A/N: Just for clarification, this takes place after the group has watched Civil War.

Despite all the fun they'd been having watching the Avengers and Monster lores, team RWBY and the other guests in Katana's world have been training diligently between the viewings or a few hours before they started the monster lores. And in this time, they had grown substantially. Thanks to some tutelage from her enemy turned girlfriend Cinder, Ruby had picked up several new skills, including archery and, much to the surprise of Yang, even hand-to-hand combat. The half-Maiden even taught the others lacking in unarmed combat (Jaune and Weiss) and with the additional help from their teachers and the restored Summer Rose and newly reformed Roman Torchwick, Hazel Rainart and Adam Taurus, everyone's combat abilities and strategies had grown and evolved. Plus Katana gave them all the advancements that had been made to their weapons. Everyone had become far stronger and more skilled than even their main timeline counterparts as of volume 8, with the exceptions of Cinder, Penny and Winter, for the obvious reasons of not obtaining the Maiden powers. But that certainly didn't mean they'd fallen behind.

Still, Glynda believed that they had been spending far too much time simply sitting around and watching videos, so she called for an extra day to be added to the rotation, dedicated entirely to training, which is where we begin our scene now. So now, the group and all their monsters were now in the training area, watching a sparring match between two who had yet to reach their full power.

Cinder and Winter were now in a heated sparring session, but it was incredibly even with Cinder not using the half of the Fall Maiden powers she did have. The two of them almost like a blur of blades swinging wildly, with the occasional kick being sent at the opponent. They had each landed a few hits on each other, but their auras were barely into the yellow. The two continued for several more minutes, perfectly countering each other move for move, before Cinder managed to sweep Winter's leg out from under her, bring the leg that swept her around, up and above Winter to deliver a powerful axe kick to her midsection, slamming her to the floor, her aura extinguished. Cinder then pointed the sword in her right hand at Winter's face. "Not bad, Winter. But it looks like I win." Cinder declared.

"Maybe in a tournament!" Winter countered, striking Cinder's sword away with her own and rolling back to her feet, kicking Cinder in the head in the process, stunning her and leaving her open for a round kick to the head, before striking her with the same move she'd hit Ironwood with to defeat him in Volume 8. The half-Maiden's aura broke around her, but she managed to stay on her feet, but when she came back to her senses, she felt Winter's blade against her neck. "Not bad yourself, Cinder." Winter praised. "But it looks like I just went the extra mile." She declared.

Cinder growled a bit, but sighed. "Fine, you win. But if I had used my Maiden power, you would have been fried." She told her.

"Incredible demonstration of skill. Both of you." Ozpin told them as they returned to the group.

"Well done, Schnee. I'd expect nothing less." Ironwood said, placing a hand on Winter's shoulder.

"I knew you'd do it, Winter!" Weiss said happily.

Ruby jogged up and hugged Cinder. "You'll totally kick her butt next time." She told her.

"That's a guarantee." Cinder stated.

"Still, you broke her aura first, so as far as I'm concerned, you won." Emerald told her leader.

"Yeah. You still did great." Neo agreed.

"I certainly agree." Summer said as she walked up, placing a hand on Cinder's shoulder. "You were great out there, Cinder. And I'm sure you'll only keep getting better. So, just keep training so you can keep my baby bloom out of trouble." She said, hugging Ruby, much to the younger Rose's embarrassment.

"Mooom! Let goooo!" She whined.

Winter then sighed at this. "That was a good training session, but still, I'm wishing that we had some new challenge. In our time here, everyone must have faced each other at least five times. We know each other's tactics and moves, we should be fighting people we haven't fought before, learning about and overcoming new styles of fighting." She said.

"She has a point. We've all improved significantly, but lately it feels like we're simply going through the motions, like we cannot improve anymore simply by fighting each other." Glynda agreed.

"Maybe we should try fighting Katana or her daughters?" Nora suggested.

Everyone winced at that idea, knowing even Katana's daughters, who would only be starting at Beacon the next school year, were powerful enough to defeat Elder Dragons that they wouldn't even be able to scratch. "It was an interesting idea, Nora, but maybe a bit too far." Ren stated.

"Then, what would you think of taking on the heroes you've been watching? Or, you'll eventually have to deal with these monsters on Remnant, maybe we could put you up against some of them." Katana suggested as she and her daughters suddenly entered the room.

"You really mean it!?" Yang asked excitedly.

"That would be incredible!" Pyrrha said, equally eager.

"So, who's gonna step up first?" Katana asked.

"I'll do it! I haven't been up to fight in a while." Jaune said.

Katana smiled and nodded at this. "Good hustle, Jaune! And I think I've got the perfect opponent for you." Katana said.

Suddenly, in the middle of the sparring ring, a man appeared. He was wearing brown combat boots, brown fingerless gloves and a full-body suit adorned with patriotic colors, with a similarly-colored shield secured on his left arm, the only part of his body not covered was his head, revealing his fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. It was none other than Steve Rogers, Captain America himself. "What the? Where am I?" Steve asked as he looked all around.

Everyone gasped in amazement. They knew exactly what Katana had planned, but it was still beyond belief he was here before them. "It's Captain America!" Ruby, Jaune, Yang, Nora and Neo all cheered excitedly.

"What?" He asked, turning to see the large group of rather colorful characters before him, before noticing a familiar figure he is more often than not at odds with. "Katana!" He snapped, flinging his shield at the ice demon, who easily caught it.

"Steve, that NEVER works, why do you keep trying?" Katana asked, casually tossing his shield back to him with a harmless underhand throw.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's with the hostility?!" Coco called out.

"And who are all these people?" Steve asked.

"Just some friends I borrowed from their world to show them some of your movies and help lead them to a better path than what they would have had." She explained.

"And I'm part of this little scheme, like that last one where you sent the Avengers to that universe where everyone had Quirks to be teachers?" Steve asked.

"Hey, you all said you loved the job!" Katana defended, acting hurt Steve was being so accusatory towards her.

"You also said you'd watch after our universe while we were gone!" He countered.

"I did!" The ice demon insisted.

"You and all the other anti-heroes murdered half of HYDRA and AIM in that time!" The Captain snapped.

"You're welcome." Katana said proudly.

"You were supposed to bring them to justice, not kill them." He told her.

"Well, that was a matter of opinion with our definitions of justice." She explained.

"And people like Deadpool and the Punisher were never meant to step foot in Avengers tower, yet you let them live there the entire time we were gone." He added.

Katana stopped at this. "Okay, I'll admit it, that was my bad." She said, before smiling. "But now I'm trying to make up for it by making these guys into the best warriors they can possibly be before I send them home in a few days. And I was hoping you and the other Avengers could help. You know, the usual: sparring, seeing their moves, telling them what they did wrong and where they can improve- etcetera, etcetera." Katana told him.

The captain looked a bit displeased with this, but sighed. "Well, if these guys are the heroes of their world, I guess it's best to help them get as good as they can be." He finally agreed, looking to the group. "So, who's first?" He asked.

"That'd be me, sir! Jaune Arc! You've got to be my favorite Avenger. You're so awesome!" Jaune said.

Cap smiled at this. "Appreciate it. Come on, then." He said, gesturing Jaune into the right, the blonde knight hustling to do so. He did frown a bit when he noticed Jaune's sword. "You guys usually use weapons like that?" He asked.

"They mostly fight creatures made of pure negativity, Cap. They literally only exist to kill humans." Katana clarified.

"Fair enough." Steve said, turning back to Jaune.

"I-I can ditch the sword if you want, Cap. I can fight hand-to-hand or with just my shield-" Jaune offered.

"Hey, if that's how you're most comfortable, feel free. Just get yourself ready, because I'm not gonna hold back." Steve warned.

Jaune gulped. "Y-yes, sir." He said fearfully.

"Little head's up, Cap: if you hit him, he'll flash yellow, like he's got a barrier around him. If you see that barrier disappear, that means stop attacking." The ice demon informed the super soldier.

"I'll keep that in mind." He agreed.

"And BEGIN!" Katana declared.

Background Music: "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" by The Offspring [1]

Jaune rushed in and slammed his shield into Cap's own, raising his sword and preparing to bash Cap in the side of the head with the butt of the sword, but Cap caught his arm and stopped him, before kicking one of Jaune's legs out from under him, leaning back and pulling his shield away from Jaune, then lunged forward and slammed his shield into Jaune's chest, knocking him back. Jaune rolled rolled back onto one knee as Cap rushed in, swinging his shield with a hook, but the blonde knight blocked the other shield. Cap went for another kick, but Jaune smashed the butt of his sword into the leg, forcing it back to its original position.

As Cap prepared for another powerful hit with his shield, Jaune stood and spun out, slamming his shield into Cap's back, causing him to stagger forward, before Jaune delivered a rear kick that knocked the Super Soldier forward. Cap rolled and ended kneeling on one knee much like Jaune had, before twisting back and flinging his shield back at Jaune as the blonde knight rushed in. Jaune knocked the shield away and swung his sword at the Captain, who stepped to the side, moving Jaune's arm to the side and deflecting the blow, before wrapping his arms around the sword arm. He then brought his left arm up, bashing his knuckles into Jaune's face and twisting his wrist to disarm him of his sword, before throwing the boy over his shoulder, sending him several feet away without his sword while Cap used his magnet to reclaim his shield.

"Not bad, kid. But you could still do with a bit more training. Wanna call it here?" Steve asked.

Jaune looked back up at him with a smirk. "I could do this all day." He declared.

Cap smiled in approval at this. "That's what I like to hear." He stated.

Jaune got back up and rushed at Steve, the two meeting each other in the middle once again with a shield bash, but this time, Jaune used a burst of Gravity Dust to stagger the Captain, allowing Jaune to land a couple of punches and a kick to once again knock back the Cap, who once again rolled back to his feet and engaged again, the two trading blows, but while he wasn't being dominated, it was clear Jaune was at a disadvantage, as Cap landed several hits on him. The two managed to get past each other's shield's and grabbed each other's arms, landing some kicks and knees to the other's side, before Cap threw Jaune to the ground, his aura flickering, a clear indicator that it wouldn't last much longer.

Jaune then noticed his sword, but also that Cap was rushing in again. Luckily, Jaune remembered his light shield grenade and tossed it to the floor, causing it to deploy and the Captain crashed into the wall that suddenly deployed out of nowhere. However, he was able to jump over it with ease after he recovered from crashing into it. Luckily, by that time, Jaune had gotten his sword and put it in its sheathe. Before Cap could question it, the sword and shield combined into a two-handed sword. "Whoa. That's something I'd expect from something Tony made." He said.

Jaune then rushed in and swung at the Captain, not much slower despite using a heavier weapon. Cap redirected the sword with his shield, making it pass over his head, preparing to slam his shield into the blonde knight's gut, but Jaune delivered a round kick that caused Steve to spin out and stagger back a bit. He then swung his sword horizontally from right to left, to which Cap held the shield on his left side, bracing for and blocking the hit. Jaune then pulled his blade back and delivered an inside crescent kick with his left leg, slamming it into the shield and breaking the Captain's guard, leaving him wide open. Jaune then spun out and delivered and bashed his elbow into Cap's head to stun him, spinning the rest of the way and swinging his sword again, slamming the flat side of the blade into Steve's side, knocking him back.

Jaune panted a bit at this, before smirking. "So, ready to give up yet?" He asked the Captain.

However, Cap turned the tables on Jaune's earlier line, speaking his classic saying. "I could do this all day." He returned to the blonde.

"That's what I was afraid of." Jaune groaned.

Cap rushed in and threw his shield at Jaune once again, Jaune deflecting it with his Zweihander, but this left him open for Cap to knock the weapon from his hand with a round kick, spinning and crouching to deliver a back sweep kick. Jaune managed to leap back and avoid this, but it also put distance between him and his sword, while Cap also used his magnet to reclaim his shield. It was all over at this point. While Jaune was able to defend against a few hits Cap threw at him, it wasn't enough to stop the assault, especially with hard hits from the shield rattling him every time he tried to defend. Eventually, the Captain delivered a strong right punch to the gut, doubling Jaune over, before finishing the fight with a powerful uppercut from the shield, knocking Jaune into the air and causing him to hit the ground HARD, his aura dissipating upon contact.

End Music

Steve offered Jaune his hand which the younger blonde accepted before Steve helped him up. "You're relying heavily on your shield, Jaune." Steve said.

Jaune nodded and held it up. "Family heirloom, it was my Great-Great-Grandfather's." He said to the seasoned leader.

"You're wanting to honor him but in doing so you're holding yourself back." Steve said before gesturing to Jaune's mind. "You have more than just your strength, Jaune. You also have your mind, learn to strategize during combat. No plan ever survives contact with the enemy. Remember that and you'll be a great leader."

Jaune began to think of the times where he just went with his gut and either fought or planned on instinct. "Huh, you're right. Thanks Cap." Jaune said before offering a hand to Steve.

Steve smiled and shook Jaune's hand. "You're a good kid, Jaune." He said while shaking hands with the huntsman-in-training. [2]

"Thanks. I try my best." Jaune admitted.

"Thanks for the help, Steve. We might call you back later and definitely will be calling some of the other Avengers, so it might be a good idea to give them a head's up." Katana told the Super Soldier.

Steve looked at her, a small glare still on his face, but he nodded at this. "Alright. We don't agree on everything, Katana, but in this case... I think you're doing the right thing." He said.

"I have my moments." The ice demon admitted.

"You could've warned me about the sword getting bigger and the shield burst thing, though." He added.

"If I did, Jaune barely would've landed any hits." Katana told him, before sending the Super Soldier back to his own time.

"Are you alright, Jaune?" Pyrrha asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Worn out, though. My aura took all the damage, but that still hurt." Jaune groaned.

"You've earned a nice rest after that, Mr. Arc." Ozpin assured the leader of JNPR.

"Alright, then. Who wants to go next?" Katana asked.

"Ooh! I do! And I wanna fight a monster this time! I'm gonna punch a Tigrex in the face!" Yang declared.

Razara rolled her eyes at this. "Uh, maybe try starting somewhere that's NOT the top of the food chain? You've never fought monsters before. They're totally different from Grimm. If you're learning to swim, you don't dive into the deep end." Razara said.

"Why not? That's how I taught Ruby how to swim." Yang said.

"You did WHAT!?" Summer asked in shock, which quickly turned to anger.

"Uh-oh. Quick, Katana! Bring me a monster to fight! Please!" Yang pleaded, fearful of her mother's wrath.

Katana sighed at this, before setting up the next fight as Yang tried to avoid Summer.

A/N: So, there we go! This is the beginning of my versus story! I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what fights you'd like to see next? Remember, these fights can also include the crew's Monsties, they can fight against monsters, or it could be whole teams against an enemy, human or monster. But let's try to avoid outright stomps, so probably no fights against the Hulk. Sorry, guys.

[1] Sai recommended I add fight music to these battles like he does in his stories, so if you don't like the idea, blame him. If you do like the idea... Thanks, bro! Also, you'd be surprised that while there are many AMV's of "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid", none of them are about Jaune or team JNPR.

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