Kotoha: I'm Kotoha!
Mai: I'm Mai!
Kotoha: I am a Mahou Girls Precure!
Mai: I am a Splash Star Precure!
Kotoha: My group today is the Joyful Girls Squad.
Mai: Mine is the Go Sweetie Crew.
Kotoha: What a nice group name, Mai.
Mai: Thanks, Kotoha. Yours too.
Kotoha: Anyways, how's your time in Go Sweetie Crew?
Mai: It was fun, Kotoha. In fact, I was very happy because I have more than one teammates. What about yours in Joyful Girls Squad?
Kotoha: Same answer as yours. I was even more happier than I have more than two teammates.
Mai: Let's watch the Final Battle with the Queen of Darkness.
Kotoha: I wonder if Ace, Princess, Scarlet, and Lovely are alright.

Scene 1

*continuation of Episode 6*
*While in the village*
*the mascots and the other townspeople were surprised as they see the dark sky didn't go away*
Ribbon: What now?
Ai: *while throwing a tantrum* Ace! Princess!
Foop: Shh! Shh! Don't cry ~pupu. Everything will be alright for sure ~pupu.
Ribbon: I wonder if Dory, Miry, Pegitan, and Choppy are okay.
Foop: Let's hope that they're fine ~pupu. Choppy and Pegitan were being took care by their partners, so...
*While in the place near the castle*
*The 60 Cures were confused while seeing the sky still being dark*
(Cutie Girls Squad Scene [Cures Rhythm, Macherie, Grace, Marine, Rosetta, Milky, and Peace])
Cure Macherie: I find it strange to see the monsters disappear out of nowhere.
(Angelic Team Scene [Cures Magical, Heart, Star, Ange, Pine, Moonlight, amd Sunny])
Cure Pine: Is this the end of the battle?
(Wonder Beauty Scene [Cures White, Selene, Sparkle, Happy, Parfait, Diamond, and Dream])
Cure Happy: The sky is still dark.
(The Infinity Scene [Cures Yell, Earth, Beat, Sunshine, Chocolat, Milky Rose, Mermaid, and Shiny Luminous])
Cure Beat: I think we don't beat the monsters properly?
(Wonder Prime Scene [Cures Black, Flora, Honey, Beauty, Blossom, Muse, and Aqua])
Cure Honey: I was confused that although the enemy is beaten, the sky is still dark.
(Harmonic Team Scene [Cures Miracle, Whip, Cosmo, Twinkle, Passion, Mint, and Fortune])
Cure Cosmo: Wait a minute. Should we transform back or what?
(Go Cheerful Crew Scene [Cures Bloom, Peach, March, Rouge, Gelato, Sword, and Soleil])
Cure Gelato: No way! We beat the monster army already!
(Joyful Girls Squad and Go Sweetie Crew Scene)
Cure Fontaine: I don't know if the four are alright, Melody.
Cure Melody: Same. I hope Princess and the others are fine.
Cure Amour: This is so amazing, but I feel like there's something wrong.
Cure Felice: Something wrong like what, Amour?
Cure Amour: I'm not sure.
Cure Lemonade: I hope the sunshine will appear.
*The Queen of Darkness appear in front of the 60 Cures*
The Queen of Darkness: No! That won't happen anymore, warriors!
The 60 Cures: *gasps*
Cure Etoile: Don't tell me...
The Queen of Darkness: I am the Queen of Darkness! I am the one who wants to take over people's dream. I also want to take over Dreamland to rule, but my two companions betrayed me, so I will have my revenge!
Cure Macaron: Two companions? Maybe she's talking about Yumeko and Tori.
Cure Custard: Same thoughts here!
The Queen of Darkness: Even if you combine your powers, you can't beat me. I will be only be defeated in dream! *laughs in an evil way*
Cure Egret: Oh, no! We're doomed!
Cure Berry: Don't tell me...We're still lost?
Cure Melody: Hopefully not, Berry.

Scene 2

*While inside of the Queen of Darkness' dream*
*In the wasteland*
(Lovely and Scarlet Scene)
Cure Lovely: Hello? Is anyone here?
Cure Scarlet: We lost Princess and Ace.
Cure Lovely: Oh, no! How can we find them?
Cure Scarlet: I don't know for sure.
Cure Lovely: Let's look for them.
Cure Scarlet: Okay!
*The Queen of Darkness' essence makes an appearance*
Queen of Darkness' essence: Well, well, well! Welcome to the Nightmare World!
Cure Lovely: You?
Queen of Darkness' essence: It seems that you're looking for your two friends, that is?
Cure Lovely: Where are they?
Queen of Darkness' essence: They're just right in this area, dearie.
Cure Scarlet: *To Lovely* Lovely, do you remember that Princess and Ace are also taking a hit just to protect Yumeko and Tori?
Cure Lovely: Yes. *To the Queen of Darkness' essence* I'm ready for you, mons- *sees nobody* Huh?!
Cure Scarlet: She's gone.
Cure Lovely: Where does she go?
Cure Scarlet: She is probably scared or something?
Cure Lovely: I doubt that. She said that she was looking for our two friends. Well, she is referring to none except Ace and Princess.
Cure Scarlet: You must be right. We have to hurry and find them. I know they're here nearby.
Cure Lovely: Let's go!
(Princess and Ace Scene)
*Princess is hugging Ace*
Cure Ace: You shouldn't be scared, Princess.
Cure Princess: I'm not scared. This place is a desert. I don't want to be left alone here.
Cure Ace: Same here, especially now that we lost Scarlet and Lovely.
Cure Princess: I wonder where they are today.
Cure Ace: Maybe they're looking for us. Let's look for them also.
Cure Princess: Good idea, Ace!
*While in the real world (in the place near the Dreamland Castle)*
*Tori and Yumeko make a scene in front of the 60 Cures*
Tori: Guys! *pants*
Cure Etoile: Are you guys okay?
Tori: We're fine!
Yumeko: The four warriors. I know where they are today.
Cure Egret: You do?
Tori: Yes. The Queen of Darkness send them to her dream by using her spell.
Yumeko: That spell is meant for both me and Tori, but then they sacrifice themselves by taking a hit instead.
Cure Melody: We have to do something. Any ideas?
Yumeko: Sad to say, but the Queen of Darkness can only be defeated in dream.
Cure Fontaine: Are you serious?
Yumeko: Yes. The only thing you guys do is to wait until they get out.
Cure Custard: I hope Ace and the others are okay.
Cure Felice: *hugs Custard* Don't worry, Custard. Let's hope that they will be out.
Cure Lemonade: I'm so worried that Lovely and Scarlet didn't get out.
Cure Macaron: Same here, Lemonade, but we have to believe in them.
Cure Melody: *To herself* I hope Ace does everything for her Bestie! This is going to be sweet!
Cure Amour: You have to stop this, Melody, especially when Princess is around.
Cure Egret: What is going on here?
Cure Amour: It's nothing.
Cure Berry: I guess we should tell Egret the truth, Amour.

Scene 3

*While in the Queen of Darkness' dream*
(Princess and Ace Scene)
Cure Princess: Where are you?!
Cure Ace: Scarlet! Lovely! Where are you?
Cure Princess: *To Ace* Well, we should stop wandering around. It's useless if we just keep on yelling. We have to wait for them to find us instead. *sits near the dead tree*
Cure Ace: *sits beside Princess* But if we don't yell, Scarlet and Lovely find it very hard to find us even if we wait for them.
Cure Princess: I hate this! Why am I be a Cure if I'm too scared to confront the enemy earlier or even before Dreamland is invaded?
Cure Ace: Huh?! *laughs*
*Lovely and Scarlet arrive and secretly watch on Princess and Ace*
Cure Princess: *To Ace* Why are you laughing?
Cure Ace: Because...why is it that you are defending me from those bullies if you're scared?
*In the streets (in Kibougahana)*
Girl 1: *To the Girls 2 and 3* Let's give that girl (Aguri) a lesson for stealing my crush from me.
*the three girls are about to attack Aguri*
Hime: *shields Aguri**To the three girls* Hey, you three! If you dare on hurting my Bestie Aguri, I will going to crush you all into pieces!
Girl 2: If you try, you meddling girl! We're not afraid of you!
Girl 3: Don't join our conversation with your..."Bestie Aguri"!
Girl 1: You should back off, young lady!
*Hime punches the Girl on the face*
Girl 1: *covers her mouth* Ahhhh! *about to cry*
Hime: Well, if you dare on hurting her again, I'll give you more than just punching.
Girl 2: *To the Girls 1 and 3* Oh, no! Let's get out of here! That girl (Hime) is scary!
*the three girls scream as they leave the scene*
Aguri: You better have to go away! You deserve that!
Hime: *To Aguri* Are you okay?
Aguri: Better than okay! Thank you for defending me, Bestie! *hugs Hime*
Hime: You're welcome, Bestie!
*flashback ends*
Cure Princess: Well, you are my Bestie, that's why I'm going to defend you from someone who wants to hurt you.
Cure Ace: That means you're braver than you think.
Cure Lovely: *To Princess and Ace* Hey, you two!
*Princess and Ace stand up*
Cure Princess: Guys! You're just behind us all the time?
Cure Lovely: Um, yes!
Cure Scarlet: Sorry if we accidentally hear your conversation with Ace.
Cure Lovely: I heard that you are a great defender to Ace, Princess. You stood up for her from the bullies?! How cool is that!
Cure Princess: Thanks.
Cure Ace: I bet you're going to defend your friends if they were in trouble, Lovely.
Cure Lovely: Yes, I will! I won't forgive myself if anything happens to my friends, especially Towachi.
Cure Scarlet: Now's not the time to talk about this! We still have problems to face.
Cure Ace: You're right!
Cure Lovely: Any ideas on how to get out of here?
Cure Princess: I think we should beat the enemy we saw earlier?
*The Queen of Darkness' essence makes a scene*
Queen of Darkness' essence: Are you going to beat me, Warriors?!
Cure Princess: Yes, you'll see.
Cure Scarlet: We're going to beat you, no matter the cost!
Cure Ace: That's right!

Scene 4

*While in the real world (near the Dreamland Castle)*
Queen of Darkness: So, warriors, get ready to fight because I'm going to beat you all!
Cure Moonlight: What now?
Cure Rhythm: For real this time?
Cure Whip: We're doomed for sure!
Cure Beauty: I think we have to fight this time.
Cure Soleil: Right!
Cure Felice: We have to do something.
Cure Egret: Agree.
*While inside of the Queen of Darkness' dream*
*In the wasteland*
Queen of Darkness' essence: So, you're going to beat me, huh?!
Cure Ace: *To Princess* Let's attack together, Bestie!
Cure Princess: O-Okay!
Cure Princess: Pretty Cure *smacks her LovePreBrace*, *while rolling her hands* Blue Happy *releases a Blue Circle* Shoot! *fires her attack at the Queen of Darkness' essence*
*Ace kisses her own hands, and then raises her hands to form the pink heart that appears in front of her*
Cure Ace: Please throb! Ace Shot! *raises a Love Kiss Rouge in front of her* Boom! *fires her attack at the Queen of Darkness' essence*
Queen of Darkness' essence: Ha! Useless girls! *extinguises Princess' and Ace's attacks*
Cure Princess: Oh, no!
Cure Lovely: *To Scarlet* Scarlet, let's finish off the monster together.
Cure Scarlet: Understood.
Cure Lovely: Pretty Cure *smacks her LovePreBrace*, *while rolling her hands* Pinky Love *releases a Pink Heart* Shoot! *fires her attack at the Queen of Darkness' essence*
Cure Scarlet: Pretty Cure Phoenix Blaze! *fires her attack at the Queen of Darkness' essence*
Queen of Darkness' essence: You have to try harder than that! *extinguises Lovely's and Scarlet's attacks*
Cure Scarlet: That won't work, either!
*The Queen of Darkness' essence prepares for the attack*
*Princess and Lovely go in front of Ace and Scarlet*
*Lovely and Princess turn the rainbow-colored dial from their own LovePreBrace and the heart shines*
Cure Princess: Princess Barrier! *creates a barrier*
Cure Lovely: Lovely Shield! *creates a shield*
*The Queen of Darkness' essence fires a large beam at Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet*
*the large beam breaks the shield which cause Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet to fling*
*Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet scream while being flung and crash into the ground*
The Queen of Darkness' essence: *laughs* Do you think you can beat me that easily?! Your normal attacks never work on me!
*Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet grunts while trying to stand up*
Cure Princess: We...lost.
Cure Lovely: She must be right. Our attacks don't work on her.
*While in the real world (near the Dreamland Castle)*
Queen of Darkness: *To the 60 Cures* Your four warrior friends will be stuck in the dream forever! *laughs* Don't hope that they'll come back.
Cure Melody: *starts crying* This can't be.
Cure Lemonade: Lovely and Scarlet are gone. *starts crying*
Cure Custard: And so are...and so are Ace and Princess. *starts crying*
*Melody, Custard, and Lemonade cry*
*Amour, Felice, Berry, Egret, Macaron, Fontaine, and Etoile also cry*
*The other 50 Cures watch the 10 crying*
Cure Felice: *hugs Custard* I can't believe Ace and Princess aren't with us anymore!
Cure Lemonade: *hugs Macaron* Go Sweetie Crew isn't the same without Scarlet and Lovely!
Tori: *To Yumeko* I feel bad for them.
Yumeko: Same.

Scene 5

*While inside of the Queen of Darkness' dream*
*In the wasteland*
The Queen of Darkness' essence: *To Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet* You'll never get to see your friends in the real world. The only way to escape is to defeat me with the power of the Glowing Star.
Cure Lovely: Glowing Star?
*about an hour ago at the Dreamland Castle*
Cure Lovely: *To Tori and Yumeko* What are we waiting for?
Queen Sana: Wait up! The four of you should have the Glowing Star with you! You only get to have one wish, so use it wisely. *takes out the four Glowing Stars from her pocket*
*Flashback ends*
Cure Lovely: That's it! *To Princess, Ace, and Scarlet* Scarlet, Ace, Princess, we still have a Glowing Star with us. Queen Sana distribute it to us, remember?
Cure Princess: Oh! You must be right, Lovely!
Cure Scarlet: That is a good way to save Dreamland.
Cure Ace: Agree.
Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet: I wish...
Cure Lovely: Friends, families, support us while holding the Miracle Lights!
Cure Princess: Lend us your power, fellow Precure friends!
Cure Scarlet: Give us power to beat the evil of all kinds!
Cure Ace: Please guide us always while saving Dreamland and the whole world!
*the four Glowing Stars shine*
The Queen of Darkness' essence: Wha- What is happening?!
*While in the real world (near the Dreamland Castle)*
The Queen of Darkness: What?! *looks at herself glowing* Why I'm I so warm?!
*The 60 Cures, Tori, and Yumeko get surprised*
Cure Etoile: Don't tell me...
*the beam comes out of the Queen of Darkness and spread all over the place*
*The light shines around the 60 Cures*
Tori: *To the 60 Cures* Everyone, you have to lend your powers to Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet!
*While in the village*
*the townspeople and the 43 fairies (this don't include the mascots from Max Heart, Splash Star other than Foop, Healin' Good, and Dokidoki other than Ai; it also includes the Mofurun Clones 1 and 2) receive the Miracle Lights*
Ribbon: Anyways, everyone! Let's cheer for the warriors! You guys should call them as "Precures"!
Ai: Yes! Let's cheer!
The townspeople and the 43 fairies: Precures! Do your best! Precures! Do your best!
*the Miracle Lights shine stronger*
*While in the Dreamland Castle Throne Room*
Fumu: *To Queen Sana* Your Majesty, we have to go outside!
Queen Sana: Okay, okay! We have to!
*Queen Sana and Fumu leave the Throne Room*
*While inside of the Queen of Darkness' dream*
*In the wasteland*
*the light surrounds Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet*
Cure Scarlet: How come the power on us?
Cure Lovely: Could that be? It seems that our wish is finally granted!
Cure Ace: I feel the power now!
Cure Princess: If that's the case, we can finally beat the evil!
*the light shines*
The Queen of Darkness' essence: Oh, no! Could that be!
*The four Dreaming Rod (The Dreaming Rod has a resemblance to the Majoka Lumina from Magic x Warrior Magimajo Pures) appear in front of Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet*
Cure Princess: What is that?
Cure Lovely: I don't know, Princess. Well, we should call it the "Dreaming Rod"! Let's take it!
*Ace takes the Red Dreaming Rod (red heart)*
*Scarlet takes the Crimson Dreaming Rod (Crimson sparkle)*
*Princess takes the Blue Dreaming Rod (blue circle)*
*Lovely takes the Pink Dreaming Rod (pink heart)*
Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet: *To everyone outside of the dream* Thank you, everyone!
Cure Lovely: *To Princess, Ace, and Scarlet* Are you guys ready?!
Princess, Ace, and Scarlet: Yes!
(The movement is similar to Final! Healin' Good Shower!)
Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet: Setup, OK!
*The four Dreaming Rods slowly glow*
*Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet land into the ground*
Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet: Pretty Cure! Dream Power! Bang! *fire their group attack at the Queen of Darkness' essence*
The Queen of Darkness' essence: Curse you, warriors! *fires the beam at Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet's attack*
*the attack of the Queen of Darkness' essence and Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet's attack clash*

Scene 6

*While in the real world (in Dreamland Village)*
The townspeople and the 43 fairies: *while waving the Miracle Lights* Precures, do your best!
Ribbon: Continue cheering until the sky becomes bright again!
Ai: Yes, yes!
*While in the place near the Castle Dreamland*
*the light shines upon the 60 Cures as they provide the power for Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet*
Cure Berry: I hope Ace and Princess will defeat the darkness!
Cure Egret: And so are Scarlet and Lovely!
Cure Amour: We shouldn't give up on lending our friends a helping hand!
Cure Fontaine: You have a point though, Amour!
Cure Melody: *To the 50 Cures* Everyone, keep on providing our four friends some powers!
Cure Lemonade: They badly need one!
*While inside of the Queen of Darkness' dream*
*In wasteland*
*Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet grunt as they struggle to overpower the Queen of Darkness' essence*
The Queen of Darkness' essence: Well, warriors, know matter what you do, the nightmare won't still go away!
Cure Ace: You're right! It may never go away, but it doesn't mean you have to make everyone invade from nightmares!
Cure Princess: That's right! We all know that good always prevail over evil!
Cure Scarlet: It is better if we get rid of you for the sake of everyone!
Cure Lovely: Also, we won't...we won't lose to you as long as we know you're evil!
*The beam shines brighter*
The Queen of Darkness' essence: What?!
Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet: Haaaaaaaaaaa!
*The Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet's attacks overpowers the Queen of Darkness' essence*
The Queen of Darkness' essence: Remember this, warriors! As long as nightmare remains, I will always...always return! *vanishes*
Cure Lovely: Finally.
*Princess, Ace, Lovely, and Scarlet quickly pass out*
*While in the real world (near the Dreamland Castle)*
Queen of Darkness: *while being surrounded by sparkles* Noooo! This can't be happening! Curse you warriors! *slowly vanishes*
*The 60 Cures gives around of applause*
Tori: Wohoo! Finally! *hugs Yumeko*
Queen Sana: It's finally over!
Fumu: Yeah!
*the sky turns normal again*
*While in the village*
*the townspeople and the 43 mascots also give around of applause*
Ribbon: We did it!
AI: Yes!
*While in the Human World*
*Everyone throughout the town wakes up from a deep sleep*
*While in the playground (in Nanairogaoka)*
The girl: Finally! I woke up!
The kids: Hooray!
*The next day in the bedroom of Aguri's house (in Oogai Town)*
*As Hime and Aguri wake up, they see Hibiki, Ruru, Kotoha, Miki, and Himari*
Hime: Huh? Where are we?
Ruru: Look around! You guys are in your house now!
Himari: Ever since you two became unconscious, we brought you here immediately.
Hime and Aguri: Huh?!
Aguri: Did we slept for long?!
Kotoha: Yes. You guys slept for almost a day.
Hime: Oh, no! Is today Monday?! If it's Monday, then we're going to be late for school!
*Hibiki, Ruru, Kotoha, Miki, and Himari look at each other and giggle, then they look at Hime and Aguri*
Hibiki: Nope. Today is Sunday, so you don't have to panic.
Hime and Aguri: Phew!
Miki: But today is morning. Well, I can't blame you two if you react like that.
Aguri: Of course we do, Miki! We slept for long that's why! *To Hime* How's your rest, Bestie?
Hime: It's fine, Bestie. Thanks! I wonder if Megumi, Towa, and the others are okay.
*While in the bedroom of Megumi's house (in Pikarigaoka)*
(Go Sweetie Crew Scene)
Chiyu: *To Megumi and Towa* You guys made us worried ever since we found you being unconscious.
Urara: Yeah. Thank goodness that Queen Sana told us that you two only need plenty of rest.
Towa: Is Dreamland now saved?
Mai, Urara, Yukari, Chiyu, and Homare: Yes!
Homare: Well, thanks to you two, and also Aguri and Hime.
Megumi: You're welcome, Homare. Speaking of Aguri and Hime, where are they?
Yukari: They are probably at their homes now, so...
Mai: But don't worry. They're safe and nothing happens bad to them!
Megumi and Towa: Phew! Thank goodness!
Megumi: *To Towa* Are you okay, Towachi?
Towa: I'm feeling better. Thanks for asking, Megumin.
Megumi: Well, I'm gonna call Hime to make sure she's okay! I missed her!

Scene 7

*2 hours later in the bay (near the downtown)*
Megumi: What a nice day!
Mai: Nice day it is, Megumi!
Pegitan: This place reminds me of Sukoyaka City ~pe.
Chiyu: You said it, Pegitan.
Yukari: Are you sure that Himari and the others will come here?
Megumi: Of course, Yukari!
Towa: Well, I bet this is our first bonding time with the Joyful Girls Group.
Urara: It's Joyful Girls Squad, Towa.
Towa: Squad and Group are the same. Only the name is different.
Homare: True. Anyways, I can't wait to bond with Ruru after the longest time.
Foop: I'm happy for you, Homare.
Choppy: I wanna be with Dory, Miry, and Ai ~chopi.
Mai: Ribbon is now with the Joyful Girls.
*Ai, Dory, Miry, Ribbon, and the Joyful Girls Squad arrive*
Hime: *To Choppy, Foop, Pegitan, abd the Go Sweetie Crew* Hello, everyone!
Megumi: Hi!
Hibiki: Sorry we're late!
Urara: No. It's fine! We just got here.
Aguri: Hime and I were unconscious if you guys didn't know.
Chiyu: We already knew that, Aguri.
Miki: Also, why are we here in the bay? It's hot here.
Kotoha: Well, it is also breezier here. I like it!
Miki: Whatever.
Himari: I miss going to Dreamland. The place is beautiful, so...
Dory: I wanna go there, too ~dodo.
Miry: Aguri and Hime were right about Dreamland ~mimi!
Ai: Dreamland! Yay!
*Everyone, except Ai, giggles*
Yukari: Oh, Ai!
Ruru: Ai is indeed a grown up. She spoke many words now.
Ribbon: Agree.
Hibiki: Anyways, shall we buy snacks and go to the park to have a picnic?
Megumi: Oh, yes! Please do!
Towa: Oh, Megumin.
Hime: Well, even I'm excited, too!
Kotoha: Same here!
Homare: If you guys are excited, then I will, too.
*The Rabbit and the Pig (while holding their umbrellas individually) arrive*
*The Rabbit and the Pig land on the ground safely*
Fatima (Pig): *To Megumi and Towa* Towa, Megumi!
Megumi and Towa: Fatima!
Isabelle (Rabbit): *To Hime and Aguri* Aguri, Hime!
Hime and Aguri: Isabelle!
Ruru: What are you guys doing here?
Rabbit: Well, Fatima and I are here to bring you to Dreamland!
The mascots, the Go Sweetie Crew, and the Joyful Girls Squad: Huh?!
Miki: Is this for real?
Isabelle: Yes! It's for real!
Fatima: Guess what? Your Precure friends are there, too!
Himari: If that's the case, I want to see them, too!
Choppy: Same here ~chopi!
Mai: I can't wait to enjoy Dreamland's wonderful places!
Aguri: *To Fatima and Isabelle* Can you bring us to Dreamland?
Fatima and Isabelle: Of course!
Yukari: Nice!
Hibiki: So, what are we guys waiting for?

Scene 8

*A few minutes later in the Dreamland Castle Throne Room*
Queen Sana: *To Hime, Aguri, Megumi, and Towa* I'm so happy that you guys save Dreamland!
Towa: My pleasure, your Majesty.
Fumu: We just wanted to say "Thank you" because you guys sacrifice yourself for Dreamland's sake.
Hime: It was nothing, Queen Sana!
Aguri: The important thing is that we did what is right. *To Hime* Right, Bestie?
Hime: Yes!
Megumi: *To Queen Sana* So, can we go outside now to bond with our friends?
Queen Sana: Sure thing!
Hime, Aguri, Megumi, and Towa: *while bowing* Thank you! *stand straight and quickly leave the Throne Room by running*
*Several seconds later at the outside of Dreamland Castle*
*Hime, Aguri, Megumi, and Towa watch the 60 Cures (they were grouped by their Mashup Teams) having a picnic*
Hime: *To Aguri, Megumi, and Towa* Are you guys ready?!
Aguri, Megumi, and Towa: Yes!
Kotoha: *To Hime and Aguri* Hime, Aguri, join us!
Mai: *To Megumi and Towa* Megumi, Towa, come here!
Megumi: *To Hime* Guess we have to separate again.
Hime: Yeah, but we can talk later, Megumi! Bye!
Towa: *To Megumi* Let's go, Megumin!
*Megumi and Towa go to Mai, Urara, Yukari, Chiyu, and Homare*
Aguri: *To Hime* Bestie!
Hime: Okay!
*Hime and Aguri go to Hibiki, Ruru, Kotoha, Miki, and Himari*
*Several minutes later*
(Cutie Girls Squad Scene)
Nodoka: *To Kanade, Emiru, Erika, Alice, Lala, and Yayoi* The cupcakes are yummy!
*Hime and Aguri make a scene*
Hime: *To the Cutie Girls Squad* Hello, guys! Let's take a selfie!
*Aguri and the Cutie Girls Squad look at the camera*
*Hime takes a picture of herself, Aguri, and the Cutie Girls Squad*
(Harmonic Team Scene)
Kirara: *To Mirai, Ichika, Yuni, Setsuna, Komachi, and Iona* I was so happy that I came here again!
*Megumi and Towa make a scene*
Megumi: *To the Harmonic Team* Let's all be in one photo together!
*Towa and the Harmomic Team look at the camera*
*Megumi takes a picture of herself, Towa, and the Harmonic Team*
*Kotoha takes a picture of herself, Himari, and the Wonder Beauty*
*Hibiki takes a picture of herself, Miki and the Go Cheerful Crew*
*Urara takes a picture of herself, Ruru, and the Infinity*
*Homare takes a picture of herself, Chiyu, and the Wonder Prime*
*Mai takes a picture of herself, Yukari, and the Angelic Team*
*A few minutes later*
(Go Sweetie Crew and Joyful Girls Squad scene)
Hime: I think it would be nice if all of the Cures are in one picture!
Towa: Nice idea, Hime!
Megumi: Let me take a selfie!
Aguri: Good luck, Megumi!
*Another few minutes later*
*Megumi takes a selfie of herself and the other 63 Cures (Aguri, Hime, Megumi, and Towa are in the front of the pic, while the rest of 60 Cures are at the back)*

-The end-

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