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Taking a walk was always calming especially without feeling the sun burning me, luckily I didn't catch on fire. Though it was a bit of a hassle explaining why my sun allergy disappeared.

I don't know if I should be worried that they bought the lie about puberty or not. I want to believe it was because of the mind/soul fuckery that is compulsion or any of my psychic abilities... but it wasn't.

I really don't know what to think about it.

Turning into an alley just itching for someone to attack or mug me I came upon an interesting site.
I took it all in in just a moment. Five skinheads. Tattoos, chains, pipes, and, even, what looked like a machete in a much too loose pair of jeans. Circling a little old native American lady wrinkled with age as she held a bag of groceries loosely in her wrinkly little hands. I couldn't believe those idiots picked on the worst person.

Well, it's on them for not following simple orders. I heard one of them say something rude. Another made to take away the old woman's groceries, while the rest kept themselves at her back to block off any escape while throwing garbage at her. They were having fun.

It was just too bad that I didn't think that what they were doing was funny. It was also too bad that I've had a shit couple of weeks.

A quick step out. Two skinheads. Two hands grabbing the back of their heads. The laughter stopped real damn quick.

"Oh, fuck me..." I heard the human whisper. "A cape's got me, hasn't he?"

Just before one of them decided to swing a pipe at me, I squeezed. The two heads popped like a pair of tomatoes that were way too ripe. Blood, brain matter, and fragments of their skulls exploded outward covering the two closest to the now corpses. They froze, their hearts pumping like a drum.
The smell of urine filled my nose and a part of me felt disgusted and another part felt a rush at the fear I inspired in the sheep acting like wolves.

Turning to the elderly woman that stopped trembling and just looked disappointed. "You didn't need to do that Liam." She tells me.

"Come now Aponi you could have sent them away with a thought, instead you let them push you around. Are you going to tell me you didn't feel the magic in this?" I hold up my bloody right hand, on my index sat a gold ring with an enchanted lapis lazuli stone.

"You knew I was close by, didn't you? Tell me did you channel their deaths? Did you enjoy it?"
Fire burns my flesh raw like a full-body sunburn. A green circle filled with runic symbols with a smaller golden circle materialized above me. The sun's rays strike me down, the golden beam of mystically empowered sunlight burned away at me.

But I am immortal. Forcing myself up blinded by the intense light of the sun and magic and deph from the sound I lept out and got my arms around the old witch's arm flipping her to the ground. My fangs descend going for her throat, an arm of plasma grabs me by the throat before being flung across the docks and through a cargo ship, and into a few others.

Digging myself out as my spine and ribs healed the old hag materialized above the skyline directly above me. Her once dark eyes shining like burning emeralds.

"I am the high prestress of the Aztecs! You can't beat me, boy, not here, not with the power of an entire pantheon by my side!" She bellowed power emanating from her in the form of dense golden light with an earthy brown, and green aura intertwined like glowing veins of energy growing on a golden wall.

Hissing as the warmth behind my eyes became greater as my true face surfaced. Jumping up my arm reared back with my fingers pointed out like a knife the tip of my middle and ring finger pierced through the soft flesh of her neck like wet tissue filled drenched in water.

A repulsive force barely stopped me before hammering me into the boat graveyard like a meteor striking the scrap pile of boats.

The area darkened as an emerald black light filled the area. Looking around I saw the edge of the enchanted space.

"I'm impressed," I yell so she could hear me. I felt vindictiveness in me rise as her body broke apart only for whatever supernatural force restored her. "I actually felt that. Congratulations for the first time in my life I felt pain. All it took was an entire pantheon of washed-up pagans being forced to share a single old hag that's more dead than alive-." My chest tightened and I started hacking blood through every hole on my face. My head felt like bombs were going off over and over again.

But the pain was worth it. Watching Aponi's body writhe in agony. Her burning green eyes were starting to become a kaleidoscope of ever-changing colors, blood starting to pour out through her every orifice, her healing becoming unstable.

"Hack- Ha. It's not even you in control anymore is it Aponi. Tell me how young were you when an entire pantheon of gods had to use a girl as a vessel. Did they all take turns fucking you on whatever stone so they could feel important again-" Pressure built in my chest as my lungs were crushed added to the rest of their attempts to bring me down and I couldn't help the wet chuckle.

"When I kill her I will make sure to kill every last follower, worshipper, lover, and child you all have. I will wipe your existence from the face of the planet!" I promise them, my crimson eyes glowing an even deeper shade of red.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Aponi screamed her voice echoing with hundreds of voices of males, females, young and old.

Then the power stopped and she fell on scarp and crystalized earth like a puppet with her strings cut. The pain quickly faded as I could breathe again. Slowly getting to my feet as the vertigo quickly faded I jumped off the pile of crushed scrap that was once a freighter. The familiar burn of the sun

Making my way over to the fallen vessel. She has broken yet the powers she's connected to probably kept her alive but didn't heal her.

Once I was close enough her burnt eye sockets looked at, I could barely hear her breathing. "…Your pantheon broke you and has abandoned you leaving you with enough power to keep you alive but not enough to heal," I tell me in a hushed tone. Kneeling beside her I lean next to her ear with an offer.

She gurgles a response and the burning from the sun was replaced with warmth. Standing I look down at the witch and I raise my leg and struck it down on her head full force. The sound was defined as the shockwave blew across the docks and into the city. Car alarms going off, animals, and people panicking. The boatyard was a scrapyard that exploded into a crator under the force of the stomp.

The failing barrio stopped the worse of it from leveling the city before finally fading. Regret at taking a walk I started making my way back home but I was stopped by the sound of all the vehicles getting closer to the boat graveyard.

A black van came out of an alley and drove by until the breaks screeched to a halt and the passenger window rolled down revealing a pretty freckled girl with bottle-green eyes. Her blonde hair was worn down.

"Get in."

All Lisa had wanted to do today was pick up her meds. That's all. Just a quick in and out at the corner store for a couple of organ killing pain pills and a case of soda. Just like she did every other week. But she hadn't today. Normally, that would have had her throwing a passive-aggressive fit with everyone around her.

That was fine though. No passive aggressiveness today. She was A-ok. Lisa had gone out to do some errands, and she'd come back with the closest thing to the motherload in the for of a rich kid who just curb-stomped a human endbringer and the Boat Graveyard into a creator. She like many others almost had a stroke when her van did a perfect backflip, many weren't that lucky but no one was seriously hurt the worst was someone falling on their ass when they were carried a few feet away.

Once her heart stopped trying to beat out of her chest her power flooded her with information. A lot was probably hypothetical but one thing was certain it was the result of a cape fight. Driving towards the docks she saw the great green/black dome flicked and vanished letting a plume of smoke and debris out into the atmosphere.

When she was getting close she heard police sirens and her power told her the PRT and Protectorate were assembled and on their way, New Wave too.

So when she arrived and saw a guy her age drenched in blood looking wrecked she turned the when and stopped in front of him. Lowering the window quickly she told him to get in. He looked surprised. He blinked before his inhuman eyes became blue and got in the back of the van.

He'll feel indebted to her for getting him out of that mess and out of the shit storm with the PRT. She had her bodyguard now. Her cape. Someone that wasn't under Coil's thumb… Picking him up had been worth her throwing off her schedule for the day and the risk that could have ended her life.

Driving along the back roads to avoid any Police or PRT and making sure she wasn't being tailed she took him back to her apartment never realizing her power never gave her any information about him until she invited him into her home.

Amy hated, well everything. Not because of the guilt of the unending number of patients that she heals daily, or the wariness she gets' from Carol, the guilt of not fixing her Dad's brain and freeing him of his depression, or even the complicated feelings towards Vicky.

No. It's getting woken up on a Saturday from her warm soft bed by Carol to get ready because her healing might be needed.

The only good thing was that Vicky flew slow enough for her to enjoy being close to Vicky. That lasted until she arrived. Six bodies were covered in dirt, mud, and other filth but they were torn apart. Two of them were missing their heads. Blood and brain matter scattered on the ground like a psychopaths' interpretation of art while the rest of the victims were missing their heads or had their sternum broken and their heart torn out.

There was nothing we could do. We continued looking, deciding to split up Vicky went with her floating off the ground telling gravity to fuck off.

"Amy, blood." She pointed to her left and following her finger. There wasn't some blood there were gallons of it puddled over crushed metal. Waling forward on the impossibly smooth surface of the flattened metal. She didn't notice the two-inch spike soaked in blood.

"Oh shit! Ow ow ow ow ow. Oh, fucking shit." She cursed as she jumped back hopping on one foot. She stepped on her robe and lost her balance until Vicky wrapped her arm around her.

"What happened?!" She looked worried and it filled her with unnatural warmth.

"I think I stepped on a nail." Vicky didn't let her have a moment before she sat her down and took off her shoe.

She looked confused Amy was going to ask but she spoke first. "Amy you're fine, not even a scratch." She ran her thumb over her foot to make her point. It was to much stimulation if felt lik she was running her thumb all over her body. She wasn't sensitive but the feeling was so strong it almost hurt.

Then she noticed she could hear Crystal talking with Eric, The PRT moving something heavy and dropping it as it screeched against the floor. She could see the smallest details of Vicky, the smell of her perfume was sadly overpowered by the blood but it didn't make her feel disgusted.

"Amy are you taller?"

Looking to see I was the same height as Vicky was jarring. The warmth was gone now but I felt better more alive than I've ever felt before.

"I'm fine, lets go back and help the others." She wanted to say something but decided to leave it. Once she flew off she turned towards all the blood. She took out her water bottle, though calling it that was an understatement. Vicky gave it to her when she started working at the hospital so she would stay hydrated. Emptying the gallon of water and ice inside on the floor she walked over to the blood.

A/N: Ok before anyone asks no Liam is not stronger then a whole Pantheon this was a set of circumstances that let him win.

The way his strength/powers, etc. work is I multiplied the Originals, Enhanced, and Upgraded Originals, and The Old Ones from the novels that was his base states when he was (re)born and every year he grows stronger with age so I just double it every year. Sounds broken as shit but keep in mind the crazy powerlevels in DxD and the hax BS in worm.