Sakura blew a bang out of her face with a bored look on her face as she watched her shirtless blond teammate do crunches. He was using chakra to stick his feet to the tree since he had no one to use as an anchor. Sakura most definitely didn't want to and Sasuke was resting from training at Tazuna's house. Her emerald eyes lazily watched his sweaty body make contact with the ground, only to rise back up, the process repeating over and over. Mentally she had been counting but already lost track, so she simply listened to the boy's grunts of "998...999... 1000!" Only 30 minutes? she thought with mild shock. The blond laid on the ground, his arms spread out and panted heavily. His chest rose up and down as he attempted to regain his breath. Sakura spared a glance to the canteen on her hip, noticing that Naruto hadn't brought one with him. Naruto felt a cold material hit his stomach and he winced at the contact. He gave a partially enthusiastic thanks to Sakura, his voice raspy from his workout.

'Cha! He sounds kinda hot when he's tired!' Inner Sakura shouted. The girl scowled at the thought. Naruto? Hot? Please! She stared as he greedily chugged the water, noticing how feral he looked without his bangs held up by his headband. The team was told to remove them in case they ran into any other enemy ninja but Sakura didn't understand how their sensei could give them such counterproductive advice. No one trains this late and has the title of 'civilian'. Naruto stood up straight, tossing the canteen back to the girl, and stretched his body to loosen up. Sakura noted that the boy had a developing six-pack and she was somewhat entranced by it. How was it that someone who only ate ramen looked so hunky? She shook her head. I only have eyes for Sasuke-Kun! What would he think if he knew I was looking at Naruto in such a way? she thought desperately.

'He wouldn't,' interjected her inner voice. She sighed and leaned up against a tree, trying to ignore her rebellious split personality's thoughts. Her eyes were still fixated on Naruto who was now straining to do one-handed pull-ups, again using chakra as an anchor, but this time in his hand.

She licked her lips, hearing him grunt. It was the only sound permeating the forest. The setting sun's rays hit his tanned skin, giving the boy an ethereal glow. She was broken out of her thoughts by the voice of Naruto. "Ne, Sakura-chan," he said, his voice still quiet raspy. Sakura suppressed a shiver.

"What?" she asked in an annoyed tone. Naruto scratched the back of his head embarrassedly. Sakura quirked an eyebrow. Never had she seen the boy so nervous.

"Do you think I can get to the top of the tree without a running start? I'm not like you or the teme; my chakra control isn't as good." Sakura ignored the urge to reprimand him for calling Sasuke a bastard and simply stood up, dusting herself off. She casually walked past him and waved her hand dismissively. His eyes trailed her form as he watched her ascend the tree with little difficulty. She stopped at a branch that was at least 100 feet above the blond, who craned his neck up to look at her, awaiting an answer to his question.

"Nope," she said flatly. The boy's demeanor didn't change but she could spot a hint of self-loathing in his eyes even at her current distance. It was quickly replaced with a determined look and he proceeded to scale the tree, sauntering right past her with his hands in his pockets. He continued to walk up, panting as he did so before he reached a branch several yards above the girl. Sakura blinked owlishly. She didn't want to congratulate him, but she was her teammate, nuisance or not. A true smile graced her features as she looked at him as he now leaned against the bark of the tree, breathing heavily. Using several chakra-enhanced leaps, she sat in front of the boy and patted his bare shoulder.

"Good job, Naruto. You're halfway there. I think you'll get it by tom-" she was cut off by a grunt as Naruto leaned forward, attempting to sit up straight. Sakura, seeing what he was doing, placed her hands on his chest and gingerly pushed him down, a stern look on her face. Cerulean eyes met emerald and they had a staring contest for a full minute before Sakura spoke. "Don't over-exert yourself. You'll only be doing more harm than good. If you have chakra exhaustion, you won't be ready when Zabuza and the Hunter-nin return for Tazuna's head." Naruto continued to stare at her, and seeing she wouldn't back down, he gave a defeated sigh and a small nod.

It became silent, the only sounds being the crickets chirping as nightfall approached. Sakura, realizing that her hands were still on the boy's chest, flushed a deep crimson before mumbling out an apology. She quickly backed up and swiftly returned to the ground. Naruto followed suit after regaining his breath, a slight tinge of pink on his cheeks.

When Sakura saw Naruto land on the grass, she noticed a very clear bulge in his orange trousers. She bit her lip and held back a groan at her risque inner thoughts. Naruto, feeling eyes on him turned to Sakura. Seeing where her gaze was fixated, he quickly turned around before sputtering out an apology.

He's apologizing... for being turned on by me? Sakura thought shocked. Her inner thoughts raged like a hurricane in her mind, tearing down the walls of rationality and common sense in its wake. She stalked towards Naruto and gave the boy a simple order. "Sit down." The boy was confused, but upon seeing the look in her eyes complied, sitting against a tree, his legs tightly shut to hide his arousal that didn't want to go away. Sakura raised a hand to the zipper of her dress and quickly pulled it down, revealing a black sports bra underneath. Naruto quickly looked away, blushing, unable to form words to make an apology. How cute, she thought. He's flustered. Her battle dress fell to the ground with a soft thud.

"Spread your legs," she commanded, kicking her sandals off as she slowly walked towards him. She began to put her hair in a ponytail, pulling out a red scrunching and kneeling in front of Naruto's still closed legs. The order didn't register with him and he quickly asked.

"Why?" Sakura did the deed for him, placing her hands on his knees and spreading his legs wide open. The bulge in his pants was throbbing, begging for a breath of fresh air. She reached for the zipper of his baggy orange pants and teasingly slow began to pull it down. "What are you doing, Sakura-chan?!" the boy exclaimed, worry evident on his face, his eyes tightened shut with fear. Sakura ignored him, pulling down his pants along with his boxers until they rested at his ankles. Her eyes grew wide as saucers as she saw the size of his package. Just the length of it caused her shorts to become soaked in anticipation. She reached out an unsteady hand and gingerly wrapped her manicured hands around it, needing two for how large it was. Her hands are so soft! Naruto exclaimed mentally. But still, why is she-oh my... Naruto felt unfamiliar wetness envelop his dick and opened his eyes to see Sakura's lips wrapped around it, one hand on the shaft and another fondling his balls. He groaned as he felt the girl's head bob up and down on his dick, mild choking sounds coming from the girl. He repressed the urge to show concern, in fear of the girl getting angry with him. She felt his sudden stiffness and locked eyes with him, flashing him a wink. Naruto let instincts take over and grasped the girl's head with one hand, pushing it down onto his dick in sync with her head bobs. The sound of slurping resonated in the forest as the two preteens enjoyed themselves.

Sakura felt Naruto's dick twitch in her mouth and removed herself, spit trailing down her mouth as well as pre-ejaculation that formed a string from his tip to her lips. She suddenly felt herself get pushed up against the bark of the same tree Naruto was sitting against and watched as the boy tore off her biker shorts, squealing as he did so. Her soaking wet, black, lace panties were on full display and Naruto slid them off, the girl lifting her legs to ease his actions. She spread her legs wide with a grin on her face before squealing, feeling her body get lifted off the ground. She looked down to see a naked Naruto in a kneeling position with his head placed in between her legs, which were positioned onto his shoulders and cried out in pleasure when she felt a tongue purge her walls.

"Cha, Naruto!" she cried out, cursing her verbal tic. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she tightly gripped the boy's blond locks as his tongue danced around in her pussy. He experimented with licking in every direction, and Sakura was glad for his exploration. He seemed to find every correct spot with ease, attacking them with a voracious appetite as he licked up her juices. She let out breathy pants and gulped. Looking down, she saw Naruto's dick throbbing between his legs, leaking out a steady stream of precum onto the grass. His arousal pushed her off the edge and she moaned and whimpered.

"Ohhh... ohhh... Narutooo...ah!" she screamed, ignoring the pain caused by her head making contact with the bark when she arched her back. She squirted her juices all into the boy's mouth, her climax increasing as she felt his lap up as much as he could. White spots danced in her vision and she barely made out Naruto's pupils, which looked crimson in his hazy vision, two black slits for irises. She chalked it up to her orgasm making her see things and her body slumped against the tree. She looked at Naruto's face to see him tantalizingly lick the area around his lips and quickly leaped on him to take his lips. The two fell to the ground in a heap, Naruto on his back, on hand combing through the girl's hair and the other at her navel, three fingers inserting themselves into her vagina. She moaned into his mouth, running one hand over his chest and another stroking his dick. He groaned into the girl's mouth before she detached herself from him, a hungry look in her eyes as she moaned out, "Take me." Her hair, which was in a spiky ponytail, was now a mess, several splinters were strewn about in it, the straps of her bra had fallen her shoulders and the lipstick she wore was now all over Naruto's mouth. Now that her vision was clear, she could see she wasn't hallucinating about his feral-looking eyes, but that only added to her arousal and she groaned when she felt her juices flow down her thighs, Naruto's dick twitching in her hand.

"No problem," the boy said, gripping the girl's hips before lowering her onto his erection. Sakura bit her lip to prevent the cry of agony, pain, and most of all, pleasure, that threatened to escape. She shivered at the feeling of her walls getting penetrated for the first time, her eyes rolling into the back of her head once again. Naruto's back arched slightly from the entry and he groaned in delight at feeling the warmth of Sakura's insides. He felt a soft hand place itself on his chest and watched in amazement as the girl shut her eyes tightly, her body still trembling, as she flashed through a series of one-handed seals. She opened her eyes to see Naruto staring at her in awe. She blushed abashedly before explaining.

"I-I always thought my first time would be with Sasuke-Ku... Sasuke... so I practiced the hand signs to perfection-" she heard a growl before she was violently flipped on her back. She stared into Naruto's crimson orbs, seeing the snarl on his face, and bit her lip. They were now in missionary position, and he was in complete control. She gently trailed her hands up his body and onto his shoulders. "So-" she was interrupted by a rough thrust that caused her to scream out in pleasure, her juices splashing onto the grass, "-try Naru-TO!" she finished, yelling his name with passion as he thrust into her once more. Their bodies rocked back and forth in sync and she blinked away the tears of pleasure in her eyes. "I won't mention his name again~ahh!" she half-moaned half-exclaimed. His thrusts only quickened in pace and she felt her orgasm return with a vengeance. His primal growls only increased its intensity.

"Ahh! Ahh! Naruto-Kun! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Naruto groaned as he thrust once more into the girl before releasing his load inside her, only for it to be pushed out by her own orgasm. Her body convulsed wildly on the grass, his dick throbbing intensely inside her as he tried to balance himself, both arms on either side of the girl. Sweat poured down their bodies from their expedition and Sakura's convulsions came to a halt, the girl panting heavily with a goofy grin on her face. Naruto slowly dropped his body weight on top of her, his head rested in the crook of her neck. The girl smiled and traced circles on his back with one finger and played with his hair using her other free hand.

'Cha! Who needs Sasuke!' For once, she and her inner voice were in agreement and she sighed wistfully, another orgasm building up as her photographic memory replayed the events in her head. She tightly wrapped her legs around his waist and her hips bucked forwards, her juices flowing wildly, pushing his now partially soft dick out and onto the now-messy grass. The boy groaned into her neck as she moaned in pleasure, the grip on his locks tightening.

"When we get... back home... do you wanna... get some Ichiraku together?" the boy asked between pants. He quickly flipped over so that the girl's bare chest rested on his and she faces him, her arms folded on his chest as she looked into his eyes. She grinned widely at him, planting a wet kiss on his lips as an answer before wrapping her arms around his neck, shivering at the cold breeze that swept over their bodies. She moaned when she felt a calloused hand playfully squeeze her ass.

"What?" she drawled out into his chest. He snickered. "We gotta get back. It's getting dark," he said, sitting up with a good deal of difficulty as the girl clung tightly to his torso. She groaned before relenting, stretching her arms out as she sat in his naked lap. His eyes looked her up and down, taking in every last detail. Catching his gaze she quirked an eyebrow. "What are you looking at?" she asked with mock exasperation and a huff.

"Just like what I see, that's all," he said with his signature foxy grin. He leaned forward to plant a kiss on her lips which she gladly accepted, moaning into his mouth as she felt his hands grip her rear once again. She playfully backed off and slapped his chest.

"Stop! I don't wanna get in the mood again!" Naruto laughed and watched the girl stand up, mimicking her actions right after. Does sex change you? the girl thought absently as she noticed the boy was standing at an inch taller than her now. Or maybe I haven't been paying enough attention? Or is it the new diet that Tsunami's cooking is replacing his ramen with? the girl continued to contemplate her teammate's height and whined when she saw him pull his shirt over his head, his spiky blond locks even more of a mess after their escapade. It was a black muscle shirt that hugged his torso nicely but she wanted to see it bare so badly. It was only then that she noticed he was nearly fully dressed, his jacket being the only thing he wasn't wearing as it was slung over his shoulder. She quickly put her clothes back on and the two walked back to the house in comfortable silence.

Even in the near darkness, Naruto noticed Sakura shivering and rubbing her arms to create body warmth. The pinkette felt a warm fabric cover her shoulders and looked to see Naruto in his t-shirt, hands in his pockets looking straight ahead. She smiled in thanks and placed her head on his shoulder as they continued their trek back to the house.

"Good work getting Sakura in on your training, Naruto," Kakashi said, his nose still buried deep in his orange book as he sat at the kitchen table. Tsunami was finishing up washing the dishes from dinner. Kakashi lazily watched the door open in his peripheral vision to see a dirty and sweaty Naruto and Sakura walk in. The two smiled abashedly, Naruto nodding his head while Sakura claimed she was taking a shower, no one noticing she had pulled Naruto along with her.

"I'm going to beg!" Naruto called out to Tsunami and his sensei, the former giving an 'Ok' while the other responded with a perverted giggle that landed him a wooden spoon on his head.

Soap, water, and bubbles flew everywhere as Sakura bounced up and down on Naruto's shaft in the bathtub. The latter groaned in pleasure as Sakura rode him, her walls tightening as her climax approached. Feeling the warm grip of her quim, Naruto released his load inside her for the second time today and sighed in contentment, his voice getting muffled by the water as he sunk deeper into the tub. Sakura leaned back, moaning, relishing in the feeling of her juices flowing down his dick in the warm water.

"Well, I'm ready to go to bed," Naruto said with a grin, standing up. Sakura licked her lips as her body sunk deeper underwater, only her eyes and nose being visible as her face became a deep crimson. Seeing his still stiff erection turned her on and she started playing with herself underwater. Naruto exited the tub and began wiping himself down, attempting to ignore the moans coming from the girl who was masturbating right in front of him with little success. He placed his towel on his wet hair and kneeled in front of the tub, his arms resting on the edge of the tub as he stared at the girl who continued to enjoy herself watching his naked form. Drool trickled down the side of her mouth as she was lost in the pleasure and a goofy smile was plastered on her face. He watched as the water parted and he saw the girl's hand emerge, a sticky substance covering her fingers. She shivered as he quickly wrapped his lips around them, ignoring the taste of suds for the more dominant one that was Sakura's juices.

"Mm," he hummed in delight, standing up as Sakura removed her fingers from the boy's mouth and inserted them in her own. She closed her eyes so she didn't have to see his body again because she knew she wouldn't be able to stop herself from pouncing on him. She heard the sound of fabric shifting around and felt a kiss on her forehead before the last sound she heard was the bathroom door closing. As Naruto exited the bathroom in nothing but his muscle shirt and pants, he felt himself collide with something rough before excusing himself and walking right past whoever it was. He froze in his tracks when a gloved hand was placed on his shoulder, roughly holding him in place. "Hey, sensei, what're you doing up at this time?" he asked casually, not turning his head.

"Hm, I'm just wondering why two of my students, who are different genders, might I add, are taking a bath together?" he asked with a smile that Naruto felt but couldn't see. The blond raised an eyebrow in response, still not turning.

"How would you know two of your students were bathing together unless..." he let the sentence hang. Kakashi simply waited for him to finish and heard a faint gasp, "I knew those books weren't just for show! You really are a dirty old man! I wonder who your victims were," he finished in a sad tone. The grip on his shoulder tightened and he grimaced.

"Now, now, no need for jokes. I just want to know why you were in the bath when you weren't supposed to be," the Copy Nin asked, but it was clearly a statement that demanded an answer. As Kakashi was an authority figure by rank, Naruto had to comply. The boy sighed and said in a low tone.

"We were having sex," he mumbled out the two words under his breath, but the jonin clearly heard them. Humming in thought, he quickly let the blond's shoulder go.

"Okay," he said in a far too cheerful tone. The blond whipped his head around to see a genuine eye smile on the man's face before his face turned serious and his lone eye stared into his blue ones. "I do not care what you do in your free time, but should I find out you're doing something like this on a mission again I will have to report you and your 'partner' to the Hokage and have you stripped from the ranks due to insubordination. Fraternizing with one's teammate in such a way is frowned upon. Not disapproved entirely, but it is something that can put both you and whoever else in jeopardy. People may use your partner as a bargaining chip against you and vice versa, which is only one reason why showing emotions is frowned upon in the career of shinobi." Naruto took in the man's words with a very un-Naruto-like expression on his face that displayed the utmost seriousness. The boy solemnly nodded before apologizing and making his way to his and Sasuke's room, saying goodnight. The Copy Nin sighed and slumped to the floor, a hand combing through his silver hair.

Now I have to wait for Sakura to finish up and tell her the same thing. When and how did it come to this? he thought exasperatedly. And is this good or bad for the team? Looks like we'll have to see things play out.