So I know this is shortish but I'm working twelve hour shifts at the moment and this was all I felt up to writing and have no idea if I'll feel up to writing more tomorrow, so here you go, enjoy!


Tammi was stuck in a bit of a conundrum, she wanted to do more with Taylor outside of school, to break the barrier her friend had around herself and show she was honestly worth trusting. The problem is, she really had no idea how to do that; Tammi wasn't an idiot, she wasn't uneducated, she could hold an intelligent conversation...if she wanted to.

Problem was? She grew up in, what she would freely admit, was what amounted to a cult, and while she was far more realistic about what that implied for the outside world than her cousins, it didn't really help her in the here and now.

Since her only other peers near her age group were minions assigned by Kaiser to protect her, she was left with only two people to actually discuss this with. Sadly her cousin Marie had grown up a part of the more hardcore Gesellschaft leaning sects of the Herran clan, and thus would be of very little help.

So that left her with George...ugh...

George, better known to the world at large as the super villain Victor, was a condescending prick, whose only redeeming feature was his forced marriage to her said cousin Marie, the Empire's designated healer, Othala.

Who, for reasons Tammi couldn't even begin to comprehend, loved the man in an almost fanatical manner. One way or another Othala's arranged marriage to the significantly older cape had never settled well with Tammi, and was one of the many reasons she didn't fully buy into 'The Cause', but at the very least she could count on him being honest with her.

Even if she didn't always like his answers.

Especially if she didn't like them...the prick.

So, pulling a lock of blonde hair behind her ear, she approached one of her ostensible guardians as he was trying to collate a rather imposing stack of paperwork from his day job. Being Medhall's legal head was something the man thrived on, but it didn't mean he wasn't prone to bouts of vitriol when stupid people did stupid things either.

"You idiotic son of a, no, calm down, think this through calmly now George…"

Smirking Tammi entered the room and leaned down while glancing at the paper in his hand before letting out a low whistle, "Shit, and he released that without having the investor sign an NDA?"

Sighing, the older man spun his chair around, glanced up at his annoying cousin in law and muttered out, "Yes, yes he did…"

Tammi was silent for a moment, then shrugged, "Fire him. Any court case in on the deal being renaged on, if things go south, can be redirected at an incompetent junior member overstepping his bounds and you'll have legal documentation proving you had the clients best interests in mind by dismissing him."

George was silent for a time, then asked, "And what about the man I had negotiating the deal to begin with?"

Oddly enough, she took a note from Taylor's outlook on life and shrugged, "If he didn't have the restraint to actually think things through before setting an overeager puppy on the issue at hand, do you really want him as part of the team?"

George was silent for a few moments, then chuckled lightly leaning back in his chair to meet her gaze evenly, "True, true. How...insightful of you dear cousin."

Fucking hell did he creep her out when he talked like that, but she pushed past it shrugging lightly, "Met a new friend who is kinda pushy on the whole 'thinking for yourself' thing. She's...different, I think she might fit in but I don't really know how to feel her out on the whole...Empire thing…"

George paused, then nodded, "Ah, you were looking for advice on how to test the waters, yes?"

Tammi nodded, letting out a sigh, "Yeah, pretty much."

He shrugged then turned back to the papers spread across his desk, "It is normal for teenage girls to have movie nights correct?"

Tammi shrugged lightly at that, "Yeah, I guess?"

Shaking his head a bit George pointed to the cabinet filled with DVDs to his left, "Yellow cover, third shelf, on the right. Idiocracy, if you want to plant the seeds of eugenics actually having any meaning and legitimately enjoy your evening with some comedic satire at the same time, that would be your first stepping stone."

Finding the DVD in question, she pulled it from its place on the shelf, then turned to George feeling oddly...appreciative, "Huh...hey, thanks George."

He didn't look up from his papers, but he did smile cooly as he replied after a brief pause, "You are quite welcome, Rune."

A clear dismissal, and a reminder of the control he held over her even if he didn't use it.

Yup, still a total prick.

Sighing Tammi pulled her phone out and quickly typed out a text to Taylor, and hadn't that been a chore talking her into accepting the cheap cell for just such situations. Tammi got it, really she did, but Taylor letting her nearly negligent father's phobia effect her life in such a manner was just...annoying.

Me: Hey, you free tonight? Was thinking a movie and pizza?

There was a short pause before she got a reply.

Tay: Oh, sure that sounds like it could be nice. My place or yours?

Tammi grimaced at that, she had no issues with her friend meeting Marie, despite her conservative and...outdated view of the world she was a pleasant host. On the other hand, George...

Me: How about your place? Say around sixish?

Tay: Sounds good, see you soon! You like pepperoni and banana peppers on your pizza right?

Me: Yup guilty as charged

Tay: Cool, will order it in a few, see you soon!

Smiling Tammi locked her phone and shoved it into her pocket, then face palmed as she realized she didn't know Taylor's address. Pulling the phone out muttering in embarrassment she quickly typed out 'Err...what's your address?'

She only had to wait a few moments before she got a reply, 'I was wondering when you'd realize that.'

Tammi couldn't help letting out an amused snort muttering, "Bitch," under her breath. Having friends instead of minions was...nice.