Chapter fourteen

A few days later, Madeline came up with an idea for the band for when they enter the ball right before they went on stage. At first Harry was a little uncertain, but Madeline explained everything until Harry finally agreed. Martin had found a couple of girls to do back up and one of the girls could sing an actual duet with Harry.

For the next two weeks they mainly rehearsed with the girls. Hermione, Ron and Neville was there a lot to watch the band, the time that Ginny was there, she got a jealous of Harry working with the girls and some of the moves Liam and Madeline suggested which made her scowl a lot. One time when Ginny turned up, she couldn't see Harry at all, but the band and one of the girls was there. She asked the band and they all looked a little uncomfortable which told Ginny that Harry was with the girl and probably up in his bed. She had hoped since she had been having sex with Harry, he wouldn't want anyone else. She realised now that Harry was serious. He didn't want to get into a proper relationship with her, or anyone. She didn't hang around, she didn't want to see them come down together.

Harry had given Hector the full names of James, Madeline, the band and the two back up singers so they could all floo into the ministry from Harry's house. Harry had worked his charm to have James's desk work with no electricity, then he had gone with his friends to register his new charms. It took a few hours, but they passed Harry's charms.

On the day of the ball at the ministry, Harry was just relaxing at the house with Hector and Susan. The band wasn't turning up until right before they had to leave. Hermione and Ron were going straight to the ministry for the ball so Harry wouldn't see them until he got there.

When it got close to the time they had to leave, Harry went upstairs, showered and changed into his clothes that he would be performing in. Hector was going to keep Harry's robes with him until Harry needed them later in the night. Harry finished dressing and headed downstairs, he saw the rest of the band, the two back up singers, with James and Madeline standing with Hector and Susan.

'Now, we'll arrive in the atrium of the ministry and lead you through. There will be aurors around and the magical law enforcement squad there to make sure no one else tries to get in. It's worked out that Susan will take James and Madeline through first, then all of you with me following instead of being right beside Harry. But I'm saying this now Harry, keep your eyes open to anything even with the aurors everywhere.'

'Don't worry Hector, I doubt they will try anything inside the ministry of magic, then think of who's going to be there. The aurors for one, the order of the phoenix, the teachers from Hogwarts and the DA They'd be crazy to try anything there.'

'I know, but you also know what those types are like and they want you dead. For all we know they might risk it, so keep your eyes open.'

'Alright,' Harry shook his head but gave Hector a grin.

'Okay, let's go then, Susan, you, James, Madeline and the girls first, then the band will follow with me.'

Susan nodded, then stepped into the fireplace with her husband and they others, vanishing in a flash of green flames. The band, Harry and Hector followed and they stepped out into the atrium of the ministry of magic. Aurors and the magical law enforcement squad all stood around, but gave Hector a nod, so he lead the group towards the doors of the ball room.

'Alright, Susan, take them in,' Hector said but kept glancing around.

'Okay, as soon as we're ready, you'll hear the music,' Madeline smiled at the band, gave them all a hug before she followed Susan and James in through the doors.

'Alright Harry,' Liam said then handed Harry some dark glasses.

Harry put them on along with his long black leather coat, then stood with the two girls who put their arms around Harry and his went around both of them, but he couldn't stop smiling.

'It's sure going to surprise a lot of people when they see who is singing Harry. I don't think anyone would recognise you as the-boy-who-lived,' Hector smiled but still kept looking around.

'No, I don't think they will Hector, but I like my new look.'

'We think you look hot,' Carly said as she smiled at Harry giving him a very seductive look.

Harry laughed, 'Thanks,' then gave her a look as well and everyone saw it so they knew that these two would disappear later tonight

'There's the music, let's go,' Liam said.

Harry and the two girls were in front with the four members of Lightning's Kiss right behind then Hector followed. They got to the doors and they automatically opened to the sound of a voice.

'Welcome the hot new band that's going to be playing for you tonight, Lightning's Kiss,' cheers and whistles started from all the younger people as Harry and his two back up singers lead the band through. No one stared at Harry like they recognised him, just watched as the band filed past to the music to one of their songs. James was going to play a longer intro of the music until the band got on stage.

Harry, Heather, Carly, John, Liam, Mark and Martin stepped on stage. the other four went to their instruments and started playing, Harry kept his back to the crowd. Heather pulled Harry's glasses off very slowly, then kissed his cheek. Carly slowly took Harry's long coat off and kissed his lips, but instead of a small kiss, it was a hot and passionate kiss. Then the two girls moved to their position. As the band kept playing, Harry kept his back until it was time to sing, then turned and everyone stared in shock as Harry started to sing, then all the young people in the crowd surged the stage all yelling and cheering. When the first song finished, the crowd cheered and chanted Harry's name along with the name of the band. When the band started to second song, the younger crowd jumped up and down screaming and shouting, the older people stood there in shock listening to the heavy rock song and some of the words.

When the third song started, Ron spotted a couple of ministry officials talking seriously to Kingsley and they kept pointing to Harry and the band. Ron quickly spoke to his friends and they all stood near the stage waiting for something to happen. Harry noticed and looked down at Ron but never stopped singing. Then Ron, Hermione, Neville and everyone winked at him as they nodded.

As soon as the song was coming to a finished, Kingsley got Harry's attention, but Ron and all their friends stood on stage in front of Harry and the band.

'Some of the ministry officials believe these songs are no appropriate for such a dignified ball,' Kingsley shrugged at Harry.

'Then I want to say something to these ministry officials,' Ron said and stared at them, 'Are we the ones that are being presented with awards tonight for ended our war?'

'Yes, but what's that go to do with what that music the band is playing,' one of the ministry officials said.

'Well, for one, this is our type of music, we want to listen to Lightning's Kiss. Now as it's us that you are supposed to be honouring, then we should be allowed to listen to the music we want and that's Harry's band,' Neville said as he stood next to Ron.

'But it's not appropriate,' another ministry official said, 'This is not a rock concert, it's a ministry ball.'

'Well let me ask you something,' Hermione stepped forward, 'We all fought at the battle of Hogwarts, none of you officials did. So you're willing to let us young people fight the war for you, but you don't think it's appropriate for us to listen to the type of music we like and enjoy the freedom we helped bring about, not you, us.'

'So if you still want to stop Lightning's Kiss from playing, then we leave with Harry and go have our own celebration and all of you can listen to you're type of music. Now it's your choice, do we stay and have Lightning's Kiss play, or do we all leave?' Ron asked.

'I think our hero's of the war has spoken and I happen to agree with them. I might have been there that night, fighting, but it did come down to all these wonderful young people and if you think about it, Harry trained most of them and he was the one that killed Voldemort and brought our world out of the darkness we had been living in for years. So as minister, I say we let our hero's decide what music they want and not what we want. For once listen to the people that have saved our world because if it wasn't for them, none of you would be here or you might even be dead.' Kingsley stood next to Harry and his friend and waited.

When he saw the ministry officials look around and noticed everyone glaring at them, then everyone including Professors started chanting Lightning's Kiss's name, they realised they had no choice, so they gave a curt nod to Kingsley.

'Harry, you and you're band get to continue, so let's get on with the music,' Kingsley patted his shoulder, then all Harry's friends gave him a hug, but Ginny kissed him passionately not caring that her whole family was watching. she was hoping to let the girl in the band knew she was part of Harry's life because the way she had rubbed against him when they played that last song just go too much for Ginny. Harry gave her a look before she stepped down with everyone and he also looked at one of his back up singers who stood next to him then the other one stepped beside Harry as well. Harry put his arms around the two girls, kissed one on the cheek, then Carly on the lips and like before a hot and very passionate kiss before they stepped back to their positions.

Harry quickly spoke to the band before facing the crowd, 'Just so everyone can enjoy our music, we're going to change the pace a bit, but we will play our rocks songs again very soon. Here's one for everyone and I hope we can all work together to keep our world safe.' Harry sat at the piano and started singing as they song got closer to the end, all Harry's friends stood around him and sung with him, clapping along with the song making Harry and everyone else smile. Harry hugged all his friends before they left the stage, then the band started to play their rocks songs again to more loud cheers, jumping and screaming.

Madeline stood with her sister and the rest of the Weird Sisters, 'They are going to be huge, in you're world and ours.'

'You're right Mad, I can see them taking over us as the wizarding worlds biggest band and that has nothing to do with Harry Potter. That's to do with how great they sound,' Helena grinned as she stood with her band the Weird Sisters.

When Lightning's Kiss finished, the Weird Sisters took the stage. Hector handed Harry his robes so he put them on over his leather clothes. Madeline handed Harry a bottle of water before he joined Ron, Hermione and the rest of their friends who hugged Harry and kept asking why none of them knew he could sing and how long had he been with the band. Before Harry could answer any of them, Kingsley started to introduce them to everyone. First the minister's from other countries, all them thanked the DA for saving the wizarding world. Then they kept talking, shaking hands and speaking to all the dignitaries. Harry and his friends even got to talk to their old professors for a while before Harry spoke to Andromeda, then took Teddy in his arms and within a few seconds everyone thought he was Harry's son. Reporters started taking photo's of Harry and the small boy before he explained about being the godfather and how his mother was a metamorphmagus. When they needed official photo's, Harry and the DA group stood together letting dozens of photo's to be taken.

Harry even got ask to have some photo's done with the band, which he did. Harry took his robes back off, Madeline taking it while he joined the four blokes and two backup singers from Lightning's Kiss with the girls putting their arms around Harry again. They stood together doing different poses, but mostly with the two girls with their arms on different parts of Harry, sometimes even kissing his cheek making Harry grin. As the photo's were being taken, all different people kept going up to Madeline to ask when Lightnings Kiss would be releasing their album and when they their concert would be. Madeline knew she would have to work in the wizarding world along with the muggle world. But she knew the moment she heard Harry and the band play, they were going to be big and she was right, so she knew she had her work cut out for her over the next few months.