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So this is my first story I'm writing, and before I get started I want to point out this is a smutty story. Yes this is just gonna be a story based on smut, not so much as plot because I am not creative to make a good story. As far as how frequently I will update will be whenever I feel like writing a new chapter.

So just a couple things I should mention, I'm going to start the story in Naruto and hopefully all the way to Naruto Shippuden. However for the beginning Naruto characters are gonna be aged up to how they were in Naruto Shippuden just because fiction or not I don't wish to write about kids getting intimate with each other. So if you wonder how they should generally look in Naruto Pre Shippuden since they're aged up it'll look like how they were in Naruto Shippuden. If I do eventually get to Shippuden then they'll like how they were in the Naruto movie The Last. Mainly because Ino was fucking hot in that movie.

Lastly before we get started I'm gonna have Naruto get with most of the beautiful women in this story however if they're any that I seem to miss that you wish to see don't be afraid to let me know. Be aware this will only let me be aware of it, meaning just because you requested it doesn't necessarily mean that I'm going to add said character. If I'm not for that character I'm not going to add her, I want to write what I want and if I'm not for getting said character with Naruto please understand. I think I got everything I wanted to cover.

Again this is my first story, so don't expect anything great make sure to have your expectations low. Any advice or constructive criticism is great and well appreciated. I don't have anyone to proofread this so if there are grammatical mistakes please point it out so I can fix it in the future. And while I talk a big game of going all the way to Shippuden, please understand at any given time if I lose passion for this story I'm just gonna discontinue it. If that happens this would be up for adoption. Now let's get on with the story.

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Chapter 1 - Fortunate Curses

One terrible night the Kyuubi devastated the Hidden Leaf Village, however was put to a stop by the 4th Hokage. He however passed away on that fateful day after sealing the Kyuubi away in a child but he didn't have it in his heart to put an entity that's viewed as evil personified in his own child, his daughter Naruko. So before he put his plan into effect he used the Hiraishin no Jutsu in order to go to an orphanage. The Hokage quickly found a newborn child who looked astonishingly identical to Naruko, he knew what he was going to do would be frowned upon but he decided to continue his selfish act since he should at least be allowed this for how much he contributed to the village. Despite thinking that he couldn't help but feel guilty towards this child whose name he didn't even know. He went back to Kushina to explain what he was about to do, hoping the 3rd Hogake can hold the Kyuubi back for a few more minutes.

"Minato you're back!" Kushina weakly says since she's still feeling the after effects of giving birth. Not a second later does she realize her husband was holding another baby in his arms, one that was not their own seeing as she's holding onto Naruko. "Listen, we don't have too much time. I know you may not want to hear this but there's no way we're going to be able to kill the Kyuubi. So I'm going to have to use the Shiki Fujin to seal it away."

The red haired woman felt as if her heart just stopped, shocked at the words that escaped her husband's mouth. First a masked man appeared out of nowhere right after Naruko was born and killed the Anbu guards. Minato went to confront him before he could get too close for them both to just disappear out of thin air. The Hiraishin no Jutsu she assumes what happened thinking Minato would make quick work of the masked assailant. Only not only for him to take longer than she expected, now worried that this masked man might be giving Minato some trouble. But then comes back with another child that looks like their own and says he's going to use a sealing jutsu that requires to sacrifice his own life.

"Th-There's no need for that, I can just seal the Kyuubi back into me. There's no for you to lose your life for this!" Pleading to her love, not wanting him to give up his life. "Kushina you're nowhere near your full strength, you just gave birth. I know you don't want this but we don't have any choice." Failing to hold back her tears of the unfairness of the whole situation. She then decides to ask about the one thing that she's still unsure of. "Who's baby is that, and why did you bring him here." However as soon as she spoke those words she realized what his plan was. "I took this child from the orphanage, I plan on sealing the Kyuubi in this bo-" "You can't just grab some orphan and just turn them into a jinchuuriki!" Kushina trying to comprehend why he would resort to such a thing.

"We don't have a choice! We can't seal it on either one of us, I have to perform the seal and you're still recovering from your labor. Hiruzen won't be able to hold back the Kyuubi for much longer." Kushina couldn't deny his argument, she's not sure how quickly they can find a willing volunteer to become the next jinchuuriki. If she went she would probably be a burden to him since she wouldn't be able protect herself while Minato did the seal. A small baby on the other wouldn't be much of a hindrance to him since he could hold him with one arm. She understands the logic but still, "To put some random child in this position is just-" " It's the orphan or Naruko!" Minato didn't mean to shout at her but time was of the essence.

The red headed mother was silent, understanding the situation they were in. She didn't want her daughter to have the Kyuubi sealed in her. After tonight she knows the hatred some of the villagers may have towards the next jinchuuriki. She wouldn't let that happen to her daughter, to her little Naruko. She felt guilty not wanting to defend the orphaned boy whose fate was about to be decided for him by people who weren't even his family. So maybe in order to make things right for the boy she proposed, no stated "I'll adopt the boy, treat him as our own. After all if we're going to do this we owe him at least that much." Minato, surprised at what she said but didn't disagree knowing she was going to do right by the kid. Unfortunately it seems he himself wouldn't be able to repay what he was going to do, since tonight would be his last.

Looking at his wife holding onto his daughter, he smiled though saddened knowing this was going to be the last time he'll look at either of them. Walking up to them cupping his wife's cheek with his left arm since the right is currently holding the boy. He says "I love you" Kushina starts tearing up thinking that would be the last time he will be able to tell her that. "I love you too, I'm so happy to have been with you" He wipes the tear off her face before moving his hand towards his daughter. Naruko grabbing his finger was smiling and giggling, oblivious that this would be the last time she would see her father. "Naruko, be sure to be strong and kind hearted just like your mother. Always know that I love you." They were running short on time so he decided to keep it short. He then moves away with the boy in his hands, disappearing out of sight.

Later that night while Kushina was still in her bed holding onto Naruko, the 3rd Hokage came in with some Anbu by his side. She notices a baby boy in his arms, a seal on his stomach. Kushina cries as this is confirmation that Minato did what he said was going to do, meaning that he passed away. "Before Minato performed the seal, he told him he was going to seal in on this boy. But quickly said there was no time to explain and to bring the child to you after... he passed away".

After a few moments of silence of her coming to terms of what happened, she then proceeds to explain what her late husband decided to do and how she was going to adopt the boy. Hiruzen sighed in relief that Danzo wasn't here with them, if he heard this he would have no doubt try to take the kid for himself and tried to make him into some living weapon with no emotions, like most of his subordinates.

"Does the boy have a name?" the Hokage asked. Kushina realized that she didn't know what to call her adopted son. Looking at both Naruko and the boy, still amazed by how they look alike she smiles and says "His name is Naruto Uzumaki."

16 Years Later

Naruto Uzumaki was on his way home, today had been great seeing as he had just graduated from the Academy. Naruto wore an orange jacket with black outlines, and orange pants with bandaging wrapped around his right leg. He was currently walking to Ichiraku Ramen to celebrate with some of his friends Shikimaru, Choji, Kiba, and Shino. He would've liked for Sasuke to come along but ever since the Uchiha massacre he preferred to use his free time with his mother Mikoto. Those two were the only sole survivors of the Uchiha Massacre. It was only recently where he would open up to Naruto and be friends again but that was to only Naruto it seems. Anything involving more people than just Naruto he would not join in. Despite that however progress is progress, if the only way to get his friend back out of this lonely path he wants to take then he'll go as slow as it takes.

"So Naruto, your sister has been filling up nicely lately. Curves in all the right places if you know what I mean." Kiba says, elbowing Naruto's shoulders. He's a bit used to him talking about Naruko that way, he's not blind as to see how attractive his sister is. Naruko had the same blue eyes and yellow hair as him, still questions if he's actually adopted but believes it nonetheless since there's no reason for his mom or rather step-mom has any reason to lie about. But yes Naruto knows just how curvy Naruko is, they live together and numerous times when doing laundry he saw what her cup size was a nice D cup on her bra. His mom however was slightly larger as her bra indicated that she was a DD cup. Not that he actively checked mind you, it's just hard not to notice with the amount of times he did their laundry. Both his sister and mom are incredibly hot and with puberty hitting it's hard to not look at them that way. It especially doesn't help when Kiba keeps bringing it up. At first he only did it a few times but now he brings it up every day and it's getting a bit annoying now.

"Ya know Kiba, she already rejected you. You sound kinda clingy and creepy always mentioning her like that." Naruto sat down waiting for Ayame to take their order after she took the rest of the group since they went in first. "Naruko just hasn't realized the alpha male I am, even if she's the 4th Hokage's daughter she'll see how great I am, and when that happens she'll come crawling to me-" the feline boy didn't get to finish as his head just got smashed into the ground. "As if that'll ever happen!" Naruko had just come into the stand to see if Naruto was here, until she heard Kiba speaking utter nonsense again.

Naruko was a beautiful blonde girl with two pigtails reaching all the way to her waist. She had a bright yellow jacket with black outlines on it. Her breasts were very profound on anything she wore since they were as big as they were. Same thing went with her pants, trying to match with her brother "Jeez Naru-nii how you are friends with this guy". Naruto would have sympathy for his fallen friend but he dug his own grave on that one.

"He has some good traits, you just don't see them very often" laughing while rubbing the back of his head. "Hmph, yeah I doubt he actually has any." Ayame finally came to get their order but to find one of her customers knocked out on the floor. "So should I come back later for his order?" She says with a smile not really caring if he was okay or not. "He'll be up in a bit, but can I get 3 bowls of the usual" Noting down what he wanted on a paper she turns away to start making all the food. "All right, please wait for your food. And if he's not going to wake up and order soon please move him out the stall. Can't have him taking up space from potential customers. We're still trying to run a business." She says walking away with a smile.

Naruko places her arm around Naruto's shoulder and leans in to say "Mom's probably going to congratulate us for graduating and might make some special dinner. So make sure not to get too full." Naruto almost misses what she said, a bit distracted with feeling her chest lean into his arm. I know we're basically family but he's still a guy, she shouldn't be this touchy and close. "I know! That's why I only ordered 3 bowls." Backing away from her brother she says "Well I just wanted to come by and make sure. I'm going shopping with the girls, I'll see you at home." As she leaves the stalls and pushes the flaps out the way he sees she's with her usual group Ino, Sakura, and Hinata.

Naruto quickly joined her sister leaving the stall "Hey Sakura-chan, Ino-chan, Hinata-chan." He figured he should greet them real quick before going back to wait for his order. Before Naruto and his sister were three gorgeous looking girls. Sakura had pink hair that reached to her shoulders and wore a red vest that hugged her figure nicely. If one were to guess her cup size it may be around a C cup. She had a pinkish skirt with black shorts underneath that really emphasized her amazing tight bubble butt. There was no doubting that she was a thing of beauty. Ino had platinum blonde hair that's tied to a ponytail which reaches all the way down to her knees and wears a purple top that allowed her stomach to show. The breasts on her were the same size as his sister Naruko, a proud D cups. Also having a purple skirt with grey meshing shorts underneath with some grey meshing on her knees. Her outfit really flaunted the curves on her and she knew it. Hinata had dark blue hair which she lets flow down all the way down her back. She wears a loose fitted lavender jacket with cream colored sleeves, and navy blue pants. It's difficult to tell what the body type is with here choice of loose clothing. However Naruto overheard from her sister one night that she was hiding one hell of a body. That she was easily the bustiest one of the group, having a DD cups size.

"So I heard you were able to get Sasuke-kun talking again" Ino says hoping if there's some way she could help out and gain some affection points with Sasuke. "Yeah, but it's baby steps. It's hard for him to just get over what happened. Can't really blame him, that's not something anyone should have to go through." Sakura listens in but doesn't say anything. Things are sorta awkward between her and Naruto. Seeing how he confessed to her last week and she turned him down, admitted her feelings for Sasuke. Saying that she would still like to be friends. He agreed and left shortly after reassuring her that it's totally fine but still knowing that she still hurt him with that. Thankfully he didn't try to avoid her and acted like usual and wasn't petty towards Sasuke because of it. But it's hard to sort of face Naruto still after only a week.

"He-Hey N-Naruto-kun" Hinata whispers, hiding behind Naruko. Hinata has had a crush on Naruto since they were kids. When he showed up to save her from being picked on. Her finding out that there were some people in the village who looked down on Naruto, him being the jinchuuriki was common knowledge. That he wasn't actually Minato's and Kushina's son and was just some orphan that was sacrificed to be the 'Demon Container' as they like to call it. Always saying that the 4th Kushina only keeps him around was out of pity. Of course when Kushina or Naruko found out who said that to him they rightfully pummeled them and put them in their place. However they aren't with Naruto 24/7 and sometimes he doesn't even bother mentioning it to them since he doesn't want to be a bother. Yet despite that he continued to be a kind person who doesn't let others bring him down. And at what was at first was admiration for the blonde boy ending up becoming something more.

"Hi Hinata-chan! Looking great as always." He says with a smile. It's easy to tell that the Hyuuga girl is a bit shy and if you had known her for a while you could tell she has some self confidence issues. So Naruto would always say some compliments her way hoping it'll help her self esteem, even if it's only a bit. "T-Thank you, and y-you too" she whimpers with a deep red face and she hides her face away in the back of Naruko.

Naruko could only smirk knowing the crush the white eyed girl had for her brother. Always looking out for her after Naruto asked if she could befriend Hinata when they were younger since she always looked alone. She asked why Naruto didn't just do but explained that she was much more welcomed at the Hyuuga compound than he was since she was the real child of the 4th Hokage. She always hated that people put Naruto beneath her just because they didn't have the same parents.

Naruto could tell Sakura wanted to say something but just couldn't bring herself to do it. He knew he shouldn't have told her his feelings for her. He suspected her feelings towards Sasuke but didn't want to give up on his own feelings so he risked it anyways. But now seeing how she had trouble talking to him and he was the reason for it made him feel guilty. "Well just wanted to say hi before you guys left. I'm going back in with Shikimaro and them" no longer wanted to make things more awkward for Sakura.

"Make sure to let me know if there's anything I can do for Sasuke-kun!" Ino said while he was walking back inside. "Sure no problem" was the last thing he said before he was inside the stall talking with his group. "You know you have to talk to him eventually right?" the platinum blonde said to the pink haired girl. "I know I do! It's just everytime I think of saying something I get reminded of him confessing and me rejecting. And when I think of that the words just get stuck in my mouth refusing to come out."

When she had rejected him, she told the girls about it. She had to reassure Hinata that she wasn't the reason as to why she didn't accept Naruto's confession, knowing that Hinata had a crush on him. Naruko jokingly said she now has to console him when she gets home. Ino would be surprised that she rejected Naruto if it wasn't for the rivalry love for Sasuke. Naruto was a great guy in their eyes. Kind, strong, fun and great to be around. But you don't choose who you love, the heart does and for her and Sakura their hearts chose Sasuke. They both agreed who ever ends up with them wouldn't let that ruin the friendship they had with one another. All is fair in love. No hard feelings.

"You know you're lucky Naruto is meeting you halfway, there are lots of guys who don't take it too kindly when they get rejected. They would start to ghost you, avoiding you. And some would go as far as spreading rumors and straight up insulting you right in your face. Naruto is actually trying to talk to you and stay friends. Not many people do that." Sakura was contemplating on what Ino said knowing Naruto was putting the effort to be friends again. It's her that needs to muster up the courage and do it.

"From what he says when we're at home he feels guilty for confessing saying he's the reason your guy's friendship" Naruko finally decides to join in the conversation about her little brother. "It's not his fault!" Sakura quickly retorts since she doesn't blame him. Confessions have risks involved but one must do it to get their feelings across. She knows that and she can't blame him for doing that since she'll eventually confess to Sasuke one day. "Don't worry I've been letting him know you still want to be friends, that you just need some more time. But enough about my brother, let's go shopping. We just graduated!"

1 Hour Later

Naruto was now on his way home, happy with the meal he had with his friends. He had begun to wonder about the direction he would go on with his life however. He knew there was some resentment towards him for what was sealed in him. However for as far as he's concerned it didn't physically affect him whatsoever. He was hoping somehow for it to have its advantages to be a better ninja, but as long as there was no real drawback for being a jinchuuriki he wouldn't complain too much. For what most people don't is that he was thankful for it being sealed inside him, because the one thing being a Jinchuuriki gave him was a family. When he learned that he was an orphan and the reason he was with the 4th Hokage's family was out of pity, (some angry civilians who loved to send insults or anything to hurt Naruto, usually when he passes a busy district when walking home) he had asked his mom about it. She explained what really happened that night and felt conflicted (She went to find said prick and pummeled them to the ground for saying terrible things to him. Legends say they still scream in night, awaking in sheer horror from the nightmares Kushina gave them).

After some time knowing that the people who he called family weren't their biological ones, he chose to believe that in some regard they did keep him out of pity. But that was okay, he knew classmates who were in the orphanage who would wish they had a family, people to truly care for and cared back. Even if they aren't his blood they were definitely family in his eyes and loved them as such. They didn't have to bring him into their family but they did, and he would be eternally grateful for that. Kushina retired as a shinobi but Naruko wanted to follow her footsteps. So that's how he was going to repay them, by helping and serving them in any way possible. The life of a shinobi was not a safe one, he would risk and put his life on the line to protect her without letting them know his reasons. His family were great people and because of this he knows if they found out the reason for him becoming a shinobi was to repay a debt he believed he had to them, they would stop him. His graduation was one step closer to his goal, serving his family.

"Well if it isn't the demon brat himself, who would have thought for him to become a shinobi." Naruto looked over to see who was talking and saw that they were a group of people. One thing he noticed however was that they were all wearing headbands, they were all shinobi. Alcohol reeked the air, great drunk ninjas that don't like him. "Hey what's going on over here" Naruto recognized that voice, he turned to its direction and saw that it was one of that Academies Instructors, Mizuki. "Oh, Naruto good to see you here" Mizuki smiles thinking of this opportunity that was presented to him, Naruto not knowing exactly what was going to happen.

At the Uzumaki Residence

You could see an angry tick mark on the red headed mother, tapping her foot ferociously on the ground. This was Kushina who had crimson red hair flowing all the way down to her ankles and who wore a white high collared blouse that was sleeveless with a long loose-fitting teal dress over. This however did nothing to hide her hourglass figure. She was sitting on the dining room table, across from her was a very nervous Naruko. Very few times did they anger her mother, but when they did they vouch to do whatever they can to face her wrath again. "Where the hell is your brother!" finally losing her temper, as on the table was full on feast she prepared for her kids for Naruto to not be here. "Last I saw him, he was at Ichiraku Ramen with his friends. I told him to not eat too much since you were gonna prepare something for us."

After a few more minutes of waiting "That's it I'm going to find that brat, drag him to the goddamn table and shove all the food I made for him down his FUCKING THROAT!" Naruko could only hope she would calm down while she looked for him, she doubted it but one could help. "I'll go with you, no point in staying here alone" Angry shouting of Naruto's name could be heard all over the village as they looked for him in the village.

Some Time Later

"Shouldn't we go back home? Maybe we missed him on our way back and is waiting for us." Scouting for Naruto has not been going well, where would he be at? "Mom?" She sees Kushina looking into an alley with a petrified look on her face. Going to her and looking in the same direction she sees Naruto, limped against the wall.

All she could see is red all over his body, blood splattered and him in a pool of it. Clothes tattered, bruises and deep looking cuts spread all over his friends. "NARUTO!" They both yelled for the boy that looked dead. Kushina quickly picked up his body and with Naruko they headed straight for the hospital. Trying to be gentle and quickly as possible, worried for her son. However another thing was happening within the mind of said son.

"It's about time we meet boy." Here we can see a dark room flooded with water, a huge cage with a certain seal in the center of it. Inside the cage was a huge 9 tailed fox, who was gazing at a blonde boy who was floating above the water facing the ceiling. His body jerked upwards, as if waking from a nightmare. Confused as to where he was and taking in the area surrounding him. He sees a huge fox in front of him behind the ginormous cage, seeing the fox having 9 tails, understanding this is the Kyuubi.

"Where are we?" he asks nervously. He shouldn't try to anger the thing that has so much hatred harbor towards it, because it had the power to wreak havoc to the village. Definitely shouldn't try to piss it off, even if sealed. "We're in your mindscape, the only place we can interact with me being sealed here." Naruto takes in the information, a little shocked that the Kyuubi answered his question. He had expected the Kyuubi, well to be anything but calm. "Why am I here, how come I could never enter here and see you before."

A few seconds of silence occurred before the Kyuubi answered "Most likely you being in a state close to death made you enter here container" Never before was naruto injured like he was tonight so he accepted the answer at face value, however "My name isn't container" Naruto heard what was like a growl before hearing "Well my name isn't Kyuubi!" Now that shocked Naruto, he didn't know what it's name could be. The only things people called it was the Kyuubi or the 9 tailed fox, one of the 9 bijuus. Not being able to figure out what it's name could be he decided to do the only thing he could.

"My name is Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki, what's yours." The kyuubi hissed at hearing the name Uzumaki, though calmed down, knowing he wasn't actually an Uzumaki except in name only.

"Before I tell you my name, tell me. What do you intend to do with your life. I wish to know what my container will be doing for it's future years while I'm sealed inside him." Naruto sort of understands why he's asking, it's like knowing the future plans of the village you're in. "I wish to serve the Uzumaki family to the best of my ability, for the great debt of taking me in as one of their own."

"You wish to what! I can allow myself to be degraded to serving that Uzumaki again. The role of who serves should be reversed!" The kyuubi roared while Naruto bracing it's screech that was powerful enough to push him back a few feet. "That's ridiculous! I owe them, they provided my family and didn't leave me alone when they could have. I will pay back my debt to them." However after stating this, he could feel himself lose consciousness. How is that happening when he's just in his own mind? Nobody could answer that. But before that he could hear the Kyuubi say "My name is Kuruma, and I will not allow you to serve them. I'm giving you what some would call a gift." And before blacking out he could see Kurama with an evil grin, laughing maliciously.

2 Days Later

In the Konoha Hospital "We did all that we could, all his physical injuries have been healed. When he wakes up however is something only time could tell" A nurse said to Kushina who was glad that he was going to live. They said it was a miracle that he survived with all those injuries. Yet him not being able to regain consciousness after 2 days was worrying. "You are welcome to keep him here or you could take him home and care for him yourself." Weighing both options she chose to take him home, so that way her and Naruko won't have to go across the village to visit him. She should find Naruko to let her know so she doesn't waste a trip to the hospital for nothing. However with a little bit of great timing as soon Kushina left the hospital's front doors with Naruto on her back. Naruko was right there. "Is Naruto all better now?" Naruko said with a little hope in her eyes. "Only physically I'm afraid, they said they don't know when he'll wake up. But we can take him home since there's nothing else they could do." Naruko was sad that he still hasn't woken up yet, but at least he is able to be back home. "Well let's not just stand around let's bring Naru-nii back home."

The three quickly made it back home, "Naruko, put your brother on his bed. I'm going to whip us some dinner." Kushina handed Naruko her brother as she proceeded to go into the kitchen. "Alright mom, should I take off the hospital gown and put some of his clothes on?" Kushina comes out of the kitchen after putting an apron on. "If it's not too much trouble that would be great" With that said Naruko walked up stairs and made it to his room then laid him on his bed. 'Alright, take off his clothes and put some back on him. We used to take baths together all the time, nothing embarrassing about this.' Naruko told herself lifting the hospital gown off of him, leaving him only in his boxers.

Unknown to the two in the room, a certain something starts to emit from Naruto's body, pheromones. It's something one cannot see with the naked eye, however if someone were close enough. One may question 'What's that sweet smell?' Naruko couldn't really give a description of how this smelled like, all she knew were two things. It was sweet and oddly addicting. She then starts to look at her brother, appreciating the eye candy and wanting to have a taste 'My my Naruto has quite the body' She licked her lips as she mounted Naruto, one leg on each side, her hands started roaming his broad chest feeling up his muscles. 'To think Naruto was hiding such a treat from us' she starts grinding her hips on his crotch, feeling his member harden. 'Hmmm Naruto also feels quite endowed' She has a crazed smile on her face, her eyes having heart shaped pupils. Her face moving closer to her face, inching her lips closer to his.

"Haaah uugh" Naruko was snapped out of her trance as Naruto started groaning. She quickly got off him 'What was I just doing? He's my brother for god sake! Well, we're not related by blood so- No! That's not the point!" Her face was completely red, shaking her face furiously arguing with herself of what she was doing was acceptable or not. "Naruko, why are you in my room. Wait what happened? The last thing I remember was leaving Ichiraku Ramen and heading home" Naruko looked like a deer frozen in front of headlights. Her brother just asked something, she didn't really process what he just said. Only one thing concerned her right, as she lunged back to her brother wrapping her arms around him. Tears leaking out her eyes "You're awake!" she whimpered out as she held him as humanly tight as possible. Realizing something must've happened to him he returns the hug "I'm sorry for worrying you" It was then he realized he felt 2 very nice soft big things pressed into his chest, his very naked chest.

"Why am I only in my boxers" her face turned more red than the eyes of the Uchiha, and before she could try to explain she also heard "Did you say Naruto woke up?" She heard her coming up the stairs. "Uh quick put some clothes on please I'll explain later!" Naruto trying to grasp the situation, thinking that this isn't what Naruko desired and decided for right now that's all he needed to know. So without questioning things he quickly grabbed a black T-shirt and orange shorts and put them on. As soon as he finished the door opened, he saw his mom and quickly saw tears forming in her eyes. Without skipping a second just like his sister she lunged at him to give him a bear crushing hug. "You're awake, oh thank god you're okay." Tears were streaming down her face. Naruto realizes again how worried they were for him. He truly was blessed to be given such a loving and caring family, not knowing just how soon they truly were going to be even more loving and caring. Two massive soft orbs being pressed against him got him out of his train of thoughts. Gently grabbing her arms and escaping the hug "So what happened, I'm still a bit confused about what happened. She looks at her son, a little disappointed that he didn't know. Seeing as she wanted answers so she could know who she was going to murder for hurting Naruto as badly as they did.

"Naruko could you go prepare the table while I explained what happened to Naruto?" Naruko not wanting to hear how badly Naruto ended up when they found him was glad to not be here for this conversation. Also she still needs to clear up her head and really think about what she was doing to her brother before he woke up. "Sure mom, I'll see you both downstairs." As Naruko headed down stairs, Kushina started telling everything that happened to Naruto. After a few minutes and catching him up on the past 2 days. The two were sitting on his bed, facing each other and she put an arm on her shoulder. "Sorry to ask, but do you remember who did this to you?" Naruto tries to reflect on what happened that day, but for the life of him couldn't remember anything after leaving the ramen stand. "Sorry I can't remember anything" She just smiles, content that her son is back. "That's okay sweetie, we can just take things slow and hopefully you remember eventually." It was at this moment that Naruto started releasing pheromones again without the two in the room noticing. However right as that happened "Well I'm going to head downstairs, once you're ready come down." She then heads out for the room and closes the door behind her. As soon she headed downstairs she sniffed and questioned 'What smells so sweet?'

After a few minutes all three could be seen at the dining table, enjoying a nice meal while talking to each other. However unknown to Naruto, Naruko couldn't keep what happened earlier in her room out of her head. She knew it was wrong, but couldn't help but wanted more. They're not actually related, she keeps telling herself. Thinking of ways to get her brother to be more intimate with her. Her mother not faring too well herself, she couldn't stop looking at her son. He definitely grew up to be quite the looker seeing as she kept doing not motherly things to him. She never thought of him like this before, is it because she almost lost him she's started thinking this way? She was trying to find why she was thinking this but couldn't find out why. Naruko was the first to finish her food, getting up and putting her dishes in the sink "I'm going to take a bath first"

"All right sweetie, don't take too long" and with that Naruko left the two as she went towards the bathroom. Moments later the two finished their food, Kushina grabbed both their dishes "Here I'll wash the dishes" She headed towards the sink "Here I'll help you" Naruto quickly followed behind her. Smiling and accepting his help, though, was hoping to do it alone to clear the naughty thoughts she was having of Naruto. It was then she was realizing they were running out of dish soap. "Can you grab some more dish soap from the top cabinet" Naruto agreed and went for it as it was placed above the sink where Kushina was standing. He positioned himself behind her and went for the cabinet. As he reached it he realized two things, he was pressing his crotch into her amazing ass. She was wiggling her ass, kind of grinding into him and was quickly getting a hard on. Kushina on one hand didn't realize what she was doing until she felt his hardening member press into her. And she didn't want to stop. Pushing her ass harder into his crotch she turned her back around looking past her shoulder with half lidded eyes staring into Naruto's blue ones. She slowly says in a whisper "Are you done"

Naruto gulped, not knowing if she knew what she was doing. "Give me a sec, I'll get it right now" Deciding that the quickest way to end this situation, choosing to believe she was oblivious to what she was doing, he needed to get the soap before she noticed his boner pressing into her. Unaware that she was relishing the feeling of her son's cock pressing into her, biting her bottom lip. He reaches further into the cabinet while his cock going deeper. Kushina moaned now grinding her ass up and down his shaft. Not caring if he heard or how obvious what she was doing. She grinded on him faster and faster until she decided she was just going to turn around and capture his lips and ravish his body. But before he could "Here's the soap" Naruto with a deep red hue on his face gave his mom the soap. Her face was matching the color of her hair, panting. She reached for the bottle. "Thank you, I think I can do the rest of the dishes myself." Naruto could only nod in agreement as he headed for the living room and sat on the couch, reflecting on what had just occurred.

'How could I get a hard on? She's my god damn mother. It doesn't matter if she fucking hot or if it felt goo- Wait what am I thinking!' Naruto was at a battle with himself with the two conflicting thoughts in his head. Meanwhile Kushina was in the same boat 'How could I do that, I was dry humping him for God Sake. He must be mortified by me….. No, he liked it. I keep my body in shape, I'm not one to flaunt but I know I still got it in the looks department. His hard cock on me was proof enough. With time just maybe' Kushina started developing a plan in her head. After a few minutes Naruko comes down with just a white tank top that shows her flat and slightly toned stomach, also giving a nice view of her cleavage. Also wearing sky blue short shorts, "I'm done with my bath, I already filled the tub again for you mom" Kushina walks away from the kitchen taking her apron off. "Alright thank you sweetie, I'm going to bed once I get out so goodnight you two" Both the siblings saying goodnight to her, she then headed towards the bathroom to take a bath.

"So Naruto, I never got the chance to explain why you were only in your boxers" Naruto was confused only to remember what happened not too long ago in his room. "I guess we didn't have the chance since mom was here". Naruko walked towards the couch and sat right next to her brother. "I was basically removing the hospital gown you were wearing and was going to put some regular clothes on you. We were going to return the gown to the hospital after we washed it. But you woke up in the middle of that process. See nothing weird!" She explained it but near the end of the explanation her face started to grow red. However Naruto accepted her explanation, he would never doubt his family. "I see, well thank you for letting me know. Are you the one who carried me to my room?" Not choosing to let him know that their mom carried all the way from the hospital she simply said or rather stated "That's right, aren't I just the greatest sister in the world! If anything I believe a reward is in order. I demand a shoulder massage"

Naruto smiled, of course she sounded so proud asking for this. Just like her and wouldn't have it any other way, and not one to deny a request from his family he gave a little chuckle and said "Alright, I don't mind. You don't need to do something to get a 'reward massage' as you call it, just ask me whenever I don't mind." Naruto stands up from the couch and walks to the back, right behind where Naruko was sitting. She heard what he said, so he'll be okay for her to request this whenever. That was good to know. "Alright I'm gonna start, just relax alright." She just hummed in approval as she let her body relax. He started kneading her shoulders, she started letting out quite moans. Naruto looked down when she did, and the sight from above was definitely one to behold. He had a great view of her cleavage, glistening since she just came out from the bath. He could smell her shampoo and he hated how he couldn't stop seeing his sister as a woman. 'There's that amazing smell again' Naruko knew she couldn't get enough of this scent.

"Lower" Naruko didn't even register the words that escaped her mouth. Naruto himself couldn't believe what he heard. On one hand he couldn't stop Naruto Jr. from rising and was disgusted he was getting aroused from his sister. On the other he knew he loved the feeling of what happened with Kushina's amazing ass. And was regretting having thoughts of maybe copping a feel of his sisters tits. What was happening today? I'm having more sexual thoughts about my family today then I ever did these past 16 years! He was going to put his foot down, not going to let his boner think for him. He's gonna stop the massage and walk away. "Okay" he was ashamed of himself for accepting. His body couldn't reject his sister, as his hand went lower down his arms. 'Just don't reach for her chest, don't reach for her chest, don't reach for-'

Naruko grabbed one of Naruto's arms and placed it on her right breast. 'He couldn't believe Naruko did that, he also couldn't believe his hand started groping her chest immediately.' Naruto looked down at her face who was looking up at his, she was so beautiful not noticing the heart shaped pupils in her eyes. "Ah" she moaned as now both his hands were on her chest, kneading both the bountiful flesh in his hands. He didn't even notice his other hand go for her left breast. The two mounds of flesh were so addicting to touch, he couldn't move his hands away from them. He could feel her nipples harden, deciding to pinch and slightly tug pull them. "Hmnmn!" She was squirming under his touch, rubbing her thighs together. He could only continue to grope and look at her face. "Naru-nii" she whispered as she reached a hand toward his face to bring it closer and closer. Lips inching closer to each other until they finally touched.

Naruto immediately backed away from her, realizing what he was doing. Before anyone could say anything Naruto ran away heading upstairs into his room and closing his door. His heart pounding 1,000 miles per minute, he couldn't believe he was doing that. There were so many things wrong with what they were doing, but one thing that was the worst was that he enjoyed it and wanted more. He could hear Naruko coming up the stairs, worried of how he should confront her if she walked into his room. Only to his surprise she walked past his room and continued down the hallway until she reached her room and opened and closed the door. A sigh of relief escaped his lips, he had no idea if he would lose sense of himself if he looked at her tonight.

Deciding it best to call it night, he went towards the bathroom to brush his teeth and then go to bed. As he exited his room and went downstairs and headed for the bathroom, only to see the door slightly opened. Along with some strange noises coming from it. He walked to the door and peeked inside, not even thinking as if his body went on auto-pilot. Something his body liked to do as of lately. Here Naruto could see his mom in all her glory, in the tub with legs in the air. One arm grabbing her breast the other hand reaching between her legs. "Ahhhh" her feet now pointing towards the ceiling, toes curling in the air. Kushina noticed Naruto, 'Finally he came, let's give him a show' a smile adorning her face. Naruto's member starts to rise, but is distracted from what he's looking at to notice.

Kushina was tugging on her nipple, her hand that was between her legs going in a back and forth motion. "Oh Kami, what I would do for someone to give me a good fucking." She pulls one of her bountiful chest to her mouth and starts to suck on her nipple. "Hmmn" After a few seconds of this erotic display, she than stands up. However repositions herself as to bend over the tub, ass facing the door was. She was giving Naruto a crystal clear view of her pussy, she then started fingering herself for him to see. "Oh fuuuuck" she starts whimpering, looking between her legs watching Naruto enjoying her show without him knowing. After a few seconds she stops and stands up, still not turning towards the door.

"Agh, that was great. It's about time to go to bed." Naruto quickly realized he needed to go now or he'd get caught. Naruto quickly went into his room, he couldn't brush his teeth but that was the last thing on his mind. His cock was throbbing like never before, he knew there was no way he could sleep like this. He needed to relieve himself. He sat on his bed, dropped his shorts and pulled out his cock, standing a proud 8 inches. Quickly rubbing his member thinking of his mom bathing. He would've been disgusted of himself if it wasn't for his tremendous arousal. That could be why he didn't register the sound of someone walking towards his room, opening the door a tad to peek through. "Mom, god you're so fucking sexy" Naruto was having some naughty thoughts about his mother, not knowing his mother was right out his door kneeling down with a hand down between her legs.

This went on for about 5 minutes before Naruto came "Ughhh Mooooom" his seed shooting at his cock flying across the room. But Naruto heard something as he came, some shlicking sounds outside his door. He walked to his door, noticing it wasn't closed. He opened it and stepped outside. His mom was kneeling down only clad in red lingerie, groping her breast and playing with her pussy. Naruto couldn't help his cock twitching at the sight of him standing and her kneeling she was looking straight at his cock, some left over cum on it right in front of her. Before he could say anything she grabs his cock and starts licking the bottom of his shaft to the top, not missing an inch of the cum remaining on his cock. He started becoming erect again as she started his member into her mouth, bobbing her head back and forth on it. Naruto, not believing his eyes starts moaning, grabbing the side of here. Grabbing a fist of her hair he pulls her head deeper. She then takes his cock out her mouth, happy with how clean she gave it she gives the tip a kiss.

She then stands up, Naruto staring at her face mesmerized. Kushina didn't care about anything else but this. She gently puts a hand on Naruto's chest while the other holding his pulsing member. She looks into his eyes with a seductive smile on her face "Oh, we're gonna enjoy this'' As she pushed Naruto into his room with her and closing the door behind her.