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For the record, I found late about this show (3 months ago), Season 5 was already over ... and I was therefore able to follow all 100 episodes in a short period of time.

On the one hand, it was nice because I didn't have the stress of waiting week after week to find out what happened next, I didn't have to wait month after month for the new seasons to be aired, with the fear that there won't be another one...

I had the chance to enjoy the fun non-stop… but paradoxically I lost something important. I lost the stress of waiting 😊 and therefore I did not share my point of view with the fan base that has been built over time to meet this expectation precisely.

So I came after the battle as we can say. And I immediately took the cold shower as soon as I started watching the show, knowing that there would be only 100 episodes, that despite all the expectations that I could have, despite the enthusiasm I could experience, I would never have more than these 100 episodes and no hope for one other season, since the big final had fled fired (and what final !).

So after swallowed up all the show at once, I had to find a way not to lose my pleasure, and I resumed my old habits (of it 17 years ago!), I came back in the universe of fans, in fanfictions or in fan - made clips and here I admit that I was not disappointed at all (Thanks to Daniela for her crazy montages with crazy music that stick so perfectly to the video sequences that she puts in scene) !

The community is not as important, in number, as what I would have thought at first glance compared to this show to which I really clung (and it had been a long time since this had happened to me ...) but this community makes up for her member's qualities, whatever their origins all over the world, and that's good.

I came back into the fictional universe of the fans and I wanted to make my contribution, very thin indeed ...

I was really inspired by what I've read so far, authors who have really print the essence of the characters in their stories. For that I thank them greatly, because, through my readings I felt something I had not experienced for a long time, longing and imagination... the urge to scribble stuff that went through my head, the imagination that made me see whole scenes in my head, even parasitizing my work at times… (that's less cool lol).

That's why I took my notebook (as at the time I isolated myself in transport in my bubble to scribble my crazy ideas) and I scratched a word here, an idea there, a scene seen very clearly in my head, something that had to see the light of day… and I ended up doing it.

I knew from the beginning that there was something I really wanted to see / read and this is what I decided to work right away, keeping so many ideas to side, would not fit into this plan but probably into another later or in parallel (do not put all your eggs in the same basket! you have to make the pleasure last).

From here, I wanted to thank all the authors of fanfics I've read here and there, these authors were able to touch something in me and giving me the envy to do so. I have so many ideas bubbling up in my head that if I do not try to write them down on 'paper' I can't get them out of my head…

Been honest here, I know there is a world between having ideas and having talent to translate them in writing… I just hope that I will manage to transcribe it all correctly… otherwise sorry to inflict this on you xD

Last word, I hope you will forgive me if you find any mistakes or typos ... I don't have a proofreader, and I often change on the fly while rereading something ... suddenly I may not realize whether there is redundancy or a grammatical error that has crept in. I'll try to be as careful as possible to keep the narrative clean. Also, English is not my native language… so again sorry for any translation errors you may find. I read a lot in English, almost everything I read is in English today… but writing is a lot more difficult for me.


The story takes place at the end of Episode 10 of Season 1, and will not follow the original storyline but will go in a different way, to maybe (or not) join the original timeline later.

What would have happened if Oscar hadn't showed the night Thomas CARTER kidnapped Jane ?


Chapter 1

David's murderer is dead, but the responsibility for the death of the young man weighs heavily on Jane's shoulders... How could it be otherwise when he lost his life following the clues left in her tattoos.

He should not have, obviously. He should never have seen those tattoos in the first place… he should never have played this game without knowing the rules…

But no one could have predicted that after being caught at fault by Mayfair, and forced to part ways with Patterson, he would have pursued his investigations all alone. No doubt, he was gifted, even as much as Patterson to solve puzzles, but he had no training to play spies and it has costed him his life.

The remorse torments Jane when Patterson joins her in the locker room, not knowing how to react in the face of the despair of the young woman.

But against all odds, she thanks her… for being there, for having found the killer, for having solved David's murder. Giving free rein to her distress in Jane's arms, she confides in her feelings, her regrets.

Listening to her friend cry in her arms, explain to her that she had pushed David away for fear of getting involved, and that now it is too late because he is no longer there, Jane realizes her own feelings and decides to assume them ... Taking her courage in both hands, she leaves to wait for Kurt at the foot of his building after having lost company to her bodyguards.

When he arrives in front of his house and sees her, alone, he is at first worried to find her there, then annoyed that she has escaped her guard, supposed to be here to protect her.

The woman reassures him quickly before she admits have just wanted to see him... 'alone'... Then she approaches and embraces him tenderly to kiss him.

After a few seconds of a shared kiss, she pulls away and lets slip that this is exactly what she wanted… 'a moment which is theirs alone'.

They kiss again, alone in the world... to be interrupted by Sawyer who comes to help his uncle with bringing shopping to the apartment ...

The couple quickly split up, a little embarrassed about the situation before coming to their senses and saying goodbye.

Jane moves away then, throwing a quick glance back, smiling while Kurt enters the building with his nephew.

On the way back to her safe house, Jane walks quietly, the memory of the kiss she just share with Kurt looping in her mind.

She does not realize, until too late, the threat posed by the two men who just popped out of the shade.

While the first assailant tries to stop her, the second one surprise her putting a cloth hood over her head. The young woman struggles as fiercely as possible, managing to get rid of one of the men, but the arrival of a third reinforcement destroys her chances of escaping. They end up subduing and locking her in the back of a van before storming off through the dark streets ...

Later, in an isolated basement, only illuminated by a projector, Jane, face always covered with the black fabric hood, been attached on the back to a kind of board, her arms and legs extended under her, wrists and ankles tied together.

- " Sorry that we have to meet again in such circumstances. " A disembodied voice reaches her somewhere nearby.

The fabric hood is then violently withdrawn from her face, for a moment dazzled by the luminous intensity of the projector behind her head, she tries to understand where she is and who are those who took her off.

The frightening sense of fear that has gripped her since these men tossed her in the van, grows more and more as her vision adjusts and her gaze stops on the face of the one who owns the voice... Thomas Carter, Deputy Director of the C.I.A!

Her brain is running at full speed. What is she doing here? Why did the C.I.A take her away? What do they want?

During the trip she tried to follow the movements of the van while continuing to struggle, hoping to find an opportunity to escape... but impossible to keep track of time with this hood on her face...

Stopping the van, her attackers overpowered her directly, did not give her the slightest opportunity to struggle, three against one they had a clear advantage over her.

She was fooled like a beginner… her instinct, her muscular memory, was not of much help while her brain was still all turned upside down from what she had just experienced… her first kiss! Not just fantasies, whose nights are populated for some time with a shadow that she can't identify, but with Kurt ... and now her stupidity led her right in the hands of this mad man, supposed to represent the law she works for every day but who nevertheless treated her like a criminal ... Why? Her first meeting with the deputy director of the CIA was certainly not the most cordial, but they are supposed to be on the same side! Really…

- " Good… A few precisions by way of introduction so that the situation is quite clear, " he begins, taking a chair to settle down right next to Jane. The gaze filled with fear and incomprehension of the woman does not leave him, " In a few hours you will be boarded a plane which will take you into a black hole known to me and to no one else... The comfort of your stay in this black hole will depend on how open-minded you show to me during our brief one - to - one. And if I were you… I would choose to tell the truth… Okay? Is that understood? Okay… first… Who are you? " he continues calmly. The situation would have been different one would have thought that they were discussing the rain and the good weather.

- " I know absolutely nothing. " Replied Jane as sincerely as possible. She doesn't understand what's going on, why this man kidnapped her, tied her up, why is he threatening her and interrogating her in this way, the FBI already knows all that, they already know that the ZIP has erased her memory, the lie detector has already confirmed everything!

- " Good as you like... " he said, getting up slowly to move towards the wall behind him to pick up something.

During this time, Jane tries again to be released from her bonds.

But the fear turns quickly into panic in the young woman when he turns around and she sees what he's holding in his hands...

She doesn't even have time to scream, helpless thus tied, that he throws a dirty cloth over her face and that he begins to pour the contents of a can of some liquid into her mouth and her nose, through the tissue.

Jane's head rolls from side to side, trying to escape the suffocation caused by the water seeping into her airways, the soaked fabric covering her face preventing her from breathing! He is waterboarding her!

The drowning sensation intensifies until when, an eternity later for her, the water stops flowing and the tissue is finally removed. She spits it out somehow the liquid that clutters her mouth and nose, and tries at all costs to catch her breath.

Without giving her time to come to her senses or to calm down her breathing, Carter resumes his questioning.

- " Who do you work for?" He continues.

- " The FBI!" She answers, her face dripping, trying to calm the spasms in her throat and her lungs.

- " Yet it could be so easy... " he resumes in a calm voice before putting the cloth saturated with moisture on her face and starting again to pour the water abundantly as a few minutes before.

- " It's horrible eh? This water which burns your sinuses and your lungs. You want to breathe but you can't catch your breath! " He provokes her when he sees her struggling to escape the ordeal for one more time.

After a few long seconds, he removes the cloth and watches her, satisfied, spit out all the water she can, her breathing wheezing more than the first time, her lungs struggling to expel the water that has rushed into it despite her being resistant.

- " By the way, these pretty tattoos, where do they come from eh? " He asks, still leaning over her to observe her reactions and to enjoy his power over her.

- " I don't know at all! " She can only answer… if only she knew! Why this torture when she has no memory, the truth, the whole truth, she can only say the truth that she knows… namely that she does not know…

The answer is obviously not the one expected by the CIA man ...

- " Except that here ... I'm sure you know. I repeat, who are you? " He continued, persuaded that she was lying to him.

- " I repeat! I do not know! " she growls in response.

- " Who sent you to the FBI? " he gets angry now at the resistance of the young woman.

- " I do not know!" she repeate again, looking him straight in the eyes, the anger almost palpable.

In retaliation, the wet cloth fell on her face a third time, before she even had time to take in a breath of oxygen. The water seeps once again in her sinuses, in her throat, in her lungs, depriving her of oxygen little by little and emptying her as a result of her vital energy.

The cloth is withdrawn suddenly and by reflex she tries again to evacuate all the liquid which has burned her inside.

A flashback takes on her while still trying to catch her breath not to lose consciousness.

She is seen herself wearing a military outfit, passing near two men talking, one of the men was Thomas Carter and he talks about the Orion program to the man he's facing.

- " Orion… " she whispers in a faint voice, returning to the present time.

- " What did you just say? " he asks her, taken aback by her words, thinking he has perhaps misunderstood.

- " Tell me ... what is Orion…? " She repeats, closing her eyes after a few seconds to catch her breath, and struggling against the nausea that threaten her from those water boarding sessions.

- " I forbid you to demand anything! " He replied threateningly, placing his torture tools behind him, to get hold of his new toy, a cordless drill. " Tell me what you know about Orion! " He insists as he activates the drill closer and closer to Jane, the latter trying unsuccessfully to pull away from the instrument of torture.

- " Yeah… it's going to hurt! " He continued, seeing the distress in the young woman's eyes, and hearing the moans slip between her lips…

Jane's mind goes all over the place, nothing is real anymore! It's a nightmare and she's going to wake up soon.

It is impossible that she finds herself in this situation completely surreal, it does not exist ... and yet ... a little voice in her head reminded her of Dodi... This man worked for the CIA ... Carter had been tortured him when he hadn't got what he wanted! All this, on American soil, thus flouting all the laws of this country ...

And now she's the one who finds herself in the same situation ... in an unknown basement, in the hands of a law enforcement official ready to torture her without qualms for information she doesn't even have...

The result can not be happy ... how could it be when her lungs are already on fire, as her throat, on simple matters for which she has no answers satisfying to give him... and that she has no answer to anything anyway!

She can't hold back the moans that escape her lips at the realization of what this man is willing to do to get the results he wants ...

She sees Carter approaching her with his new instrument of torture, she already anticipates the pain of what this little threaded rod will cause by perforating her skin, her muscles, her flesh… the shivers which run through her become uncontrollable!

Time is a very relative notion, so much can pass through the mind in such a short time ...

Save time, yes there it is, she must absolutely save time, but how ... she does not know anything and the mention of Orion triggered a wave of anger in her interlocutor. Maybe - maybe she can try to distract Carter a little, until help comes, the time that her team intervenes to save her! It hasn't been much more than an hour since she was kidnapped, but someone must have realized that she was missing. How long will it still go before her bodyguards worry? No… They obviously won't worry! She left them when they think she is safe at home ... how could they know that she is not where she is supposed to be ...

Kurt! Yes, Kurt will probably be worried first, they shared a kiss, she perceived his feelings, and they are like hers. Yes, Kurt will undoubtedly call her as soon as he has packed his groceries, the time to let her go home, he will undoubtedly want to discuss what they just did! It changes things, the relationship between them is going to be different, she wants them to be different and turn those dreams, fantasies, into reality with him! Yes there, Kurt is going to call her, that's for sure! He will see that she is not answering, and he will worry! Obviously! He will warn the team responsible for protecting her and they will find that she is not at home! But when ... In the meantime, save time, save time, the tune turns in a loop in her head at the same time as her determination increases.

- " I want to know what Orion is ... " she insists once again, stubbornly, despite her fear.

If she is to die, she wants to know why this name is important and how it concerns her. And the only way to save time is to do everything she can… she has nothing to lose, Carter has already decided her fate. "That's the only word Casey said before he died in the hospital… he recognized me…" she continues.

Carter, his drill still in hand, glares at her. Who does she think she is to insist on the question as if it was she who was leading the interrogation? But when he hears about Casey his blood swirls.

- "What the hell is this! Who is this Casey?" He gets upset, disturbed by these revelations. He lowers his instrument of torture a little more towards the face of the young woman, the threat more and more pressing.

- "A Navy Seal who had the same tattoo as me," she began, understanding that she has just touched a sensitive point in spite of herself. Relieved to find that he has not followed through on his threat yet, she relaxes a bit and under cover of getting away from danger, tries to pull on her links, now totally wet by the water which cascaded down his outstretched arms beneath her. "My tattoos led us to him in the hospital, after a failed heist. I asked him how he knew me and he could only whisper that word 'Orion' to me before he died but I don't know what it is…" she continues, hoping to raise a little more questions in her interlocutor and thus gain the precious minutes necessary to free herself or to allow her team to intervene.

What he has just heard changes a lot of things… How is it possible that this young woman knows Orion, or rather knew about Orion…

Jane, still staring at Carter, immediately notices the change in his posture. She sees him straighten up and can almost see the cogs of his brain spinning at full speed after the revelations she just made, even though she doesn't understand what she may have said that could have that effect on the man of the CIA.

While speaking, she manages to dislocate her left thumb, and slide her left hand out of the now slightly relaxed link. However, her other hand is still tied to her ankles, which makes it very difficult especially when trying not to let anything show. She still need to buy time… but Carter recovers faster than she would have liked.

His face turning more and more red with anger. He leans over Jane again and presses the drill hard against her right collarbone. The punishment for standing up to him.

- "Let 's get down to business ..." he hisses without giving her time to prepare.

Jane thought she had bought time but no she thought she took Carter's attention but no she just fueled more his anger... Her right hand is almost release, a few seconds to go her hand through the link ...

The pain pierces her so quickly and so sharply that her body rears up in shock, she has the feeling that the cry that escapes from her throat, takes with it all the energy that she had managed to recover afterwards the water boarding.

Eyes closed to fight against fainting, teeth clenched to stifle the complaints that still want to escape from her throat, she tries to stop the burn that is spreading gradually throughout her right side, to control her breathing.

Carter looks at her, the drill now embedded in the flesh of the young woman's shoulder. General speaking, he prefers to leave it to others to take care of this kind of chore, torture is no longer his age or his function, but for Jane he's making an exception to the rule. There are things that she knows that concerns him personally, he cannot afford for anyone else to get this information. And he wants those answers! Too many things are at stake, too many secrets that she seems to know, and he wants to know how and why! His years at the C.I.A have taught him what it takes to make the injuries he inflicts very painful but not fatal. It did not touch any organ, no bone, the wick penetrated just under the collarbone directly through the muscle, far enough from the subclavian artery, but causing severe pain and immobilizing the arm at the same time…

- " Now that we've understood each other, we're going to pick up where we left off before this little interlude. You are going to tell me who you are. I want to know what game you think you are playing!"

Jane is unable to speak, she struggles to control the pain that prevents her from thinking. Inhale, exhale ... teeth still clenched, she opens her eyes again to look at the man who is towering over her. Inhale, exhale… let the pain escape with the air she exhales, once again, again… slowly the red veil that obscures her vision, dissipates. While continuing to exercise to regain control of herself, she is testing her mobility.

She won't be able to buy time now, no one will come to help her… she has to resolve herself to make it out on her own. Her right shoulder is a giant pain, she can see the drill still buried in her flesh… her right arm, still pulled behind her back, is immobilized by her injured shoulder. However, she can now feel that her right hand is free from its bonds, as her body reared up in pain, her hand was released. Both hands are now free, but only his left arm is usable. Her legs are no longer tied behind her back, but still tied together at the ankles.

Seeing that Jane resists, or rather does not respond to his injunctions, Carter presses the drill a little harder, without turning it on this time, just maintaining additional pressure. This does not fail to snatch a new cry to the young woman.

- "I warned you… I know the pain is unbearable, even more so in your position, but I can tell you that it is nothing compared to the other points on which I will press until I get the answers I'm waiting for, " he said with a sadistic glint in his eyes.

She can't hold back the scream that passes her lips the instant Carter puts more pressure on the wound, she hasn't had time to prepare for it, still trying to control the first burst of pain. The stars now dancing in front of her eyes are not a good sign. It is imperative that she act quickly, or she won't be able to do nothing more.

Her plan is simple… and she only has one chance to make it, one slim chance. Now or never… Driven by an adrenaline rush…

- " Fuck… you…" she whispers then, very low, just loud enough for him to understand that she has spoken but not enough for him to understand what she is saying. As if out of breath ...

- "What?" he asks, leaning closer to listen, effectively dropping the drill he still held.

Jane prepares for the attack, a few more seconds, he's almost within range, another second, approach… again…

With a force and an energy that she cannot imagine, and neither does Carter, she utters a cry of rage and taking advantage of the surprise of her torturer hits him with all her might with her left fist, reaching him in the right temple. In shock, he backs away and wobbles.

In her tracks, the young woman stands up, her right arm inert, and grabs the drill, still planted in her right shoulder, pulls it with a sharp blow with her left hand, screaming again, not from pain, she's too far for that now, but from rage. Carter has no time to come to his senses as Jane rushes at him, her improvised weapon still in her hand.

Unfortunately, she finds herself pulled back violently by powerful hands before she can even reach her target.

The noise of wrestling had caught the attention of Carter's henchmen, who had remained behind, out of sight.

Still charged with adrenaline, she tries to strike her opponent, but with one arm, a size much smaller than her target, her movements not as precise as usual, the fight promises to be difficult.

With her back to Carter, her attention focused on the man in front of her to avoid his blows, she didn't see the danger coming.

A new pain, running through her whole body, paralyzes her in an instant. Unable to move, she has no opportunity to avoid the blow struck by her opponent, which hits her in the chin with violence. A black veil falls over her and she collapses on the ground like a rag doll.

On her back two small metal spikes protrude from her jacket, from which threads stretch to the electric pulse gun which is still in Carter's hand…

The Deputy Director of the CIA stands in front of the body of the young woman, now unconscious. A bruise begins to appear around his eye, where Jane's fist hit him. Incredible the power she has shown despite her state.

This woman is clearly not who she claims to be. It is impossible that a simple young woman with no history would be able to do what she has done, to resist the pain, and to loosen her bonds and fight after being tortured, even if she's SEAL as she has said earlier. Her physical abilities are very specific. Once again, he absolutely must know what is going on with her. Impossible for him to let this woman free, the risk for him is too great. But he realizes that if he wants answers, he will have to be patient ...

- "It's going to be more complicated than expected…" he said to the attention of his henchman. "Pick her up and tie her up tightly this time! No way she can come loose again!" he growls. It could have gone badly if she had managed to escape… "We're going to transfer her to a more suitable place, she's tougher than I thought. We're going to have to fix that," he continues. Eventually she'll tell me what I want to know, no matter how long it takes.

The henchman complies, he leans towards Jane and lifts her unceremoniously. He can confirm that she's down for the count for now.

He was surprised by the concussion that had erupted a few minutes earlier. Yet it was he who had tied the young woman, and he is sure that the links were solid, the position in which he had kept her was trying for the joints of the shoulders as well as the knees. Despite everything he had been impressed to see that she had managed to break free and that despite the treatment she had received at the hands of Carter, she had managed to get the better of him. He wouldn't make the mistake of underestimating her a second time. He had been told that the young woman was only a consultant for the FBI and that she had amnesia. He didn't measure the risk she really represents, obviously neither does Carter.

Following Carter, he joins his colleagues who stand guard at the entrance of the building. They cast curious looks when they saw him carry the young woman, they foolishly thought that once the dirty work accomplished, they would leave the corpse in this sordid basement.

- "Change of program" Carter announces to their attention " we are moving."

Without a word, the two men follow their colleague towards the van still parked in front of the building. Jane's body is thrown in the back and handcuffs are put on her wrists, themselves hanging from the interior pillars of the van.

Carter lets his men take care of Jane, they have received their instructions.

He must take care of a few important points before he can join them in the safe hideout where he can be quiet to root out the answers expected from Jane.

He has a lot of questions for her… which concern him directly of course, but so many others about all these tattoos, everything from where they seem to be pointing and above all he wants to understand the plan behind it all! He's not stupid, obviously there is a plan behind it, and it's up to national security to find out what it is.

Obviously, his actions are legitimate, it's his job to ensure national security, isn't it? He is the Deputy Director of the CIA, obviously he only does his job ... solve his own 'problems' in the process, cleaning will only be a consequence of a job well done ...

The smile on his face, as well as the evil glow in his eyes, when he got into his car would put a chill on anyone who saw him.


Sorry, I know that long leigh of this chapter was just a cover of the episode, but I wanted to be able to set up the story that will ensue from it, and to do this I had to take as closely as possible the existing one that was essential for the future.

In the next chapter, there will be the other side of the story. What happened to Kurt after Jane's kiss. This is really where I leave the original thread to go into what I might have loved to see.

Please let me know what you think. This is my first fic on Blindspot, hope not the only one but it'll depend on your liking or not.