Shus oneshot for now, we'll seeā€¦also can't think of a title

Shawn walked into school slouching with his backpack strapped loosely to one shoulder.

Barely paying any attention to the people walking around him, he strolled

to his locker holding on tightly to his translucent blue ghostbusters water bottle. It seemed unlike him, his schoolmates actually enjoyed waking up in the morning to meet their friends in the hall.

All they did was chat loudly about nothing while running through the halls before the first bell rang. But, things usually ended up flying in the busy traffic, so he had to be careful.

He wasn't a loner, usually he had friends to pal around with, but it was just this morning- or day, he presumed, felt like a do nothing of those days where you put your legs on your desk with your walkman on and wait for Ms. Peterson to send you to in-school suspension so you can just nap and go home. His buddy called him absently and Shawn simply lifted a hand to wave at him not paying attention. He'd been too busy sucking dry his water bottle to care. His water bottle that was filled with- well, not water. But before he could look back to say something smart, because for some reason his friend just kept calling his name, he bumped into something, something soft but firm.

Gus who'd been practicing his motor skills while walking to first period band, finally took his

gaze off of Francine Weathers when he felt a sharp pain on his left pec. He fell flat on his butt

with his instrument case skidding to one side of the hall, sending his blue ghostbuster

bottle with it. He was lucky if the chain holding it to his case didn't break. He heard an ouch

and realized that he had walked into somebody. "Sorry," he said as he got up.

Gus tried to help his fellow flingee, but they seemed more focused on finding something on the ground. Gus searched and saw a backpack on the floor next to his case and reached for it assuming it was what they were looking for. But before he could grab it the guy snatched it up, along with a water bottle.

"Oh, hey, I have one too."

The guy finally acknowledged Gus, "really?"

"Yeah, my sister teases me about, but hey it keeps me hydrated."

"Same here, no sister, but I'm cool," Gus laughed and Shawn did too, though for a slightly different reason.

The first bell rang and Shawn slung his bag back onto his shoulder. "See ya around."

"Same here." Gus replied and collected his things off the ground. Unfortunately, as he predicted the chain holding his bottle had broken. At least the special tea his mom made him didn't spill he thought, rushing off to band.

Shawn popped a few peppermints in his mouth to hide the beer smell on his breath and walked into class as the morning announcements were starting. "As early as always Mr. Spencer."

"Sorry to keep you waiting, you know I always love our riveting chats Ms. Peterson." She gave him a hard stare and pursed her lips holding back whatever she had to say.

"Just get to your seat Mr. Spencer." Shawn took his place in the back of the classroom and pulled his walkman out, laying his head on his desk. It couldn't have been more than 5 minutes before something started poking at his shoulder insistently. Of course it was Ms. Peterson leaning over him saying, "Nope, not today."

"You're not going to disturb my class with your snoring."

"What? I just closed my eyes to blink, how am I interrupting your class, if anything..." Ms. Peterson's glare cut him off and she pointed to the door.

"You know the drill and I'm going to call Mr. Connor this time to make sure you

don't just leave again." A few of the other kids snickered and Ms. Peterson undeterred kept on

with Shawn.

"What's that smell?"

"I haven't the slightest clue what you mean. Are you saying I stink Ms. Peterson because that hurts. I actually showered today just for you, got under the pitts and everything." She gave him one of her iciest glares yet.

"No today Mr. Spencer, let me see your bottle." She put her hand out expectantly

"My bottle? What do you need that for?"

"I smell something and I want to confirm it." The usual oohs and aahs went around the class.

"Oh hush," she finally said. The class went silent. "just show me your bottle then you can get out of my class." Shawn sighed, accepting his fate.

'Now I gotta deal with the old man today too?' he thought of his dad.

He handed her the bottle and she looked at it and then looked at him, he shrugged and smirked. "I know what I like." She lifted the cap and to his surprise, she handed it back to him and grumbled at him to get out of her class. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth he shrugged again and strolled out the door to detention.

Gus rushed to the only seat available in the band hall and quickly pulled out his sheet music.

"A little late today Guster," his teacher said not turning his attention away from the

board. He was scribbling his lesson for the day while somehow keeping an eye on the class. "How's your motor skills?" Gus's ears burned hot, at the teasing. Mr. Wilcroft. The young new music teacher that all the girls fawned over and all the guys joshed with.

"Just fine. Mr. Wilcroft, you saw that?" He mumbled embarrassed.

"Sure did." As usual his first period fan club laughed even though they probably weren't even in the hallway. They usually just crowded into class before the bell to stare at Mr. Wilcroft. Gus's best-friend, Jason, elbowed him. "Staring at Francine again?"

"You know that's right, you jerk," he joked as he rubbed his sore arm.

Jason chuckled and put his arm around Gus's shoulder.

"Mr. Cunningham I told you about shoving in my classroom."

"Ah what? I was just joking around! And Annie literally punched me for no reason when we walked into class. While you were watching!" That's one thing the guys didn't care for. He showed favoritism to the girls. The girls knew this and took advantage all the time.

"She told me you caught her as she was falling."

"With my shoulder?"

To which Annie piped in, "I fell awkwardly!"

"What reason would she have to lie?" Mr. Wilcroft said behind a cough that sounded sinisterly like a laugh as he continued writing on the board. Gus patted his shoulder and mouthed

'let it go.'

Jason sighed defeatedly, "Yes sir." Annie blew him a middle finger and turned back to her

Clique and Jason made an 'are you kidding me' face to which Gus just patted him on the back.

"You know she likes you right?"

"Don't even joke about it. That gorilla woman would eat me alive."

"Jason, you've got a lot to learn about women," Gus said this with all the confidence he copied from his sister. Who actually said it while shutting the door on him after their race to the bathroom this morning.

"Says the guy who can't hold a conversation with Francine without dropping something."

"I have allergies."

"To the ladies?"

"Shut up," he joked.

"Hey, did you bring your mom's tea, today?"

"Yeah, I don't know how you can drink the stuff, it's gross to me."

"You just don't have a refined palette like me," he said in his best Wolfgang Puck voice.

"Ugh, remind me to never have you over again when my mom is having her Puck nights."

"Don't be jealous, just cause I'm the favorite," they both chuckled and Gus handed over the bottle.

"It's a little light... oh my gosh, did you actually drop it?" Gus gave him a sheepish look.

"Well yeah, but... I didn't spill it." Jason smirked not really paying attention to Gus.

"And it doesn't smell like usual..." he tasted it and made a disgusted face.

"What?" Gus questioned.

"This isn't tea. Where'd you get this from?"

Gus was confused, "It has to be tea, that's clearly my bottle how many people have a ...

I bumped into another guy with a ghost buster bottle. Give it to me, let me smell it."

"No, if this is what I think this is well get in trouble for having it, I literally just

sipped it."

"Guster, Mr. Cunningham, why haven't you gotten out your textbooks." Mr. Wilcroft was approaching them and Jason started panicking.

"It's nothing Mr. Wilcroft, we're getting them out now."

"Doesn't seem like nothing. Is something wrong?" Gus snatched his bottle out of Jason's hand. Mr. Wilcroft got to them as Gus was about to stuff the bottle in his bag.

"And what's in the bottle Guster. I saw you two arguing over it."

"Nothing, it's just the tea my mom makes me every morning."

"You won't mind if I check it then, right?" Mr. Wilcroft's fan club oohed as Gus handed the bottle over.

He sniffed it and furrowed his eyebrows. "And your saying your mom made this for you this

morning Mr. Guster?" Gus hung his head low avoiding his gaze. "I'm gonna have to send you and Mr. Cunningham to detention."

"What?!" Jason piped in.

"You want me to believe Mr. Guster had the idea to do this on his own? I saw you drinking from it earlier."

"I...I didn't know..." Mr. Wilcroft crossed his arms.

"Mr. Wilcroft, he really didn't know and to be honest I didn't know either." Mr. Wilcroft unfurrowed his brows.

"You didn't know?" He crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow.

"No! My bottle got mixed up with someone else's, you know when it fell in the hall earlier." Mr. Wilcroft contemplated for a second.

"Well, I'm sorry Mr. Guster but you brought it into my class you're gonna have to go to detention."

"You're not gonna call my Mom are you?"

"No, but come see me after school, I'll have a talk with you later."

Gus collected his things, dejected. Class resumed when he closed the door.

There was a foreign feeling in his chest that he hated and wanted to go away.

Hot tears rolled down his face as he took a long walk down the usually short

path to the Health classroom. While trying to wipe the tears with his long sleeve

he walked into someone's back. They turned around and what would you know it, the real owner

of that cursed Ghost Buster Bottle.


"Me!" Shawn mimicked his tone jokingly not really understanding Gus's reaction.

"You're the reason, I'm in this mess."

"What?" Shawn was genuinely confused. "Do you know me?"

"Yes...well... no, but you have my bottle. You took my bottle." Gus jumbled out.

"Oh, this?" Shawn held up Gus's bottle. "Okay, you must be the guy from this morning. Here you

can have this back. It kinda stinks though, that's not my fault, but yeah didn't mean to take it."

Gus took it back. "Yeah my mom is experimenting with new teas..." Shawn held out his hand expectantly.

"Yeah, so where's my bottle."

"It got taken up by my teacher."

"Really man? Jeez..."

"Hey, don't try to twist this on me." Gus raised his voice then lowered it to furiously whisper, "who brings alcohol to school?!"

Shawn let out a huge sigh, "nevermind," he said and walked off annoyed.

"You can't be the annoyed one here, I got in trouble because of you."

"Oh yeah, who told you to drink it? You must have, to have made your teacher kick you out."

"I didn't, my friend did: because he thought it was tea!"

"Yeah right, then where's your friend?"

"I didn't want him to get in trouble so I covered for him." Shawn stopped walking causing Gus who had been following after him to bump into him again.

"Watch it." Shawn looked over his shoulder at Gus with his eyebrows raised.

"So Mr. Goody two-shoes didn't rat out his friend?"

"Don't call me that, you don't know me."

"Dude everyone knows you, you're always rushing through the halls to get to your next class. We call you the Toppler because you always fumble when you talk to Weathers when she's coming from Volleyball practice."

"Who's we and wouldn't it make more sense to call me the Fumbler?"

"Semantics," Shawn laughed at the correction. "Alright Fumbler."

"I didn't mean for you to start calling me that." Gus crossed his arms.

"Right, so you got detention?"

"Yeah," Gus sniffled.

"Dude, it's not a crying matter. You literally get to sleep or... do whatever it is that Fumblers do."


"Yeah, come on, I have to get there before Mr. Connor comes looking for me."

Gus nodded and trailed behind Shawn still not wanting to go to detention.

"Hurry up dude," Shawn put his arm on Gus's shoulder and dragged him toward the classroom. "I'm gonna show how fun it really is"

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