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Y'all know they're human too right, just like... cat/dog features... they aren't actually animals...

CW: making out hehe

3rd Person P.O.V.

George frowned, sharp nails tapping on his phone screen with practiced ease. It had been a few days since his stay at Dream's house, and he felt... different.

With Dream, things had always come easy to him. The golden retriever boy was an idiot- his idiot, and George loved him, and knew Dream loved him back.


That was the issue.

George had never been good with feelings, but he was pretty confident that his feelings for Dream had gone straight past platonic, settling down firmly in romantic. I suppose you could say George had a crush on Dream.

But it wasn't that simple. It never is, not when you're in love with your best friend.

George sighed, reading through their texts again.

Dream: wanna come over? Sap and Karl are here and I'm tired of third wheeling

(What did Dream mean by that? Did he just want a friend with him, or was he asking George-?)

Gogy: fine. give me 10 minutes.


(Did he mean that? Did Dream really love him, or was this just a joke?)

George took a deep breath, knocking at the large door that led to his best friend's house. Dream opened the door after a moment, grinning and pulling the much smaller boy into a hug.

"GEORGIE!" He yelled, practically crushing the feline in a hug. "I'm so glad to see you! Come in, come in!" Dream let go of George, running back inside to Karl and Sapnap. The brunette rolled his eyes playfully, following and closing the door behind him.

"Hi George!" Karl greeted, literally sitting in Sapnap's lap. Karl was part springer spaniel with brown and white patches, while Sapnap, his boyfriend, was part black and white border collie. They were a perfect pair, and George understood why Dream had been so desperate for him to join them.

"Hey, Karl, Sap," he smiled, waving at the duo. They were both holding a controller, playing Minecraft on the TV. Dream seemed to notice his gaze lingered on the game screen for a little long, and spoke up.

"I only have two controllers, but I've already called dibs on them next turn," he explained. "So we get to play in... what did we decide? He wondered, glancing up at Karl and Sapnap.

"Uhhh... 4 pm. You do the math," Sap replied, more focused on trying to kill a zombie with only his wooden sword.

"Right. About 15 minutes, then." George nodded, clasping his hands together awkwardly. "Why don't you sit with me?" The brunette followed Dream to the couch, sitting down with him- leaving about a foot or two of space in between them. "George~!"

"What?" Dream pouted at him, giving the feline his best puppy dog eyes.

"Sit closer! Why do you always sit just out of reach?" George shrugged, scooting closer the the blond.


"It'd be better if you let me cuddle you," the golden boy murmured, low enough so only George would hear. The cat boy let out an embarrassed squeak, but leaned his small frame against Dream, instinctively curling into his chest. It was comfortable, and George found himself falling asleep.

"AWW!" Karl exclaimed, nudging Sapnap and tilting his head in the direction of Dream and George. Dream looked up, putting a finger to his lips.

"Shhh, he's sleeping!" He scratched the cat's head slowly, smiling when a rumbly purr escaped the sleeping boy.

"Is he... purring?" Sapnap questioned, raising a knowing eyebrow. Dream nodded. "You like him, don't you?"

"Maybe a little..." Dream wasn't surprised Sapnap figured it out. He had told both him and Karl about him being bi, after they came out and told him they were dating. Plus, Sap was Dream's best friend, and he wasn't too difficult to read.

"I'd shoot your shot, man. I haven't known George for long, but it wouldn't be too far a stretch to say he likes you too." Dream sighed, nodding as he pulled his fingers through George's hair, messing it up a bit so that it looked more wild.

"Yeah," Dream murmured, ever-so-gently pressing his lips to the feline's forehead. George's nose twitched in his sleep, lips turning up slightly.

"Dream...?" He mumbled, eyes still closed. The taller boy jumped a bit, being reminded of what a light sleeper George was.

"Yeah Georgie?"

"You missed~" Dream's eyes went wide and his cheeks darkened. A drowsy George looked up at him, smiling softly before connecting their lips in a sweet kiss.

"Look!" Karl hissed, elbowing Sapnap and pointing. The border collie grinned, letting out a whistle. Dream and George broke apart quickly, forgetting they had company.

"What did I tell you?" He smirked, wrapping his arms around Karl smugly. Dream rolled his eyes, grinning playfully.

"Alright, since you two are so nosy, George and I are going upstairs," Dream stated, standing up and pulling George to his feet.

"Ew, ok, that's moving kinda fast-"

"Sap." Sapnap held up his arms in defense, shrugging.

"Yeah, yeah, just don't fuck until Karl and I go home, mkay?"

"I-" Dream shook his head wildly, eyes wide. "We're not- I-" He sputtered, looking at George helplessly.

"Ooookayyy, we're going now." George grabbed Dream's sleeve, dragging the retriever upstairs to his room. Dream sat on his bed, the smaller boy standing awkwardly and fiddling with his fingers.

"So..." Dream looked up, trying to start the conversation. "That happened..."

"It did," George nodded. They were just staing the obvious, but it was helping both boys come to terms with the day's events. "Did you like it?"

"Oh, um..." Dream bit his lip. Of course he had liked it, but he was nervous to admit that to George.

"Dream?" The feline was looking a bit impatient, but behind the slight annoyance there was a glint of anxiety brewing.

"Yeah, I liked it," Dream admitted. "Did you?" George let out a long breath, eyes closing.

"Yeah." He paused, looking back at the blond. "Ok, ok, so... what does this mean? For us?"

"Whatever you want it to mean," Dream stated simply. George hesitated for a moment, smiling gently.

"Whatever I want it to mean..." he repeated, climbing into Dream's lap. Due to George's feline half, he was much smaller than the retriever hybrid, and fit in perfectly.

His soft brown eyes stared into Dream's green (to George they appeared yellow, but they were still beautiful to him), maintaining eye contact. George gulped, taking a deep breath before smasing their lips together- rougher than when they had kissed downstairs. Dream kissed back with equal force, nibbling at the brunette's lip for access, which George denied at first.

Dream pulled away first, staring at the smaller boy. He loved how flushed George looked, his lips were just barely swollen but it was a good look on him.

"What do you want us to be, kitten?" Dream's voice was low, and slightly demanding. A shiver ran through the feline at the use of the pet name, tucking his head into the crook of Dream's neck.


"Hmm, ask and you shall receive." Dream put two fingers under George's chin, tilting his head up to kiss him gently. This kiss was more similar to their first, gentle and slow. Except this time, when Dream asked for access, George allowed it, tongues tangling and battling for dominance- which Dream easily won.

They didn't pull apart until every inch of George's mouth had been explored by the blond, leaving them both red in the face, gasping for breath.

"Dream..." George smiled at him, eyes wide. Dream quickly pecked his forehead, hugging the feline close.

"Yes, kitten?"