Okay, now it's time for my version of Legacy.

Zeb and Chopper were playing Dejarik while Hera was introducing Cham to his granddaughter. While that was going on, Sabine was running a makeshift obstacle course while Ezra was training with Kanan. Kanan and Ezra following the instructions of a holocron Ahsoka had left them to better refine their lightsaber skills, educating them on the Ataru and Shien forms. Ataru was focused on movement, while Shien was focused on turning someone's attack against them. Several hours later, they took a break and Ezra went for a shower. After Ezra walked out, he ran into Sabine who was walking past him. She smiled and complimented him, causing Ezra to blush as a result. Getting dressed, he was heading back to the training room when he encountered one of Commodore Sato's aides, who informed him that the Specters had been summoned for a new mission. After the crew had assembled in the briefing room, the older officer looked at them.

"We have heard a distress call from a makeshift transmitter," Sato explained. "It was in code as opposed to any words. From what we can gather, it was made by a collection of labor camp inmates on Agon Three. They have given their location and a rough layout of the facility and its defenses."

"Maybe Trayviss has gotten more subtle since we outed him," Sabine commented. Ezra felt a tinge of anger at that. The senator of Lothal had sold out their planet as well as his parents, along with many others who had come to distrust the Empire.

"We considered it might be a trap," the naval officer conceded. "But we did a brief scouting of the system. There was no indication we were detected, and from all appearances, it looks to be exactly the sort of lonely outpost with minimal defenses the signal claims it is."

"How has the signal avoided detection?" asked Kanan.

"They are piggybacking on the reports the camp staff are sending to their superiors," Sato said.

"What's it a labor camp for?" asked Ezra.

"Doonium," the commander of Pheonix Fleet answered.

"When is the next shipment to KDY?" asked Hera, knowing that the ore was used in building Star Destroyers.

"A month from now," Sato said. "Your mission will be to clear out the defenses for the rescue ships to pick them up."

"How many prisoners are we talking?" Zeb questioned. "And what transports we will be using to get them out?"

"Five hundred," he answered. "The ships themselves we be GR-75s." At that, Ezra frowned. "Is something wrong, Padawan Bridger?"

"Sir, those ships are terrible," Ezra said.

"They make up a large part of our supply fleet," Sato said. "We were able to get a massive number of them rather cheaply."
"Commodore, have you ever considered we were ripped off?" the Lothalite asked. "They are ugly, slow at sublight and hyperspace, have a single laser cannon as slow as it is weak and are so fragile they might as well not have shields."

"Beggers cannot be choosers," Sato reminded him. "And that is what you and starfighters are for."

"Ezra has point, however," Hera said. "I can fly the Blade while Chopper helps Kanan fly the Ghost but these transports need constant protection. Do we have any idea at the number of TIEs present?"

"No more than one squadron," Sato assured them. "I don't think the B-Wing is necessary but if you insist, you will have it. We will rely on you to sneak past the defenses and disable them for the transports to land." Pausing for a second, Sato continued. "Another thing: we believe that many of the prisoners are Lothalites." Ezra was rather surprised by that.

"Why do you think so, sir?" he asked.

"The transmission used the year of the Lothal calendar instead of the standard one," Sato said. "One last thing: the fleet will be moving from Garel to rendezvous with that Quasar class carrier you managed to capture for us. We will contact you on where to go after the mission is complete."

With that, they went back to the Ghost, with the B-Wing attached to the portside airlock, and lifted off, reviewing the information they had. Halfway there, Kanan looked at the others and asked what they thought of the mission.

"I have been trying to find my parents ever since I joined you," Ezra said. "But I don't want to fall for another trick like the sort Trayviss pulled."

"Then, we'll be wary," Kanan assured him.

"I will take the improved B-Wing to the edge of the system in case any Imperial reinforcements show up," said Hera.

"I will stay with the ship and Chopper after we land outside the perimeter," Zeb added. Dawn was staying with the rest of the Pheonix fleet while they relocated to the Quasar carrier, as this was too dangerous a mission to bring a five-year-old on.

"Ezra, Sabine, I will come with you to secure the camp," Kanan said. "After we have secured it, we will signal the evacuation shuttles to come in and pick up the prisoners."

"What sort of guards do you think there will there be?" Ezra wondered.

"Probably Army grunts with some KXs backing them up," Sabine concluded. "With an AT-DP and a few speeder bikes in reserve. This is just a mine, after all."

"As long as this isn't a trap," Ezra said.

"Exactly," Kanan added. "We'll be careful and look around before we bust the prisoners out."

After that, they went underway, with Hera hanging back in the B-Wing they had used to get past the blockade at Ibaar. More or less gliding in on minimal power, the others landed the Ghost about two kilometers away from the camp. Hera's lessons to the others had paid off. Kanan was about to put on a set of Stormtrooper armor they kept for disguise but that was quickly cut short.

"Sabine, I know you like painting but that's not what we have this for," Kanan said, holding up a helmet that she had painted along with the armor itself.

"Most of the time, all you do with that is go outside to rip off a mynock on the hull or into a place without a breathable atmosphere," Sabine playfully replied. "Besides, they aren't any Stormtroopers here for you to pretend." Kanan was frustrated, as much as he loved Sabine, who had effectively become his foster daughter, she occasionally let her love of art go a little too far. And like most Mandalorians, she could be very stubborn. For example, when another Rebel from Pheonix Fleet was surprised at how she dyed her hair blue, she said he sounded like the instructors at her Imperial Academy, determined to make her conform.

"Next time we get one, leave it alone," Kanan added. After the three had geared up for a stealth mission, they moved out. Upon reaching the labor camp, Sabine found the maintenance box for the security grid. Opening it up, she found the schematics for the base and where the prisoners would be. She also managed to create a brief opening in a segment of the force field fence. After the trio made it past the security fence, they saw the KX droids walking back to barracks alongside the Troopers of the Imperial Army. The KX units were a set of well-built droids that could access astromech dataports with an interface spike and whose hands could use blasters. They were commonly used as military police to break up arguments between Imperial soldiers but they were known to serve as security guards and occasionally on the frontlines in environments that even Stormtroopers would be wary of testing their armor against. The troopers of the Imperial Army were a much different sight. They wore dull green armor with open-faced helmets and a set of goggles pulled up to its brow, with a detachable breather to the side. But armor wasn't the only difference they had with Stormtroopers. While the Stormtroopers worked alongside the Imperial Army and Navy, they were their own branch. The Stormtroopers were descended in organization from the elite Clone Army of which the Clone Wars were named after, and while it had increasingly been using recruits instead of cloned soldiers, it was still the fast attack organization that fought at the front of the most important of battles and guarded the most important places.

The Imperial Army, in contrast, was a continuation of the Judicial ground divisions from before the war, alongside the local planetary militias. Lothal's garrison had an unusually large number of Stormtroopers, implying that there was something more important there than was readily apparent. But this garrison, being a lonely mine on a desolate planet, was comprised of a rather standard garrison from the army. The Imperial Army units that fought on the frontlines were typically heavy vehicles like the AT-AT and SPHA-T. In addition, while the Imperial Navy and Army were, in some way, continuations of Republic institutions, the Stormtroopers were, by and large, an Imperial creation. All Imperials were repeatedly told that the Empire and the Emperor were the best thing to happen to the galaxy but Stormtroopers were among the most convinced. They often came across as a cult centered around the Emperor and Darth Vader. The soldiers of the regular army, enlisted and officers, typically liked what Palpatine was offering but they weren't as devoted as the Stormtroopers.

As the Imperials were changing shifts, Kanan and Ezra leaped onto the roof and then lifted Sabine up to their level.

"I need to get a jetpack," she said.

"Next time we're around Mandalore, I'll look to get you one," Ezra smiled at her. As they moved across the roof, Sabine made her way to the traffic control tower while Ezra and Kanan headed for the prison barracks. Following the scanner they held, which confirmed that the distress signal was coming from somewhere in the second barracks. As the two Jedi were doing that, Sabine snuck into the control tower and quickly pistol whipped the technician. As Ezra and Kanan made their way to the barracks, Kanan knocked out the regular guard while Ezra sliced the KX in half vertically. After opening the door, they saw the various prisoners inside. They were surprised to see the two who had come to rescue them. Kanan explained that they had heard the distress signal they had managed to cobble together.

"I told you I could get it, Governor Ryadi," one of the younger ones said.

"I'm just surprised the Imps hadn't heard it," the older man called Ryadi replied. After explaining to the prisoners what their plan was, Ezra and Kanan regrouped with Sabine, planting a bomb on the communication tower and the turret generator before making their way to the command center. Sabine shot two of the techs while Kanan knocked one into another, stabbing both of them with his lightsaber before they could get back up. Ezra quickly cut one officer across the chest, grabbing the pistol he had dropped and quickly shooting two others who were still pulling their own with it. After making sure no one had heard them, they waited until the two shifts of guards, organic or droid, were in their barracks. At that moment, Sabine sent a burst of energy to the KXs through their command network, short-circuiting them. At the same time, Ezra shut the doors to the TIE hanger while Kanan did the same to the army barracks. They then blew up the comm tower as well to prevent the Imperials from calling for help.

"Rescue one and two, you are clear to proceed," Kanan said into their comlink, summoning the evacuation transports. Returning to the prisoners' barracks, the three waited for the evacuation ships alongside the prisoners. Then, Kanan sensed something wrong. An explosion tore through the two barracks, engulfing most of the prisoners and then, two Arquittens-class frigates dropped out of hyperspace, blasting the rescue transports apart between them. Shortly afterward, a Sentinel-class shuttle appeared and landed above them. Out stepped two figures the Specters knew and one they did not.

"I told you that waiting here would pay off, Inquisitors," said Gall Trayviss, the senator of Lothal who had lured many potential Rebels into a trap.

"So it has, Senator," said the Inquisitor known as the Fifth Brother. The third figure, a Nautolan, was also dressed as an Inquisitor. As the dark-armored Purge Troopers of the Inquisitorious moved out of the troop transport, Trayviss spoke up.

"Did you really think we were ignorant of your little transmitter, Ryder?" the slimy spy said to Azadi. "The only reason we didn't stop you was so that some old friends of ours-" he was cut off by a blaster shot to his chest. Ezra had shot him with the blaster pistol taken from the officer he'd killed with his lightsaber. At that moment, the Nautolan Inquisitor charged the Rebels with the Purge Troopers backing her up while the Fifth Brother ran for the local barracks to free the local guards. Sabine called Zeb to pick them up while Hera flew the B-Wing at one of the Arquittens. The Nautolan spun her lightsaber through several prisoners before swinging at Ezra, who dodged the attack. Kanan deflected a few blaster shots from the Purge Troopers but unfornately, several prisoners were hit. Sabine fired numerous shots at the enemy troopers, getting close enough to the shuttle to toss a grenade up the loading ramp, blowing it apart before it could take off and provide air support.

While her husband and foster children were fighting on the ground, Hera was flying in space. Quarrie had said he'd made a copilot for the B-Wing unnecessary. But Hera was questioning that, given how sluggish the controls were in one man mode. There were only six TIEs deployed by the pair of Arquittens but one of them had scored a hit on her, thanks to the B-Wing's sluggishness. Hera managed to shoot down three TIEs in quick succession with her laser cannons, and then use the advanced beam array to blast through the shields of one of the frigates, destroying one of the engines, which subsequently blew up the entire ship, engulfing another two TIEs in the explosion. At that moment, the computer informed her that the laser cannons had overloaded and couldn't be fired, as well as how the shields were now at thirty percent capacity. At that moment, the last TIE started striking her ship with a barrage of lasers, quickly weakening the shields. Out of desperation, Hera sliced through the strut of said fighter with the wing that gave the Blade-wing its name. Said TIE went careening into the frigate, exploding upon impact. The blast wasn't enough to eliminate the Arquittens but it gave Hera the opening she needed to fire the concussion missile she had in reserve, quickly piercing the hull and blowing the frigate apart. And just in time, as the engines for her fighter gave out and she was left dead in space.

Kanan blocked another volley of blasterfire from the Purge Troopers, returning fire with his own sidearm when he could. Kanan then rushed to the aid of Ezra, who was being attacked by the Nautolan Inquisitor. At that moment, Ezra refocused on the Purge Troopers, tossing his stolen blaster pistol to the man called Ryadi. Ezra blocked and dodged the strikes from the trooper's electrified staff, dodging and slicing the black-armored soldier in half diagonally. Kanan easily blocked the strikes from this Inquisitor they had never encountered before, getting her in a saber lock as he stuck his own pistol through her unusually shaped hilt and shooting her in the stomach. As she fell backward, Ezra stabbed her in the back, with his lightsaber coming out of her mouth. Grabbing her lightsaber and turning on the double saber function, Kanan tossed it at a group of Imperial Army troopers who had been freed from their barracks by the Fifth Brother, cutting apart six of them. Sabine had managed to gun down several Purge Troopers and tossed a grenade she had taken from one at the prison guards. The Fifth Brother leapt at Kanan, hammering at the Jedi as he went. Kanan dodged a clumsy attack and cut the Inquisitor across the shin before sending him flying backward with a force push. Just then, as the hanger where the local garrison's TIEs and vehicles were kept was opening its doors, a pair of missiles flew through and blew the entire building apart. Emerging from the smoke, the Ghost, flown by Chopper with Zeb in the forward gun turret, arrived and opened fire on the company of Imperials, annihilating them in short order.

After the Imperials had been defeated, the Ghost landed in the middle of the compound. It turned out that, between the poor conditions of the camp and the battle, there were only forty out of five hundred prisoners left to rescue. After the Specters helped the injured, exhausted, and hungry prisoners onto their ship, the Ghost took off. Briefly stopping in order to pick up Hera's damaged fighter, they jumped to hyperspace just as a star destroyer dropped out of hyperspace. As Hera took her place in the cockpit with Chopper, the rest of the crew handed out aid to the survivors they had rescued.

"You're a governor, then?" Kanan asked the man called Ryder Azadi.

"I wanted to be president," Azadi said. "Then the Republic became the Empire, and I wound up as governor. I thought I was helping my people but then I learned the true cost of serving the Empire. At which point, I looked for other options, but I picked the wrong one and wound up here."

"That option named Senator Trayviss?" Ezra asked.

"Yeah," Azadi confirmed. "Thanks for dealing with him."

"My parents were other people he fooled," the young Lothalite said. At that, Azadi's eyes perked up, his mind thinking.

"Your parents wouldn't happen to be Ephraim and Mira Bridger, would they?" the older man asked. At that, Ezra's was noticeably interested. "Yes, your name would be Ezra. You look a lot like them, and they talked about you many times. Even before your broadcast."

"You heard that?" Ezra said surprised.

"It broke through even to that camp," Azadi said. "Your parents could tell it was you and it inspired the revolt. Unfornately, our uprising was crushed, and they didn't survive. But their sacrifice allowed us to gain the parts necessary to build the transmitter."

"That was my mom and dad, helping people as best they could," Ezra sadly said, his parents' fate finally confirmed. At that, he went back to his room to process this revelation. As the Ghost docked with the Collicoid Swarm, where the former Separatists were waiting with a collection of forgers who could come up with new identities for the escapees, Kanan walked up to his wife, who was talking on the holocom with Commodore Sato. She was explaining how the B-Wing still needed refinement, as well as how the mission had gone. Sato was somewhat saddened by the outcome and apologized for how it had turned out to be a trap. Hera had just explained how they should also look for better transports than the GR-75 as the transmission ended. Turning around, she saw Kanan, who explained to her how Ezra's parents were now confirmed dead. Listening to that, she knew that they were the only family Ezra had now, and resolved to comfort him in the morning.

Sometime after Ezra sat on his bed to process what he had learned, he heard a knock on the door. After opening it with the force, he saw Sabine come in.

"Ezra, I am so sorry about your parents," she said sympathetically.

"Thank you, Sabine," he replied. "At least I know for sure."

"I am here for you," she said. "So is everyone else. We are a family, here." He smiled back at her for that, and after she left, he dozed off to sleep. As he slept, he saw his parents, and a far more beautiful capital city on Lothal than the one the Empire occupied, giving him hope for the future.

I thought it would be a better story to show the Specters rescuing Azadi, while having the heroes kill one Inquisitor and wound another, as opposed to just run away. Especially Kanan, who beat their leader. I also wanted to illustrate how Ezra had gotten smarter since S1, especially since he lived alone from age seven to fifteen. It was a bit frustrating that Trayviss was never punished as far as we know, so I rectified that. I also wanted to show that Stormtroopers and TIE Pilots aren't the only Imperial soldiers who can fight. I also wanted to help explain the divide between Stormtroopers and the Imperial army. The Stormtroopers are a cross between the Marine Corps, repeatedly shown how common they are on warships and how they are first into battle, and the Waffen SS, given how fanatical they are in serving their Sith masters, while the Imperial army is akin to the Heer, or regular German army, often liking what Hitler had to offer but not all of it, along with predating the NSDAP. In addition, you probably won't get to see the B-Wing for a while, given the bugs I demonstrated the prototype has. And I couldn't resist demonstrating how terrible the classic Rebel transports are. I included Hotel Novigrad to demonstrate they are helping the nascent Rebel Alliance with their underworld contacts. I hope I captured Sabine's love of art while demonstrating something that was hinted at in the cartoon.