That's the first thing that he thought when he saw Brett play lacrosse. Shirtless, amazing tan and shooting the ball into the net as if he'd been playing out of the womb. An effortless grin spreads across his face, and apparently something else spreads across his body as his best friend growls low in disgust. "Mase, can you smell different? Like now!"

"Sorry! I'll try! I'll think of Tracy or something!"

"Anything, you smell desperate!"

"Some wingman you are"

"He's coming!"

Mason nods a friendly smile and tries to focus on the other Lacrosse players [that don't look as sexy] He really thought that he could just smile and nod, but he's too intrigued by this new supernatural lifestyle. He watched Brett pause as Liam shows him Tracy's picture, but his eyes flicker up to Mason's. "Cute" Then he looks back at the screen. "But I've never seen her"

"Could Satomi have turned her without you knowing?" Liam asks

Yes, but after the deadpool, she's not exactly recruiting" He shrugs.

"So that's how it goes?"

"What?" Brett asks, looking lower at his clothing.

"So...your alpha just goes around biting people?"

"All alpha's are different. Satomi doesn't talk much about her past, but I can vouch for her present. I don't think she's touched Tracy"

"You think, but don't know right? Maybe she had a violent past and now..."

"I know my alpha okay?" Brett snaps as he raises his eyebrows.

"Do you think anyone at Devenford knows her?" Liam quickly interrupts.

"I don't know her, nevermind her friends or, whom she could have dated"

"And what about you?" Mason chimes in.

"Again...what about me?" Brett huffs at Mason clearly getting more irritated by the second.

"Are you dating? Are you taken? Are you like engaged to a wendigo and looking after a pack of baby coyote's at home?"

"Who wants to know?" Brett inquires, his tone feather light with ease this time.

"Oh definately me! Dude you're the hottest guy I've seen in Beacon hills! I mean if you're ever desperate enough to hang out with a human, I'm your guy! There's an old school Seventies burger diner across the street? It's got every original Seventies movie poster from nineteen sixty-nine to..."

"MASON!" Liam shouts, how the heck did he get up near the other side of the bleachers without him noticing?

"Shit!" Mason mutters.

"Yeah okay" He peers back at Brett's words. He's now twiddling his Lacrosse stick with a sweaty palm.

"Nice meeting you!" Before the hottie can san anything else, Mason's running through the bleachers and up to Liam who's looking at him the way his father does when he comes home with a B.

"God Mase, please...tell me you didn't ask him out..."

"No! Not really. It was a nervous request for a hang...a friendly hangout as friends. To be honest, man, I'm glad you called when you did, because I'm a million percent sure that he was gonna laugh in my face"

"Yeah I get that"

"Thanks!" He laughs.

"No, it's just the smell from's like on every girl on the bleachers. He cheats on every girl, Plus he's a total snobbish ass-hole. He's not good enough for you anyways!" Liam nods.

"Maybe you're not such a bad wingman after all!" Mason chuckles as they start walking back to their own school.