like you, your number one man, and your wife to come over to the mansion tomorrow night at seven p.m. Be on time," Todd said and then hung up.

"what," Morelli asked.

Morelli saw Tank take out another phone. "Ranger Todd just called me. I, my right-hand man, and Stephanie are to go to the mansion tomorrow night at Seven, don't be late," Tank told him.

"Okay, you know the routine, and you might as well get Morelli some new clothes too. He is supposed to be your right-hand man." Ranger hung up.

Morelli saw that Tank was putting the lids back on. "I am never going to get the baby's room done." He said as he looked at Morelli.

He got up and went into the bedroom with Morelli following in toe. He saw Tank walk out to the deck.

Tank noticed that Stephanie was asleep with a hand on the baby. He bent down and kissed her on the lips. She put his arms around his thick neck and embraced the kiss. "Okay," Tank said as he helped her up. "Sorry, but we have to go shopping again," Tank told her.

"Yeah, shopping" She twirled around and stopped. "Easy," Tank told her as he caught her.
"I have to stop doing that," She told him.

Tank chuckled.

The three of them got out of the house, piled into the SUV, and went to the Evening Wear Shop.

"Hello, Jake," Tank said as they entered the small shop.

"Pierre, it has been a while, and hello Miss Stephanie, and who is this" Jake said.

"This is Joseph, and I need evening wear for them both. He gets a style to undermine." Pierre told him.

"Yes, sir, right this way. I have the perfect suit for you, Joseph." Jake told him

About ten minutes later, "Fuck look at that price," Morelli yelled.

Pierre started to laugh.

"Come out Joseph, and let's see how well you clean up," Pierre yelled.

Joseph came out in brown slacks, a black button-up shirt, and a brown jacket.

"Okay, you don't clean up that bad," Pierre told him.

"Little one, how are you doing?" Pierre said to her.

"I love this mission," she yelled as she came out in a black silk dress with black flats.

"You look very hot, babe" Morelli and Pierre turned to see Ranger.

"Tank, you have already worn your black tux two times to Robbin's parties. Thomas is going to kill me. Jake get him a new suit. Some tan pants, black turtleneck, and blue blazer." Ranger told him.

"On it, Pierre, let's get you set up," Jake told him.

"Your right; Thomas is going to kill you, boss," Tank said as he followed Jake to the clothes.

"Who is Thomas?" Morelli asked Ranger.

" Rangeman's accountant." He told Morelli.

"Ouch," Morelli said.

A few minutes later. Tank walked back in the tan pants, black turtleneck, and blue blazer.

"My husband is turning me on," Stephanie said as she walked up to him and put her arms around his waist.

"all right, everybody back in the clothes you came in," Ranger told them.

"Aww," Stephanie pouted.

"Not going to work, babe." Ranger told her. "fine," she went back into the ladies' dressing room. Tank and Morelli went into separate stalls and took off their clothes. Tank came out first in jeans and a t-shirt. Morelli came back out in his black jeans and heavy metal t-shirt.

Stephanie walked back in, wearing the jumper that she was wearing when she came in.

"Here you go, Jake." Ranger handed over the Rangeman credit card. "Thomas is going to kill you," Jake said out loud.

"Yup, he is," Ranger said as his head was lowered into his chest.

"Okay, let us see 650 dollars for Joseph's suit 800 for Pierre's suit. And 500 for Stephanie's dress and 100 for the flats. The total is two thousand and fifty dollars." Jake ran the card through approved.

"if anything happens to those clothes before you wear them to the party, you are paying for them except for Stephanie," Ranger told both Tank and Morelli.

"He is kidding, right," Morelli asked with his mouth hanging open.

"No, and no, Morelli, not all of my missions are like this one," Tank told him. "Well, nothing is happening to this suit," Morelli said out loud.

"Yes, I got a new dress and shoes," Stephanie said as she was going around in circles.

"You are going to get dizzy," Morelli said to her. He noticed Tank standing behind her. "Damn, I hate it when you are right." Tank helped her to a seat.

"You are enjoying this," Morelli said to Stephanie.

"No, just the shopping part." She told him.

Ranger saw Stephanie sitting down, "She was going around in circles again."

"Yup," Morelli told Ranger.

"Babe, you have to stop doing that," He told her.
"Yeah, I know," She said.

Tank leaned down and said, "breathe" She looked into his eyes and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around her.

"You two can come up for air anytime," Ranger told them.

"Sorry" was what the two of them said.

"Okay, here is what is going to happen. Morelli will be at your house Tank at 5: 30 pm to get into that suit. Tank, you know your routine as well as you, babe. Let us see if we can actually make some headway tomorrow night because this mission is really starting to get me mad." Ranger told everyone. He then got into his black SUV and drove away.

"Okay, let's go home," Tank said. They got back to the house. Morelli handed the suit to Tank and drove away.

"I hope we make some headway tomorrow because Morelli has never seen Ranger mad," Stephanie told Pierre.

"Yeah, exactly." Tank agreed with her.

Chapter 14

The next evening around 5: 30 pm, Morelli pulled up to Tank's house. He noticed the Captain's personal car here too.

Ranger opened the door, "come in."

Morelli still had a hard time wrapping his head in this whole thing. "This is nuts," He said to himself.

"Okay, Morelli, go get suited up," Ranger told him and handed him his garment bag.

A half an hour later, Morelli came out in his new suit.

The Captain's mouth dropped.

"How much Morelli?" The Captain yelled at him again.

"Relax, Cap, it's on Rangeman," Morelli said with a smile on his face.

"I am in the wrong job," Morelli's captain said out loud.

Tank and Stephanie came out holding hands. He put his arm up, and she went through it. He wrapped her in his arms and gave her a small kiss on the neck.

"Wow" was the only word the Captain could get out.

"Are all your missions like this?" Potter asked Ranger.

"Not even close; believe it or not, Captain Potter, this is an easy one," Ranger told him.

"Okay, we will be in our usual places if anything goes wrong" Thomas, go with the flow tonight," Ranger told Morelli.

"No, Problem, I love going with the flow," Morelli told him.

"I just hope they don't have raw snails again," Stephanie told everyone.

"Raw snails," Morelli said with a white face.

Pierre, Stephanie, and Ranger all shook their heads yes.

Morelli looked out the window and saw a long stretch limo pull up.

"The limo is here, boss Morelli told them.

'All right, time to move." Tank said to them.

They all piled into the limo. "You are one lucky man," The limo driver whispered into Pierre's ear.

"I know it," He answered him.

All three of them were in the limo. Pierre saw Thomas's leg going up and down.

"Relax, Thomas, and it will be fine," Pierre told him.

About 15 minutes later, they arrived at the mansion. The limo driver got out and opened the door for the three of them. Thomas got out first, then Pierre and Stephanie as well.

Todd Robbins opened his door himself.

"Welcome back, Pierre, and you too, Stephanie. This must be Thomas, your right-hand man." Todd said with a crude smile on his face.

"Yes, he is," Pierre told him.

"Stephanie, come out to the patio while the men talk," Tiffany said as she came up to her husband.

"Nice dress, by the way; how much longer are you going to be able to fit in this type of gown," Tiffany asked her.

"not that much longer, I am almost four months" Stephanie looked back at her loving husband as they left for the patio.

Morelli whispered in Pierre's ear, " is she that far along?"

"Yes," Tank said softly back to him.

They all walked into Todd's study and sat down in leather chairs.

Well, Pierre, your company is making some progress on getting my contracts. It seems that your competition is having some financial problems. But your company is getting bigger and bigger by that day, and that is a good sign."

"We are making some progress, but it is a little slow for my taste, but my plan is working," Pierre told him

"So, Thomas, how was your three-and-a-half-month vacation?" Todd asked

"It was very relaxing," Morelli said back to him.

"You look familiar to me; do I know you from somewhere?" Todd asked.

"No, but you may have seen me doing errands for my boss," Morelli told him.

"You know Thomas, and I like you; if you ever get bored working for him, let me know," Todd told him.

"No thanks, I like my boss; he pays nice," Thomas said to him.

Meanwhile, on the patio, "So Stephanie, how are you feeling?" Tiffany asked her.

"Good, actually just some morning sickness once in a while," Stephanie answered him.

"Are you excited for the baby?" she asked Stephanie.

"Yes, I this little one is a good thing for both Pierre and I, especially for Pierre the next generation to take over the airline when he passes." She told Tiffany.

"Excuse me, and ma'am, dinner is ready." The maid announced to the ladies.

"Right, let's go get the men," Tiffany replied.

The ladies went back inside, and Tiffany knocked on the door to the office.

"Yes," Todd said. Tiffany came up and sat in her husband's lap. "If you men are done talking about business, dinner is ready." She said as she twirled his tie.

"We just finished up for the night, and Gentleman, let's go eat." He said to them.

The crew walked into the dining room. Stephanie walked up to Pierre. "Hello, Darling," Stephanie said.

"I missed you, little one," He said to her and then gave her a long passionate kiss.

He pulled out a chair for her. The maids and butler put dinner in front of them.

"Tiffany, is this octopus?" Stephanie asked her hostess.

"Yes, fried octopus, very good, Stephanie." Tiffany told her, "Only the best for us."

"Excuse me, I have to go to the restroom," Stephanie said; she got up and went into the restroom.

"Morning sickness," Pierre told them.

"Right, I would not know about that because we don't have any kids," Tiffany replied to them.

A few minutes later, Stephanie walked back into the dining room. Pierre got up and helped Stephanie into her chair.

"Are you all right, Little one?" He asked her.

"Yes, darling, I am fine." She told him softly.

Morelli looked at Tiffany, and he could tell she was having a good time watching Stephanie suffer.

After they ate, Pierre said, "Todd, it has been a good evening, but I have a meeting tomorrow, so I have to call it a night. I am sure you understand that"

"Of course, Pierre," Todd told him

"Stephanie, take care of that baby," Tiffany said out loud.

"Of course, he or she is the future of the family," Stephanie said as the three of them were getting into the limo. They noticed that it was Hal driving" On the way back, Stephanie stuck out her tongue and put her finger to her mouth." Pierre and Morelli started to laugh. "I hate that woman. She is worse than Joyce Barnhart." Stephanie said out loud.

Ranger and the Captain were waiting at Tank's house for them. Ranger opened the door. "Take that suit off before you puke Morelli," Ranger told him.

"Right," He agreed. He walked into that bathroom to change.

Who the hell has fried Octopus in New Jersey?" The captain said.

"Excuse me" Stephanie walked up to the bathroom just in time to see Morelli coming out. "Move" she yelled. He watched her as she put her head over the toilet and puked.

A few minutes later, everyone looked to see Stephanie come out of the bathroom and up to Pierre's side. "Feeling better," He asked her.

"Yes, much better," She told him.

"That was close in the office; I thought Morelli's cover was blown," Ranger said out loud.

Yeah, but he did pull it off, good for you, Morelli," The Captain said

"You're learning, Morelli," Ranger told him.

"I am going home to have a beer," Morelli said. Just then, his Captain turned around, "Sorry, Morelli, but because you are Tank's right-hand man, now you have to stay here with your boss." The Captain told him.

"That is why you wanted me to pack a bag," Morelli said out loud.

"You're pretty smart, Morelli, and this might lead to a promotion if you do well enough with this case," Potter said to him and left the house

"There is beer in the fridge," Ranger told him.

Chapter 15

The next morning Tank walked downstairs and saw Morelli looking in the fridge for breakfast.

"There are no pancakes, French Toast, only fruit, and bagels." Morell turned to Tank.

"No wonder why everyone in Rangeman is so freaking healthy," Morelli said.

Tank laughed for a few minutes. Morelli noticeed Stephanie came down. She went to the freezer and took out microwaveable Pancakes.

She put them in the microwave for thirty seconds and found they maple syrup and soaked the pancakes.

"Ella always makes sure there is Junk food for me when I am working hard for Rangeman. Help yourself, Joe," She told him.

"Ella," Joe asked.

"A Rangeman employee that takes care of the guys and me. She works for Rangeman and was hired by Ranger himself. She makes sure the guys take care of themselves; if they don't have any family, she keeps them healthy and happy," Stephanie added.

"Not that kind of employee just does some housework, cooking making sure everyone takes care of themselves. Especially if they don't have a family." Stephanie said as she was digging into the pancakes.

"Okay, I am going to watch some TV. You can help your boss with the baby's room," Stephanie said.

"You are enjoying this," Joe said.

"Parts of it, yeah, but not all of it," Stephanie told him and left for the living room.

"The more I work with you guys, the more I like Rangeman." Morelli said out loud

"Yeah, it is a good company. Ranger and I did a good job building it up after many years." He told Joe.

"Now that I have seen Tiffany up close. She looks familiar to me somehow. But I am just not sure how." Joe said.

"Rangeman checked her background and came up with nothing." Tank told her.

"She sure digs into Stephanie," Joe said.

"Yeah, and that has me worried," Tank told him. "Damn, I hate this; we are still at a dead end. Shit, I don't want to keep putting little one in those types of situations with Todd and Tiffany." Tank looked at Morelli.

"Wow, I can really tell all of Rangeman really cares for cupcake," Joe said.

"Yeah, we would be lost without her. She gives a lot of heart to Rangeman," Tank told him.

"Hey there," Stephanie said as she came back into the kitchen. "Hey Pierre, my mom just called Grandma is gone again. Can we go find her?" Stephanie told him.

"Yeah, let's go" Tank said and started to laugh.

They drove to Stephanie's parents' house and parked outside.

When they entered, "Stephanie, thank god," Helen said as she did the sign of the cross.

"What happened?" She asked her mother.

"I was ironing as usual when Grandma came bouncing down the stairs, in some bright spandex. She went running out the door, jumped into Lula's T-Bird, and they took off." Helen told her daughter.

"Stephanie took out her phone and dialed Lula's number.

Hey, white girl," Lula said over the phone.

"Lula, where are you?" Stephanie asked

"Gotta go; this place is being raided." Lula hung up.

"Oh boy," Stephanie said and started laughing.

"Why are you laughing, Stephanie Michelle Plum Sherman? I don't think this is funny!" Helen shouted. Stephanie put her head in her husband's chest.

"Okay, I can do this," She told herself.

"Little one," Pierre said as he lifted her head. He looked into her eyes, and she stopped laughing. "Thank you," She told him. He kissed her softly.

"Joe, do me a favor and check to see what bars got raided today?" She asked him.

"Sure, let me make a phone call," Joe said. He walked out of the house, shaking his head.

Joe came back in a few minutes later. "17th Precinct." He told everyone.

"Joseph, can you help me please?" Helen begged.

"Sorry Helen, I can't, but maybe your son-in-law can," Joe told her.

"Please, Pierre, can you help me?" Helen asked him.

"Little one and Morelli, let's go time for a family visit." Pierre bowed his head, and the three of them drove to the 17th Precinct.

They parked in the guest parking lot. All three of them entered the building. "Hey, Tank, how is it going?" The lieutenant shouted.

"Great, is Rodney and Felicia available?" Tank asked.

"Yeah, they both just got back from a raid," he told him.

Suddenly, Stephanie heard, "There is my granddaughter.

Felicia turned around to see her big brother with two other people.

"Get in here Tank," Felica told her brother.

"Hey sis, how is it going?" Tank said, trying not to laugh but failing very badly at it.

"Hey, can you please let Grandma and Lula go? Please, Felicia, I would really owe you one," Tank begged his baby sister.

"Let me speak to the Captain" Felica disappeared for a few minutes.

Just then, Tank heard her, "Hey He-Mam," Lula said and came strutting up to him.

She noticed Tank's wedding ring. "So white- girl, what are you doing here other than getting Edna," Lula said and then noticed Stephanie's left hand.

"What the hell? You married Tank," Lula shouted. She was right in Stephanie's face."

"Lula, I was going to tell you, but I have been really busy," Stephanie said. Lula swung her purse at Stephanie. Stephanie ducked, and it hit Morelli squarely in the jaw instead. He hit the floor hard.

The Captain and Felicia came running out of his office. "Get her to a cell now," the Captain yelled.

"You are toast, white-girl."

Tank helped Morelli up to a seat. Rodney came up with an instant cold ice pack."

"Here" Rodney gave the icepack to Morelli.

"Thanks" Morelli put the icepack on his jaw.

"What the hell does she have in that bag?" Morelli said. Felicia looked at her older brother.

"Let's find out," Felicia said; she dumped Lula's purse on her desk.

Stun gun, a 45 model, and these Felicia held up the bright colored condoms. Felicia walked up to the cell, "I am going to run this gun, and you better hope it is registered." Felicia told Lula to her face.

"Hey, you are kind of cute, not as built as him, but still," Grandma said to Rodney.

"Forget it, grandma," Rodney told her.

"All right, this is what I am going to do, I will drop the charges on Grandma, but I am pressing charges on Lula for assault," Felicia told everyone. Felicia put Grandma's gun on her desk.

"Hey, it's my gun," Mazur said.

"Yes, but it is unregistered," Felicia told her.

"Fine, but get it registered and take a gun safety course," Felicia told her.

"Deal, and I know just the place to take to take the course." She looked at Tank with a wide grin on her face.

"Shit," Tank said.

"One more thing, Family dinner tomorrow night," Rodney said to his baby brother.

"Fine, it is a deal," Tank told them.

"And he is there," Rodney pointed at Morelli.

"Fine, he will be there. Tomorrow night at six pm," Tank told them both.

Felica and Rodney smiled and said, "Deal."

"Grandma, let's go; mom is waiting," Stephanie told her.

"Oh boy, your mom is going to lock me up and throw away the key this time," Grandma said as she got up from her chair.

Once they got outside, "That went well with Lula," Stephanie told them.

"Yeah, she took that well," Tank said.

Tank and Stephanie started laughing.

Morelli just looked at them as he was holding the icepack on his jaw.

Chapter 16

About half an hour later, the four of them walked into the Plums house.

"Where were you?" Helen asked her mother.

"You don't want to know, but I am going to get ready now. I have to call Rangeman to sign up for a gun safety course." Grandma went skipping upstairs.

"Please tell me she is joking," Helen begged.

"Nope, sorry, Helen, she's not," Morelli told her.

"Joseph, what happened?" Helen asked him.

"Lula just found out that Stephanie and Pierre are married," Joseph told her.

"Okay," Helen then asked the three of them

"You will be here for dinner Friday night," Helen asked.

"If we don't have to work, Helen, then yes, we will see you on Friday." Tank said, and the three of them went back to the house.

"What a day," Pierre said as he drove everyone back home.

When they got there, they saw Ranger.

"Morelli, what happened to your jaw?" Ranger asked him.

"Lula found out that Stephanie and Tank are married. She swung her purse at Stephanie, and she ducked, and Lula's purse hit me square in the jaw," Morelli said out loud. "I am going inside."

"Don't," Tank told him

"I heard," Ranger told them.

"I told you don't, Carlos," Tank said again

"Grandma is already signed up for the gun safety course," Ranger said, shaking his head.

"Who is teaching this one?" He asked

"Hal," Ranger said.

"Ouch, tell him I said good luck," Tank replied to him

"What did cost you, Tank" Ranger asked him.

"Dinner here tomorrow night." Tank told him and then added, "He has to be here; Rodney told me so" Ranger and Tank looked at Morelli and broke out laughing.

"Good luck, especially you, Morelli. Shit, I wish I could be here for tomorrow night." Ranger walked out of the house laughing.

"What does he mean by that?" Morelli said out loud.

"Rodney is gay, Morelli," Tank said as he walked back upstairs to try to get some work done on the baby's room.

"Oh boy," Morelli said.

"I am hungry. What did Ella leave for us tonight?" Stephanie opened the fridge and took out a chicken sandwich.

The following day Tank went into the kitchen and saw Ella cooking up a storm.

"Hi Tank," She said

"Ella, did Ranger send you over?" Tank asked her.

"Yup, he knows that none of you know how to cook," Ella told him.

"You're the best, Ella," Tank told her.

"I know," Ella replied.

Ella saw Stephanie come into the kitchen.

It smells good" Stephanie started to walk over to the crockpot.

"Touch it and die," Ella said out loud.

"Okay," Stephanie said.

"I made you a bowl in the fridge; all you have to do is heat it," Ella said and then left the house.

A few hours later, "Hey bro," Rodney yelled as he came into the house.

"HI, Felicia said as she saw Stephanie sitting at the island in the kitchen.

"Hi am Steph"

"You're the Stephanie," Felicia said as she sat down on a stool.

"The female bounty hunter. Who helps with some of the Rangeman cases?" She said out loud.

"Yes," Stephanie replied

" glad to meet you," Felicia said

"So, who are you?" Rodney asked Joe.

"Joe Morelli, I am working with your brother currently," He told him.

"Okay, so you are an undercover like me," she told him.

"yeah, your good," He said

"Yeah, many years of experience," Felica told him.

"So, when did you get married, Pierre?" Felicia asked, "and you must be my sister-in-law."

"I don't follow" It hit Rodney a second later

" Yesterday at the station when Lula tried to slug her with her bag," Rodney said out loud

"Please don't remind me; my jaw still hurts," Joe said to everyone.

"We got married three and a half months ago," Pierre told them. "Doe's Jeremy know," Felicia asked.

"No, he does not know," Pierre told him

"Don't even say it, Rodney. I know I have to tell him. I am just trying to wait a little longer, so he won't kill me." Pierre told them.

"It was not a church wedding, was it," Rodney told him.

"No, we got married at City Hall," Pierre told him.

Rodney and Felicia looked at each other, "he's toast."

Felicia told them.

"See Morelli, my Uncle Jeremy is extremely Catholic," Pierre told him.

"He is so Catholic that he paid for all of our schoolings, kindergarten through college," Rodney told her.

"Something smells good," Rodney said as he walked over to the crockpot.

Felicia and Rodney took the lid off and smelled the beef stew.

"Ella," They both said at the same time.

Just then, the phone rang, "Quiet everyone," Pierre told them.

"Yes," Pierre said.

"Todd and Tiffany are going to be at the St. Pierre's restaurant on Saturday night at seven pm. Be there and have Thomas ready for guard duty." The voice told Pierre then it was gone.

"Hey Carlos, I suppose you heard that," Stephanie said.

"Yeah," Ranger said as he came through the back door.

"Hey Ranger," Rodney and Felica said to him.

"See if Babe's little black dress will fit her," Ranger told them and then left the house.

"Little one goes show Felicia your little black dress, and I do mean show it to her," Pierre told her.

"Got it, do you want to see all my new clothes?" Stephanie asked her.

"Yeah, let's go," Felicia told her.

Pierre watched Stephanie and Felica go up to the master bedroom.

"Ball Game," Rodney said.

"Sounds good" Pierre, Joe, and Rodney all went into the living room to watch the game.

Chapter 17

About an hour later, they heard, "I can understand why my big brother married you. How far along are you? Felicia asked Stephanie.

"What?" Rodney said in shock.

"Stop being a detective, Felicia," Pierre yelled.

"Wow, how did you know?" Stephanie said as she sat down next to Pierre.

"Well, for starters, your dresses are all size or two bigger than the last one. There are yellow paint buckets in Rodney's old room and a half-painted wall." Felicia finished.

"Damn, you are good," Morelli said as he took a sip of his beer.

"four months," Stephanie told them.

"Fits that explains why you got married three months ago and why it was at City Hall," Felicia said.

Suddenly Steph's cell phone rang.

"Hi, Grandma," Stephanie said.

"Hi sweetie, I need a favor. Can you please talk to your mother? Please, I want to go out tonight with Lula, and your mother is saying that she will put me in a home. Can you help me out?" Grandma Mazur asked her.

"No, and if you do sneak out tonight, Grandma, Pierre, and I will not be over for tomorrow night," Stephanie told her.

"You can't do that to me; she will drive me and everybody crazy if you two are not here," Grandma begged.

"Exactly," Stephanie said.
"What's it going to be," Stephanie told her.

"I will stay home tonight," Grandma told her.

"Thank you, and I love you, grandma" Stephanie hung up the phone and then put her head in Pierre's chest and started to laugh.

"No offense, but your grandmother is nuts," Rodney said.

"Well, ever since Grandpa died, She just wants to live," Stephanie told everyone.

"That is nothing; you should meet my grandmother; she will put a curse on anybody that she deems unworthy of me," Joe said out loud.

"Family dinner, huh," Felicia said.

"Italian and Hungarian, so family dinners are a must unless I am dead," Stephanie told everyone.

"Makes sense," Felicia said out loud.

Rodney looked at his watch, "Holy shit, it is getting late, and I have an early shift tomorrow. I got to go. Been fun," Rodney said. He gave his baby brother a high five and then left

"I am going to follow suit," Felicia told them. "Until next time, take care of my nephew or niece. I like you; you're a keeper in this family." Felicia said and gave Pierre a quick hug and then left the house.

"Wow, that was normal; I don't see that very often," Morelli said.

"Yup, just an ordinary family, nothing special," Pierre told them.

"Well, I am going to bed." Morelli got up and left for the guest room.

Pierre gave Stephanie a deep kiss.

"Let's go to bed too," Stephanie said.

"Sounds good," Pierre told her.

They walked upstairs to the master bedroom. Stephanie hit the bed. She pulled Pierre by his shirt so that he was on top of her. "Are you sure, little one?" he asked her.

"Yes, please, Pierre." He took her shirt off and fiddled with her bra for a few moments, and then it was off. He looked at her for a minute. He started to move his hands down her belly and found her jeans. He unbuttoned them, and Stephanie took off his shirt. Pierre removed his jeans. He was in her in about three minutes. "You are so beautiful," He told her. They fell asleep in each other's arms for the night. They woke up on Friday morning to Ranger's voice downstairs along with Morelli and his Captain.

"Sounds like the crew is here." Tank said to her. "Yeah," She said.

"You try to get some rest. I will go down and see what is going on," Pierre told her.

Tank put on his jeans and went downstairs.

"What is going on now," Pierre asked them.

"There will be another undercover there, and she is in the 17th. Her name is "Detective Felicia Sherman," Tank said before Potter could tell her name to everyone.

"Yeah," He told them.

"She is my sister, and she is a damn good detective too," Pierre told them

"Yeah, she is one of the best," Potter told them.

"She is going to be a waitress," Potter told them.

"Right, just to let you know, Tank, this is not just a regular Restaurant," Ranger told him. He handed the pictures to Tank.

"Shit" Tank looked at the waitresses and waiters.

"Are the waitresses in Lingerie?" Tank asked.

"Yup and the males are in a speedo," The Captain added, "Have fun" The Captain walked out, shaking his head.

"We are making progress; this should be over soon," Ranger said as he put his shades on and walked out of the house.

Tank and Morelli just looked at each other.

Chapter 18

A few minutes later, Stephanie came down to the kitchen.

"That is where we are going Saturday night," Stephanie asked them.

"Yes, little one, I can tell them you are not feeling well," Pierre told her.

"Pierre, that is what Tiffany wants; she does not want me there; I got a sneaky hunch that you are what she wants," Stephanie told him.

He walked up to her, "I think you are right. So, I want you there with me, and maybe we can get ahead of their scheme if you come with me." He told her and then hugged her.

"Oh no!" She screamed. She left Tank's arm and went to her bag. Pierre noticed that she took out a file. She handed the file to Pierre.

"I know what you are thinking, little one, and you can't. You are four months pregnant. I promise you once the baby is here and is old enough to leave him or her at the daycare at Rangeman, I will make sure you can do this job again. I give you my word." Pierre told his wife. He put the file down on the table and pulled Stephanie into his arms. Morelli picked up the file.

Suddenly Ranger walked in, "Hey babe does the dress fit you?" He asked. He then saw everyone's face.

"What," Ranger asked. Morelli gave the file to Ranger.
"Shit, okay, I am on it. You two need to talk," Ranger said to both Pierre and Stephanie.

"We have Ranger. Will you tell Vinny that I can't work right now, and I don't know when I will be able to come back" Stephanie asked him

"Yes, Babe, I will," Ranger told her.

"Just one more thing, please make sure that he knows not to tell my mom or his wife," Stephanie asked.

Ranger looked at the both of them.

"Ranger, I don't want anymore stress on little one, and we all know what her mother is like and what is going to happen when she does find out. We will not have a moment's peace." Tank told him.

"Okay, I will make sure he gets the message," Ranger told him. He got on the phone with Connie and said he was coming in.

While that was going on, Stephanie got on her phone to Connie, "Hey Connie, and I cannot work for a while; I am pregnant with Tank's baby. We got married too. I will be back in as soon as the baby is old enough, or I hope to. Ranger is on his way in now. Can you let Vinny know?" She told her.

"Yeah, and Stephanie, good luck" Connie hung up with her mouth hanging open.

"Stephanie just called you, huh," Ranger said,

"Yeah," Connie just nodded her head up and down

"Yeah, where is he?" Ranger asked

"In his office, but good luck getting in the door is double-bolted again," Connie told him

"Vinny, open up now, or I will break the door down?" Ranger yelled.

"What do you want?" Vinny snapped at him.

"We need to talk. Stephanie cannot work here right now, she is pregnant, and Tank is the father, and they got married. You will find someone else temporarily until she can come back to work. Also, I can tell you heard from

your father–in–law. So, you know the office will be closed this weekend. You are to do no bonds until Monday morning, or there will be trouble, Vinny. One more thing Stephanie's mom does not know right now, and we would like to keep it that way. Do you understand me?"

"Got it," Vinny said as he was shaking. Ranger walked out of Vinny's office. "Okay, boys, let's go get her," Ranger told them. He walked out with Lester and Hal.

A few hours later, Pierre, Stephanie, and Joe were getting ready for dinner with the Plums When Ranger came in.

"Here you go, Babe, your bond check. I also told Vinny that you would not be able to work for him for a while. He took it well," Ranger told her.

"Ranger, what if this girl finds another bond office?" Morelli asked him.

"Not likely, because of everything that is going on right now in the courthouses. They are not hearing cases on the weekends."

"Of course, the courthouse is overbooked because there is a lack of judges," Morelli said as he slapped his forehead.

"Exactly," Ranger told everyone.

"Babe, you never answered me. Does that little black dress still fit you?" Ranger asked him.

"Yes, and I am going tomorrow night with Pierre. Ranger, they do not think I will show up to a place like this. I think Tiffany wants Pierre for herself, and I think this a just another little test she is trying to pull on us. We can get the upper hand finally if I show up with him," Stephanie told him.

"I think you are right; keep thinking, Babe. Be careful tomorrow night," Ranger told them he left then.

"Does he do that often? Give you a bond check when he gets them," Morelli asked.
"No, he just does it when I am in a sticky situation," Stephanie told Morelli. She put the check in her bag. "Let's go, or we will be late for Mom's," Stephanie told them.

"Right," Morelli said, and the three of them left the house.

"Hal, I want you to park outside of Tank's house just in case someone tries something," Ranger told Hal over the phone

"Yes, sir" Hal went to Tank's house and did a stakeout.

While at the Plums. Todd Robbins, the right-hand man, snuck up to Tank's house. But he failed to get in.

Hal and Lester walked right up to him. "Hi," Hal said to Todd Robbins, right-hand man. "You are under arrest for Trespassing." He started to run, but Lester was right there and clocked him in the eye. He went down like a sack of potatoes.

"We got him, boss; we will meet you at the station."

Good, I will bring the usual surveillance tapes and let Tank know the good news" Ranger hung up then.

A few minutes later, Tank's phone was ringing. He looked at the number. "I have to take this, and sorry" Pierre kissed Stephanie on top of the head.

"Yeah, boss," Pierre said.

"Good news, Todd Robbin's right-hand man, was picked up tonight for trespassing on your land. Don't worry, and he did not even get into the house. I Double checked your house to make sure he did not leave you or Stephanie any presents. You won't have to worry about him tomorrow night."

"He was hunting," Pierre told him."

"Yup, and he was caught big time. We are finally starting to make some progress." Ranger told him and then hung up.

"Man, I love my job," Pierre said as he entered his in-laws' house again. He kissed Stephanie softly on the lips.

"Good news," She asked him

"Oh yeah, I will tell you later," Pierre replied to her.

After dinner, they said their goodnights and were about to walk out the door when they saw their SUV blew up.

"Perfect," Pierre said.

"Just then, Pierre's phone rang, "We are fine, but the SUV is toast."

"I am on my way," Ranger told him.

A few minutes later, Ranger came up with a new SUV.

"Okay, this is a new one ." Tank said as he came up to him.

"Yes, so try not to get this one blown up," Ranger told him and then left with Hal.

"Okay, are we ready to go home now," Pierre asked them?

"Please," Stephanie said.

When they got home, Tank started to talk, "We have some good news, we have Max Ross. He was trespassing on our property Stephanie. He is in jail, at least for the weekend unless Todd can pay off a judge." Pierre told them. "Which I highly doubt he is that rich."

"We finally have the upper hand," Stephanie said as she rushed into Pierre's arms. Pierre swung her around a couple of times.

"Pierre put me down," Stephanie begged; he put her down, and then she ran into the bathroom and puked.

" A little too much, boss," Morelli said to him.

"Little one, I am sorry," Pierre told Stephanie.

"I am okay," Stephanie said as she came out of the bathroom and saw her husband.

"See you in the morning," Morelli.

The next day went by without anything happening Pierre and Joe got one wall painted in the baby's room; after they finished that, they got ready for dinner with Todd Robbins and his wife Tiffany at St. Pierre's Restaurant.

A couple of hours later, the limo came.

"Time to go, boss," Thomas said as he looked at Tank.

"Ready to go, little one" He looked at Stephanie, who was in the black dress again.

"All set, Darling," Stephanie said as she put her arm through his arm. They walked out got into the limo with Thomas in tow.

They walked into St. Pierre's Restaurant. Todd's mouth dropped when he saw Stephanie.

"Stephanie, I did not think you would come to this kind of place," Todd said in shock.

"I am attached to my husband," Stephanie told him.

"Where is Tiffany?" Stephanie asked, and that is when she saw Todd's wife came out in some lingerie. "Stephanie, what are you doing here in this place?" She said in shock. "I am attached to my husband," Stephanie told her. Tiffany gave a small smile with darts in her eyes. Tiffany sat down in her husband's lap.

"What can I get you? The waitress came up to Pierre. Felicia was wearing some slinky lingerie.

"Order whatever you want, Pierre. I own this restaurant." Todd told him

"Dry martini no olives," Pierre told her.

"Got it." She left to fill the order.

"Where is Ross?" Pierre asked.

"Something came up, and he could not make it," Todd told the both of them.

"I like you, Pierre, and I like your company; I have done some thinking, and I want to offer you one contract to start. Here is the contract; what do you say" Todd asked.

"you have a deal, but I would like my lawyer to look it over just to make sure," Pierre told him.

"Of course, be my guest. Let me know what he says. Here is my number; give me a call when your lawyer is done looking it over; this is not a problem. I can understand, considering this was your father's company. Time to go, Tiffany." Todd told her. Pierre overheard Tiffany say something to Stephanie

"Darling and I like to see you in something like this," Tiffany whispered into her ear. Pierre noticed Stephanie about, ready to pounce on Tiffany. Pierre gave her an exceptionally long deep kiss to calm her down

After Todd and Tiffany left, Pierre lifted Stephanie off his lap. He stood up.

"Time to go. Thanks for the martini." Pierre left a 200-dollar tip.

"Where is the limo?' Stephanie asked.

"They took it," Thomas said.

"So how do we get home now?" Stephanie asked.

Thomas got on the phone a few minutes later, and a cab came up

"Here you go, boss," Thomas said as he opened the door.

Stephanie, Pierre, and then Thomas got in.

"Where to?" Captain Potter asked.

"825 Royal Drive, South Trenton," Pierre told the driver.

"Got it" The driver started the long drive back to Pierre's house.

When they got to Pierre's house, Pierre saw his uncle's car. Pierre put his head in his chest. "What is it?" Stephanie asked.

"That is my Uncle's car," Pierre told everyone. Everyone got out of the cab and saw Ranger and Agent Talen waiting outside the house.

"You don't have actually to sign that do you?" Morelli asked Pierre.

"Nope, we got it covered." Agent Talen told him.

"You see, if Pierre signs that contract himself, it is void because he does not legally own it. So, he can't sign it. It is him that owns the company." Agent' Talen pointed to Pierre's Uncle.

"Everyone, my Uncle Jeremy Sherman. He technically owns the airline company. We will get it when he dies," Rodney said as he and Felicia came into the house.

Agent Talen, you promise me that nothing will happen to my company if I sign this contract." He asked him.

"You have my word," he told Mr. Sherman

"Fair enough" Jeremy signed the contract as Pierre Sherman.

"Thank you, Mr. Sherman," Agent Talen told him.

"I, too, believe injustice. Felicia put some clothes on; we don't own a strip club," Her uncle told her.

"Yes, Uncle Jeremey," Felicia said.

"Pierre and Stephanie, if you will accompany me to the office, I would like to talk to the both of you," Jeremy told them both.

Pierre and Stephanie just looked at each other and followed Pierre's Uncle to the office.

"Sit please; I am immensely proud of you, Pierre. Ranger told me everything that happened. You made the right decision marrying Stephanie. I can tell just how much you care and love each other. So, I have decided to hand your trust to that baby that Stephanie is carrying. You will have control over it, Pierre. I hope that both of you will use the trust to keep my great nephew or niece safe, happy, and healthy. Let me know after the baby is born so we can work out the final details. Just one more thing if you miss Christmas mass, you better be dead. Now leave. I have to make a couple of phone calls."

Pierre looked at his wife, "Yes," Pierre said softly. He then noticed his sister in some blue jeans and a pink halter top.

Jeremy came out before Pierre could warn his baby sister. "You call that a shirt, Felicia," Jeremy said to his niece. "I am going, and I hope I still have something here. "I put a bag of clothes in your bedroom."

"Rodney, keep doing whatever it is you are doing," Jeremy told him

"I am leaving now, Christmas mass unless you are dead," Jeremy said to them and walked out of Pierre's house.

Stephanie walked up to the window and saw Jeremy get into his car and drive away.

"It safe; he is gone," Stephanie said as she turned around and walked into Pierre's arms.

"Is he gone?" Felicia asked.

"Yeah, sis, he is gone," Rodney yelled

"Good" Felicia came down in a tight mini skirt and a very tight red halter top with six-inch heels. She came down and noticed Pierre was holding Stephanie in his arms.

"Let me guess, South Stark Street tonight?" Morelli asked

"Yup, Pierre, how much trouble are you in?" She asked her older brother.

"None, he gave me control of my trust, as long as I use it for this little one here," Pierre said as he was touching his unborn son or daughter.

"Are you kidding me?" Rodney said.

Felicia just shook her head in shock. "I am going to work now."

"Be careful out there," Morelli said to her.

"Always, see you all soon," Felicia said.

"How did you do that?" Rodney said to his younger brother. "By doing the right thing," Pierre told his older brother. "I am leaving now. Good night. Unbelievable." He said as he was shaking his head.

"Nicely done, everyone." Agent Talen came back in. "I have faxed the contract to my boss. We are taking Todd Robbins and his trophy wife tomorrow morning. This one contract was enough," He finished saying

"Just one question what is he transporting?" Morelli asked.

"We can tell you now. Guns, missiles, and crack, for starters, and yes, we do have photos of some of his weapons and missiles in our evidence box. Talen told them.

"Good night, people, and well done." Agent Talen was about to walk out, but Morelli asked, "What about the murders he did.

"Your Captain gave us all you had; we will take care of it." Agent Talen said and walked off.

"He is going to skate on the murders, Captain, and everyone in this house knows it," Morelli told everyone.

"Probably" Captain Potter walked out of the house.

"Ranger, this sucks," Stephanie said out loud.

"Yeah, babe, it does," Ranger replied, put his shades on, and walked out of the house.

"Come on, little one, time for bed," Tank told her, and they went into the master bedroom.

Morelli went into the guestroom, too, to try and sleep.

Chapter 19

The following day, Stephanie woke up with Pierre. Both heard Captain Potter's voice, Ranger and Morelli's as well.

They looked at each other. They both knew that something terrible had happened during the night.

They got up and dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen.

"What happened?" Stephanie asked as she and Pierre came into the kitchen.

"We have a problem. Agent Talen is dead, and he was murdered last night. Not only that but the evidence also the FBI had is gone."

"Poof," Morelli said as he did a bomb jester with his hands.

"The contract?" Pierre asked with his mouth hanging open.

"That is gone too," Ranger told him.

"I need to sit down," Pierre said. He pulled out one of his stools and sat down in shock.

Stephanie came up to him. "Hey, we will figure this out." She told him. He got up and gave her a passionate kiss.

"Todd Robbins and his trophy wife," Stephanie said as she took her husband's stool.

"Gone, like they vanished," Ranger told everyone.

"Shit, could they have been in Witness Protection?" Stephanie just blurted out and put her hand to her mouth.

"Did not mean that?" Stephanie said out loud.

Everyone stared at Stephanie.

"Do you want to join the force? I have an opening at my Precinct. I also will contact Witness Protection. I will give him a call," Potter said, walking out the door.

"Babe, we love you" Ranger then left the house.

A few hours later, Captain Potter and Ranger were back.

"Well, I checked with my contact, and you, Stephanie, are a genius. It turns out that Todd Robbins is in Witness Protection.

"What about Tiffany," Stephanie asked.

"Just Todd Robbins and his real name is not Robbins." Captain Potter replied to Stephanie.

"So, who is he?" Tank asked as he was rubbing his wife's shoulder.

"My contact would not tell me," Potter replied.

Morelli hit his forehead. "What about Bob?"

"I will have someone bring him here, Morelli." Captain Potter told him.

"You can't do that, captain," Stephanie told him.

"Yes, I can, and I am. See you in half an hour with Bob." The captain went to get Bob.

Stephanie and Pierre just looked at each other.

A half an hour later, a large shaggy brown dog came in. He sniffed for a few minutes and then took off through the house.


"Now I see why Stephanie told me I couldn't," The captain said.

Socks came running in the kitchen, jumping on everything, with Bob chasing him.

"who owns the cat," The captain asked

"Me," Tank said in the captain's face.

"Socks, where are you?" Pierre yelled.

Everyone looked in the living room and saw a tiny paw come out from under the couch. The claw was trying to bat Bob on the nose.

Morelli went up to Bob and grabbed his collar to get Bob to leave Socks along. But bob was too strong, and Morelli lost his grip, and he went flying into the fireplace and knocked Pierre's sixty-inch tv down and breaking it.

Stephanie started to search Bob's bag and found his favorite bone.

"Right with you, babe," Ranger said and opened the back door.

"Bob, look what I have," Stephanie yelled. Stephanie saw that he saw the bone.

"Shit," She said and started to run as fast as she could, made it to the back door, and threw the bone out into the back lawn. Bob lunged for the bone. Ranger shut the door leaving Bob in the back yard.

Pierre, Stephanie, Ranger, and Potter investigated the living room

"Poor TV," Potter said and then added, "What a mess," Potter told while he was walking out of the house. Pierre got in between him and the door. Stephanie walked between Pierre and Potter. She stood on her tiptoes and gave Pierre a deep kiss on the lips. He wrapped his arms around her neck. The Captain took this as a signal to leave

"Meow" Then Morelli saw him. The tiny black kitten with white paws.

Pierre walked up to Socks and picked up. He was holding the shaking kitten.

"It is okay, Socks; I am right here he told the small kitten. He walked into the living room about to turn on his TV. "Aww shit, I am going to have to get a new TV now." He turned to Morelli.

"Sorry," He told Tank.

"Don't you have another TV in another room that you can move into this room?" Morelli asked.

Pierre got right into Morelli's face.

"No, that is the only one," He told Morelli

"So what do we do now? Read a book," Pierre yelled at him. "I have a mini library in my office which is down this hall. Tank said as he went upstairs, holding the terrified kitten in his arms.

Ranger and Stephanie just looked at Morelli. He heard Bob whining and scratching at the door to get back in.

"Don't even think about it, Morelli," Ranger told him and walked out of the house.

"Cupcake, why did you not tell me you had a cat?" Morelli said as he walked up to her.

"You did not see the litter box in the corner?" Stephanie pointed to the litter box.

"Oh boy," He said out loud

"You call yourself a detective." Stephanie shot back and shuffled away and upstairs to Pierre and Socks.

Chapter 20

A few hours later, Pierre and Stephanie heard it. Thunder.

A few minutes later, "Come on, Bob, get in here." Morelli yelled.

Suddenly, the big shaggy brown dog came running in. He shook himself off and started to sniff around again.

"Come" Bob followed Joe into his room

"Can I fire him?" Pierre asked his wife.

"What do you think," Stephanie told herm

The following day Tank was downstairs in the kitchen. Morelli made his way into the kitchen, and he noticed the new TV about the fireplace. Bob came in after Joe.

"It is not raining anymore," Pierre told him

Joe opened the back door, "Bob, do your business," Joe said. The dog went back outside, and Joe shut the door.

"New TV," Morelli asked Pierre in the kitchen while he was drinking his protein drink.

"Yup," Pierre told him.

"Nice, I think this one is bigger than the last one."

"It is about 10 inches bigger," Pierre told him.

"I need to get a job at Rangeman," Morelli told himself.

"You would not like it." Tank told him.

"Why?" Morelli asked.

"Working at Rangeman is a lot of work. Rangeman has a lot more restrictions." Pierre told him

"When you say restrictions, what do you mean?" Morelli asked.

Pierre threw a three-hundred-page policy book at him.

"This is three hundred pages." Morelli looked at the book in shock.

"Yup," Tank said and then threw another one at him

"What is this one?" Morelli asked

"The Regulations about Stephanie. Read rule number one," Tank told him.

Morelli read the first one. "Nobody who works at Rangeman will get involved with Stephanie Plum without Ranger's permission" Joe's mouth dropped

"Still want to join Rangeman" Tank asked.

"Does, Stephanie, know about this book?" Morelli asked him.

"Yes, she helped write most of it; Ranger added that 1st rule in after we were done writing it," Pierre told him.

"Okay, so what is going to happen to you?" Morelli asked

"Good question." Tank said.

"On second thought, I will pass on joining Rangeman," Morelli said.

"Let's watch TV," Morelli said.

"I can't have to work out. But knock yourself out." Tank went upstairs, pulled the cord, and walked up another flight to get to his gym. He put his boxing gloves on and started to hit the punching bag. About fifteen minutes later, he heard

"Pierre," He heard Stephanie yell, and he came charging down the stairs
"Little one," Tank said.

"In the living room and hurry," Stephanie yelled back.

Pierre walked up to her and saw she was looking at the TV.

"Please, little one, don't do that. You scared the shit out of me." He told her. "Pierre, the TV," She said.

"We interrupt this sports game to bring you this special report. We have received information from the 14th Precinct that the Right-hand Man of Todd Robbins, the multimillion, has died from unusual circumstances. When we have more information, we will let you know. Now back to our regular programming."

Morelli looked at Pierre and Stephanie and noticed that he had his boxing gloves on.

''Babe, Tank" Ranger yelled.

"We are in here, boss." Tank yelled back.

"Are you guys okay?" He asked them.

"Yeah, we're good," Tank told him.

"Don't you and Stephanie have an appointment for the baby this morning," Ranger told them?

Pierre and Stephanie looked at the time.

"Shit, I have to get ready," Tank said.

He used his teeth to pull the Velcro straps apart.

Ranger walked up to Tank, "You need to get some new gloves."

"No, I don't; there is nothing wrong with these." He told his boss. His hands up in front of his face.

"You can't get them off without help. These gloves are too damn small," Ranger said as he helped Tank pull off his gloves.

"Whatever," Tank stomped upstairs to get ready to take Stephanie to her Doctor's appointment.

"Why don't Rangeman buy him new gloves," Morelli asked.

"Rangeman does not cover personal workout gear. Only the ones that are for company use." Ranger told him.

"Yeah, that is why Tank only has a punching bag and a few free weights up there in the attic." Ranger told him and then added, "Rangeman can't buy everything the employees want," Ranger said.

Fifteen minutes later, Pierre came back down. "Are you ready little one?" Pierre asked her.

"Yeah, let's go," Stephanie said as she was shuffling to the kitchen. Just then, Captain Potter came in.'

"My wife has a doctor's appointment this morning, and Ranger is coming with us to make sure we make it alive to and from. We will see you two later. Morelli, don't let that dog in this house," Tank told him. Tank, Stephanie, and Ranger walked out of the house and drove off.

Captain Potter looked at the table and saw the policy book from Rangeman

"Wow, big book doing a little reading Morelli," The Captain asked.

"No, Captain, Tank showed it to me. It is Rangeman policies. Morelli told him.

"Start reading; it might help us if we understand Rangeman Policies. Maybe it might help us to work with Rangeman in future cases." Potter told him

"Yes, sir," Morelli said and sat in the kitchen and started to read the book. Potter left the house then.

Chapter 21

A couple of hours later, Ranger, Stephanie, and Tank walked back into the house.

"How was it?" Morelli asked

"Good, we found out it is a boy, and he is healthy," Pierre told him.

"congratulations," Morelli said with a smile on his face.

"Thanks," Stephanie said, grinning.

"I am going to watch TV," Stephanie told them. She kissed Pierre on the lips, went into the living room, and turned on the TV.

"Dr. Patterson says it is going to be a rough labor for her because the baby is just so big already," Pierre told him.

"Ouch," Morelli said

"Yeah, anyway, I am going to finish my work out," Pierre told them.

He walked up to Stephanie and kissed her on the top of her head. "I will be finishing up my workout; if you need anything, little one, you holler," Pierre told her.

"I will be fine go, just don't put those gloves back on because I won't be able to get them off of you." She said with a smile.

"Right," Pierre said; he took his gloves and went upstairs.

"You have been reading," Ranger told him.

"Yeah, and I have a question," Morelli told him.

"Let's go outside for a little bit," Ranger told him.

"The rule about your men not dating Stephanie," Morelli asked.

"I wrote that rule about a month after I met her. She was starting to help me with some cases that Rangeman was working on. I wanted her all to myself, and I made sure my team knew it. But when the cases started to be more complex, and she needed to work with my other employees, I realized that sooner or later, a case would come up where she had to go undercover with one of my men, and I would not be able to stop it." Ranger told him

"Todd Robbins," Morelli spoke.

"Yeah, I worked with the FBI once before to try and take him down. But we could not get enough evidence. He told me that I would pay, and I would pay big." Ranger said.

"That's it," Morelli said and slapped his forehead.

"What," Ranger asks.

" Nine times out of ten, he knew that Stephanie would be undercover with one of your men. He did not know who that man was. He knows how important Stephanie is to you, and he used that by getting that room for Tank and Stephanie that night. He knew that if he got Stephanie and her Partner a room for the night. He knew how hard it would be for you to see one of your men with her."

"Son of a bitch" Ranger and Morelli looked at each other.

"But he does not know how close I am to her. So, when we catch him, and we will catch him this time around. He will deal with me," Morelli said and went back inside to continue his torture.

Ranger walked back into the house. "Thanks," Ranger said to Morelli.

Ranger walked into the living room and saw Stephanie on the couch. He noticed that she had fallen asleep. He took a blanket and covered her with it. Ranger then walked up the stairs to talk to Pierre.

"Wow, this place is small," Ranger told Pierre.

"Hey, boss, what's up?" Pierre asked him

Ranger saw him on the free weights.

"About that night in the hotel room. Morelli thinks it was a setup. I do too." Tank put down the weights.

"You think that Robbins knew Stephanie would be undercover with me and booked us the room to get revenge on you."

"Yeah," Ranger told him.

"Shit, that makes sense," Pierre said

"There is one good thing that has come out of this mess, and that is that baby, your son Pierre. He is the light in this mess. Don't worry, and you are safe; I won't kill you," Ranger told him.

Pierre watched his boss leave and continued his workout. Ranger walked back into the kitchen. He saw Morelli with another cup of coffee.

"I am going now. Morelli, keep an eye on those two. Please make sure they stay safe." Ranger walked out of the house then.

Pierre walked back down the stairs, put the stairs back up, and got cleaned up. After he was cleaned up, he went downstairs. He saw a blanket over Stephanie. He walked up to her and kissed her softly on the lips.

"Hey, did you have a nice nap," He asked her

"Yeah, I did; how was your workout." She asked him.

"Good, I got a lot of stress out." Pierre told her, "How about we have some of the left-over beef stew."

"Sounds good; I am hungry." She told him

"I am not surprised," Pierre said out loud.

The two of them entered the kitchen and saw Morelli asleep, with his head face down in the Rangeman Policies books. Pierre and Stephanie took their bowls in the living room and ate there. They went to bed after that.

The following day, Potter came in and put a coffee in front of Morelli.

He woke up instantly and drank the coffee.

"Some of these policies, Captain, are nuts," Morelli told him.

"How so," Potter asked him

"Their fitness policies, for one, it is like if you don't have a military body, you can't get in if you fail your yearly physical. You have one month to get into shape and try again if you don't pass the second time you are out."

"Keep going," Potter said to him.

"Unless you are undercover, you can't sleep with a stripper. If you are married, the family must go along with the nutrition program. If you have brothers or sisters, they are recommended to do a background check, but the applicant doesn't need to be considered for the job."

Ranger walked into Pierre's kitchen just then. "You and Morelli have questions as to why our policies are so tight, am I right."

"Yeah," they said together.

"Let me explain," Ranger told them.

"First off, we work with the military, Special Ops, Marines, Army all of them. We go where and when we are needed, or at least some of my men do. We also do home and business security, and we work with the FBI when needed. Like in this case. We have strict policies because of this."

"The fitness policies?" Morelli asked.

"Military, because we work with the Special Ops, not to mention the FBI, and we do personal security for some of our clients. So, we have to have men and women that can go the distance." Ranger told him.

"Okay, now I understand," Morelli said out loud.

"What about Stephanie? Where does she fit in this?" Morelli asked again.

"Stephanie is an exception because she works for Vincent's Bonds. Some of her bonds that Rangeman has wanted her because they do stupid things to some of our clients. She helps us, and we help her. Like when she had to bring you in, who do you think help" Ranger said with a smile.

Just then, Stephanie and Tank came in holding hands. "What's with the look Joe, you look like you have seen a ghost." Stephanie laughed.

"Ranger helped you bring me in" Morelli walked up to her.

"You do remember that you handcuffed me to my curtain rod, Joe. Stephanie remained him

"How do you think I got freed. My cell phone was on my bathroom sink. I was able to get it, and I called Ranger. He helped me get free. I was pissed at you even more, and you know I hold a grudge." Stephanie told him

"You idiot," His Captain said.

'Huh," Morelli said, stumped

"You handcuffed her to her curtain rod." The Captain just shook his head in shock.

"Naked," Ranger added.

"Okay, I now understand why your policies are strict Ranger, they keep you and your men safe from idiots like him," Morelli's Captain pointed at Morelli.

"Now, wait a minute," Morelli said out loud.

"So, what about Stephanie," The Captain asked.

"Their jobs would be boring without me," Stephanie said as she looked in the brown bag. "Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Thanks, Ranger."

"Any time, babe," Ranger said as they watched her walk into the living room.

"She is right about that; our jobs would be boring without her. One of the other regulations is that we keep her happy, and we buy her small things, like the donuts, for example." Ranger told them.

"Still want to work for Rangeman, Morelli." Tank put a hand on his shoulder.

"No, because I know what it takes to keep her happy" He shook his head.

"What is this about the geology search for anyone's relatives?" Was Morelli's next question.

"We only use it when we are out of options," Ranger told him

"Why didn't you use it in this case?" Potter asked.

"Agent Talen did not want us to use a geology search for Todd Robbins," Ranger said.

"Why not?" Potter asked.

"Good question," Tank said to everyone

"Well, Agent Talen is gone," Stephanie said as she came up. She walked up to the freezer took out vanilla ice cream with sardines. The three of them saw her put the sardines on the ice cream.

"What do you mean gone," Potter asked.

Stephanie did a throat cut sign across her throat. " It was just on the news" All of a sudden, the three men booked it to the TV. "Breaking news Agent Sal Talen was murdered late last night; when we have more information, we will let you know." The three men came in and saw Stephanie eating Vanilla ice cream with sardines on top of the ice cream.

"Hey, I have another idea. What if we used a Geology search on the trophy wife Tiffany Robbins" Stephanie said out loud?

"I love you, Babe," Ranger said. He was on his phone in an instant.

"Lester, do a geology search for Tiffany Robbins and call us back when you have the results," Ranger said over the phone.

"How long?" Potter asked.

"Depends on if she has any living relatives," Ranger told her.

"Do your men have any privacy at all?" Morelli asked Ranger

"Yes, they have a lot of privacy look at this house; granted, this is Tank's, but do you see anything in here that Rangeman could use not to give him privacy. Morelli, you have been with these two for at least three weeks. How many times have Tank and Stephanie, well, you know, did it?" Ranger told him. "If they did not feel comfortable, safe, or if their privacy was in question, do you think they would do what we all know they are doing?" Ranger told him.

Suddenly Ranger's phone rang, "Yeah," Ranger said over the loudspeaker.

"Tiffany Robbins has a brother named James and is in Northern Jersey. Here is his address" Ranger handed the information for James over to Potter.

"Perfect 13th Precinct," The Captain said. He walked out of the house then.

Chapter 22
"What is the problem with the 13th Precinct?" Stephanie asked.

"They don't like to share anything," Morelli told her.

"Captain, give me a couple of minutes; that name sounds familiar," Stephanie told him.

"Okay, I will wait a couple of minutes," Potter said to her.

Stephanie went to her big bag and pulled out a file.

"Holy shit!" Stephanie yelled.

"What," The Captain said.

"Don't even tell me, cupcake," Morelli said, shaking his head

"Vinny has a bond on him, and I have his file." Stephanie waived the file in the air.

"No, little one, you are not doing this. You are four and a half months pregnant with our son. " Tank told him.

"What are you going to do? Handcuff me to a shower rod," Stephanie told him right to his face.

"It has already been done, remember." She snapped at him.

"Unbelievable," Tank said as he put his head in his chest.

Tank walked to his closet, took out a bounty hunter bag and his badge. He put his badge around his neck. "Let's, get going" the two of them walked out of the house."

"As I said, Captain, with her around, our jobs are not boring," Ranger said, shaking his head.

"Wow, she is stubborn," The Captain said as he watched Her and Tank drive away.

"Right, what about you?" The Captain asked

"I will stay here and keep the idiot company," Ranger told him. "Right" After Potter left

"Ranger, I know you are not happy that Tank and Stephanie are married. We both know that it was a setup because of Robbins." Morelli told him.

"She was working a mission; I could not interfere with what was going on in the hotel room. Todd Robbins, he knows me as I told you before, so it had to be Tank."

"I always get nervous when she works with you. We grew up together. My mom does not like her, my grandmother puts curses on her, but I do not know; we are always on and off for the past couple of years, and now I do not even have that anymore. It hurts me to see her with him." Morelli told Ranger.

"I have to agree with your boss, and she is stubborn," Ranger said to him

"You have no idea; she broke my leg when she was sixteen," Morelli told him.

"How did that happen?" Ranger asked with a raised eyebrow.

"She ran me over in her father's cab," Morelli told Ranger.

"For what reason did she do that for," Ranger asked Morelli in shock.

"I took something from her. Then I took that very same thing from another girl," Morelli told them

"Yup, that is when I gave her the nickname "Cupcake."

Ranger's mouth was hanging open

"here is what is going to happen, little one; I am going in to clear the scene if it needs clearing and take him into custody. You are not to get out of the car, got it." Tank told her.

"Got it," Stephanie told him.

Tank got out of the SUV and went up to the door, "Bond's Agent," He yelled and then kicked the door in.

"Shit" James jumped out a window to a staircase going down to the ally. He ran down the alley and got to the sidewalk. He was running down the street. When an SUV door opened and nailed him right in the face. He went down hard.

"Ouch, that has got to hurt," Stephanie said; she saw Tank running up to the SUV with James down on the sidewalk.

"All I did was open the door, and I wanted to stretch my legs," Stephanie told him.

Tank shook his head. He helped James up and pushed him against the car. "Easy, I think my nose is broken from this nut," He told Tank.

Just then, Stephanie started to bawl. "Give me one reason," Tank told him.

Tank put the cuffs on him and put him in the back of the SUV. Tank walked up to Stephanie and put his arms around her.

"It's okay, and he did not mean it," Tank told her.

"Yes, I did; she is nuts and huge." The FTA shouted from the SUV. Tank kicked the SUV door with one of his legs. He lifted her chin and kissed her. "You okay now?" He asked her.

"Yeah," Stephanie told him.

"Good, let's get him to the station." Tank told her. He helped her back into the car.

Tank got on the radio, "got a bond and bringing him in," Tank told them.

"Right," Dispatch said.

The two of them got to the station, and three uniforms came out with the Captain.

Tank came around to the passenger side door and opened it. He looked James Thompson up and down. He noticed that his face was all messed up.

"What happened," The Captain asked

"He ran from me, and Stephanie decided to stretch her legs out. The idiot ran into the car door." Tank told him.

"Is that what happened?" He asked the FTA

"Believe it or not, yes?" James said and then added. "I think my nose is broken."

"take him to book," The Captain ordered. "Who do I make the Bonds Receipt out to?"

"Her," Tank said as he pointed to his wife.

"Unbelievable," The Captain said. He took a deep breath.

A few minutes later, he handed the receipt to her.

"Thanks, Captain." She said as she kissed the receipt

"Tank, you know where we have to go next."

"Yes, I do, little one" Tank got into the driver's seat, and they took off for the Bond's office.

"Hey, Stephanie, how have you been feeling?" Vinny asked, and then he noticed how big she was.

"Good, Vinny," Stephanie asked.

"Shit, you're big," Vinny said.

"Tank," Stephanie just started to ball. Tank pulled her into him with one arm. He gave the receipt to Connie; Tank gave Vinny a look that could kill. "Gotta go," Vinny said, and he ran his slimy ass into the office and shut and locked the door. Connie wrote a check and gave it to Tank, who then gave it to Stephanie.

. Tank helped Stephanie back in the SUV, and Tank drove them home.

When they got back to the house, Tank entered it.

"How did it go?" Ranger asked him

"Not a problem. James has a broken nose; other than that, he is fine." Tank said out loud.

"What happened?" Morelli asked.

"He ran into a car door." The Captain said as he entered the house.

"don't look at me boss, Little one just wanted to stretch her legs, she opened her door. The dummy ran right into it." Tanks said that, and the whole room broke out laughing.

Stephanie came into the house, "Nice job, Babe," Ranger told her.

"Thanks," she said with a white face.

"What" Tank said as he walked up to her.

"I just got a call from Tiffany," She said.

"I should be careful that accidents can happen," Stephanie told everyone. Tank walked up to her, took her into his arms, and held her until she stopped shaking.

Chapter 23

"Get her upstairs, Tank, and stay with her," Ranger told her.

"come on, Little one, let's go," Tank said as he put one of his strong arms around her waist. He helped her upstairs to the bedroom.

Once they were in the bedroom. Tank helped Stephanie to bed. He laid down next to his wife. He wrapped his arms around her to get her to calm down.

"Pierre, I don't want to lose our son." She told him softly.

"You won't. I won't let Tiffany hurt you or him. "I promise you." Tank whispered to her. He held her until she was asleep.

Once she was asleep, Tank came back downstairs.

"How is she doing?" Potter asked.

"That phone call shook her up, and she does not shake up easily, Captain," Tank told him

"These cases can make people walk on pins and needles. We need to find Tiffany." Potter added.
"Did her brother say anything?" Ranger asked him

"Not a thing, apparently blood is thicker than water." The Captain told him.

"So, we are at a dead-end," Morelli said out loud.

"No, we are not; we have Babe's phone that is Rangeman's property," Ranger told them.

Morelli looked in the Rangeman policies and found something interesting.

"Any phone call that is not Rangeman business on a Rangeman's phone can and will be recorded in case of any potential physical threat or mental threat to a Rangeman employee," Morelli said out loud with a smile on his face.

Morelli looked at Ranger, "Get me an address and an ID on Babe's last phone call on her Rangeman phone now." Ranger hung up.

"What do you think now, Morelli" Tank smiled.

"You do protect your employees don't you," Morelli said as he was smiling.

"Yes, we do, especially her," Tank replied to him.

A couple of minutes later, Ranger's phone rang "Tiffany Robbins 29 Southfield Road, South Trenton."

"Beautiful," Ranger said as he hung up.

"What do you say, Captain? You want to pick up Tiffany Robbins with me," Ranger asked him.

"Oh yeah, let's go," Potter said.

Pierre and Morelli watch their bosses go. They were going to pick up the trophy wife.

Ranger and Captain Potter walked up to an abandoned building. "Well, this is nice." Captain Potter said.

Suddenly, they heard arguing, "I don't care how you do it, but I want Stephanie Sherman dead." Tiffany yelled to the undercover, but Potter could not recognize her.

"I will do what I can, but from what I hear, she is very well protected." The undercover told her.

"Just get it done," Tiffany yelled and then went out the back door.

"Move" she yelled at Captain Potter and walked away.

The undercover walked out of the building and right into Ranger.

"Oh boy," Felicia said out loud when she saw him.

"Want dinner," Ranger asked her.

"I could use food," Felicia replied to him

"We are looking at Tiffany for a whole string of murders, and none are tied into your case until today Ranger.

"Tiffany threatened one of my workers," Ranger told her.

"Right, and I know which one," Felicia said out loud.

"Let me speak to my Captain and see what we can work out. I will get back to you. Ranger, thanks for dinner." Felicia said and then walked out of the café.

Ranger walked back into Tank's house a couple of hours later.

"I know that look," Tank said out loud.

"How, bad Ranger," Stephanie asked him.

"Well, the 17th is looking at Tiffany for a whole bunch of murders, and she tried to blackmail an undercover to kill Stephanie," Ranger said as he took a deep breath.

Chapter 24

Two days later, Ranger was still waiting for Felica's call.

"I am sick of waiting. I am going to the 17th." Ranger said as he left Tank's house.

Ranger got to the 17th Precinct.

He walked in and saw Captain Butler as he was roaming the halls.

"Can we talk, Sherman?" Ranger asked.

"Of course, always have time for you.'" The Captain said to his old friend.

"I went to Southfield Road two days ago to take Tiffany Robbins into custody because she threatened one of my employees. I got there, and I heard arguing between an undercover and Tiffany. Tiffany wanted this worker dead and was trying to pay off this undercover. Tiffany walked away, and the undercover came out. Felica, I took her out to dinner, and she said that she would talk to you and let me know. She never got back to me." Ranger told him

"That is weird because I do not know any undercover Felicia other than the one I have here, and she has been here for the past four days. It looks like we have someone impersonating my detective." Butler told him

"Felica, come in here for a minute," Butler asked her.

"What's up, Captain," Felicia asked.

"We have someone impersonating you and asking questions. I am going to have you go with Ranger for a while and work with him. Find out who is impersonating you and book them fast." Butler told the two of them.

"got it," Felica told him. The two of them drove back to Tank's house.

"Felicia," Tank said in shock.

"Hey bro, where is my sister-in-law?"

"Kitchen," He told her. He watched his baby sister walk into the kitchen.

"Hey, there, baby," Felicia said.

"Someone is impersonating your sister and asking questions about her. We need to find out who and fast." Ranger told him.

"I will go," Tank told him.

"Tank, you can't; she is a relative, you know the rules," He told him.

"Right, a Rangeman employee can't interview a relative" Tank blew out a deep breath.

Tank walked into the kitchen. "Little one, let's go for a walk." Tank held out his hand. She took it they were about to walk out of their house.

"Hal, go with them," Ranger snapped at him.

"Come on, boss," Tank complained.

Ranger gave him a look. "fine," Tank said out loud.

Once they were out of the house. "Do you remember anyone at any time who was asking any questions, Felicia, please, this is important," Ranger asked gently.

"I remember a female cop; she asked some questions in the precinct her name Officer Joanne Thompson. That is all I know." She told Ranger and Morelli.

Ranger called Rangeman.

A few minutes later, he got a phone call back. "Sending you the files on Officer Joanne Thompson, including a very handsome bank statement," Lester said and then hung up.

Ranger looked at the bank statement. "Well, look at what we have here. Some deposited checks to Joanne Thompson, from Tiffany Robbins, and look at the amounts ." Morelli added.

Stephanie, Tank, and Hal came back in. "You are staying here with us, Felica, until we get Officer Joanne Thompson," Ranger told her.

"Yeah, I got it," Felica told him.

Just as Ranger was walking out the door, his cell phone rang, "What" Ranger snapped.

He listened to the phone call and then hung up; he stomped back into the house.

"One of you call your brother now," Ranger yelled

"Rodney, it is Pierre. Can you come over for a few minutes?" He asked him.

"You bet I will be there in ten" He hung up the phone then.

Ten minutes later, "Pierre," Rodney shouted.

"In the kitchen," Pierre yelled.

"No kid gloves with him, Ranger," Tank told his boss.

"Felicia, you too," Ranger told her.

"Your policies are way too strict," Felicia told him.

"Rodney, do you know Officer Joanne Thompson?" Captain Potter asked him.

"Yeah, we have been doing some extra security jobs together; actually, the jobs ended a couple of days ago," Rodney told them.

"Is that true, Rodney " Ranger said as he hit his hand on the table.

"Yes, it is," Rodney told him

Ranger tossed Officer Joanne Thompson's financials at him. He looked at them, "Holly shit, wow, she is in the Todd Robbins scandal." Rodney said in shock.

"He did not know; you can tell by his face," Ranger told Potter and Morelli

"Do you know what these transactions are? They are blood money for your sister-in-law's death. Tiffany Robbins wants Stephanie and the baby, your nephew dead. Do you know where Officer Thompson is now? Oh, by the way, she is impersonating your sister as well. Tell us where she is now," Ranger told him.

"Her apartment is at Sunnyside condominiums in East Trenton, number fifty-eight. I was picking her up there, and then we would go to the job." Rodney said in tears.

"Hal, stay here and make sure he stays put," Ranger told him. Ranger and Captain Potter went to pick up Officer Joanne Thompson.

Chapter 25

Felicia was sitting in a recliner while Pierre was looking out of a window.

Stephanie walked up behind him. She stood up on her tiptoes and put her hand on his shoulder.

"You're too freaking tall for your own damn good," Stephanie told her.

Pierre turned around and put his arms around her waist. He smiled at her.

"You know how much trouble Grandma Mazur gets me into. I love her, but she drives me nuts sometimes too." She told him.

"I love you too, little one" Tank kissed her softly on the lips and then walked into the kitchen.

"Wow, you are good. Do you know how long it would take me to calm him down?" Felicia told her

"Hey Rod," Pierre said.
"I am so sorry, Pierre, I did not know," Rodney told his little brother.

"I know, I forgive you, but our sister, well, you know her as well as I do. You know what she is like when it comes to her job." Pierre told him and gave him a beer. Pierre left the room to be with the little one.

Felicia looked at her big brother. "Fine, I will go talk to him," Felicia told her big brother.

"Sorry, Felicia, I did not know, I swear." He told her.

"I know; you know who we can blame." They both pointed to their brother.

"Him." They said together.

They both got up and went into the living room.

"I can't talk about it, and you both know it. Don't even try getting it out of her, and she can't talk about it either." Pierre told them.

Suddenly Hal and Morelli came running into the living room. "Get down," Hal yelled. The next thing they hear was a boom; all of them looked to see the old clubhouse in the backyard on fire.

Tank went to the window, "Sona of bitch, they blew up the clubhouse. Now, I am furious."

Hal's phone rang, "Hey boss, everyone is fine, but the old clubhouse is toast."

"Okay, well, Officer Thompson's apartment was picked clean. Rangeman is sending a crime scene team now. I am on my way back with Captain Potter." Ranger told him.

A few minutes later, Ranger and Captain Potter came back.

"All right here is the short version, your brother and Stephanie were undercover as a married couple for the Todd Robbins case, and now his wife is trying to clean up his mess. She also wants your brother," Ranger told them.

"So, they are not legally married," Rodney said.

"Wrong when Babe found out she was pregnant with his baby. She told him they came to me and the three of us went to City hall to make it official," Ranger told them.

"That is how he got control of his trust, but it not his trust anymore. Uncle made his trust Ranger to Stephanie's baby. But Pierre will have control over it," Ranger told him.

"Because I did the right thing," Pierre told his brother and sister.

Chapter 23

Stephanie was sitting next to Pierre when she slapped his chest hard.

"What was that for, little one?" He asked.

"What is today," She asked him.

"Friday," Pierre said, looking into her face.

Just then, Stephanie's cell phone rang.

Everyone looked at the caller Id, "MOM."

Stephanie answered the phone and put it on the loudspeaker. "Hi mom

"Stephanie Sherman, do you know how late you and your husband are?" Helen yelled.

"We are only fifteen minutes late, and we got caught up at work," Stephanie answered her.

"I thought you are dead," Hellen yelled.

"We are on our way now," Pierre told her.

"Good and bring Morelli" Helen hung up then

"Ranger, want to come to Dinner?" Stephanie asked.

"Free Meal," Ranger said.

"Oh, boy, Helen is going to be pissed when she sees you instead of me?" Morelli told him.

"What will she do? Have her mom shoot me," Ranger said.
"More than likely, her mom will shoot the main course," Ranger told everyone.

"Just one more, what about him?" Morelli said as he pointed to the baby that was growing inside of Stephanie.

"Got that covered" They watched Stephanie waddle over to one of Tank's closets. They saw her take out one of his light Rangeman jackets. She put it on and zipped it up.

"Come on before it gets any later." She told the two of them.

"I will explain later," Pierre told them as they walked out of the house. They all watched as Pierre helped Stephanie into the SUV. Tank got behind the wheel and Ranger in the back and left.

"He is kidding right about Grandma shooting the main course," Rodney asked

"No," Morelli started to laugh.

Helen was waiting for them outside. "I was going to call the police." She told them

"Relax, I am here now," Stephanie said.
Helen noticed Ranger instead of Morelli.

"Morelli had to work, so I brought him instead," Stephanie asked.

"What is with that jacket," Helen asked.

"I was cold, so I put my husband's jacket on. Is that okay" Stephanie asked her?

"Yeah, that is fine," Helen said, then they all entered the house.

All three of them went inside and sat down at the table to see a roasted duck.

"I decided to try a new recipe, and how come there is furniture still in your apartment," Helen asked her daughter another question.

"How do you know I still have furniture in there, Mom," Stephanie asked her

"She had me pick the lock, and your mom went in," Grandma said.

"You broke into my apartment," Stephanie said in shock.

"We wanted to make sure you are safe," Helen told her.

"Pass the green beans," Frank said out loud.

"I am married to Tank, and I have been busy at work, so I have not had time to empty my apartment," Stephanie told her.

"Okay," Helen told her.

So, Ranger, what is going on at your work" Helen asked him

"That is it, Helen, I am done," Frank said. He stood up and went upstairs.

"What do you mean you are done?" Helen said.

"I am done with you. You are a pain in the neck to Stephanie, and you do not care about her feelings. So, I am leaving. I am done with everything," Frank said and stooped up the stairs.

Pow was what happened next. Tank, Ranger, and Stephanie looked, and the was a hole in the duck.

"Mom" Helen yelled.

"I did not like that dinner," Grandma said.

Frank stormed down the stairs and was out of the house five minutes later.

"This dinner is over," Stephanie said as she stood up.

"Where do you think you are going?" Helen snapped at her daughter.

"Home, mom, good night," Stephanie said as the three of them went out of the house.

"We have not finished dinner," Helen yelled

"You mean the one that Grandma shot," Stephanie told her, laughing

"Love you, Gram," Stephanie yelled out of the car.

"Love you too, Steph," Grandma Mazur said.

Ranger drove away from Plum's house. "Another good dinner at Mom's house," Stephanie said as she was laughing.

About half an hour later, all three of them walked back into the house.

"That was quick," Morelli said to them.

Ranger put the bucket of fried chicken down on the island in the kitchen.

"I will get plates," Tank said.

"I thought there was a nutrition policy in Rangeman," Morelli said out loud.

"There are exceptions, and this is one of those nights," Ranger told them as he took a piece out of the bucket.

"What happened this time?" Morelli questioned.

"Well, first we find out that Helen and her mom picked the lock to Babe's apartment to see if she was still living there. Stephanie told her yet again that she was married to Tank, and with work being so busy, she did not have time to clean out her apartment. Helen started to ask me about work. Frank lost it; he stomped upstairs, filled a suitcase, and let. And Grandma shot the duck," Ranger told everyone.

"Seriously?" Felicia asked.

"Yes," Ranger said as he took another piece of fried chicken.

"Your grandma has got to get rid of that gun," Rodney told Stephanie.

"Yeah, right like that is going to happen," Felica told him. "Remember at the station when I told grandma to give me that gun, Rodney" Felicia added.

"Oh, yeah, I bet she took that gun safety course." Felicia was shaking her head.

"Oh, she did. I still have the marks on my ass to prove it." Hal said as he took out a piece of chicken too.

"Okay, your Grandmother is horny," Rodney said out loud.

"Like I tell everybody I know, all she wants to do is to enjoy life," Stephanie said. She took off her husband's coat.

Chapter 26

After they finished all the fried chicken, Stephanie's phone rang.

"Mom," Stephanie said.

"Stephanie, please go talk to your father; he is at the lodge." Her mom begged.

"Mom, call Dad and tell him you are going to make him a T bone steak with a baked potato. You do that, and dad will come home. You know him. Why can't you go get him." Stephanie asked her mom.

"Your grandmother took big blue," Helen told her daughter.

"Again," Stephanie asked.

"Yes," Helen replied to her daughter

"Mom, just do what I told you too, and Dad will come home, trust me," Stephanie told her gently

"What about your Grandmother?" Helen asked.

"Once she gets something to eat, she will come home, eventually," Stephanie told her

"Okay, if you don't want to help, then don't " Helen then slammed the phone down.

"Okay, get it together," Stephanie said, trying to control her laughter.

Stephanie got on the phone, "Grandma, where are you?" Stephanie asked.

"I am at a restaurant with Lula." She told her granddaughter.

"Get out now, please," Stephanie begged her grandmother.

"Mom is making a T-bone steak for Dad," Stephanie said.

"I am on my way home now" Grandma hung up them

"I must be adopted," Stephanie said out loud.

"Keep wishing cupcake," Morelli said as he chuckled.

"I am done for the night, and I am going to bed," Stephanie told everyone.

"Hold up, little one. I am coming too." Tank said, and they walked up to the master bedroom together.

A few hours later, Stephanie got a phone call, "Is this Stephanie Plum?" The voice asked.

"Yes," She said sleepily.

"This is Dr. Morten, from Trenton Memorial Hospital, I am sorry to tell you this, but there was an accident. Your mother, Helen Plum, is dead. I am sorry" The doctor hung up.

"Little one Tank said as he sat up in bed.

He saw her shaking

"What," He asked.

"A Dr. Morten called saying there was an accident and that my mom is dead," Stephanie told him. Tank took her into his arms, and she started to bawl.

Tank picked up his Rangeman phone and called Ranger

"Tank, what happened," Ranger asked.

"A Dr. Morten, called Stephanie, said there was an accident, and the Helen is dead." Tank told her.

"Stay with babe, and I will go and check-in with the hospital and call Frank," Ranger told him.

Suddenly Stephanie's phone rang again, "Yes," Stephanie said.


"Dad, where are you?" she asked.

"I am in jail; the police are arresting me for the murder of your mother. Can you help me, please?" Frank said and then hung up.

Tank that was my dad, he in jail they are arresting him for the murder of my mom" Stephanie said in tears.

"Little one" He kissed her on the top of her head and just held her trying to calm her down.

He got back on the phone again, "Ranger, we have another problem. Frank just called said he was being arrested for the murder of his wife, Helen." Tank told him.

"I am going to talk to Frank right now. Stay with Babe, and don't leave her." Ranger then hung up.

Tank picked up the phone and made another call, "Bobby, I need you over here right now." Tank told him.

"I already know, Ranger called. I will be there in two," Bobby told him

About two minutes later, Bobby came into the house and went upstairs. He walked into the master bedroom and saw Tank holding Stephanie, who was still in tears.

"Hey, Stephanie can I check you over please," Bobby asked her.

It took Bobby fifteen minutes to do the exam. After doing the exam, he gave her something to calm her down.

"She should be sleeping for a while," Bobby said to Tank

Ranger went to jail.

"Captain Potter, what happened?" Ranger asked the Captain.

"Not, sure he says he went home. Helen made him a T-bone steak with a baked Potato, and they ate went to bed. He woke up in bed and saw her stabbed to death with a butcher knife."

"What is the status of the evidence?" Ranger asked.

"The prints on the butcher knife have not come back yet." Captain Potter told Ranger.

"I will give the lab a call right now," Potter said to him.

He was just about to pick up his phone when it rang.

"Yes," he said.

"The prints came back in, and they do not match Frank Plum. He did not kill Helen Plum." The lab worker said.

"Then who," Potter asked.

"Don't know the prints are not in the system, and no, they are not Stephanie Plum or Edna Mazur." The lab work said.

"We could have told you that." Potter hung up.

"They ruled out Stephanie and Grandma. The prints are not in the system. I will call booking." Potter got on the phone again

"This is Captain Potter, release Frank Plum. It is not him" Potter hung up

"Let's go meet Mr. Plum," Captain Potter said.

They were waiting when Frank Plum came out of jail. "Ranger, I can't go home; I just can't. "Frank said.

"No, Frank, you can't. I will take you somewhere safe." Ranger told him.

"Oh, crap, what about Helen's mom?" Frank told them.

"Let's go to the house," Ranger told him.

They pulled up to the house and saw Grandma Mazur arguing with a police officer.

"Edna," Frank told her.

"Frank, what happened? Where is Helen" Edna asked?

"Come with us, Edna, it will be okay" Frank walked to Edna, and he took her gently to the SUV that Ranger had and brought them to Tank's house.

Chapter 25

"Wow, who's house is this?" Frank said out loud as they pulled up to the house.

"Your son-in-law's," Ranger told them as they pulled up to the House.

"I feel small in this house," Frank said.

"Sorry about that, Frank," Pierre said as he was coming downstairs.

"I guess it has to be a very tall house because you are so damn tall," Frank told him.

"I do have one room left; you are welcome to it if you want," Pierre told him.

"Thanks, I will take it. How is Stephanie?" Frank asked

"She is doing well considering," Pierre told him.

"My brother Rodney and my sister Felicia. You know Morelli," Tank told him.

"Yeah, hi Joe," Frank said.

"I am sorry, Frank," Joe told him.

"I know, thanks," Frank said.

"I have one question, why did Helen want Morelli and her together and was always pressuring Stephanie about it?" Ranger asked

"Because of what he took from her, and I stood behind Stephanie when she ran over your leg. If it were me, Joe, you would have both legs broken." Frank told everyone.

Suddenly they all heard a boom. "Where is Granny" Rodney asked.

They all rushed into the library and found Edna with a Winchester 1897 shotgun.

They all looked up and found Stephanie looking through the hole that was on the floor.

"Hi, Sweety, are you pregnant?" he asked

"Yes, we were going to tell you, but mom would have been here 24 hours a day, seven days a week driving both Pierre and me cuckoo."

"You need to go in a home," Rodney said out loud.

"They already tried it; I ran away from home and went to them," Edna told him.

"Grandma gives the gun to my husband, please," Stephanie asked her.

"Sure" Grandma handed the gun to Tank.

"Hey, is that Grandpa's gun?" Rodney asked Tank.

"Are you okay little one?" Tank asked her, looking up at his wife through the hole.

"Yeah, sure," Stephanie told him.

"How far along is she?" Frank asked

"Five months," Tank told him.

"Okay," Frank said.

A few minutes later, they saw Stephanie downstairs in the kitchen.

She opened the fridge and took out some fruit. She was eating it when her father and Grandmother came in.

"My daughter is eating fruit," Frank said in shock.

"I do eat fruit, dad," She said as she went to the living room to eat it in a bowl.

Stephanie's phone rang then

"Hey Valerie, where are you?" Stephanie asked her big sister.

"At the house, and some big mean police officer won't let us in," Valerie told her.

"When you say us?" Stephanie asked her sister

"the girls, Albert and I.," Valerie told her. "I will send someone to get you," Stephanie told her and then hung up.

Ranger, dad, do me a favor. Can you go pick up my sister, the girls, and Albert, please?"

"Of course, babe" Ranger looked at Frank, and they left the house.

"Little one," Pierre said.

" I know we don't have any more room," She said out loud.

Twenty minutes later, "Grandpa," the girls yelled and rushed into his arms.

"Hi, sweeties," He said.

"Albert, good to see you," Frank said.

"What is going on, Frank" Albert asked him.

"I will tell you when we get back to Stephanie," Frank said.

Ranger lifted the girls into the large SUV. Albert, Valerie, and Frank got in as well.

They arrived at Tank's house fifteen minutes later. "Stephanie lives here?" Valerie asked.

"Yup, along with her husband," Frank said with a smile.

"Why can't you get me a house this size." She yelled at Albert and slapped him on the arm.

They all walked into the house, "This is all your fault, Stephanie; I don't know how or what happened, but when I tell mom, you are going to hear it." Valerie said, waving a finger at her sister.

Pierre opened his arms. Stephanie rushed into them, crying.

"Only another four months to go," he said softly to himself.

"That is enough; Valerie and your sister did not make you cry once during your pregnancies." Frank snapped at her.

"She is pregnant," Valerie said in shock.

"Yes, and your mother is gone," Frank told her.

"Gone," Mary Alice said as she started to cry. She rushed into her mother's arms. Valerie walked up to Stephanie. "If you did not have this crazy job, mom would still be here," Valerie said. She picked up Mary Alice in her arms and sat down on the couch.

Pierre and Frank looked at each other "Hey, I will be right back, little one." He kissed her on top of her head. Both Pierre and Frank walked into the living room.

"Girls, do me a favor; go with Uncle Tank for a while, will you. I want to talk to your mom and Albert for a while." Frank told them softly.

"Uncle Tank," Valerie questioned.

"He and Stephanie have been married for about five and a half months now, and Stephanie is pregnant with their first baby," Frank told them.

Valerie's mouth dropped. "No, your mom did not know about the baby Valerie. You know what she was like with you. Think about what she would have been like with your sister." Frank told her.

"Yeah, you got the point mom could be a nervous wreck when it comes to that," Valerie said.

"Go on, girls, go with Uncle Tank," Valerie told them. He walked with them, and they went into the kitchen with their aunt.

"I want you both to listen to me. Your mom and I had a bad fight; I packed a bag and went to the lodge. A couple of hours later, I got a call from mom. She baked me a T bone steak with potato; we made up and went to bed. I woke up a few hours later and saw her lying in bed dead. I was taken in for questioning and released. The prints on the butcher knife did not match mine. All of us know how your mother was; it could have been anyone in the neighborhood. We know she had a lot of enemies because of that. So, don't go blaming Stephanie please, she is just as upset as you are, and let's not forget that she is five months pregnant." Frank told them, leaving them to think about what he said.

Chapter 27

Valerie got up and went into the kitchen.

"Wow, you are huge," Valerie said.

Just then, Stephanie started to bawl again. "Hal find Tank and quick," Ranger told him

"Tank Stephanie is crying again."

"Come on, and girls, let's see if we can calm your aunt down" Tank took the girls back inside the house.

"Come here, little one," Pierre said as he opened his arms.

He kissed Stephanie on top of the head.

Stephanie turned her head and gave her sister a look with daggers in them.

"Hide me," Valerie said as she walked behind Joseph.

"Hey, mom guess what?" Mary Alice said out loud.

"What?" She asked.

"Uncle Tank has a stable on in the yard." Mary Alice yelled while she was grinning

"Great, she is not going to want to go home now," Valerie said.

"Yeah, I will because they do not have a horse." Mary Alice said.

Lisa walked up to Tank and Stephanie, "Wow, you're huge." Lisa was pointing directly at Pierre

Valerie noticed just how big her brother-in-law was.

"This house is huge too; I could go hide, and nobody would find me," Angie added.

"Aw, you don't want to do that; we would miss you," He told his niece.

"Yeah, I guess you are right," Angie told her

"You are good with kids, " Valerie told Tank.

"Thanks," he said to her.

A few minutes later, Ranger's phone rang. "Yeah," He said.

"it is Potter, and we were able to find out who killed Helen Plum."

"who," Ranger said.
"Joanne Thompson," Captain Potter said and hung up.

Ranger closed his phone.

"Hey, little one, I am going outside with Joseph, Rodney, and Ranger for a few minutes. I will be right back" Pierre kissed her on top of the head.

The four of them stepped outside.

"they got a match on the prints from the knife. They matched it to Joanne Thompson." Ranger told them.

Lisa started to pull on Stephanie's pants.

"What is it, Lisa?" She asked her youngest niece.

"is he my uncle?" She asked her aunt.

"Yes, and this one is your little cousin. She said as she put a hand on the baby.

"Wow," Lisa said

Just then, Mary Alice came up to Stephanie. "Auntie Stephanie, where's Grammy"

"Everyone, find grandma," Stephanie said.

Everybody but Stephanie started the search for Edna. "Why can't you all go home," Stephanie said.

Pierre heard that and put his head in his chest and went thew the door. He put his head down and went back inside the house.

"Ranger, we need to finish this, and soon," Morelli told him.

"Yeah, I know Morelli," Ranger told them both.

"Hey, little one, where did everyone go?" He asked as he walked up to his wife.

"They went to find Grandma," Stephanie said, "I want to go back to bed; will you come with me?"
"Yeah, let's go," Pierre said.

"Pierre and Stephanie were walking up the stairs when they saw Valerie. "Where are you two going?"

"Bed Valerie. Find Grandma and fast," Stephanie yelled at her sister.

"She meant to say please," Pierre added.

They walked past Valerie with her mouth hanging open.

"Did you find her?" Frank asked Valerie.

"No, and I have a question. Do you know why Mom tried so hard to push Morelli and Stephanie together?" Valerie asked her father.

"Yes, it is because Morelli took something from Stephanie; after he took that something, He took that same something from another girl. Because he took that something, your sister ran Morelli over with my cab. Valerie, if I were driving that cab, I would have broken both of his legs. "

"So that is why Stephanie ran him over; I would have done that too," She said out loud. "Now, please let us find your grandma," Frank begged her.

"Right, Grandma, Dad does Grandma do this often."
Valerie asked him.

"Yes, now find her," He told Valerie

"Right, come on, girls, let's find Grammy; she has got be in this house somewhere," Valerie told her daughters.

Pierre and Stephanie made it to their room, and they heard the shower going.

"I will give you three guesses, Pierre," She said and then added. "You stay put; I will handle this one," She told her husband.

"Grandma," Stephanie yelled as she opened the bathroom door.

"I guess Auntie Steph found Grammy," Valerie said; she looked at her daughters."

Stephanie walked back out of the bathroom.

"Let us run away. I know you can transfer to the Rangeman in Florida," Stephanie told him.

"Right," Pierre took her hand and led her out of their bedroom. He pulled on the string that went to the small gym. They saw the stairs, and Stephanie looked at her husband. He picked her up and carried her up to the gym. When they both got up there, he pulled the stairs back up.

Pierre looked at her and pulled her into his arms. The two of them started to laugh.

Valerie walked and saw an open door; she saw it, the master bedroom when she looked in. "Wow," she said, and then she heard another door open. She saw her grandmother coming out of the room wrapped in a king-sized towel.

"Grandma, what are you doing?" She asked her.

"I was taking a shower," Edna said. She walked into another room and shut the door.

"Come on, and girls, let's see if there is any food for you to eat," Valerie said, shaking her head.

Everyone walked back into the kitchen. Everyone noticed that Tank and Stephanie were gone.

"I will be right back." Ranger said and then added, "The rest of you stay here."

"Hi, Ranger," He noticed that Edna's hair was wet. "I don't want to know," Ranger said, shaking his head.

Ranger went upstairs and pulled on a cord, and the stairs came down.

"Crap," He heard them both say at the same time.

Ranger went up the stairs.

Ranger saw them. Tank was sitting on the pressing bench, and he was holding Stephanie.

"I don't blame you two one bit," Ranger told them both.

" I can't do this much longer, Ranger," Stephanie told him.

"I know, Rodney is going to call Joanne Thompson; she is the one that killed your mom Babe. We are going to set up a meet and nail her. After we get her, we will take Valerie, the girls, Albert, and Grandma to their house. Maybe if we do this, we can give you two a little peace." Ranger told them.

"But you both need to go downstairs." He told them gently.

"Do we have to?" Stephanie asked him

Ranger just looked at them both.

"Fine," they both said at the same time.

Ranger walked down the stairs first. He held his hand out. Stephanie took it next, and then Ranger carefully helped her down. Pierre sighed and went down last.

"How did you get up there, babe?" Ranger asked

"He carried me up" She pointed at her husband.

"I want a raise, Ranger," Pierre snapped at him.

"Okay," Ranger said.

"Really," Pierre asked with an open mouth.

"Yes, now please let's go," Ranger told him.

Ranger put the stairs back up, closing the gym

The three of them walked back into the kitchen.

"Ranger call Ella and have her sterilize our bathroom," Stephanie asked him.

Ranger got on the phone, "Ella, I need you at Stephanie's house; please, I will give you a raise." He told her.

"I am on my way" Ranger closed his phone.

Chapter 28

About an hour later, Rodney was ready. He put on his leather jacket.

"Okay, you know what to do?" Ranger asked him.

"Of course, this is not my first rodeo," Rodney told him.

"I will be fine, Pierre," Rodney told him as Hal, Ranger, Lester, and Potter and Rodney walked out of the house.

The four of them went to a warehouse in North Jersey." Rodney entered the warehouse and waited for Joanne. He saw Joanne enter the warehouse. "Hey Rodney, what is going on?" Joanne asked him.

"Don't know if you heard Helen Plum was murdered," Rodney told her.

"Yeah, I heard; I am the one who did it. So, your mind as well tells whoever is waiting outside to come in and arrest me now. My career is over thanks to that bitch" Joanne told him.

"what bitch?" Rodney asked.

"Tiffany Robbins, she gave me the wrong address. I suppose she did it on purpose to scare Stephanie Plum to death." Joanne Thompson told him.

Just then, Captain Potter came in with two officers and IAB. "Officer Joanne Thompson, I need your gun and shield." The IAB officer told her. She handed over her badge.

"Captain Potter, read her rights and take her away to booking."

Hal came to help Rodney take off the wire that he was wearing. The IAB officer took the wire and shook his head as he was leaving.

A few hours later, they came back to the house. "Mr. Plum, we caught the woman who killed your wife. She will be in prison for a long time. Captain Potter told him.

"Why did she do it?" He asked him.

Someone ordered her to do it. She was not working alone, so this case is still open. You can go back to your house if you want." Captain Potter told him.

"I have to get a new bed," Frank said out loud.

" I can help you with that." Tank came up to Frank and gave him five grand. "This is five- grand. You are my favorite son-in-law." Frank told him.

"come on, I will help you," Ranger told him.

"Will you watch Edna for a while?" Frank asked Stephanie.

"Sure, dad, but you have to come back and get her," Stephanie told him.

I will, I promise." She told Him.

"Okay, girls, time to go home," Valerie said to them. Valerie saw her husband sleeping on the couch. "Tank, can I use your gun? I promise I am a much better shot than Grandma?" Valerie asked him

"Sorry, Valerie," Pierre told her.

"Fine, then I will use this," Valerie said as she took a couch pillow in her hand. She started to swing the pillow wildly at her husband to get him to wake up.

"Sorry, what did I miss," Albert said

"You were sleeping the whole time," Valerie shouted at him.

"Sorry," Albert told her.

Valerie turned her head and saw Grandma. "Hi Grandma," Valerie said with a wild look in her eyes and waved to her. She turned her head back and saw Albert. Stephanie noticed the smile on her big sister's face. Stephanie just started laughing and put her head in her husband's chest.

Valerie walked up to Grandma Mazur. "Grandma, would you like to come and live with us? I could use an extra hand with the girls, and yes, we have an empty room." Valerie asked her sweetly.

"Please, Grammy, it would be so much fun" All three of the girls rushed up to their great-grandmother.

Albert was up in a minute and was walking to Valerie.

Valerie looked at her husband with her mom's daggers in her eyes.

"Thank you, Valerie; I would love to come and live with you." Grandma Mazur told her.

"Great, Albert will pick up your things," Valerie said.

Albert just walked to the door and took the girls' coats. "Come on, Girls." He told them. The three girls gave Stephanie and Tank a hug and put their coats on.

" Stay safe; I love you," Valerie told her and then tried to hug her.

" I am sorry," Valerie said. The five of them got into an SUV and left.

Stephanie looked at the baby bump that looked like a mountain.

"Your bathroom is clean," Ella said as she came down the stairs."

"Thank you so much, Ella." Tank said to her.

"No problem, especially because Ranger gave me a raise." She said as she walked out the door.

Frank came back in the house,

"Where is your grandmother?" He asked.

"Valerie asked Grandma if she wanted to move in with them," Stephanie told him.

"Let me Albert fell asleep on the couch again," Frank said and then added, " So your sister asked Grandma to move in because Albert fell asleep again," Frank said, opened mouthed.

"Yup," Stephanie said,

"Poor Albert, after all these years, I can take a nap. Maybe I will make a den in one of the empty rooms. By Steph, and I will call your sister and give her a great big thank you." Frank walked out to one of the SUVs and got in with a massive smile on his face.

"Well, we got some of them out," Pierre said.

"Yeah, let's go back to bed," Stephanie told him.

"Sounds good," Pierre told her. He took her hand, and they went back to their bedroom. On their way to the bedroom, they noticed that the baby's room was painted.

Stephanie picked up the phone and called her dad,

"Hey Sweetie," Frank told her

"did you finish the baby's room?" She asked her dad.

"Yes," Frank told her.

"Thank You," She said

"Night," Frank said and then hung up the phone

"Your father finished painting," Pierre asked her

"Yup," Stephanie said with a smile

" Step one is done," Pierre said, "Come on, let us go."

They got to their room and clasped on the bed for the night.

"Morelli, I am going to have a little chat with Joanne Thompson. You stay here for a little while longer," He told Morelli.

When the captain got to the station, he saw the IAB guys. "What interview room?" Potter asked them.

"Room three, she is not saying much," They told him.

He walked into interview room three.

"Okay, Joanne, where is Tiffany Robbins?" Potter asked her.

"I don't know, but I do have a number," Joanne told him.

"I need protection from her, and she will kill me," Joanne told the Captain, "You do this, and I will see about Witness Protection," Potter told her.

Potter handed her over a phone.

Joanne took it and dialed a number.

"Tiffany, we need to talk; call me," Joanne told her.

"Now we wait," Potter said.

They waited forty-five minutes, and then Joanne's phone rang.

"Tiffany, I need to meet with you; it is important," Joanne told her.

"All right, I will meet you at the Red Train Restaurant, twenty minutes from now. If you are not on time, I will leave." Tiffany told her and then hung up.

"Red Train Restaurant, twenty minutes from now," Tiffany told him.

"Let's go," Potter told her.

Twenty minutes later, they were waiting at the Red Train Restaurant. They saw Tiffany sitting down in a booth waiting for Joanne.

Joanne sat down, opposite Tiffany, "I have a problem the address you gave me was not Stephanie Plums. It was her parents did you know that?"

"Yes, I knew I wanted to kill her mother to send that little tramp a message. I hope she got the message." Tiffany told her and then added, "As I told her, I can have anything or anybody. I want her husband."

Just then, Hal, Ranger, and Potter came in with a couple of uniforms.

"Tiffany Robbins, you are under arrest for intimidation of a witness and the murder of Helen Plum" She was in cuffs in a heartbeat.

Once they got Tiffany Robbins into an interrogation room, Potter told her, " Tiffany Robbins, here is what is going to happen. You are going to give me everything you have on your husband Todd Robbins and all his companies. You do that, and we will see about a deal." He told her.

Ranger walked out of the police station and slammed his fist into the car door.

He got into the SUV and drove to Tank's house.

When he got there, he saw Morelli, Tank, and Stephanie waiting for him.

"Potter is going to cut Tiffany Robbins a deal if she hands over all her husband's companies. Ranger told them.

"Tiffany is after Pierre," Stephanie spoke to everyone.

"Yeah, babe, she is after your husband," Ranger said.

"Oh, boy," Tank said as he wrapped his arms around Stephanie.

"Pierre, can you give me a few minutes with Ranger?" She asked her husband.

"Of course," Tank told her and left for the living room with Morelli.

"Ranger, I love Tank with all my heart. I did not realize it until this mission started. When I found out that I was pregnant with his baby, I was scared stiff. But he was and is there for me every step of the way. I know he loves me. I would be lost without him; I know that now. He is everything to me, and he is the missing piece of my puzzle that I have been looking for for so long. I don't know if you can understand that." She told him.

"I do understand that, Babe," Ranger told her. "I promise I will make sure that you and Tank are thrilled together," Ranger said to her.

Tank came in a few minutes later, "I want to talk to Tiffany Robbins, boss." Tank said as he came up to his wife and kissed her hard on the lips.

"I don't know if that is such a good idea," Ranger told him.

"Listen to me; there is a reason why she wants me, and I want to know what the reason is," Tank told him.

"I want to know what that reason is, too," Stephanie told Ranger.

"All right, I will set it up," Ranger told him.

The next morning. Tank went to the prison to talk to Tiffany Robbins.

"Hello Tiffany," Tank said as the guard placed her in a room with Tank.

"Well, this is a very nice surprise," She told him as she walked up to him. Tank walked away from her.

"Why Me?" he asked her.

"You have an airplane company and money." She told him

"No, I don't. That airplane company is in a trust. I legally do not have any access to the company. I have some money but not much. Before you even ask me why Stephanie and not you, it is because Stephanie has a heart. You don't, and You don't want to mess with me." Tank told her.

"I will give you what you want, just please don't leave me in here he will kill me."

"Who is after you?" Tank asked.

"Todd, he will kill me. He told me that you might be a cop and that I needed to scare your wife to get to you." She told him

"You want me to protect you." Tank said to her.

"Yes, he will kill me and look at you; nobody can get past you," Tiffany told him

"That is not my call to protect you." Tank told her.

"That is up to the District City Attorney, not me. "Tank walked out of the private visiting room.

Tank walked out of prison then and went back home to Stephanie.

Chapter 29

Ranger and Tank came back and saw Stephanie pacing in the living room.

Tank walked up to her, "Little one."

"I can't believe it. It is unbelievable, and Todd Robbins is staying with Angie Morelli," Stephanie said out loud as she rushed into Tank's arms.

They all turned to Joseph with dagger in their eyes.

"Not a clue, seriously, Joe looked at the paper in shock.

"There has to be a reason for this. I swear Ranger, Tank, I had no clue." Joe told the two of them as he sat down on the couch.

"He is not lying Tank and Ranger; I can tell by his face that he had no clue at all," Stephanie told them both.

Joe threw up, right then and there, on Tank's black carpet.

"Now I need a new carpet," Tank yelled.

Ranger got on the phone, "Stephanie did another search. Todd Robbins is in the Burg. Angie Morelli's house.

'Are you fucking kidding me?" Potter said in shock

"No, Potter, I am not," Ranger told him.

Ranger hung up and noticed that Joe was on the phone.

"Mom, I want to meet you at the Red Train Restaurant. Can you do that?" Joe asked his mother.

"Yes, of course, I would be happy to have lunch with you, darling," Angie told her son; she hung up then.

"Red Train Restaurant," Joe told Ranger.

"You do realize that Rangeman and the police will have to be there, right Morelli," Ranger told him.

"Yeah, I know," Joe told him.

"Let's go" Ranger Morelli and Hal walked out of Tank's house. Stephanie was fuming in Tank's arms.

Morelli was waiting in a booth for his mom.
"Joseph," His mother said as she lightly kissed him on the cheek

"What is going on, Mom," He asked her.

"I will give you the short version, and I was married once before I married your father. His name was Sherman Robbins, and you have a half-brother older brother. His name is Todd Robbins. Angie told her son,

"The multimillionaire who the FBI wants is my half-brother," Joe asked in shock.

"Yes, and he is at the house, and I don't know what to do?" She asked her son.

"Go," Ranger told Captain Potter.

Captain Potter came in with a couple of police officers."

"Angie Morelli, you are under arrest for harboring a fugitive." Captain Potter said as he helped her up.

"Joseph," Angie told her.

"Sorry, mom, I can't help you out of this mess," Joseph told her.

Joe saw his mom cuffed and in the back of a cruiser.

"You want to go and pick up your half-brother with me," Ranger asked him.

"Oh, let's go," Joe said to Ranger.

Joe, Ranger, and Lester got to Joe's childhood house.

Joe's grandmother came right up to him

"Where is he?" Joe asked softly to his grandmother.

She pointed to the living room.

Lester, get her out of here now." Ranger told him. Joe went from one side Ranger to the other. Joe opened the door.

"Todd Robbins, come out with your hands up." Joe Morelli yelled

"Fine, Bro" Todd Robbins came out with his hands up, and he was smiling.

Ranger put him against the wall, searched him, and put the cuffs on him. "Do you know how long I have waited to do this to you?" Ranger told him with a smile.

Ranger and Morelli took him out of the house together.

They arrived at the police station a few minutes later. Potter was already in the interview room waiting for Todd Robbins.

"Where is the Captain," Morelli told him.

"In the interview room waiting for him," The Lt. told them.

"Right move," Morelli spat to him.

"This is for taking Stephanie away from me," Morelli spat at him.

"Captain here is Todd Robbins," Morelli told him.

"Thanks, Morelli, now it is my turn," Potter told him

"Yes, sir" Morelli and Ranger walked out of the room

Just then, the Captain's boss came up, "Well done, especially you, Morelli." The Chief said.

"Chief, what are you doing here? What is going on?" Morelli asked him

"We are not sure, but we think there are dirty cops in this Precinct. And we think Todd Robbins is paying them off." The Chief said and then left.

They left the police station and went back to Tank's house.

"That bad, Boss," Tank said to him

"Yeah, it seems that the Chief came in and pulled Rangeman out of the case because supposedly there are dirty cops, and Todd Robbins is paying them off," Ranger told him

"There is nothing we can do," Ranger said,

Just then, they heard an explosion. They all looked outside and saw a Rangeman SUV explode.

"Pierre, I don't feel well," Stephanie said as she sat down on the couch.

He walked up to her. "Hey, little one." Just then, she was out cold.

Ranger got on the phone, "Bobby, we need you here now; there is something wrong with Stephanie."

"I will be there in five." Bobby hung up.

They saw Tank carrying his wife up the stairs to the bedroom.

"This is not over someone else is after cupcake," Morelli said as he looked at Ranger.

Bobby came in five minutes later, "Where is she?" He asked

"She is upstairs Tank is with her," Ranger said.

Bobby walked upstairs and entered the master bedroom. He saw Stephanie unconscious. "Tank, let me look at her," Bobby told him.

Tank left the room, "Please, god, don't let me lose her," Tank said.

Bobby put an IV in her arm to give her fluids and took some blood.

Stephanie started to come around a few minutes later. "Hey, how are you feeling?" Bobby asked her.

"What happened?" she asked him.

"We don't know just yet, but I will find out."

She looked at her arm and saw the IV coming up. She started to sit up.

"Hey, take it easy, okay," Bobby told her.

"Where is Pierre?" She asked Bobby.

"I will go get him now," Bobby told her.

Bobby walked out and saw Tank's head between his knees. "Go see your wife, and I took some blood, so I will find out what happened. Blood work never lies," Bobby told him.

"Little one," Tank said he went into their bedroom. He saw her sitting up in bed with an IV out of her arm.

He put his head to hers and started to cry. "Hey, I am going to be okay." She told him softly.

He gave her a soft kiss on her lips.

Chapter 30

Bobby walked back downstairs, Ranger and Morelli walked up to him.

"Before you ask, she is awake, and Tank is with her now. I gave her an IV and took blood. I don't know what is going on with her yet, but I will," Bobby told them both.

"Thanks, Bobby," Ranger told him

"No problem," Bobby said and then left the house.

"Something is screwy, Morelli," Ranger told him.

"Yeah, and I don't like it." He told Ranger.

"I am going up to talk to Tank," Ranger told him

"Good luck with that," Morelli told him. He sat down and noticed that the carpet was gone.

Ranger knocked on their bedroom door.

"It's okay," He heard Stephanie say.

Tank got up from the bed and opened the door.

"Hey, boss," Tank said.

"Come in," Stephanie said.
"Hey there, Babe, you gave us all a good scare," Ranger told her softly as he was leaning against a wall.

Tank walked back up to her and sat down next to her.

"I don't know what happened. I had some fried chicken about ten minutes before you and Morelli came back in, and then I just started to feel weird." She told both.

"Where is the chicken now?" Ranger asked.

"It is still in the kitchen," she told them both.

"All right" Ranger nodded to Tank.

"I will be right back," Tank told her. He kissed her on the top of the head and walked out of the room

"you are thinking what I am thinking?" Tank asked Ranger

"Yeah, she was poisoned," Ranger told him.

"Okay, you stay with her. I am going to get that Chicken to the Rangeman lab," Ranger told him. Ranger walked back down the stairs and saw Morelli about to take a bite of a chicken wing.

"You don't want to do that." He took the chicken away from Morelli.

"Babe was eating this ten minutes ago, and then she got sick," Ranger told her.

"Poisoned" He gulped

"that is what Tank and I are thinking," Ranger said.

"Okay, I am taking this chicken to Rangeman. Stay here and keep them safe. Tank can't think straight right now because of the condition his wife is in." Ranger said, that and he took the chicken and left the house.

Chapter 31

Morelli walked upstairs and knocked on the bedroom door.

"Come on in, Joe," Stephanie said.

Joe walked into the bedroom. He saw Tank sitting by her side.

"How are you feeling?" He asked her.
"Better," Stephanie told him

"Good, Stephanie, I am sorry I did not know about him," Joe told her.

"I know, and this is not your fault. None of it is." She told him.

"I will be right outside" Tank once again left his wife's side.

"Joe, I love him, and he loves me. Besides, my dad likes him better than you." She told him with a smile.

"Yeah, and we both know why," Morelli said. The two of them started laughing.

"We also know why your mom was trying to push us together." They started to laugh again

"thank you for staying, and he can't think straight right now. He knows it too." She told him.

"Not a problem, I promise cupcake I will stay here until we find out who is after you."

Just then, Stephanie's phone rang.

"Hey White – Girl, I want to hang out with your grandma. But she turned me down, do you know why." Lula asked.

"Sorry, Lula, not a clue," Stephanie told her.

"All right, well, take care," Lula said and then hung up.

"Make sure my husband is still outside in the hallway," Stephanie asked Morelli,

"Good, you are still here," Morelli told him

"Yeah, I am not leaving her side." Tank told her. He came back in and sat down again by Stephanie's side.

"What" Tank asked as he noticed Stephanie and Morelli's face.

"I will be right back," Morelli said.

Morelli closed the door and then called Ranger.

"Ranger, I think Lula is behind this. I think she wants Stephanie dead so she can get her paws on Tank," Morelli told him.

"Okay, I will send Lester and Hal to find her stay with them. Make sure Tank does not do anything stupid." Ranger hung up then

Chapter 32

Ranger walked into Rangeman holding the bucket of chicken. The men walked up to Ranger and looked at the chicken.
"No," Ranger spat at his men.

They all walked away. Ranger went to the lab, "Hey Bruce, can you check this chicken? I think it was poisoned. Get Bobby and me the results as soon as you can" Ranger spat at him and then left the lab.

Ranger got back into the elevator, and again he hit three. He got out and went to talk to Bobby

"Hey boss, I got the blood work from Stephanie back she was poisoned," Bobby told him

"Wow, I just recheck her blood work; I think the doctor she is seeing screwed up as to how far along she is," Bobby told Ranger.

"You and Tank were gone for one month, and everyone knows that. I was able to get a small sample of the baby's blood. He is Tank's son, but the timing is not adding up." Bobby told him

"They were seeing each other for a year before the mission," Ranger told him.

"Yeah, everyone in this building knows that too. We need to talk to Stephanie's Doctor." Bobby got on the phone.

"Jersey Family Obstetrics," the secretary said over the phone. Ranger hit the loudspeaker.

"Yes, this Bobby from Rangeman. I need to speak to a Dr. Bronson, please it is about Stephanie Sherman."

"Yes, sir, one minute."

"DR. Bronson here; how are you, Bobby?" He spoke.

"I have a question; do you have a copy of Stephanie's last ultrasound?" Bobby asked him.

"Yes, I do hold on." Doctor Bronson looked at it. "Shit"

"Let me guess she is further along than we thought," Bobby told him.

"Yes, the pictures of her and another one of my patients got switched. She is eight months along, not six, I must call them. From the look at the picture, the baby could come at any time." Dr. Bronson told Bobby.

"Thanks, but we will do that, Doctor," Bobby told him

Bobby hung up the phone. "I will kill Tank," Ranger told him

"hold up, Ranger, you know that they were dating for a year before this mess with Todd Robbins; they came to you themselves and told you that. You also know, as well as I do, that you could not keep her all to yourself. One of the guys would ask her out sooner or later, and you could not stop it. You may not like it, but you cannot control her or Tank. I know Tank is your right-hand man, but she was never yours. She is just that stubborn, and you know it. When you call them on this, just remember that she is a human being. There is a reason why they waited so long to tell you, and that is because they knew how you would react. All that matters is that Tank, Stephanie, and that baby are healthy, and the three of them will be incredibly happy together." Bobby told him

"I know you are right, but it still hurts to see them together," Ranger told him and walked out of the lab and out of Rangeman.

"Wait, I am coming too," Bobby said. The two of them drove to Tank's house.

Ranger and Bobby walked into the house and up the stairs. He saw Morelli, "You want to come to hear this." Ranger told Morelli; Ranger knocked on the door. Ranger, Bobby, and Morelli entered the room.

"We can explain, Boss," Tank said.

"We are waiting," Ranger told them.

"When he cheated on her, and she broke it off. She was crushed. You were away again. She called me. I went over to her place, and it just happened. After that night, we started to talk, and visit each other and got to know each other." Tank told him

"I wanted to tell you, and you Joe, but Tank told me not to. He knew that you would be very mad at him. That you both would. But I did not know I was pregnant until that day." Stephanie told him.

"I know, Bobby called dr. Bronson said that the ultrasounds got screwed up. Another patient's picture got in your file. You are eight months, babe, and that boy is going to come out very soon," Ranger told them

"Shit" Tank looked at her with an open mouth.

"What," Ranger asked them.

"Well, the baby has been kicking a lot," Tank told him

"When you say a lot, Tank, what does that mean," Ranger told him

"Ouch," Stephanie said again. Tank looked at the bed and saw Stephanie's water break. Ranger and Morelli looked at each other and walked out of the bedroom

Bobby got on the phone, "we need an ambulance at 825 Royal Drive South Trenton; I have a 33-year-old female in labor." Bobby told them.

"I blame you, Morelli," Ranger said

"I screwed up this time," He told her.

"Pierre," Stephanie screamed. All of a sudden, the two of them heard a crash.

"What happened." Ranger looked in a saw a broken lamp against the wall.

"You okay, Tank" Ranger asked

"Yeah, fine," He said.

"Where is she?" One of the medics said.

"IN there along with the father," Ranger hitched a thumb in the room.

"Right, hello, we are going to help you deliver this baby okay,"

"Fine, just get him out." She screamed.

Ranger and Morelli just heard her screaming in pain.

"I don't think the cupcake is going to let Tank have another one. I think this baby is going to be an only child," Morelli told Ranger.

"Yeah, me too," Ranger told him. About ten minutes later, there was the sound of a baby crying. Bobby opened the door, and they saw Stephanie holding her son and Tank by her side.

"One of us still has to go with them because there is still a threat on Stephanie's life," Morelli told him.

"I will go with them, and you find Lula; I think she is the reason Stephanie went into labor early," Ranger told Morelli.

Chapter 33

Morelli went to Valerie's house and knocked on the door.

"Joe, is Stephanie alright?" Valerie asked.

"Yeah, the doctor screwed upon when she was due. She just gave birth to a baby boy. Before you go, I need to talk to Grandma for a minute or two."

"Sure, but make it fast so that we can get to the hospital," Valerie said.

"Grandma Joe wants to talk to you," Valerie said.

"Hey, Edna, question, have you seen Lula lately?" Joe asked her
"No, I have not; I have not seen her since I moved in here. I have been busy playing with my great grand-daughters." She told Joe.

"Can you give her a call for me, please? I need to talk to her," Morelli asked nicely?

"Sure" Edna picked up her cell

"Hey grandma, how are you?" Lula said.

"Hey Lula, do you want to come over here. The address is 325 Sherman Road. East Trenton," Grandma said.

"Would love to be there in a few minutes," Lula told her and left.

"Hey, Grandma, why don't you and the family go see that newborn baby boy that Stephanie and Tank just had," Joe told them.

"You girls want to see your new cousin?" their mom asked them.

"Yeah," The girls screamed

"Okay, let's go," Valerie said.

"Don't worry, your house will still be here, I promise," Joe said.

Morelli got on his portable radio; I need a car at 320 Sherman Road East Trenton."

While Joe was on the couch waiting for Lula.

Valerie and her family got to Trenton Memorial Hospital; they saw Ranger in the waiting room.

"Ranger, any news yet?" Valerie came up

"no, nothing, she had the baby, but Pierre is still in the emergency room with Stephanie and the baby."

"Ranger is it a boy" Frank came up to him.

"Yes, and there is no news yet," Ranger said. Everyone sat down and waited.

Tank and Stephanie looked as they saw their son being evaluated by Bobby and Dr. Bronson.

Stephanie held out her hand. Pierre grabbed it and sat down next to Stephanie, who was getting an IV again in her arm.

Meanwhile, at Valerie's house, "Grandma," Lula shouted; she trotted into the living room and saw Morelli sitting on the couch. "Gotta go," Lula said; she turned around and bumped into Hal.

"You are not going anywhere, Lula," Morelli said to her

"I did it, the car bombings and the chicken it was me. I wanted White girl out of the way so I could have He-man back." Lula told the two of them.

"What was in the fried chicken?" Morelli asked her.

"Oxytocin Liquid, I thought if the baby would come early that Tank would leave her and come back to me." Lula put her purse down and stuck her arms out.

"Lula Dawson, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of Stephanie Sherman" Morelli searched her and put the cuffs on her. The cruiser that was down the street saw him with her in cuffs and drove up. He put her in the back and rode to the station with her.

Dr. Bronson and Bobby brought the baby boy to Tank and Stephanie

"Don't know how but he is in perfect health. Here you go, you two." The doctor handed Stephanie her son.

"Hey, Jonathan Sherman," Stephanie told him.

"Bobby, will you go out there." Tank asked him.

"Yeah, congratulations," Bobby told Tank.

Bobby walked out of the ER doors that lead to the waiting room.

"Bobby," Ranger said.

He noticed Stephanie's family there.

"Her and baby are doing fine. We still don't know what caused the early labor. They will be moved to a private room soon."

"I can answer that," Morelli said as he came
"Lula put Oxytocin Liquid on a piece of chicken that Stephanie ate. Everyone here in this room knows what that drug can do." Morelli told them

"Why would she do that?" Valerie asked

"Because she wanted Me," Tank told everyone; they noticed that he was holding his boy.

"Hey there, you want to meet your baby cousin?" Tank asked the girls.

"Yeah, wow, she is big?" Angie asked.

"Yes, he is?" Tank told them

"Wait a minute, is he is a boy?" Lisa said, "Mom, I thought everyone in this family had girls?" she added.

"Come here, girls, let me tell you something about your aunt; she is different than everybody else in this family, and that is a good thing," Valerie told her daughters.

Everyone just started to laugh

The End

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