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Chapter 4: Meeting an old friend again

After Yugao showed the Hokage the new Anbu recruits and the aged Hokage approved of them; she ate pizza with her friends at a local restaurant. The approval of the Hokage concerning the new Anbu recruits was the reason she had an appointment with the Hokage in the first place.

"What got you so thoughtful, Yugao-chan?" asked Kurenai.

"Nothing." She replied. "Oh, you know Yugao-chan, I am hurt. To think that you would lie to us." Anko said, dramatically clenching the spot where her heart is to signify her "pain."

Yugao just sighed. Anko was the last thing she needed right now. But if he did not answer her, she (Anko) would bug her (Yugao) forever until she finally caved in and told her what was on her mind. Knowing this, she decided to tell Anko a half-truth. "The masked guy we met at the training ground intrigues me."

"That is everything, Yugoa-chan?" questioned Hana skeptically. "Yes," the Anbu agent answered. "Well, actually, no. But you do not need to know that." The purple-haired female thought. In truth, she wondered if her theory, which lies behind that mask, was correct. Not that she could tell them that. If her suspicions were confirmed, her friends would most likely inform the Hokage. She did not want that to happen.

"Well, he is good for a kid." Said Kurenai. "That is just it, Kurenai. He is not just good. He is the Dragon who hunts evil." Informed her (Kurenai) Yugao.




"He is what?" shouted Kurenai and Anko after a brief moment of silence. "Keep it down." She ordered as she looked around, seeing everyone in the restaurant look at them.

"What is so special about him? And why did you react like that?" Hana asked curiously. All women at the other table threw her a look of disbelief and shock.

"Do you have a bingo book with you?" Seeing Hana nod, Anko continued, "Then please read bingo book entry five out loud. Shrugging her shoulders, Hana did as ordered; taking a bingo book out of her pouch, she read out loud

"The Dragon who hunts evil.

Gender: Male

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Black (as I already mentioned in a previous chapter Naruto got Madara's hair color)

Age: Around 13 years old

Ninja rank: hunter nin

Village: Konohagakure no Sato (hunter nin division)

Threat: A-rank to S-Rank

Information: Natural affinities for Lightning, Fire, and Wind, skilled in assassination, kenjutsu, knowledgeable in Fuinjutsu, good skill in genjutsu and taijutsu.

Not much information is known because he eradicated 10% of Konoha's missing nins in his service, which began roughly three years ago. However, very few of the people he targeted survived, and the credibility of missing nins is always lacking.

Weapons: Gunbai, Sword

He is wanted by: TOCA( Transnational Organized Crime Association) alive (2 million $), dead(1.5 million $) for reasons not known.


said Hana in astonishment after reading the bingo book entry. "Sounds like you found another you." Commented Hana. "Guess I have." Yugao smiled. "You see, Hana, he is a kid who is borderline Kage level." "But how can be so strong?" asked Kurenai. She had problems believing that anyone could be a Borderline S-Rank shinobi at just 13 years old. "The same way a kid could become a Jonin at 13 years old in the Third Great Shinobi War. The same way a 13-year-old kid could wipe out one of the strongest clans in Konoha in a single night- all by himself. Kurenai, you have to accept that there are people out there in this world who are half your age (Kurenai is around 27 years old at this point), yet stronger than you." Yugao addressed her friend.

Kurenai just frowned. The thought was not an easy one to accept. She prided herself on the fact that she was a kunoichi of the leaf. She hated fangirls (who doesn't) and focused on her training first and foremost.

"Though I do wonder what he did to upset the TOCA to give him such a bounty." Anko wondered out loud. "They are probably just scared. The TOCA is a group of missing-nin, criminals, thug bosses, practically every piece of scum you can find in the elemental nations who commit crimes, terror attacks. Their ultimate goal is to bring down the five elemental nations. Those are the kind of people hunter nins go after. He may go only after Konoha's missing ninjas, but he deserved that bounty for the number of people he killed. Plus, even criminals have friends. Almost every missing-nin has a friend who is also a missing-nin. I know this because I once infiltrated the TOCA on orders of the Sandaime. So, they probably want to avenge their friend who fell at his (Naruto/hunter nin) blade. But they are not powerful enough to do it themselves. So, they put a bounty on his head in the hope that some A-rank or S-rank ninja would bring them their head." Yugao finished her analysis.

Time skip- one week after the meeting with the Hokage

It has been one week since Naruto had met the Icy Queens of Konoha. Ever since that day, Yugao and Naruto have sparred daily. Usually from 9 am to 10 am. After they sparred, they usually went to eat and drink something together. They quickly got to know the other person. However, they both knew each other already. But they both had to pretend not to know each other. Yugao wanted to know if her theory of who lies behind that mask was true.

Naruto found out that just like him- Yugao grew up with no parents. Instead, her grandfather and grandmother raised her. Unfortunately, her grandparents died, however, when she was only ten. She also had an older brother – Hayate Uzuki, who practically continued raising her when her grandparents died. The Uzuki Clan was a prestigious clan rivaling the Senju, Uzumaki, Uchiha, and Hyuga Clan. Many of their members had a water affinity on the same level as that of the Nidaime Hokage.

The Nidaime Hokage was able to use high-rank water Jutsu without a water source nearby. He could pull water from the atmosphere and shape that water into his attacks. It made him a dangerous opponent to have. Yugao's clan also specialized in Kenjutsu.

On the outside, Yugao gave off an aura that screamed, 'cross me in the wrong way, and you are dead.'. She was a kunoichi who demanded respect and took her life as a ninja seriously. She was one of the icy queens of Konoha for a reason. All of them were beautiful, deadly kunoichi who had a distant personality- well towards anything. For Yugao, this distant attitude was just a mask. Once you cracked her shell, you quickly realized that Yugao was technically just a little idiotic, teasing, playful person. Like every good kunoichi out there, she hated perverts and fangirls (again, who doesn't) with a passion.

Many men tried to take her out on a date, but they were always refused. When men tried to force themselves on her, she sometimes broke their bones and directed a heavy amount of killer intent at them.

Though that did not stop the men from looking at her with lust, like Naruto, Yugao could avoid these stares. The Uchiha (Naruto) had the demon fox sealed inside of him. Due to that, the villagers either ignored him, not wanting to give 'the demon' any attention, or they just gave him hateful glares.

Currently sitting in a bar only a few meters away from the Hokage's office

Sitting in a bar only a few meters from the Hokage tower Yugao Uzuki and a man who wore a mask could be seen.

Yugao ordered some sake while Naruto just ordered some water to drink. Naruto could honestly not understand how Yugao could drink sake already. It was just 1 pm.

"Do you still have the discount on the grilled fish?" Asked the female Uzuki. "No, we don't." was the curt reply of the waiter. "Oh well, I will still take it nonetheless."

"Very well," replied the waiter.

"Tell me, Yugao-san, how is life treating you?" Yugao narrowed her eyes. Why did he ask that question all of a sudden? The hunter before her never usually engaged in small talk. Brushing the question off why he'd ask such a question randomly, she replied, "It has been rough, although I can't say why. Of course, you know Anbu's secrets and such. But what about you, have you handled your business. " No matter how hard Yugao tried, the hunter nin would not tell her what that personal business of his was. That did not stop her from trying to find out, though.

"No, I haven't," he said with a frown. "But it should be dealt with by the end of the month."

Silence entered. No one knew what to say. But like always, the silence was broken this time by our favorite Uzuki, "Just out of curiosity, why did you become a hunter nin? You do not seem like the type to make a living out of killing people."

The hunter-nin raised an eyebrow, surprised by the question and the assumption of his personality. "Well, I guess I just wanted to make a positive impact in this world. At some point, I just realized how rotten this world is—the strong trample over the weak. Men rape women. Those with power often oppress those who do not have power.

As you already know, I grew up as an orphan. I never knew my parents- not their names, faces- anything. They could have abandoned me or died before they raised me. I'll never know. I grew up in an orphanage. This particular orphanage, however, did not have enough money to function correctly. As a result, my supposed "caretaker, "at this point the hunter made quotation marks around the word, " decided it was best to kick me out. This way, she could take better care of the other children. At the time, I showed signs of a special Kekai Genkai. The woman feared me for it. The day she kicked me out, she called me a monster and a freak. I turned five that day." The eyes of the hunter nin seemed to darken when he finished his little tail.

Yugao just looked at the hunter nin with pity. No child should have gone through what he has gone through. " I am sorry you had to go through that," Yugao spoke compassionately. "Don't be. Pity will not get me anywhere."

Yugao smiled. That was a very admirable mindset. Unfortunately, many shinobi could not see past their bad experiences. She had seen it countless times. It was an almost typical case in the Anbu that a person could not move past an experience. Often, they just quit being shinobi, and in the worst cases, they lose their sanity and get stuck in a mental hospital. "What happened afterward? You got kicked out of the orphanage?" asked Yugao. "You do not have to tell me if you do not want to," she added. "No, it is better to talk about it than to bottle it up."

"I stayed in my village for a little while longer. Lived on the streets, stealing food and money, what you do to survive." He summarized. "One day, I wanted to steal bread from one particular person. But, of course, I did not know at the time that that person was Shisui Uchiha."

"You met Shisui-sensei in an attempt to steal from him?" asked Yugao in disbelief. The hunter nin nodded and chuckled slightly. "Shisui changed my entire perspective on life. He did not scold me for trying to steal from him or hit me like the other villager usually did. Instead, he kindly asked me for the reason I wanted to steal from him. Upon hearing my reasoning, he took me to the Hokage."

"How long did you live on the streets?"

"6 months." Was the response from the hunter-nin. The women looked down. "Why did you not go to the Hokage earlier?"

"Well, Yugao-chan, I was five at the time. I did not know what authority was and who I had to go to or trust to improve my living conditions. To me, I was the freak not even the orphanage wanted. The freak everyone could spit on, step on, and do whatever they wanted to do with when he was caught trying to steal something. And quite frankly, I assumed the Hokage would be the same. I assumed the Hokage would despise me for trying to steal, or even worse, throw me in prison for it- like the villagers said he ( the Hokage) would when he caught me trying to steal something. Shisui, however, well, he bought me bread after I attempted to steal from him. After that, he took me to the Hokage who gave me an apartment." The hunter-nin said, his mood suddenly brightening.

Yugao chuckled. "That sounds like Shisui-sensei." She said. "He was very kind after all." She continued.

"That he was." the hunter nin agreed. "A shame he died and at such a young age."

Yugao nodded. It was really a shame that such a kindhearted person like Shisui Uchiha had to leave the living world at such a young age.

"Afterwards, Shisui-sensei and I stayed in contact. Sometimes we ate lunch together. After a while, he even started training me. After his unfortunate demise, I left the village hunting people- people like Uchiha Itachi. "

"Wait, Shisui died seven years ago. You must have been six at the time."

"No, I was seven." He corrected Yugao. She just stared dumbfounded at Naruto. "I may add that I upset a village elder who now wants me dead. That may have forced me to leave the village at such an early age. Oh, and come on, don't you remember me purple-chan?" he asked, a specific emphasis on the name he just called her.

Yugao at first gained a tick mark on her head. She did not like it when people gave her nicknames. The nickname for that was that the nicknames usually revolved around her purple hair. She did not know what was wrong with her purple hair. Yet, people always seemed to make fun of her hair. But after a few minutes, the tick mark disappeared. The expression on her face was now completely impassive.

"Naruto?" she asked, a slight amount of hope in her eyes appear. Though she had hoped or maybe even suspected that the hunter nin was in front of her was Naruto, she quickly dismissed the idea as just wishful thinking. "Yes, purple-chan, it is me." Now Naruto expected many things. He expected Yugao to leap over the table and hug him; he expected her to shout at him. Yugao did none of those things. She just sat there as if they had talked about the weather. She did not even raise an eyebrow.

Instead, she just smirked. "It is good to have you back." She said. She meant what she said. The last time they talked was seven years ago, a week before the Uchiha Massacre. Then, they had been a team. Team 12 was composed of Uzumaki Naruto, Uzuki Yugao, Uchiha Itachi, led by Uchiha Shisui.

But in that week, Yugao's life took dramatic turns. Their sensei- who had been a father figure towards her after her birth parents died- died. A week later, her teammate massacred one of the most powerful clans in Konoha- the Uchiha Clan. The third member- a certain black-haired Uzumaki could just not be found- of the team just could not be found. That week had turned Yugao's life for the worst.

Years she tried to figure out what happened in that one week. But she could not. Eventually, she promised herself that she would move past her team and not try to figure out what happened in that one week but could she now with all the answers seemingly... sitting in front of her. She bit her lip. Finally, having built up the courage, she asked: "What happened that week?"

To be continued

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