Hi there, how's everyone doing today? This is a Zari/Ava request from RenLuthor over on AO3 and the second one he's sent me after "Sexy Times On The Mat", which I recommend to anyone who hasn't read it yet and might be interested. These two one shots won't be connected but will be in their own separate universes. But like in "Sexy Times", Ava will be human here as well and not a clone.

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Earlier that afternoon Sara had gathered her fellow teammates for their latest mission which was to stop a dangerous time traveler obsessed with the ancient Roman Empire from working to prevent the empire from collapsing due to its capitol's pillaging by the ancient Germans and to also stop him from helping its then emperor from expanding the empire worldwide and ensuring that it would endure up to the 21st century and perhaps longer.

The villain was already in ancient Rome shortly before its pillaging and putting together his plans and so time was of the essence. After she'd briefed them as to the developing situation the Legends strapped themselves in and used the Waverider to transport them to the proper time period. They then dressed themselves in the appropriate attire except for Ava and Zari due to Sara wanting them to stay on the time ship and relax and freshen up since they'd already done a lot during the preceding mission and also since she didn't need them for anything important for this particular mission.

The remaining team members then disembarked and Zari with Ava were left alone after which they took turns taking a warm, relaxing shower, Zari going first, and enjoying the water cascading upon their bodies. Once Ava had concluded her own shower she'd dried herself off and placed herself in some fresh clothes she went to the kitchen to find a snack and came across Zari who was standing next to an empty donut box and holding the last chocolate glazed donut.

"I see you found the last donut," Ava commented wistfully while gazing hungrily at it.

"Seems like it doesn't it?" Zari smirked. "And I'm about to gobble it all up."

"Aha come on Zari. I haven't had any donuts all week. Can't you share some with your favorite gal pal here?" Ava whined, and then pouted at her friend.

"Sorry Av, but finders keepers losers weepers," Zari shrugged but then gave her a pretend thoughtful look.

"Of course, if you were to try and take it from me, then it's all yours. How about it?" she suggested with a grin.

Ava was now the next to smirk and deciding to accept the challenge, moved to grab it but Zari pulled back her hand holding the donut. The former tried again and again but Zari kept doing the same thing and this continued for quite a while until Ava managed to grab ahold of Zari's wrist that was attached to the hand holding the donut, resulting in the two women playfully grabbing and tussling with each other over the donut.

After a while, it finally ended with the women's bodies pressed tightly against each other, the two of them breathing a bit heavily, each of them holding a side of the donut as it was sandwiched between them.

"You know, perhaps we could share the donut between ourselves. I mean, after all, we both fought mightily over it," Zari whispered while her eyes twinkled in merriment.

"I suppose, that be, pretty, acceptable," Ava slowly whispered in return and with a smile. Zari then, returning her smile, took a large bite of the donut and looked back up at her friend, a bit of chocolate on her lips.

"Come and get it then," she suggested, pointing to her parted lips as her eyes darkened with lust. Ava, whose eyes also darkened with lust, accepted the invite and leaning forward, tilted her head and placed her own parted lips against Zari's and pushing her tongue into the other woman's mouth, used it to move the portion to her own mouth, the donut piece being transferred from Zari's mouth to Ava's mouth as their tongues gently moved against each other's in a slow and sensual display.

After enjoying the scrumptious morsel, Ava then took a bite of the donut herself and parting her lips, stuck out her own tongue which held the chocolate treat in a teasing fashion before and Zari responded by sticking out her own tongue and quickly chasing Ava's tongue back into her mouth and their tongues wrestled together for the yummy piece, their open mouths pressed together, until Ava conceded defeat and allowed Zari to pull it into her own

They continued this for some time, kiss feeding each other the donut, until the very last donut finally disappeared between themselves.

"Mmmm, that was so yummy and tasty," Ava grinned while licking her lips.

"Very yummy and scrumptious indeed," Zari agreed with a smile, the two of them having enjoyed their kiss feed. The two of them then looked at each other for a bit and then they lunged forward and smashed their lips together, mouths open and pressed together once more while their tongues tangled together, hands in each other's hair, and engaged in a deep, wet, steamy, and frenzied make out session.

They pulled and sucked each other's lips while moaning into each other's mouths as their tongues dueled for dominance and intermittently licked and slurped each other's tongue in an erotic display.

They continued to make out heavily and with their tongues deep inside of each other's mouths and as they kissed, Zari moved her hands from Ava's hair and grasped ahold of her butt cheeks, squeezing and kneading them. Ava on her part responded by grabbing the other woman's head from behind and pressed their open mouths even tighter together which made their kiss deeper than ever while the two of them swallowed each other's lips as they enjoyed their intense and highly aggressive kiss.

Eventually, and with a wet smooch sound, their lips parted and the rested their foreheads together.

"That was so hot wasn't it?" Zari stated after that lustful make out and with a wide grin.

"It certainly was, and highly delicious," Ava replied and returned her grin, the two women chuckling.

The End

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