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Chapter 3 - All in the Family

Naruto's Room 6 AM

"Ah, keep going Naruto just like that" the busty red haired Milf said as her breasts were pressed against the glass. Naruto took Kushina's invitation and joined her in the shower, though as one can see they were doing more than showering. "We've been here for more than half an hour, I thought we were supposed to be saving water" Don't get him wrong he was really enjoying pounding her, he's not sure why but despite going all night he still could keep going. "S-Shut up, and don't stop. Remember what they say, mother knows best."

She turned her head and brought her hand and reached the back of his head, bringing him closer until their lips were now pressed into each other. 'He's soooo good, I know there's people out there who would like to down on us for doing this but there's no way I'm giving this up" Naruto was having both his hands on her waist until he moved one to reach downwards and started to rub her clit.

"HMNG" Moaning into the kiss Kushina was squirming under his touch, feeling utter bliss as she had came again. 'I lost count how much he made me came' she happily thought. However her favorite thing was that even if she came, he didn't stop fucking her while she's even more senstive after having cumming. After a few minutes he removed his lips from her in order to say "Mom, I'm-", but before he could finish his sentence, he came inside her again. Kushina cooed of the filling of his cum filling her up again.

He pulled out of her but he's not sure if it's because of her panting body, his cum dripping from her pussy with her legs spread apart giving him an exotic look of her in this state. He was still hard, and it was something she didn't fail to notice. She turned her body around to face him and went down on her eyes. Licking her lips looking at the savoring treat in front of her, she wrapped her fingers around his cock and brought it into her mouth. "Mom, we should stop. I have to get ready and Naruko is going to be up soon" Despite him saying that, he had one of his hands grabbed onto the side of her head making her take in more.

If she heard what he said she showed no indication of it as she kept on bobbing her head back and forth. She continued for a few moments until she took it out. "There, I just wanted to clean it off for you" She got up and gave him a wink. "I'll head out first, you finish showering" And with that she got out of the shower, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her body. She left the bathroom with an obvious sway to her hip.

His cock couldn't help but twitch at the sight of it, he looked down at his still hard member 'Geez I did it all night with her, what do I got to do to make you go down?' He then continued on with his shower.

Kushina just got out of his room and headed downstairs with a very happy attitude. 'What's mom doing coming out of Naru-nii's room? In a towel no less?!' Naruko had just got out of her room as she saw Kushina skipping to the stairs. 'She has her own bathroom in her room, so there's no reason for her to be in there' Her curiosity was getting the better of her and before she knew it she was at the door to Naruto's room. She's just curious with what business her mom was doing in here, definitely nothing with wanting to be with Naruto. Absolutely nothing at all.

As soon as she opened the door, she immediately noticed the smell that was in the room.

The room was a mess, which was weird to her as Naruto always kept the room clean. However she noticed a lot of things in the room were drenched in sweat as well as another white substance she didn't recognize. Naruko was a smart girl, she wasn't oblivious of the act of sex. She was quickly to puzzle the pieces together before she came to a conclusion. 'T-There's no way… They wouldn't, right?' She couldn't help but think as she scooped up what she believed to be her brother's cum with one of her fingers and brought it to her face.

'If I'm right then that means this is Naru-nii's…' she blushed at the thought. She sniffed it 'It smells weird but not in a bad way' She didn't realize but this room was filled with pheromones and it was taking effect at a very fast pace. She brought her cum covered finger into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it to make sure she got it all. 'This taste. It's definitely something I can get used to.

She turned her head to the room to his bathroom, she could hear the shower running when she walked in. Standing up she made her way to the bathroom, she wasn't really thinking straight anymore about why her mom was in here. All she could think about was her brother.

'I should finish up and get ready or Naruko and I could be late' Naruto turned the knob making the shower stop. He slides the glass doors open and reaches for a towel, however he stops as he notices the sound of his bathroom door closing. He snaps his head to the direction of the door and notices Naruko. She was breathing heavily, he could see her breast move with each breath she took in her white tank top. The look in her face was filled with lust, hearts in her eyes with only her and Naruto in the bathroom, him being naked. While Naruto was frozen as if a deer caught in headlights, she was taking the opportunity to eye him up. She notices his member and as soon as she stared at it she wouldn't look away.

Naruto breaking out of his trance, "Naruko! What are you doing here!" He quickly reaches for the towel and wraps it around him in order to hide his member. "Why was mom here?" Naruto froze in his tracks when asked that. "Why was your room in such a state? It wasn't like that yesterday" Naruko didn't really care about that anymore, but she needed to do something so Naruto didn't try to get out of the situation they were in. Naruto wanted to say something but no words were coming out of his mouth.

Naruko walked closer while Naruto stepped back, this went on until he found his back pressed back to the glass door for the shower. Both their eyes not moving away from each other, Naruko was as close as she could be meaning her breasts were pressed against his chest. 'Just what in the world is going on? I need to get out of this situation, it's bad enough I'm already doing it with mom but Naruko as well?!' He needed to make sure to find a way out of his predicament, it was hard to think however with his smoking hot step-sister pressing her busty body against his. He was pretty sure that his cock had reached full mast and was pressing against her crotch and there was no way she didn't notice it.

However before he could do anything to put a stop to this Naruko simply took a step back and grabbed the towel wrapped around him and yanked it off. "N-Naruko!" Naruto tried to grab the towel back but she tossed it behind her before he could reach for it. Naruko put a hand to Naruto's chest and pushed him back against the glass door. "Stay there" Naruko ordered, the hand that was on his chest slowly traced downwards. Feeling up his toned body on the way when she finally reached her destination. Her slender fingers now wrapped around his cock, she squatted down so she was now eye head level with his hard member.

Not wasting another second she started to stroke him, Naruto looked down to his sister finding himself in a Dejavu scenario with a different family member. Trying to muster up the rest of his resolve on keeping his normal sibling relationship with Naruko "N-Naruko, we shouldn't be doing this" Naruko stopped stroking him and looked up at Naruto. Relief that she stopped thinking he could convince her out of this.

"Why not? You did it with mom" Naruto once again confronted with the question she proposed earlier. "That's a bit different, you see what happen-"

"Do you like her more than me? Am I not good enough for you?" Naruto hated that she asked that, liking Kushina more than Naruko? As if he thought that, these two were the most important people to him. He loved and cared for them both equally. "I care for both of you the same amount, you're my family." With a mischievous smile on her face "Well then it's not a problem if I also do this" She swiftly wraps her lips around his cock, and starts bobbing her head back and forth.

Naruto wanted to ask himself why this was happening again. The relationship he had with his family dramatically changed over the course of one day. Something definitely was affecting them to act this way. Unfortunately these thoughts would have to come at a later time as he put a hand on the side of her head while she was giving him a blowjob. He felt himself getting close, without warning he pulled her head deeper, pushing all of his cock into her mouth "Mgnh!" Naruko then tried to take as much as possible, however there was too much as she had pulled away from his dick which was still shooting his load now landing on her face and chest.

"Naruko, I'm so sorry I shouldn't have done that" He looked to see if she was okay, not sure why he treated her so roughly. However all Naruko did was swallow all the load that she was able to take. "Hmmm Naru-nii, that was delicious. I definitely wouldn't mind some more" She got up and saw that some leftover cum landed on her white tank top. "Ooops probably should have taken this off first before coming in here" She proceeded to remove her tank top and shorts, she didn't have any underwear on leaving her now equally naked as Naruto.

"Now we're going to do the same thing you did with mom, gotta make sure you're not playing any favorites" Naruko looked down, smiling at the sight of his cock still standing tall. There were many things Naruto wanted to say and do to try and keep this from continuing. However his next actions didn't result in any of those two. He's unsure if it was because he was now able to see her in all her glory that his lust took over. Or if it was her statement of him playing favorites that his 'Good Brother' moment took over and made it his priority to make his sister happy. He grabbed her hand and yanked her closer to him.

"Kya!" Despite her being the one doing these advances to him, she was surprised since throughout this entire time this was him finally taking the initiative. He cupped her face and brought her closer to his. She didn't have any qualms of him taking the lead as she closed her eyes and was in bliss as both their lips were brought together. 'Finally! Ever since our kiss yesterday I couldn't stop thinking about it.' She grabbed the back of his making him lean into the kiss even more. Naruto opened his lips, his tongue wanting to enter her mouth, understanding what he wanted to do she gladly opened her mouth and let her tongue meet his. As if both of their tongues were dancing with each other she moaned into the kiss. 'Yeah, I'm definitely going never going to let him go'

While in their heated make out session Naruto's hand began to wander her body, one went to her chest and began playing with her mesmerizing globes. He didn't say it but he also couldn't get the feeling of her chest from his 'shoulder massage' he gave her yesterday. He definitely missed the feeling of these soft flesh in his hands. His other hand went down and grabbed a handful of her shapely ass. Naruto cooed into the kiss while he touched her body. Naruko didn't want to stop kissing. However, as unfortunate as it is, humans still need to breathe.

She pulled away her lips from his, a trail of saliva formed between both of them. The two panting, Naruto brought his hands to her hips and brought her closer to him. His cock now between her thighs, rubbing against her womanhood. She squirmed against the feeling, not being able to help it she started grinding against his member. Thinking of how good it'll feel if she had this inside her.

"Naru-nii, I want it. I don't want to wait anymore" Naruto looked at her, realizing what she was asking for. "Okay, let's do this" .With this Naruto started to line up his cock to her entrance. "Wait, be gentle, please. It's my first time" Naruto's eyes widened at this, he didn't even think about this at all. He didn't have to worry with Kushina since her being the mother of Naruko she had her fair share of experience when it came to sex. It flew over his head that this could be Naruko's first time, knowing he should make sure this is something he should take lightly. Grabbing her by the hips he lifts her up. "Eep!" Not expecting him to do what he did, she wraps her legs around him as if scared of falling. "Let's go to the bed" Naruto felt a little guilty of choosing having Naruko's first time on the bed that was still a mess and had left over 'evidence' from his night of steamy sex with her mom. But he decided it would still be better than it being in the bathroom.

Naruto dropped Naruko onto the bed, laying her on her back against the bed. He then began to eye up her body. Naruko had her blonde hair down, not in the usual twin tails. Her face was flushed, her blue eyes staring into his own. Her face was one filled with lust and desire. Her breast heaving up and down with each breath she took. Mother like daughter, her breasts were enormous and nothing less than amazing. The pink nipples on her chest were hard, looking as if it were asking to be played with. Her thighs were heavenly, he knew if he had the time he could spend all day on them. Her long legs that he knew many people in the village checked out, however unlike them they were now for his personal use.

Now the main thing he was focusing on was her pussy, glistening from her arousal. He placed both his arms between her thighs and spread her legs, giving him a better view of her pussy. He didn't make any other movement for a minute, just admiring her. "It's embarrassing if you're just staring" She looked to the side with her face as red as her mother's hair. "There's no need to be. You're so beautiful" And with that he plunged his head forward and tongue in her pussy.

"Mngh!" Naruko arching her body at the all new sensation she was feeling. She was throwing her head back, hands were clenched against the bed sheets. "N-Naru-nii!" Wrapping her legs around his head to make him go deeper, her now being lost in pleasure. Naruto kept eating her out as if he had just discovered his favorite meal of his life. "Don't stop! Keep going, it feels so goooood!" Naruto, aiming to please, kept going on with his actions, listening to her moans trying to find her sweet spots. Based on the reactions he was getting from him he did a good job of finding where they were.

He could feel her inner walls tightening, her squirming even more indicating she was close. "N-Naru-nii!" She had tightened her legs around him even closer as she came on his face, all the while he was acting like he was a man dying from thirst drinking all she had to offer. Naruko never felt like this in her life, all of this pleasure was all new to her. Addicting even. Naruko's strength left her legs, letting Naruto move up. He's pretty sure he found a new hobby. The look of a woman beneath him in a panting mess, with a look of pleasure written all over her face and a desire for more. It made him feel proud that he was able to do this. However right now this wasn't about him, it was about Naruko.

"I'm gonna put it in now, I promise I'll be as gentle as I can" He hovered his body over hers, placing a hand on her cheek to make her face him. Leaning down and placing a kiss on her lips, this kiss wasn't as heated as their earlier makeout session but much more innocent. Pulling away from the kiss Naruko felt excited, nervous, and happy all at once. "I trust you Naru-nii" is all she said. With that Naruto lined up his member to her entrance. "Let me know if it hurts too much and I'll stop until you're ready to keep going" nodding to what he said Naruto continued pushing forward.

"Agh!" Naruko knew that the first time hurt, sure she was good with dealing with pain because of all the training she's done in order to become a kunoichi, but this wasn't the type of pain she was used to. He was about half way in before he became worried with the pained expression Naruko had. "Are you okay?!" Stopping in case she needed a minute, Naruko looked at him with a reassuring smile, tears in her eyes. "I'm fine, please just keep going" Naruto gave her a quick kiss to the lips but didn't pull from the kiss as she wrapped her arms around him not letting go.

Getting that she wants to stay kissing he continues pushing in.

Her hands roamed at his back, as he was almost all the way in. Naruko was holding onto him tightly, slightly leaving scratch marks on his back. Naruto finally went all the way in, he pulled back from the kiss, seeing tears trail down on her face. Worry started to consume and Naruko noticed. She reaches a hand to his face, gently stroking his cheek "It's fine, it hurts but I'm also really happy. Just give me a second to get used to it" She brought him closer to kiss him again. The two getting lost in the kiss again started another heated make out session. While she would love nothing more than to keep making out with him, there was something she wanted more.

She pulled away from him, a bridge of saliva forming between the two. Catching her breath again before she gave him the okay. "You can start moving now" Smiling at him as if giving him another confirmation. "I'll go slow, let me know if you want me to go faster" She nodded and with that Naruto started his soft thrusting. The two just stared at each other as he kept going in and out of her. Hearts in her eyes as she looked at the person responsible for the great pleasure she was feeling. "Faster, you can go faster now"

With her permission he started to pick up the pace, hearing her moan right in front of him let him know that he wasn't hurting her. He continued to increase the pace and to his surprise she started to move her hips as well. "Come on Naru-nii, go faster. Harder. Hurry up and fuck me already" No longer did she have a face that showed pain, now all the was left was a lustful expression. With Naruto not being worried about hurting her anymore he ramped up his thrusting.

"Yes! Yes! YES!" Naruko locked her legs around him, she wanted to do this everyday with him if possible. Naruto grabbed her left breast with one of his hands since they were bouncing up and down as he was pounding her, as if tempting him to play with them. His other hand went towards her own, interlocking their fingers to hold onto each other. "Naruko, you're so beautiful" Despite being fucked by her brother, she still couldn't help but blush under his comment. If she was going to reply she lost the chance as he captured her lips with his own.

Both were moaning into the kiss, tongues twirling with one another, Naruto playing with her nipple and loving the reactions she had to his touch. However a sound of disappointment escaped from her as he pulled out. Pulling away from the kiss, "Why did you stop?" She asked with a flush face and half lidded eyes. Naruto gave her a reassuring smile "I just wanted to try a different position" With the hand still interlocked with hers he pulled her up so she was now sitting up. He laid down on his back on the bed "I was on top for a while but why don't you try. It's your first time but that doesn't mean we shouldn't experiment and find out what positions you like more"

Naruko wasn't exactly sure if she was listening in on what he was saying or not. But one thing she did know was that they were fucking, and didn't want to stop. In a haste she straddled his waist "Naru-nii, we can figure all that stuff later" She leaned forward until she was fully on top of him. Her breast pressed against his chiseled chest, her face inches away from his. They could feel each other's breath on one another. "Right now I just want you cock back inside until we're down" She lifted her hips, one of her hands reached behind her, finding his hardened member and grasping it. She lined it up to her entrance putting the tip inside. "Do I make myself clear"

Naruto gulped when she said this, for this being her first time she really is assertive of what she wants. He couldn't help but chuckle in his head at the thought of that. He just gave her a simple nod to show that he understood. Naruko smiled, and lowered her hips so that he was inside her once more. She moved her head down to reclaim Naruto's lips, she realized quickly she was addicted to his lips. Naruto moved both of his hands to her waist and was thrusting in sync to her hips.

Naruto would move his hands to her ass and grab a handful of her soft flesh. Naruko would pull away from the kiss so she was sitting up, basically in a cowgirl position. Bouncing up and down his cock, her breast breast would bounce everytime she did. However Naruko would go back down wanting to kiss Naruto again. Naruto grabbed her shoulders and rolled her around so now he was on top of her. Naruko didn't complain so he figured she was okay with it. Naruto kept pounding her since as she lovingly put it, she didn't want to stop until they were finished.

Naruko had her hands behind Naruto's head, pulling him into the kiss. Naruto would only pull away to get a breath of air, however even when he would pull back for air she would quickly pull him back in or chase his lips, not wanting to be separated for even a second it seems. Naruko was in bliss, this was perhaps the reason why she could feel something coming. Reluctantly she pulled away from the kiss. "Naru-nii, I could feel something" Naruto understanding what she meant, picked up the pace. "Me too, I'm close as well"

He could feel her walls tightened around his cock as he kept pistoning in and out of her. She wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug as she screamed "N-Naru-nii!" She wrapped her legs around him again as she had her first orgasm from sex. Naruto wasn't finished though and kept pushing his cock in and out of her. He wanted to cum but he couldn't inside of her, his mom was the exception as she had her tubes tied but he knew that wasn't the case for Naruko.

Naruko was, well she couldn't really describe how she felt. One thing she did know was after cumming she was super sensitive and her brother still fucking her was making her feel something that was out of this world. Her eyes were rolling up as her mouth had an O shaped, she wanted to say stop but also keep going. Her brain not being able to comprehend what to do decided to just let it play out. Naruto however noticed that her legs lost her strength and was no longer locking him in. He felt him about to cum so he pulled out and shot his load onto her.

With Naruto no longer in her she was slowly gaining her senses. She looked down onto her body, cum was on her breast and stomach. She didn't even realize she reached out but her hand scooped up some of the cum on her breast with her finger and brought it to her face. She brought it into her mouth, sucking on her finger. Naruto was looking at her as she did this, is cock still rock hard twitched. How his dick is still standing tall and proud after his entire night fucking session with his mom and now his sister is a mystery he wonders he'll ever figure out.

Naruko finished sucking on her finger and brought it out before giving it a few more looks, all the while looking at Naruto while she did it. She was staring at his eyes as she did, then lowered them until her gaze was locked onto his slight cum covered cock. Licking her lips she crawled towards her next treat. Naruto was able to tell what she was looking at, he knew what she was crawling to. He smiled as she finally came to him, looking down she saw her grip cock and wrapped her beautiful lips around it. Bobbing her head back and forth, licking the cock inside her mouth. Savoring the taste of him. He grabbed the side of her head pulling her deeper, her getting the hint she took more of him.

She plopped his cock out of her mouth, looking at it before smiling. "There, all clean" Naruto couldn't help but remember about a certain moment last night. "Now I feel better, I was a little jealous when I saw mom leave your room so happy. She was practically skipping away! And when I saw your room and connected the dots it's not fair only she got some, you know. So when you didn't want to do it with me but you were okay with her I was a little mad and sad. But now I'm fine! Don't think this was a one time thing either" Naruko pointed at him with a toothy grin.

Naruto couldn't help but think once again like mother like daughter. "Okay" Was all Naruto could simply say, he couldn't exactly say no after he was going to continue what he was doing with their mom. Naruko would feel sad if he said no to her but yes to Kushina. He was going to make these two happy, if this is the relationship they wanted that what they'll get.

"Oh shit! We have to get ready for the Academy, they're going to announce our teams in 15 minutes!" Naruko said with a panicked face, she ran out of the room before coming back inside. "I forgot my clothes hehe" Scratching the back of her head as she said that. She went into his bathroom and grabbed her clothes. Naruto was just sitting on his bed, admiring the view she was giving as she bent over to get her clothes.

"You know you just fucked me right? I know I kind of pushed myself onto you but how are you still having pervy thoughts after having your way with mom and me" She got up with a blank look on her face as she stared back at him. She started walking to him "Well umm you see it's just a thing that's hard for a guy to notice. Since we just had sex I thought it was okay-"

"Hahaha you don't have to make any excuse Naru-nii. You can stare at me all you like" She got really close again. She got onto his lap and started rubbing her crotch on him again. "My body is ready whenever you want it. Just ask and it's your" Before Naruto could respond that it's the other way around she wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him into a deep passionate kiss. She unfortunately pulled away from him and got off to walk out his room. "Now hurry up or we won't have time for breakfast" She winked at him before walking out his room. Naruto just smiled, no longer trying to find a way out of this situation and just to accept it, he began getting ready for the day.

However there was the red busty lady downstairs at the dinner table waiting for her kids to come downstairs to eat the breakfast she prepared for them. Normally she would come up yelling at them to hurry up to get ready. However she was able to hear the loud moans and screaming downstairs and understood what the two were doing. She soundproofed her house but this was only for the people outside her house who can't hear, not the inside. What she felt about the situation was hard to tell as she had an unreadable expression on her face as she waited for her kids to come downstairs.

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