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Arya was in a low crouch near the swift riverbed, holding her bow and arrow trying to find the perfect angle. The deer she had been hunting for a couple of days now had stopped to bed near the tree line parallel to the river. Its herd wasn't necessarily big but had enough deer to make her track them with caution.

The young girl had been tracking this particular deer and its pack for a couple of days, for the doe seemed to have enough meat they would need for winter, but also was small enough that it would fit on her sled, which made it easier for her to pull it back to her house.

The moonlight reflected a silver light from the water just near her feet, the light contrasting heavily to the almost absolute darkness that surrounded her, and she could barely make out the shape of the doe she had been trying to kill. But the snow that was ever so slowly falling was obstructing her view. The snow was also a sign of the impending winter, again reminding her that she needed to kill this deer, otherwise, her family would most likely starve with winter.

A curse left her mouth in a tiny mutter, due to her aching knees and because the skin on her hands was bright pink, the joints cramped from holding onto her bow. That had been one of the best things she had ever gotten out of her relationship with her uncle.

Her uncle wasn't necessarily dreadful, but he wanted Arya to be a housewife. While he had been trying to get Gertrude, the town healer, to sort out Arya and make her into an apprentice healer, or try to get her to become a housewife, Arya flat out rejected the idea. She hated sewing, laundry, basically anything that a housewife would do. She preferred the hunt, chasing deer, and going on adventures, she was much more interested in using a dagger than a needle.

But her closest friend and cousin, Roran, convinced Garrow to get her a bow when she had been twelve, and she treasured it beyond anything else.

Roran was slightly older than her, but in physical build, they could not have been more different. While Arya had midnight hair and a rather petite build, and a pair of bright green eyes, Roran was stocky, and easily a foot taller than her, and had shaggy brown eyes with a slight stubble. But he was her closest friend, and Roran understood her. He was also one of the few people who supported her. The other village boys were essentially revolted by Arya, for her lacking figure and her tom-boyish looks, and the girls also avoided her, for they thought she was insane, with her leather trousers and muddy shirt compared to their soft, frilly dresses.

Finally managing to set her sights on the doe that was bedding on the patch of grass, she breathed in and pulled back her left arm, but as she did, a flash of light and a deafening roar broke the silence, knocking Arya to the ground and jolting the deer, causing them to pass from her sight.

Gaining her bearings after the explosion, she slowly crept towards the crater that was the aftermath of the destruction of the unknown blast. Rocks cluttered around her feet, and the grass was charred and the dirt closest to the middle of the crater was upturned and was lying around her. But in the center of the crater, was a glittering emerald stone, which reflected the moonlight, giving it a shine that left Arya in awe. After breaking her gaze from the stone, she took a few steps back, legs slightly bent at the first sign of danger. Whatever had caused the explosion could do it again. But after a few minutes of waiting, ready for any sign of trouble, Arya relaxed and began to track towards the green stone.

Considering what it had done, the stone wasn't awfully big, around the size of a bucket, and was surprisingly light. Upon closer look, Arya could pick out white webbing that covered the entire stone and slowly reached out towards the mysterious rock. Cool to the touch, despite the charred grass surrounding the stone, and, after picking it up, was surprisingly light. Which was odd, since it appeared to be rather heavy rock. It was smooth to the touch and had no edges or rough edges, which, again, didn't make sense to Arya. Finding a stone, alone was a big deal, but finding one of this quality in the middle of The Spine, in an explosion mind you, was simply unheard of.

Was it magic? If so, who sent it here? The Spine of all places? Arya's thoughts were racing in her head as she turned the stone over, simply still in shock about finding such an object in the middle of nowhere. Considering its size and the assumption that it was indeed a solid gem, Arya was beyond excited. A gem of this size would allow for her family to buy enough meat to last them ten winters. Turning around with it in her hands, she looked back at the damage, finding that the debris had hit some deer and that she wouldn't have to go back to Roran and her uncle empty-handed.

Grabbing the stone and trekking back to her bag to place it there, she then turned around, grabbed the deer, skinned it, and collected her things, and started to head back towards her house.

The trail she was taking had been one she had used before, as it was well concealed from other hunters, but still had animal tracks, which meant that game wondered on that trail. But many hunters overall didn't enter The Spine. With it vastly unexplored and unmapped, many hunters didn't want to risk hunting in the forest and risk getting lost. The gigantic forest covered the northwest part of The Empire and was one of the few places that Galbatorix didn't control. With its dense forestry, it was difficult to map and navigate, and years ago Galbatorix lost an army deep into the heart of The Spine and soon after gave up trying to map the massive forest.

But Arya was one of the few hunters who ventured into The Spine, for it was a place where she could be herself, without the judgment of the woman of her village, and without the disappointed gaze of her uncle. And the fact that the story of how Galbatorix's army had disappeared in The Spine, along with plenty of other stories from Brom, made staying in the forest much easier. Brom, along with Roran and a few others, were some of the only people who even showed remote interest in her.

Hour's pass, and with night arriving anytime, Arya makes camp near the Anorna river, the one that ran through The Spine and led down to the southern towns, and sets down the stone, the deer, and the other small game she had collected earlier in her hunting trip. Grabbing some dried meat that she had packed in her sack and settled at a spot near a dead log that would have to provide her shelter for the night.

After she had eaten her food, Arya turned back to her sled and had managed to haul the stone out of it, settling it into her lap to look at the majestic gem. What a stone, she thought to herself, again picking it up to eye the beauty that she had found in The Spine. Resettling the stone back into her bag, she laid out her bedroll and went to sleep.

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