Despite the fact that she had lived in Brockton Bay for a bit over a year before her parents broke ties with the E88, Tammi could honestly say she didn't know much about the city, aside from local history supplied by her cousin. Primarily recent history, seeing as some idiots, who had no idea what they were doing mind, sunk most of the ships in the harbor during the riots in the 80's, destroying all coastal and international trade for a time in the process.

The only reason the inlet hadn't been blocked, which would have been the death knell for the Bay, was because the independent Rogue, Scribe, slaughtered the idiots trying to take control of the super freighter that was intended to do just that. The PRT, impotent as usual, hadn't done anything during that kerfuffle, other than charge Scribe for interfering with Protectorate business.

Then she permanently 'disabled' the PRT operatives sent to arrest her and everyone pretended the incident never happened after the fact.

So aside from that, Tammi had no idea what Fuglie Bob's was, other than a local hole in the wall burger shop, and this admittance seemed to amuse her companion who shook her head slowly at her reaction.

"This place looks like some sort of...I dunno...military geek meets old school otaku dive…"

Taylor for her part smiled slightly while shaking her head a bit, sending her curly hair waving as she replied, "That would be Bob's sense of style. He was a sailor in the navy back in the 70's, stationed out in Okinawa, really got into the Eastern culture thing. So when he opened up shop here he figured what the hell, it was his place, so he'd decorate it like he wanted it and it's been the same ever since."

Tammi blinked at that, "So he went native chink while overseas?"

Taylor glanced at her, then shrugged, "Man spent twenty years on ships and stationed at ports across the pacific, so yeah, he went a bit native, who wouldn't?"

Tammi was quiet for a moment, then muttered, "The green lion statues look cool at least..."

"They're called shíshī, or foo dogs, they're guardian spirits or the like, protect innocents," Taylor stated with a shrug.

"Know quite a bit about local cultural history huh?"

Taylor let out an amused scoff as she opened the door releasing a waft of warm air from within smelling of cooking oil, greasy meat, and onions, gesturing for Tammi to enter.

"Nah, sort of an osmosis thing from growing up on the docks. Bob was a master chief on the Midway, my dad was a chief petty officer on the Saratoga, and the two of them occasionally have a beer or six, waxing over the plight of overworked NCO's having to babysit officers in order to keep them safe from themselves."

Tammi laughed at that, "Oh really?"

Smiling sadly Taylor gestured for Tammi to follow her as she took a seat at the bar, "Yeah, it's one of the few times dad actually seems to honestly enjoy living instead of just calling it in like usual. I'm just glad he lets me come along when he gets in those moods, I feel better knowing that I'm driving him home when he's plastered…"

Tammi took a seat next to her and shot Taylor a concerned look while deciding to ignore the familial situation for the time being, " have your driver's license?"

Her companion snorted lightly shooting an amused smile at her while shaking her head, "'This is Brockton Bay, as long as you don't hit anything the cops don't really care. They have more important things to do than pull over teenagers trying to drive their plastered parents home or get away from cape fights..." With that she turned to the bartender and yelled out, "Hey Reggie I'll take the usual!" She then turned back to Tammi who was still processing what she had been told, then realized what Taylor's pointed look meant.

"Oh, uh, a rootbeer," Taylor then nodded and yelled her order out to the bartender.

They sat in silence until their drinks arrived, Tammi took her drink and sipped the sickly sweet liquid then placed it back down on the counter suddenly feeling pensive. Taylor for her part took her glass of 7Up with a squirt of cherry juice in hand, took a gulp, then glanced over to the blonde.

Sighing Taylor eventually gave in and asked, "Is there a point to this? I don't mean to be rude but you have to understand I have some serious trust issues and...this is way too elaborate to be one of Emma's games. So I fully admit I have no idea where the hell this is going and just want to know what you want from me."

Tammi stared at Taylor for a few moments, then smiled wanly, "You're lonely, I have no friends that weren't supplied by my family, and we have nothing to offer or offend each other than being us to each other. I just want to be friends, nothing more, nothing less."

Taylor took a sip of her drink, gazed off to the corner which housed a jukebox harking back to the ye olde 1980's spouting out an obnoxious country song, then looked back to Tammi, "That's it, really?"

Tammi shrugged, "That's it, now what do you suggest I order?"

Taylor was silent for a time, then gave her suggestions, after placing their order the girls talked for a time, ate their meals, and went their separate ways afterwards.

It was...a very pleasant, drama free evening, and both young ladies enjoyed it.

The next day at school Tammi walked to her homeroom class and saw Taylor being surrounded by the gang of girls from the day before in the middle of the hall. Sighing while rolling her eyes Tammi motioned for her minions to follow her. Marching right up to Taylor, Tammi startled the other girl when she hooked her arm around her new friend's shoulders dragging her forward while slamming a palm jab into the black bitch that had been holding Taylor's wrist in a death grip. Much to Tammi's amusement, said jab sent the black cunt to the ground in a shocked disbelieving heap, where she belonged.

"Outta my way bitches, my friend and I have places to be after all."

Dragging Taylor on, the said girl eventually spoke up, "Someone is going to pay for that you know…"

Tammi smirked in return, "Yeah, it's gonna suck to be them isn't it? So I have chemistry after homeroom, mind showing me the way?"

Taylor was silent for a time, glanced back over her shoulder at the gaggle of still stunned bitches a moment, then nodded, "Yeah...ok."

Tammi then asked, "Out of idle curiosity, what's the likelihood that the teacher will frown on me making explosives out of household chemicals just for the laughs?"

Taylor let out an exasperated sigh, then muttered, "Don't let those idiots know you can do that, then you won't be able to lift any of it for whatever you have to do. Just throwing that out there…"

At that moment, Taylor Hebert became far more interesting than she previously had been to one Tamara Herran.

"Oh? How would you handle acquiring...illicit materials for potentially nefarious purposes?"

Taylor was silent for a time, then muttered, "Pick the lock on the inflammables locker and get administrative passwords to alter the inventory on the sly."

Tammi scoffed at that, "And who would you find to do that?"

Taylor shot her a look, then shrugged, "Me."

Very interesting indeed...