Chapter three

On Tuesday, Harry left his house and made his way to London to the recording studio. He stepped up to a desk and the girl told him where he had to go. Harry knocked on the door and Madeline answered it.

'Good, you're on time, come in Harry,' she moved aside and let Harry in. 'Let's sit and we'll discuss everything.'

Harry and Madeline sat down, 'I went over some of my songs, I thought I'd give you a list of what I've got so far,' Harry handed over some paper.

'That's a lot of tracks, are they all rock songs?'

'Most are, there are a few slow rock songs in there, a couple of ballads, but I mostly do rock.'

'It's always good to have a mix. I stayed after you left the pub the other night and had another listen to that band and you're right, they are good, not the singer though. I discreetly spoke to one of them about being you're band. They loved what you did, so they are interested. They're going to be here soon and we'll see how you sound together. What they played the other night, did you know any of those songs?'

'Yeah, I learned to play to one of them, so we can do that, see how we sound.'

'Okay, now, if you do sound good together, I've been thinking of a name for all of you. Unless you want to be known as Harry Potter and the whatever, or you have an idea of a name yourself?'

'No, I haven't thought of any type of name and a name for all of us would be good. So what have you come up with?'

'I noticed that lightning shaped scar on you're head, so I thought of Lightnings Kiss and we could put a lightning shaped kiss on the album cover. If you end up big and signing albums or autographs, you and the band could keep a small stamp in the shape of the lightning as a gimmick and stamp your fans. What do you think?'

'Well, I got that when my parents were killed, I was a year old at the time. Normally I wouldn't want to be named after it, but I've finally put all that behind me. The man that killed them was killed not long ago, so I could probably handle that name, it's not bad actually.'

'If you're sure, if for any reason you don't want to use it Harry and work on another name, I would understand.'

'No, it's fine and like I said, it's a good name, Lightnings Kiss.'

Just then there was a knock on the door, Madeline answered it and ushered four men inside.

'Let me make introductions, Harry Potter, this is John McDougall, Liam Shaw, Mark Gallagher and Martin Mcloud.'

The five men shook hands, 'You don't look old enough to play as good as you did last night,' Liam said staring at Harry.

'Years of practice, starting when I was eight. But you blokes were good, you're singer wasn't though.'

'No, but he put us together, so we had to put up with him until we could find another singer, now we have, or should I say, Madeline did.'

'So I've been discussing a name for you, Lightnings Kiss, Harry likes it.'

'Not bad, but where did you come up with that name?' Martin asked.

Harry lifted his hair, 'She saw this.'

'Cool, it's shaped like lightning. I've never seen a scar like that before.'

'It's pretty unusual.'

'Alright, let's get into the studio and see how you all sound together,' Madeline led the five men into the studio and they all went to their instruments. 'Harry said one song you did last night he knows, so I'll go into the booth, start whenever you're ready.' Madeline walked into the other room and sat at a desk with a man and they listened to Harry and the band talking, 'Anytime you're ready.'

'We're ready,' Harry said then the band started playing before Harry started to sing. Harry could hear how good the band was and he couldn't help smiling at them as they played together. They sounded like they had been playing together for years.

'Damn, their good Mad. That singer sure has a strong voice for someone so young. How about we see how he goes with a ballad, just to see how he sounds without any other instruments behind him?' the man sitting at the desk said.

'Good idea James,' Madeline waited until they finished, 'You were good. Harry could you do one of you're ballads, we want to hear you're voice without the other instruments?'

'No problem,' Harry put the electric guitar down then sat at the piano and started to play.

Everyone listen to Harry sing. When he finished the band was silent as they stared at Harry, but they were all stunned with his voice.

'Bloody hell Harry, you have a great voice. It looks like we're got a deal and you blokes are going to be huge. We'll head back to my office, work on the contracts and start on rehearsals.'

'You were great Harry, Madeline was right, we are going to be big with you singing.' Mark grinned.

'Thanks and you blokes sound really good, so we've got a lot of rehearsing to do,' Harry and the other four members of the band headed back to Madeline's office.

'Okay, let's sit and talk contracts. This is James Forster, he's the recording engineer that will be recording you,' Madeline made the introductions then they all sat and read through the contracts before signing.

'If you give me a week, we can rehearse at my place. it's got a really large back room that I never use and it's isolated as well,' Harry suggested.

'We'll be in that, as long as the instruments fit.'

'You all should have new stuff that's why I never asked you to bring in what you played with last night. We'll pay to get you started, so how about tomorrow you all head out, buy what you need then take it to Harry's place. I'll give you a letter for the store, they know us and have helped us out before, we'll fix up their bill later.'

'Sounds good,' Liam said smiling at the others.

'One thing Harry, have you ever considered contact lenses. I noticed you have very unusual green eyes, they would look great without the glasses.'

'Last few years I've been too busy to think of anything, but yeah, I could get them.'

'Do that tomorrow while you're out then. We'll need some publicity pictures of you five together so when we're ready, we can send them out. We also need a picture for the first album along with a name for the album. If you get any idea's let me know, my numbers are on the card I gave you. Harry I'll need you're address so I can check on you're rehearsals occasionally, then work out when we're going to start recording.'

Harry nodded and wrote his address down, but he also wrote it for the other members of Lightnings Kiss, then handed them all a piece of paper.

'Okay, why don't you all go celebrate, because for the next few months, you five are going to be really busy. Harry, one thing, I noticed you don't say a lot, so we'll need a spokesman for the band, so I'll leave you five to discuss who will be doing the main talking. But all of you will by asked questions when you start promoting the album.'

Madeline handed Harry a letter for the music shop, 'We can do that, thanks Madeline,' Harry shook her hand then James, the other members also shook hands and the five of them left.

'So do you need a lift or do you have a car Harry?' John asked.

'I don't drive, I got a lift this morning. So if you're happy to drive me, then you can see where I live.'

'Let's do it because I can't wait to get stuck into some decent songs and not always singing someone else's.'

'I get you there,' Harry smiled and followed his band towards a car, they got in and drove to Harry's place, 'Come in and you'll see the room for yourselves,' Harry led the way inside and through to the back, 'So what do you think, big enough?'

'Yeah,' Liam said looking around, 'Why would you have a room this big in your house?'

'It was here when I bought the place, but I loved how quiet and isolated it is. Right down through those trees is the ocean, I sit down there quite a lot especially when I'm working on song or just the music.'

'I bet you and you're girl have fun down there,' Martin said looking through the glass doors.

'I don't have one, did, she wanted to get back together, but I'm out to have some fun for a while.'

'That's what we're after, but if you don't mind me asking, how old are you Harry?'

'I just turned eighteen a couple of weeks ago.'

'No, you're winding us up. I know you look young, but you sound older, especially when you sing.'

'No, I'm only eighteen, so what about all you then?'

'Me, Martin and John are twenty three, Mark is twenty four,' Liam said, 'We've been together for two years.'

'Well you all play great and can't wait to start rehearsals.'

'Then we'll pick you up early tomorrow so we can buy everything we need,' the band and Harry walked back to the front of the house, 'Where's your TV?' John asked as he looked around the living room.

'I don't have one, I'm not really one for watching television. I either read or play, writing new songs when I get time.'

'I don't think I've ever met anyone that never had at least one TV. I have two, one for my dvd's one for playing my games.' Martin shook his head.

'Each to their own I say,' Liam said, 'We'll see you in the morning Harry,' the four members shook Harry's hand and headed out. Harry waited until they were gone, then apparated back to muggle London. He found an electrician's shop, worked out a day to have power connected to the house, which will be in three days, then Harry grabbed some lunch before heading to a music shop and bought a piano. He then confunded the sales woman, shrunk the piano and home again.

The following morning, Harry was waiting for the Lightnings Kiss to arrive while he sat and wrote some more songs. He heard the car pull up and went out to meet them and they headed out to buy their instruments. The five of them looked around the music store and they all found what they needed.

'We don't need a piano, I have a new one at home, so just some keyboards if you want Liam?'

'That's handy, but I never saw a piano.'

'It was still in my other room, I haven't lived there long, never got a chance to move it. But after you four left, a friend stopped by and we put it in the back room.'

'Great, one thing done,' John said.

The five of them finished what they needed, then worked out to have it delivered at the end of the week, then Harry told the blokes he had some things to do that he would see them soon. He went to get his contact lenses. When he saw himself in the mirror, it was hard to believe it was really him. You could see his eyes now and realised his mother would have looked beautiful with these eyes and red hair. Harry ordered three more sets, said he'd pick them up in a few days, then headed home to start his new life, one that had nothing to do with Voldemort, death eaters or danger and he couldn't be happier.