Ilia tested the new changes to her clothing, switching colors several times and each time, her clothing changed along with her. "Wow! This is amazing! I could've used this during my stealth missions for the White Fang." She said, changing back to her normal pigment, with her clothes staying the last color she had turned, which was pink. "Oh, sweet! Now I can wear whatever color I want without having to buy a new suit." She added.

"Focus, Ilia. Your opponent isn't an easy one. And I doubt you want to have to say you were killed by a crab when you get to the afterlife." Adam told her.

"He's right, Ilia. Just be careful, okay?" Blake told her.

Ilia hugged her friend reassuringly. "I'll be fine, Blake. And after I beat it, we can make some crab cakes out of it." She said jokingly.

"You know you only knock them out, right? None of you have killed the monsters you've gone up against." Tekko reminded the chameleon girl.

Ilia grumbled that the youngest Blade girl ruined her joke. "Still, we can just wish for a big crab dinner to celebrate when you win instead." Blake told her.

"Also, I hope you like the hot weather, because you're going to the volcanic region." Katana warned the former White Fang girl.

"Bring it on." Ilia said.

"That's what we like to hear." Katana said.

"Good luck, Ilia." Emerald said.

"Yeah! Bring another win home for the Remnant crew!" Ruby cheered. And with a nod from Ilia, she stepped into the middle of the arena and was sent into the simulation.

Ilia then reappeared on the beach in front of a boat and a chest. She quickly collected the cool drinks from the chest and made her way to area 2. A few Apceros noticed her and roared, making their way towards her. "Something tells me those things don't like me being here." She said nervously.

"No. Those are Apceros. When we bring them to Remnant, we'll bring the ones from the New World, which are more docile. These ones, however, are pretty aggressive from years of being hunted, so they developed an attitude." Razara explained.

"Better test out that new camouflage!" Tekko suggested.

"Right." Ilia said, moving so there was a wall behind her and turning the same color as the grey rocks, effectively vanishing from view. The Apceros stopped in confusion at this, even raising onto their hind legs and looking around, before giving up and going about their days. "Alright. So the camouflage works pretty good. Alright." She said, jogging on her way into and through area 2. She arrived in area 3, quickly gulping down a cool drink and spotting the sickle crab in all its glory, apparently pecking at bits of food on the ground in front of it. "Alright, crabby. Let's see if you're as scary as Rage made you out to be." Ilia said, approaching it quickly. "I kind of doubt it!" She declared, whipping its claw. Her whip hit the center of the claw and harmlessly bounced off, but still caused the creature to flinch in pain, before angrily turning to her and stabbing at her as she narrowly jumped back to avoid it.

Background Music: "Ride the Lightning" by Metallica

Ilia lashed the crustacean several more times, but it did little more than agitate the creature, which swiped at her with its claws, but she rolled to the side. She struck at its leg, managing to make the creature stumble a bit, but it quickly recovered, rapidly turning with its claw out, ready to take her head off with a well-placed swipe, but Ilia ducked under this attack and managed to hit the monster in its eyestalk with her whip, causing it to stagger back in pain. But now understandably angered by the girl harming its sensitive eye, it charged forward and struck down with its claw to stab her, forcing her to do a backflip, land on her hands and do a back handspring to gain extra distance. However, the beast simply leapt forward, about to crash down on her, forcing her to dive and roll out of the way, going invisible, much to the Carapaceon's confusion.

"Crabs shells are already pretty tough, Ilia. And this one is definitely stronger than normal." Blake informed her friend.

"Your whip isn't a good option against an armored enemy. Figure something else out." Adam told her.

"Right." Ilia said, somewhat nervously as she began to thinks. (Okay, let's think about this... People in armor can still be beaten. You just have to hit the openings in the armor! Like the joints! Okay, new plan!) The chameleon Faunus planned out as she re-engaged the monster.

She moved in- while still camouflaged- and lashed the elbow joint of the shogun and managed to draw some blood from the monster. It turned to attack whatever had caused it this pain, but its confusion increased when it found nothing. Ilia made her way behind the beast and lashed at its right back leg, causing it to falter once again, more so than the last time. However, upon realizing it had been attacked from behind, the Ceanataur had the idea of shooting a jet of water out of the Gravios skull on its back half, knocking Ilia back, the Faunus girl coming dangerously close to a pool of lava, the chameleon-like end of her ponytail even going into the molten rock and catch fire, causing her to cry out and struggle to put out the fire. However, this panic left her open to being hit by the Carapaceon once again, being knocked back towards the center of the area.

As Ilia got up, the creature came to attack once again, rushing in and spinning in a 360 of death once it closed the distance, but Ilia managed to duck under the attack once again. It then attempted to stab down on her with its claws once again, but Ilia dove out of the way once again. However, this time, she tried something else as she wrapped her whip around the elbow joint of the monster's left claw and shocking it with electricity, getting a strong reaction of pain from the monster, before it frantically tried to free itself, managing to strike the whip away with its other claw.

The creature was now realizing this girl was dangerous, figuring its weak points and how to seriously harm it with electricity like a Khezu could, so it understood it had to change its strategy. Her way of hiding from it was also troubling, but it then realized it had the perfect way to stay out of her reach and more than likely hit her wherever she was. With that, the crab beast jumped to the ceiling, flipping and sinking its feet into the roof of the volcano and firing down aimlessly with its water jet, tearing through the ground below in an attempt to hit its threat, Ilia struggling to dodge the unrelenting stream of water. She was doing good, but eventually the very last pass of the attack made contact, knocking her to the ground.

This certainly hurt, but the Faunus girl wasn't out of the fight yet. The creature then dropped back down from the ceiling and waved its claws, appearing to be quite pleased with itself. "Lucky shot! It's not gonna happen again!" She told the creature, vanishing once more and striking at it leg and claw joints, once even managing to hit it in the mouth as it lashed out where she stood. Clearly unable to find her, it resorted to another useful tactic for dealing with slippery prey, digging down into the ground. Confused by this, Ilia dropped her camouflage and looked around. "What happened? Did it escape somewhere else?" She wondered, taking a few steps around. However, it was at this point, she felt the ground rumble beneath her and before she could move, the Ceanataur bust from the ground and struck her with both claws, knocking her back.

Ilia growled at this as she got up, her aura flickering a bit. "Careful, Ilia. You're down to 25%." Blake warned.

"Alright. Time to finish this." Ilia declared. She moved to the side once again and wrapped her whip around the joints of its legs again, each time using electricity to zap and fry the creature's legs, causing pain and greatly slowing and limiting its range of motion, lest it further damage and cause pain to the tenderized joints. With this process repeated on each of the legs and claws, the creature became quite pensive about its movements and Ilia had little to no issues dodging them and it didn't risk the tougher task of jumping to the roof or digging with its damaged joints, so it only once tried to turn and spray Ilia with its water jet while on the ground. But she dodged this attack once more, before jumping onto its head, wrapping her whip around its horn and shocking the creature until it finally couldn't take the electricity any longer and passed out, allowing her to jump off as it collapsed.

End Music

It was certainly one of the more difficult fights Ilia had been a part of, but Ilia managed to beat the killer crustacean, walking up to the beast and patting the side of its head. "Man, you put up a good fight, crab legs. I guess it's a good thing we don't kill the monsters in these fights. You definitely don't deserve to be turned into seafood." She said, leaning against the creature and waiting for Katana to bring her back. Then, several smaller Ceanataur began to approach her. And while she did still have a bit of aura, she was pretty worn out from the fight, the heat and constantly changing colors. "Okay! Katana! Time to bring me back now!" She cried out. However, the Ceanataur were getting even closer and there seemed to be no signs that she was being brought back. "Katana!" Ilia cried out as the Ceanataurs picked up speed and charged at her.

Thankfully, before the smaller crabs could reach her, she was finally engulfed in light and retrieved from the simulation as the pack crabs looked around in confusion for the girl that defeated their alpha.

Ilia was finally brought back into the sparring room, soon to be greeted by her friends. "Great work out there, Ilia." Blake praised.

"Thanks, Blake." Ilia said with a blush, before glaring at Katana. "But what took you so long to bring me back!? Those smaller crabs were about to stampede over me!" She complained.

Katana smirked, icy horns appearing on her head. "Sorry, I just wanted to scare you a little bit. I need to keep myself entertained, too, you know." She said.

"We tried to bring you back ourselves, but she froze Blake and I before we could hit the button." Emerald explained.

"Not sorry." The hostess said.

"Still, you did a great job out there. And you represented the Faunus well." Adam praised as well.

"Great job!" Velvet agreed.

"It certainly seemed difficult when your attacks weren't getting through the shell, but then you had the excellent idea to attack the joints. Excellent adapting, Miss Amitola." Glynda praised as well.

"Thanks, all of you." She said with a smile.

"So, who's up next?" Coco asked.

"Actually, I think it's time to see how well you guys can work with your monsters." Katana said with a smirk, turning to a certain shapeshifter. "Qrow, you ready to see how well you and Omen can work as a team?" She asked.

Qrow smirked at this. "Sounds like fun to me." He said, running his hand down the Ebony Odogaron's head, from its snout to its neck just before its rocky back protrusions began. "What do you think, boy? Ready to show them how it's done?" He asked, to which the creature let out an excited shriek. "I think that's a yes." He agreed as the two went to the platform.

"Good luck, uncle Qrow! Kick some butt out there!" Ruby cheered.

"Yeah, bring the family home a win!" Yang cheered as well.

"You got it, kids. Just be sure to keep a cold one ready for me." He said, then flinched at the deadpanned stares they gave him. "What? I meant a soda, of course!" He said with a laugh, eventually bringing a small chuckle from his nieces.

"But this isn't gonna be easy. You'll be facing royalty. The King of the Skies and Queen of the Land. Rathalos and Rathian." Katana told him.