The small rented room in the inn on the other side of town was just what Kanan and Ezra needed. No one knew them in this area so their comings and goings weren't remarked by anyone. As far as the manager of the place, or anyone who saw them around, knew they were just a couple of travellers who came through town on occasion. They were inconspicuous here, which was just how the two Jedi wanted to keep it.

"Ah, Kanan!" Ezra gasped as the older man pressed him against the wall and ran his hand down Ezra's crotch. His eager erection stood out against his pants and Kanan started stroking it while the two shared a passionate kiss. Ezra's hands worked blindly to unbuckle Kanan's pants but familiarity made the task easier and with a few deft motions Kanan's own erection was freed. Ezra pulled off his shirt next and tossed it carelessly to the floor and he leaned forward to lay a series of delicate kisses on Kanan's bare chest. Kanan grinned in delight and shivers of pleasure raced across his skin as he watched his dark-haired companion work his way down hos body to his throbbing member.

"Mmm, I've missed this," he moaned as Ezra's tongue tickled the head of his cock and licked up the pre-cum beading there. "I hate having to sneak out like this."

"It's a little hard to find any privacy on the Ghost," Ezra pointed out with a sly smile up at him before he plunged the length of Kanan's cock in his mouth. Kanan groaned in pleasure and threw his head back, relishing in the younger man's warm, welcoming mouth and skilled tongue. It was a sight not to be missed though so Kanan looked back down and watched as Ezra's head bobbed up and down, accompanied by the sweetest of low moans and sucking sounds. Kanan reached down and lay a hand on the back of Ezra's head, urging his friend on, and the young man was only too happy to oblige him. Ezra took him in as far as he could, sliding his lips up and down Kanan's shaft in a steady rhythm that awoke the older Jedi's deepest desires. He'd tried his best to ignore them but thoughts of the dark-haired young man had intruded in every aspect of his life, even when he was with Hera in this same position. The desire had only grown when he'd discovered Ezra was equally curious about him, and like a drug, once Kanan had gotten a taste of Bridger he was hooked.

"Let's get you undressed," Kanan suggested, pulling himself reluctantly out of Ezra's mouth and revelling at the look of pleasure on his face. Ezra smiled up at him, his lips wet and glistening, and stood up and removed his shirt in one smooth motion. Kanan could hardly call Ezra a kid anymore; not at his age and certainly not with a body like that. Kanan sucked in an appreciative breath and ran a hand up Ezra's smooth, flat chest, admiring the layers of muscle just underneath.

"All that training's paying off," he teased and Ezra grinned and wrapped his arms around Kanan's waist, pulling their two bodies together."

"Which training is that, master? The Jedi stuff or this?"

"I'd say you're excelling at both."

Ezra chuckled and pressed his lips to Kanan's, his tongue reaching out to explore Kanan's mouth and stroke his own tongue. Kanan's hands ran down Ezra's back and over his tight ass, still annoyingly covered by pants. Sensing the older man's impatience and without breaking their kiss Ezra undid his pants and shoved both them and his boxers down his legs. His own cock, as hard as Kanan's, was now freed and jerked expectantly. Kanan shifted forward a step, pressing their erections together and stroking Ezra's shift with his free hand. The other was busy reaching behind Ezra and teasing his puckering hole. Ezra closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against Kanan's shoulder and arched his back slightly, forcing Kanan's finger in further.

"Aren't we in a hurry today?" he remarked, obliging his companion by sinking his finger in as deep as he could reach from this angle. Ezra's warm insides welcomed him, loosened and grew wet with his touch, and Kanan's cock twitched impatiently. Slowly he withdrew his finger, relishing how Ezra's body tightened around him as if unwilling for him to stop. He nudged Ezra towards the bed and the padawan kicked his clothes off the rest of the rest of the way and lay down on his back on the edge of the bed, his member standing at attention. Kanan positioned himself between Ezra's spread legs and lifted one of them over his shoulder, shifting Ezra's body and displaying his asshole in the process. Kanan pressed two fingers against it this time and found no resistance; Ezra accepted him in with a moan. Kanan drove his fingers in and out several times until he was sure Ezra was ready, then grabbed his cock and pressed the tip against Ezra's opening. The younger man took a sharp breath as Kanan penetrated him, stretched out his asshole more than his finger had, and Kanan eased himself in gently. Soon he was fulled immersed in the other man, the length of his shaft buried deep inside Ezra, and their restrained moans filled the room. Between the grunting ad the sweating and the thralls of passion no one heard the door opening until it was too late.

"Kanan?" Hera's confused voice asked from the doorway and Kanan yelped in surprise and pulled out of Ezra. The younger man grabbed the edge of the blanket on the bed and yanked it over himself to cover his shame somewhat but all Kanan could do was hide his erection unsuccessfully behind his hands. Besides, judging by the look of stunned disbelief on Hera's face it was far too late to hide anything from her.

"I thought you two were supposed to be meeting a contact," she said, flustered, her eyes flicking from Kanan, blushing furiously, to Ezra, smiling awkwardly and twinkling his fingers at her in a wave.

"Hera, I can explain," Kanan started to say.

"Oh good. I'm listening," she said and crossed her arms, waiting expectantly.

Kanan bit his lip. "I actually thought you were going to storm out. I didn't plan this far ahead."

"I just needed to blow off some steam, Hera," Ezra offered, sitting up with the corner of the bedspread still covering his waist. "I asked Kanan 'cause I knew I could trust him. Don't be mad at him; it's my fault."

Hera's frown only relaxed slightly. "And all those other times you two went off on your own on Jedi business, this is what you were up to?"

"Well, not every time," Kanan said defensively.

"Kanan, why didn't you ever say anything to me?"

"I didn't think you'd understand," he objected. I still care about you but I want you both."

"And what, you think I don't know how to share?"

"Kanan blinked in surprise and shot a quick look to Ezra to see if the younger man had heard the same thing. The dark-haired man's look of shock confirmed that Kanan had not imagined things.

"Share?" he repeated weakly, his heart fluttering a little and his dick perking up in interest. Hera stepped into the room and shut the door behind her, bolting it as the two men hadn't thought to do.

"Well, you said you wanted us both. Does that mean at the same time?"

Kanan was too flustered to speak but Ezra seemed to be recovering quickly and a smile appeared on his face.

"What are friends for, right Kanan?" Bridger asked with another one of his playful grins and he flipped the covers off of himself again, exposing himself to Hera. Hera only hesitated momentarily, then approached the bed and knelt down between Ezra's legs. His erection had lost some of it's oomph at Hera's sudden interruption but found itself again when she wrapped her hands around it and began to stroke him. Her strong hands moved up and down his shaft and he watched her work in rapt attention, unable to believe his luck. While Kanan stood in the middle of the room and tried to recover his wits about him, Hera paused in her work and undid the clasps on her shirt. Her breasts popped out of their bindings and Hera shrugged off the leather vest and baggy undershirt she wore, revealing perky nipples that she teasingly ran her fingers over for Ezra's benefit.

"Kanan doesn't have a pair of these," she pointed out and leaned over Ezra, taking his cock and pressing it into her cleavage. She moved herself along the length of his penis, enveloping him with her tits and causing him to mean her name in reply.

"You're right," he breathed, still smiling. "Kanan can't do that."

To that Hera smiled too and straightened again to look back over at Kanan.

"Are you just going to stand there and watch?" she asked and Kanan gave a helpless little shrug.

"I definitely didn't plan for this."

Hera rose to her feet long enough to step out of her pants, then sat down on the bed next to Ezra.

"Always leaving the thinking to me," she said in a playful tone. "Why don't you finish what you were doing with Ezra, only this time we make a sandwich out of him. Me, him, you."

"Kanan, I like her plans. Why don't we listen to her more often?"

"Ezra, don't encourage her," Kanan groaned but the idea had him excited and his cock twitched in agreement.

Her lay down on the bed while Ezra got up and spread her legs wide, exposing her pale pink pussy already glistening and wet with desire. He brushed the tip of his cock up her slit teasingly, trailing it through her slippery juices and brushing purposefully against her protruding clit. He held her lips back with one hand and the other held his cock as he stroked it against his sensitive nub. Now it was Hera's turn to moan and she reached up to tug one of her nipples roughly while Ezra teased her. When he plunged inside her she let out a drawn out cry and lifted her hips to meet him on each down stroke, and finally Kanan was able to think again. Drawn in by Hera's lusty noises he came up behind Ezra, wrapped one arm around his chest to hold the younger man in place while the other hand grabbed his ass and spread his cheeks. Guiding himself in by feel alone, Kanan's dick found Ezra's waiting hole again and he pressed himself inside. Still wet and ready from their earlier warm-up, Kanan glided in with ease and Ezra moaned and sagged against Kanan's arm, nearly collapsing on Hera for the waves of pleasure that overcame him and robbed his knees of strength. Each thrust of Kanan's drove Ezra into Hera, making her cry out, which in turn spiked the two men's pleasure as well. It took a few moments for Ezra to match his rhythm to Kanan's and grew harder to maintain as his own excitement was building to a climax.

"I'm going to cum," he grunted out, tilting his head back to look up at Kanan. The older man ran a hand up Ezra's throat and held him firmly under the chin, forcing his head back so Kanan could keep looking into those beautiful blue eyes.

"Do it," he commanded with a pleased smile. "Cum in her."

The words were hardly out of his mouth before Ezra moaned, his face flushed and his body shook with release. Unable to help himself, Kanan ran his fingers across Ezra's parted lips and forced them inside his mouth and Ezra moaned and sucked on them while he rode out his orgasm.

Kanan gently with drew both his fingers and his cock from the younger Jedi, who sagged against the bed while he tried to catch his breath.

"It's not polite to leave a lady hanging," Kanan pointed out, nodding to Hera still lying on the bed with her legs spread invitingly. Her inner thighs shone with hers and Ezra's fluids; cum gently leaked out her quivering pussy.

"Especially not me," the twi'lek warned dangerously and Ezra grinned and obediently obliged. Like Kanan had done for him Ezra slipped two fingers inside her warm cunt and curled the ends, rubbing up against her g-spot and eliciting a cry and a sudden gush from her. He continued to repeat the motion, pumping his arm and working his hand away inside her. Her hands balled into fists in the blankets and her hips bucked off the bed occasionally but Ezra took that as an invitation to continue. Kanan sat on the bed and ran his hand over her breast, stopping to rub and toy with her nipple until her whole body began to shake. She started to squirt and Ezra continued diligently to hammer away at her until she was spent and collapsed weakly back onto the bed. For a moment the only sounds were Hera's and Ezra's heavy breathing and Kanan simply watched them with a smile, the way they both glowed in the aftermath of passion.

"Well Kanan, I think it's your turn," Ezra offered, lowering himself to his knees in front of the Jedi and bringing his face to waist level. Kanan's cock was still hard after all the excitement he'd just witnessed and certainly eager for his turn to play. Ezra reached out and gently fondled Kanan's testicles while he traced his tongue the length of the older man's shaft. Hera slid off the bed and sank to the floor next to Ezra, coming at Kanan from the other side, and the older Jedi suddenly found himself with two enthusiastic mouths on his throbbing member. Each took turns sucking his cock, sharing in the pleasure of bringing him to the point of orgasm. As he was about to blow his load Hera took over and drew him in as deep as he could and Kanan groaned deeply and placed his hands on the back of Hera's head, holding her in place while he ejaculated into her mouth. When he was spent he let her go and withdrew his cock with a content sigh, but Hera hadn't finished just yet. She reached over and grabbed Ezra firmly by the back of the head and forced him into a kiss, sharing with him Kanan's seed that she had just taken in. Ezra grunted and his eyes went wide in surprise but he accepted the offering and they continued to kiss until they had both swallowed all that Kanan had given them. When they finally broke the kiss Hera was smiling a smirk to match one of Ezra's and she looked back up at Kanan with a challenging arch of her eyebrow.

"I hope you remember this the next time the two of you think about sneaking out on me."

Still breathing heavily Kanan could only grin back down at her.

"Hera, I'll find a mission for us every week if we can do this every time," Ezra promised eagerly and Kanan nodded in agreement.