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Chapter 01

It was late December in the year After Colony 199. Four years have passed since the end of What is now known as the Eva wars between the Earth and the terrorist organization white fang. In the years following, with exception of the remnants of OZ and the White Fang, Theirs peace in the Earth's Sphere. However in the last year, to prevent a new conflict from beginning, the Preventers organization with approval of the government, started production of mobile suits.

Traveling through the darkness of space is a small shuttle.(Think the carrier Duo used in Episode 32) Sitting In the craft is a woman, who appears to be in her early 30s with brown hair, wearing a white spacesuit and a young man who looks like he's in his mid teens with shoulder length white hair tied in short ponytail and dark blue eyes, he's wearing a black and grey spacesuit (Think the kind the Gundam Pilots wore expect a little more plated on the legs.), the both of them are not wearing a helmet.

"Come on Chris, Christmas is tomorrow why did you agree to this mission?" The woman asked to the young man sitting next to her.

"Sally, your telling me that I should disobey a direct order from Director Une?" Chris asked with sarcasm completely avoiding the question.

"That's not what I meant damn it. You know we could have gone on this mission after the holiday?" Sally yelled at her partner. "Don't you have someone to spend the holiday with?"

Chris said nothing, he just got up and floated to the door to the holding area. when he got to the door and opened it, he turned to face Sally with a look that said. 'I don't wanna talk about it.' Before going through the doorway. Upon entering the shuttle's holding area, Chris couldn't help but stare at the machine that for now was his, the rebuild Wing Gundam while it wasn't designed for space combat, special boosters were equipped for this mission, before he opened the hatch over the green orb in the torso. As Chris got into the cockpit he put on his helmet that he left in the cockpit and started thinking about his current mission while performing the start up procedure.

(Flashback Three days ago )


Chris is just laying on his bed when the phone on the wall starts ringing. After muttering 'God damn it' cursing under his breath he answers.


"Report to the communication room immediately." Said the voice on the other end. 'Damn it. One more day then on my way to the earth.'

After a few minutes Chris gets to communication room.

"Preventer Ice reporting as ordered." Chris said to a com officer. Who replied. "The director will be on the line in a few seconds." A couple of minutes later, lady Une appeared on the main monitor.

"Hello Christopher, how are you doing today?" Lady Une asked.

"I'm fine and you?" Chris replied.

"I'm well and Mariemaia misses you."

"Tell her I say hello and what is the reason for this call Director?" Wanting to get to the point.

"Alright then down to business. A few days ago, a routine patrol detected the remains of a destroyed colony, somehow broke from its orbit and is now on a collision course with an inhibit one. Colony X-18999."

"Sounds like a mission to send a demolition team on?" Thinking about it. "Who destroyed this colony. OZ or the White Fang?"

Lady Une said nothing while bringing up an image on the screen of a mobile Suit.

"I'm sure you recognize this unit?"

"How all the Gundams were destroyed three years ago?"

"Unfortunately that's incorrect. Yes five Gundams were destroyed, this one was heavily damaged during the war, but repairs were possible."

"Why me and not its original pilot?"

"Why you, its simple, aside from the Gundam Pilots and preventer Wind you're the best pilot currently active." Une stated Chris square in the eyes. "The Gundams are being rebuilt as we speak and assigned accordingly."

"Sandrock, Deathscythe and Wing Zero in space." Chris said "I'm based on earth with Heavyarms and Alton. While Wind is the bodyguard for the vice foreign Minister."

"That's Correct. I know how much you hate Relena and her policies, but be polite if you see her."

"No promises. So basically it's my mission because the others Gundam aren't ready yet?

"Yes. Your machine will arrive by tomorrow morning." Une answered. "Do you accept?"

"You didn't answer my question? Who obliterated that colony?"

"Wing Zero. Now do you accept this Mission?" Une answered with force in her voice.

Chris stared her in the eye and said. "Mission accepted."

Flashback end

The Gundam arrived the next morning.

Chris was knocked from his thoughts by Sally on the line through a transmission on the monitor to his right. "Sorry, you were saying?"

"I was asking are you ready to deploy?" Sally asked

"Let's get this over with." Chris Said rolling his eyes.

"If your ready. See you in a bit." Sally said opening the hatch.

Chris said nothing as the hatch opened and allowing the lack of gravity to Quickly exit the shuttle."See you in a few minutes." he said cutting off the link. Once he was a good distance. Chris transformed his machine, hits the thrusters and headed for the target.

'Good luck Chris.' Sally said to herself while ignoring the bad feeling in the back of her mind.

With Chris

'All systems green, everything's stable.' Chris thought looking over the data.

When he got a good distance from the colony, Chris lowers speed, changed the machine back to MS mode and takes aim with his buster rifle. 'Okay about 70% should do the trick. 'He thought making the adjustments to his rifle and aimed.

Confident he made all the necessary adjustment, it was Wing's first mission after being repaired, there's usually bind to a problem or 2. Hopeful there's none. Clearing his mind Chris pulled the trigger. A yellowish beam tore through space in a fraction of a second and hit the colony dead on. The structure exploded in a flash of light. Causing the Gundam to shatter violently in the backlash.

Once his eyes were cleared, the first thing noticed were the damage reports flashing.

"Ah crap irregularities in the drive system, right arm immobile, all thrusters are offline and worst of all the boosters were destroyed."

Things got worst as the alarm went off indicating an enemy approaching. Zooming in the incoming unit was primary gray and white in color. Weaponry looked like a shield, a short barreled rifle and a beam saber in its backpack. But the strangest thing is the green light coming from its back. When it got closer and a visual of the face cleared, Chris's blood ran cold as the only thing he could say was.


Author NotesWas inspired by Fallen Angel written by Wilkin75

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