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So this is just more of a cute/filler chapter, and hopefully the actual action will start next chapter.

See chapter one for the disclaimer and let's crack on!


Today was great! I took the boys to a drive-in movie theatre tonight! We saw Grease ['You're the one that I want! Ooh-ooh-ooh!]

They have seen it already, but I haven't seen it for AGES, so when I saw the advertisement for it last week I was like. 'Sounds Awsome1 Let's do it!' I mean, I know it's no trip to the moon or Ice Caves or anything like that, but it'll do.

I went home and told the boys my plans to take them to see it. I'm not going to lie. They could have been more excited. Even Huey - Huey! - said he'd seen Grease before and he'd give it a miss. I eventually bribed them with sweets and crisps and stuff. That and I think they realised it was a prime time to spend more one-on-three time with me.

I did invite Webby with us as well. The car would just about seat 5 but she said no. Apparently she was introducing Beakley to 'Mean Girls.' which is a film. After my time.

Anyway, so earlier this evening I piled the boys into the car - there was a debate about who would ride shotgun between Huey and Dewey which was solved when Louie simply got in while they were distracted. Sly one that boy is.

So I drove there and we arrived promptly at the time the doors opened. I was expecting to be one of the first there, except the first three rows were already filled. Selene knows what time those losers turned up. Anyway, I switched with Dewey and we had a nice night singing along at the top of our voices to it. Dewey especially was putting his heart and sole into it, doing all the moves and everything. He's got a really good voice actually. It's a shame we can't afford for him to do proper singing lessons or something. It'd get him more friends as well. Not that he or the other two seem that bothered about friends, but - eh. They're 13, they don't seem bothered about anything recently. Although, to be fair, they're not as bad as they could be. I was a right pain when I was a teenager. As was Donald. I'm surprised Scrooges feathers didn't turn grey.

But yeah. It was a nice night. I wish something would happen though. It's been a bit lame recently. It was all right for a while after all that excitement a few months ago, but that's unlikely to happen again. What with her being in jail and all.

No, I'll have to find something to do. Or wait for Scrooge to find something for us to do. He seems to be a bit twitchy recently. He and Beakley keep disappearing for ages and talking. Dunno what all that's about, though I think we can rule out an affair. Ugh. There's an image...

Anyway, see you next time Diary!