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Chapitre 2

Kurt gently pushes Sawyer back to the apartment and join Sarah.

However, his gaze lingers for a few seconds on Jane who moves away quickly after their exchanged kiss.

Honestly, he didn't expect to find her outside his house tonight. After David's death and the Russian spy affair that had been brought to light, everyone had taken refuge in their solitude… They had all wanted to support Patterson but she was obviously not ready yet, preferring for her part, take refuge in work ...

When he left the office, Jane was still in the locker room, she told him that she needed to think about it… he knows that she feels responsible for the death of the young man and the fact of not being able to stop his murderer alive didn't make her feel better, on the contrary, she would have liked to bring that sense of justice that Patterson lacked.

That's why seeing her sitting in front of his apartment building an hour later had initially worried him. Maybe something had happened after he left, a new tattoo had been fixed? But in this case he would have been warned on his phone, Jane would not have come to his house like that.

It was only when he got very close to her that he realized that she did not have her bodyguards with her, she had escaped them and for what? See him… alone?

The kiss was as unexpected as it was welcome, he had almost dreamed of it but from then on to her taking the first step, like that… he wasn't prepared to face those feelings.

The softness of her lips on his, their first kiss, tender, languid, a little note of hope in Jane's eyes when she pulls away from him to admit that she just wanted this little moment for them ... He doesn't know what caused this change of attitude in the young woman, maybe the difficulty of the past day, but he can only smile at the thought of what it can portend for them, especially when she hugs him again to renew her kiss.

Obviously, Sarah had to send Sawyer to get him, no doubt she wondered why he was taking so long to come back ... The magical moment ended abruptly, but seeing Jane's reaction, he has the feeling that the story is not going to end there as indicated by the small smile she gives him before walking away on a "see you tomorrow".

After helping Kurt put away the groceries, Sarah went to give Sawyer a shower before the meal. Kurt finds himself alone in the living room and thinks back to Jane and the last look they gave each other a few minutes earlier.

Kurt hesitates a few seconds before taking his phone to call the young woman, he can simply pretend he want to make sure that she is back home, after all nothing more usual since she is under his responsibility at the FBI and that she was not accompanied by her bodyguards when she came to join him. Considering the time, there is little chance that she is already sleeping, the time to go home, she must surely be eating what she must have ordered when she arrived ... obviously the young woman has a very good muscle memory for everything related to combat, weapons, languages… but none for cooking… he thinks with a laugh.

The phone glued to his ear, he gives himself courage by walking around the apartment while waiting for her to pick up, mentally preparing for what he is going to say to her. It's not easy to know where to start, once he's got over the subject of her security. Maybe she will take the initiative like earlier ...

After three rings at the other end, he falls on the young woman's answering machine. Surprising… she is perhaps in the shower… or finally stopped on the way to take her meal directly.

- "Jane, it's me. I just wanted to know if you were back home" he begins his message "Call me back when you have this message please, I'm not going to sleep right away ... See you later "he ends by hanging up.

How awkward he is… "I'm not going to bed right away"… that seems strange even in his ears…

While waiting for Jane's call, he finishes cleaning the kitchen and settles down on the sofa to watch TV and pass the time. The minutes seem like hours to him ...

He checks his cell phone several times, checking that he hasn't missed a call, but nothing.

After Jane's attitude earlier, he finds it very surprising that she does not follow up on his call, since he left the message she must have seen her phone. Maybe she finally changed her mind about them? Maybe she regrets kissing him? Maybe she doesn't dare call him back too embarrassed by his reaction?

He then presses the recall button on his phone, fifteen minutes that's okay, it's not harassment!

Like earlier, after three rings, he again comes across Jane's answering machine.

- "Jane, call me please! I'm starting to get worried, it's 9.45 p.m. and I haven't heard from me! I just want to know if you're back home, we don't have to talk about what happened earlier. Just call me back… " he leaves for the young woman.

It's not Jane's habit not to answer her phone. Since joining the team, she has always been very involved in the missions they have been able to do. She wouldn't take the risk of not answering, even if it's Kurt calling her.

More worried than he probably should, he ended up calling Nico, one of the guards who follow Jane every day.

- "Nico, good evening, Weller on the phone. I'm trying to reach Jane but she doesn't answer. Can you ring her house please?" he asks as soon as the young man picks up

- "Good evening Agent Weller, the living room light is still on since we arrived, she hasn't been out since, she may have fallen asleep. Her nights seem pretty rough lately." Nico answers him

- "No, that's the problem Nico, she went out this evening without you noticing!" Kurt gets a little carried away, he will have to review security at this level.

- "Sir? It's not possible, we haven't left our position since we came home with her almost an hour ago. As usual, we accompanied her to her door and wished her a good evening. We saw her in her living room then we went to stand in the car like every night. Since then, the light is always on, I imagine that she must be watching television and that she may have - be dozing off. I'll go and see right now. " Explains the bodyguard, sure of himself.

Kurt holds back on the phone, he can't explain to Nico that he has proof that Jane slipped out of the house without them seeing her, and to find him ...

Over, Nico gets out of the car explaining to his colleague, Franck, that he is just going to do a routine check for the boss.

He climbs the stairs, his ears straining to listen to the sounds of the house. Nothing. The light is still there, as he assured Weller, but no noise filters through the door.

He rings then, hearing the ringing sound through the house, and waits for Jane to come and open the door for him. After a minute, still no movement or noise inside, he repeats his gesture, pressing the doorbell longer to make sure it is heard at the other end of the house, you never know... He waits another minute but nothing.

He returns worried to the car and asks Franck to come with him this time.

- "We have a problem. Jane doesn't answer the door or the phone. We have to go in to make sure nothing has happened to her, she might have been unwell." He said to his colleague, taking the spare keys from his hands.

They both go up the stairs in front of Jane's house.

As a precaution, Nico unlocks the door and opens it very slowly. He walks into the entrance, beckoning Franck to go to the right while he takes him to the left. They penetrate further, still silently.

The light in the living room is on, but nothing in the kitchen or in the bedroom. Jane's jacket isn't there either, no phone or even keys. Nothing.

After having gone around the house, the two men realize that the young woman is no longer where they left her earlier in the evening ...

How is this possible and why! She is certainly not a prisoner but she could have warned them that she was going to come out again! It's their job to make sure she's protected when she's not with her coworkers.

They check all the openings to understand how she could have go out without being seen and find the window of the laundry room closed but not really, a small very discreet wedge holds the mechanism of closing the window, allowing the possibility of opening it from the outside…

Ok they screwed up!

- "Sir, we have just made the tour of the house and no trace of Jane. Sorry we do not know what happened ... We absolutely did not leave our position, and we were vigilant as always sir. She's not there, but we found a window facing the back of the house which is not completely closed… She must have gone out that way, but we are not sure. There is no sign of a struggle inside the house and no sign that the window was forced open from the outside either. " Nico explains to a rather angry Kurt on the phone.

- "Stay in the house and call me as soon as she comes back! Immediately!" Kurt loses his temper before hanging up.

Angry certainly, but above all very worried. He knows she sneak out, since she was with him! But she should have been home a long time ago by now. Unless she went out for a drink ...? Alone ? No it's not her habit, but at the same time she doesn't have any friends apart from the team. Maybe she's with Zappata or Patterson? But in this case, she must have her phone with her! Why not pick up then? Or even call back?

He persists one last time on the young woman's phone, before rousing the whole office.

But like the two previous times, three rings followed by the answering machine message ...

- "Jane! Jane! Where are you? Your guards are at home, you're not here! It's not serious, if you went out with the girls at least take the trouble to answer me or call me back ! You can't afford to sneak out like that! Call me back as soon as you get this message! " he finished, the need to discuss the relationship with her gone, worry took precedence.

The evening is just beginning, it is quite a reasonable hour for a young woman, in principle nothing very suspicious, except that no one knows where Jane comes from, who sent her to Kurt, amnesiac and tattooed as she is! Her safety is at stake every day. Her escort is supposed to be there to watch her, a little bit anyway, and protect her but now they are useless since she has escape from them. But what got into her . 'I wanted a moment just for us'… Jane's words come to his mind, as does the look she gave him when she said them… yes actually it's his fault… it is for him that she did that.

With the phone still in hand, he quickly dials Patterson's number. Maybe Jane, feeling guilty for David, wanted to keep her company at the last moment!

The computer technician's phone rings twice before she answers.

- "Kurt?" surprised when she sees the name of her correspondent displayed on her phone.

- "Patterson, is Jane with you?" He asks her without giving her time to speak.

- "Jane? No, it seems to me she came home more than an hour ago. We parted in the locker room around 8:30 pm I think. She had joined her bodyguards and go straight in, she seemed a little thoughtful. I haven't heard from her since, why? What's going on? " She replies.

- "Jane is not at home. She ... well ... she came to my house when I came home from shopping ... she escapes her escort..." he begins before being interrupted.

- "Again!" his interlocutor lets escape in spite of herself

- "What do you mean 'Again'? It's not the first time she's done this? Did you know? You didn't tell me! You realize it's dangerous! I should have known? To be aware of this kind of thing! It is irresponsible of you to have hidden this from me and even more of her to have done it repeatedly! Do you think the bodyguards are there for decoration? " angry with the young woman

- "Hey! Calm down ok! I have nothing to do with it! Yes Jane has already done it and frankly who could blame her! No kidding! She is watched like a prisoner, she has no freedom! Her life boils down to coming to the office, accompanied by her bodyguards, working all day with the FBI and then going home alone, to an empty house, accompanied by her bodyguards! Can you imagine what it must be like for her to go through this? Every day? So yeah, sorry I knew about it. She told us about it with Tasha the other night after a few drinks and we both lectured her! Asked her not to start over ok? " giving him a hard time " But tonight she's not with me, Tasha is still at the office too so she's not with her either. " She continues.

- "Tasha is still at the office? Also? So you are still at the office Patterson? I told you to come home and have a rest!" He said "You are all going to drive " he finished in a breath.

- "I can't go home Kurt… not at the moment. I need the job to keep my head occupied…" she resumes.

- "Sorry Patterson, I understand but you have to take care of yourself…" he said "and now with Jane who is nowhere to be found…"

- "Wait, wait, you said she came to your house after sneaking out from her bodyguards? Was there a problem? Why did she come to your place?" she asks after the fact, coming back to Kurt's words.

- "Uh… actually… it's a bit complicated. When I got home, I found Jane sitting in front of my building… she was a bit agitated… and she, let's say… kissed me…" he continues, embarrassed.

- " She what ?" Patterson asks, taken aback.

- "Well she kissed me okay! After Sawyer arrived and Jane left. Since I have not heard from, I called several times on her cell phone and she does not answer" he finished.

- "Ok, she came up to you and kissed you, then she disappeared? But you kissed her too or you rejected her? Because frankly her reaction might be understandable if you rejected her eh! " Patterson continues.

- "Patterson! No! I didn't reject her at all! Well… I mean we exchanged two kisses and I participated okay! And when she left she was smiling and me too so no misunderstanding!" He answers defensively. "Still, I've tried unsuccessfully to reach her for an hour and have asked her bodyguards to go find her. But the house is empty! She didn't come home after we met. You understand why I wanted to know if she was with you now! I admit that I don't know what it took of her suddenly to come like that but it also allowed me to realize that our feelings were a little more than what I wanted to admit…" he continues

- "I know why she did that…" Patterson admits sadly "before leaving earlier, when I saw her in the locker room, I thanked her for David… and I lost it in front of her about my relationship with him… I told her that I regretted so much not having been able to take my chance with David when I loved him and that it was now too late " she finished tears in the voice.

- "Patterson…" he breathes, affected by the young woman's confession

- "It's my fault if she sneaks out to see you" she continues "and now only god knows where she is!"

- "Patterson, it's not your fault. If anyone's to blame it's me. I should have stopped her from coming in by herself, I should have brought her up and invited her to eat, or take her home instead of letting her go. " He replies "I'm going to contact Tasha to know if she has had any news and I will call Nico back in case she has been back since a while ago."

- "Wait, I'll go see with Tasha myself, she's at her desk. I'll call you back and we'll let you know" she continues before hanging up.

Kurt's concern is more and more tangible. The information Patterson has just given him is not to reassure him. If Jane is not with her or with Tasha, where can she be…?

He calls Nico back, hoping that Jane has finally returned and that perhaps her phone is out of order, or that it has no more battery, or even broken, lost ...

- "Nico, Weller again. Any news from Jane?" he asks immediately when the young man answers.

- "Sir, no news so far. We are still in the house as requested. We will keep you informed if the situation evolves Sir." Nico answers him.

- "Okay, thank you Nico. I will see with the team and I will also keep you informed if we find something on our side" he said before hanging up.

In the F.B.I premises, Patterson walks towards Tasha's office, there is no one upstairs for the late hour, but Mayfair's office is still lit.

- "Tasha!" she launches to the attention of her colleague.

- "Patterson? What are you still doing here?" She asks surprised to see the computer scientist still in the office under the circumstances ...

- "Long story ... complicated ... short ... that's not the subject! Have you seen Jane since we left this evening?"

- "Uh, no. I hadn't finished yet, I had things to sort out… Why? But I saw her leave earlier with her escort. We were supposed to meet somewhere? I forget it?" Tasha asks doubting.

- "No. It was not planned but obviously Jane is missing and Weller is worried. He thought she could be with us… it is not the case and nobody knows where she is!"

- "Just ask her bodyguards, she left with them earlier so she must be at home with them I imagine" continues Tasha not seeming to understand the problem.

- "The problem is that she still made her own again... for a good cause maybe but she sneak out on Nico and Franck after returning home ... they had no idea that she was not there… "Patterson answers.

- "If they didn't know that she was gone, how did they realize that she disappeared? Maybe she went out as usual to get some fresh air, the subway or just for a walk. It's not the first time you know that. " Tasha answers with a small wink for her colleague at the memory of Jane's confidences.

- "Bha let's say that it is not really them, it is Weller… It seems that Jane took very seriously something that I confessed to her earlier and decided to put this thing into practice… " she continues before explaining to Tasha everything that Weller told her until the moment when he called her.

- "Ha yeah! Damn! She has finally made up her mind! Youhou!" launches the young woman happily before changing her mind "ok not Youhou for the rest ... but maybe Weller's worried about too much, Jane is more than capable of taking care of herself, this woman is "Rambo" and "Rocky" merged into the feminine self seriously! I wouldn't like to be the thug who would rub shoulders with her. Maybe she decided to take her mind off her and we'll see her show up tomorrow at the office, fresh as a rose!" exclaims the young Latin.

- "Yeah you might be right but Weller won't let it go so easily. I'm going back to my office and then call him back to see if he has any news from her."

As she walks past Mayfair's office, she looks at Patterson, shaking her head… she should be at home and not at the office after her boyfriend died…

Patterson continues on her way as if nothing has happened, neither time nor inclination to feel sorry for herself. Searching for Jane is her priority and at the same time it also allows her not to think about her personal life.

Tasha quickly puts away the document that had occupied her mind since the beginning of the evening and which she had quickly concealed when she heard Patterson's voice calling her a few minutes before.

Tomorrow she would have time to hand it over to whom it may concern. Now she will mostly join her teammate at the lab to try to clear up this situation with Jane and Weller.

Back in her office, joined by Tasha, Patterson launches the call to Weller directly from her computer, this way the two young women will be able to listen and speak hands free.

- "Weller, do you have any news?" Patterson asks as soon as Kurt picks up his phone.

- "Patterson, no, she still hasn't come home. I left Nico and Franck in the house under surveillance. And you any news from Tasha?"

- "Weller, I'm with Patterson and I haven't seen Jane since she left the office either" Tasha answers directly.

- "I'm trying to locate her phone, she's not going to be happy…" Patterson announces.

- "Honestly I prefer that she is a little upset that we track her but have peace of mind when we have located her." Kurt answers her.

- "Ok, wait two minutes. Her phone is still ringing, that's a good thing. Ok that doesn't explain why suddenly she doesn't answer calls…" she continued.

- "Can you give me a precise location please?" he asks.

- "So obviously her phone is located 1200m from her house, on the way from your own house. Weird. In any case, it is not moving, she may be at someone's house? A neighbor with whom she would have sympathized? "

- "It's possible for the neighbor's blow, but I don't really believe it… She would have kissed me and would have ended the evening at someone else's?" He answers doubtfully.

- "Like I said, the signal doesn't move at all. You should find it easily."

- "I'm on my way. I'll call you back when I get there" he said before hanging up.

- "It's weird this story anyway…" said Patterson looking at Tasha "There's no real reason to worry, eh, but it's not really the habit of Jane to disappear like that without warning and especially not to not answer her phone. I'm going to do a little more than locate her phone… I feel that Jane might be angry with me for all this indiscretions… "

- "It will be time to explain it to her later, do what you have to do in the meantime. How long has it been since Weller has heard from her?" Asks Tasha.

- "I think it's been less than an hour, it's not much and that can be fully explained ..." rationalizes the young blonde "Now that I have the location of her phone I'll see if I can access surveillance cameras in it neighborhood… "

Meanwhile, Kurt retraces the path taken earlier by Jane, the neighborhood where the young woman's house is located is very quiet, residential. The streets are quiet at this time of the evening, little or no traffic.

Arrived at the address given by Patterson, he sees nothing unusual. The townhouses that line the sidewalk on which he walks are all plunged into darkness.

Obviously the population of this neighborhood is not the type to stay up late in the week. He looks around each house within a 20m perimeter around him, on either side of the road. Nothing. Nobody. No Jane on the horizon.

He calls Patterson back to make sure she gave him the right address, maybe Jane has moved since.

- "Patterson, I'm there, at the address you gave me, but there is absolutely no one in the street and the house lights are off. Are you sure of your location details?" he asks.

- "Yes, I am sure of my location and for me the phone is always in the same place. I do not understand why you do not see anyone… Wait, I am trying to connect to the neighborhood surveillance system. Yes I know I can't do that without permission but hey! It's an emergency, right? " she hastens to clarify.

- "Ok Patterson, no problem. I'll cover you on that and yes it's an emergency, we need to understand where Jane is, she's an FBI consultant and that legitimizes your action. It's okay. better that way ?" he replies.

- "Sorry chef but I'm not completely on my plate tonight ..." she breathes

- "Tasha, while Patterson does her research, can you call Jane's phone please. If she's around I should be able to hear her!"

- "No problem, wait. Here it sounds" answers the young woman.

Jane's phone ringing then rang through Patterson's speakers.

- "What?" Exclaim in unison Patterson and Tasha looking at each other.

Kurt hears the ringing as if the phone was in his pocket. He spins around and looks around until his eyes drop to the floor and he sees the light from Jane's phone screen filtering through below. He leans over very quickly and picks it up, Tasha's name appears on the screen… When she hangs up, Kurt can see the messages that appear '4 missed calls'…

- "Patterson! Hurry up with the cameras! I just found Jane's phone, it was on the floor right where I am. The screen is broken like someone threw it there!" he said looking on the ground for traces of what may have happened earlier.

- "In progress Weller, I'm browsing the videos of the camera that is closest to where you are. Lucky for us this neighborhood is very well equipped with high resolution camera, I should be able to get the information we want quickly. " she resumes, tapping harder on her computer "You told me that she was with you around 9pm we agree. We know that it takes about 20min to make the trip between your home and her home, so I'm going to start my research on this camera around 9:15 pm…" she continues " go… go… 9:10 pm and I move on… Here is Jane! " she exclaims seeing her friend appear on the video.

On the screen in front of her, Patterson sees her friend walking quietly on the sidewalk, the picture quality allows her to see the smile that appears on her face as the light from a lamppost passes through the foliage. trees lining the sidewalk.

While the two young women follow the scrolling of the video, Kurt for his part is stamped with impatience and concern. He didn't find any traces of blood near the phone but he feels, he knows something must have happened to Jane, she would never have thrown her phone in the street…

- " Oh my god !" exclaim the two women in one voice, seeing two shadows appear on the screen around Jane. They follow, amazed, the action unfolding before their eyes.

- "What? What's going on ?" Kurt alarms from a distance when he hears them.

- "It's Jane!" Patterson exclaims first "Two guys have fallen on her, she's struggling! One of the guys stuck something on her head! No! She almost made it but there is a third one who arrived " the two colleagues fulminate in heart " they are forcing her into a van! I can't see the faces of the men, it looks like they are wearing a mask or a balaclava. I can't see the plate wait! There is no plate! It's not true! " Patterson loses her temper.

From distance Kurt could only follow the distraught explanations of the young women, but the tension he feels at the idea that Jane could have been abducted like that in the middle of the street is amplified with each word that reaches him in the earphone. Just the evening when she does not have her escort?

- "Patterson! Tell me what's going on there? Where was the van parked? Can you track it? Which way did they go? Tell me something!" he lose his temper helplessly.

- "The vehicle was parked right in front of house n ° 73, you must be exactly where the assault took place, we can see the porch on the video, Jane's phone must have fallen during the fight when she was struggling. "

- "Kurt," Tasha begins "At first glance we can tell that they were expecting Jane, then there were enough of them to control her so they were prepared for her to resist them…" she continues "it was a premeditated and targeted assault but how could they have known that she would be there and at this precise moment and especially without her bodyguards? "

Tasha's words echo Kurt's exact thoughts.

- "That's also what I'm telling myself. Patterson, try to follow the van, we have to find it! Call the science team, I want everything to be combed through. I want to know who these guys are and why they kidnapped an FBI consultant! " he replies "Tasha I want you to contact Reade, we are going to need the whole team to find Jane. Time is running out, we don't know who or why and the more time passes the harder it will be to get back on track. Explain to him exactly what happened, we need to know how these guys, whoever they are, could have predicted where Jane would be tonight. I want the list of people who know except we from where she lives etc. Anyway, I want to know where the leak is coming from! " he ends. "Patterson, we'll have to analyze the videos before Jane arrives, I want to know when these guys arrived and where they were from. Put someone from your team on it ASAP, someone you trust! We have to be very careful… "he finished.

As soon as he hangs up he quickly dials Nico's number.

- "Nico, Weller on the phone. I want you to come and meet me right away with Franck. I'm about 1km from your position. Take the car, I will need someone to drive me. Jane has been kidnapped and I need you to secure the perimeter quickly "he said before letting his interlocutor answer.

- "Sir, we are coming immediately" answers Nico before hearing the sound of a dial tone indicating that Kurt had already hung up.

Franck watches his colleague turn pale as he listens to Agent Weller on the phone. It doesn't bode well when he hears his answer in a blank voice.

- "I think we're going to have problems…" breathes Nico "Agent Weller has just told me that Jane was kidnapped right next to here… we have to join him to secure the place while waiting the science team… "he said as he walked quickly to the entrance of the house. He makes sure the house is securely closed before getting behind the wheel. Weller told him that they had to find him about 1km away ...

In the F.B.I lab, Patterson manages camera research.

- "Ok ok," she breathes, restraining the anguish which grips her "There is no mark on the vehicle, no logos or special distinction. They have removed the license plates! Obviously! Ok so they went north, I should be able to have them on the cameras that are in the area "she continues, scrolling through the different views of the cameras in the neighborhood. She manages to spot the van on the 1st then the second, the lack of signage finally an asset to identify the vehicle among the others. She continues like that to follow the movements of the vehicle kilometer after kilometer. At times she manages to get images from the front of the vehicle on some cameras but unable to see the driver's face ...

Tasha walks away to call Reade, leaving the young computer scientist at her computers.

He takes a little time to answer but promises to come back to the office immediately after listening to what the young woman had to say to him.

In the street, Kurt sees Jane's surveillance vehicle arriving. He tells Nico to park on the other side of the street, in order to leave the location where the van which allowed Jane to be kidnapped was, free.

When the two men join him, he can see that they look very embarrassed, contrite. After all, their role was to keep Jane safe and they failed.

- "I need at least one of you to stay here while waiting for the team that will analyze the perimeter. Either the other will accompany me to the office, or I will borrow your vehicle and you will return with the scientists." He announces straight away. "We found Jane's phone here" he said, pointing to where he picked up the object. "Patterson said two men assaulted Jane here" he said, positioning himself at the spot indicated by the young woman from what she saw in the video "a third man helped them push Jane into a van parked here" he continues, coming to show the location on the road where the vehicle was positioned for aggression. "All of this visible in the videos which will be available and analyzed after the fact. I need you to give this guidance to the people who will come."

The two agents remained silent as Kurt spoke, following his directions to the letter in order to convey them as accurately as possible afterwards.

- "Sir, we do not understand what could have happened. We are however still vigilant ..." apologizes Nico, a nod from Franck to confirm his words.

- "We will discuss all this later. It is not entirely your fault. No one could have predicted what happened but now we must do everything to find her.

Did you get it all right?" he asks, trying to sound calmer. He mustn't show how much the situation affects him personally.

The two men nod their heads. Nico hands the car keys to Weller.

- "We will stay here both. We will return to the office when everything has been inspected sir."

Without waiting, Kurt gets behind the wheel of the surveillance vehicle and heads to the F.B.I office to find his team.

The journey goes very quickly despite the fact that this car model does not have a siren, he does not bother to respect the speed limits or even the lights when it is not necessary ... he would apologize later if we slap him on the fingers, there is an emergency.

In the premises of the FBI Patterson continues painfully to retrace the journey of the van, she has lost its track several times on the frequented axes, the process is tedious and slow but she has no choice, she knows that everything rests on her shoulders now to find her friend.

- "Could you please tell me what's going on here?" Mayfair asks in a commanding voice, walking into the young woman's lab and shaking her head wryly.

The voice surprises her, leaning furiously on her screens but she looks up quickly with a guilty look before recovering

- "Mayfair! We…" Patterson begins, not knowing how to explain the situation to their boss.

Tasha seeing that her colleague is quickly losing her means, decides to intervene to allow Patterson to continue her research.

- "It's a bit complicated" she said looking at Patterson quickly, giving her the signal to continue with her work, then returning her attention to Mayfair.

- "What's so complicated that the two of you are still here using FBI equipment at this hour when you should have been home a long time ago? There is no case in progress if I remember correctly. And most importantly, I would like to know why I just received an alert from the city services telling me that someone on the NYO premises is hacking into the surveillance system at this precise moment! " she lost her temper when she saw Patterson's scarlet face when her eyes rested on her again.

The young computer scientist lets go of her keyboard as if she had just burned herself and puts her hands behind her back, caught in the act. She berates herself internally for not having followed the usual channels to obtain the necessary authorizations before her intrusion but on the spin of the moment she just reacted without thinking.

Tasha comes to put herself in a defensive stance between the two other women.

- "Patterson had no choice" she begins before being interrupted by a noise of running followed by a powerful voice in the entrance of the laboratory.

The three women turn round to see Kurt arrive, breathless, pushing the door of the laboratory while continuing:

- "Patterson! Tell me you have something!" He blurted out before seeing their boss "Mayfair? What are you doing here?" he asks surprised to find her there.

- "It's up to me to ask you Agent Weller! You are finally going to tell me what's going on here!" she gets carried away, looking in turn at the agents in front of her.

By the time Kurt catches his breath and thinks about what to say, Reade in turn tumbles into the office.

- "Tasha" he begins before stopping in front of the spectacle which is offered to him.

Patterson in front of her computer, hands behind her back, Tasha at her side looking embarrassed, Kurt all flushed and visibly trying to calm down and Mayfair, straight as an I, her gaze moving from one to the other for stop on him.

- "Whao" he continues, raising his hands.

- "I want to know what's going on here!" Mayfair annoys for good.

Kurt runs a hand over his face, and looks at his team, motioning for Patterson to resume her research, again, then walks over to Mayfair to explain.

- "We have a delicate situation to manage, an emergency…" he begins "Jane was kidnapped this evening and -"

- "What !?" exclaims the deputy director of the F.B.I "How is it that Jane was kidnapped? And why was I not warned? Why these mysteries?" she gets angry.

- "Everything happened very quickly since we have the proof of what happened and I did not have time to go through the proper channels before launching the search, I judged that the exceptional situation justified going beyond measure and that I would settle the details later " he replies before starting the story from the beginning, knowingly omitting a few compromising details that could lead to questions that he did not wish to address with her for now.

Mayfair listens intently to the unfolding of events that led to the four of them meeting here with her.

- "Alright…" she said "and what do we know about the circumstances that allowed these men to kidnap Jane?" she asks before continuing "I imagine you considered an internal leak… and that is why you did not warn me?"

Kurt watches his team then walks back to Mayfair.

- "We did reflect on the situation and it is obvious that these men were more than ready for their intervention, they were in the right place, at the right time and acted very quickly. We were taken aback and indeed wanted to keep it as discreet as possible. I have no doubts about you Madam! But the situation demands that we act very quickly and I would have reported to you afterwards. " He replies.

- "Ok ... ok ... I understand, I do not appreciate that you did not keep me informed immediately given the seriousness of the situation but I understand your position. I am taking care of the legal channels, you continue your research I want to be kept informed as and when you find out anything.

I will do what is necessary so that an investigation is carried out in order to find the leak, discreetly it goes without saying "she continues calmly" We will find Jane I'm sure of it. "She finished before putting her hand down on Kurt's shoulder, and walk out of the room.

The tension quickly drops a notch once the Deputy Director leaves.

Kurt takes a deep breath before turning back to Patterson with a hint of hope in his eyes.

- "Patterson, tell me you have something…" he said

- "In fact, yes and no ..." she said a little embarrassed "I managed to follow the vehicle for several kilometers, to an abandoned industrial area. But the problem is that this place is no longer active and the whole surveillance system has been deactivated or dismantled or in short, there is no camera that I can follow. I could see the vehicle entering through the gate and so far I do not have seen them come out but I can't tell you exactly where they are. "

- "Okay, that's fine. Can you get me the map of that area please?" He asks before turning to Tasha and Reade to wave them over.

- "I'm sending all this to your phone Kurt, with the GPS coordinates."

All at once the three agents leave the office, only one goal in mind, to go get Jane!

Kurt gets behind the wheel while Tasha retrieves the information Patterson sent to find the van.

As before, speed limits and signals are ignored, but the flashing light and the sound of the siren in front of them opens the way for them.

Patterson was able to estimate the duration of Jane's trip to be around 30 minutes according to the time-codes of the various cameras used to track the vehicle, while respecting all the limitations inherent in normal traffic in the city. The F.B.I pass allows the team to reduce this time by at least half. Fifteen interminable minutes for the occupants of the vehicle, but which allows Reade and Tasha to study the plans of the abandoned area towards which they are heading.

Meanwhile, Patterson receives the report from the science team who were at the scene of the assault. Unfortunately, no trace could be exploited. No witness could be identified either given the time. The assault having taken place in a busy street during the day and having been very fast, the records are inconclusive. They were able to find tire tracks left when the van took off with a bang but again nothing of good use.

They have, through surveillance videos, the make and model of the vehicle as well as its color but without the license plates it is impossible to trace back to the owner.

Analysis of Jane's cell phone did not lead to any further leads. The device visibly fell from the young woman's jacket as she struggled to escape. No prints except that of Jane and Kurt when he picked it up. The broken screen is consistent with the fall it suffered. No incoming or outgoing communications other than Kurt and Tasha's attempts to reach Jane.

Nothing ...

Patterson quickly sends a message back to the scientist's team leader, Jasp by his nickname, asking him to do her a favor. She has known him for years and has full confidence in him. Might as well rely on the expertise of her scientific colleague to try to broaden the research perspectives and try to trace the kidnappers before their crime.

As for her, she must concentrate exclusively on finding Jane now and then hopes to have something to pursue their investigation with what they have found as a lead.

She sends all the information she just got to Mayfair, as requested. The latter instantly replies that she is sending reinforcements of confidence on the spot.

While waiting for her friends to arrive, she is still looking at the area where the van disappeared, hoping without really believing that one of the buildings, now disused, could still have an internal surveillance system.

The industrial zone itself has been disconnected from general surveillance, but it would not be completely impossible for some owners to maintain minimal vigilance, if only to avoid squats and other illegal occupations of buildings.

However, the operation turns out to be more complicated than expected ... accessing 'closed', 'private' circuits is not impossible when you know enough about it, but it takes much longer to identify the flows that pass through the sought area and then succeed in connecting to it. Except that time is precisely what is a problem at the moment.

Kurt, Tasha and Reade arrive at the entrance to the 'white' zone and so far have no lead on where to go.

They decided, after analyzing the plans, to follow a circuit through the buildings, hoping to cover a maximum of ground in a minimum of time.

The problem is that they are forced to walk the path without headlights and slowly so as not to be spotted by the kidnappers and that lengthens the search time they had managed to reduce on the road.

Communication with the laboratory has been maintained since their departure but silence reigns on both sides. In the laboratory, the young computer scientist remained attentive in case of need but continues to work. As for them, the team is engrossed in driving for Kurt, and plans for the others.

- "Patterson," begins Kurt " we are there. We have divided the area into a grid and we will have to inspect everything as we go… Do you have any feedback from Nico and Franck with the scientist?"

- "Yes, the team has returned but nothing can be learned from what they found. I asked Jasp - the leader of the scientific team - to take over from the neighborhood cameras to try to follow the kidnappers' trail before they arrive. Mayfair has sent a backup team to join you, they shouldn't be long. " She replies "Ha! Wait a minute I think I have something for you…" she said quickly after a few clicks.

The team continues its journey, advancing very discreetly aisle after aisle ... but at this rate, they have at least 1 hour long! Unfortunately, Kurt expected the results of the surveys… they need more than ever to find Jane, it will be time to find out who these men were when she is safe.

- "Yes! I have it!" cried the young woman suddenly, startling the other three agents who were very silent.

- "What? Patterson!" Kurt exclaims impatiently.

- "I found the van!" she continues, satisfied to have managed to find a working camera. In fact several cameras from several buildings, which allowed her to see the vehicle parked in front of a dark building. The lighting of the area, as its cameras is completely neglected, only a few structures have preserved enough to protect themselves a minimum against vandals. And for once, luck is on their side… "Ok, the vehicle is parked on aisle L56, you must be able to find the address on the map" she specifies "I see two figures in front of the door of the building but there is no light, impossible to see their faces. "

It didn't take much for Kurt to rush over to where Jane is sure to be.

Reade, puts his hand on his arm to make him understand that he needs to calm down, they can't show up on the spot without knowing what they're getting into.

Kurt breathes softly through clenched teeth.

- "Yeah ok you're right, sorry… I'm getting carried away. We have to go slowly, the best would be almost to go on foot by parking as close as possible so that they don't hear us…"

- "The risk is that if they escape we will not be able to pursue them chief, we just have to move carefully and we take them by surprise." Reade answers him.

- "Patterson what can you tell us?" Kurt asks, still making his way to the desired destination.

- "I have two figures outside, they seem to be waiting or watching. On the kidnapping camera we saw 3 men, so the third must probably be inside with Jane. Hoping that she is still with them… " she replies before resuming with a strong agitation in her voice " Damn! They're going out! Kurt hurry up! I see the third guy, looks like he's carrying something on his shoulder, there is another guy behind him but with the shadow I can't see his face either! " she panics from a distance.

Kurt rushes forward, no more time to procrastinate so don't give them time to run away again, not so close to the goal! Out of the question!

- "Ho my god, it's Jane!" Patterson cries "the guy who has just come out carries Jane on his shoulder, but she is unconscious… or… she must be unconscious eh, he joined the two others who were out and they're heading to the van! Quick, Hurry ! The fourth man is out of the camera view, I can't follow him! But you absolutely have to pull over the van, the guy just put Jane behind, I don't know what he's doing but they're going to leave ! "

They arrive, the van is finally in sight!

Kurt rushes forward, ready to get off before the SUV has even come to a complete stop, but before he has time to open his door, the windshield takes a volley of bullets.

Their arrival, just as the kidnappers were about to leave, did not go unnoticed.

- "Kurt !" Patterson yells through the phone. She observes the whole scene on camera, although the resolution is appalling she can see the flames escaping from the weapons pointed at her friends, as well as the impacts on the windshields of their vehicles. She sees Kurt, Tasha and Reade going down, protecting themselves as well as possible. In difficulty in the face of heavy fire from their opponents. " The guy is in the driving seat Kurt, he's going to start! Quick! "

While the two men who were on the lookout prevent his team from moving forward, the one carrying Jane took the opportunity to get behind the wheel and start as quickly as possible.

She sees him making signs to his accomplices but they do not move and continue to fire. "Careful, Jane is inside the vehicle," she says. It will complicate the situation for his friends, they cannot answer the shots without risking injuring their colleague. They continue to protect themselves behind their own vehicle, waiting for the precious seconds necessary to take control of the situation.

- "Now!" Kurt whispered to his two colleagues, gesturing to them, before coming out of his hiding place and firing on one of the attackers, hitting him full in the chest. During these few seconds, Tasha fires and hits the second attacker in the arm. The shots cease, the man hit by Kurt remains lying on the ground, the one hit by Tasha throws himself in the back of the van. The accomplice at the wheel sets off with a bang.

The three agents get back in their vehicle and Kurt starts after the van, only to be stopped dead after a few meters. The engine stopped.

- "NNOOOOO !" he yells, hitting the steering wheel with all his strength. He insists and starts the car again and again but it refuses to move. Nothing…

The bullets punctured the engine, pierced the hoses, the few remaining drops of fuel flow under the car. "NNNOOO !" he shouts again, before resting his forehead, completely shattered, on the steering wheel.

Their chance to save Jane vanished with the van's exhaust smoke disappearing into the night ...

Reade and Tasha don't know what to do anymore, they can't talk… what to say… they were there, so close, Jane was there a few meters from them and yet they couldn't do anything.

Patterson followed the action on his screen, the exchange of gunshots, the man falling to the ground, the other throwing himself in the van, the van driving away, and his friends' SUV chasing ahead to be stopped dead ... tears run down her cheeks as she realizes what just happened.


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