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Shingeki no Gojira

Eren opened his eyes, his vision was blurred and he felt tears leaking from the corners; not that it would help matters because all he could see through his impaired vision was darkness and a slight red glow. The heat was intense. So hot; so warm that it felt the air itself was burning his eyes and throat. The worst part was the smell, he couldn't even describe it. It was the vilest thing to ever assault his nose, it alone made him want to empty his stomach of its contents. He held onto his arm, or at the very least what was left of his arm as a mangled, bloody stump was all that remained.

His memories came back to him, he had been eaten by a titan. He had finally graduated; in the top ten of his class too and he was ready to kill all of them. He was ready to take his revenge on the monsters that kept humanity trapped inside the walls like cattle. Ready to slaughter all the monsters responsible for taking his mother from him and when finally given the chance to do so; he ends up inside one of them. Now there was little he could do; nothing but wait to be slowly digested by the stomach acids he was currently standing in.

He could see the remains of other humans floating around him. A few limbs like an arm or a leg; half a body along with a head or two. He could feel his body let out a scream of shock and fright, probably out of instinct as he took in the sight around him. The only thing that seemed to have life in this hell pit besides himself was one woman calling out for her mother. She was half submerged in the acidic fluids. Her brain was probably cooked from the heat along with just being broken from the situation. It wasn't long before her head was pulled under the burning, putrid liquid and left Eren in the silence once more.

This wasn't right, this wasn't supposed to happen. Eren refused to believe the situation he was currently in. No, they had trained for years; pushed their bodies to the brink and trained for this very moment and for what? To be devoured, consumed, to die like all the rest, no. Eren refused to give up, he refused to roll over and die! These monsters took everything from him, their freedom, their homes, his mother. No, he was not going to go out like a bitch, he would fight to his last moments. He had to fight; to win because if he won, he could live. If he lost, he would die. If he was to die, he would go down fighting for his freedom.

He raised his mangled stump into the air. I'll kill them all; he vowed; I'll exterminate every last one of them! Just like he always did; vowing to kill the titans was second nature to him. He felt his rage build up within him; it made him stronger. This time however, it was different. He felt the rage consume his entire body. He felt like his head was spinning; as if he had suddenly become drunk on his own anger. He could feel the organic walls of Titan's stomach closing in on him. It was if he had suddenly become claustrophobic and the area was becoming smaller and more unbearable by the minute. He heard the distinctive rip and tearing of fabric and the clothes he was wearing, his cadet uniform; it suddenly felt like they were constricting. They felt tighter, and tighter before one last audible tear resonated and he was suddenly given a sense of release as the constrictions ceased. He didn't even realise his mangled arm had grown its hand back until after it happened; except, it wasn't his hand.

When Eren's head stopped swirling and he began to regain his senses he found himself outside. He felt the dampness in the air and on the stone ground from a recent rainfall. He could smell the scent of wet wood, smoke and the metallic tang of blood that stained the air. He could feel the cold, wet ground under his feet, except like his hand they were not his feet. Eren looked down to see he was standing over the remains of the Titan that had eaten him. It was ripped apart from the inside, the corpse already vaporizing into steam. Eren realized something was different; something was wrong. He didn't know exactly what it was yet but he knew; he felt different. He looked down at himself; his head still a little fuzzy; almost making the whole experience feel like a dream he was aware of being in. He soon realized however that this wasn't a dream; this was real and something had happened to him.

He now towered over many of the humble buildings in Trost. In fact; he could see the whole city from his current location. He could see the Titans walking between the buildings, looking for victims to devour whole. His body had changed, instead of skin and hair his body was now covered in scales; scales dark-green to black-grey in colour. He could feel several razor-sharp teeth in his mouth with his tongue as it brushed over them. His hands now had three fingers and a thumb, each ending in a sharp claw. He looked over his shoulder to see massive spike-like fins or dorsal plates that were protruding out of his back and…wait…did…did he have a fucking tail?

He instinctively tried to move the new muscles he started to become aware of. To his amazement the tail reacted to his movements; just like if he was moving an arm or leg. He swung the tail again, and accidentally let it sway into a nearby building, causing it to collapse; oops. What am I, I'm no longer human right? What happened to me? Eren was brought out of his panicked and confused thoughts when he felt a small pinch on his leg. Internally he had screamed in surprise at the sudden pain but externally only a low growl of annoyance emanated out of his new mouth. He looked down to see an 8-Meter Titan had wrapped itself around his leg and took a bite with its grinning maw.

Upon seeing his hatred enemy again Eren was pulled from his questioning thoughts as violent, hateful ones took their place. He bent over and used his now massive hands to grab the Titan. He pulled the Titan off of him and raised it towards his jagged maw. Let's see how you like it, die you bastard! Eren clamped down on the Titan; crushing its nape in his teeth as boiling hot blood exploded all over his mouth and slowly dripped down his throat. He felt the Titans corpse start to disintegrate in his hands. He was relishing the destruction of the vile creature; how it perished by his own hands…or teeth if you wanted to be accurate.

Eren felt the ground beneath his feet rumble and he tore his gaze from the vaporizing Titan to see two more Titans approaching. They were a 3-meter and a 10-meter. Eren dropped the corpse of the slain Titan to the ground and turned around, swinging his tail towards the approaching enemies. His tail swung over the 3-meter but it directly hit the 10-meter and sent it flying into an abandoned building. He walked over and in a single step; squashed the 3-meter Titan under his clawed foot. Then before the 10-meter class even had a chance to get back up he grabbed its head in his massive hands and started to squeeze until it popped. With the Titan incapacitated, Eren grabbed the back of its neck, his hand wrapping around the nape and crushed it.

The body of the Titan slumped down to the ground and started to vaporize with the steam coming off it. Eren looked down at his defeated enemies. I don't know what happened. I don't know what I've become? What I am or why anything is going on but I do know one thing. I know that I had just killed three; possibly four Titans and I enjoyed it. I enjoy it, this power, I can feel it coursing though my body. It was like some higher power had heard humanity's rage and turned him into the living personification of it. He would kill all the Titans; just like he always vowed to. He would avenge his mother; he would avenge his squad and all those who have fallen to the Titans. I will kill them all! I will kill every single one of them and I will free humanity from these walls. Humanity will no longer be cattle; we will be free! He reared his head back to release a cry of victory at what he had done but instead all that came out was…


Mikasa heard the strange sound in the air and turned her head in the direction it was originating from. What was that, that sound, it couldn't have been a Titan; could it? She couldn't see anything stand out; just buildings, smoke and Titan steam. Whatever had made that strange sound was not currently in her sights and it paid her no present danger so she chose to ignore it for now. Right now, her priority was Eren; she needed to find him. The vanguard had finally been given the order to retreat to safety behind Wall Rose but many of the cadets had yet to turn up; Eren and Armin included. She knew it was selfish on her part but she didn't care; all that mattered was finding Eren, her…family.

It didn't take her long to find a gathering of cadets on a nearby building. She recognized many of them from her cadet class; the 104th. She could see Jean, Connie and Sasha along with several others but she didn't see Eren, Armin or anyone from their squad. She refused to let the dread that was building and creeping into her heart take hold as she fired her ODM hooks in their direction. She landed on the building they had all gathered on; coming to a stop next to Reiner, Annie, Bertholt and Marco. The four of them turned to face her, Annie seemingly being the only one not surprised at her sudden appearance.

"Annie, I think I have an understanding of the situation. I know it's selfish but have you seen Eren's squad?" she asked, putting her feelings for her rival aside presently…just for Eren's sake.

"Some squads made it back but I don't know about Eren's." Annie responded, though for once Mikasa could hear a hint of care in her usually reserved tone.

"We did find Armin, he's over there." Reiner spoke up while pointing behind him.

Mikasa looked in the direction Reiner was pointing and sure enough there was Armin. Her blond and intellectual friend was sitting against a window. His head was cast down and was giving off a sense of terror and depression. She quickly nodded a thanks to Reiner and made her way to her childhood friend. She called out to him and didn't fail to notice how Armin suddenly froze upon hearing her the sound of her voice. He didn't move so Mikasa closed the distance. The feeling of dread was slowly creeping back into her upon seeing Armin without Eren and once again she quashed it down. She refused to let it take hold within her. For all she knew Armin might be too injured or hurt to respond. It wasn't long before she was kneeling down before Armin, checking him for any sign of injury, thankfully she didn't see any.

"Armin, are you okay? You're not hurt, are you?" she inquired.

Armin froze up again, still refusing to respond and that scared Mikasa. It was so unlike her inquisitive friend and the fact that she had yet to find Eren didn't help the matter. But seeing that Armin at least had no physical injuries she stood back up and took another look at her surroundings. She looked at each one of the surrounding cadets faces, hoping to find Eren's amongst them but still nothing; not even a hint of those beautiful green eyes or shaggy brow hair of his.

"Where's Eren?" she asked.

This time she did get a response from Armin but not one she wanted. He looked at her and their eyes locked. Armin's eyes were stained red from crying, an ever-present look of fright and terror on his face and he was struggling to speak. In that moment she knew, logically she knew the horrible truth but her mind and spirit still refused to believe it. It was if just even entertaining the possibility would turn it into reality. It felt like forever before Armin finally managed to sprout words from his mouth and they were ones she wished she never heard.

"Our Unit…Squad 34…Thomas Wagner…Nic Tius…Mylius Zeramuski…Mina Carolina…Eren Yeager…All five of them fulfilled their duty and died heroic deaths in battle!" Armin screamed out before falling back into tears.

It felt like the whole world had come to an abrupt halt. Mikasa was deaf to the world as her mind replayed Armin's words in her head over and over again like a broken record. She didn't want it to be true, it couldn't be true but she knew. She knew the cruel truth and that was Eren; her Eren was gone. It happened again; just like before. First my parents, then the Yeager's and now Eren. Why? Why was the world such a beautiful and cruel place? Why did it have to take Eren away from me? I wasn't there, I wasn't able to protect him and now…he's gone. Her hands instinctively flew to her scarf. His scarf, the one that he wrapped around me when he saved me; when we saved each other. The piece of fabric she always took great care with still held his scent. She felt cold inside as the doubt that had been creeping into her had finally taken hold. It felt like a part of her was missing as she was sure a part of her died along with Eren.

"I'm sorry Mikasa! Eren died saving me…I couldn't do anything…I'm worthless." Armin continued to cry.

"Armin…" Mikasa bent down and grabbed his hand. His head shot up at the sudden physical contact and he looked into her eyes; now devoid of any sign of life or joy. "Calm down…this is now time to get emotional, get up!"

Mikasa helped Armin stand back up; he was still in shock but he was no longer crying. With Armin found and Eren…gone their next priority was to escape back headquarters. Most of the cadets here were either low or out of gas. That would not normally be a problem as they should have been able to resupply but the resupply squad had either been unable to or simply refused to come to them. If they were going to get out of this alive, they needed to move now.

"Marco, if we can take out the Titans around headquarters, we can replenish our gas supplies and scale the wall; is that assessment correct?" Mikasa asked as she walked away from Armin.

"Well…yeah that's right. But even with you here there are still too many to…" the freckled cadet with dreams of serving the king started to reply.

"I can do it…" Mikasa announced as she turned to face her comrades, determination in her eyes. "…I'm strong, stronger than all of you. None of you even come close. I have the strength to slay all of the Titans in my path. Even if I have to do it alone. As far as I'm concerned, I'm surrounded by a bunch of unskilled, cowardly worms! You disappoint me and you can all stay here and twiddle your thumbs while I show you how it's done!"

"Hey! Mikasa, what are you saying?" a female cadet Mikasa didn't recognize called out to her.

"You want to fight all those Titans by yourself?" another cadet asked.

"There's no way even you could do that."

"If I can't beat them…then I die. But if I win…I live and the only way to live is to fight!" Mikasa announced before jumping off the building.

Mikasa quickly activated her ODM gear and started to make her way towards the headquarters; slaying every Titan in her path. She didn't care what size or type the Titan was if it was in her path then she cut it down. Her mind had become blank, movements had become almost instinctual and reactionary as the only thing she focused on was moving forward, fighting and killing anything in her way. She didn't even bother to look behind once to see if any of her comrades actually decided to follow her on her mad charge; not that it mattered to her anyways. At this point she had lost count of how many Titans had fallen to her blades as she turned and slashed the nape of a Titan that had the audacity to try and grab her.

Her movement and blank thoughts came to an abrupt halt when her gear stalled and the strange sensation that she was suddenly feeling in her stomach indicated to her that she was falling. Shit! I've run out of gas! Mikasa had carelessly used it all up in her grief driven rampage. Without the use of her ODM gear, it didn't matter how skilled she was, without her gear she was done for. She braced herself as she came crashing to the ground; in an alleyway between buildings. Her feet skidded against the ground for a bit before her whole body collapsed and she rolled against the stone pathways. Mikasa could feel the burning sensation of her skin being scraped against the rough stone texture. Mikasa finally came to a stop, momentum completely spent as she came to kneeling position down on the ground. It was not long before said ground shook with thunderous footsteps, one of the first signs or indicators that a Titan was coming.

She could see the Titan out of the corner of her right eye. If this was going to be the one that killed her it was pretty unremarkable where it came to Titans. The Titans only distinctive feature being a slightly bloated belly, whether it was like that because of fat or being full of humans Mikasa didn't care to want to know. This is it. The world is a cruel and merciless place but it's also beautiful. Her thoughts went to Eren, at least she would see him soon if there was a life after this one. Hopefully she would be reunited with him and her parents and it would be less cruel than the one she currently lived in. She could see the Titan start to reach its hand out to grab her and devour her whole. Mikasa took in a deep breath, accepting her fate. Just as the Titan was about to grab her, her vision was replaced with a flash of red and her body suddenly moved on its own accord as she grabbed her remaining blade and sliced the fingers off the reaching hand.

Mikasa jumped back just in time to avoid being swatted at like she was nothing but a bothersome housefly but found herself being slammed into a wall behind her. Why am I acting like this? I want to die. I want to be with Eren. Why is my body reacting this way? The Titans hand came in for another swipe and she responded by jumping out of the way and rolling across the ground. Mikasa could feel her body start to stand on its own. Why? What is happening to me? Without Eren I have no purpose of living anymore. I want to die. Mikasa could not understand why her body refused to let her die. She couldn't help but remember when Eren had saved her life and told her to fight.


This time her body did freeze and it was of her own accord as Mikasa came to a realization; she had to fight! Eren had once told her to fight. If you lose you die. If you win you live! For Eren she had to fight to live. Eren would be so disappointed if he could see me now. I was ready to give up. I wanted to die and it went against everything he believed in. Mikasa was ashamed with herself because she had given up. If I died, I wouldn't be able to remember him, I will fight! I will win and I will live; for Eren. Mikasa held her broken sword in her hand and prepared to fight. I'm sorry Eren but never again will I ever give up! The Titan took another step closer; the ground trembled at it's might as it stepped within grabbing range.

Time seemed to slow down for Mikasa as the Titan lifted its newly regenerated hand into the air; ready to claim another human victim. Mikasa let all the grief, anger, determination and hope to survive that had been building within her out as she screamed and prepared to charge her foe. However, she never got the chance as before Mikasa even realized what was going on something had suddenly bathed the area around her in a blue light. When it suddenly died down; the Titan was no longer standing in front of her but was instead lying on the ground with a large pocket of steam emanating off of it.

Mikasa quickly regained her composure as she realized that a beam of blue fire had travelled over her head and slammed into the Titan. The result was the fire or beam had blown off it's head and sent its massive body crashing to the ground. Mikasa could not help but find herself staring at the body. Her mind was recognizing what she saw but the logical part of her brain was having trouble making sense out of it. But that's impossible. What could have done this? The ground soon trembled in a familiar pattern, like footsteps, coming from behind her. Another Titan? Mikasa gripped her blade again as she turned around ready to defend herself from the approaching threat but as soon as her eyes landed on her target she froze.

It was not a Titan behind her or at the very least she didn't think it was a Titan in the sense she was brought to understand them. Before her, rounding the corner was a gigantic lizard. It stood roughly 18-meters tall; but it was slouching so it possibly could be around 20-meters tall if it were to stand at its full height. The creature's scales were a mix of dark green and black and it had two clawed hands. Its back was lined with massive spines, fins or dorsal plates that seemed to be pulsing with blue light and energy. Its eyes were green; zeroed in on the body of The Titan behind her and were filled with rage and hatred. The creature reared its head back and let out a deafening roar. One that Mikasa had just realized she had heard before.


Eren raised his foot and brought it down hard; stomping another Titan into a boiling red paste. He loved hearing the sound of Titans being crushed under his heel. He was delighted to see the streets of civilization stained with Titan's blood instead of that of humans for once. He crushed the nape of another Titan he held in his hands and swatted another away with his tail. Take that you stupid bastards! You're not so tough when you're the ones getting slaughtered! Though Eren was admittedly disappointed when he realized that the Titans in the area were starting to thin out. No, I need more, I have to kill the all! His blood lust wasn't satisfied; not even close. I still don't know what happened to me. I still don't know what I've become but right now I don't care. Even if this is a dream which I doubt; I'm killing Titans! I'm not going to stop until every last one of them is gone!

Eren suddenly felt something land on back as he felt pressure being applied against his dorsal-spine…fin…spike things. He looked over his shoulder to see a Titan, an abnormal one as it was the only way to explain how and why it had launched itself onto his back. The abnormal Titan lurched forward and sunk its teeth into one of Eren's dorsal plates. Eren let out a roar of pain and annoyance before he turned his head and managed to bite into the arm of the abnormal with his maw. Eren then swung his head around; managing to pull the abnormal off him and started to swing the abnormal around like a rabid dog before the arm of the abnormal had taken enough of the motional abuse and tore off. The abnormal Titan was sent flying into the air and came crashing down in another section of Trost.

No Goddammit! Get back here! I'm not done with you yet you piece of shit! Seeing his prey had temporarily, and only temporarily escape him he dropped the arm from his mouth, specks of blood entered his throat as the arm started to vaporize on the ground below. Eren looked around to find his next target. You can't hide from me you bastards! I will find you and I will kill every last one of you! Eren didn't know if he was capable of smiling in this new body but he liked to imagine he wore a feral grin when his eyes locked onto his next prey. A Titan with a slightly bloated belly was walking into an alleyway not far from him. You're next shithead!

Eren began to walk in the direction of the Titan. He could feel the ground shake and quake under his very feet with every step he took. As Eren got closer he noticed that the Titan in his sights was after a lone soldier on the ground. That poor bastard is probably out of gas or has damaged their gear. Out here in Titan country that was a death sentence. Fear not soldier I will save you! But as Eren got closer his eyes spotted a familiar piece of red cloth wrapped around the soldier neck. Wait…that scarf! But that means…that soldier it's…it's MIKASA!

Eren could now see that it was indeed Mikasa who was being menaced by the Titan. She was avoiding all the Titan's attempts to grab her. Seeing his adoptive sister close to deaths door filled Eren with unmeasurable rage. He could actually feel it building within the pit of his stomach; he could feel it crawling up his spine and pulse through his entire being. NO! You stay away from her you fucking bastard! He reared his head back and prepared to roar at the Titan in order to get its attention off his sister and at him. But instead of a roar he felt the rage and power that was building up in him release as a beam of blue fire shot out of his mouth and into the Titan.

Eren watched as the Titan fell to the ground. The beam of fire that had come out of his own mouth had blown the Titan's head clean off its body. What was that? What in the shit was that? Fire? That was…but I did that? Eren looked down towards his sister and to his relief Mikasa was safe and sound from her attacker and was now staring up at him. Eren didn't fail to notice the shock and surprise register on her face as she observed him. Still feeling the after effects from his rage of seeing her in danger; Eren took a step forward and tried to call out to her by name. MIKASA!


Mikasa took a reactionary step backwards; her hand gripped her sword and her eyes watched his every movement. Damn I guess I can't speak in this form. If I even thought Mikasa was capable of getting scared I might have thought I actually scared her for a moment. Mikasa's reaction did make Eren take pause in his step towards her for a moment. The last thing I want is for Mikasa to think I'm an enemy and attack me. However, Eren soon noticed that the Titan behind her was stirring and slowly getting back up. It was a fact that Mikasa seemed to notice as well. So, that beam of fire I unleashed didn't destroy the nape. It's more like a ranged attack like a cannon or musket. Okay that's good to know and fine with me. I enjoy ripping these fuckers apart anyways.

Eren gave Mikasa one last hesitant look before he started to make his way towards the Titan. He carefully and slowly took a giant step over Mikasa and he took extra care in making sure that his tail didn't accidentally slam into her. Mikasa stayed rooted to her spot the entire time, simply observing him with her sword gripped as if silently challenging him to try anything with her and he'll regret it. Oh, I know Mikasa, believe me I know. Eren soon found himself standing over the regenerating Titan's body. Eren lifted his clawed foot into the air and brought it down on the neck, crushing the nape and killing the man-eating monster.

"Mikasa!" a familiar voice called out.

"Glad to see…What the Fuck is That!" another voice said.

Eren looked over his shoulder to see that Armin and Connie had joined Mikasa's side on the ground. His three friends were staring up at him. Each having a look of shock on their face but Eren could still see that Armin was at least observing him with his calculating eyes rather then being simply being scared shitless like Connie was. Honestly Connie if you didn't close your trap soon, you'll be catching flies. Eren turned his attention back to the vaporizing Titan beneath his feet. Well, it's already dead…but maybe I should show off to Mikasa as payback for all the times she insisted I needed to be protected like some snot nosed toddler. With his foot still slammed down on the Titan; Eren lowered his head and caught the Titan's legs in his jagged maw. Eren started to pull and he kept pulling until the Titan was torn in half. The Titans blood and stomach acids spilled all across the ground. Eren could still see the shocked look on his friends faces as he shook the bottom half of the Titan in his mouth; severing a dangling leg before flinging it off to the side. He then turned back to his friends and let out a roar of victory…or boasting.


Mikasa barley acknowledged that Armin or Connie had joined her side. No, her entire focus was currently on the…well…giant fire breathing lizard that stood in front of her. It…it saved my life. But Why? The creature seemed to have noticed her but it either wasn't interested in or paid no mind to her but instead focused on killing the Titan. The creature looked down at them, analyzing them with its green eyes, its familiar eyes. Mikasa swore she has seen those eyes before. Upon having decided they weren't worth it's time or they posed no threat, the creature turned its head and started to walk off in the direction a 15-meter Titan was currently in. The creature let out a low growl, paid them one last look and took off after the Titan.

Mikasa was in such shock from what she had just witnesses that she barely acknowledged it when Armin grabbed her and used his own ODM to bring her to the top of the nearby building. Connie, having gotten out of his own stupor had quickly followed them. All three of them landed on the building; presently safe from the Titans grasp. However, Mikasa turned her focus back to the giant lizard and watched as it swatted the 15-meter with its tail, freeing the Titan's head from its body. It only seems to attack Titans, it didn't care about me, Armin or Connie. Back in the ally; it looked at me; it made sure to step over me and avoid hitting me with its tail. What is it? Could it be intelligent?

"Hey guys, I'm…I'm not the only one seeing this right, you guys see it too?" Connie questioned them.

"It's killing the Titans. Is it some kind of predator that hunts them? No, it doesn't seem to be eating them. It's looks like it's killing them for fun." Armin observed.

"Whatever that creature is…it saved me. I was done for in that ally until it showed up." Mikasa informed them.

"Okay so we got a giant lizard with a hard on for killing Titans, lucky break for once, we'll report it later but right now we should get back to headquarters." Connie pointed out.

"We can't Mikasa's out of gas." Armin informed them.

"Are you fucking kidding me! We need Mikasa to help clear out all the Titans without her we have no chance what are we going to do!"

"Isn't it obvious…" Armin said as he transferred the last of his gas into Mikasa's canister. "…this is our only option, just be careful with it this time. All our lives are riding on you Mikasa. There your mobility gear still works and I've given you the last of my blades…" Armin held up his last blade, broken and virtually unusable on Titans in it's present state. "…all I ask is that you leave me this I'd rather not get eaten alive if I can help it."

No! I've already lost Eren. I'm not losing you too Armin. I'm not going to let you give up like I did. Mikasa quickly grabbed the blade from Armin and tossed it off the roof. The clattering of the blade against the brick walls echoed in the silence around them. Armin looked up at her in surprise, confusion laced his features at her actions.

"Armin…" Mikasa bent down to look Armin in the eyes but this time instead of sadness and defeat; they were filled with life and hope. "…I'm not leaving you here." She assured him.

"But the place is swarming with Titans. You can't carry someone while jumping!" Armin pointed out knowing that he would only slow his friends down and getting them killed.

"Let's go." Connie said as he grabbed Armin.

"Wait…" Armin looked back over to the lizard as it ripped a 4-meter Titan in half with its hands. ", I have a suggestion, why don't we use that creature to our advantage."

"To our advantage?" Connie questioned.

"As you put it Connie that creature seems to have a hard on for killing Titans. If we can lure it over towards headquarters then perhaps it can take care of all the Titans for us." Armin pointed out.

"And how exactly do we plan on leading a giant lizard over there?"

"It's intelligent." Mikasa spoke up; catching the attention of her friends. "Back in that alley, I could see it in its eyes. That creature looked at me and took extra care not to step on me or hit me with its tail while it made its way to the Titan. If it was just an animal or mindless beast why would it care if it stepped on me. To that creature I would be nothing but an insect to it, a fly to be swatted away or an ant to be trampled on but it didn't. It made sure to avoid hurting me. If we somehow managed to point out that we want it to kill the Titans at headquarters I believe it will understand and help us."

"This is crazy, you're both insane!" Connie voiced his opinion on the matter.

"It's a gamble but what have we to lose? If we're right then maybe we can all make it out of this alive. Mikasa, you're the most skilled. Do you think you can get its attention and point it in the direction of the HQ? I figure if we're wrong about this and that creature does end up turning on us then you have the best chance at surviving it."

"I'll do it, if you're ready."

"Fine…let's hope this works or we'll all be laughing stocks." Connie conceded to the plan.

"Actually, Connie if this doesn't work, we'll be dead."

"Not helping Armin!"

With that the three of them took off into the air. Connie was carrying Armin across the roofs while Mikasa made her way towards the giant lizard as it finished off another Titan. Mikasa watched as the creature turned its attention from its slain prey to another; a 10-meter that was making its way towards it. Seeing an opportunity, Mikasa shot forward and spun her blades, slicing the nape of the 10-meters neck before the creature had a chance to get near it. The Titan fell to the ground dead and Mikasa glanced back to see that she had the eyes of the beast on her. Good I have its attention. Now please, please let me and Armin be right in that you will help us. Don't force me to take you down as well. Mikasa zipped over to a nearby building and seeing that the creature's eyes were still on her waved one of her blades into the air to keep its attention. She could have sworn the creature had a look of surprise on it's face but it did turn its full attention onto her as it took a step towards her. The ground rumbled and the building shook as the creature towered over her, bending its neck down to look over her.

"I don't know if you can understand me but I believe you're intelligent enough to grasp the situation. However, if you can understand me then please give me a sign, nod or something."

Mikasa once again felt her eyes widen in surprise as the creature responded with a low growl and slowly nodded its head at her. I was right. This creature is intelligent. It can understand me and if it can then we have a chance. We can make it out of this alive. It still made her wonder though. But this creature clearly isn't a Titan, but it's no mere animal either. What is it and why is dose it seem so keen on helping humanity? Those questions could come later, first they needed to survive.

"Then we need your help. Do you see the swarm of Titans over there?" Mikasa gestured with her blade in the direction of the swarmed headquarters. The creature turned its head to look in the direction she was indicating. Its green eyes immediately landed on and targeted the Titans crawling all over the building. "Our comrades are trapped there; the Titans have swarmed the headquarters and if we can't get rid of them then we can't refuel our devices and we can't escape. You understand right, if those Titans are not cleared then we will all die! You have to help us please."

The creature turned its head back to gaze at Mikasa as she once again found herself staring into its familiar green eyes. I know I've seen those eyes before but…no it couldn't be, it's probably just the reflection of the light. Understanding soon shown in them as the creature let out another growl followed by a slight nod. The giant lizard then turned its attention towards the headquarters, and let out another screech before charging.


"Watch Out!" Reiner shouted.

Jean and the other cadets had little time to react before one of the walls surrounded them quickly disappeared. One poor female cadet didn't react to the warning in time and was sent flying across the room. Jean looked to see the wall had been replaced with the sight of two grinning faces staring down at him and the other cadets who managed to reach the headquarters. Yes, by some small miracle they had managed to get her but it was only made possible due to the sacrifice of others lives. There were too many people in one place! The Titans know we're all in here. Even if we could find an opening to get away from them, we wouldn't be able too because we can't refill our gear. Not with the seven 3-5 meters below in the gas storage room, it's hopeless were doomed.

The situation was become bleaker by the minute. Jean soon found himself staring into the eyes of the grinning Titans before him. He had deafened out the noise of panicked shouts and cries from his friends around him. He couldn't even move as he found himself rooted to his spot in horror. This can't be the end. There has to be some way to get out of here. Maybe I could, no who am I kidding. Here is my dose of reality. How could I even kid myself into thinking we even had a chance against these monstrosities. It would be better if I just…wait, WHAT!

Time seemed to slow down as a giant, clawed, green black hand entered into view with the grinning Titans. Just as suddenly as it appeared it swiped across both Titans and swatted them away with the Titan on the farthest right having its face crushed in the process. The force of the impact sent a wave of force into the room; knocking several cadets over and it sent the two Titans flying out of view as another shape replaced. Jean barely had anytime to register what had happened before the sounding of shattering glass caught his attention and he turned just in time to see Mikasa, Connie and Armin crash through the windows and into the room.

"Woah, that was close I was running on fumes, but we made it. "Connie said as he knocked on his canister, the resulting sound resonating that it was indeed empty.

"Y-you're Alive." Jean stated as he walked up to them.

"We did it Armin!' Connie said as he slapped his friend on the back. "…and you guys will never believe it but we found someone with more Titan hatred then Eren ever had."

"What are you talking about Connie?" Reiner asked.

"Take a look out there, I'm sure Lizzy is wiping the floor with the Titans."

"Lizzy, who's Lizzy" Sasha inquired.

"Connie, I don't remember agreeing to name it Lizzy." Armin responded.

"Well do you have another name for a giant lizard because if you do, I'd like to hear it otherwise I'm sticking with Lizzy." Connie said as he pointed to the hole in the room.

The remaining cadets looked out the hole to see what Connie was talking about not expecting to see that the goof-ball of the 104th was being serious for once. Right there; standing outside the headquarters was indeed a giant lizard and it was currently standing atop a 10-meter Titan corpse with a smaller 3-meter in its jaws. The creature raised its clawed hand and grabbed hold before tearing the Titan in two. The creature then spun around, swinging its tail towards an approaching 7-meter and sending it flying back into a building which collapsed onto it. The creature then threw half of the Titan in its hands at another; managing to send it off balance as it crushed the nape of the other half in its jaws with a sickening crunch as blood rained down onto the street. Spitting out the Titans remains the creature eyed the rest of the Titans in the area as they took notice of its presence and all started to converge on him. If the cadets didn't know better, they could have sworn that creature was smiling.

"What the fuck is that?" Jean voiced their collective thoughts.

"I know that's what I said and do you know what the best part is. Lizzy doesn't care about humans at all just the Titans." Connie proclaimed.

"But what…how…is this a dream?" one of the cadets asked.

"It's not a dream and right now that creature is our best chance for survival." Mikasa stated.

"How much do you guys know about that thing?" Reiner asked, Annie and Bertholt hovering near him.

"That can wait for later. Right now, we have more pressing issues." Armin stated.

"Yeah, like clearing out the Titans below so we can refuel and retreat behind the wall." Jean pointed out.

"Yeah, you're right let's survive first."

"Jean, are those MP muskets?" Armin asked.

"Yeah, we have a crate full, covered in dust why?"

"I have an idea."


Get the fuck off me you fucking bastard pieces of shit! Eren let out a roar of frustration as he suddenly found himself being dog piled by a bunch of Titans. It seemed that as soon as he had showed up the Titans had lost all interest in the humans located in the headquarters and focused solely on him. Fine with me I said, more Titans for me to kill I said. But now these fucks are all over me. GET OFF! The Titans were climbing all over him trying to pull him down. The small ones Eren could deal with. The bigger ones were piling on him and pulling him down; then there was their insensitive biting. Eren actually allowed himself to fall down once as he allowed his new weight to crush all the Titans clinging to his right side beneath him. Now don't get up again! While he was down Eren twisted his neck back and caught another Titan in his jaws, biting down and ripping it off him as his tail slashed at another Titan approaching from behind. Seeing an opening, Eren quickly stood back up and fell onto his other side crushing all the Titans and a building on his left side.

Eren stood back up. Son of a bitch that stings! Eren's skin was stinging from the bites he received from all the Titans. Eren looked at his side to see crimson blood leaking from some of his wounds. Damnit I'm bleeding and if I can bleed that means I can be killed, I'm not invulnerable, god-fucking-damnit! Vast disappointment washed over Eren at this revelation but as disappointing as it was these wounds were not life threatening yet. Eren retreated back a few steps from the mass of crushed Titans as they started to get back up and regenerate. It seemed not all the napes had been crushed under he weight.

Suddenly a roar originating from behind caught Eren's attention and as far as Eren knew he had been the only one roaring as of late. Eren turned his head to see…No that fucker! Its the abnormal that killed Thomas! Eren could see the abnormal, that seemed to have a jumping fetish that had eaten his friend making its way towards him, leaping like a frog. That's right come to me you bastard come to your death!

The abnormal Titan took a giant leap towards Eren and responded by spinning on the spot, allowing his tail to swat the abnormal Titan out of the air like a bothersome pest. The hit was successful and the impact had sent the abnormal Titan flying back into the mass of newly regenerated and approaching Titans. Eren smiled as he realised all his enemies were bunched up in one place. Eren called upon the rage and power he felt when he had saved Mikasa. He slammed his tail onto the ground and one by one the dorsal plates on his back started to glow with blue energy as it travelled upward. Eren could feel the power coarsening within him, travelling up his spine with a pulsing rhythm. Yes, burn you bastards I will see you all burn! When it reached his neck, he reared his head back, locked eyes with the abnormal that killed his friend and let out the same blue fire breath he had before. The area was bathed in blue light as the beam incinerated the abnormal at its neck and continued to blast the other Titans gathered in the area. When the last Titan fell to the ground Eren cut off the beam, he could feel steam erupting from his closed mouth, his throat burned from use.


Ouch, I don't know if it was the after effects of my attack or the volume but that hurt my ears, at least I think I still have ears. Eren turned his head behind him to see the source of the sound and he calmed himself a bit when he realized it was his friends. Mikasa! Armin! Reiner! Annie! Bertholt! Connie! Sasha! Horseface! All his friends were staring up at him. The loud squeal having come from Connie himself. The only one who didn't seem to have a look of surprise or fear on their face was Mikasa as she had already borne witness to his flame breath. Eren turned his attention from his friends and too in his surroundings. Seeing as the remaining Titans in the present vicinity had been taken care of Eren turned and took three steps towards his friends' location until he was standing over them. I'm so happy you guys are all alive and okay, I wish I could talk to you guys, let you know that its me; Eren!


"Great Connie, you had to get's it's attention!" Jean complained.

Eren rolled his eyes in annoyance. He was happy to see that they had been able to refuel their gas canisters. That meant that they were able to escape over Wall Rose now. Especially since he had taken care of all the Titans in the area. But now that his friends were safe and out of present danger; Eren had turned his attention back towards the Titans or more specifically the source of the Titans. Eren turned his gaze away from his friends and towards the gaping breach in the wall the Titans were pouring through. Now that my friends are able to escape, they will be safe, the rest of the city is evacuated so the majority of Titans will be over there, that's were I'm going! He turned his gaze at his friends one last time, specifically Mikasa and Armin before heading off towards the breach, work and slaying needing to be done. Run you fucking assholes because I'm coming and I will kill you all!

"Huh, hey Lizzy, where are you going?" Connie cried, Ugh Lizzy? you'll pay for that one baldy!

"There aren't anymore Titans in the area…" Mikasa spoke up as she looked in the direction the creature was heading. "…with us now safe and with no more Titans in the area it's heading to the next logical spot."

"I don't care if it started jumping in a victory dance, now that we have the chance to get out of here, I say we take it before more Titans show up." Jean voiced.

With Eren's size it didn't take him to long to reach the breach but it was already past mid-day. The sun was starting to set and the result was casting long reaching shadows over the entire area. He could see the breach and Titans were pouring through the gaping hole in the wall; sometimes two at a time. The occasional 3-Meter Titan would fall into one of the defensive trenches dug around the gate. But it didn't keep them back for long. Neither did the sharpened wooden spears rooted along the edges, sure they slowed Titans down but that was it, honestly, they were pretty useless.

There were no longer any soldiers in the area. His friends and the cadets were the last ones and they had safely evacuated. No, the only soldiers he now saw were members of the Garrison standing atop the wall. I wonder if Hannes is up there. Is he one of those soldiers currently looking down at me? He would never recognize me now; I'm no longer "that Yeager kid" No now I'm a fucking giant fire-breathing lizard and I will kill every Titan in my way, starting with you! Eren stomped on the head and nape of one of the 3-meters trying to get out of the trench, its blood spraying the ground below.

Eren looked ahead at the breach and wondered about his options. As much as I would love to kill Titan after Titan like I've been doing all day I have to be rational. So long as that hole stays in the wall the Titans will keep coming, humanity will always be in danger. Not only that but despite this being an almost repeat of the breach of Wall Maria from five years ago The Armored Titan has yet to make an appearance. If that bastard showed up and breached Wall Rose then even more humans would die; a large number that humanity probably could never recover from. It was simply not feasible for Eren to exit the breach and kill all the Titans before they came in, even from here he could see that he was just too large and any attempt to try and force himself through the hole would either result in the hole getting bigger or him getting stuck, neither being a viable option.

A 5-meter Titan emerged from the breach in a light jog and was heading right towards Eren; a non caring grin ever present on its face. Eren bent down and picked it up within his jaws; crunching down on its nape and he swung the Titans corpse around as he threw the now headless body into a nearby building. Wait, buildings, maybe I can use those. Most of the buildings in this area had been destroyed in the initial breach and first waves. Perhaps I can use the debris to plug up the hole I'm pretty sure I can carry it. He could feel a 3-meter grab him by the tip of his tail; Eren's response to that was to simply lift his tail into the air and swatted the Titan into the ground as he made his way towards the nearest building. He wrapped his scaly clawed arms around the mass of broken wood and shattered brick and began to lift. It did not have the exact desired effect of picking up the whole building but Eren did find a mass of debris in his arms. It's the best I have at the moment I'll have to work with it.

Eren turned his attention back towards the breach taking extra care to stomp on a 6-Meter abnormal that was crawling on all fours that was in his way. Eren took pause though when he reached the wooden bridge that lay over the trenches. It has no problem holding a 15-meter Titan, but I'm pretty sure I'm bigger and heavy then one of those, I'll just take it slow. Eren carefully set one of his clawed feet down on the bridge and although the wood did sound out an audible creek, it didn't give way. Eren took another step, another creak but it still held, seeing as it wasn't going to snap Eren stepped onto the other side. He turned his attention to the breach in front of him now and he threw the debris down into the gap.

It clearly wasn't enough but Eren didn't expect it to be. Eren turned around to find another building he could use and make more trips. Eren kept this up for a few minutes but it was becoming frustrating. Eren kept racing over to find a building he could use to help plug the hole but every time he left to grab another one some Titan would come and simply move the debris out of the way. Don't you dare, don't you dare move that…oh you bitch, fuck this; this is really pissing me off! Now Eren found himself basically camped outside the breach trying to keep the collected piles of wood and brick in place in a poorly makeshift barricade being held together by him. A Titan attempted to climb over the barricade, Eren simply bit the Titans head off.


Eren was taken aback from the shout. He looked in the direction the shout had originated from; which was above him and Eren found himself gazing at Garrison soldier who was hanging off of the wall waving his sword at him. The soldier froze once he noticed Eren was looking directly at him. Fuck off, can't you see I'm busy here?

"You are the creature that's been reported to help humanity. It's also been reported that you have some form of intelligence if that is true and you truly can understand us then give us a sign!" The Garrison soldier…ordered or asked? In the military there wasn't much difference. Though Eren at least responded with a very slow, and clear nod to indicate he heard them.

"I…I don't believe it; it is intelligent that kid was right!" Said another soldier.

"Well, I'll be damned. Alright then creature we have a plan to plug the breach. What we need you to do is retreat to that large boulder over there…" the first soldier pointed with his sword and Eren looked over to find the large boulder just barley visible in the distance "…and wait for the go ahead from the Commander, can you do that?"

Eren looked back to the soldier, the boulder and then the breach. I'm not accomplishing anything right now, I'm just holding them here and even then, an occasional Titan is still getting bye me and I have to quickly take care of it before more show up. Eren looked back over to the boulder and then the breach. Currently he had several Titans bunched up at the entrance, trying to push or climb their way in. Okay I'll go to that boulder just as soon as vaporize these bastards! Eren slammed his tail to the ground as he allowed the rage and power to build up within him just like before. He loved how he could feel it travel through his whole body as it felt like the more, he used it the easier it was to call upon it.

He then opened his mouth and unleashed another blast of blue fire onto the Titans, practically vaporizing anything above 6-meters and sending all the Titans back. With the breach cleared for the moment, Eren turned his gaze to the shocked Garrison troops above him before making his way towards the huge boulder. As he got closer, he could see a group of soldiers were waiting for him on a building. Upon his arrival with one last trembling step, he could clearly make out the soldiers before him. That's…that's Commander Pixis, the commander of the Garrison, what's he doing here in the fray and…wait MIKASA! ARMIN! What the hell are you doing back here?

"Well, I had heard the reports but I must say seeing you is a completely different matter." Commander Pixis said as he took a step closer towards him.

"Commander please, keep your distance." A Garrison soldier stepped forward.

"No need for alarm Anka, besides if reports and what we just witnessed were any indication, if this…big fellow here wanted to kill us I'm sure there would be little we could do presently to prevent it…" Pixis said as he looked Eren in the eye. "…also, what kind of commander would I be if I could not look a possible ally in the eye when I'm asking them for help. I've been told from this fine young cadet here…" Pixis pointed Armin out. "…that you can understand us, is that correct."

Oh…my…Sina YES! I can fucking understand you! Eren simply let out a huff with a slight nod. I am getting a little annoyed having to reaffirm my intelligence to everybody! But then again Pixis is the Commander of the Garrison and technically still my superior officer. I need to still show him respect. But I'm getting anxious, I should be either slaying Titans or blocking that breach, not talking…sir!

"Amazing, then I shall allow Cadet Arlert to explain his plan to you…fascinating creature…oh my apologies I meant no offence, carry on Cadet Arlert." Pixis gestured to Armin.

"Uh...right…the plan is to use the giant boulder over there to seal the breach…" Armin said as he pointed to the boulder. "…it's the perfect size to plug the breech but we don't have anything capable to lift and move something of that size but there is you. Seeing your structure now it might not be possible for you to lift the boulder, but you could possibly push the boulder into the breach and seal it off."

Eren listened to his best friend and had to agree with him. The plan was solid and he would expect nothing less from Armin, he was always the brains and the true hero of their group. Everything Armin said was true. Seeing that boulder up close its unlikely that I, even in this new giant body could lift that boulder for more then a few seconds. Most of my new strength is in my legs and body. My arms while powerful when it comes to swinging and gripping all the while laced with claws are not meant to lift. Also, even if I do manage to lift that boulder for more then a few seconds I doubt I could even get it over my head. But I should have no problem moving the boulder, then I can plug the breach, I can stop the Titans from getting in.

"We realize that this won't be easy, even for you but if you're willing to do it we'll protect you from the Titans while you plug the breach. Please if we can pull this off this will be the first-time humanity has ever won against the Titans. It would be the first time we could actually claim victory. I know you understand so I'm asking you please will you help us; will you help humanity?" Armin asked.

Eren turned his head from the boulder back to his friend. The soldiers stiffened when his gaze landed on them once again but made no move to react. Eren simply lowered his head and gave a reaffirming nod. As if you even had to ask Armin. I will do it! I don't know if it will work but I will at least try. For my mother! for freedom! for Humanity! Eren reared back and let out another screech for a rallying cry.


"I'll take that as a yes. Ian, you lead the squad and take Ackerman and Arlert with you. Do not let any Titan within arms reach of our new friend here!" Pixis ordered, taking a sip from his flask.


"Come Anka, it's time we rally the troops and start the operation to reclaim Trost."

Mikasa soared through the air with Armin and the Elite Garrison Squad as they followed the creature to the boulder. When they arrived, they could see that the creature was using its intelligence to test out the boulder. Simple nudges from its arms and head didn't move it as was expected, but the boulder did jiggle when the beast started to apply some of its weight to it. The creature wrapped its arms around the boulder and tried to lift it. The boulder moved but as theorized by Armin carrying the boulder was not a feasible option.

Having finished testing out the other options the creature slammed itself into the side of the boulder. The creature's feet carved up the stones in the street below as it applied pressure to them. It reared back and slammed into the boulder a second time; this time with more strength. The boulder jerked up a little before moving back into place. The creature noticed this and bent its head down to the base of the boulder. It slammed against it one last time and latched onto it with its arms and shoved but the boulder just fidgeted back into its settled place.

After about another minute of trying to move the boulder from its spot the creature ceased it's attempts. The creature looked from the boulder then back to the humans then to the breach and back to the boulder again. Its head tuned slightly upwards, as if given off the look the creatures was in deep concentration. A few seconds later the creature gave off a huff before it turned around, tail absent mindedly, or accidentally swinging into a building as it moved away from the soldiers. No, its, its not giving up is it?

"What's it doing, has it given up?" a silver haired elite with glasses asked.

"No, I think, it's…" Armin started to say before he saw the creature come to a stop a fair distance from the boulder and turned around to face it. The creature narrowed its eyes at the boulder and bent down slightly and applying more pressure on its legs. "…oh, it looks like it's going to charge the boulder." Armin theorized.

"Do you think that will work?" Mikasa asked.

"Yes, I'm sure. We all just saw him spend minutes trying to move the boulder. He was testing all the options he was presented with. The boulder has been here long enough to leave a dent in the Earth. The creature can't lift it out but he could move it if he can get enough force behind it. If he charges at the boulder and applies his weight to it, I'm sure he could dislodge the boulder enough for him to grab hold and move it."

"Well, we should stand back a little, I think he's ready."

What the humans saw next, well, let's just say that it was one of the strangest and yet most awesome things they had ever seen. Once the creature was a fair distance away; it let out a brief if not shortened screech before it took off; charging towards the boulder. Once the creature had built up enough speed and force it seemed to have jumped into the air and kicked its feet forward. Later in their reports of the event they would describe the sight as a giant lizard flying towards the boulder with its tail dragging beneath it. The creature's feet collided with the boulder and as the ground shook from both the impact and from the creature crashing to the ground the force had been enough to dislodge the boulder enough from its spot. Seeing the boulder move, the creature quickly got back to its feet and wrapped its arms around the boulder and started to push, freeing the boulder from its place of rest. With the sound of stone grinding against another the creature started to roll the boulder towards the breach.

"He did it, it actually worked." One of the soldiers muttered in disbelief.

"This is it! The plan worked this will be humanity's first victory ever against the Titans!" Armin shouted.


Mikasa sliced the nape of an approaching 12-meter Titan that dared to approach the creature; humanities newest defender. Go, seal the breach, don't worry about the Titans, I'll protect you! The creature continued to push the boulder towards the breech as soldiers continued to cut down and sadly be cut down by Titans. Mikasa watched as their commander Ian jumped into the maw of a Titan which held an unlucky soldier. Ian threw a poor soldier out, only to be devoured in their place; the Titan's teeth separating Ian's head from his body. We may win today, but not without cost. This was their moment and they could not falter, failure would mean the doom of all mankind. Out of the corner of her eye; Mikasa spotted her fellow cadets from the 104th had joined the fray. She watched as Connie distracted a Titan that was reaching for Jean. She watched as Sasha pulled off an impressive dodge, avoiding a Titan's grab while Annie cut the brute down. A flash of yellow suddenly crossed her path and looked to see Armin had fired his gear and was now soaring a head of her towards the top of the boulder.

"WAIT!" Armin shouted.

Armin! What are you doing? The action had the desired effect as the creature suddenly seized in its movements towards the breach as Armin landed on top of the boulder, staring up at the creature. If the creature was human Mikasa guessed there would have been a look of confusion and annoyance on it's face as it peered down at Armin and his sudden disruption of the plan.

"ARTLET WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" A soldier shouted.


The creature cast its gaze over Armin to see the wooden bridge over the trenches leading to the breached gate. The creature stiffened, as if it…no it was intelligent, it most likely understood why Armin had stopped it.

"The bridge is strong enough to hold multiple horses, carts and even a 15-meter Titan but that boulder and you together will be too heavy. If you roll it over the bridge it will break and the boulder will get lodged in the trench and recalling what you had to do to get the boulder free last time it's not a risk we can take, if the boulder gets stuck in the trench then the mission is over and we will have failed!" Armin pointed out. The creature cast its head down, realizing Armin's words. "Listen it may be difficult but you will need to lift the boulder over the bridge. I know it's difficult for you to do but you only need to keep it off the ground for a few seconds just long enough for you to clear that bridge."

The creature stared Armin down before turning its gaze from the bridge and back to the boulder. The creature huffed with a nod; Armin fired his gear off as he cleared the boulder, allowing the creature to move the boulder to the edge of the wooden bridge. Mikasa cut down a Titan attempting to get near the creature as it reached the edge. There were only a few meters between the boulder and gap now, they were so close, just one last leg to go. The creature moved back from the boulder; giving itself distance before it roared as it charged towards the boulder with its arms out.

In an unbelievable feat of strength, the creature in the span of seconds; wrapped its arms around the boulder, digging its claws the rock and lifted it off the ground. It heaved the boulder into its chest and using its powerful legs it jumped into the air still clutching the boulder. Right before the creature was about to crash to the ground it threw the boulder away from itself, sending the giant rock rolling past the bridge and ever closer to the breach. The creature meanwhile crashed onto the bridge and this time it did not take its weight as in snapped beneath the creature and what part of the beast was able to slid into the trench.

Mikasa and the other present soldiers not currently busy watched as the creature's claws dug into the ground and pulled itself free from the trench. As the creature started to get back up it was suddenly set upon by a 15-Meter that had just emerged from the breech. The Titan's jaw clamped around the creature's arm and its teeth sunk into the scaley flesh. As the creature screeched out in pain; Mikasa made a move to cut it down. It seemed her efforts were not needed as the creature retaliated by biting the Titan at the neck. Using its impressive strength, the beast tossed the Titan aside and the Titan came crashing to the ground, impaling itself on the wooden spears before tumbling into the trench. Due to the size of the Titan, it was stuck in the trench, butt first while it's arms and legs were raised to the sky, but currently immobilized.

However, they could not rest easy yet as three more Titans started to make their way towards the creature. The beast swung it's tail around and sent one of the medium sized ones flying back but it did not fell the other two. In a blink and you missed it moment, what could only be described as a black, green and silver blur soared passed the two incoming Titans and sliced off their napes. The two Titans came crashing to the ground and the blur landed on the corpse of the closest one. The creature looked down at the blur which was revealed to be a small human, in fact smaller than most. Said human looked up at the creature in what was probably the first time someone hadn't worn a look of surprise on their face in reaction to seeing the giant lizard.

"Alright, someone tell me what the hell is going on here!" the man ordered.

The creature seemed stunned for a moment at the sudden appearance and response of the man but quickly ignored him as it turned its attention back to the boulder. The creature grabbed hold with it's arms and pushed the boulder into position while the smaller human quickly felled a Titan trying to enter the quickly closing breach. With one last shove of strength the creature shoved the boulder into place and sealed the breach. A deafening hush fell over the area as the soldiers bore witness to humanity's first victory against the Titans, all made possible by this new saviour of theirs. Reactions were mixed, cheers; yes, there were many of those. Others were crying in sadness from their lost friends or in joy from victory or just from losing control of their emotions. Mikasa quickly regrouped with Armin and they both hugged each other in celebration. A flare was fired into the air, signalling the success of the mission, of humanities first victory. Mikasa and Armin looked up at the one responsible for it and the creature let out a cry of victory, deafening out all the other celebratory cries.


Reiner stood with his companions Annie and Bertholt as they watched the giant lizard plug the hole in the wall. The very hole that they, or more specifically Bertholt had created. They had a plan but the sudden appearance of this creature had blown it off the rails and it seemed it was going to be a serious problem. They had come to far to fail now, they had spent to much time on this they have…done things; unforgivable things in order to get here. They were warriors of Marley and they could not fail in their mission and right now that giant lizard was in the way. There was only one thin Reiner could think of that he could do at the moment, he turned to his comrades.

"I'm going to engage it." Reiner said.

"What, Reiner, are you cracking up again?" Bertholt inquired about his friend's sanity.

"You can't be serious." Annie scoffed.

"I am, listen that thing is clearly not a Titan nor a Titan shifter and as we clearly just saw it's going to be a problem if we don't deal with it now. That thing has to be exhausted after moving that boulder in addition to killing Titans all day. I have my armor I should be able to take it out easily."

"Have you failed to notice all the devils around, not only the Garrison but the Scouts have returned as well, remember we planned the attack to happen when they weren't here? No, it's too risky, especially since we already had to kill Marco to keep our cover, it's not worth the risk, let the devils have their victory we'll figure something else out."

"Bertholt has a point I'm inclined to agree with but let's argue that you do kill that thing, what will we do then surround by the enemy?" Annie asked.

"I smash through Wall Rose and Bertholt can smash the wall again. I'm sure he could kick that boulder away, may stub your toe but I'm sure you could do it."

"Reiner be serious!"

"I am, look this is our best chance and I'm going to take it. Just be ready for whatever happens."

I did it…I sealed the breach…oh this new body of mine is powerful, but I'm ready to sleep. Eren leaned against the side of the boulder now blocking the Titans from entering the city. This was the first chance he's had to rest and catch his breath all day and you know what he was taking it. I earned it. It was because of me that humanity had won it's first victory against the Titans. Eren looked down and spotted his friends reuniting with each other, letting the others know who was alive and not. I wish I could join them, to celebrate the victory with them, mourn those who did not make it but how can I? Look at me! Whatever I am now I'm not human anymore. There were no more Titans to slay. The breach had been sealed and the few remaining ones still in Trost would soon be taken care of by the returning Survey Corp or remaining Garrison soldiers. The day had been won and the Titans for the first time have lost.

Eren turned his attention to the humans gathered closest to him. There was of course Mikasa and Armin located not to far from where he stood and they were reuniting with Sasha, Jean, Connie and others from the 104th. Not far from them he could see Captain Levi, the short man from earlier who slayed the Titans for him. I had been too busy and had too much on my mind to recognize him at the time but I should have been able to recognize him based on the skill alone demonstrated by Humanities strongest soldier. Levi was standing with Commander Erwin and other higher ups from the returned Survey Corp. Each of them staring up at Eren and talking but they were too far away for him to hear what about. Though its a pretty obvious guess they're talking about me. Now while Eren could not hear what Erwin and Levi were discussing he could hear and make out the ecstatic shouts of a woman wearing goggles who was being held back by two other Scouts. For some reason, from what he could make out she really wanted to meet and do things to him. Eren felt his dorsal plates shiver at the thought of what she meant by that.

Suddenly the sky was bathed in yellow light and many had to cover their eyes as what looked to be a lightning bolt suddenly stuck the town not to far away from where Eren stood. The ground rumbled from the impact that even those soldiers atop the walls felt the rumbling. The light did not last long however and soon it died down, only to be replaced by another haunting sight. Eren swung his head in the direction and his eyes widened in shock and horror as he and the humans in the area took in the sight before them. The Armored Titan, in all its armored glory was standing not far from them.




You…you fucking bastard…you finally decided to show your ugly face again! Eren narrowed his eyes at the Titan, this was the first time it had been seen in five years. The last time he saw the brute it had charged through Wall Maria and was responsible for the deaths of over 250,000 humans that perished due to its actions. Good, I was wondering when you would show up and I'm glad you did because now I'm going to fucking kill you! All signs of fatigue that Eren had felt minutes before were gone; instead, it was replaced with his rage and hatred. His feelings burned within him as he turned to face the enemy of humanity. You will pay for all the lives you've taken and today you will die by my hand! Eren slammed his tail against the ground and stood to his full height as sucked in a powerful breath before emitting a challenging roar, which the Armored Titan returned in acceptance.



"Oh shit, I think they're about to fight!"

"YES, LET THEM FIGHT!" Hanji shouted.

"Hanji step back you're too close!"

"Scouts! Fall back to a safe distance, do not engage!" Erwin ordered.

All the soldiers in the immediate area, cadet, Scout and Garrison quickly retreated to the safest area in their vicinity, whether it being the top of the wall or the roof of a building. However, no soldier dared to leave the area completely as their eyes were locked on the sight of Humanity's recent protector staring down one of humanity's greatest threats. The giant lizard slammed its tail on the ground and let out another roar before it broke out into a sprint. The Armored Titan and The Giant Lizard charged at each other. The ground trembled from the force of their mighty steps. The Armored Titan was the first to act as it raised its fist into the air and delivered a powerful punch to the creature's face. The blow managed to stun the charging beast for a moment but the creature quickly retaliated with an uppercut swipe from its claws. The claws seemed to have no effect against the Armored Titan's name given armor but the claws were able to catch some of the exposed muscle underneath one of its chest plates. As the creature's claws cut though the flesh the ground was splashed with specks of Titan blood and the Armored Titan took a step back in reaction. The Armored Titan reeled back to avoid the creatures attempts to snap its jaws around one of its arms and instead delivered an uppercut from below. The creature staggered backwards and gave the Armored Titan enough time to charge at the creatures' side. The Armored Titan slammed into the creature with enough force to knock the beast over. All the soldiers could do was watch the fight and try not to get caught in the middle of it.

"Erwin what are your orders? Do we try to engage the Armored Titan if there's an opening?" Levi asked.

"No, in this clash it's too likely any soldier attempting to get close will be crushed or killed. The reports may have stated that the creature took care to avoid taking human lives but right now it's battling for its life. It's focusing on the enemy and won't give a second thought if it accidentally steps on or crushes someone in the process. No as Hanji so put it, let them fight, we'll deal with the victor." Erwin surmised.

"Tch, if you say so. I just hope there enough of the armored shit left for me to have a go."

"So, your moneys on the lizard then?"

"Everybody's betting on the lizard eyebrows."

Said lizard had gotten back onto its feet in the time it took them to converse. The creature swung its tail around to trip the approaching Armored Titan. The Armored Titan simply jumped over the swinging appendage and it charged at the creature again. This time the impacting force was enough to send the creature crashing into the side of the wall. Many soldiers had to quickly regain their footing or had to shoot their cables into the side of the wall to avoid falling off as the wall shook from the impact. The Armored Titan then proceeded to grab the creature's head in its hands and started to squeeze. The creature roared in pain but was able to break free from its enemies hold as it grabbed the Armored Titans arms with its own and tripped the Armored Titan up with a swinging kick. The Armored Titan slipped to the ground and released its hold on the creature. The creature made a move to stomp on the Armored Titan but its opponent rolled out of the way and retaliated with another punch, sending the creature crashing into the side of the wall again.

At least the creature would have crashed into the wall again but this time the creature braced itself as it neared the wall and right when it was about to hit; the creature threw all it's might onto the wall and used the given momentum to push off it and right into the Armored Titan. The Armored Titan, not expecting the retaliatory force was knocked back but quickly recovered and stared at its opponent as the creature's dorsal plates started to glow with blue light and energy. The Armored Titan quickly put two and two together and barley had enough time to duck as the blue beam of fire erupted from the creature's mouth. But it turns out the Armored Titan wasn't fast enough, it may have dodged the brunt of the blast but the beam managed to clip the side of its armored shoulder and to the shock of all those present, including the duelling opponents, the beam of light tore off the armor, leaving exposed and slightly singed muscle. The area was completely silent as all those present froze at the sight, not expecting the result that had happened. However, a deep chortling noise drew everybody's attention to the creature which now definitely had a feral grin of amusement on its face.

"Okay this time I know I'm not the only one who thinks it's smiling." Connie shouted out.

"It's laughing, it's displaying human like emotions and features, oh you beautiful scaly bastard I can't wait to get my hands all over you." Hanji shouted as she attempted to run at the creature being held back by her aide.


Seeing that it had the upper hand the creature fired its breath again as the beam of fire made its way towards the Armored Titan. The Armored Titan was expecting it this time and just before it moved to dodge it detached armor plates connected to its heels. The Armored Titan took off and started to run between buildings in order to avoid the creature's death beam. Some soldiers, too caught up in the sight were almost fried as the beam came their way but thankfully a fellow soldier got their attention. The beam sliced through buildings, stone, brick and wood like a hot knife through butter, sending whatever remained of the buildings after impact up in flames. It also seemed the beam wasn't continuous as the creature had to stop and it looked like the beast was catching its breath. This gave the Armored Titan an opening as it grabbed chunks of building debris around it and started throwing them at the creature. The first chunk of debris impacted against the creature's head, staggering the beast while another smashed against its side. A third chunk of debris came up short however and smashed harmlessly on the ground a few feet in front of the creature.

The creature recovered enough to see a fourth chunk of debris heading in its direction and fired it's beam at the incoming projectile. The debris exploded into flame and dust and distracted the creature enough for the Armored Titan to come charging out of the dust cloud the debris had created. The creature reared back and fired the beam again but the Armored Titan was too close and easily dodged the beam and in return delivered an uppercut to the creature. The creature's head jerked upwards from the impact and because it was still firing the beam of fire cut a clean slice into the wall behind them and unfortunately incinerated a poor soldier who happened to be in the path of the beam.

The Armored Titan delivered a haymaker to the creature's head and then kicked the beast with enough force to send it rolling over. The creature retaliated by dodging another punch from his foe and clamped it's jaws down on his enemy's right arm. Using its mighty strength, the creature started to walk backwards on all fours as it pulled and shook its foe by the arm. The motions and force were enough to trip up the Armored Titan and it fell to the ground. The creature then slammed its claws into the Armored Titan's chest, pining the Titan to the ground and started to pull with its mouth in hopes that it could sever the arm. The Armored Titan quickly retaliated with a deliverance of punches to the creature's snout. It worked as the creature was forced to release it's hold on the arm after a few punches. With the creature presently stunned the Armored Titan took the opportunity to kick the beast off it and stand back up. The Armored Titan then jumped backwards, kneeled the ground and took off in charge at the creature. The Armored Titan spread its arms out and when it collided with the creature it wrapped its arms around the beast and in a mighty feat of incredible strength, lifted the beast off its feet, over the Armored Titan's shoulder and sent it crashing down, dorsal plates first onto the ground behind it.

As the creature roared out in pain humanity took a collective gasp as they watched the Armored Titan deliver the beat down to their recent defender. The Armored Titan reached down and grabbed the lizard by its jaws, fingers digging past the tenth and into the gums with intent to rip them off. However due to the creature's position of being on its back the Armored Titan failed to notice the steady glow of blue light until it was to late. Once it did it looked at the creature in horror as the beam shot out of its mouth and directly into its chest. The Armored Titan let out a roar of pain as the blast knocked it away from the creature and flying into section of wall behind it. The wall cracked and shook from the force as the Armored Titan fell the ground. The creature didn't even stand up, it just crawl-charged at its enemy on all fours. The creature was swiping and slashing with its jaws and claws as it managed to climb atop the Armored Titan's charred black chest. In what looked like a moment where the two opponents were just slapping at each other, the creature cried out with a roar before it slammed it's claws deep into the damaged chest plates of the Armored Titan and in a bout of strength, ripped them off.

With the plates currently held within the creatures clawed hands, giant lizard proceeded to use them to hit the Armored Titan in the face again and again. Cracks formed on its face armor and one of its eyes had given out and was replaced with a geyser of steam. The Armored Titan suddenly lurched forward, delivering a headbutt to the creature; stunning the beast and forcing it to drop the plates. Seizing the moment, The Armored Titan grabbed the tail of the creature and its muscles steamed from incorrect and abusive use as The Armored Titan used its strength to swing the giant lizard off its feet and used the built momentum to swing the creature around like a toy before letting it go and sending the creature into the air; flying towards a section of buildings. To be more precise, the buildings the Scouts were currently watching from.



"SCATTER!" Levi called out.

Unfortunately, not many were able to respond in time. In fact, it seemed only the elite and veterans of the Survey Corps were trained well enough to act fast as the creature came crashing down on top of the buildings and the few unfortunate scouts unable to get away in time. The remaining Scouts latched onto whatever remained in the area and looked down at the beast. The creature let out a pained cry as it slowly tried to get back up, its arm shaking as it tried to push itself up but that last bout had seriously hindered it.

"No, come on Lizzy, are you seriously going to let that armored bastard get the best of you!" Connie shouted.

"You can do it Giant Lizard; we believe in you!" Sasha cried.

"Erwin, this thing isn't going to last much longer. It's too exhausted from slaying titans and moving that boulder." Levi pointed out.

"Yes, not only that but did you notice, the more armor that is removed from the Titan the faster it becomes."

"That's all fine and good for the Titan but what are we going to do about it? What's your plan?"

"We need to engage the Armored Titan. From studying the fight, I theorize that it's week at the joints, if we can slow it down or temporary immobilize it, we should be able to give this creature enough time to gain a second wind."

"Keep it busy, not kill it…" Levi inquired, but got no response from Erwin. "…Tch, yeah my squad and I can do that. LEVI SQUAD FORM UP!"


"Captain, what do you mean?"

"We're going to hold that shitty titan off long enough for that overgrown iguana to get back into the fray. Do not engage to kill, only distract possibly immobilize the target. Our blades are useless against its armor so do even bother going for them, instead go for the joints and any exposed muscle bits. There's not much to latch onto in the area anymore so be careful, is that understood?"

"Sir!" the squad responded.

As Erwin watched the Levi Squad take off after the approaching Armored Titan, he turned his attention back to the downed creature next to him. He could see blood oozing out of its wounds and it was still struggling to push itself up from the ground. You truly are a magnificent thing, you had to have come from outside the walls, oh the things we could learn from you. Erwin could see Moblit; bless his trying heart, doing his best to keep Hanji away from the creature. However, his eyes also noticed a group of cadets gathering around the creature's head. Instead of warning them to step back like he should probably do, he chose to watch and observe.

"He doesn't look good."

"Yeah, how would you look if the Armored Titan threw you for a ringer Sasha? Come on Lizzy you need to get back up!" Connie exclaimed.

"I refuse to call this thing Lizzy, it's insulting, besides look at him he's done." Jean remarked.

"But he's the only chance we have against the Armored Titan. If the Titan's not stopped it will just breach Wall Rose like it did Maria five years ago and it could remove the boulder and allow the Titans in again. If we don't stop it here and now humanity is doomed and we can't do it without this creature." Armin voiced.

"Yeah, we need Lizzy, humanity needs him."

"Connie shut up!"

"You need to fight!" Mikasa said, nobody had taken notice that she walked up to the creature and was now placing her hand against the creature's snout, as If that would make the creature connect with her and hear her better.

"Gah, Mikasa what are you doing stay!" Jean started to shout.

"No, let me, this creature is intelligent. It's already proved that so let me speak to it…" Mikasa told her comrades before turning her attention back to the lizard. She could see that its piercing green eyes has zeroed in on her so she returned the gesture and looked into them. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well in this moment, staring into those green familiar eyes Mikasa truly believed this creature had a soul. "You need to fight so you and the rest of us can live. There was a boy who taught me that long ago. His name is…was Eren Yeager. Eren he…he was everything to me. He saved my life once and he taught me that you need to fight for what you believe in. If you don't fight, you'll die, but if you fight and you win you will live. The world is a cruel place, yet it's also beautiful. I know that you probably feel defeated, that its pointless and you should give up. I know because earlier today I felt that way too. When I found out Eren was gone…I had given up, I was ready to die to that Titan you saved me from. Eren would have been so disappointed in me, but I knew that I couldn't give up. Eren would want me to fight, to live to remember him; so, I did and never again will I ever give up. You are the only chance we have against that Titan. If you don't fight then we can't win and we will all die. But if you do fight and you do win, you live and so do we and humanity will be one step closer to its freedom. That's what Eren always wanted, he always saw humanity as cattle, wanting to be free and to escape these walls and see the ocean. Eren…he's gone now, there's nothing I can do to change that but I will keep fighting, for Eren and everybody else and I'll win, and so must you, humanity is counting on you, so get up and go kick that Titan's ass.!" Mikasa proclaimed.

The creature kept staring at her as if she was the only thing in the world and in that moment, it truly felt like she was. There was a vocal gruff and Mikasa watched as the creature's eyes were flooded with determination as it slammed its clawed hands onto the ground. Mikasa and the other cadets shot backwards as the creature finally pushed itself off of the ground, struggling and faltering only once, before it stood on its two hind legs. The creature's gaze landed on The Armored Titan, currently busy fending off the most elite soldiers humanity had. The creature sneered, baring its teeth as its eyes glowed in fury, in rage and in hatred. It reared its head back and took a deep breath before roaring into the sky a cry of determination before charging off towards the Armored Titan.


"Captain, it looks like that things on it's feet again?"

"tch…Bout time, did it decide to take a nap, alright fall back."

The Levi Squad disengaged from the Armored Titan and aside from one of them possibly having a slight fracture in the arm no major injuries or casualties occurred. They had also managed to slice the heels of the Armored Titan and forced it to the ground for a time. They fell back just in time to see the creature collide with the Armored Titan. The scuffle sent them backwards through buildings and tearing up streets before the creature grabbed hold of the Armored Titan and swung it around. The Armored Titan spun for a second and was unable to recover quickly enough to avoid a swing from the creature's tail and the Armored Titan was slammed it into the side of the wall. The Armored Titan slid to the ground in an almost comical fashion. The creature raised its foot to stomp the fallen Titan but the Armored rolled out of the way as the creature slammed into nothing.

The Armored Titan looked around it's surroundings to see they were near the breach again. The Armored Titan grabbed one of the abandoned and ultimately futile nets the humans had set up and threw it into the creature's face. The Armored Titan then grabbed hold of both ends and it leaped onto the creatures back as it pulled with all it's might. The creature tried to chew through the net now constricting against its face but it was to no immediate avail. The creature's teeth were just too large to do anything but it did manage to grab the Armored Titan's legs and proceeded to hold the Titan in place as the creature turned towards the wall. With a mighty thrust, the creature jumped forward sending both itself and the Armored Titan into the wall. Though the Titan took the brunt of the force both fighters crashed to the ground as cracks appeared on the surface of the wall and small bits of it actually chipped off.

Both opponents rolled on the ground but the Armored Titan was the first to recover. The Armored Titan grabbed a chunk of wooden debris and threw it at the creature. The hit was direct but in the long run seemed to matter little as the Armored Titan watched the dorsal plates of the creature start to glow blue again. In desperation The Armored Titan grabbed one of the long wooden makeshifts spears the humans placed around the trenches and charged at the creature. Just as the Titan could make out the blue light around the creature's mouth, The Armored Titan shoved the long wooden spear down the creature's throat, cutting off the beam of fire and causing the creature to stagger backwards while making chocking noises. The spear also allowed the Titan to stay a perfect distance as it was now out of reach of the creature's retaliatory arm swinging. Taking the opportunity, the Armored Titan shoved the pole father down the creature's throat before grabbing its head in both of its hands and bringing it down on a raised knee. The creature was sent flying backwards and came crashing down to the ground.

The creature took the opportunity to grab the spear and pull it out of its throat. But this had allowed the Armored Titan to get close enough to get the drop on it again. The Armored Titan jumped onto the creatures back and grabbed the biggest dorsal plate it could wrap its hands around. Clutching the target, the Armored Titan started to pull and one of the dorsal plates was ripped clean off. The creature bellowed out in incredible pain as the Armored Titan took the plate, flipped it upside down and stabbed it into the side of the creature. The creature roared and cried and started to shake violently before it managed to shake the Armored Titan off. As the Armored Titan came crashing to the ground, the creature turned its head and clasped the removed plate in its jaws. Slowly but surely the creature pulled and in turn was able to rip the detached plate free from it's current lodging. With the plate now in its jaws; the creature turned to see the Armored Titan getting back up ready to charge again. The creature narrowed its eyes in anger and with a mighty turn the creature flung the dorsal plate out of its mouth and the dorsal plate found itself lodged in the exposed chest of the Armored Titan.

As the Armored Titan staggered back in shock, the creature reared its head back again as its remaining plates glowed blue and before the Armored Titan could even recover, fired a beam of blue fire directly into the Armored Titans chest, and more specifically the dorsal plate. The dorsal plate seemed to absorb the energy of the fire as it glowed brighter before there was suddenly and explosion of blue light and fire and all the humans in the area had to shield their eyes. When the light cleared, they looked to see the Armored Titan on one knee, grasping at its chest which now had a deep gash blown into it. It was safe to say that most of the Armored Titans chest might even be gone. Not giving its enemy time to recover or retaliate the creature immediately charged at the Armored Titan on all fours and started to bite and slash at the Titan. The creature's actions were creating even more deep scars and cuts into the already wounded Titan. The Armored Titan, in a last desperate bid to get the creature off it, delivered a mighty kick to it's face, stunning it enough to get the creature off him. Not wasting the opportunity, the Armored Titan stood back up and quickly dodged a snap from the creatures' maws; but not from the swing of its tail.

Humanity watched as the Armored Titan fell to the ground, laying on it's back as one arm held close to its exposed chest. The Armored Titan tried to pick itself back up but quickly fell to the ground again. Now all it could do was crawl towards the walls in a desperate yet futile bid for freedom but the creature was suddenly back on top of it. It stood over it's downed enemy and slammed its massive foot down square on the Armored Titan's chest, pinning the enemy of humanity to the ground. As the Armored Titan thrashed around; trying to get leverage on the creature to throw it off to no avail. The creature bent its head downwards, gazing with burning eyes of hatred into those of the Titan who gazed back with equal hatred. It almost looked like the creature was going to bite at the Armored Titan but instead let out a dominating and intimidating roar right into the Armored Titan's face, which the Titan soon returned, refusing to yield to the creature despite the fight clearly being over and the creature the victor.



"Holy Shit, does anybody else have goosebumps?" Hanji asked.

"Shut it shitty glasses!"

The dorsal plates of the creature started to glow again, indicating it was building up its power to use its flame breath again. The creature roared into the air as it's eyes and mouth started glowing blue with the fire light as well and just before the creature whipped down to destroy the Armored Titan the area was bathed in light, but it was not blue as expected, it was yellow. Lightning stuck the top of the wall above the creature and sent a wave of steam, light and force outwards. Many soldiers watching from atop the wall were sent flying off. Some were luckier than others and were able to attach themselves back to the wall while some developed burns or were knocked out. The force of the sudden disruption was enough to stagger the creature and the building energy and light dissipated and it looked up at the source with a roar of annoyance. Soldiers had to dig their blades into the closest solid matter to avoid being sent flying and when the disruption finally cleared each and every human in the area looked up in horror to see a being that haunted many a nightmare, the Colossal Titan.

But unlike the two other times the Colossal Titan had appeared; this time the being seemed to be half formed. The Colossal had no legs and seemed to have attached itself to the wall using its rib cage as the giant white bones buried themselves in the stone. But the other discerning detail was the Colossal's face, there was not face. What was once describes as a skinless head was now just a gaping skull; it's jaw open in a permanent scream and with blazing orange eyes. The truly colossal being moved only once. It turned its head to stare down at the creature before thrusting forwards. A snapping and creaking sound filled the air as the rib bones holding the Titan in place broke. The large body of the Colossal Titan tipped over and fell right on top of the creature and the still pinned Armored Titan. There was a huge explosion, ear drums were probably shattered and without a doubt many humans were vaporized in it. An explosive wave of force and heat shot out of the area, buildings were flattened, trees were uprooted, streets were shredded and any soldier that was not quick or responsive enough to ground themselves or hold onto something was sent flying or straight up killed. It was if the whole world itself had exploded at that moment. The walls shook and cracked; in fact, the whole world probably did as the ground trembled violently and a vast unprecedented amount of steam and smoke was shooting into the air.

It felt like hours in what was probably only minutes as the dust and smoke started to settle and the survivors started to emerge from the devastation. The once lively town that stood here this morning was now a wasteland of death and destruction. Fires raged, buildings were in ruins and many of the soldiers were dead. Any feeling of celebration of humanity's first victory was gone and probably not to be reignited the same way, there was too much destruction and death to call this victory. The only noticeable sight was the steaming corpse of the Colossal Titan, it was dead, lying on the ground as its massive body started to vaporize, sending a vast amount of heat and steam into the sky. Suddenly the ground shook and from beneath the corpse of the Colossal Titan debris began to shift and move, dust clouds fell to the street as the debris was lifted into the air and a familiar dorsal plate emerged from beneath them. Soon a familiar shape emerged from the debris and cried out in anger as it emerged from the ground.


Fuck…my head...what was…that was the Colossal? Eren shook the last of the debris off of him, the shattered brick and wood rolling off his scaly hide like water off a duck's back. His massive size allowed him to take in the area much better then his comrades could. Oh no, Mikasa, Armin where…where are they. Eren panicked as he looked around at the survivors but thankful, he spotted Mikasa pulling Armin up from the ground. It seemed like Armin took a hit in the head as blood stained his blond hair and Mikasa's right arm got singed. The area around him had been completely devastated. If there had been any buildings left standing after the fight with the Armored Titan they were now gone. Blown away from the force of the massive explosion along with half of Trost, it would take years to rebuild. Quickly regaining his composure, Eren swivelled his head over to make sure that the explosion hadn't dislodged the boulder or made the breach bigger. Thank Sina it hadn't. I am so exhausted and sore from this day I don't know if I would have had the strength to plug it again.

Feeling the intense heat under his foot Eren looked down to see the disintegrating corpse of the Armored Titan. The Armored Titan…but its vaporizing but that mean…it's dead, the Armored Titan is dead, I killed it I WON! Pride and overwhelming joy swelled in his chest watching one of humanity's deadliest enemies vaporize beneath his clawed foot. Take that you fucking bastard, I said I would kill you and I did and I'm not going to stop with you I won't stop until all your kind are dead every last Titan will perish by my hand and humanity will be free! The Armored Titan, was no more. The joy and pride his chest turned into something else as he soon felt the familiar heat and power travel up his spine. Eren bent down and picked up the corpse of his enemy. I'm going to make sure you stay fucking dead. Eren dug his claws into the Armored Titans face and forced it's mouth open. He stuck his head down, allowing the blue fire to once again pour out his throat and into his enemies as it traveled through the un-plated insides and severed it from its body.

Enough of the smoke and dust had cleared that he could now see his comrades around him, thankful that many of them had been able to escape the blast with only minor injuries. He spotted Jean, Sasha and Connie starting at him with amazement. Annie not to far back next to an injured Reiner holding onto Bertholdt for support. He looked to see Commander Erwin along with the Survey Corps. Eren still holding the head of the Armored Titan in his clawed hands, let instincts take over him as he reared back before letting out a loud bellow that could have probably been heard by those living within Wall Sina.


Eren dropped the head of the Armored Titan and let it roll towards the Survey Corps, coming to a stop right in front of the eccentric woman who had tried to launch herself at the head before being pulled back by someone at her side. Even from his height Eren could hear the man shouting "Hanji, stop you are too reckless!". Fatigue quickly came over Eren, his energy and strength were spent, the day and the fights had been long and tiring. He raised his foot to take a step forwards but soon found his foot buckling under his own weight as he felt himself falling to the ground, but he didn't care.

Eren could feel unconsciousness stirring in the back oh his head. When he opened his eyes again, he was lying on the ground, atop debris from the battle as the surviving soldiers started to surround him, concern and uncertainty clear in their faces. He could see Mikasa cautiously approaching him from the crowed, near his…he would have to guess snout, it wasn't really a nose anymore. Eren once again felt her warm hand carefully press itself against his scaley skin, he so wanted to reach out and assure her that he was alright, that he was still there to wrap that scarf of hers around her neck like he promised. He looked at Mikasa, his green eyes catching here grey ones in a moment that made it feel like they were the only ones in the world at the moment.

"Thank you."

Her reply was short and blunt, but that was Mikasa and that's all Eren needed to hear before he closed his eyes and let unconsciousness take him.

Mikasa watched as the beast that had saved her, the one that slayed the Armored Titan and sealed the breach in the wall take a deep breath, before becoming still and closed its eyes. No, no it can't be, not you too. She could no longer feel heat coming from its body or the pulsing rhythm of its internal power. Mikasa bowed her head; it seemed the beast had given its all for humanity; even it's life. She removed her hand from the creature and allowed the sadness to take over her. The sadness of losing both Eren and their new protector but she did not let tears fall, Not here, not yet. She sensed Armin approaching from her side, unsure as to the state of the creature.

"Mikasa…is it?" Armin gently inquired.

"I think so. It…it gave it's all for humanity."

"Ah man…not Lizzy."

"It's such a tragic shame…" the cadets turned to see Commander Erwin, Levi, Levi's squad and Hanji approach. "To think what we could have learned and accomplished with this creature aiding us but at least it wasn't in vain because of this creature humanity has achieved it's first victory."

"If you can call this a victory." Levi said, scanning the flat, destroyed horizon.

Suddenly the body of the creature jolted to the shock and awe of all present. Each present had been sure that the creature had been killed but it's eyes still remained closed. The body started to spasm and twitch and…it seamed to be…shrinking. All they could do was watch as the giant body of the lizard started to shrink and change. The dorsal plates sunk into the back, the tail pulled into the body and the green-blackish scales disappeared and were replaced with a Caucasian complexation. They were all thrown for one more loop as once the movements stopped the body of the giant lizard had been replaced with that of a human, a naked human lying in a crater of debris.

No…no it can't be, its impossible…it? Mikasa for the second time that day felt her heart and the world come to a stop as she gazed down at the body laying in the debris. Without even thinking she ran towards it and threw her arms around it in a hug. She barely acknowledged her surroundings, briefly hearing a mumble that was probably her name being called, she didn't care. Please…don't do this to me, don't give me hope and take it away! She looked at the face, confirming what she already knew; it was Eren, her Eren, my Eren. She lowered her head, and placed her ear against his bare chest.

Thump-Thump, Thump-Thump, Thump-Thump.

He's alive! Any doubt or dread that this was some last cruel trick vanished as she listened to the rhythm of Eren's heartbeat. She could feel her eyes watering but she did not care. Eren was back, her world was back, she let it all out, not caring who heard or saw, she was crying; her Eren, against all odds or logical sense was back and she was not going to lose him ever again. She caught movement out of the corner of her blurred eyes and she looked to see Armin had kneeled down beside her equally shocked at seeing Eren again.

"Eren…but how I…I saw him get eaten, his arm…it was gone." Armin said as he touched Eren's arm, confirming that it was indeed there.

"Wait…hold up…are you saying that Lizzy…was Eren this whole time?' Connie asked.

"So then Eren…did all of this." Jean looked around at the destruction. They may have joked and teased about him being a suicidal bastard for wanting to kill all the Titans…huh looks like he actually did.

"Well, this is an interesting development."

"Erwin, I want him!"

"Phrase your words better shitty glasses."

Hanji removed her green scouts' cloak and started to make her way towards the human who could apparently turn into a giant lizard. Mikasa watched as the insane woman approached them and neared Eren. When the woman got to close for her liking Mikasa shot her the best "touch him and I will murder you horribly." Look she could muster, she had just gotten Eren back, she was not letting him go again.

"Oh no dear I'm not going to hurt your boyfriend…yet…if at all… "Hanji soon retracted her words at the second glare she received. "I'm just going to cover him with my cloak, in case you didn't notice."

Mikasa admittedly didn't notice the state Eren was in, she was to focused on confirming that he was still alive to care about anything else. Confused to what the woman meant Mikasa glanced down…and quickly shot her eyes back up as she realized why the woman wanted to cover him. Not wanting the woman anywhere near Eren, Mikasa took the offered cloak from her and draped it over Eren. Though she could feel that her face was now the same color of her beloved scarf. Her actions must have stirred him as his body subtly moved and his eyes started to twitch open.

"Mik…Mikas…sa?" Eren was barley audible.


"I did it…it…killed that bastard…I killed…them all."

"Yes, you did Eren."

"Guess…I don…don't need…you to baby…me anymore…I'll…kill them…all."

Eren quickly lost consciousness again as Mikasa shook her head. No Eren, whether you want me to or not, whether you have the ability to turn into a giant fire breathing lizard or not, I'll always be there to protect you, I'm never leaving you alone again.

"Cadet Ackerman, I'm afraid we'll have to take him now."

"Over my dead body!" was her instant reply.

"Today's been quite a day so I'll let that slide but we need to take Eren in now, humanity's going to have questions and will also demand answers. They'll want to put him on Trial and if you give him to me, we the Scouts can ensure his safety." Erwin informed them.

"It was Eren who did all this. It was Eren who saved me, it was Eren who sealed the breach in the wall it was Eren who killed the Armored Titan. It was Eren that insured Humanity's first victory, we are all alive because of Eren and you want to put him on Trial, like some criminal?" Mikasa seethed.

"Mikasa wait calm down let's not do anything rash!" Armin voiced.

"You should listen to your friend brat." Levi warned.

"Uh…Erwin…Levi?" Hanji stuttered, which was something she never did.

"In the middle of something four-eyes!"

"I think we have bigger issues then the lizard kid at the moment."

"What the hell do you…Holy Shit."

At the sound of even Levi somewhat breaking his composure they had all turned to see what Hanji was talking about. They all looked to see the eccentric woman was frozen and pointing upwards towards the wall. They followed her finger and looked to where she was pointing, the section of wall the creature…or Eren had blasted through. The clean cut revealed the inner workings of the wall and revealed the skinless face of a Titan, its eyes swivelled to stare down at them. Connie was the only one stupid enough to not think of the implications and instead voiced what was all on their minds.


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