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Author's Notes: This is the prologue and the ages of the characters will be increased a little bit for the sake of immersion. This is my first try at fanfiction. So without further ado, I present to you all, A Tale of Lord Harlan Stark.


Godric's Hollow 2021, Harry's POV

The world felt like ashes to him. He could not breathe properly. He coughed and wheezed as he felt warm blood spilling from his sides.

'No', he thought desperately, not like this. He tried to drag himself up and with a loud groan he stood up. Everything around him was burning. He clutched his wound on his side as he desperately tried to search for his family in his burning home.

He reached into the kitchen desperately trying to reach across the room to go upstairs where his kids were but what he saw in the kitchen made his heart stop. His wife, his lovely wife Ginny lay there in a pool of blood, her face not recognizable due to the mutilation it suffered. Their wands lay there, snapped into pieces beside her.

Rage, uncontrolled and unbridled rage simmered through him, his magic pulsing uncontrollably before it broke, his injuries too grave for him in his condition. Panic seeped in him as he tried to rush through the burning house trying to get to his kids.

He did not see the red coloured light heading his way as he rushed through the room. The spell crashed onto his side as he was hurled through the window crashing outside bleeding and unconscious.

The Burrow, 2021, Hermione' POV

The fireplace lit up as green flames suddenly erupted and Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt's face emerged from the flames.

"Minister" Hermione greeted, somewhat startled by the abrupt intrusion, "What has happened?"

"The Potters were attacked last night, the entire house was burnt, no one survived" Kingsley informed grimly.

Everyone at the Burrow freezed as they heard the the Minister's words. A loud wail was heard as Molly Weasley howled at the news. Hermione and Ron sprang up as they collected their wands and nodded to each other as they rushed outside the house. They apparated instantly with a quiet pop to the ward line of Harry's house in Godric's Hollow.

Devastation. That is what they saw when they appeared there. Ministry officials had filled up the place, sealing the area and placing appropriate repelling charms at a scene of a crime. The entire house was burnt and the upper floor has collapsed after being burnt out, only the burnt shaky walls remained around the house, all that remained of the once magnificent cottage.

Shock. Rage. Panic. Despair ran through Hermione as tears welled up in her eyes. Ron was crying, weeping at the sight as they wept and despaired the fate of their family.

The Auror doing the investigations approached the couple. "Deputy Chief and Madame Granger, my sympathies. This is a day of tragedy. I am extremely sorry for your loss."

Hermione nodded as she asked "What happened here?"

"We can surmise that unknown assailants attacked the Potters last evening. As the Potters were inside a warded property someone helped them do this." The Auror informed. Ron and Hermione paled at the news.

"Lord Potter was ambushed first. He was stabbed multiple times at the front of the house and left for dead. Lady Ginny suffered a terrible fate" he said grimly as he passed over the file, unable to say more.

Hermione read the file and felt white hot rage. Ginny was tortured for several hours, her face had suffered more than 50 stab wounds and at death her face was mutilated beyond recognition. As they walked toward the back of the house, both Ron and Hermione threw up. The three kids, James, Albus and Lily or what was left of them were impaled on sticks and their burnt husks were there for all to see.

"Where is Harry?" Hermione asked, bile rising from her throat.

"We are not sure right now, but we believe that Lord Potter was later dragged inside the fire and he has perished, we are trying to recover his remains, but there seems none to be left." The Auror informed.

Ron and Hermione sank on the ground, overwhelmed by devastation.

Forbidden Forest, 2021 Harry's POV

He was tired. He was exhausted. But his rage kept him moving. He was going to slaughter every last one of them. He tripped and fell on the forest floor groaning and panting in exhaustion.

As he tried to get up, pushing his hands against the forest floor, he felt a small pebble in his hand. The Deathly Hallow he had dropped so many years ago was looking back at him.

Desire. Want. The need to see his murdered family. He almost was about to turn the stone in his hands as he suddenly stopped. Shame. Guilt. Fear. The emotions welled up in him. He could not say farewell until he had avenged them. It was his fault. So he did not deserve to see them. He crushed his will and desire and as he went to chuck the stone back into the dense forest, the stone suddenly sank into his palms.

Magical energy slightly pulsed through him as he felt some power return to him. He tried to pass swiftly through the grounds, past the castle, toward Dumbledore's final resting place.

He unsealed the tomb and with the now decaying body of the ancient headmaster, lay the most powerful wand in all existence, The Elder Wand. He took the possession of his wand by conquest as he felt the wand sing to him. Power filled him and his depleted reserves.

Wrath. Anger. Hate. Emotions whirled in him as he decided to cut a bloody swath through the wizarding world to kill those who took everything away from him. But he was one and there were so many. He had to plan, he had to disappear and return with a vengeance. He had to plan. He crushed his emotions and started to think in a calm manner.

Taking deep breaths, as he tried to calm himself, he felt the wand glow and pulse in his hand. He felt warmth along his hands and neck as magic coursed through him. He could no longer feel the stab wounds which had reduced to a dull throbbing before. He looked down and felt that his body had recovered and his wounds sealed. The wand also merged into his body, filling and enlarging his core. With a look of renewed vigour, with a quiet pop he disapparated from the grounds of Hogwarts, which was previously considered impossible.

Minister's Chamber, Ministry of Magic, 2021, Hermione's POV

The office was in pandemonium. One of the most beloved war heroes and his family was murdered in a cold brutal fashion and the wizarding people wanted justice for their Saviour. There were thousands of protests in Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and other wizarding establishments and the Minister was under a lot of pressure to quickly act.

Hermione cleared her throat and spoke up "Based on our evidence gathered and the patterns we can see, we can highlight the suspects of the crime as Draco Malfoy, Astoria Greengrass, Theodore Nott and Pansy Parkinson. There is a fifth person who is currently unknown who was at present when the events occurred."

There was a small commotion as Daphne Greengrass, one of the unspeakables stated, "I believe I have information on that matter." Hermione raised an eyebrow urging her to continue.

"It's Delphine Riddle" she spat. Hermione went still hearing the name. "She is the daughter of the Dark Lord and Bellatrix Lestrange. I believe she seeks the Elder Wand and that was the primary purpose of the attack. I would assume that since Potter did not relent, they slaughtered everyone to send a message." Daphne explained.

"You're sister is one of them", snarled Ron. "Why should we not arrest you right now? For allwe know you can be a spy for those filthy child killers." The room went tense and hostile and a few people nodded their assent to Ron's words.

"Because I am not my sister you moron" Daphne quipped, her voice cold as ice. "She has made her bed and she will die in it, but I don't want her actions to sully the name of House Greengrass because as I might remind you she is a Malfoy now."

"Enough" Minister Shacklebolt intoned. "Hermione, see to it that these vile criminals are caught immediately, expense is not an issue, but I want them found. " Hermione nodded.

Before anything further could be said, the secretary of the minister burst into the office shrieking, "Lord Potter is alive, he has attacked Malfoy Manor, the DMLE received an urgent floo distress call a few minutes ago."

"Hermione, Ron go and end this, we know where they are and bring back Harry in one piece." Kingsley commanded.

The couple practically ran from the room to give orders to the Aurors and Hit Wizards to end this madness and to rush to their friend.

Malfoy Manor, 2021, Harry's POV

He sidestepped a curse as he conjured darts and shot them back at the guards at the entrance of the gates of the manor. He engaged the next few minutes trying to overpower them with his superior magical prowess but quickly realised they were too many of them and a single spe;; could take him out. He adjusted the invisibility cloak along his waist, wishing if he could end this quickly and disappear.

As he cast the next spell, a blasting curse confringo, he felt his power sing as the curse released from his hands and headed towards the gate. The spell tore apart the dense shield spell which the guard was holding and hit the wall behind him and exploded.

As Harry approached the gates and studied his destruction, he conjured daggers and finished off the stragglers and injured as he headed into the manor. He saw Lucius Malfoy approaching him with his wand drawn.

Harry holds his hands up as the old Malfoy was suddenly picked up from the ground. Harry raised his hands and the Malfoy lord rose higher in the air. Harry turned his hands and suddenly Lucius was screaming as he felt his bones pop, twist and his joints dislocated. His wand drops limply from his hands. Harry uses his other hand to conjure a wooden spike which he places right under Lucius. He then puts his hands down as Lucius starts falling to the ground accelerating towards the wooden spike.

Lucius lets out a huge scream as the wooden spike impaled him. The tip of the spike came out through the left eye as Harry left the now dying man in agony in his last moments.

He entered the Manor and entered the main hall. He saw the people he had given second chances to, the people who slaughtered his family. They deserved every horror brought to them. He lets out a manic smile which promises vengeance to the remaining people in the hall.

Malfoy Manor, 2021, Draco's POV

Dread filled me as I saw Potter enter the hall. The moment I saw him, I knew that this was the end of the Malfoy line. We tried to end him and now he will end us. I saw him suddenly disappear and then I see a dagger suddenly buried in Pansy's left eye.

Potter suddenly is in the middle as he deftly moves around and evades our point blank range spells and deflects them with his hand. His other hand has the sword of Godric Gryffindor which suddenly came down and decapitates my wife Astoria as I numbly see it happening. Within a few moments I see the people around me mercilessly butchered.

I hide behind the fights to try to escape from this manor as Delphine and Potter start to fight each other. I try to use the distraction to escape. As I run towards the exit I hear the sound of spells stopping. As I fear for my life and try to run away from the death Potter promises, I suddenly feel a huge pain searing through my chest. I see Potter's cold, green eyes. I see the sword of Gryffindor impaling me through my chest, As I choke on and cough out blood I see Potter's other hand, which was carrying the head of the recently slaughtered Delphine Riddle. My eyes grow heavy and I see only darkness.

Malfoy Manor 2021. Hermione's POV

Malfoy Manor had been devastated. As Hermione walked towards the manor, she could see bodies of death eaters recruits littered everywhere. Before the manor, Lucius had been skewered with a wooden spike. Hermione shuddered and moved ahead. She could realise that Harry had intentionally prolonged and given torturous and painful deaths to the people he slaughtered in revenge.

She entered the main hall and once again within a week, she lost all the contents of her stomach as she threw up at the sight.

The heads of the death eaters were laid up in spikes in a circle and in the center was the head of Delphine Riddle. Her head was burnt and half her face had completely melted and eyes had been punctured with blunt force. Half her face was her skull and the other half of her face had captured the agony she had gone through. An ethereal green snake was entering her mouth and exiting from the eye sockets like the dark mark.

She really needed to find Harry.

She suddenly felt the Galleon from the DA warm up suddenly. Her eyes went wide as she rushed from the place to find Harry.

Death Chamber, MOM, 2021, Harry's POV

Harry was waiting at the chamber, hearing the voices from the chamber. He felt tired and old. He did not feel any regret over his brutal actions in the past few hours. His rage, his anger, his wrath had been spent and he was now wallowing in guilt.

He sees Hermione enter the room. She runs up to him but pauses as he looks up at her.

"Harry," she said, "I'm really sorry for what happened. " she paused. "We went to Malfoy Manor as there was a distress call initiated. Harry we, we saw what you did" she trembled.

"I know", Harry said tiredly "I do not regret it." He looks at the Veil of Death and starts to walk towards it. He stops near the foot of the veil and turns back. "I had enough. I have nothing to love for. I accept my death." he intoned. "I have left everything to you and Ron" his voice going soft."use it well for you f-family".

Before Hermione Granger Weasley, Head of the DMLE could stop Harry Potter, Saviour of the Wizarding World, Defeater of the Dark Lord Voldemort, and the Master of Death stepped through the veil and departed the world.

The Void, Harrys's POV

There was nothing. Harry felt that he was stuck in eternity in a limbo. His head started to swim, he wished for this feeling to stop and suddenly he was no longer feeling the dread and the feeling of being stuck. He saw a figure approaching slowly.

"Master" the figure intoned, "Finally, we meet."

Harry looks at the cloaked and hooded figure and could see that the feminine figure had a short build with silver curves. She was beautiful to look at but her eyes held such coldness and it was so devoid of life that it made her look unnatural.

"So you are death" Harry surmised. "Well get on with it. Lets leave for the great beyond or whatever nonsense there is now. So I can finally get my peace."

"So young, to have achieved so much, only to lose it all." Death intoned. Suddenly the calmness with which Harry was interacting dissapeared as rage coursed through his body. His green eyes blazed with fury as his aura flared around him as a strong breeze from nowhere seemed to appear.

"Do not mock me." he spat "You have no idea what I lost and it seems like you are wasting my time. Do your job and stop talking to me!".

Death was alarmed by the sudden display of power. She moved in to speak.

"Harry Potter" she spoke, her voice ethereal "You have done a great service to all mankind and you have suffered greatly. Lord Voldemort had broken the chains of Fate by creating the horcruxes and he was essentially out of our grasp. The lives he destroyed, the calamity he brought this world would have never managed to survive with a insane, ruthless megalomaniac working in the shadows. You stopped all of that and because of that Fate has declared you her champion."

She further stated, "The Birth of Delphine Riddle should have never happened. But because it did and you became the sole owner of the Elder Wand, you became a target of the girl without even realising it. However with her death, the world would be at peace for now."

"For now?" Harry asked.

"Yes for now" Death nodded her head. "WIth your death and the loss of Fate's Champion, the fate of Earth is total annihilation in the War with the Non-magical folk which would wipe out the planet from existence. However, there is a way to stop this."

Feeling resigned as he could not let countless people die needlessly, Harry asked how to stop the total annihilation of his people.

"Many worlds exist, Earth being one of them. However, the energies which decide the continuation of the annihilation of a world has a lot to do with balances." Death explained.

"We want to send you to a world which we believe would face complete annihilation if we do not send a champion."

"And what sort of world is this that I am heading towards? Will I be reborn? How do I stop this annihilation on my own?" Harry asked, feeling dubious.

"The world we are sending you is set in medieval times. You will be born to one of the great houses of the realm and as for the last question, it is your goal to re-establish the use of magic in the world. You will have your powers which have been bestowed upon you upon your ascension as the Master of Death and you will have your magic."

"That is quite vague," Harry argued. "That is not much to go on."

The surrounding was getting foggy again. Harry could hear death's voice. "You will find out everything soon enough. Goodluck on your quest!".

Before Harry could say anything, the world started to spin and suddenly it turned to complete darkness.