Sorry I have been gone for so long, so much has gotten in the way but now I am back and trying to restart my writing. For now, I will try a Rebels fic featuring characters from one of my favorite animes: Black Lagoon. This will start right after they find Lirasan but several things will be different. For example, Ahsoka will be actively leading Phoenix Fleet as their general and Ezra and Sabine will be far more active in pursuing a relationship. I might write a prequel or two at some point to better explore this world but suffice to say, several things will be noticeably different. In addition, I am planning to introduce an OC who will explore the Humanocentrist tendencies of the Empire and why it is apparently so prevalent, as well as a world that has been repeatedly mentioned in source material but rarely if ever seen. Also, I will be including some underrated Legends characters here as well.

"Ezzie, how do I look?" asked Dawn as she put on a white ballerina dress. The half Twi'lek five year old was very excited today. While her parents Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla had been together for six years, today was their wedding day. Between fighting the Empire, running around the galaxy, and raising their daughter, they had never formally married but after narrowly escaping Lothal, they had decided to at last tie the knot. After fitting him with a pair of prosthetic arms to replace the ones that Vader had cut off during their escape, Kanan was finally ready and when Hera had been endangered two days earlier during a dogfight, they had enough of postponing it.

"You look great, Dawn," said Ezra with a gentle smile. Ever since the Lothalite had joined the Specters, he had grown quite fond of the little girl. Dawn had since started looking up to him as a big brother, especially since her dad had started training Ezra as his apprentice and he had come to see her as a little sister in turn, which is why he stole the dress from a store on Garel along with a bunch of other clothes that would be worn at the wedding. Hera had been a little annoyed at that but she understood her foster son, in all but name, meant well.

"Guys, are you ready?" called a voice that Ezra loved so much. While Sabine hadn't yet responded to his flirting, she had very much warmed up to him since they first met. In addition, he had a creeping suspicion that she was going to respond to his flirtations sooner rather than later. "Well, you look quite good today," she smiled at Ezra after walking into the room. He had decided to wear one of the suits he taken from Garel.

"You're not so bad yourself, Sabine," Ezra replied. Today, she had decided to decorate her armor with white and orange hearts. While Sabine usually wasn't a strict traditionalist, today she had decided to wear the colors Mandalorians typically associated with love and a new life but she kept her hair bright blue because that is who she was.

"That's sweet," she said before looking down at Dawn. "Come on, Dawn, we don't want to miss this." Just like Ezra, she had come to look at Dawn as a little sister herself. As they walked to a storage room of the transport that had a bunch of seats for the audience, Ezra saw someone he didn't recognize. He looked like a typical light skinned human around the same age as Ezra but his hair was light blue, dressed in a blackish-brown jumpsuit with pouches on it. Maybe he had a Zeltron grandparent like Ezra, whose dark blue hair was inherited from his Zeltron grandmother. As Ezra wondered who this new person was, he took a seat next to Sabine and Rex. The clone captain had been gone for awhile to visit a Mandalorian doctor to fix his aging problem. Now, he stood much straighter and, while not having the same vigor as he did in the clone wars, was much better than he had been before. In front of them, Ahsoka Tano was standing with Kanan in front of her, wearing gloves to hide his prosthetic hands, to his left Zeb, dressed as he always was, as there weren't that many suits that fit Lasats. As Chopper played a wedding sonnet, Hera walked up to Kanan in a wedding dress with her headscarf decorated with flowers. After she stood next to Kanan, Ahsoka started talking.

"We are here to witness the wedding of Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla," Ahsoka started. "Kanan, do you take Hera to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and health, in joy and sorrow, to love without reservation, through good and bad, to cherish forever?"

"I do," said Kanan.

"Hera, do you take Kanan to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and health, in joy and sorrow, to love without reservation, through good and bad, to cherish forever?" the Togruta continued.

"I do," Hera affirmed.

Ahsoka smiled and placed their hands together. "Kanan, Hera, these are the hands that will wipe tears from each other's eyes, of both sorrow and joy, through the years. The hands that will hold each other and your family together from this day forth as you overcome adversity and build your future. I now pronounce you husband and wife." Kanan then kissed Hera lovingly as she tossed her arms around him and their friends cheered. As Kanan placed the ring Zeb gave him on Hera's finger, Dawn walked up. Kanan knelt down and hugged his daughter, lifting her up as Hera moved close. The Twi'lek bride tossed the bouquet which then stopped midair.

"Look Mommy, look Daddy, I can use the force!" said Dawn.

"How…wonderful," said Kanan with a smile that seemed forced to the audience. Dawn then guided the flowers to Sabine's lap, whose smile at her foster sister was much more genuine. Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper joined Kanan and Hera, posing together as Rex took their picture.

After the wedding, Ezra saw Sabine approaching the blue haired boy they didn't know, so he decided to join her.

"Hello there," said Ezra. "I don't believe we've met before."

"It's the first time I've been here," he replied. "You're Ezra Bridger, right? And you must be the daughter of Mom's friend, Ursa Wren."

"Yes," Sabine answered, a little bothered when her mother was mentioned by name. Whatever had happened before she deserted the Empire, it clearly still bothered her to the point that she had said next to nothing about her past to either Ezra or anyone else. "Who is your mom, anyway?" eagerly changing the subject.

"Ahsoka Tano," he answered. "My name is Anakin."

"She never mentioned having a kid," Ezra said.

"I stayed with Dad on Onderon and Coruscant for a long time," he said, clearly dissatisfied with his situation. "Now I have to stay with her so those Sith wannabes don't find me. But hey, at least I get to see Uncle Rex is doing better, and see my little sister, Mina. Now, I have to go on some diplomatic mission with her. See you around." As Anakin walked away, Ezra was a bit surprised at how he seemed to be a bit angry with his mom. He and Sabine then went to the briefing room where everyone else who crewed the Ghost was waiting. As they walked in, they saw Ahsoka was there with a man who looked a lot like Anakin but with dark hair instead of light blue.

"Okay, everyone, this is Lux Bonteri, erstwhile senator of Onderon," Ahsoka introduced Anakin's father. "This is our son, Anakin. Them, Rex, and I will be going on a diplomatic mission tomorrow. The Specters have been working very hard recently, and, since Kanan and Hera are due for a honeymoon, it is time you got some R&R. I have found a world where you can receive it." She then activated the holoprojector, revealing a largely green planet with plenty of water.

"This is Arkinnea," she introduced. "It is in the Axion sector of the Expansion Region. This largely agrarian world has only a small garrison of Imperials on it and has many beautiful rivers and forests. It should be a nice place to go where you can be reasonably sure that you won't be readily identified, especially since half the populace was killed in the clone wars and about a third of the new population are refugees, so it will be easy to blend in."

"Sounds wonderful," said Ezra. "I can't wait to see it and it will be nice to relax for a while." He then looked at Sabine. "How are you feeling about swimming in the rivers, Sabine?"

"It will be nice to practice," she said with a bit of hesitation. "I know you guys will be there to help me in case of anything." Dawn was smiling, she hadn't had many opportunities to go swimming on account of her circumstances and now she had an opportunity to do so with her parents. Hopefully, this vacation would be as great as advertised.

Okay, this is my prologue. The doctor who Rex went to see to fix his accelerated aging is Mij Gilamar from the Republic Commando books. Kanan has secretly dreaded Dawn being force sensitive as he knows it will attract Imperial attention. Dawn herself looks a lot like she does in Meldy-Arts Tumblr and she was born about a year after A New Dawn is set. Ezra got her a ballerina dress so she can feel at least somewhat like a normal girl despite everything. Anakin Tano-Bonteri looks like DarthRevanII's version of him here Anakin Tano-Bonteri by DarthRevanII on DeviantArt with him wearing his dad's clothes from Season Five of TCW. Dawn has never met Cham both because of Hera's frustration with her father and because of a reason I will get into. Up until now, Anakin has been passed off as a war orphan that Lux adopted when he was twenty one and Anakin was three. Lux's wife, Lucinda, name unmentioned in Inferno Squad, is a nasty social climber who Lux wound up with out of necessity. Her daughter, Lana, is a bit nicer but is still cold toward her stepbrother, like Robb toward Theon in GOT. Anakin is frustrated with his parents as Lux was unable to publicly acknowledge him and he only got to see Ahsoka two or three times a year with irregular holocalls. Now, he and his dad are now fugitives on the run, and Ahsoka is with them. She is taking them along on her mission in the hopes of familial bonding. If anyone wants to write a companion to this, PM me.

BTW, a shoutout to my good friend 1-1 Marines, who hasn't updated himself in a long while. Hopefully he has weathered the Coronavirus and all the crap that has happened to Texas and will get back to it himself soon. Since I took some inspiration for the wedding from one of his fics, I decided to adapt his idea that Ezra has some Zeltron heritage.